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July 15, 1993     The Superior Express
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July 15, 1993

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Bank is ac- on a 1983 24-Real Estate ,,,,,I.J~,~ ; Nay:tion carried.N°ne• Absent: None. Me- EDUCATIONALNOTICE OF MEETINGsERVICE First Published July 8, 1993 in notcos The Superior Express may be sub- HOUSE FOR sale in Nelson at LIIIU A motion was made by UNIT NO. 9 NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S State Bank, 150 W Third Street by owner. Rempe and seconded by Chris-~ next regular meeting of SALE UNDER EXECUTION Furnished or unfurnished. Phone PROCEEDINGS OF dancy to move the next meeting the b6ard of Educational Service • Notice is hereby given that Car 402-879-3962 evenings or ask, VILLAGE OF HARDY to Tuesday, July 6, 1993• Voting Unit No. 9 will be held on Men- by virtue of an execution issued for Irene at 402-879-3291. July 6, 1993 yea: Groves, Diehl, Christiancy, day, July 19, 1993, at 7:30 p.m., by the Clerk of the Nuckolls 24-27-2p The meeting was called to Mullet and Rempo. Nay: None. in the main office of Educational County District Court at Nelson 19. "F-O~'-LO'T~, order at 7 p.m., by Sam Clark Absent: None. Motion carried. Service Unit No. 9, located at Nuckolls County, Nebraska in 23-27-2cfor sale. Oiled streets, lots7,8, 9, with all members present with At 9:35 p.m. a motion was 1117 E. South Street, Hastings. an action pending therein, iacGrand10, nieegarage, finished inside, the exception of Fuiler. made by Christiancy and see- An agmda containing~a list- wherein, The Security National 00 miles,water and gas line on properly, One correction to the June ended hy Mullet to go into exee- ing of subjects requiring the at- Bank, A Federal Banking Insti- 402-879- asking $2,800. Phone 402-364- minutes was made of the amount utive session to discuss budgets tendon of the board is available tution is the Plaintiff and Carol to Corporate Diversified of and pending salary consider- for public inspection during nor- D. Schade is the Defendant, I 23-28-1p 2444, 402-225-3861. 24-28-3c $42.00 instead of $44.00 as stab atins. Voting yea: Groves, DieM, real business hours in the ESU will sell at public auction to the ENJOY THE peace and quiet of ed. With no other corrections or Christianacy, Mullet and No. 9 main office, 1117 E. highest bidder for cash at the country living with this acreage additions Edwards.made the me- Rempe. Nay: None. Absent: South Street, Hastings. East door of the Nuckolls Court- Thursday, July 15, 1993 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 7A and ranch-style home. Three- tion to accept, seconded by None. M.3'2on carried. Except for items of an emer- ty Courthouse in Nelson Nuck- bedroom with two baths, large Blair, carried 3-0. The Board came out of exec- gency nature, the agenda will oils County, Nebraska on the kitchen and util~. Also has large The following bills werepre- utive session at 10:lSp.m. not be enlarged later than 24 3rd day of August 1993 at 11:00 Ruskin High School Class of 1963 had their 30-year cla~ metal machine building and low sented: A motion was made by hours before the scheduled corn- a.m. the following described real reunion May 29 at Broken Spoke Cafe, Ruskin. Eight of the 13 taxes. Call 402-879-4904.Corporate Diversified Ins•, Groves and seconded by Mullet mencement of the meeting, estate: To Wit: members were present, (left to right) Judy Brakhage Corman, a savea/ot 24-12-tfc correction ...................... 42.00 to adjourn the meeting until June DonaldK¢ller The South half (1/2)of Lot Superior, Judy Sykes Prentiss, Lincoln, Mary Lou Hinalina IWay 6 Kerford Limestone Co., 28, 1993 at 1:00 p.m. to meet Board Secretary lc Three (3) and the North Half Hasselman, McPherson, Ken., Marilyn Lipker Holtzen, Davenport, rock..~ .......................... 205.53 with Don Paterson concerning (1/2) of Lot Four (4), Block Lila Mussmann Schmeder, Davenport, Connie Biitoft Nickel, St. SAvenue Jewell. Oak interior, new paint, Nebraska Puhlic Power, the -new Gas Building. Voting ~ Four (4), First (1st) Addition to Paul, Nab., Ann Jeppesen Barnett, Concordia, and Ray BIItoft, gs, Nab. refurbished, new furniture• Call electricity ..................... 788.53 yea: Groves, DieM, Chdstiancy, Hardy. ~'463-14(;E g13-524-4697. 24-12-tfc The Garbage Co•, Mullet and Rempe• Nay: None. PUBLIC HEARING AND Lawrence, Nebraska. Real estate to be sold to Orville Thronson Friendship Club ell, Nab. trash pickup .................. 13.00 Absent: None• Motion carried. PUBLIC MEETING OF THE satisfy judgement. Given under ~'743-22,=;5 torn down for useable lumber. Wheelers, hose clamp .......... 9.40 A continuation of the June BOARD OF EDUCATIONAL For information, call 402-879- 9-1-1 Service, 21, 1993 meeting of the Board SERVICE UNIT NO. 9 my hand this 1st day of July dies Thursday Nine members of Handy 4287orevenings,402-279-2045. one year contract ......... 866.60 of Public Works was called to Please take notice that the 1993. " .... 1 ...... Homemakers Friendshin Club, board of Educational Service James R. Mart orvllie~ar lrtronson,~3,o~eo ........ ~,, ..... : las-Thursda a-th Jewell" n- umoe t~OCK, anO t.aroi ~me~¢r, 24-28-2cBurlington Northern Rail-order on June 28, 1993 byUnit No. 9 will hold a special Sheriff t y t e ~ou ty . • • Holdrege, toured Superior The ~r~mmer.Check~ road, waterlinelease.•..125.00 Chairman Groves with the fol- public hearing for the purpnse of NuckollsCounty, Neb. Hosp~tal, Mankato.Serv~ceswere tour arran ed b the Su• rior Lincoln Telephone, lowing present: Groves, DieM, 7-29-27-4c Saturday at the Evangelical Luth- ~. ' . g .. Y . I~. ~l~, bolls and ~ firehaU, 41.24; Christianey, Mullet and Re, mpe. receiving testimony on a pro- eran t."hurch, ~aru(ato, .... w"•ltn me" t~namoer .... oI t;ommerCe,r ........ racine- posed increase in the anticiapted ~ R v Emi L n ffi i i -- eo me cnamoe, me uou rtouse, Wash, buff and water, 48.07 ................... 89.31 Absent: None. receipts from property taxes to First Published July 8, 1993 in c " we inarSe ..... o c at ng. m- the histo" r'lc homes of Lewis' terment as Mount Hope t;em- u .,o~ ~ ,~ vJue,,,~ ~;~I~ ,t,. oil changes. Association CPR training Tues- Superior Publishing, Don Paterson was pmsem to be levied by and on behalf of The Superior Express ete~tlrMnsanokona.t°he third of ei ht Nuc~ollsCotmt;'Mu~u~a"~nd'a in.~tion cleaned day and Wednesday, .July 27, proceedings ................... 27.66 discuss inspection of the new Educational Service Unit No. 9. NOTICE OFSUIT 28,7-10p.m. atBrodstoneMe- Mid States Well gas huilding. A motion was The proposed increase is to raise In The District Court of • ' g motor tour of many historical ~. ~_~Y's Automo- morial Nuckolls County Hospital i~'879-3612• Work, repairs ............ 2,338.29 chddren of Carl and Oleanna . 23b-13-ffc conference room. Must attend Corporate,Diversified Ins. made by Groves and seconded the anticipated receipts from Nuckolls County, Nebraska. sites Thronson, was born Feb. 6, 1908, ~'; - m m- r - - by Christiancy to send a letter to property taxes by five percent Tax Sale Certificate Foreclo- on f m uthw s of M-- " ~..~uo e oe s snoppea at me aar so e t anzato. . . ~.~:~--....__.______ both evenings. For more infer- firemen s ins .................. 42.00 the contractor of the gas build- more than the anticipated sure Case No. 6352 .... Pl Hi" -. - mind-mall and a hobby shop 0LESALEpdees.mation, callDenaAIvar-zeat402- Rainbow International hag describing the work to be receipts from property taxes for STATE OF NEBRASKA, School and Mankato High School He attenoco easant oge ~raoe They met for lunch at alocal" ~': ~/Sler. Quality 5- 879-3281. 26-28-2c clean firehaU carpet ..... 217.28 fh-fisbed. Voting yea: Groves, the 1992-93 fiscal year• The spa- NUCKOLLS COUNTY, SS: . • " restaurant ~ils guarantee. ~ic Cooperative Business Assn., DieM, Christiancy, Mullet and cial public hearing will be con- To the following named de- He was hapuzed, and confirmed at ...lour co" mmlttee" was -~aye ~a~'x~50Chewo~et, festival: Aug.12-15, 1993; East equip oper. exp .............. 57.06 Rempe. Nay: None. Absent;vened at 7:00 p.m. on the 19th fendants in the above entitled theM Evangehcal_ Lutheran Church ............... wucox, ~ume t~oct(, ann veraa r~,$969,meny City Park, Ainsworth, Neb. Fid- Waiter Rowley, None. Motion carried, day of July, 1993, at the head- action, to-wit: a~atw°as united in marriage to Rei~s 01dS'dSU~P~hn°r" fMrN~.s.B~e~" . inos, Chey-dling, picking, singing, country postage reim .................... 2•90 A motion was made by quarters of Educational service All persons having or claim- LaVonaThompsonAug. 12, 1933. e s me g te o • - ~'4~'8009. music bands. Fun familF enter- Salaries ............................. 999•93 Rempe and seconded by Diehl Unit No. 9• The address of the ing any interest in Lots 10, 11 Thronson was a lifelong farmer cox. • 2~-28-1p tainment• Call 402-387-2740 for Blair made the motion to pay to adjourn the meeting. Voting headquarters is 1117 E. South and 12, Block 8, Original Town in the Ionia area. He broke his ......... poster. 26-28-1pthe bills as presented including yea: Groyes, Diehl, Christianey, Street, Hastings, Neb• The pub- of Hardy, Nuckolls County, Ne- back in a haying accident June ual3rel wlulalnfl .uglier• Phone 31-Insurance the 9-1-1 Service Contract for a Mullet and Rempe• Nay: none. lie is invited to appear and testi- braska, real names unknown; 1929.Hcreminiscedaboutshuck- dies Wednesday year, Edwards seconded, carried Absent: None. Motion carded, fy concerning the proposed in- You and each of you are ing corn in Nebraska, Iowa and r402-879-3612. rance has 3-0. W.E. Groves crease. Following the adjourn- hereby notified that you have South Dakota. Darrell Edwin Williams, 67, gone uporyouwould like acorn- Edwards made the motion to Chairman merit of the special public hear. been sued in the District Court He was preceded in death by died last Wednesday at the ~nb~th Used trucks pafison between yours and a transfer 1,059.00 from the Block R.J. Rempe hag at 7:30 p.m., or as soon of Nuckolls County, Nebraska, his wife Dec. 20, 1990; his par- Veteran's Administration Hospi- ,n,-~.~°rnol• Have ornUmberwrite°fstoven°ther companieS,Headrick, calIpo SewerGrant FundFund, tOBlairthe secondedWater & ..... , Secretary thereafter as possible, a public by the County of Nuckolls in the cnts; t/~rcebrothers, Clarence, John tel, Grand Island. Services were 'p~UekAutoandBox 66, Superior, Neb. 68978. carried 3-0. , meeting of the board of Educe- State of Nebraska, a Plaintiff, and Elmer; and one sister, Jessie Saturday at Simonson-Williarns ,rune 402-22.4- An independent health and life The June treasurer s report PROCEEDINGS OF tional service Unit No. 9 will be the object and prayer of whose Graham. FuneralHomeChapel, RedCloud, 23o-41-ffc insurance agent. 31-50-ffc was presented, Piper made the SUPERIOR CITY convened for the purpose of tak- petition filed against you and the Survivors include his brother, with the Rev. Leslie Warner offi- motion to accept the treasurer's COUNCIL ing possible action concerning real estate above described is to Ossie, Omak, Wash.; two sisters, ciating. IntermentwasintheGuide ~ report as presented, Blair see- Meeting of the Mayor and proposed increase in the antici- foreclose against the description Mrs. Perle Anderson (Helen), and Rock Cemetery. dent or product liability elaine? I ended, carried 3-0. Council of the City of Superior, pared receipts from property of real estate above set out Tree- Mrs. Jack Morris (Marie), Man- Williams, the son of Earl and b"~l makes and specialize in personal injury Blair reported on the 9-1-1 Nebraska was convened in open taxes, all pursuant to 77-3439 as surer's Tax sale Certificate kate. VernaMosherWilliams, wasborn ~tal~, tackle, bait, eases, d. Murry Shaeffer. Attor- and the Enhanced was to be and public session on the 28th amended by LB 829 and other Number 269, which is dated Kramer Funeral Home, Man- April 24, 1926, at Beaver City. '~.~,~.~rina,ney at Law. Lincoln, 402-476- hooked-up the first of July. day of June 1993, in the Council applicable law. September 1, 1989, and issued kate, was in charge of arrange- Raised in the Beaver City corn- " 18. 3214or800-369-5241. Clark made the motion to Chambers at 7:30 o'clock p.m. Donald Keller to and held by the plaintiff ments, munity he later moved to Denver. 23d-12-20e . 31-28-1penter an Inter Local Agreement Present were Council Members Board Secretary lc County, and to foreclose all In1944,hejoinedtheUnitedStates ~ with Nelson, Rnskin, and Nuck- Doehring, Wharton, Rempe, liens that the plantiff as holder Hazel Strlggow AirCorps.Williamswasstationed oils County Sheriff's Depart- Smidt and Disney. Absent ware ~n of such certificate is entitled to inFloridawiththemilitarypolice. . BOYER ROOFING merit and Fire District of Nel- Mayor Rust and Council Mem-The Superior Expressforeclose and to cause a sale of dies Friday After his discharge, he returned to berFairbrother. NOTICE said property to satisfy the Hazel Marie Striggow, 89, died theDenverareaandwasemployed COM PANY Ruskin, and Hardy for a pc- Notice of the meeting was In the County Court of Nuck- amount adjudged due against the Fridayat theBrodstone Memorial as a finishing carpenter, working riod of one year, Blair seconded, TIRE • All Types Roofing carried 3-0. given in advance thereof by oils County, Nebraska• real estate and also quiet the title Nuckolls County Hospital, Supe- on commercial and residential dRING .CommericalandResidentialClark made a report and postingjn the City Clerk's Of- Estate of Cassie,Morgan, De- to said real estate in the purchas- rior, Sea ic s erc / Lhe building sites. i'ice, Municipai Auditori, um .and ~i ,.~. :~i~ i,. ~',,,; er theteol'and to'bar and exclude Williams Funeral Home Chapel, In 1953, he was united in mar- , All Work Guaranteedprogress report on the Propm, ty Public Safety Buillding, the des- Estate No. 5534 - all defendants of all rights, title; Superior, with the Rev. Paul riage to Chloene Croft. She pre- a¢ )r-Auto • Free Estimates Clean-up. "--- Phone 913-527-2687 Richard Watson was present ignated method for giving no- Notice is hereby given that liens and interest in and to said Albrecht officiating. Burial was ceded himin death Nov. 29, 1977. S< TE Belleville, Kansas to ask questions on clearing at- rice. on June 23, 1993, in the County real estate and for general equi- in the Edgar Cemetery, Edgar. Williams was united in mar- leys. It was discussed to have Notice of this meeting was si- Court of Nuckolls County, Ne- table relief. Striggow, daughterofWilland riage to Caroldene Herrick Dec. the ditches cleaned along main multaneously given to thebraska, Tom Morgan whose ad- You are required to answer Ionia Johnston Comstock, was 11, 1982. They made their home street to allow for the water to Mayor and all members of the dress is 2014 Stratford, said petition in the District Court born Oct. 26, 1903, on a farm in in Denver until September, 1986, aska crew for the two trips they made get ,away. Figgins & Lewis Council• Availability of the Lawrence, Ken., 66044 was in- of Nuckolls County, Nebraska, NuckollsCounty, nearDavenport, when they moved to Guide Rock• 23e-18-ffc with me, the doctors, nurses, won t be here to do the street re- agenda was communicated in formally appointed by the Rag- on or before August 30, 1993,or She attcnded the Oak school. He was preceded indeath by friends, relatives and neighbors, pair until October-November• the advance notice to the Mayor istrar as Personal Representative the allegations of the petition She was united in marriage to his parents; his first wife; and two mt don't Pastor Mike and Pastor Dale Piper made the motion to and Council of this meeting. All of the Estate. will be taken as true and the de- CarlAllenStriggowJar:.14,1930, sisters, EarleneJamesandBonnie ¢,' 7 an B~=ssinger for their prayers and have Marlan Watson do theproceedings hereafter shownCreditors of this Estate must cree rendered accordingly, at Nelson. Keens. ou may visits. May GOd bless you all. Budget for the Village, Edwards were taken while the convened file their claims with this Court The County of Nuckolls Striggow served as the assis- Survivors include his wife, on or before Sept. 1, 1993 or be in the State of Nebraska tent postmaster at Oak and also Guide Rock; adaughter, Mrs.Greg Wave Bergen. 36-28-1cseconded, carried 3-0. meeting was open to the atten- forever barred. Timothy S. Schmidt had worked as a cook at the Vic- Robuck (Connie), Arvada, Colo.; . The In'st reading of Ordi- dance of the public. (Seal) John A. Wl'/eeland Nuckolls County Attorney tory Cafe and Leslie Hotel at Su- a son, Layne, Guide Rock; six step !! nance N°" 151 to Amend Ordi" M°ved bY Smidt, sec°nded Clerk of the CountF Court perior. She wasalifelongresident children, Mrs. Don Holmes hence No. 133 was read; the fol- by Disney that minutes of the Timothy S. Sehmidt 7-29-27-4c of the Nuckolls County area until (Juanita), Mra. Ray Cyr (Jane), lowing changes are to take regular meeting of June 14th 213 East Third~ thelastyearandahalfwhenfail-Mrs.TimZarek(Jonnie),andMrk nlace: to raise the water rates to 1993 be approved; Yea; Dee- ~7.00 and the sewer to $7.00, hring, Wharton, Disney, Smidt ~uperior, Nebraska NOTICE OF RENEWAL ing health took her to the Bethesda Mike Eoeffler (Jennifer), allof the gallons used over the 5,000 and Rempe. Nay: None. Absent: Attorney for the Estate OF RETAIL Care Center, Edgar. Omaha, June Young, Lincoln, will remain at $1.00 per 1,000 Fairbrother. 7-15-26-3c LIQUOR AND BEER ShewasamemberoftheUnited James Jellison, stationed with the gallons. Non-Residents $40.00 Fairbrothar now present. LICENSE Methodist Church, Superior, Oak U.S. Air Force at Okinawa, Ja_pav4 minimum for the ftrst The City Clerk gave a report ~~ Notice is hereby given that CommunityChurchandtheRoyal three sisters, Helen Underwondi gallon and $1.00 per 1,000 g - on LB 734 taxation and revenue The Superior Express pursuant to section 53-135.01 of Neighbor Lodge. Denver, Donna Nitzel, Holdrege, Ion thereafter. If paid on or be- bill passed by the legislature.NOTICE OF this act Iiquor license may be Striggow is precexled in death Mrs. Clarence Redger (Estella), fore the 10th of the month there Volunteer frrefighters are autho- INCORPORATION OF automatically renewed for one by her parents; her husband in Mesa, A~iz.;fourbrothers,Wayne, will be a $2.00 only discount rized to keep their funds from FOLLMER year from Nov. 1, 1993 for the 1962; one son, Charles; brothers, Raton, N.M., Floyd, Norris, Ill, given, donations and fund raisers sepa- CONSTRUCTION, INC. following retail licensee, to-wit: Leo, RollaandHowardComstock; Randall; CastieRock, Colo.Chas, Blair made the motion to at- rate from city funds however Pursuant to the provisions of Arasmith Tavem, Inc. a grandson and a great-grandson. Denver; six grandchildren, 11 they must be held in a trust fund. the Nebraska Business Corpora- dba Arasmith Tavern Survivors include her daugh- step-grandchildren; agreat-grand- journ, Edwards seconded, ear- Dates of budget requirements don Act, notice oft he incorpora- Alfred B. Arasmith ters, Bonnie Colgrove, Saline, daughter. ried 3-0. LOt 12 and 13, Block 12 MonaHansen,Davenpert, Shirley • Rogene E. Renz have been changed and propria- tion is hereby given as follows: Hardy, Nebraska 1. The name of the Corpora- Jacobitz. Ocaia, Fla., Jean Schott, Chester Baden Cler rately.tary funds ean bebudgetedsepa- ~ is Follmer Cor, struction, Notice is hereby given that Rossville, Ken., June Andelt, • ~-- Deb Hansen, co-chairman of written protests to the issuance Osceola; sons, Allen, Olympia, dies Sunday new physicaltherapist at Brodstono PROCEEDINGS OF the original START program 2. The address of the regis- of automatic renewal of license Wash.,Larry, Superior;, 24 grand- Chester Charles Bergen, 82' Hospital. Schott is assisting Edith SUPERIOR CITY presented an update on the Su- tared office of the Corporation is may be filed by any resident of children, 38 great-grandchildren Nelson, died Sunday at Mary recovery from a stroke. UTILITIES perior Action Plan she has tenta- 751 East 1st street, Superior, the village on or before August and seven step-great-grandchil- Lanning Hospital, Hastings. Ser, Notice of meeting posted tively set up three planning ses- Nebraska 68978. 10, 1993, in the office of the dren. Village Clerk; that in the event Williams Funeral Home, Su- vices were Wednesday at the June 18, 1993, City Auditorium, signs and suggested that the City 3. The general nature of the protests are filed by three or perior, was in charge of the at- Nelson Community United Sehott hospital City Safety Building, SuperiorsponsorC°uncil ofC°nsidersuperiorbeing aSTARTCO-II. Corporationbusiness to beshalltransactedbe the bYbuild.the bem°rehadSUChtoPers°nS'determinehearingwhetherWill rangements. Church of Christ with the Rev. Utilities. James Taylor officatinng. Burial 1J3u.perior Utilities, June 21,newShe communityalS° stated assessmentthe need fOrsur.a establishment ing' erection, maintenanCeof any and andall continuation of said license Brandon Bussart was in the Nelson Cemetery• • vey at an estimated cost of $750. types of buildings or structures should be allowed, dies Sunday Bergen, the sonofDietrich and Rogene R. Renz Effie DeMilt Bergen, was born at The regular meeting of the Moved by Fairbrother, see- and the transacuon of any and Village Clerk lc Brandon Lee I~ussart, 15, died Nelson, March 24, 1911. He grew new di-However, he remained work-Board of Public Works was ended hy Disney to support the all lawful business for which Sunday at University Hospital, up in the Nelson vicinity, attended ~-rno'ial ingbesidehismotherallday, lock- called to order by Chairman planning sessions with $750 fi- corporations may be incorporat- NOTICE OF RENEWAL -Colombia, Me. Services will be rural school and graduated from Sphysi-ingandunlcckingwheelchairsand Groves with the following nanciai support. Yea; Falrbroth- ed under the.provisions of the OF RETAIL Friday at R.J. Evans Mortuary NelsonHighSchoolwiththeClass tu~ offering every patient Ms toys and present: groves, Dield, Chris- er, Disney, Wharton, Rempe, Nebraska Business Corporation LIQUOR OR BEER Chapel, Wamego, at 2 p.m. with of 1929. as abooks, tiancy, Mullet and Rempe. Ab- Smidt and Doehring.Nay: Act. LICENSE In 1935, he started the Allls Brian will be staying in Supe- sent: None. the Rev. Paul Danner officiating. moved rior through the summer and is A motion was made by Diehl None. 4. The amount of capital Notice is hereby given that Burial will be in the Wamego City Chalmersdealership, whichheand Policy restricting publishing stock authorized is 100 shares of pursuant to section 53-135.01 of Cemetery. his wifeoperatedatthetimeofhis presently engaged in painting the and seconded byRernpe to ac- lists of utility customers was dis- c, onu-non stock of a par value of this act liquor license may be Bussart, son of Leon and Ann death. He was the recipient of family home.Hewillbeattending eept the minutes of the last cussed. The dispatcher would $100.00 per share, which stock automatically renewed for one Harig Bussart, was born Dec. 23, many sales awards. For a time the University of Nebraska, Lin- meeting. Voting yea: Groves, like to compile a list of all occu- shall be held, issued, sold and year from Nov. 1, 1993 for the 1977, at Las Vegas, Nee. At the they also sold cars. The past see- coin, in the fall and studying DieM, Christianey, Mullet and pied houses within the city lira- paid for at such time and upon following retail license, to-wit: time of his death he was in the eral years he also operated a lime meterology. Rempe. Nay: none. Absent: its, the number of people living such terms as may be deter- Richard D. McKirmey10th grade at Lawrence High quarry and oversaw the family Mrs. Schott studied at Midland None. Motion carried, in each house mad record of any mined, from time to time, by the dba Do Drop In School. He was a member of the farm. Lutheran College, Fremont, and The following bills of the medical or physical needs to aid Board of Directors of the Corpo- Lot 12, Block 13 Church of the Nazarene, Supe- He was united in marriage to Lin- Baylor Medical University, Dal- City Utility Fund were ~ in calls to the fire department rations. Hardy, Nebraska rior. Ruth Green at Loveland, Colo., Uni- Ins. She is originally from Fre- proved: and ambulance service. Elliott 5. The time of commence- Notice is hereby given that Survivors include his mother, Au~. 24, 1941. major-mont. Salaries, 14,357.01; Gulf says that providing lists of cus- meat of the Corporation was written protests to the issuance Hastings; father and step-mother, tsargen was a member of the tern- Her first position as a physical Publishing CO., manuals, 53:38; tomers is an illegal invasion of June 28, 1993, and the Corpora- of automatic renewal of license Toni Bussart, Fulton, Me.; broth- Nelson Community United Th~l~ Lincoln Telephone, se~ee, privacy. Af__ter discussion it was don shall have perpetual exist- may be filed by any resident of therapist was at Sioux Valley at 1,042.63; Lincoln Tel~th.~o~moved by Wharton and second- ers, Sh~ne, St. George, Ken., ChurchofChrist,NelsonMasonie Sioux Falls, S.D. She livied at enee. the village on or before August Jimmie and Benjamin, both of LodgeNo.77,SuperiorElksClub, at Lincoin for eight and a ~ years service, 17.27; Ne. Dept. o ed by Disr|¢y to provide the ad- 6. The affairs of the Corpora- 10, 1993, in the office of the Fulton, Eric Holloway, the Eagles and the Iowa-Nebraska is and worked atthe Veteran s Hos, Revenue, sales tax, 11,277.70;, dresses of occupied and unoccu- Boardd°n areof toDirectors be conductedand thebYPres-the Village Clerk; that in the event Hutchinson, Ken.; step-brother Farm Equipment Association. as anpital and Tabitha Home Health NPPD, weUs-service, 1,315.93; pied houses without names, protests are filed by three or and sister, Zachary and Stephanie He was preceded in death by kin- Care. She also has worked at Sa- NPPD, power purchased. Fairbrotlaer requests tlmt tim ident, one or more ViCe-Presi- more such persons, hearing will Tiedemarm, Yucaipa, Calif.; and hisparents;andonebrotber, Lloyd. ered Heart at Loup City. 73,751.94; Security National subject of ADA (American Dis- dents, the Secretary and the be had to determine whether The family is coming from Bank, federal withholding, abilities Ac0 be placed on the Treasurer. continuation of said license grandparents, Leon and Tessie Survivors include his wife; a Vermillion, S.D. Her last position 5,625.84; LaVonna Sloan¢, agenda for the next meeting.Gerald T. Follmer should be allowed. Bussart, Wamego, Karl. son, Jerry, Nelson; one daught~, wasasaconsultanttosmailhospi- mowing, 150.00;U.S.Postmas- Incorporator R.U. Evans Mortuary, Mrs.PaulDuey(Peggy),Ft.Riley; ~.wastals and nursing home in a range ter, box fee, 155.00. The meeting adjourned. Rogene E. Renz Wamego, is in charge of arrange- one brother, James, Nelson; two a of 60 miles north of Vermillion. A Motion was made by Diehl Kenneth Rempe WayneGarrisonL.&GarrisonGarrison Village Clerk lc :~ents. sisters, Ruth Yost, Joplin, Me,, Schott said, her farnily was and seconded by Rem~ to ap- Acting Mayor -------- and Dorothy Higby, Aurora; and her excited about coming to this com- .p~'ove and pay the bills as read. DeWayne L. Aberg Box 385 The world will never starve six gr'andchildren. to munity and mentioned the friend- Voting yea: Groves, Diehl,City Clerk Nelson, Neb. 68961 for wonders; but only for want HigbyMortuary, Aurora, Neb., liness of her neighbors. Christiancy, Mullet and Remt~. 7-15-26-3c The ZIP code began in 1963. of wonder, was in charge of arrangements.: !