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July 29, 2010     The Superior Express
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July 29, 2010

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I , + Thursday, July 29, 2010 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 7A may be examined by any interested totheOriginalTownofSuperior, Nuek- Number938whichisdatedNovember out Treasurer's Tax Sale Certificate person, ollsCounty, Nebraska. 11, 2006, and issued to and held by the Number932whichisdatedNovember Dry Cleaners from 1961 to 1987. In Betty l~ober~s ' ~ : Public Notices- Board of Direetors You and each of you are hereby' plaintiffCounty, and,totreelscull ll,2006, andissuedtoandheldbythe 1997 the moved to Fremont and later ~. ,Y Gary L. Housholder, president notified that you have been sued in the liens that the plaintiff as holder of such plaintiff county, and to foreclose all to Omaha t~etty Lou Roberts, 80, the daughter I ( First published Jul3,, 29, 2010, Brad D. Peterson, secretary .... ~ DistrictCourtofNuckoilsCounty,Ne- certificate}is entitled to foreclose and liensthattheplaintiffasholderofsuch ZvVb-i]e-iivin'- in Hastin'~s she was a of Leo and Geneva (James) Wilson+ member of Zion Lutheran Church ......... g .... in The Superior Express) Monty D. Dahl, treasurer z~s-J~: braska, by the County of Nuckolls in to cause a sale of Said property to certificate is entitled to foreclose and .~ ~ was born on Au . 23, 1929, at Culter, : wnere sne tamznt ~unaav ~cnool ann .~ " . NOTICE (First published July 15 2010 the State of Nebraska, a Piaintiff, the satisfytheamountadjudgeddueagainst tocause a sale of said property to - - - .--,. - _ ,, - , ; ma bneeneulnursaayatmeaupenor .. ! _Partncmate_ m the Luther Anns Socmt y. ... , ..... , :~ In the County Court of Nuckolls in The S'uperior Express) ' object and prayer of whose petition the real estare and aiso quiet the title to satisfytheamountadjudgeddueagainst .... uood Samaritan Center. County, Nebraska. In the District Court of Nuckolls filed aga,nst you and the real e3tiatst said real estate in the purchaser thereof the real estate and also quiet the title to She was a Iongtime member of the ~ne~asumteammarrtagetoRob- , . Estate of John Robert Keifer, de- County Nebraska aooveaescrmeatstororectoseag tand to bar and exclude all defendants saidreale.stateinthepurcltaserthereof Lutheran Laymen's League and the ertJenKms. ........ :. . ceased Tax Sale Certificate Foreclosure the description of real estate, above.set ofall rights, title, liens and interest in and to bat" and exclude all defendants ,.utneran ....... women~ ........ s wh~,u,a,y:~ o: ..... ' t~etb, nau oven. .m matana unto, ' Case No. PR10-19 Case No CI-10-31 out Treasurer's Tax Sale Certificate and to said real estate and for general of all rights, title, liens and interest in League. At the time of her death she moving to Superior, tn September ot : Notice is hereby given that on July (Dwayne L Reiman, etal ) Number 940 which is dated November eqilitable relief, and to said real estate and for general was a member of the Trinity Lutheran 2007, to be closer I1~, # 21, 2010, in the County Court of Notice of Suit" ll,2006, and issued to and held by the You are required to answer said equitable relief. ChurchinFremontandpartofagroup to her daughter, ipl!r ~(1' Nuckolls County, Nob., the Registrar StateofNebraska, NuckollsCounty, plain!!ff County, and to. foreclose all petition in the district court of Nuck- You are required to answer said that made quilts for missionsShirley Follmer. r i] .,- ~: issued a written statement of Informal ss' fiensmattneplamtmasnolaerorsucn oils County, Nebraska, on or before petition i:, the District court of Nuck- She is survived by her husband, She enjoyed , Probate of the Will of said Deceased '~" Tothefollowing named defendants certificate is entitled to foreclose and October 5.2010, or the allegations of oils Cou.,ty, Nebraska, on or before Arthur L. Akins, of Omaha, and four flowers and work- , and that Jean C. Keifer, whose address in the above entitled action, to-wit: to .cause a sale, td property, to thepetitionwillbetakenastrueandthe October 5, 2010, or the allegations of daughters, Mrs. CharlesThomas(Bar- ing in her yard. ~~ 1 , , is 256 Road 2900, Guide Rock, Nob. All persons havingorclaiminganysatBfy!neamountaajuage.uouea..gamst decree rendered accordingly, thepetitionwillbetakenastrueandthe barn), Catonsville, Md., Mrs. Bruce She was pro- ~ , ,.. 68942, was informally appo!nted by ....... :.. ,.~ t,r..~,~..m r .... r t.,, ~ * the real estate ann also aulet me true m The County of Nuckolls decree r~.ndered accordingly. Stubben (Sharon) Fremont, Mrs. Guy ceded m death by ~ ' ,' the Registrar as personal representa- 'o M't' Cl'ar'e' said real estate in the put'chaserthereof in the State of Nebraska The County of Nuckolls I@istofic (Patricia), Aliso Viejo, Ca- her part'nts; her ' ' tives of this estate. Creditors of this Nuckoll's County Nebraska '' and to bar and exclude all defendants Timothy S. Schmidt in the State of Nebraska lit;, and Mrs. Ed Thiele (Marcia) of husband, Robert, ~~. estate must file their claims with this You "and eact~ ol you are hereby of all rights, title, lien~ and interest in Nuekolls County Attorney 28-4c Timothy S. Schmidt Omaha; seven grandchildren and four on April 18, 1966; Nuckolls County Attorney 28-4c ~reat-zrandchildren two brothers, Max and Cleo Wilson; ' CourtonorbeforeSept.29,2010,orbe notified that you have been sued in the said rea~ estate and toy general '(First published July 15, 2010, -------~ - She was preceded in death by her and one.sister, Ruby Allen. , : forever barred. DistrictCourtofNuckollsCounty,Ne- equ)tablerehe.. _ ., iiz The Superior Express) (Published Julv 29, 2010 in parents; two grandchildren; one sister, Surwvors include her children, . i Diane Wehrman braska, by the County of Nuckolls in .x.ou are,required to answer sam In the District Court of Nuckolls The Superior Exl~ress) " Mildred Karr; and two half-brothers, Connie Lucas of Bristol, Tenn., Larry~ Clerk of the County Court the State of Nebraska, a Plaintiff, the petluon m me el stnct court ot ~UCK- County, N.ebraska ORDINANCE 1124 Ervin and Orville Rose. Jenkins of Superior, Dana Jenkins of : 1 Nuckolls County Courthouse object and prayer of whose petition ~ls Count~^l.~enrasKa, on or.oeIore. Tax Sale (~ertificate Foreclosure An ordinance to amend Ordinance Madison. N.Y., Mrs. Gary Follmer. Velma Rorabauah P.O. Box 372 filed against you and the real estate u. ctooer.3, zu.!.u,, orme a,gauo~st#~ Case No, CI-10-35 97.02, keeping of animals, fowl and (Shirleyl of Superior, Grog Jenkins of , ' Nelson, NE68961 above described is to foreclose against t!tepetmonwm,!ruean (Anita3. Stone, etal.) Wildlife; to provide for the.repeal of ....... -.~?.S- Mexico, Ind., and Sharon Hall of '] Hie mnerm toy vmma wHnemenaDelnhi Ind 17,,randchildren, 19o~at- I ~. !. Parker, Grossart, Bahensky andthe description of real estate, above set uecree renuereo accormngly. Notice of Suit conflicting ordinances or sections; to Martha (Schiermeyer) Rorabaugh 85 ...--% ',s.,.L'_ =...., .... : .... %~_ Beucke, L.L.P. out Treasurer's Tax Sale Certificate The County of Nucko!ls StateofNebraska, NuckollsCounty, provide for the effective date thereof; ........ , , ~,anucnn .... ; ,,,u o,-; s,,~tv,, +r~m + t ove m the State ot NebrasKa were nelornaay at Butherus, Maser& Crowe Colfax Ind ' Attorney for Applicant Number 933whichisdatedN tuber . and to order the publication of the Love Funderal Home, Lincoht A ,, ' , ' ' ........ 1516 1st Avenue, 11,2006, and issued to and held by the Timothy S. Schmtdt ,,.. ,ss: . Tqthe.followingnamedde[endants ordinaneeinpamphletform,thirdread-., . , ~ '. w~emonm servtces WUl ne nolo at a gravesme service was neld Saturday later date inFlora, Ind PO Box 1600 plaintiff County. and to foreclose all Nuckolls County Attorney , z~s-,~c in the' above entitled action, to-wit: ing Kearney. NE 68848-1600 liens that the plaintiff as holder of sucla ~~ ~1~ii~i! f i'. (308) 237-2114 30-3c . .. ,. .. . , . t~trst puonsned July 13, zu~u,All persons havin~ or claiming any ATTEsTRon Springer, Mayor cemflcate ~s entrtled to loreclose and ..... -'~x-ress" interest t) Lot 4, Bi'0ck 25 Original . in lne ~upertor t~ p I P to cause a sale ol stud property to ............... .... in the utstrtct uourt or anUCKOnS TOwn Of Superior. Nuckolls County, "Jan Diehl. City Clerk (Published Juh' 29, 201.0 in sausly the amount adjudgeddue against ..... , A complete text of the Ordinance is The Supe,'io; Exp,'ess) the real estate and ;.,Is,, quiet the title to ~.~unt~'aT:~r:~K~lcate Foreclosure Nebraska ' Notice of Meeting said real estate in the purchaser thereof ......... You and e&ch of you are hereby on file in the City Clerk's office and is 1 Notice is hereby given that a meet- and to bar and exclude all defendants ,~ai: 7"S~o~l':~;a~ ~ notified that you have been sued in the available for public inspection during Dis{rictCou~ofNuckollsCounty,Ne- re,,uhtr business hours. I c /, i in_o of the Superior Airport Authority, of all ri,.zhts, title, liens and interest in t "' Z" ""!-'" '" = (Puhlished,/uh' 29, 2010 in S@erior, Nob.. will be held Monday, and to aid real estate and for ,eneral Stateol.N tr ,N uUcl ollsCounr braska, by the County of Nuckolls in the State of Nebraska, a Plaintiff, the p" s " " " neyer; . + .... ", '; tcrminal.AUg'2"2010at5:30p'm'attheairprt equitable relict. "- ' ' Y" object and prayer of whose petitk,n TheSupericJrExl~ress.) brothers. .... LaVern Delberta]dLclatd"| mill__ ~.-B---al, ~ '1' ~ , : '+ ss: and rosters. Helen. Edna and Elenora. I W~ I,"rlnl: t ~ Mary Fuller. Secretary 30-1c ' You arc rcqturcd to answer stud .............. ....... . ...... iome m zowmgnameuuetenuants Iiled mzainst you and. the real estate ORDINANCE 1123 The Rev. Gil Garges officiated at | -- - ~_ ...... I . I pctit,,,n ,n tnc u,stt'tct court o, ,t, CK. .............. ,n me aoove entttmo action, to-wit aboveaes~:ribedisto fot'ecloseagainst An ordinance to amend Sections her funetal. I C~I~I !' ': oils County. Nebraska. on or before -,, ..... the description ofreal estate, aboveset 2.02, 5.05, 5.06, 5.07, 5.08, 5.09 and (FirStThel,tth]ishedJuh's,perior Exl,,-ess)29' 2010 in October 5. 2010. or the allegations of inte?ffsP3~n~at~ng2~;~i~tomtl2ganYd out Trea-urer's Tax Sale Certificate 7.14 of the zoning ordinance oi" the MSI~F Ann Beavers I ~'~'r-- ] '1 " : the petition will be taken astrue andthe ..... 4" fe ............ Request for Bids decree rendered accordin~,l the ~nortn o et or L.ot 13. t~tOCK ~o, Number':37 whichisdatedNovember City of Superior, Nebraska. The same . . ~ , The City of Superior is acceptin~ .,~ ........ F,, y" Orimnal Town of Superior, Nuckolls ' 11,2006,and issuedto and held by the bein~ Ordinance No. 1073; to provide A former Superior resident Mary ] 1,2.3 0r4 ' I +J bids for replacement light emittin~d HaC ~ounty ot ~nuc~oHs "" "- .... plaintiff County, and to foreclose all fortl~erepealofconflictingordinances Ann Beavers. 72. died Saturday at her I _ _',_ '_ _~, L~ I ~ ' (', I diode (LED)street lights within the .~. ,nthe Su~;i;~tfN?braska ~.o~ty ~edoraas[l~ of you are hereby liensthaltheplaintiffasholderofsuch orsections;toprovidefortheeffective homeinOmahaaftera6 I /2 year battle I COlOrS 0I InK~ I' " with ovarian cancer. She was born in I _ i . ' | ' i city electric territory. Successful bid- t,n)utYp4ucKoHS ~:Lounty ~" Attorney" z~s-,+c .... notified. . that_you, have been sued in the certificate is entitled to foreclose and date thereof; and to order the publica- Superior to Howard and Fern Bowes. | The choice is v0urs I ": I dershallprovidebestpriceforthebest D~strtctCourtotNuckollsCounty,Ne- to cause ,4 sale of said property to tionoftheordinanceinpamphletl'orm. She was preceded in death by her son. I ' ..... " , 1" :~. ! U.S. manufactured lights producing "First ~ublishcd Jul 2o 2010braska, by the County of NuckollsIin satisfytbeamountadjudgeddueagainst third reading. same lumens at street level asexisting t ." t ," Y " " the State of Nebraska a Plaintiff the the realestate and alsoquiet the titleto ATTEsTRn Springer, Mayor Brett; parents; and brother. Ivan. Sur- IM~nv qh/h~.q 1/3 P.htgl3RA {r/~l'Ill- t ' ; in The Superior Express) " -" ~ : ..... " vivors include her husband of 48 years, J ..... 1 "%, ...............:' j t .! fixtures. New lights shall be shielded ........ , ,; object and prayer of wht se petttton satd realestate m the purchaser thereof r~ouce ot lrustee s bate fixtures todirec[lighttostreetsurface " filed a,.zainst you and the real estate and to bar and exclude all defendants "Jan Diehl, City ClerkBill B. Beavers: two daughters Mrs. ] +~, ...... .+.__=. |" t:' I ~mdprovideeasyinstallationandlong- To Whomitmayconcern: , -r .......... AcompletetextoftheOrdinanceis Todd Graves (Bethany) and Mrs. ] ~...~ul~I~r" 'I' ~ , , . ...... anove uescrmea ~s to torec,)se against of all rights, title, liens and interest in termmaintcnance. Completeinstalla- Youarcnerenynou.eautatpursu-thorlc~.~:Pri~tl .... ,|'roMo.taloahave~J and to said'real estate and for general on file in ihe City Clerk s office and is SlaelbyBell(Bclinda);threegrandchil- | ~ , ,-+ ~t'~ |"" .e~'t ant to a power of sale contained m the ,,,~. ~ .... P'"'~ ""~""" 7,~"7""'..,-".':2-- "7" tionshallrcducclightpowerconsump- , ......... out treasurer s lax ante u.ertn,cate equitable relief, avaihtble for public inspection dufin~ dry,a. Brett and Audrey Graves and ] k'l.JDIISnl ] , t tionbyminimun~ of 58 percent from ueeu ol trust m tile orwlnat pr 3c pm N .... ho, 3a~,,,,, , ;~,~.t,.,t ~ ,,,o t,,,, : ..... o- -~ ............ 9 ....... c,.,s .......... m,,,., You are required to answer said re~ularbusiness hours. Ic Amelia Bell; two brothers, Richardand ] ~o =~+'r~;,,4. e,,~,;,,, m,,~, I" ," ' existing. Successful bidder shall sub- amount ......... ul ~4.o..,4.~.~ exccutedWhitc0V I" l.zuuo, ana,ssueutoanunetanyme ................ petition in the dist?ict court of Nuck- Donald Bowcs: two foster grandchil- ! '" I i mit a li~hl for each of three fixture tvmrK L wrote anu L)awn ~ ............... dren and one lostergrcat-grandchild. I 4UZ-81U-;JZUl 1"'~' f I " " " wit whi h was'filed l'bt~ plamntt t..ounty, anu to foreclose an nits County, Nebraska, on or before (Published Jidv 29, 2010in nusn |no Ln(J e c types. 13iddcr may offer a different " ~, ~.' "~t, -","'+ " '~':" ':~" ! liens that the plaintiff as holderofsuch ".October rS, 2,010, or the allegations of The Superior Express') Mary Ann enjoyed gardening and ~ i fixturestyleaspartofbid. Thiswill be n'ecord tvmy +~, _/uu~s nn UOOK ~o~s .at certificate ~s entttled to foreclose and ~hepotitit~vit!betakenastrueandthe NOTICE OF RENEWAL OF quilting. She was a contrihutor to the , ,( treated as a separate bid for scoring. i~ts iii!!i~i~~i!tcausc-~"t" decree rer/deredaccordingly. RETAIL LIQUORLICENSE International Quilt Mtuseum in Lin- i The city reserves the right to award The Count), of Nuckolls Notice is hereby ~iven that pursu- coin, Nob Throughout her life she was , ! each wattage to different supplier or :in the State of Nebraska ant to Section 53-135.01 a liquor li- volunteer associ~icd with man ohm +i different manufacturer. However. Timolhy S. Schmidt tense may be automatically renewed mzatmns mcludm,.z"'" " the lmanuclYMcdP="" " " '+ each wattage will be awarded as an Nuckoll., County Attnmey 28-4c for one (1) year from November 1, cal Center where an .nagc recovery ;' the lughcst Nddet to~ cas ~ ot cemhed entire block. Complete specifications " : " " " " "' : " ' " of all rights, title, liens and interest in 2010. for the followin~ liqnor license center ~s named in her honor. (First published July 15, 2010 in The Superior Express) In. the, District Court of Nuckolls County, Nebraska Tax Snle Certificate Foreclosure Ctis No. CI-10-30 (Dwayne L. Reiman, etal.) Notice of Suit State of Nebraska. Nuekolls County, .~S: ' To the following named defendants in the ~bnve entitled action, to-wit: AIIpers0ns having or claiming any interest tn part of the Southeast Quay- in The Superior Express) ter of the ~ Northeast Quarter (SEI/4 In the District Court of Nuckolisr NEI/,4) of Section 33. Township 3 County. Nebraska North, Range 8 West of the Sixth P.M., Tax Sale Certificate Foreclosure Nuokolls County, Nebraska. bounded Case No. CI-10-36 as tbllows: commencing at the point of (Anita J. Stone, elml.) - intersection of the north line of Block Notice of Suit 2 in the Townsite of Mt Clare, Ne- StateofNebraska.NuckollsCounty, braska, ~:ith the east line of the Mis- to wH: Jane P. Corman and Scott W. A private burial service preceded Curtain. DBA "The Saloon." the public mcntorial service held at the Notice is hereby given that written DundecPresbytcrianChurch thismorn- protest to the issuance of an automatic ing (ThursdayL renewal license r~tst~;be filed by any - .... --= , resident of the VR, lage of Oak on or before August 10.2010,intheofficeof Joa.Tl GrolLrlds the Village Clerk: that in the event protests are filed by three or more such persons, a hearing will be held to deter- mine whether the continuation of said license should be allowed. Tom Jonson. Village Clerk lc tuaries Lillian Akins Former Mt. Clare resident. Lillian May Akins. 84, died last Wednesday at Good Samaritan Millard Nursing Home in Omaha. Her funeral was Sat- urday at Zion Lutheran Church in 25 feet; thence West approximately Hastings with Pastor Dan Heuer offi- I10 feet to said nght-of-way; and. elating. Burial was in Sunset Memo- thence Southerly along the oustline of rial Gardens. Hastings. saidright-of-waytothepointofbegin- Lillian was born May 30. 1926. to nine; Nuck'olls County, Nebraska. Antony John and Martha (Niemeyer) You and each of you are hereby RoseinRosemont.Shegraduatedfrom notified |hat you have been sued in the Nelson High School in 1944. She mar- Joan Elaine Grounds. 67. died July 4. while at honte in Springdale. Ark She was born Scpt. 5. 1942 in Supe- rior. the daughter of Wilbur and Fern Larson She liked people mad had many different profcsskms including certi- fied nursing assistant, meter maid. and Toastmaster beloi'c retiring. She was a memberofFrccdom Fellowship Church in Tontitown, Ark. Shc was prccedcd in dcath by hcr parents, onc brothcr and onc sister. Surviw rs in- clude her sons. Jcrry ::: .,e~ Grounds of Ccfltcrton. Ark.. Jeff Grounds of Phmtation. Fla.. Matt Dierling. Springdalc. Ark." daughtcr. Mrs. Larry Gregory (JoLynn) of Sprmgdalc, Ark.: six grandchildren, Lacee and Kelcee Gregory, Johnathan sourl Pacific Railroad right-of way. SS. To the following named defendahfs, ranging thence East II0 feet on the in the above entitled action, to-wit: no~hlineofsaidBIock 2;thenceNorth available npon request. Bids due in or cashier's check, at the cast door of and to said real estate and for general the Superior city clerk's office not the Nuckolls County Courthouse. 150 equitable relief, latcrthanAu-. 13.2010by 4:00P.M. S. Main Stlect. in the Cit~ of Nelson. You are required to ans ker said Late bids ~x.ill be returned, unopened. Nuckolls County. Nebraska at 10:30 petition in the district court of Nuck- Biddersarcrequiredtocertifybids for ..nAn j.~p, Augtusl 31.. 2010: . olls County. Nebraska. ot'~ or before thirtyt30)caLcndardaysaftcrbid~:pcn-AI ~1" Lot Four (4) and the North October 5. 2010. or the allegations of, ing date. For qucstmns, please con- Three (3) Feet of Lot Five (5). Block tact the city office. 14()2) 879-4713. Eight (8). North Superior. an addition thepetitionwillbetakenastmeandthe decree rendered accordingly The Cilv of Superior reserves ri~zht to m and to the original town of Superior. The County of Nuckolls reject any and all bids.30-3c Nuckolls County, Nebraska. in the State of Nebraska The highest bidder ~s required to Timothy S. Schmidt (First published July 15. 2010. deliver casn or certified funds to the in The Superior Express ~undersigned by the close of business Nuckolls County Attorney28-4c Notice to Landowners on the day of sale. except this require- (First publighed July 1".5.2010. of The Kansas Bostwick Irrigation mcnt is waived when the highest bid- District No. 2 der is the beneficiary. The purchaser is You arc hereby notil~cd that on the responsible for all Fees or taxes, in- 3rd day of August. 2010. at 8:00 a.m. eluding the documentary stamp tax. there will be held at the office of said This sale is made without any warran- irrigation district, in the City of ues as to title or condition of the prop- Ctmrl and, Republic County. Kansas. crly. hearingtmtheannualassessment made Eric H. Lindqttisl by 1he said district as against the Successor Trustee 29-5c migable lands in the said district to mcct the repayment expenses of the (First published July 15 20t0. district ~tlld Ihe costsof operation, m The Superior Exprcss~ All persons having orclaiming any maintenance repairandimprovements [n the District Court of Nuckolls interest to Lot 7.. and the South 20 feet o1 said irrigation works to supply wa- County. Nebraska of Lot 8. Block 26. Original Town of ter tu the imgable hinds within said Tax Sale Certificate Foreclosure Superior. Nuckolls County, Nebraska district. Case No. CI-10-37 You and each of you are hereby The Board of Directors have levied (Jeffery Meyer, etal,) notified that 3 ou have been sued ifi the an assessment,,,%at nsl cac It c l assi fi ed Notice of Suit Di strict Court of Nuckol Is County, No- ~fi'igablc acre within said district and a StateofNebraska.NuckollsCounty, braska, by the County of Nuckolls in District Court of Nuckolls County, ried Arthur Leroy Akins on Nov. 10, Grounds. Mrs. Chad Switzer (Bonita). hearing will bc held thcrcon at thc time ss: the State of Nebraska, a Plaintiff, the 'Nel/raskabytheCotmtyofNuckollsin 1946. She was a clerk typist at the Josh and Justin Crane f and phtcc stated in order to determine T0 the following named defendants object and prayer of whose petition the State of Nebraska, a Plaintiff, the Hastingsammunitiondepotanda0rofit GravcsideserviccswereheldJuly9 N,~ 1..r if such is :just equitable and equalize in the above entitled action, to-wit: filed against you and Ihc real es~te object and pt'a~er of whose petition andlossclerkforthe _=,, ,.inch Com- atNationalCemetery,Fayettevilfe.Ark. [. the samc:'A schedule of said assess- MOllie L. Switzer and all persons above described isto foreclose against filed against you and the real estate n~ .... "L;, nor husband she was an Pastor Tom Duty officiated. ntents is now on file in the office of havin~ or claiming any interest in Lot the description ofreal estate, aboveset abovedesc#bedistoforect".~- .... ~, owner of the King Koin Laundry and said district,ai Courtland, Kansas, attd 9.Bl~k 28, East Superior, an addition out Treasurer's Tax Sale Certificaie the descrip!ion or : .,t estate, abo~e set I " "oiftlteastcom [ ,~'~~. 4t/, miles 8uth a St~ng, NE -- ~,~ RI I Earn a Diploma in only OneYear. I Featu#no - F " Ford Ttadors ---=Tt ine PharmacyTechnician U.S. House IOnl Beg'ns January 201 I-- I I =&POREngines'[ I=I .Flag ra+sing at 8 am. I ~--"~ibTf~ ~co~e"~ .Guest speaker at 'i1:30 a.m..+.+J of Representatives [ I=l SCC,students pass certification exam on first try I f .................... ,Threshing Plowing Shelling~_~l~" / C! SCC s program is affordable - $48/qtr. cr. hr. tuition n 402-866-2028 Binding. 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