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June 28, 1973     The Superior Express
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June 28, 1973

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perior (First Published in the Superior to 6-30-72 $16,357.31 did before his death. He was a By. H. M. Crilly , 14, 1973) Express June 14, 1973) Current year 7-1-72 member of the Church of Christ. What is so rare as a d~y in June when it s 105 degrees in the SETTLEMENT Village of Hardy, Nab. to 6-30-73 $17,618.68 Besides his wife, Ethel, Mr. shade? 4346 of Corn B.ANNUAL ESTIMATE 1973 Requirements: Dalrymple is survived by four :eased; In the Hardy, Neb. June 11, 1973 " Ensuing year 7-1-73 daughters; Mrs. Lucille Horst That party given for Harold Dwyer at the Little Red School rt of Nuckolls RESOLUTION to6-30-74 $26,700.00 of Greeley, Mrs. Marilyn House near Red Cloud Sunday afternoon was just about the lska. The StateBE IT RESOLVED BY THE Necessary cash Burlingame of Longmont; and ss.: All perso!~ nicest thing that could possibly happen to any newspaper Chairman and Board of reserve $8,300.00Mrs. Gloria Hard of Fort Trustees of the Village ofCashonhand $3,996.57 Morgan, Mrs. Helen Wood of ~l~id estate take reporter. Hundreds of friends--fellow newsmen, city, Chamber of Commerce and school officials, and others from many mg herein by the Hardy, Nebraska: Estimated miscellaneous Denver ; five sons : James, towns--were there to honor this capable and kindly man. They" ices, of a finalSection I. BUDGET revenue $1,910.00Jerry and Tim of Fort Morgan, brought gifts too, and a large table was piled high with them. account of theirFIXED.--The following shall be Collection fee and de- Paul of Tucson, Ariz., and The many nice things that were said about my old friend would on and'a petition and hereby is declared thelinquentallowance$138.62 David of Westminister; four fill a volume. final settlement, Annual Estimate of yearly Current property tax sisters, Mrs. Edna Quillen and and discharge, and budget for all purposes to be requirement $14,000.40 Mrs. Addle Tieman of Fort Although well past retirement age, Mr. Dwyer has no alien of the heirs of raised by taxation in said Bernice Schriever, Morgan, Mrs. Edith Knedlick of thoughts of quitting the job any time soon, and.judging by the Q, which have been Village for the fiscal year en- Secretary lc Barnes and Mrs. Deltas way he gets around and the way he looks, I would say that the MeGilvray of Woodrow; three Dwyer column will be coming for a long time. But just to be on ag in this Court on ding August 1, 1974. ~- brothers, Brice of Fort Morgan, , at 10 o'clock a.m., FUND LEVY the safe side, Harold has an application in for a roving reporter Street and Alley $2,800.00AN ORDINANCE TO Arnold of Estes Park and S~L~Ye. appear and job on the Angel Herald and if he gets it, he told me, he will have AMEND THE ZONING OR- Norman of Eaton. There are 28 Water 2,535.00 feature stories all ready for old friends as soon as he sees them le 8, 1973. Auditorium 2,628.00 DINANCE OF THE CITY OF grandchildren and one great coming up the Golden Stairs. ~"~ ~ia Lee Wall Social Security_ 503.00SUPERIOR, NEBRASKA, the grandchild. ~;~j~ecounty Judge sewer bond and interest 3,000100 same being ordinance 603, to Funeral services were held Retirement is also a dirty word for another newspaper TOTAL $11,466.00 change a tract of land described June 5 from the Jolliffe Chapel reporter who attended the Sunday party. M~; Mamie Boyd, rJ~'~' -"~""Jr"; ~~'~~'~Y as follows: with interment in Riverside ' ~-"' 24-3c Section 2. LEVY FOR who writes a column that "everybody. read~ in the Jewell PREVIOUS FISCAL YEAR.-- Beginning at the in- Cemetery. ~0~CE O~-~ The entire revenue of saidtersection of the center line of County Record each week, told me that she had cut the word out ~I~ET=ltEARING Village raised by taxation for Hartley Street and the center Obituary--Buescher of her dictionary. Mrs. lloyd has won state and nation-wide ~o~' line of the State Highway No. 8, . recognition for her excellence in newspaper reporting, for her trier 66, Nelson, the previou~ fiscal year was thence North 612.5 feet, thence Otto H. Buescher was born home building and civic activities. She has been reporting since $9,375.00. her college days and her mind is as sharp as a tack. She is 97. east approximately 2,343.6 feet Sept. 18, 1898, at St. Stephan's, ~t~/-~,N~0TICE is hereby Passed and approved June ll, to the center line of the Chicago Nab., the son of Joseph and WhatevereisemaybesaidabeutJohaW. DeanIII, hehasa ~v~rn~ng~o~y 1973 " and. Northwestern railroadMagdalena Buescher. He died pretty wife, and the'IV cameras are making the most of it. They ~[[~'l~e,Pth day of July, ATTEST: right of way, thence northeast June 19, 1973, at the age of 74 ~'~.~l~k" p.m. at Donald Edwards are focused, close-up, on the blond beauty about half of the time, ~~or the purl)ose Chairman along the center of the railroad years, 9 months, and 1 day at while her husband is testifying at the Watergate hearings. JWD =" =lea. -- right of way approximately 135 the Mary Lanning Hospital in ~ela'tinVg=to~l~e Clyde Cramer III is said to have appopriated about $4,000 from funds that ~ ,.~.~a~P ~d-I~u (t~e t (SEAL) Village Clefk34"4cfeet' thence east apprximately Hastings" ~?~, budge, were not his, to finance his honeymoon lastyear. Who could ~uable at office 269.5 feet to the center of the Survivors are his wife, Helen; - abandoned C. B. and Q railroad a son, Donald, Lawrence; and blame him? ~'y.~ate-tary" right of way, thence south along three daughters, Mrs. Gene 7-1-71 NOTICEOF the center of the abandoned Karmazin (Geraldine)of ANOTHER FISH. Peril Mays caught this ~5~/2 pound Communist Party Boss Leonid I Brezhnov has about as i~" flathead catfish in the Republican River last Saturday much use for that new $1,500 golf car, presented to him by ~ $8,712.75 BUDGET HEARING railroad right of way to the Superior, Mrs. Marita Kar- morning. First time.out this year, he used three set lines, PresidentNixon, as I do for l0 speeds on that new bike that l am ~C~I ~'-'95:1: School District 36, Bostwick, center of State Highway No. 8, mazin of Lawrence and Mrs. baited with minnows. The assistance of Mrs. Mays was dickering for. Besides Breshnov guts Lil~'oln Continental ands Nebraska. thence west along the center Eldon Hoelting (Jolene) of required to land the fish. Express Photo Cadillac. He should have been happy with that. I could have PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby line of State Highway No. 8 to Kearney; 21 grandchildren; used that golf car. given, that the governing body the point of beginning, all in four brothers, Bob Buescher of will meet on the 2nd day of July, Nuckolls County, Nebraska, Laramie, Wyo., Elmer iV 1973 at 8 o'clock p.m. at Bost-from A (Agricultural)to I-2 BuescherandArthurBuescher Vlo-Pac towl s owe names to ear.: women ~,~/~! $L =5~).00 wick School for the purpose of (Heavy Industrial) and to of Henderson, Nev., Vincent ~,~iseellaneou.y57.51 Public Hearing relating to the provide for the effective date Buescher of E1 Cerrito, Calif.; Many a town owes its name to According to local legend this According to legend around h--a(l---a--i~oyfriend, a MoPac ~,~-"*cetlaneous following proposed budget,thereof, and sisters Miss LaVeta a woman in its early history, community 81 miles east of Lafayette County, Missouri, the conductor whose run included r~lk~_ none Budget detail available at office BE IT ORDAINED BY THE Buescher and Mrs. Joe Wen-Love, humor, a sense of Dallas was laid out in 1873 by a townofEmma was named aflerNelly's little hamlet. Whenever Y ~ &.De- - of District Secretary. MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL zinger of Denver and Mrs. propriety and simple humanMajor Evans who happened to a horse. This was no ordinary the engineer was out of town, ,~:~l~ance $79.00Actual Expense : GeneralFund OF THE CITY OF SUPERIOR, Eugene McCarthey and Mrs. ego all can be traced in the have a daughter named, but rather the mare that Nelly would signal the con- ,~.~OPert~.,~ax ~,m. Prior year 7-I-71 NEBRASKA: Ernest Poldmeier of Lawrence. naming of frontier towns which But Ola had a best friend,carried Paul Revere on hisduetor to visit her by flying her t(~[~l~tL $8,000.87to6-30-72 $8,501.86 Section 1. The Council finds Scripture services were bysprung up throughout the Minnie Patton, the daughter of famous journey during the cook apou on a clothes line in Current year 7-1-72 that provisions of the Municipal Father Kelly and the rosary midwest, south and southwest a respected local doctor. As a revolution. They felt the horse front of the house. Soon ~ be an election to fill to6-30-73 $10,540.28 Ordinances and of the State was by the Knights of Colunbus in the mid-19th century, result, the Major honored beth was just as important in history everyone in the community, ~lg,~ '1~.~ the position of Requirements: Statute~ regarding notice of Thursday evening. Mass wasOne source of name origins in girls and probably preserved as Mr. Revere and should be save perhaps the engineer- ~_ ~et~ ~e!.Secreta~-'-.q~.._,~"~_~."" Ensuing year 7-1-73 zoning changes have been offered at Sacred Heart Church, a book published more than 20 local peace by writing the name paid proper tribute. So they husband, deciphered the ~tted by ~ " to 6.30-74 $12,392.39 complied with. Lawrence, Friday at 10 a.m., years ago by the Missouri Mineola on the town plat map. named the town Emma after meaning of the apron on the ~J ~ Jacol~itz Necessary cash Section 2. Pursuant to R. R.S. with interment at Sacred Heart Pacific Railroad, ' The Empire Helping preserve the name in Mr. Revere's mare. But if the clothes line. Thus it was only reserve 2,167.88 1943, Section 19-915, the Zoning Cemetery, Lawrence. That Missouri Pacific Serves. Texas history was the fact that story is true, the settlers were in natural that the site become ~o~rY, -I)ist. 66 lc Cashonhand $1,135.32Ordianance of the City of Pallbearers were grandsons, This book now out of pl'int and the engineer who approved the error. The Revere Society of known far and wide as Nelly's .~~(o Estimated miscellaneous Superior, Nebraska, numberCraig Buescher of Wyomore,something of a collector s item, plat just happened to be from Boston assures us that Mr.Apron. . revenue $1,264.24 603 is herewith amended and the Dale Buescher of Lawrence,provides background on many Mineola, New York. Revere actually rode a As you wander through the r Collection fee and de- tract of land described asDarold and Duane Karmazin of of the communities the railroad Women who were wont to borrowed horse named Browncountryside during vacation, ~~~tlR~~-----i linquent allowance $99.28bel~innin!~ at the intersection of Superior, Wayne Karmazin ofserves, incl uding a rich have their way also figure in the Beauty. you might find it fun to invent Current property tax the center line of Hartley Street Lawrence and Lynn Hoelting of collection of trivia about town name game. ~Jope, Kansas, Slightly bawdy is the tale of a the history of the names of requirement $10,092.11 and the center line of the State Kearney. . names, might still be ~Fagram, Kansas, little hamlet in Arkansas that towns you pass through, Elmer J. Meyer, Highway No. 8, thence North Iz)ve of daughter or wife on were it not fo)f the efforts of the apparently went out of especially if there might be a Nuckol Secretary lc 612.5 feet, thence east ap- N useum fund the part el an early town Methodist Ladies Society of existence some time ago. Nor lady in its past. ~_ proximately 2,343.6 feet to the contributions founder or railroad builder was Dickinson County. They ob-will you find Nelly s Apron in ~l~- ~, Nebraska, ss.: center line of the Chicago and the most common reason forjected to the rough frontier- the Missouri Pacific book, even In Nebraska Waters, the ~~_ rest-~:l-in' .~id NOTICEOF Northwestern railroad right of The $237 received this week naming a town. Examples in- style name and insisted the though the authors did keep weight of shovelnose sturgeons ,~ll~!icethatapeti,;n, BUDGET HEARING way, thence northeast along the plus interestoncertificatesof clude Alicia, Alma, Elaine, town benamedHope. Norwere their research on the hamlet in rarely exceeds flve pounds. ~~' ~~or-'~ ~enifr appointme~a mtm Superior Airport Authority center of the railroad right of deposit have put the Nuckolls Eudora, Helena and Hope, ~he ~ddies to be daunted by the the MoPac files. The story, --------- . ~arrison as ad- way approximately I35 feet, County MuseumfunddrivepastArk.; Corn, [II.; Aliceville, objdctions of both the Santa Fe which has been pretty wellIn lakes, carp are Narish Nuekolis County, Nebraska PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby thence east approximately 260.5 the $47,000. Less than $3,000 is Edna and Rosalia, Kin. ; and Missiouri Pacific railroads authenticated, is that Nelly was sometimes easter to catch in the ~cont'~~i~~e~~2o given, that the governing body feet to the center of the aban-n ceded ach the goal. Alexandria, Olla and Euniee, who pointed out there already the wife of a Missoulr Pacific airing and fall, when water will meet on the 9th day of July, cloned C. B. and Q. railroadMoney received this weekLa. ; Stalls, Nab., and the Texas was an Arkansas town wlth the locomotive engineer who was temperatures range from 35 1973 at 7 o'clock p.m. at right of way, thence south along includes $5.00 from the sale of communities of Bessmay, same name. The ladies wish out of town frequently. Sheatso degrees to 55 degrees. Superior Airport Ad-the (:enter of the abandoned County hsitorical society books Charlotte, Irene, Maypearl, became the Hope of Kansas. ministration Building for the railroad right of way, to the and a $2.00 contribution from Natalia, Penelope and Sarita. Marianna, Ark., also owes its' I , I In, HI ,I I,, I purpose of Public Hearing center of State Highway No. 8, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Wilford. Tallulah, La., owes its name name to a headstrong woman,Weekly Report l~['Olrl[I The. ~Jtlae 12,1973 relating to the following,thence west along the center Memorials to a jilted swain. As the story Mary Ann Martin, who moved " " * " ;~J[$/L~..~..,~a I~Wall, proposed budget. Budget detail line of State Highway No. 8 to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hansongoes, a civil engineer working to Arkanasas from Kentucky in ~2 Co'y-'Judge. available at office of Airport the point of beginning, all in and children, Oak on the early railroad fell in love 1833. When her first husband ~"~/"~"' ~ 24-3c Authority Secretary. . Nuckolls County, Nebraska, is in memory of aunt with a widow who owned a died, she remarried but kept Actual Expense General changed from A (Agricultural) Lizzie Hendershot$100.00plantation in the area. Bpt the title to 1,000 acres of land (and Estimated) Fund to 1-2 (Heavy Indtt~trial). Prior year 8-1-71 Section 3. This ordinance to 7-31-72 $2,818.00shall be in full force and effect Current year 8-1-72 from and after the expiration of IDDERS to7-31-73 $8,463.0030 days following its passage, received atRequirements" approval and publication, as Clerk of Ensuing year 8-1-73 provided by law. Nel son, to 7-31-74 $12,798.00 Passed and approved this 11th P~m. on theNecessary cash day of June, 1973. 1973 for the reserve $1,500.00 FTedrick Alexander, and labor Cash on hand $3,648.00 Mayor the con-Estimated miscellaneous ATTEST: on revenue $2,050.00 George L. Whitney, jr. Collection fee and de- City Clerk lc can linquent allowance $344.00 the CountyCurrent property tax Percy Dalrymple Nuckolls requirement $8,944.00 Ormond L. Norgaard dies at Denver Labor laws Secretary Percy Elmer Dalrymple, 67, former maintenance man for -=serves the NOTICE OF Bing's Morgan Laundry until BUDGET HEARING his retirement two years ago, ~ ~=.. 'or all School District 72, Superior, died at Swedish Hospital in [| ~r~ ~f ~_ . Nebraska. Denver June 2: ~ ,~ [[: ~?.~io'~tmtY PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby Mr. Dalrymple was i~.rn re v. ~.~,o aers 3 1906, m t~arnes, r=an ne ~! ~ ila CO given, that the governing body ..... . ~-w unt nor 111 19~ anO [| .~ t,~lta Y, will meet on the 9th day of July, came to Supe __ .. Ii .YoraW - 1973 at 8 o'clock p.m. atmarried Ethe i/,.ompson ov. lit tyo, .elarrnan, n ....... me u ,,so for 18 1928 To this union were horn l~v sandtour aaugnt=~. -= relating to the following left Superior in 1936, moving to Thursday, June28,1973 THE SUPERIOR EXPRES8 ~A proposed budget. Budget detail Sterling, Cole and to Fort available at office of District Morgan, Colo., in 1944. A Secretary. lifetime desire of Mr. ,r-~ ~ ~ Jr~o~- Ourselves Actual Expense : GeneralFund Dalrymple was to visit all 48 Prior Year 7-1-71 states on the mainland which he requ,re e All.I Sellers must post Phase IV Price Signs in their t ,ce of business. Don't risk a penalty for not having Proper signs displayed at your business. Ap- "roved signs are available for $1.00 from Hansa Summer, Hardy, memorial to ,Andrew Summer $100.00 Memorial to E. E. Stuart, by their family from Mabel McNitt ' Long Beach, Calif $30.00 (~ontl'ihutions should be mailed to Joe E. Schaaf. What really flatters a man is that you think him worth flat- tering. George Bernard Shaw lady spurned him for a,other, bequeathed her by Mr. Martin. The engineer, who haft the Residents of a nearby set- privilege of naming the station tlement, Oteyville, wanted to where the railroad was built, move their community to a had planned to name it a~er his more desirable location and local sweetheart. Instead, he sought to purchase part of Mary named it Tallulah in honol of a Ann's land. Her second husband sweetheart left behin0t in set up the sale,'only to find that Georgia. Lost to history is Mary Ann would not authorize whether or ,rot the yoking it. She relented only afterit was engineer eventually marnttd promised that the new corn- the good Tallulah. munity would be named in her Two young ladies figured in honor. And so Marianna came the naming of Mineola, Texas. (to be. \ Now on Sale ansas Just Across the Nebraska Stateline on Kansas Highway 14 (Formerly Rowley's Champlin Station) We sold 643 pigs and 424 cattle on a very active market. Here are some of our sales: 53 Red pigs, per head ................... $37.50 37 Mixed pigs, per head .................. 37.50 23 Mixed pigs, per head ................. 37.00 31 White pigs, per head ................... 35.00 48 Mixed pigs, per head .................. 32.00 35 White pigs, per heed ................... 32.50 55 Mixed pigs, per head ................... 31.50 4 Black steers, wt. 315 Ibs ................ 64.10 5 Mixed steers, wt. 420 Ibs ................ 59.40 13 White face steers, wt. 520 Ibs ........... 57.75 21 Mixed steers, wt. 540 ll~ ................ 57.50 6 Mixed steers, wt. 560 II~ ............... 57.50 5 White face steers, wt. 485 Ibs ........... 57.50 7 Holstein steers, wt. 424 II~ ............. 56.75 7 Mixed steers, wt. 502 II~ ............... 55.60 39 Mixed heifers, wt. 552 ................. 52.30 12 ' Mixed heifers,, wt. 460 Ibs ............ 51.00 10 Mixed steers, wt. 800 lids ............... 45.80 9 Hblstein steers, wt. 942 Ibs ............. 42.90 16 Holstein steers, wt. 1,023 Ibs ............ 42.50 1 White face bull, vvt. L720 |bs ........... 42.80 1 White face bull, wt. 1,635 Ibs ............ 41.00 1 Black bull, wt. 1,290 Ibs ................. 40.90 3 Holstein cows, wt. 1,200 Ibs ............. 33.90 I Black cow, wf. 1,090 Ibs ................ 33.70 2 Holstein cows, wt. 1,350 Ibs .............. 33.50 1 White face cow, wt. 1,140 Ibs ............ 33.00 Some of our larger consignors are: Bargen Bros. Superior; Alfred Swanstrom, Oak; Kennett ~edersen, vHeardy; Mike J.erlsen, Superior; Harold May Mankato; ern ~cnoot, Nuslln; Na~pn Holns, Guide Rock; Harvey Dlehl, Burr Oak; R. L. Badger, Mankato; Ted Iss~c, Burr Oak; Duane Bennet, Mankato; Ted Delka, Guide Rock; Clifford Christian, Hebron; Harold Lemplln, Reynolds; Richard Thompson, Mankato; Bill Sfumpenhorsf, Blue Hill. We will be closed July 7 for harvest. We'll have a sale June 30and expecting a good run. I I Open From 11 a.m. Each Day Livestock Commi