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July 24, 2014     The Superior Express
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July 24, 2014

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wcv Bundy, Kirchhoff marry gather for 'Golden re=' at Savannah, Ga. The W~mcn's Chrislian Uniom met m Fellowship hall Thin, day fi)f the (]t+l~+~ Fr~0ndship'rea'+ with L4 mem- bers m~d tO guests pre ~m. Seven women over the age of 80year~ w ~ in the htmomdgmup. Namely. the~: were Evelyn Swc~t, V ivian Hansen, L~|ta l~Jer~n, L~mrla Clark, Phyllis Hol'l~. JoA,me aJld De,latin E~ward~. ('ll~d~ Kl~'hhoff ma~k, Ih,' invila- t:uzs~ for tile day's event JeAnne I~w',u~s.president. = ~x~n~d the [r,g;:ihlg w~tl~ her thuughl f~t the day 6.'i.)lt( TLlillg friendship. [.t',~|l& Peder.~en pead the lll illUtg5 (){r the June IQth nt~ctil~g aJ~d ga~' the treasurer's report. It was ruponcd the officer~ had vvmd tO dollatU $250 to the fur.d fur Beverly BcaverN cighloeat~ld ~randdaugh~ ter' mL~ieal fund. She is a paltenl of St. J,de'*; Re~earch H,~spilal D~mna Miller It'd the devotion~ h~d on t%ahns 45 and I I~. Site read an article entitled "E~plam (h~J+' ~ tit- ten by a child. E~e~yn Swe~:t I(+r h~:r ~)Sffl I~l:th~a). and a get wctl c:+rd tu IIc]en Am'~d. The next nlUellll~ ~ dl Ix' Aug 2 I. ~.h Joan and JoAnac [':d~:~rd~ pre. .a:nl|ng lh~' proLJmm and l [ len .-~.~Lrand a~ tloMes~. Be~erl~ Heave~ ga~e an IIdCle,t- mE Fm)Eram eor+crm,k~ the hlc of [Mille hy'n,rl CtI'iiI~L)~C~r. 1:oilily Cto~by. She told nix,at the clrt'tlrn~lanCe.s tha~ led up to the writing ot hymns "'All the Way My Savior 1J:ads Me.+' "Re~'ue the Perishing" and "Bies .;ed Ass,m ;iIlCC. T]'IeLJoC hymns wen: sung by the gvL,p. A ety~lal tray was pmsunted In h~Aim |0r ~he nh~ance of' the fi01h wedd mg alani,~ersar~ of she and (;Ic,n I:.dward~ The Ill~cl[rl~ coiwluded hy all WuFtng d~e Lord's Prayer. A lilnch of htH11~'inad,' ice cream and [uppm~:s were ~crveO b)" It|nine. f),mna mid juhene Miller. Mmj Ren/ 0ad All,~on While. Voting equipment cost funds available ('heek~ art' h~i.g pttwc~cd and wdl ,~,m be mailed tt~ Nebraska corm. tiL'x ?o hc~p off,~( th': cosl t~" up,Jaling S Otiflg eqt|ipmcnt, accord+oF to L,iLera 5trm~plu. L'onl In un+L+~l 1o11~ C~i rt.'C it,r alld inh:~;+iumal relatmas ;:cK~rrJi[lat4+r [HT the .N'chr4~ka ,';e~'l~la~ ~ll' Slat '~ ~l'- iK~. hrnckt~ll~; Ctmnty I~ amon~ the Ne- ~a~ka cottnlie,xlated t ~ rc'~e. ~c a they k Mr. and Mrs. Kirchhoff Slephen KlrchhofF and Vanessa B~ndy wow mfit~d in marriage May 24, in the [:ragrm~t Garden at F, rsyth Park in Savannah~ Go. )effr~y Kin:hho[l. l+i~m'+rln. Ncb and M lame T:randy~ Atlanta, Ga + served as the cuupP '~ attendanis~ JXJr- Cnts arc (;I,Jr,~ and .loan K,rehhoft. H~rdy+ and Ru ~setl and Le ~lic t~,Jtitdy+ Marietta, Go. Vm~ completed her wdialric residency at Georgm Regents Univer- sity in June az'l,-J ha~ siart-'d a/:ellow- ~',ip ill aU, ergy arid +tl|ntutio[o=qy at UCI.A. Stephen txn,pluted th~ conmlaeld and general ~taff course at Fun Got- din:. (}a in June. He ix currently sta- tioned al Foil Bragg+ N.(.' as the ~,g- ,m I nT~'rati~ns t ~ ricer. ~(~ ~rdmail ng as~.l ptal|n.l[: c(lltlintiil~k'ail+,iti ~-,up~K~rt lor ihu US Anuy S1~ tel Or~'ra(ion~ C, ms- nmml. New physician joins staff at Webster County Hospital % ,rne Larsen, 102, chats w, lh Ber'~yn Pe~ersen. Hebron~ before a wheat harvesting (Jemonst~ahon Fast Wedne.~lay neat Ruskin Latsen, a Hebron residenl, was the Ionglime owner of an Al~s-Chalr'ners imDlement store ~n Hebron and had on~tnaily so~d one Or Ihe combines used al the event P" Yoi+'re Oh-fish-ally i +vite,- l To Help Us Celebrate the 70th Birthday Kenny Corman Sunday, Aug. 3, "~ - 5 p.m. Superior Estates Winery ~uperior, Neb K rOTZinger, Wehrman Plan Aug. 9 w~dding ,ft~." and I>anl Wehmmn ,+1 N~.I~+ l+t+ag 9. IZJ~. K)'le and D[a.e K~ot/ilxger ol 5t,l~riur, have ail[iOlinced Ihe np- cumln~ marriage ~:1 theer L'hzlflr~.'zz. Juliann aJld Eric. The ,namagc ,~,11 ~ak place on ~atuff,[ay, Au~ ~1. ai .~I J-scpli'~ ('.~lholir" Church m S~perior. Jklilai~i~ I% a ~2TadtlaP2 <+I' [.awrcnce- Nelstm Ihgh Scht~l and Kt3'an Col legc t+l ]lcahh .~ientces Slit' iK a re~l~- t,'red nLtl"~C cnrncnlly cmp?t~yefl at Sg- ~, }:amity Mcdmal Center. Eric i~. a Fradualc uf Snl~+rmr High .<~chtnd al~d Sonth.ea.~l ('ommuntlv College in Bcalrict.-. Hc is c(ttT~:nt[i enlpl~)'cM at Agrex in Superior. ()ral;dp~l~nts of I1", c~t|l'fle are Rns S++ytl .'r and l~t~ Wchrman. I~+th ol Nelm+ih ~-rar~Cix and [)c~" Kia~++ roger ol Stil~qioi tnd MHdrcd I.emkt: ~,f H;iM n~gx at~.l il|c lale Ann Snyder, Hetty Wcllr:Fnai! and Arnold [xmke. It- the II-~l.h w,Jr orkLy [Ituwn. li;l~ hove: win. /" Full Service Yarn & Gift Shop H~n Tr esd~. ~ F~lay: tPa ~LI0.~ pm TPI~i,~PAIk' I+ l.lm. [~ + p.lm.+ ~IT,~I[: ]~'~n. ; p.~4 CL05ED.~N0kv & U01~kY ose '?'+m 0 + 'm~m ~broiJ~. Ill, % ( villi,IF. SUl,Vri,r" N.eD NelsonNucka 2014, first annual music festivaJ draws crowd It was a weekend el ci~Ulltt> aft0. go ~p l music for n~.Hr Ihan 2t [i ~ niLl.;~. |~ans wlzea lh~' f~tsi amlLlai N l~uNu, k4 Coun|ry Mnsic Feslival ~a held -| Nel~oIFs C+ty Auditorium. "My hn~hand and I loved L'~cr ~ mirmte o lke festival?' stud ].k'hhra Tnmdt+ a Nelson resident. "We hqatd lots of wonderlul i||lJ ~;iL =.'lMtL'd ~ lib friends, met new lx't+plc . arltL had .I great linte! ll's eXciling tiial 'AC ~'aqi have such an ifltpressive event rlgtl[ |iC~ in ,fur small town!" The v ,1 ~.a~ presenlcd hy M,k's a f Me rm~rie ~ Ma~i . With SUppOI1 t~oil~ the Nelson [mn Pile Projed and nu- merous odor ~pOl',~rs ~n I~th Ndmm and Sultrier AHendees CmT~e t~om Ih nearby area and from xuch towns as Su Ilon, Beairice.Odell. York. H,sting.~ m~d (;tend Island. SailJtt:[a,r"s "'CO.iliry Jaml-a)re~'" fcat~ired tradiiJvnal er,3~dl)i.r), i~,rl'or- mantes from Patsy Cline ] ~thu~, Art- ist M ilntl~, [:en-ue from '~'llco.'t, Big Al Woekley fn,n Lexington. l-~x ~,nd Mar~ NCtlL~t,~ fn*n~ Slreelman. ricxa~,; and Julie and Mike ('ouch ti'om Nm. fi:lk- Sant~x "s "'G,sp.'[ M u~c Ga,lwnn*'" wax a program ul tr;Idlllt:tt;il o ti+ilry gt~sl~| music l~zf~rnlt-d by Ih i~/t+ dnt>s: "l'c,~ & Mary ,n~d Jkl[IC & Mike. "Nle al'teml+on Culk'lt|d~.l ~ i[h a n+ur+- i~tg pert'onn ante ~rl I'n ~t h. dn ~ ~ ,+rkmg tt~getl~t a~ a qt,arle~, plu'~ a spot,el sulute [o vcteral)S lilal f,~'alttr~.'d path- Ct+l+=tiltlizil~, par~ncrx lt>r ihe ~ nt are Jim and Becky W~erner. "We're I~appy ab<~ul the ~ucce~ of Ihi~ lirsi- ti ~tival, aitd arc lalking al~ut prcsr~l. Ing Nel~oNucka 2~15.- said J~,l Woerner. "ll "~ ['KN211 i~. dream oi i)lme t0 brll/,b, st,tit an c~enl t~ h' l~on+ a~d 'me were finall) ahI I, make ~l a rcalll+. thank~ to the help ~q on; 11"hln3 ~['l~}l-l- >,tlr~, *s%"~ apl3rrjcialc t]'l.c'T~l ~il4,1 ~.[ the ~'~Ik~ ~h- ~*Itu.dcd Wv prL~[~ii~L, in make ih~ NclxoNt~k;i ~.'oni-iir~ l~-Iti~,i~.- [~e~It~-~.d '~cn l~'ii~.'r n,;xt ~c,ir~'" Davenport Senior Center Menu July 28 14) ~uR. I MLnl~.ta~. P.ccl |li I~t~*v~n graxy ,*~ r i|t~|~]l,L%l [P~+I.ilI]V~, ~T~-%'11 ~'~.',ln% Irtli|r~d yogu[l. ']'Lit' ~,~a ~" .~ti~,J ~r2 [}at[] ,i nLi L'il~eM~ t~l'i r?e ~',D2-'it~, i'l~t~,to ~.'ll~id. ~.',iriol a|ld c iei) Mlck,~. pineapple, hanaEla, a~T- ange~, Wednesday: laco ~ai~d |meat. bearl ~,It~,'~,'~e). '~[.LnT ir1~.~. ,rio:ca -lhulsday: Creamcd chickcr~ on a bl'~ 'l.iil, sca~oi ~t cameLs, ch ce~' ,ili+.'k. I'nnled Jeli-O. t:riday: Pt+ih',ck w+.~ge, macattmi ~tid ilL~.'S,I~U',+ iltlllky i~'|til. A ~ican c, ms ien +,~ a wonderfi, I aide. H01YRS: Wednesday and FriOay 1:30-5:30 p,m. ~: Thursday, 3-7 p.m. ~;~ Sat,~rday 10 a.m.-2 p.m. r. Nifty-Thrifty' Shop 410 if"2 N Ce~Irar * Su~n0~ Neb at the Community Wide Garage Sales Superior. Neb. Saturday, August 9 Clean your closets! Clean y~ur basement+, Clean your garage.~ You sell at the location best for you? Here's How To Participate: Register with The Superior Express or The Jewell County Record by noon Friday, August i. $6 participating fee and you'll receive printed advertising of your safe the week of the sale and a poster mounted on a stake for placement in your front yard. When registering, please submit in 40 words or less the location and time of your sale along with a description of the items you are offering. ThutsOay, July 24. L:~O14 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 3A Vernon and Elizabeth (LLz) KaidahL Hard'y, go Ihrough the mlreshment line du~,n.q ~ntem~ission al 1he Country Music Festival in NeTs~n~ Sunday afternoon Free will donalions from Ihe refreshments went to the Nelson Public Lib~a~. Karin McCann (re|t), manager of Ihe Oxbow Hotel. vol~n|eere~ to serve refreshments Sunday afternoon. Dental Lasers Cavity DetecLton Lasers Virtual Vision t Oigitai X-Rays Licensed Parental Sedation, Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation CALL 402-225-2828 On the w~,D a? www+neJs0Pl~lolMalcfiD~ . em 270 South Main Nelson, NE Appointments are available Monday through Friday O.~ 4-H Fair Schedule ~u~Hi ~ 1.7 IP'M :[q&[.i~ E bl4~.ii ~.iil * I~1 ~f, PM Peal41.blt & ~'o~t.r~, .-I.s-~u In IP7 PM qkllmB & GI~ C~ II In ?JPM Hi~-w ~,'~kr, J+ I~ I"WM plLJbt~ ~ A+s I, 1 3k+ ',~" II+ 11.~ ~- ~'M I~ ul~rlr ~thom T2~i ~ I~liil il~M*ll-l~ -OIMIklmql. N~ t~.i F al~ k R~ md q PM ilejm~i ~bi OL~umd Rsm4~ 3 ~ Lmll~ J~mm,miRowr~g SL<~,p Ip 114/I,M 4,-H ~ ll,*kf**i !"41 AM ~Jhibd Rs4t4Jia ~,14 IkM .~,l',ur c I~ ~-- ~ ~ I~ ~n.11i 30 ~kM i[&~ii+d J~elmaL~S Thayer County Fair Thursday-$atu~ay Aug. 7-9 "r-~ay~+ C+ Fa,rg~unds in Desh~. Neb 4 PM 6 PM FRIDAY, AUG. 8 P5 PM Beer Garden Open ' 5-7 PM 6-10 PM 6+11 PM 7 PM 7:45 PM 7:45 PM I ~.~ =. I.'. k ',1=,'1. ". I I~'~ I,j,r ", ': r.i.L,-p ~ ~:.~.r-.-. 8:45 PM Sweetwaler Band.-.=- ~. 9:30 PM Repeat Offendo~ Band ~--= THURSDAY, AUG. 7 SAT--U--RD---~, ~.-~: 9 ?-10 PM 7-11 PM 7 PM Display - Remembering Our Fallen l'lli.~ ~i ~.Ir l~i.l.ll~.l ~.e~ ~i r4,+.ii~.ii.11 ii.i.~ Parade o Honoring Our Military I~ Pl,~e~'a (%".m. mIpIbl-II~l:t~LK9 J~bl ffedq~,m-m J~1-%411 ~l,~/l~w ~-I~F/~J~ ~ ~N.m mri~.n a B~I.B ~I ~r.~ Colors ds Clown Wagner's Carnival All Io be P4-M m =='a,~ ~dL,mM re'tel "the ~ Annual Thayer County PLoneer Farm Family Award; Veteran's A.pwe tatlon and Military Salute; Kids wristbands & two bikes will 10m given away ~ ~ ~ 4-H Award Night & Cake Auction Windsor Pork Chop & Trimmings Colors da Clown Wagner's Carnival Sweetwater Band - ,~ ~ Kids wrLslbands & two bikes will be giYe~ away 4-- +-~.- Greg Ctaassen the Ventriloquist Trailer Rac~s & Firewodks Disglay ~ ~4 U4~n~ v kv ~in~l~ 10 PM Sweeewater ~an~ ~- SUNDAY, AUG, 10 8-9 AM 44-1 Bmalda~l by the Deshter LJons Club 9:30AM Church Service ,~ ~. ,~ 8.4:30 PM Car Show.+p~,4.+~ ~. 5 PM Beer Garden Open 5 PM Gates Open for Grandstands 5.7 PM Pdme Rib Sandwich & Trimmings 6-11 PM Wagner's Carnival 6 PM Hot Laps for Brent Drohman Memorial ~ Moat, foJlowed by