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July 15, 1993     The Superior Express
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July 15, 1993

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8A THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thursday, July 15, 1993 V Oak Local News : First Community Church,Loontjer. Tanara "Hansen visited .... Saturday, July 17, youth group, Claris Samsula Thursday even- 6"30 p m Sunday July 18 ing Friday evening the Samsu- momiI~ ~vorshi~-'9"3()-amI las, Wilma and Otto Mocll~, Sundafschooi, 1 :40 a m Tue-' Lila Schroeder, Scott and Paula : :4 da', Julyvideo mid braver Mitchell and Erika Sct,roeder .... : , . riffle, 7".30 p m - - visited their mother and grand- ? ....... James and" Pauline Hanson mother, Edna Mus ,mann. ...... # took Vic and kene Hoffman to a ElmerwentAndersOnto and Donna Hastings c~e Monday evening, Gillan Overton Frirda.y ~ , Ii I~ June 28, as an early celebration a/temoon, staying overnight ,d ! " : | of Irene's 80'.h birthday Last with Elmer sr ann irene Ander- i " ........... 1 Friday the Hansons were supper son; Saturday morning .the ! : .... guests of the Hoflnmns at a He- Anaersons and Gillans left for i bron cafe as a belated obser- Colora_do to visit Mr. and Msr. ..= Vance of the Hanson s wedding Rink Vledorfer and Dorothy .i anniversary. Adelman. Saturday evening mey Last Saturday Vic and Phvllis celebrated Elmer Anderson's ~ Schmitt were "ill Sutton with 89th birthday with supper on the ':t i 'i .,. .... . Rick, Cheryl and Ciarra Schmitt Viedoffers patio. Mr_and Mrs; before they left for the weekend Anderson Jr. ann Blmer ann in Denver with Cheryl's parents, Donna left for home Monday, brother and wife. Vic and Phyl- stopping in Paxton at a bar to I lis also visited the Jerry Sclmaitt see the collecuon of wild ant- ~ ~ '~~~ ......... ~ ...... ~ eveningfamilYior Drohmanthatthey home.afternn" In thevisited in the Jan- there.malSvisitorsmUnted in theandAlbertdisplayedand Last Sunday James and Claris Samsula home Wednes- ~ :':~i lin H'n n re f' day for dinner were Angle Pau e a so we a temoon p . It was a warm rain that fell on Superior Tuesday afternoon and the community's young and old residents alike and supper guests of John and oppe, Mar|ssa and Tanner,were soon outside enjoying the unusual weather. These youngsters, Jill Thompson, Ryan Tucker, Ryan Butler and MarliceSullivan, Superior yard, Kan, Mrs. Mussmann, July 4 Vic and Phyllis Deshler, Ardie Maschman, deremy Stover were playing in a flooded gutter near Sixth and Kansas. A shortways up the street Tom and Ann Schmitt had a breakfast but:fet in Tamra Hansen and Brenda and Boeka's daughters were playing in their driveway. To the east a woman was cleaning the street. Matt Schoof Afternoon visitors FmrburYl. afterr church. Jerr,y were r~orma'" '~Jrueoer, ...... ~nnc~ey," ~ Nancy, Kristen and Jason Persi ager reunion Kel y. Jo dan and Hannah . . r/ T ~ * l "~ "r \~ Hoelting, Lawrence, visited the A Persinoer reunion was in Schmitt were afternoon guests in and Lmda Loont.ler and Debra [1 1-1rEntal ',a lvews IIGary_ Ostdiek family last theSu!l riorCity ParkSunda ,, the Vic Schmitt home. In the Maschmann. evening Vic and Phyllis Schmitt _ Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hems, k\ ~ }J ~nursoay. June 13. Fourm of July supper guests Attendin~ the rannlnn w~r went to Nelson to watch the fire- Brittany and Garrett, were atur- ............ o .............. e oi mr anu Mrs uoug vorter works. Monday evening they at- day. overn, ight.gu_ests of Duty.ell By Highland Club cobitz. Terry Jacobitz andand f~t~nil were'Mr an- Mr Jerry and Lisha Gravitt, Jared, tended Derrick Drotmaan's t-ball ann Linen tfiltOlt. Sunday me Jim Miller visited Anna Mill- Kenny Williams had lunch . . y . a s. Ashley and Jessie~ Kennv and zame in Nelson -- Biltofts joined others for fan day er Friday. Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Ja- Larry Miller and Bryce an. dMr. Sandra Carter, T s'tan Br(ttanv ' Dustin and 1)errick Drohman at Oak, potluck supper at the Lois Lines, Iva Lanham and cobitz. Markele and Jacee Jaco- anu w rs..Kon vorterr'am. andKaillyn, MariePersin erancl rloy rorter was orou nt over " were guests of their grandpar- park and firework Anna Miller had dinner in Oak bitz and Josh Jacobitz were Sat- , ..... g _ Gene and Jean Persin~er, after church Saturday. Saturday urday overnight guests of Mr. rom .me tided. amarltanegenter I-lastinis, Erma Hester. Gre'tna. ents, Vic and Phyllis Schmitt, Donna Gillan, Jessica Shel- afternoon Mrs. Miller visited andMrs. Jacobitz. tov|sltw!tnmegroupanowatcn Christina Beth, Johnson, Omar while their parents went out for burn and Josh Oltmans attended some oz me nreworKs Mr. and Mrs. Junior Glasson. Mr. and Mrs. Hans Christens- .. . " and Ruth Persint, er, Louisville supper to celebrate their wed- 4-I-1 modeling at Ruskin last SD en were in Ord F 1 Monday morning coffee P ' untidy, agmar Pedersen and .ounh of Ju y ..... Neb, Ton Persm er Ashland. ding anniversary, Wednesday. Thursday .... Y g , . for brunch guests of Mr ann ,ars ivan Ja Later all were guests for re-An and Lillian Swanstrom Mrs. Miller attended church m and supper at the _.. .... .. ~ andBillyPersinger, Cedar Creek, freshments in the Vic Schmitt visited Alfred and Euvalene Hardy and had lunch at a local home of Jake and Cindy Jensen. comtz w eremsm arroH ann DeanKesterandMelvaPulec, home. Swanstrom last Thursday after- cute. Gayly Folimer is visiting her e ec l]aOcaU.g t. ruce, ..lerre Goodland, Nick and Shirley Jo Friday Jan~es and Pauline noon Sandy and Howard Nina Bruce w""a~ visited b"~ parents,. Mr. andFMrS. . Don Foil- last Thursday w~th019" tzMrhadanddmnerMrs Horn, Timothy and Angela.. Hanson took Alfred and Janell H ;' _ _ Muriel Follmer. Marie "Proudt mer, this week. nday, Saturday . . Stockton, Mr and Mrs Deaune rianson ...... out toy droner at a tie- ofpKms'the SwanstromsWere weekend guests and Uyvonne - Knehans this and Sunday all were in Hastings Jacooitz. ,,. ...... Persinger, HiliCity, Mr.'andMrs. naarm zrouat nao supper me bron cafe in observance of .. .L _ la week. wi.m. the .Mike F ............ GeorgeMoorc, Norcatur, Mr.and durra OI JUly With bnaron Alfred s birthday which was that Mr. and lvu's. Albert 5al~-nsu Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ostdiek ne pmg mem wnm metr new T- rn-r ............ Mrs. Scott Moore, Norton, day. Saturday the James Hun- visited E.dna Mussmann atur ......... nouseanamovino u e anu t.nnsue ann vmwea .... i. rn..." .... anO lamlly were aturoay VISI" . .... b" ,.~ . ,~,,~ ~, ....... I.. :...~....,...: ..t..._t._ _ a v= * ~., tuau ~.lw xwu~,aa, ~..=Jtat~tul,~, sons, alongwith Matt andTere- day evening. Mrs:Mussrnarmtot's of Mr. and Mrs Ernest , Mr. ano ,wws. Join .watts, _~,~,-,~u/~,L~=c,~go~moouWesley Howe and Jonathan, sa Sulliv'anOkahorraklC,x"" was m LinCOln lnursaay to Schroer. " Amanna ann Anna, Fairfield, edn' d veMt--!tYTr K.ane ouat LaSt Coneordia, Mega and Chuck Okla., were linner guests oral" Saturday with her daughter,The G-,',, Ostdick famib, vis Betty and Alana Kilmer, Hast- y was aPersinger and Chin, Junction ---' ] " supper guest of Mr and Mrs "- Oty, Ernest and Venza Persmger fred and Jane" tl to celebrate AI- Lucy, and. family and visited her ited Mr. and Mrs. John Skalka, rags, Allen and Shannon Me- fred's and Teresa's bi brother-m-law, Fred Mussmann, and Dale Walker, Ludell, Karl., rthdays ..... Deweese, Sunday afternoon and Clure, Hastings, Sarah, Preston, Don Follmer. Vic and Phyllis Schm,,: ...... ......... who an the Tab]tha Nursing evening. Dillon and Tianna Nitz, Juniata, Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hans Mr. and Mrs. Lavern Hanel, sunr'.er ,uests of t h, r" riome, Lmcom. ane lvtrs.Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wil- Mr. and Mrs. Wayne McClure, Christensen for supper Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Howe, Mr. and Ciarra chmi S ...... Iarry Bfltoft and Mr and Mrs S tt .... ,v,, .. liams visited Phyllis Hartman Jim Rilling, Joey Henry and at a Nelson cafe were Joyce and Mrs. Wesley Persinger, Larry day evening. After supper they Albert Samsula had suppeff w th Monday evening in Blue Hill. Evelyn Honeycutt attended the Beach, Grand Island, and Pat Persinger, Mr. and Mrs. David helped the Rick Schmitts and Mrs. Mussm .m.. un.aay Uyvonne Knehans and Marieseventh barbecue supper and Ball, Lincoln. The women Vorhees and family and Mr. and J r S "hmi 1 .... c... ,,... evening lvtr. ann mrs. A119ert Troudt were supper guests of fireworks display held every stayed overnight and were din- Mrs. Donald Frybarger and fam- cr y c tts c eaT, ,,v .. p" ........ wind dam: ,e the night before amsum m me rrea Sharon Turner and dau ter Fourth of July at the Gary ner guests of the Christensens ily, l}elleville, They return-'"~d Saturday and con-" ....... "~ltlltl~ .... "$~ T[i~y: ~': "o~-6rge I~ MeC~ hon~. Allen ~lure Sunday. . RObert and Lueille Meggitt Nickolas Wehrman was guestand Afletha Scarlett, Republic, tinued , to clean up. Rick evening. Mankato, had supper, Sunday and Shannon and James Me- of honor on his 13th birthday at Virginia and Clarence Herrman Schmitt s pickup was damaged Mr. and Mrs. Lavonn Peter-with her mother, Mrs. Troudt Clure were at Lovewell Lake to the home of his parents, Phil and and Marvin and Kayann when a tree fell on it son were in Hastings most of the and Uyvone Knehans. see the fireworks display Satur- Diane Wehrman, Friday. Others Herrman, Brenda, Brandi and James and Pauline Hanson week helping their son, Randy, Peggy Cassel,' Dustin and day evening, present for supper were Greta Levi, Scandia, went to Fairbury Ibr breakfast and family prepare their home Drew visited Diane Wekffman Pam Riley mad Jim Peterson, Svendsen, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sunday. for sale. The children returned and children Thursday after- Superior, visited Evelyn Hon- Lois Flegler, Rachel and Wehrman Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Cannot, Charles Bell and Verla Snyder accompanied home with them, while Randy noon. eycutt last Wednesday morning. Todd Hauck and Philip. Vic and Phyllis Schmitt to Supe- and Ruth went to California. Mr. Supper guests of Mr. and Dorothy Chapman and Eve- Annabelle Persinger, Salin~ riot Monday morning for Hazel and Mrs. Levonn Peterson and Mrs. lvanJacobitzMondaywere lynHoneycuttjoinedtheSuperi- Sunday guests of Mr. and Radonda Meggitt, Mary Mrs. Phil Wehrman for dinner in PersingeranddaughtersandDen- Striggow s funeral, grandchildren went to Fremont Terre, Nick and Josh Jacobitz. or group by bus to Grand Island honor of Nickolas for his birth- nis Persinger, Lincoln, Neb., Mr. and Mrs. Albert Samsulato the Women's State Fast Pitch l~'s. Bruce Wolfe and Jared had to attend the Piccadilly Dinner day were Mr. and Mrs. Louis Boyd and Pauline Imler, visited Mrs. Ben Mussmarm Softball Tournament. They dinner Wednesday with Mr. and Theater mad play last Wednes- Soto Sr., Louis Soto Jr., Ray- Evelyn and Charles Walbridge, Wednesday evening. Other visi- stopped by Crete on the way Mrs. Jacobitz. Term Jacobitz day evening, mond Soto, Amy Camp, Ver- tars were Mr. mad Mrs. Fredhome to visit Dr. and Mrs. Gor- and Kenny Williams had lunch Peggy Cassell visited Lisanoica, Page Danman and Mary Don Baumbach, June Persinger, Mascturmnn and Mrs. Larry don Brubacher and family. Thursday with Mr. andMrs. Ja- Meyer last Tuesday evening. DeLeon, Wood River, Mr. and InaPersingerandMarciMohler, Mrs. Doug Porter and family Superior, mid Rane Grone, Grand Island. John Persinger, John and Mike Persinger, Linda Krous, Stacey, Crystal and Jason, Doug Pat Natureisonegiantcomposting Modlin, Troy and Amanda, system. 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CONSUMER ELECTRONIC SERVICE TV and VCR antennas, Car audio Home entertainment and cellular phones Hours: 8 a.m. to noon and I p.m. to 5 p.m. Phone 402-365-7649 As of July 1,1993, all bills due Drudik's Electric will be due within 15 days and will receive discount. If not received within 30 days you will be notified by phone with three days to pay. If no payment received when this time expires, the bill will be turned over for collection. All present bills out will be due Aug. 1 with no exceptions. We apologize to our good customers, but because of amount on books and lack of payment, we are unable to keep current with our suppliers. Thank you. Arian Drudik. attended the 1 enport style show at afternoon. ~ Mary Ann By Mrs. Calvin Myers Meyer attend John and Mildred Herman of Lisa Meye were surprised when Corinne Tuesday even Dumler Weyhrich, South Bend, Alfred and Ind., came last S,,turday mona- Lyle Meyer hag to visit. Her father, the late were among Rev. Henry Dumler was Pastor picnic and of Christ Lutheran Church and Wednesday e' the Hermans had the family in of Marlin an, their home many times. Cody. ., July 1 the following descen- Don aria dants of Alice Dursch gathered ed in the hem at her place for a week: Donna Rick Wulf and Morris Ekwall, Sun Valley, evening. Last Calif., and their daughters, Don and E Linda Ekins, Rend, Nev., Susan guests of Mr. Glazier, Morpark, Calif., and Courtland. Teresa Spiegel, Sun Valley, Carol Wul Calif.; Great-grandchildren, Jes- visited Karen sica, Natalie and Diana Ekins Ruskin, Satur and Kyle and Haley GMzier, Alvin and Darrell and Majel Avers, Okla- supper guest.' homa City, and their daughters, and Judy Vi Naoma Caldwell, Ponca City, Avery and 1 Okla., Nina Avers, Enfield, II1., Their guests Blake and Bridget Whetstone, Erna Vieselr N~ella Alford, Oklahoma City, All helped Aura' and Daniel and Patrick Alford. luted birthday. July 3 other visitors were Helen Bill and IVlcll~ Ne!son, Davenport, Leona ed the funeral a Paulsen, Superior, Herb and Friday forenOO Mildred Brettman, Stanley and Bonnie KlepPer" Diane Bartling and Beverly Irvin Schlet~ Pitts, Deshler, and Tom and Pam parents, Lester Buresh, Jamie and Austin, Oak. Schleufer, Suture Marvin and They stayed next door to Alice .attended the i at the bed and breakfast owned aturday even by Joe and Georgia Keim. Dave and Corinne Weyhrich, Memorial NuCk South Bend, Ind., were July 2-4 pital. guests of her sister and husband, Lonnie and Joshua, Jete~ Elsie and Marvin Holtzen. They were in Om_,al , also visited her brother and wife, Kenneth and Bonnie Dumler. Mrs. Jones brute her 75th Last Sunday,afternoon guests of Jones stayed the Holtzen s were the Wey- hrichs, Chad and Joni Karcher, sister, Mrs. Air Geneva, Cindy Phillis, Abraham and Mr. Aulner, and Joshua, Cheney, Wash., and Mike and K~ Judy Tegtmeier and Nicely.among those wt Bill and Liela Krupicka were fred Hanson on I Fourth of July weekend guests urday evening .~ of Dallas and Mary Virchow and following flay t~ Orion, Scottsbluff. They re- his honor. turned home Monday and Blake Gordon and and Aaron Virchow, Seward, re- Nelson, were turned home with them and vis- visitors of itd their grandparents a day. Helen Get Doris Skinner accompanied Meyer attend Errde and Diane Blau to Superi- Sunday aften or Wednesday. June 30 and had Cutcheon in at a cafe with Mrs. Skin- 90th birthday ner s sister-in-law, Ellen Wheel- perior. er. The Doris Skinner and Ernie and was at the Diane Blau and Angle were in Sunday. At Hastings Fourth of July. In the Mrs. Soren afternoon they joined Doug and Mr. and Mrs. Denise Snow, Derick and Darcy Annette Itze~ at the Elks Club for the annual Mrs. Alan i celebration. Later they went to Mr. and I~ the Doug Snow home at Idlewil- Mr. and de for their parade and fire- and family;~ works. Other guests included Meyer and Mr. Snow's sister and husband, Bill Lynch Jerry Lynch Peggy and Randy Meyer, Hast- Tara SchW ings. Ethel Mosier was a last Sat- Lawrence, urday morning visitor of John Drudik, and i and Mildred Herman. Sylviaand Mr. and ] Lautenschalger was also a morn- Alfred ing visitor, and Bud and Last Monday afternoon visi- Friday toys of John and Mildred Her- Meyer, Nel man was Julie Ferebee, Edgar. Roger Tyler, L anc the 4-H s~ review in afternoon. the song Workers By Meta Stiles Cleo and Ruth Thayer were in Harvard and Clay Center Sun- day afternoon to view the dam- age from last Thursday evenings ~torms. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lanham attended the ballgames at Ravenna last Wednesday evening Their grandson, Tim Lanham, is a member of the team. Walt and Williams musical SUnday and Ruth Edna Nelson, Epley, Linneman, Alfred Don and and LaVeta together at later were home to Raymond and Hilda'Marquart (center), recently in the Jack and Jill Gold Rush Contest. Maggie Marquart, accompanied them to store owners, Frank Sullivan (left~ and 13 _. $11,000 has been given to Gold Rush winner~' Bookkeeping and Tax 3rd and Bloom- P.O. 13o Superior, Neb. 68978-- Phon Marilyn Pete Tax Consultant