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July 18, 2013     The Superior Express
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July 18, 2013

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Thui, sday, July 18, 2013THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 711, Public Notices (Continued from Page S) Along with its bid proposal, each bidder shall submit an unconditional Bid Bond or Certified Check made payable to the County Treasurer of Nuckolls County, Nebraska, in an amount equal to five (5) percent of the bid proposal. Also, each bidder is to removed to date. include an estimated time of delivery Rogers commented that they would for the materials with their bid pro- needtoknowwhopurchasedsaidbufld- posal. The desired delivery date of the ings so they could be put on their duced from $457,055 to $403,030 and Appraiser Stanard askedifthey paid the building value reduced to $0.00 $70,000.00 for the house, if they had from $37,475 for at total value of an appraisal done and if there was any $40,505. She stated on Aug. 14, 2012, personal property there at the lime of the buildings were sold, to be moved sale. off of the property. They noted they did have an ap- Kniep said all buildings sold except praisal and it came in at $68,000.00. two (a grainary and garage). Kniephad Stanard asked if the noted damage the sale bids for evidence. The board had been disclosed at the closing and requested to have copies. Laughlin stated no and there was no The house and two bins have been personal property tO adjust the pur- chase price. The board asked for an interior in- spection of the property later that day. Corman said the board would take (First Published July 18, 2013 (Published July 18, 2013 in in The Superior Express) The Superior Express) Abatement Contractor Wanted Nuckolls County Board of The South Central Economic De- Commisioners velopment District (SCEDD) is ac- Proceedings cepting bids for nuisance abatement The Nuckolls County Board of services on properties within the City Commissioners met Monday, July 8, of Superior. Proposalsshoulddescribe 2013in the board meeting room at the available assets, such as manpower, courthouse, Nelson, Neb,, per recess equipment and tools. Proposals should of July 1, 2013. 'Combs, Brown and also be listed by unit cost, such as Connan present for the meeting. labor, equipment, travel and landfill The agenda of said meeting was fees. remitted to board members in advance Abatement services may include: of the meeting and is posted in the removal of debris such as trash, auto- countyclerk'sofficeandonthecounty some slippage in the transmission. bWarren inquired on a new remand transmission from John Deere. It will cost approximately $20,000.00. If John Deere installs the transmission, the county would receive a year warranty for the cost of $4,000.00 in labor for J.D. to install, if the county installs the transmission, we would receive a 90 • day warranty with no additional costs. The board determined to have the County mechanic install the transmis- sion to save on the costs. Warren sub- mitted a 'Notice to Bidders' on the Bid sheriff; Royce Gonzales, district court clerk; Vicki Ensign, treasurer; Tim Stutzman, emergency manager and Jackie Kassebaum, county clerk. The board asked all of them what their thoughts were on employee wage increase. It was noted that the $40.00 they received last year was not enough. Some discussion was held regarding a certain percent increase vs a straight dollar amount. It was asked what the Nebraska cost of living increase from last year was. It was noted the S.S. Commission has a two percent increase. materials is six weeks after the award personal property schedule or if build- this under advisement and make ade- mobile parts, dead branches andother website. Letting for the tubes on Project C-65 Others noted they should get $60.00 to n r ct All materials shall be ings have not been removed but sold termination at a later time and they vegetation; impoundment of vehicles Combs announced the 'OpenMeet- (647) andProjectC-65 (676)• Itwillbe $70.00 a month increase. Others think of the co t a . delivered to the project sites, theywillbetaxedasbuildingsonleased could protest to TERC if not satisfied, toincludetrailers;demolitionorrepair ings Act Law' as posted in the com-. advertized for 3 weeks starting July 11, thatregularemployeesshouldbewithin Within ten (10)days following the lanu. As there was no further business, of dilapidated buildings; and repair of missioners board meeting room and 2013. a certain percentage of the deputies award of the contract, the successful Rogers also. commented she had Chairman Corman recessed the board window openings, handouts are available. During the elected officials and and currently the deputies are at 75% bidder shall furnish a surety bond or verified the buildings noted had been of equalization meeting at 10:35 a.m. Proposals must include the com- The board reconvened at 9:01 a.m. department heads time with the board, of the elected officials. bonds in an amount equal to or greater remove(]. . ....... Danny K Corman, chairman puny name, owner, address, phone Chairman Combs approved the agenda Tim Stutzman met with them to bring The sheriff would like to give his than the full amount of the contract, t.orman sala mey woma rage m~s By:JackieLKassebaum, county clerk • number, and email address (if appli- as submitted and the July 1,2013min- them up to date on the Sedan elevator sheriff's deputies an increase of v bonds are under advisement and make their de- Th_ sureL and form of the ZNEZ 29-1c Cable) and should be submitted to: utes as submitted. Chuck Mittan, news explo~ion, ownedbytheAuroraCoop. $150.00 and his dispatchers $70.00. ................ b'" the termination at a later time and she ~t/appears that 2 people were in- The board noted that all elected sunjec[ [o me at;ceptam~ y SouthCentralEconomicDevelopment reporter for the Superior Express is Nuckolis County Board of Commis- co.uldprotest to TERC if she was not (Published July 18, 2013 District (SCEDD), Attn: Bobbi Pettit, present for the meeting, jui'ed. One an employee and the other officials and department heads need to .. sanslteO sinners. " in#The Superior Express) P.O. Box 79, Holdrege, Neb., 68949, Gary Warren, highway superinten- is a farmer bringing his wheat to the be doing employee evaluations. They f A final determination was heard on .-, The Nuckolis CountyBoard .o Protest 2013-01 Michael BergmannSDC Proceedings no later than Aug. 9, 2013. For more dent met with the board to update them elevator. Stutzman had t~ken a few would like to start doing salary in- t.ommissioners reserves me ngnt to ( L.r qinPartnfth llA, (:fh. Proceedings of the July 11, 2013, information, contactBobbiPettit,308- on the current activities of the county picturesafterhewascalledtothescene creases based on performance within 6.5 A ........................ reject any and all bids or to waive any " / of .q c ticm ? T2M DRX,VXSuperior Development Corporation 995-3190. ZNEZ 29-3c road department. Warren noted some as the Emergency Manager. The board three years. ..... NWl/4 .............. - ..... j. of the guys are out binding roads this also asked Stutzman about noxious Warren noted that doing evalua- irregularities in alas receiveu, awaru R_,,offerg......... nntoJ'l th v.. ,,,,,,, o,,,,6;to Meeting. of the contract will be in accordance ............. Meeting calledtoorderbyTinkham (First Published July 18, 2013 week. One road employee is out haul- weeds in District 2. tions is not as difficult as he thought it , mspecuon. Appratser ~tanara notea VickiEnsignsubmittedtheRevised would be. . withtheCountyPurchasingAct scum* the,_ro,_n nerl'vinnnta~ farMn__..,.............. .... b .... h~,4 at 12:15 p.m. Minutes of the June 11in The Superior Express) ing gravel to problem areas. It was titive bidding considerations as set n stated earli .r .qtannrd ..... meeting were approved. Bills in the NOTICE OF INCORPORATION discussedhowsomeofthegravelroads 6 Month Balance on Revenue fromSchmidt commented that all in- pe been ....................... - forth in Neb Rev Star §§ 23-3110 to me_.,. ,,. .................... amount of $1,428.71 were approved. Notice of is hereby given of the at the stop signs are getting ripples on January 1, 2013 to June 30,2013, and creases should be the same between • • nun tu~ vmuauon o˘ aojusteu [o Treasurer's report was approved as ineo, rl~_ rationof,,Five.O.FourFarms, them and they will need to be fixed, the Semi Annual Statement and Sum- offices• It was noted that with last 23 3114, and the Nuckoils County r - effect the condition of the home and Board of Commissioners will, at its ........ ...... submitted. Superior Welcome signage Inc.' under the Nebraska Business Warren also noted he has some of mary of Investments as of June 30, years $40.00 a month increase they me property Wlll De put on for discretion award the contract on the -:-~ ........ • ...... presentation postponed to the next Corporation Act. the employees working on inventory 2013. lostmostofittotheincreaseinFederal • t,,vJ,ur, worn m zot,~ t ne countv as- Ensign also discussed investments Tax percent paid by the employee. The basis of the lowest responsible bid sessoralsorecommendedachan ein meeting.Signagereportwaspostponed The number of shares the corpora- for fiscal year end. Warrenaunounced received. Nuckolls County is and Equal valuation chan e denreciation 70 to the next meeting. Utility Deposit for tion is authorized to iss_ue is 10,000 that Project C-65 (687), on road 4300 and pledged securities with the Board. insurance costs were also discussed as Oppo unity Employer. percent and change l unctional to 5 Peak Dental, Stephanie Cobb, was shares.T he corporation s initial regis- between Section 19, T4N-R5W She would like to move some of the part of a salary. It was noted that approved.Compactionissueat 139East tere.d office is 2278 Rd. 4300, Edgar, (Hammond Precinct) and Section 24, monies from CD's to NPAIT. . Nuckolls County employees are low JacKle L l~.assenaum • • , " percent problems. The total value will Nuckolls County Clerk be adjusted from $92,575 to $66,220. Fourthwaspostponedtothenextmeet- NE 68935, and the name of the initial T4N-R6W(ShermanPrecinct)iscom- Brian Cochran from Midwest Mail- wages but high benefits. ing. Chamber report submitted. Corre- registered agent at such address is Ty plete. Warren discussed some miscel- ing Solution, Inc. met with the board to The bdard was asked what they ZNEZ 28-3cA motion was made by Combs to ac- spondence from the Nebraska Depart- Oswald. laneous projects they are working on request approvalfor the renewal on the thought for an increase, however they (Published July 18, 2013 MotionCept the wasasSess°r'Ssecondedrec°mmendati°n'by Corman ment of Economic Development was The incorporator is: this week such as re-grading dirt roads, lease for the postage machine. Ensign did not comment. The board looks at in The Superior Express) " presented.Discussion topics presented Ty Oswald working on re-grading in the ditches, was also present for this session. En- the total cost to keep an employee. No _ - - ;.- . ....... Corman voted aye, Brown voted aye Next meeting willbeheld at noon, July etc. They will be trying to get to the sign noted she is very happy with the decision was made at this time. It was 'et'eemngs m me r ueKous Five-O-Four Farms, Inc. .......... and Combs voted aye, 0 voted nay. 25 at the Elks Lodge. Meeting ad- uonn~ lsoam m r.,quanzauon Mntirm e- "--~ ZNEZ 29-3c Oak Road this week also weather per- machine. . determined to make the decision on The Nuckolis County Board of ......... • journed at 12:58 p.m. ZNEZ 29-1c mitting. Cochran noted the county will re- July 22, 2013 at the regular meeting. ............. Assessor Rogers submttted a Tax r.quaimationmetJmys, zol ,.mtlae ListCorreetion rthe4thStreetJunc- (First Published July l8, 2013 Warren announced that the three ceive a new postage machine with the There being no further business the pickups that were recently deemed new 5 year lease agreement. The cost meeting was recessed at 11:55 a.m. board meeting room at me courthouse, • • ......... tmn m Supenor for tax year 2012 as the (First Pu'blished July 18, 2013in The Superior Express) surplus property were sold at Big Iron is $264.00 a month (this is the same until Monday, April 22, 2013. lslelson, P4eorasga, per recess oz june 4th Street-/.netion wa'~ not in orm.ra- 24,2013,BoardofEqualizationMeet- finn -forsaid--t : e. -3"he'boar-dhad in The Superior Express) NoUce to Bidders Auction. The county will receive a amount as last lease agreement). The Michael D. Combs, chairman • • • y • Notice of Formal Hearing Abatement Service total of $1,520.00 for all three pickups, lease agreement with MailFinance, Inc. By: Jackie L. Kassebaum, mg. The agenda of s~d meelmg was previously approved the refund oftaxes for Complete Settlement The City of Superior is accepting The Superior Country Club is request- will include parts, labor and quarterly county clerk ZNEZ- 1 c remitteatoboardm.em rsinanvance in a resolution dated June l0, 2013 A To Formally Probate Wlll,bids for nuisunce abatement service on ing to purchase used 15 to 16 foot maintenance service. The county will of the meeting and was posted in the • ". • , mottonwasmadebvBrowntoeowlth Determine Heirs and a property located within the City of wood planks for their bridge. Thecity be required to purchase the postage countyclerk'sofficeandonthecounty the a~.qe~.qnr'~ ro~n~am~ndatinn Mn website Chairman Corman approved -" ................................. - Distribute Assets Superior at 184 South Kansas Street. of Superior "wants to discuss options and supplies• A motion was made by me" agenaa.anu" ....... me June 24,201 nun- tion was seconded by Combs. Corman Estate of Ward L:Shaw.-41˘˘eas L Proposals should include available as- for getting 15th Street in Superior Corman to approve the 5 year lease MSR _. . .. voted aye, Brown voted aye, Combs Case No. PR12-24 sets such as manpower, equipment and paved. They would like concrete if agreement with MailFinance Inc. for utes Uorman reporteo a copy me • • • . ....... voted aye, 0 voted nay. Mot on carned. Notice is hereby given that the tools. Proposals should also be listed possible. The county owns a portion of an lM460 Digital Mailing System with open meetmgs act was postexl m me , . .. ' Protesters Daniel and Selenapersonal representative has filed a fi- by unit cost, such as labor, equipment, 15th Street outside the city limits. The l0 lb weigh platform for $264.00 a room and handouts were available. / La" ..t.r_ ......... cA..i._ I.__ • .. ....... u~um w~t~ m~m tu~ u,c ,c~umg nal accounting and report of his ad- travel and landfill fees. city would like to cost share this ex- month, Brown seconded the motion. orm., .rown omo, oro - - Bookkeeping • . at 10.30 a.m. Protest 2013-008 (Lots 1 ministration and a formal petition for Abatement services may include: pense.Aftersomediscussion, theboard Combs voted'aye, Brown voted aye, present for said meetm.g.. . and 2, Block 13, First Addition to complete settlement, after informal removal of debris such as trash, unli- determined to not make any determi- Corman voted aye, 0 voted nay. Me- The Board of EqualmaUon recon " Lawrence, Neb.) was read into the testate proceeding, which have been censed vehicles, furniture, pallets, nation at this time. tion carried, a vened at 9 59 a m .?. _ : • -_ .... record. Laughlin requested to have the set for hearing in the County Court of grills, lumber, plastic containers, cool- Warren requested to purchase a Chairman Combs recessed the Present for the BOard Ot l qua!iza- land value stay the same at $575 and NuckollsCounty, Nebraska, atNelson ers and many miscellaneous items. Tax Service, tion Protest Hearings were me taree . . Miller Legacy, gas Arc Welder, 230 Board of Commissioners meeting at LLC ............ the bufldmg value reduced to $57,425 Nebraska on Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2013, Propesalmustincludethecompan:y Amp from Rich Anderson. The county 9:58 a.m. for Board of Equalization. ooam otequaimauon members, terx from 66 075. Lau"hlin sta ,t.^__ :_ Kassebanm, Co ty Asses sor.Sus strnc Smr6a i'damage t~o basem~nntt~w'~ter at 9:15 o'clock a.m. name, owner, address, phone number has currently been using the welder on Chairman Combs reconvened the 454 N, Bloom Street Diana L. Wehrman and email address (if applicable) and loan from Anderson. It has approxi- Board of Commissioners meeting at P.O. Box 424 K°.gersan°Apprmser arreu .[an u, leak); cement slab cracked and in poor Clerk of the County Court should be submitted to: City of Supe- mately 1,957 hours and is approxi- 10:59a.m. to near protests on real property vain ations for 2013 " condition; outdated interior; repairs Dean N. Hansen 11690 rior, Attn: JanDiehl, City Clerk; P.O. mutely 5 years old. Warren noted the The following elected officials and Superior, Neb 68978.4028794764 needed to deck. Laughlin submitted Attorney for Personal Representative Box 160, 135 West 4th Street, Supe- otherweldertheyhaveisnotbigenough department heads met with the board mrbkkeeping@hotmailcom Protester Marcella Kniep was other comparable houses in Lawrence P.O. Box 401 rior, Neb. 68978 by July 29, 2013. Fo~ to work on heavy iron. The board gave to discuss employee wage increase for present for the hearing at l0 a.m. Pro- to show why the property is over val- Edgar, Neb. 68935-0401 more information or qnestions, con- the go ahead to purchase the welder, the 201a year for budgeting purposes. Kristin Sunday, E,A, test number 2013-04 (280 acres in part ued.Laughlinsaidtheynotunderstand 402-224-8105 ZNEZ 29-3c tact Jan Diehl at 402 879-4713. Warren discussed with the board Tim Schmidt, county attorney; Gary of the south half of Section 22, TIN- the big increase in Valuation as no ...... ZNEZ 29-2c about a motorgrader in the Bostwick Warren, highway superintendent; Su- R5W) was read into the record. Kniep improvements had been made in 20 area (John Deere 770CH1990) has san Rogers• county assessor; JimMarr, Marilyn Peters0n, E.A. requested to have the land value re- years. On the 4th of July the Son's of American Legion held a duck race to raise money for Cemetery Flag restoration, Scholarships, and for the Legion baseball program. There were 86 prizes awarded, all donated by local businesses and local farmers. Thanks to these patriot individuals, the American Legion and Son's of• Ameridan Pizza Hut Superior Implement County Rhoads Jelly Superior Bowl TroY'S Auto Dave's Place Superior County Club Mikkelsen Farm & Steve Wilton Farms Velvet Rose Rempe Farms Solutions Hair Salon & Day Spa Ideal Market Ace Hardware Aurora Co-op Lovewell Marina Dairy Queen Superior Outdoor Power Mikkelsen Real Estate Auction and Appraisal Alexander Motors Jensby rTrucking Kile Vet Clinic Delka's Garage Farmers and Merchants Bank Walt's Furniture• Edward D Jones Main Street Legion remain a strong presence in our community. Thus insuring those who have given so much for our country will always be remembered. Also, thank you to the Bostwick Irrigation District and the local farmers irrigating out of the canal fbr working with us to make this event happen. Aunt Flossies Superior Pharmacy Horizon Bank Scott TV and Appliance Simply Chic Java Juice Superior Insurance Oregon Trail Equipment Superior Paint The Victorian Superior Chamber of Commerce Dairy Queen Superior Electric Country Store Tim Schmidt Attorney B-Green Lawn Care Ray's Auto Sales Ideal Title LLC Petro Plus Inc Tire Company Dana Cole & Company Hob-Nob Liquor David Downing Attorney e a and Tax Service Superior Commodities