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July 21, 2011     The Superior Express
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July 21, 2011

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4C THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Square Pincushion-Level I Purple: Brooklyn Kohmetscher (champion). . ,Tote Bag-Level II Purple: Jenna Whitmore. Blue: Brooklyn Kohmetscher. Sewing For You Dress Purple: Natasha Wehrman* (2). Sew for You-My Choice Purple: Natasha Wehrman (2). Shopping in Style Purchased Garment Purple: Kristin Kohmetscher. Blue: Cherokee Thayer. Shopping in Style Fashion Show Attention Shoppers-Fashion Show Purple: Halee Kohmetscher (cham- pion). Model Purchased Outfit Purple: Kristin Kohmetscher*. Blue: Cherokee Thayer. Sketchbook Crossroads Entryof 4-Hers Choice Purple: Kaitlin Poe. Home Accessory Clay Sculpture Purple: McKenzie Ostdiek. Blue: Natasha Anderson*. Jacob Schultz,, Joanie Schultz. .Home Accessory Loom Weaving Purple: 3qanie Sehultz*. Original P.encii or Chalk Drawing Purple: Levi Schroer (champion) *. Maekayla Ward*, Blue: Hoyden Epley, Lane Schroer, Maekayla Ward. Recycled Home Accessory with Boxes or Cardboard Purple: Halee Kohmetscher (re- serve). Communications &amp; Express Books News Reporter's Scrapbook Purple: Alison Hawley. Secretary's Book (FFA) Purple: Rebecca Genung. Treasurer's book (FFA) Purple: Andrew Brittenham. Communications & Express Music Contest Instrumental Duet Purple: Halee Kohmetscher. Kristin Kbiimetscher. Thank you ALL Who planned, participated and Came to the Nuckolls County Fair We appreciate your work in making it asuccess Lawrence & Blue Hill 402-756-3030 Thursday, July 21. 2011 Instrumental Solo Purple: Brooklyn Kohmetscher (re- serve); Halee Kohmetscher, Mckenzie Ostdiek, Allison Thompson (cham- pion). Blue: Micah Dolnicek. Rylee Kohmetscher, Carli Shuck, Cherokee Thayer, Maekayla Ward. Red: Austin Kinnaman. Inter-Generational Purple: Micah Dolnicek (cham- pion). Vocal Solo Purple: Ty Rempe (reserve). Vocal Song Duet Purple: Cherokee Thayer, Mackin- Icy Thayer. Communications Photography Unit I Exhibit Print Purple: Annie McCartney, Molly McCarmey (2) Morgan Theis (cham- pion). Blue: John Himmelberg, Halee Kohmetscher, (2) Carli Shuck. Jayden Simmons, (2) Trenton Theis. Jed Whitmore, (2) Blake Wroughton. Red: Jayden Simmons. Photography Unit 1 Fun With Shadow Display Purple: Halee Kohmetscher (re- serve). Blue: Todd Keifer. Joanie Schultz. Jayden Simmons, Jedd Whitmore. Blake Wroughton. Photography Unit 1 Magic and Tricks Display Blue: Jayden Simmons. Photography Unit I Picture Display Purple: (2) Morgan Theis, Trenton Theis. Blue: Katrina Anderson, John Himmelberg, Halee Kohmetscher. ,ayden Simmons. Jedd Whitmore. Red: Alexis Bauer. Todd Keller. 3ayden Simmons, Cole Troudt. Photography Unit I Picture Story Series Purple: Molly McCartney, Joanie Schultz. Morgan Theis. Blue: Halee Kohmetseher, Blake Wroughton. Red: Jayden Simmons. Photography Unit II Action Display or Exhibit Print Purple: Shane Kohmetscher (re- serve). Blue: Jacob Whitmore. Photography Unit II Composition Display Purple: Shane Kohmetscher, Jenna Whitmore*. Blue: Natasha Anderson. Jacob Theis. Schultz. Photography Unit II Nebraska Theme Exhibit Prinl Purple: (2)Brandon Karmazin (champion)* Blue: Ashley Buescher. Shane Kohmetscher, Jacob Schultz. Red: Jessica Himmelberg, Trey Himmelberg, Jacob Schultz. Participants in the Nuckolls County 4-H music contest were (back row. from left) Allison Thomoson. overall champion; Ty Rempe, senior reserve chain 0ion; Carli Shuck. (fror)t) Brooklyn Kohmetscher, lunior reserve cham Non; Austin Kinnaman, Rylee Kohmetsoher. Maekayla Ward Micah Dotnicek, junior champion; Annie McCartney and McKenzie Ostdiek. / Photography Unit II1 Purple: Kristin Kohmetscher *, chal- lenging exhibit print; Kristin Kohmetscher* (reserve), mastering composition exhibit print; Kristin Kohmetscher*, Nebraska theme ex- hibit print: Kristin Kohmetscher*, por- trait exhibit print* (champion). Posters Purple: Austin Kinnaman, 4-H press release. Blue: Alexis Bauer, communica- tion art. Red: Halee Kohmetscher, poster- display communications form. Speech Blue: Trenton Theis. intermediate; Bailey Williams. intermediate: Haley Williams, junior. Clover Kid Projects ( Note - All are awarded a rainbow ribbon) Animal care kit: Emily Troudt. Bird feeder: Ella Gardner and Dereck Kirchhoff. Cookie: Brenton Bauer. (2) Carson Corman. "Carson Corman, Claire Himmelberg, Skylar Kucera, Jacob Meyer. Nolan Ostdiek and Tanner Decorative storage box or con- tainer: Jaelyn Himmelberg,C o r b i [] Karmazn (2) and Tanner Theis. Ice cream cbntest: Brenton Bauer and Emma Epley. Marshmallow rocket:Carson Blackstone and Nolan Ostdiek.' My choice aerospace: Dereck Kirchhoff. Fine Food- Good Drink When you're in town, come around Open Tuesday- Saturday, 11 a.m.-1 a.m. Tuckerws My choice - create your corner: (2) Carson Blackstone, (2) Carson Corman, (3) Emma Epley, Jaelyn Himmelberg, Corbin Karmazin and (4) Dereck Kirchhoff. My choice -just outside the door: Emma Epley. My choice-road to good cooking: Carson Blackstone, Emma Epley, Jaelyn Himmelberg and Emily Troudt. My choice-theater arts: (2) Carso[] Blackstone, (2) Dereck Kirchhoff. My farm animals" poster": Carson Blackstone, Jaelyn Him- melberg. Paper airplane: Carson Black- stone and Dereck Kirchhoff. Plant journal: Emma Epley. Scavenger hunt poster: Carson Blackstone. Karigan Drudik watches as her pen of three market hogs are un- loaded at the Nuckolls County fair. 472 South Main - Nelson, NOb. 68961 402-225-3581 Photography Display Exploring farm animals: Brenton Bauer. Carson Blackstone. Skylar Kucera. Just outside the door= Brenton Bauer. Carson Corman. Corbin Karmazln. Rgad to good cookie: (2) Carson Corman. Citizenship Austin Kinnaman: patriotic or cul- tural fine arts, red; service items, blue; written citizenship essay, purple. Heritage - Level I Austin Kinnaman: family geneal- ogy- history notebook, blue; (2)framed family photos*, purple: other exhibits. purple. Brandon Karmazin: family trddi- tions exhibit*, purple; framed fanly photos*, purple; heritage poster*, blue. John Himmelberg, heritage posterC purple. Junior Leader Austin Kinnaman: Ieadership Project, purple. Science and technology 4 Wheelin' Blue: Shane Kohmetscher - poster Purple: Jed Whitmore. Jenna Whitmore - posters: Jenna Whitmore - scrapbook Computers Blue: Austin Kinnaman -computer application demonstration, computer slide show presentation, unit 2 Electricity Purple: Todd Keifer, bright lights*, conducting things. Is there a fork in the road'?: Joshua Hi.mmelberg, electrical display item Jac0.b Himmelberg; elec- tronic display; Jaden Himmelberg, Is there a fork in the road?: Blue: Brodie McKee, bright lights; Red: Jacob Whitmore, bright lights Small Engines Blue: Todd Keifer, application of small engines, small engine demo display; Jacob Schultz. application of small engines Tractors Purple: Brodie McKee, individual tractor service record Veterinary Science Purple: Austin Kinnaman, cham- pmn veterinary science large animal display*, veterinary science small ani- mal pet display; Abigail McKee, vet- erinary science large animal display; veterinary science small animal pet display, Halee Kohmetscher, reserve champion veterinary science small ani- mal pet display, Sophia McKee - vet- erinary science small animal pet dis- play Blue: Kristin Kohmetscher, veteri- nary science large animal display Welding .Purple: Nicholas Kueera - large welding article* Wood Science Purple: Joshua Himmelberg, nail- You're all No. 1 with us! We appreciate all who planned, ,participated and attended our Nuckolls County Fair Crest Theatre 106 E. Fifth St., Superior, Neb. It's a pleasure to say Thank You to everyone @ who made the Nuckolls -".. County Fair possible.  \\;'- "X Specialcongratulations 1 'j // -1 to the trophy and ribbon   winners and all who  participated.  LET US SERVE YOU  -, - Bulk Fuel Delivery - LP Gas Delivery - Custom Application of Agri-Chemicals and Fertilizers 402-226-2261 C & M Supply, Inc. ,0%kiG;0000 Deweese, Neb. FARM l[ELP: Candidate MUST BE reliable, dependable, hardworking, and easy to get along with! Need a hard worker ats got it all? Try a NEW RUGGEDIZED SMART PHONE from 1 4 Detail 1 4 Detail, Inc. 1438 East 3rd Street Superior, NE 68978 (402) 879-3778 Todd Keller stands with his freshly sheared sheep exhibit at the Nuckolls County Fair. ing it together; Lane Schroer. reserve champion nailing it together, Luke Schroer, champion finishing up* Blue: Todd Keifer, level 1 item measuring up; Cole Epley (2) level 2 making the cut*; Jacob Schultz, nail- ing it together; Dalton Kinnaman, fin- ishing up; Cole Epley, nailing it to- gether* Red: Paul Shafer, (2) nailing it to- gether White: Paul Shafer, nailing it to- gether General Beef Purple: Halee Kohmetscher, cham- pion second year bucket calf breeding heifer; Joanie Schultz, reserve cham- pion second year bucket calf breeding heifer Biue: Colton Biltoft, second year bucket calf breeding heifer; Red: Brennan Miller - second year bucket calf breeding heifer Beef Herdsmanship Purple: Dry Creek, champion; 4-H Friends - reserve champion, Farm Friends Blue: Independents, Rough Riders, Superfor FFA Junior Beef Showmanship Purple: Todd Keifer, Chelsea Kucera (champion), Ezekiel Meyer, Joanie Schultz (3rd), Cole Troudt (re- serve) Blue: Trevor Biltoft, Hunter Healey, Isacc Meyer, Alexandra Miller, Keith Miller, Intermediate Beef Showmanship Purple: Halee Kohmetscher (3rd), Brennan Miller (reserve), Jason Poe (champion) Blue: Colton Biltoft, Micah Dolnicek, Jacob Schultz,. Mackinley Thayer Senior Beef Showmanship Purple: Kristin Kohmetscher fie- serve), Nick Rempe (3rd), Ty Rempe (champion) Bucket Calf Purple: Micah Dolnicek (cham- pion); Todd Keifer, Isaac Meyer, Mackinley Thayer, Cole Troudt (re- serve champion) Blue: Colton Biltoft, Trevor Biitoft, Halee Kohmetscher, Ezekiel Meyer, Alexandra Miller Feeder Calf Purple: (2) Chelsea Kucera (champion and reserve champion); Kristin Kohmetscher Commercial Breeding Purple: Kristin Kohmetsher, cow, cow-calf, spring yearling heifers (re- serve champion), ; NickRempe, home bred and fed; Chelsea Kucera, summer yearling heifers (champion) Blue: MicahoDolnicek, home bred and fed; Hunter Healey, summer year- ling heifers Market Beef Second Year Bucket Calf Blue: Jacob Schultz Beef Ultra Sound, Percent Lean Contest Purple: Hunter Healey (champion), (2) Kristin Kohmetscher, Nick Rempe, Ty Rempe Blue: (2) Chelsea Kucera, Jason Poe, Jacob Schultz <.., Red: Brennan Miller Home Bred and Fed Beef Purple: Chelsea Kucera, Ty Rempe, Blue: Nick Rempe Market Steers Purple: Chelsea Kucera (champion), Jason Poe, (2) Kristin Kohmetscher (reserve), Hunter Healey Blue: Breanna Miller Rate of Gain Purple: Hunter Healey, Nick Rempe, Ty Rempe Blue: (2) Chelsea Kucera, Jason Poe,  Troy Hayes Phone 402-879-3612 405 E. Second, Superior, Neb, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL EXHIBITORS AND WINNERS AT THE NUCKOLLS COUNTY FAIR! E r. Lance L. Teachw0rth Phone 785-875-3010 Highway 14 South, Superior, Neb. MOTOR CLUB INSURANCE ASSOCIATION [ ongratulations ] I toALLofthe / l partidpants and winners [ 1 of thisyear's / ,Nuckolls County FairJ ! It pays to belong. Roger Watson .o 402-225-4300 It I