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July 9, 2015     The Superior Express
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July 9, 2015

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7A JEWELL COUNTY RECORD ~nursday', ju~/9, ~15 Applications being accepted for WRAI Cos! Share applit.'~lions are car- rtmtly being a~'epted for the Wart)ntis Lake Watershed P-~'st~Z'alk)tl ~d Pro- tection Strut-any PRigranl LWRAPSJ. The practices elig i ble for cost sham am leffaces, terrace rebuilds, waterways, a'~tenlativ water supply (must include livestock txct0sion L and critial area planling, Ftmding for thedevlol'tment of this plEan was provided lhrough aa EPA grant from the Kansas Depart- ment of Health and Environment. Through the Lower Republican Milford Lake Watersbo.I Resloration and Protection Strategy+ the Slate of Kansas also hill funding available far targeted areas i); ,lea ell County. The begl nla ui~ge eueni pro'aces lhat are tar- getoj and eligible lol lhv, program am l~) ,uid ]|xe~h~,.'k l'alllllg trader 111 ;i't~pluxld c,ucgt~r} ,ire ~la~d, ",a- lerwil)~: no-IIIl: ~7,,Ktli~ c bidl~r~; l~'i'- laces; grade slabilwaliolt slruL'lUmM subs,aft'ace fertilizer applicalion. Fall- ing under the liveslock categoD" are: vegetative filter s~ips+ rel0cal feed- has or Feeding pens: relocate Fastan~. flu'dins s ires: off-slrtam watering sys- teins: ~)lational gra~.i~g. For more infnrmation ,| eilher of the~ proteins eontacl Monte [~ltr, di~trk'l manager of the lowell County ('on~r~ation Ol~trict_ Post Rock Answers i B) Jenae R)an, Post R~k Exte.sion Disirltl lt'~alnloM tini' to head k~ the t'smt- ers' ma~ts io pur~.~ a i~al; f~ll nf flsh swecl (am-on-the-tub+ o11 of v lily fa utile fotxis, Bat no one likes to ~)l~n s, f~sh eat of swl~t cam only to i q findalinlegretn wta'm cl"aw lin~ a~,mnd In I1 Cam cutworm lend_~ to I~ a proh- lent vO' year oa sv,'eeg cam in Kan- sas> lh tern'arm molh lays eggs on dexetoF.iig silks at night, When the egg hatche.,,, the larva c~wlsdown the ~rlk and nnto the ear. The larva Stai~s teg.dln at tke tip of the ear and works a.s wa), dawn, Though several ear- ~,onns may hatch and auack a single ear. nsually only one is present at har- ,'esi due to the cannibalistic nature of hh=s insect. Eu'worm control is challenging lx~caa.~e silks continue to grow over a pertg~ of ume. This means that even if zhe s,lks are treated, new silk will emerge that hasn't been protected, ~p~icgkons evei~," two to ~ ~ays ~n ~ ,.-~T~ likely suffocate ill.era, though ~onie damall to the tip of the ear may have already occurred. Applying tilt oil be- fore the silk has browned may i~terfe~ with pollination, leading to iricom- plelely filled ears, Post Rock Extolsion District of K- S~at Resta.rth ~ Exltnsion serves JewelI,Lincoln. M itchetl, Osbome,and Smith counties, Iramsas Isntvemity ~IDOI~LCCB 2015 honor ioll Approximately 5,(gKI unde, rgradu- ate students at the University of Kaa- sasearned honor mlldistinction for the spring 2015 semesler, The sludenls. from KU's Lawrence campus and the schools of Health Professions and Nursing in Kansas City, represent 96 or 105 Kansas counties, 47 other slates aml territories, and 38 other counu-ies. Honor roll criteria vary among the university's academic unils. Some schools hmmr the mp 10 percent of studenis enrolled, some establish a minimum grade poim average and oth- ers raise the minimum GPA for each year smdenls are in school. Students musl complete a minimum number of eiedit hours to be collsi~r~ for the honor roll .ltwell County students honored in- elt~cle Mary Boyles. Mankato, School of the Arts, Mik~la Klos, Mankalo, School of Education, Jos~h 7_.adina, Mankam, School of Education+ arid Taylor Herron. Ozawkie. School of Business+ are needed for ins~ticides m i'~ally ti effecliv, eSlg>cially in late June to early July+ when lee peak flight of the adult moths usually occurs. is typically a throe week p~ d~d t~m silking to harvest, bat them is only a two week period from when the silks appear It) when they begin to dry, Since die larvae preferjuiey sills and shun those that have slaned todry, ins~licides are only needed the first two weeks of silking. Homeowners can use cyfluthrin (Baythmid; Bayer Po~.efforce Mufti Insect Killerl or Spino.~d fSpinTor; Cal~ain .tack's Dead Bug Brew; Con- serve; Borer, Bagworm. Tent Caterpil.- lar ~nd l~at'miner Stay). Spino~d is organ ic produ~t.CommeP:iul tmw- el~ hie additional c:haic,.~., inclu~lint ,4.eta-,.'yr~'rnlihrin IMu~,ianL, ]Vlax), hileillllrin+tCh~-C~l~,rnielhnn I ftem}, ',pi netoianl f Riltliaui ) and flubendiamide (Beh),Thoagh they are mort time con.~uming to apply, min- eral oil or olk~,~ light IRll'ticliitln'~tt oils may al~o be used_ The oil is plac~d inside the silk end of the ear wilh a medk'iite dropper (Ill to I/2 ufadrop- per) after the silks hrown, This will Ct~t the earworms already pte_,,c~ti and Jewell By Roberla Hold-- Frosty. Kerma and Rachel enjoyed a visit Imm Bret and Lucie Crofts along with Rex. EI0.imor and Charlotte from Ga.~n City+ Payton Till came wilh her cousins too. "l~ family had. a pizza supper, birthday cake, a biscuits and gravy bmakf~t phls a loot of pastures it+ see the cows and calves, Sharing in the visil, be- sides tho~ already named, w1- Brian and S~n~ Koster. Sheridan Kosler, Rexa~d Nancy Headrick. all of]ewell+ and Nell and Sierra Bailout of l"ommso. Rachel. Retina and Frosty Cn)tl.~ a,endcd the Ag Heritage Festival al Bellcville on Satmday. Willis Pracht, a fri=,vJ [mm Ganlcn City. was a fea- I un.~J ptdbnner. SUNFLOWER AVENUE NEW Townhomes FOR RENT in Mankato, Kan. 1,200 sq ft, 2 bed, 2 bath, full size garage, al0ove ground safe room, fully handicapped accessible Bethany Roe 785-378-3408 Keith Roe 785-545-5100 L~ Zadina 785-378.34M NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING The governing body of JACKSON TOWNSIIIP JEWELL COUNTY will meet on August 26, 2015 at 8:L~) p.m, at Webber City office for the pu rpo.~e of hearing and answering objections of taxpayers relating to lhe proposed use of all funds and the amount of ad valorern tax. Detailed budget information is available from a Township Office and will be available at this hearing, BUDGET SUMMARY I'ruposed Budget 2016 l:xpenditures and Araount oil 2015 Ad Valorem Tax establish the ma~im~m I[il~ils of the 2016 budget. F-st "fax Rate is subF_'cl to change depending on the final assessed vatualion. __-... 2014 .... 2015 I~',lacv~,d Budget 201u ItrJt~.r*~c%l[ ActuM C.rrent Year Actual ~,il1Otllll O1' [".M "lid Lint ]'a~ list)male tM "fox 211t,~ Ad 1 ~x Imnds i:x}~.?lehlti~'~ Rate" EXl.~.,ndihux.'.~ lMi.,' I~xl~.'ilditi~ll~ %.",~lq,~'~cli ldx Rifle* (~.ql,,ral ~27 1,~ .... 7r9 ,r"~ i),;M %.,rvi~,, I,kh~d ,~pt~41 Maclt n,=tais ,%7,7 . 11,['l(~) i r~.~ 0.t)~ 7|~.~1-t 0 O'l~i~I __e2~:- -E!n ~i(,,r~, ...... C1 9 ,, 0 Nvl l:xlw'ndlluw 327 _LQO0_ 7,~i,% It,lal I ,l~ I.evwd 0 0 ~.sxxx~_ _.l_lll%mn~,hlll A~,-'..I,'~,~.'i'J. x,'A] (hdV 1,02L~t33 ( h.ll'~lmidiilg IlltK'bts'diac",~-, Inn I (;.I). I~md~ (~her' I'ur Print I'otal 2ol,~ i) ,) t) Q " lax r.~h.~ arc i.-xt'~r~-d iH mill~ 2'702i4"~ j . ~,~1.310 I 201 t t t I.i~=i P/, )y le.,t - lbwnstl/l Officer NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING 1"he governing bod~ of IlOLMWDOD 1O~,~,' NSI tl P ,[ EW ELL COUNT~ will meet on August I O, 2015 at fl-'(~ p.m_ at Paul V~'ii',on Re*.idt,nce h)r lhC purpoge nor "(ca r Acl l,a I 1"3,It.rid ihiit.,g 3,,c~ 1 3,.M1 3,~1 3,8(}0 Ac|oa] 'lax Rat~." 3.1~ 3.123 2015 (._'11mml "rear t'::-t III)~li~ ol E xI ~.,nd it un..,s s,!0() 5.I00 0 5>100 3.8OO Al-I uM I .'ix R,ltt'" I. I',, T( )~,'d Ihldgl _{lilt) i: Xtk'tlt~ I t I Lrt'~- c),24~, O2-k) L> t),24~) ~,~,.% XN h. Aint)ilnl td i[sl 2~1~ ~ Ad t"~x \'ai,,r~m I,i~ Rate" ~,,gC~ 2.481 i I ~'l~']i~llnt) -I i,216,975 I 1.359.7491 1.531.77S I ( )Lnt-,tai".ldillg [nldeb[cd:v2~, I,ml t I () i~,lnd~. t li hvr I ~',~" I) Pfilli 1 L,hd "1 ax i.dc~ .If,_- ,.H,l,-,>c-d tl~ I'afll,. 2013 (1 i) 0 0 2(]11 L0i5 ~) D O O Todd I)a),is "l"~wn.vhi~ Oj~er NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING 1he gx'er,'nng body ol GRANT TOWNS|Ill' JEWELL COUNTY ~'ilt mcCl on Atigu~i 5, 201 ~ ,tl 5:30 p m. ,it Nancy. t ligbee'Residence SUI Clmio Rd_ for the ptlrpo_~c ol hi,at|rig and ari~wt,tlng Ol~l~et'|lt',F[_h at ta\p,~ers retalmg ~o the proposed use of all I~)ods and Ihe amount t ad vaiorem Iax. f)L~td~ied budget ~nfiJrmation is available Irom a -rown,,hT IL}fiice and sv)ll be available ai thl,,, he,mug, BUDGET SUMMARY Pro[,,o~ed t|tndgt't 2OI0 Expenditures and Amount of 2015 Ad VaLorem Tax establish the ma~tnnm~ L~m~t~ :)t lhe 2[116 bodgvt. I(sl Tax Rate is subic'cl Io change de, pending on the fJnJI a~.~es~ed vait~dllt)T). Fnnd,. k'oer,d ~-bt _c'k.r v ice N(,xinu.~ Wo.'d Special Math I l+l a Is i:e>.~:- f~,~..~k,7> - NI I';xl~.'iidil u i-v ItqaL i-,~x J.evit~ i ut,t~ As.~.~.'x,d V,ituatioll y lowll.dlip Ass ~, allialilm only Out.qandi]'lg indebledl'les.% Jail t C-O. kloitd.g {}lher ,i I J.',i.~' t'ur I riilc Total " l a~ rates pre ~pn.,'~'~,'d. in mill~. i 2014 Prior "fear Aclual 3,960 3,960 3,960 2,260 1,632,2C0 2013 0 O 0 0 2015 Aclual C I I l:!'~.'rt[ Ye.~r -i-~x I..siimate ~d R~I' I N.l~'ntfii un.'~ 1.385 %f~ l ..'38.~ 5,1300 0 5,000 2014 1 1 i Ach,al "I'd ~. R~k'" L208 I'rc~p~'d IJtidgt'l 21.] i(, I:~wild)[usc~ 7"II Illl ~lll| tll 2ill_% Ad Va k)n:m To 9,049 2.2t-~1 ').t~49 2,Z~t 9,649 2,13b,0~7 I ,%5,bt ~') 1.1% 10Nq,- ' l I]58 2015 0 0 fl 0 La vtrnia Peters Towashi# Officer