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July 29, 2010     The Superior Express
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July 29, 2010

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6A THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thursday, July 29, 2010 Corman announced the 'Open Meet- fortheHeritageHighway,Byway 136. Commissioners met July 19, 2010 in ings Act Law' as posted in the corn- Budget n~aking authority, l~nsign P blic N ti es the board meeting room at the court- missioners board meeting room and and Kassebaum met with the board to U O C house, Nelson, Nob., per recess of July handouts are available, discuss preliminary budget requests. 12, 2010. Corman, Brown and Combs The board reconvened at 9:00 a.m. The board received a request for an (Pub/ishedJuh, 29. 2010 in present forthemeeting. Theagendaof ChairmanCormanapprovedtheagenda increase in custodial fees. The board The Superior Express) said meeting was remitted to board and the February I, 2010 minutes, will begin budget hearings next Mon- Proceedings of The Nuekolls members in advance of the meeting The following correspondence was day. County Board of Commissionersand was posted in the county clerk's submitted to the board in advance of Gary Warren, highway superinten- The NuckolLs County Board of office and on the county website, the meeting: The minutes and agenda dent and Cindy Buescher. executive Funds County General County Road Civil Defense G.I.S, ExtenSion Service - Sinking County Visitor's Promotion Fund Liability Claim Reserve Account Relief/Medical Veteran's Aid Diversion Program Drug Law Enforcement-Co. Canine (K-9) Federal Grant - Sheriff's Office Homeland Security- Federal Gamt Inheritance Tax Noxious Weed Control 911 Emergency Services State General State Title Fees State Ovedoad Fines State Highway Fund State Highway Trust Drivers License State Recreation Road 8tote Sales Tax Snowmobile Trail Grain Permits Boat Registration Carnival Permits License Plate Fee Snowmobile-State General New Tire Fee - 30 Day Plate Message Plates State Boat Sales Tax Miscellaneous Sales Tax Husker Spirit Plates Motor Vehicle Fee MV Emergency Medical System Organ and Tissue Donor DMV Security Surcharge DMV Computer & Operations DMV Gold Star Veteran Cemetery Highway Trust Specialty DMV Organization School R1 General Fund School 1C General Fund School 5 General Fund School 11 General Fund School 15 General Fund School 26 General Fund School 36F General Fund School 40F General Fund School 47 General Fund .School 60 General Fund School 70 General Fund School 71 General Fund School 1C Bond Fund School R1 Building Fund School 1C Building Fund School 5 Building Fund School 11 Building Fund SchooL15 Building Pund "--SC~'O1'47 Building Fund School~ Building F-trod School 70 Building Fund School 71 Building Fund School R1 Qualified Capital Purpose School 1C Qualified Capital Purpose School 5 Qualified Capital Purpose School 11 Qualified Capital Purpose School 15 Qualified Capital Purpose School 70 Capital Purpose School 71 Qualified Capital Purpose Fines & Licenses State Apportionment E .S.U. #5 E.S.U #9 E.S.U. #5 Bond Fund C.N.T.C.C. C.N.T.CC. Improvements CN.T.C.C. Haz Mat/Handicapped Lower Republican N.R.D. Little Blue N.R.D. LR NRD- Interstate Compact LR NRD - Occupation Tax Davenport Cemetery Superior Rural Fire General Nelson Rural Fire General Lawrence Rural Fire General Hardy Rural Fire General Ruskin Rural Fire General Byron Rural Fire General Davenport Rural Firs General Edgar Rural Fire General Fairfield Rural Fire General Guide Rock Rural Fire General Nelson Rural Fire Sinking Lawrence Rural Fire Sinking Hardy Rural Fire Sinking Ruskin Rural Fire Sinking Byron Rural Fire Sinking Davenport Rural Fire Sinking Edgar Rural Fire Sinking Fairfield Rural Fire Sinking Guide Rock Rural Fire Sinking Superior Rural Fire Special Sinking Nelson Rural Fire Bond Lawrence Rural Fire Bond Edgar-Ong Rural Fire Bond Fairfield Rrual Fire Bond Irrigation Water Toll Irrigation Construction City of Supedor General City of Nelson General Village of Lawrence General Village of Hardy General Village of Ruskin General Village of Oak General Village of Nora General Superior Airport Authority Superior Airport Bond Fund Village of Oak Street Byron Community Building Ag Society General Ag Society Building Redemption Partial Payments Inheritance Tax Holding GRAND TOTALS hI t .,q ! I ! I NUCKOLLS COUNTY TREASURER'S OFFICE SEMI-ANNUAL STATEMENT January 1, 2010 through June 30, 2010 l, Beginning _R~_!=_nce Collections Dleburaements Fund Transfers 907,448.84 756.401.53 34.547.50 35,525,00 4.901.38 1,388.07 129,350.97 191.903.33 3,680.55 3.725.26 836.15 1,438.35 879.494.12 23,809.52 165,167.72 730.50 712.50 8,710.33 717.00 592.50 38,118.30 713.00 237.25 37.00 280.00 3,265.96 197.50 9.00 160.00 1,156.25 66.893.71 322.008.86 258,264.89 91.924.67 114,118.51 15,302,27 4.398.07 2,342.15 11,174,03 18,459.77 2.214.45 5,414.94 645.71 1,395.67 6,722.56 12.949.87 818.51 7,793.00 3.493.22 9.603.41 2,869.82 74,595.54 8,627.25 2,002.49 9,242.21 18,164.03 1.26 390.79 2,628.66 4,166.97 2,014.93 536.04 4,066.61 135.91 696.93 1,642.72 82.43 373.03 342.59 1,333.92 641.32 4,782.85 177.87 1.432.24 795.60 14.46 3,556.41 1,277.95 723.72 65.30 18,475.73 8,140.62 3,037.27 1,263.00 2,286.80 85.51 566.65 1,005.19 1,340.23 642.64 126.27 4,162.31 7,030.86 9,491.86 1,000,416.93 (1,000,270.42) 811,500.63 (958,144.91) 17,447.14 % ~ (28,680.87) 2,167.98 187.72 1,30877 120.00 203.00 (2,436.50) (93.86) 90,000.00 90,000.00 250,000.00 544,610.64 (491,613.13) 140.17 (2,770.64) 17,158.89 (12,231.60) 7,298.25 (6,791.25) 3,075.00 (3,431.25) t45,969.04 (141,278.63) 4,587.25 H,321.00) 9,415.50 (8,932.50) 279,742.44 (265,829.37) 161.50 2.873.64 (3,187.32) 2.681.25 (2,447.25) 224.00 (220.00) 2,364.88 (2,364.79) 9,966.86 (7,977.62) 559.89 (519.99) 44,539.65 (42,642.97) 3,138.50 (2,977.50) 62.00 (52.00) 1 127.50 (1,035.00) 13161.25 (12,403.00) 647.48 (564.15) 11.17 (11.17) 114,643.33 (180,381.67) 1,051,104,92 (1,351,831.37) 1,000,216.55 (1,204,629,12) 379.749.17 (462,717.19) 237.876 44 (336,524.15) 41,192.01 (56,281.70) 7,412.11 (11,768.31) 0.33 (0.33) 4,185.41 (6,503.68) 35.866.96 (46,539.10) 68,147.00 (83,530.04) 8,659.64 (10,676.45) 10,915.72 (15,605i26) 1,768.55 (2,405.25) 0.22 (0.22) 2.330.25 (3,712.78) 20,601.65 (27,047.39) 46.903.68 (57,795.11 ) 1,838.42 (2,645.52) 10.972.87 (12,755.44) 10.419.99 (13,553.43) 30.141.64 (38,929.94) 8.588.23 (11,163.05) 231.321.03 (299,177.07) 26.749.22 (34,589.88) 6.168.33 (8,002.06) 39.455.93 (47,027.64) 49.234.48 (66,313.87) 124.99 (126.25) 1,417.09 (1,776.09) 7,650.84 (10,073.22) 11,589.41 (15,666.90) 6,341.26 (8,281.37) 1,353.07 (1,863.84) 8,973.13 (12,623.93) 284.25 (419.69) 2.520.58 (3,163.22) 4,894.25 (6,678.09) 865.44 (936.58) 1,414.21 (1,760.26) 952.80 (1,288.03) 4,197.98 (5,482.38) 1.462.03 (2,073.09) 10,553.15 (14,847.39) 371.10 {548.35) 5,162.37 (6,483.05) 2.107.15 (2,877.42) 151.89 (1 64.36) 9.825,33 (13,306.64) 4,021.97 (5,252.47) 1,863.76 (2,565.21) 685.57 (741.93) 146.421.62 (151,235.92) 30,443.68 (36,865.22) 21.646.61 (23,873.08) 9,692.60 (10,164.14) 13,302.00 (14,657.24) 441.17 (526.68) 1,998.29 (2,551.89) 7,865.42 (6,235.52) 10,487.08 (10,980.54) 2,657.31 (3,172.81) 262.57 (368.40) 12,910.33 ~ (16,699.30) 21.821.98 (28,217.45) 52,441.45 (52,441.45) 3,097.09 (6,711.13) Ending Balar~, 997,595.35 699,757.25 23,313.77 35,525.00 4,901.38 3,556.05 379,538.69 190,775.60 3,680.55 3,845.26 1,039.15 1,344.49 932,491.63 21,178.85 170,095.01 1.237.50 356.25 13,400.74 983.25 1.075.50 52.031.37 161.50 399,32 471.25 41.00 280.09 1.989.24 39.90 5,162.64 358.50 19.00 252.50 1.914.50 83.33 1.155.37 21,282.41 53,852.32 8,956.65 15,470.80 212.58 41.87 23.90 501.89 3,076.73 19T.64 ..., r: .............. 725.40 .... p 9.01 13.14 276.62 2,058.44 . 11.41 6,010.43 359.78 816.01 295.00 6.739.50 786.59 168.76 1,670.50 1.084.64 31.79 206.28 89.48 74.82 25.27 415.81 0.47 54.29 58.68 11.29 26.98 7.36 49.52 30.26 488.61 0.62 111.56 25.33 1.99 75.10 47.45 22.27 8.94 13,681.43 1,719.08 810.80 791.46 931.56 0.00 13.05 635,0g 8:46.77 127,14 0.44 373.34 635.39 5,877.82 4,356,430.44 6,797,605.82 (7,868,300.08) 417,244.56 3p702,980.7,4 Cash Items 46.35 Cash on Hand 9,597.18 Bank Account Balance64,226.89 Investments 3~629,110.32 TOTAL 3,702,980.74 Vicki K Ensign, Treasurer of Nuckolls County, certify this statement to be correct. The County Clerk has certified that there are no unpaid claims. Vicki K Ensign, Treasurer Nuckolls County Nelson. If. 68981 secretary met with the board to discuss the current activities of the countyroad department. Warren informed the board that he had the motor graders out binding the county roads and also haul- ing gravel. Warren informed the board that the plans were to start construction on the Sedan Road to begin next week and work in sections, Warren let the board know that they are currently working on several other small projects in the county. Discussion was held on the new costs for bridge inspections by Mainelli Wagner Associates for the renewal year. Warren presented a road closure study for county road 4200 between Roads U & V from approximately 265 ft. South of the 1/4 mile line for ap- proximately 230 ft. on South to the intersection of Road 4200 & U, be- tween section 35 & 36, T.4N-R6W, (Sherman Precinct), Nuckolls County, Nob.. and for Road 2800 from Road Z South 2597 ft. between Section 9 and 10, T4N-R8W, (Victor Precinct), Nuckolls County, Nob. A motion was made by Corman and seconded by Brown to approve a re- quest for an easement by John Melton of Oak to run a water line under,a county road and in the county road ditch located 1,875 feet north of the SW corner of Section 28, T3N-R5W (Elk Precinct) running across to the SE I/4 of Section 29, T3N-R5W (Elk Pre- cinct). Corman, Brown and Combs all voted aye, 0 voted nay. Motion carried. A motion was made by Brown and seconded by Combs to approve a re- quest for an easement by John Melton of Oak to run an electrical lin~ under a county road and in the county road ditch located 35 feet West of the North- east corner of Section 32, T3N-R5W (Elk Precinct) running across to the Southeast Quarte'r of Section 29. T3N- R5'W (Elk Precinct). Corman, Brown and Combs all w/ted aye, 0 voted nay. Motion carried. A motion was made by Combs and seconded by Corman to approve a re- quest for an easement by Terry Bauer. Oak to run a water line under a county road and in the county road ditch lo- cated I 140 feet West of the NE corner of Section 23, T3N-R5W (Elk Pre- cinct) running across to the SE I/4 of Section 14, T3N-R5W IEIk Precinct). Corman. Brown and Combs all voted aye, 0 voted nay. Motion carried. A mouon was made by Combs and seconded by Corman to approve and authorize Chairman Corman sign the task order agreement between Nuckolls County and Kirkham Michael. Inc on Project #BRO-7065(21) Oak South located between Sections 1"7 & 20. T3N-R5W (Elk Precinct) for consult- ant services. Corman. Brown and Combs all voted aye, 0 voted nay. Motion carried. A motion was made by Brown and seconded by combs to authorize Chair- man Corman to sign the renewal appli- cation for inmate medical insurance with Hunt Insurance Group, LLC of Willis North America. Corman, Brown and Combs all voted aye, 0 w/ted nay. Motion carried. The renewal period is t'6r O~:[obcr I. 2010 thru September 30, 2011. ' .... ~' Steve Meyer. Trailblazer RC&D met with the board to report on the results of the electronic collection that was held on July 15, 2010 at the Nelson Road Shop. Meyer noted there were 30 participants (mostly individuals) that brought items in. The total amount collected was 2.890 Ibs. Meyer also discussed a tire recycling collection that the Trailblazer RC&D will be con- ducting in September. The grant appli- cation was applied thru the Little Blue NRD. After a brief discussion the board determined to hold the collection site for Nuckolls County on September I 0 from 10:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m. at the Nelson Road Shop. Meyer. noted that Thayer and Clay cou nues will also bc holding a collection in their county vi a the same grant application. Chairman Corman recessed the board of commissioners meeting at 10:34 a.m. to enter into Ihe board of equalization meeting. Chairman Corman reconvcned the meeting a! 10:45 a.m. A motion was made by Corman and seconded by Brown to call an execu- tive session at 10:52 a.m. for personnel reasons. Corman, Brown and Combs all voted aye, 0 voted nay. Motion carried. Present for the session was the three board members. Clerk Kassebaum and Susan Rogers. A motion was made by Brown and seconded by Combs to leave executive session at 10:55 a.m. to reconvene in regular session. Corman. Brown and (Published July 29, 2010 in Combs all voted aye, 0 voted nay. The Superior Express) Motion carried. Superior Development Corporation A motion was made by Combs and Meeting seconded by Brown to authorize Chair- Wednesday, July 14 man Corman to sign a 'sewer line ease- Meeting was called toorderby Blum ment'betweenNuckollsCounty, Neb.. at 12:!5 p.m. and the City ofNelsofl. Corman, Brown Moved by Keelan and seconded by and Combs all voted aye, 0 voted nay. accept the minutes as Motion carried. This easement is for presented, motion passed. the Nelson Lagoon project. Moved by Tipton and seconded by Isom to accept the treasurers report as A motion was made by Brown and submitted, motion passed. seconded by Combs to authorize Chair- man Corman to sign a letter of agree- Moved by Tinkham and seconded ment between Region 3 Behavioral byTipton to pay thebiils as submitted, Health Services and Nuckolls ~ty motion passed. for EPC services to Mary Lanning Superior Utilities, $15.98; CEC Hospital and Richard Young Hospital Contribution, $825.00; Office Ex- penses. $252.98; Edge Coalition. forcosts for the 2010-2011 fiscal year $2,000.00; Superior Express,S21.64; in the amount of $690.47 per day. M & R Bookkeeping, $200.00; City of Corman. Brown and Combs all voted Superior. $950.00: Brush Art, aye, 0 voted nay. Motion carried. $13,228.38: KFXL. $46.67. A motion was made by Brown and Chamber was report submitted by seconded byCombs to authorizeChair- Boyles and Trapp. man Corman to sign the employer stop Blum reported on Edge Coalition loss application to Chubb Group of Insurance Companies fortheNuckolls program interviews. Tinkham Reported on South Platte County Employee Health Insurance. United Chambers ofCommerce meet- Corman, Brown and Combs all voted ing. aye, 0 voted nay. Motion carried. McGowan moved the meeting ad- There being no furtherbusinessthe journ, seconded by Tipton, motion meeting was recessed at 11:38 a.m. until July 26, 2010. passed. Meeting Adjourned by Blum at Danny K. Corman. chairman 12:50 p.m. By: Jackie L. Kassebaum Ten board members present, five County Clerk 30- lc absent. 30- lc (Pttblished ,hdy 29, 2010 in(Published July 29. 2010 in The Sttperior Express/ 7he Superior Express) NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Proceedings of The Nuckolls Notice is hereby given that a Public County Board of Equalization Hearing will be held on Thursday, July 19, 2010 August 12. 2010, at 6:30 p.m. in the The Nuckolls County Board of Conference Room at the City Utility Equalization met July 19, 2010 in the Building, 135 W. 4th Street, Superior, board meeting room at the courthouse. Neb., hy the ,Superior City Board of Nelson. Neb., per recess of July 12, 2010 board of equalization meeting. Zoning Adjustment on the fi)llowifig The agendaofsaid meeting was remit- case(s): 1. On an application for a Variance ted to board members in advance of the to allow for a reduction in the mini- meeting and was posted in the county mum side yard setback fi~r a porch- clerk'sofficeandonthecountywebsite, deck projecting from the principle ChairmanCormanapprovedtheagenda structurcfromfourandonehalf~4 I/2) andtheJuly 12.2010Minutes.Corman feet to two 12) foot for a proposed deck announced the 'Open Meetings Act located on Lots 19 and 20. Block 12. Law' is posted in the commissioners board meeting room and handouts are Original Town Subdivision. Superior, Neb. Said property is zoned MDR. available. Medium Density Residential and is The board of equalization recon- located at 636 N. National Street. lAp- vened at 10:34 a.m. l//i( r/llt/OwIlel': Bill and Mary JaniceMurray, countyassessorwas Hamilton: Case No. BZ-VA 10/07) present for Ihc board of equalization 2. On an application for a Variance prolcsl hearings for property valuation to allow for an increase of the maxP protests. Also present was Jackie L. mum height of a fence located within a Kassebaum. county clerk. designated [ront yard from forty-two Protest #2010-37 (Landgren) Part (42) inches to',six (6) foot to allow for of Lots 2. 3. 4 & 6 & Part of the the construction of a proposed fence Northeast Quarter of Section 15,TIN- Iocated on the south twenty (20) feetof R8W. The county assessor recom- Lot 5 and all of Lot 6. Block 16, Origi- mends a change in land value to correct no] Town Subdivision. Superior, Nob. the land use of acres. Murray recom- Said propcrty is zonedMDR, Medium mends the land value change from Density Residential and is located at $255.095 to $224.095. A mo(ion was 609SBloomStreet.(Applicant/Owner: made by Brown and seconded by Tami Mikkelsen: Case No. BZ- VA 10/ Combs to accept the county assessor' s 08.) recommendation of a change in land 3. On an application for six (6) valuetocorrectlanduseacres.Corman. Variances for a property located at 959 Brown and Combs all voted aye, 0 North Dakota Street. or legally de- w/ted nay. Motion carried. scribed as Lot I. Block 23. North Su- Prolest#2010-38(Landgren)South- perior Subdivision, which is currently easl Quarter of Section 15,TIN-R8W. zoned MDR, Medium Density Resi- The county assessor recommends a dential. All of the following Variances change in land value to correct the land are being sought to allow for the con- use of acres.. Murray recommends the struction of a 50 ft. by 50 ft. detached land value change from $289,265 to garage-storage shed. 1) A variance to $271,655andthebuildingstaythesame allow for an increase of maximum lot at $54.215 for a total of $325,870. A coverage ol'a residential lot from fifty motion was made by Brown and sec- percen! (5()~) to sixty-seven per- ondcd by Corman to accept thc county cent(67~). 2) A Variance to allow for assessor'srecommendationofachangc an increase of the ntaximum lot cover- in land value to correct land use acres. age of an accessory structure from ten Corman, Brown and Combs all voted percent (10% ~ to thirty-seven percent aye, 0 w/ted nay. Motion carried. (37cA). 3) A Variance to allow for an Protest #2010-20 (Lunzmann) the increase of the maximum height of an Nonh half of the Northwest Quarter of accessory structure's sidewalls from Section 24,TIN-R5W. The county as- ten (I 0) feet to fourteen (14) foot. 4) A sessor recommends a change in value Variance to allow for a reduction of the" to the house per an on-site review of the m~mmum streel side yard setback for property. Murray recommends the land an accessory structure from fifteen t 15) value stay the same at $87,105 and the feet to zero (8) foot. 5) A Variance to building value change from $30,685 to allow for a reducuon ofthe minimum $29,235 tbr a total of $116.340. A rear yard set back for an accessory motion was made by Corman and sec- structure from twenty-five (25) feelto onded by Combs to accept the county three and one hall" (3 I/2) foot. 6) A assessor'srecommendationofachange Variance to allow for a reduction of the in building value on the house due to minimum side yard set back for an conditio,~ Corman, Brown and Combs accessory structure from seven and all voted aye, 0 voted nay. Motion one half 17 I/2) feet to zero (0) foot. carried. (Applicant/Owner: Gale Mikkelsen: Chairman Corman recessed the Case No. BZ-VA 10/09. ) board of equalization meeting al 10:45 All p~.rsons interested in the afore- a.m. mentioned case(s) will be heard at the - Danny K Corman, Chairman By: Jackie L Kassebaum Public Hearing. If you have any ques- Ct~unty Clerk 30- lc tions or cornmcnts regarding the pro- posed variances, please contact the Department of Planning and Zoning at This newspaper available on the (402) 879-4713. 30- I c internet at http// WE as Nuckolls County ED MOWING NOTICE per Nebraska Law No. 39-1811 It shall be the duty of the la ndowners in this state to mow all weeds that can be mowed with the ordinary farm mower to the middle of all public roads and drainage ditches running along their lands at least twice each year, namely, before July 15, for the first time and sometime in August for the second time. SPRINKLER IRRIGATION SYSTEM NOTICE as per Nebraska Law No. 39-302 A sprinkler irrigation system which due to location or design diverts, or is capable of diverting, water onto or across .a public road so as to satu rate, wash or impair the maintenance, construction or passability of such public road or allows water to accumulate on the roadway or traveled surface of the public road shall be equipped with a device which will automatically shut off the endgun of the irrigation system causing such diversion or accumulation of water. Any person who. fails to comply with this section shall, upon conviction thereof, be guilty of a Class IV misdemeanor, except that section 39-301 sha II be controlling with respect to'rnechanical malfunctions and normal weather cond itions. Carpet Cleaning Reasonal Prices Call for Quote (Son of Lew & Pamela Hunter)' and Tax Service 454 N. Bloom Street P.0. Box 424 Superior, Neb. 68978,402-879-4764 mrbkkeeping @ h0tmail.c0m Marilyn Peterson -- , , , ,, i I ....... ""~-" ~ ~,,.T ~t ,'wrr ..... ~ "~rxx Wr,