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July 29, 2010     The Superior Express
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July 29, 2010

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L , Thursday, July 29, 2010 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 3A Frahm families hold reunion in Lincoln Calendar of Events The families of Charles and Frieda ~ Frahm and Everett and Blanche Frahm Tuesday, Aug. 3 Four Seasons Tree Association will t~ held a family picnic at the Densmore Park in Lincoln, Neb., on June 19. meet at the Superior Library at 7 p.m. I Those attending included the chil- Thursday, Aug. 5 dren of Charlie and Frieda Frahm: TheR~publicanValleyBirdWatch- Rosella (Frahm) Andersen, Lincoln; ers will meet at the Superior Library at Kenneth Andersen, Lincoln; Shirley 7 p.m.. (Andersen) Fi sh er, Pleasant Dale; Ti na and Bailey Fisher, Plesant Dale; Danile ~ ...... and Melissa Fisher, Ava and Tess, You're Invited , N Lincoln; Lois (Frahm) Hansen, Minden; Sandi (Hansen) Lewis, Lin- Ruby Bell, Gothenburg; Dgle and Pat A card shower is requested for Ina Persinger on her 99th birthday, Tues- day, Aug., 3. Cards may be sent to her ii ~! '~ at 425 N. Central Ave.. Apt. 24, Supe- rior. Neb.. 68978. 29-2p Daberkow, Stichka Couple sets date.for September wedding Oak By Phyllis Schmitt Wh,tney StichkaofAnkeny, ~wa,, There was no Oak news last eek ~v~nn~ay;onl~anOerKow, r'au!, as this correspondent was gone. Left ,- ., c.p a .- g an Outdoor wee- Friday morning and returned Tuesday rang tar bept, 3 at Bluestem lree evenin- Farm & Vineyard near Crete Parents . .g'- .... .... ....... . , .... . ~ v,stteo my son, tUCK, ann ~nery~ e ormecouptearewncnae, aana~onnte Schmitt Ciarra Jerika K" ler Denali Stichka of Ruskin and Ken and Jane - -,. ' - = - ',-, Y, '.., - ...... ":. . ann lrevln, in t'arKer t..OlO, we m- loaoerKow or Maa,son ' v" Whitne raduated'fr m "" "" tended the baseball games of Tre m, ..... ~y g ....... o ~esmer Kyler and Denali Friday night and ~gno~?i~nlivl2rs~tyU~ ~nawarr;m tSaJeUt#:rYonm~mu~lg'a aW~thhaip/:2~ce 2009 with degrees in communication- ~ . . ~ y .... g ....... went out tar supoer on monaay we journansm ann ps cno,o >no ,s --" - :. ...... Y ,-.. gY" --.. went to a water oark Other acttvmes current,yworKmgrorvmeKestt2nns ..... - .; , tian Mental Health Vita .... mctuoeo caring for me atpacas, worK- to,,ra h and Selal~ Pho ~UaVa _vno- ing around home, watching television %.p .y' , . , ,.t~ apny: and visiting as well as eating, of H,g~'c,',:~grada U2ao~ ;r'?c~lnt.ddS~na ~ct~te" anf~ T~?sf~Y ilthyd 3athcfdr~ay" University in 2009 with degrees in . i,~ ...... y ...... e.- OUSlness ann communications. He Is ,. ' "" " " " " c, -" - --"- ' I " "" '' vtc,-- LIncOln INert. JOlnlno mere at a tale detailedUnitedFrahm,oct.the Nelson;leadine I. The Sally prcsident Frahm, of death thanked Lincoln; Lawrencetral Communlty College-Grand IslandDa t~ an~i Wh ~e ~ecKy Lataweu ann Lam,e make Arian Drudik, Nelson; Amy, Jeff, Jaden and Peyton Williams, Lincoln; Abby Bade and Steve Coleman, Lincoln: Teresa (Frahm) and Chris Meyer. Edgar: Sonja Meyer, Omaha; Roch- elle and Dustin Schoneberg, Sutton, Matraca Meyer, Edgar; Tammy (Frahm) Thayer, Dakota and Chero- kee, Nelson; Robert Frahm, Nelson; Parri sh Frahm, Gale and Payton, S upe- rior; Tad Frahm, Nelson; and the son and wile of Everette and Blanche Frahm, Jerry and Connie Frahm, Lin- coln. Republic UMW hold meetmg on July 13 Seven members of the Republic United Methodist Women were wel- comed by Betty Bouray, president, when they met at 1 p.m. July 13 in the fellowship hall. All recited the purpose in unison Devotions were oiven b . . " e:~ Y Vtrgmm Petersen entitled "Deal or No Deal, ' based on the Prodieal Son. Roll call was patriotic potpourri.. - - , ..... men rnmp ~ears ann verm ~nyoer to The receipts of the June roll call emmoye,nOV nomari~J:WA.wil1 were given to Republic County Minis- /'or supper were Gerry's daughter'ang ierial Alliance. New issues of the Re ..... Y ..... ~Y. grandda,~ghter, Rhonda and Sara nlelr home inbt l-'aul IVllnn sponseand New WorM Outlookmaga- " " " Brubacher. They returned to the 'eman. were" Eddie ME SZOppI~S ] zines have arrived. The UMW recap- EMTs attend annual Brubacher home for dessert. ~vnfntt oun?)ot:;~rn2~ga~heJ~;ee ~ome~l ~twhleMerna Kinnison and Dean M~l~Ldm HaI [ CRm nitionpinwaspresentedtoGlennHot~s .,. ,. PhyllisSchmittandPaulineHanson Peterso, njoined them. Saturday after- Attending Bible study at the home Ht , Ann md T, av,s Kennedy, ~494 ____._j in appreciation for the countless ser-l~.earney co,erence went to Mankato on Wednesday, July ~/n r~a:~ii~~!~. ~?~t~ !i ~ yj~i~ ! eVrCevorlx~ ~~ q vices he continues In pcrlbrm. - - 14th, and ate dinner at a care '1 Nearly 380 md,v,duals attended the ......... " . , un lnursoay, Janell taanson tOOK Highlightsofthcdistrict newsletter 31st annual Nebraskastatew,de emer- PaulinetoSu rior andAIfredHanson were shared. The district meeting is ,,encymedicalservicesconferenceJuly ...... pe , .... , Oct. 23 in Bellevillc. The theme is ~, ,, - ,, Mattbuu,van MatUsonanoJonn met ~-,, m r,_earnev .... - ,, ' recently purchased a new home east of Verla Snyder received word" of the ~ .. " "Let's Get To,ether.'" The Republic The v n" " ,..-, them tar mncn at a care. e e t was sponsorea oy ~en-.-, ........ Mankato. deatb of her sister, Beth Kemper of ~ tF h will &lebrate her ~ unitwillbehosttotheChurchWomen . un ~,aturoay evemng, Ju,y,,, DonnaGillanwasaHastngsvisi- Florida. Shewas89 ~ L~[[ ~Llll u.,,,, andtheNebraska Health and Human AlfredandJanellHansontookPauline twO,r on Monday~ On Tuesday. she ,- Kathy M o!~.,e w~s. a. late Friday ='~. -''-,I -Birthday on Monday, Aug. 2 ~t allwho furnished pics and helped with ....... o ,~ ~ Hanson to the Sullivans home at Su- a;~lr~deer; y;};ne;t.~hoTei;)~)B[egt aft /cnr } i ct;Smt i : aCbkr:eaC; Xs.a Sat_ Birthdal/ vwiqhes be ~gellt to her at'. the Piego. The unit will continue fur- ~e~;~te~ a~luV~,Pr?fr21n~ru~e~s;nScr~- perior to celebrate John's Ilth birth- ~ ay hes nishing first day of school bag treats , . ~ ~.' ~. .- day. Having supper together were B tureanaa, rwayemergenc,esoas,c ............... Weonesday for tne 5teve Crookshanks uraay dinner ~t est of his mother ir ld ... for kindergarten classes in Belleville. m ...... ' " ~,,reu ana Jane,,, rauune, wLatt, sale. Phyllis SchmitL ' t~ooo ~amarltan t;enter uSCUlOSKeletal assessment, caralac -- ,~... '.t~,;~,-.,-..~,.-lt.~h,~ ~.~.;o.~n,.. ......... .or ...... m ............................... . , . " l ulOJrdiahh eb 6897812 Mission Minules by Bonnie Zllioti ~natomy ann pnys,o,ogy, ,maoet,cs, friend, Megan. from Oklahoma, andGen'y Pelerson went to the Red Donna Gil aa and Uyvonne 1710 Idaho, Room 1 d cause for ncopteremer..encymemcalserv,ces, ., .... .~ ~,t....u.... c..,:.,,., t,~;..;..,. Hat breaklasl on Tuesday morning. Knehans were at the home of Brent and 50.000 children o'f Bangladesh. One ,.~ ..... '- . . . ~u, ........... ,,~ o.,,, .......... ~; On Monday Ju y 9 Janel Hanson Cheryl Je]sen on Saturda, uttinou ~ ' _ ~6ntleman's solution, a homemade ~e2m;~lga~tr~KtCSauStrsUCtn';icS'eetPa~p them later for ice cream and cake were ..... ; ' ,' " )'P P - . tOOK vaullne hanson to Superior. sweet corn. drink which helps lo keep dehydration - "p .. ma, p . are, t ser Janet Kuhlmann and grandchildren, AlfredHanson.MattSullivan,Mattison On Sunday, Donna Gillan, Donna~: ~ G~ mjurtes, vent,lation techmques ann Zoc and ")avid " in check. Teachin~ mothers how to other topics. Leslev Soucie of North Carolina andJohn.andDickandChtudiaHanson Fishel and LaVera Meyer had dinner ~'- " Open House make it provides a.~mplc solution to a Amon,, the parlicipants were Tyler . L "., i. .... +- r~ .... .~ t.d~met them at a care for dinner. That in Red Cloud. [~q ~I~ nmjor problem.A maroon cloth-covered table con- rang neyer'~ . .~. = ,~Ro=er mnKe ann tsryan E.~ ,~ .... ... . cameB,ltott. . ,Oontnjulv .................... 17 to attend her class evening. DickandClaudiatookPauline. .... Phil and Gerry Eckles. ,visiied If Marvin & tr'gmta Lewts Jtl Wdl anus toeshler; Derek rqnaoucK ~ . to the home ol Joby and ChnstmMar,on and Mar, anne Wolfe of . .~ ' " 2 .~ . reumon. She le/t on Tuesday to return tered with a large bowl of assorted anu oarry bteeleu.ogar"Amy .......... -- -- v1~.HIAI.I.II~ 11.ltlttUtTl~g41~ i" fresh fruit, lighted candle and ~reenery - , .'.. .-.' .. ,name. Lom,n~ on weanesaay mgnt Hanson lor the 6th birthday party of Fairfield on Stmday. l litlt IAL,,-1,-14,..,-.- A .... .; ........... BrocKma~ and Allen ustche~ - " . provid.,,I the focal p~:nl for'ha pm ............ ' wasacousm.Dav,dChanceandfriend r . ";, ". ' of Windsor Colo. They left Thursdav [ .,-r-. [ [ Saturday, July 31 li [I gram topic, Fruits of the Spirit. pre- ~roe~cr. ~upenor. ,- ' - senled by Betty Bouray. Based on '- altcrnoon. En, oll ,oaay Galatian~4:22. she equated the quail- Ermalee Scroggin's three daugh- -. s ' Anger has no counsel te ties of the fruit with the qualiticsx,f thefruitfruit was distributed to members whoWe find at the supermarket. The '[~ .'7~'" " :~.' "~ "~" " rs, LeP nn Egle of Gretna, LaReex [ "'7 "~f2@'~" "k''~" .... [ . ~to8 II1 lg ] "" .. /..... EImoll youI" three al A fou year ol3sllow ,_, ,. ' P'.. " :. rhe children of I" " t e = c l L-CO I| fclk t Ve, ar I ' II read the meaning of each variety aild ~-';' I.--"- x z -" fo %- 'O .3 " I NUSKln t_ommumty t_enter II which later, became theirs to keep. An ~.~,_;~-~ ~ . composed b~ Phyllis (P.J.) Burge wasoriginal son__., "'The Fruit of the Spirit,'" ~; " :" line.... ,'l I ' r-! 'l -,', '. , I Gifts Please[ I" "ti recited in unison in closing. Prayer "' " i rP OO[ i L ! concluded the program, i card sh J O: ! Aug. 10 Averie Gritten will share "~ i .. "ing 8! her experiences of the MET tour. Co-~ " ' :,', ~ " , hostesses are Betty Ever and Mar~e t ~: ' :~ " .~. ~0~ I ~._~I--: ~- Seybold. , " rdsma o [ II III Jean Charles and Mary A~nes " 3, . i C ntact Karla Blackstone ,,...j/ ,, Johnson, cu-hostesses, served sherbet Superi, ! ~ 402-879-5263 4' i floats, cookies and snacks to guests . . ........... ~ ,its0, Robert Wilson, DDS, FAAHD,FICD . First in Nebraska to Offer : Intra-Oral Cameras Dental Lasers Cavity Detection Lasers Virtual Vision Digital X-Rays Licensed Parental Sedation, Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation CALL 402-225-2828 Stop by the pool or call Kevln Miller at 879-5754 for more info. Also look on the web Registration must be postmarked by Aug. 2. $25 00 per adult or $15.00 per child. Comprehensive Family Dentistry including Cosmetic, Im I~lant, Root Canal, Crowns and Bridges, Dentures, Invisalig~ Premier PmHder Hospital Dentistry COMFORT CONSCIOUS DENTISTRY STA rE OF THEARTCLINIC On Nelson Dental Clinic 270 South Main Nelson, NE Appointments are available Monday through Friday : --...,:-~!~.ii: "q g at Cow, tIc D nnstrv "$ $ LmgCa - ]Ornt 2 rnt mn Ca.lse-100 y::L 1 mt blke,rnt nm Proceeds benefit Superior Pool Projects II will celebrate its at the Elks :Club 230 N. Central Ave., Superior, Neb. Sunday, Aug. 8 11:30 a.m. Former members, families and friends are welcomed I I | rl Monday, Aug. 2 through Friday, Aug. 6 6:30 to 9 p.m. Kindergarten through 6th Grade SUPERIOR CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 740 E. 7TH, SUPERIOR, NEB. * 402-879-4391 mun Clean your closets/ Clean your basemenL/ Clean your garage/ Yoo sel/ at the Iocat/on best for you/ 'W To m 1~' Register with The Superior Express by noon Saturday, Aug. 7 $6 participating fee and you'll receive printed advertising of your sale the week of the sale and a yard sign on a stake for placement in your front yard. When registering, please submit, in 40 words or less, the location date(s) and time(s) of your sale along with a description of the items you are offering, j il -/