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August 2, 1973     The Superior Express
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August 2, 1973

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/, i Street and 2 800 009 88be charged $25.25 per month. Chairman, total value of $4,600,000 Thursday, August 2, 1973 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 9A Alley , • • C. Water rents, figured on a Board of Trusteesreturned for said fiscal year, ~ ~-- -- J Auditorium 2,628.009.27monthly basis at the above A'I'rEST: including all amount due upon = m,mm im mUl Social Security 503.00 1.77rates shall be due on the first Clyde Cramer legal and valid outstanding Sewer Bond day of each month and ff paid on Village clerk bonds against said City and all "=~ ilr A/~O~ml Ourselves "~ " • • th Sal aIJ~' a~lnents GnU otner ~ed in the Superior Block Twenty-seven (27), East andmterest 3,00000 1059 or before the ten of "d °"'~;" .............. sfit tah s :e owb:Y law, are .fJ,~July 19 1973) Superior, an addition to the C ~'~hunthffwe~nty-~ttvietleedentt~s. I~ *'*"CITY OFSUPERIOR tsaI~ By.H.Z, Crilly t ZTOBI ;DERS Town of Superior, Nuckolls 0 0 . - not so paid, no discount shall be NEBRASKA Fund Levy Mills lie ~bi.ds will be received in County. Nebraska, in whichVillage Clerk )s hereby allowed and the water service ORDINANCE NO. 625 General $50,400.001.52 Rainfall has been well above normal, the wheat was better ii~°f the County Clerk of petitioner has derived an in- authorized and directed for- shall be cut off until all back ANNUAL APPROPRIATION Fire Equipment 2,850.00 .25 than average and the corn is looking good. But the raspberry ~ County, Nelson, terest as heir, praying for a thwith upon the passage, ap- rents and charges have been BILL FireMaint 8,130.00 1.15 crop is a total failure, the first such failure in many years. ~until 2:3o p.m on the determination of the time of proval and publication of this paid. 1973-1974 Hydrant 1,252.00 .16 latl~!Y0fAugust 1973' for the death, the heirs, degree of ordinance to forward a certified D. Non-residents hauling An Ordinance to appropriate Salary 61,362.00 8.37 I had planned to go down to the Czech Festival at Wilber this alq~l~P~°famotorgraderwith kinship and right of descent of copy thereof to the Countywater shall be charged $1.00 per the sums of money deemedStreets 193,421.002.96 weekend, butdecidedagalnstit, l am afraid that after 37 years, ~Je~at which time the real property, of the deceased, Clerk of Nuckolls County, 1,950 gallons or part thereof, necessary to defray, by means Library 16,750.00 2.84 I may have forgotten the language. ~uePublicly opened and which petition will be forNebraska. Section 2. If any consumerof taxation, all the necessary Park 13,460.00 1.99 )r If you want everyone to love you get a job on the School ~ection 3. WHEN shall for any reason orderexpenses and liabilities of the Auditorium 12,265.002.00 Board or the Zoning Commission. The pay is good too. Observations Watergate will probably go down in history as the greatest 'IV spectacular of the century and I have taken time out from my busy schedule to watch it about five hours a day. I will be glad when it's over, for it has interfered with my golf, caused me to neglect the blue grass, and has made me unpopular at home. Here are a few observations: Mrs. Herman Talmago, wife of the investigating senator from Georgia, attended a luncheon Friday with Mrs. Pat Nixon. She told a reporter that Mrs. Nixon was one of her oldest and dearest friends. Tony Ulasewicz, the New ~liceman with the Brooklyn accent has been by all odds, the star of the show. Senator Howard Baker ~ng-time personal friend of t!:igoe s ~e i!~u ~S%u~t~ !ei~ ~e°~~U~oatsb~hmo~f ;~Or~o~aiA ~fNfE~l~Dt .:ynI rraee~vt ~Ciiv~ af~rnr ;ateas~ i~So~e~tY;~t~~ showing.PresidentThe committeeHeNiX°n'has butpresidentialiSincludesleaningbeesOVer fourinbackwardDemocratshiS bonnet.t° keePand itthreefrOm Republicans, but one of the Republicans, Senator Lowell ................. ~ Senator Sam Ervin and--"F---ormormer Presidential Aid John Alexander Butterfield spra~urprise of surprises when mittee would like to see them. ~°u~/~i? Not related to Watergate was the White House dinner ~ tion ~ie~'ng'tha)r P' ~ JuLyhearing in~this Court1973onAug. 13, ($1Oe,000~Cvrren,tYMin mum)ear 7-1-72 t:O 6-30-73 $ 8L336.41 0 ** honor~ngL~ the Shaw~ofLEDB~, O~e of the guests was Senator t~[~tions for the above 1973 at 10:00 a.m. OPERATIVE. - This ordinance service discontinued, or shall City of Superior, Nebraska for Cemetery 5,000.00 .99 , ~.~ equipment can be (Seal) LeeWall shall be in full force and take remove from the premises, or the fiscal year beginning Social ~from the County County Judge effect from and after its for anyreasonshallbeindebted August 1, 1973and ending July Security 25,800.002.20 ~l~office, Nuckolls W.E. Garrison, passage, approval and to said Village for water fur- 31, 1974; specifying the objects Mini.Publicity 7,100.00 1.24 73.~l~_l~'lson, Nebraska. Attorney 30-3'c publication according to law. nighed, such amount due isand purposes for which such AgingAc- ~e ~!~L~ Submitted shall be ~ Passed and approved July 24, hereby decalred to be a lien appropriations are made and tivities 12,549.00 .31 ~~IAI~, marked on outside(First Published in the Superior 1~3.,~o,,, upon the premises or real estate the amount appropriated for PlanningComm 250.00 .06 :~ FOR MOTOR Express July 26, 1973)~ ~ l r~al:.. for which or upon which the each object for purpose, taking Bond ~~d:fcertifiedcheck NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT Clyde t;ramer water was consumed or sup-into consideration the an. Retirement37,849.004.50 llb .eeI" five percent of Estate No. 4338 of Sarah Fern Village Clerk plied and they shah be collected ticipated revenue from other Revenue ..... tn¢2.-~l'~nallbe, enclosed, Jensen, deceased; In the Donald Edwards as taxes as provided in the next sources and cash on hand; Sharing 80,,76.0Q .00 i~~ torfe~ted to the County Court of Nuckolls Chairman, succeedingseetion, containing the percentage or Parking Meters 7,1~.00.00 :~ "~ case the bidder County Nebraska. Board of Trustees Section 3. All accounts due number of mills levied for each Civil Defense627.00 .00 l.~anf~fls to enter into aThe State of Nebraska, ss.: (Seal) from water consumers for object or purpose; providing 536,694.00 30.54 I; _~ ~u give bond in the All persons interested in said - water rent shall be a lien upon for the certification of this Section 2.ADDITIONAL ~for~a as required by estate take notice of the filingOrdinance No. 114 ,h,~,~-omi~ or real estate unnn Ordinance to the County Clerk FUNDS. In addition to the _~IB~Z'_. herein by the Executor, of aAn Ordinance to repeal Or- whic~h"or'~or which the of Nuckolls County, Nebraska; amounts providedin Section I to ~'~L~'wa of the contract, if final report and account of his dinance No. 79, relating to ....... ,~-~-r consumed from and prescribing the time when be rinsed by taxation, it is ~sconnection for non-payment; trust~e~ by the Village Clerk MAYOR AND COUNCIL OF sum of $404,353.00 and this to provide that water rents shah and if approved by sard board, THE CITY OF SUPERIOR, appropriation Ordinance takes Weicker of Connecticut has been involved in a vendetta of long be a lien upon the real estate ~a .....e, ~hall be certffi~ NEBRASKA: into consideration said amount standing with the president, so the committee seems to be an m ~" "'"--" -" "- " • • d ay be collected as taxes; i,,, aid ~,l~rk tn the County Sectlon I. ANNUAL AP- of additional funds, stacked 5-2. to repeal all ordinances mClerk of Nuckolls County PROPRIATIONBILL: (August Section3. CERTIFIED COPY confict; and to provide the time Nebraska ~ving the amo~,t~I, 1973 to July 31, 1974): MILL TO COUNTY CLERK. the City Ehrlichman are both afflicted with twitching eyebrows. W " " " ~ ~" ' " hen this ordinance shall be m ,~ue and a descrivtion of the LEVY FOR EACH OBJECT OR Clerk ~s hereby authorized and e ect. ,~remises or real estate upon or PURPOSE-There are hereby directed forthwith upon the ~ff~! ~'uterporposals. George F. Johnson, jr., CHAIRMANBE IT ORDAINEDAND BOARDBY THEoF sys~em-w'~[~': whi,.h watersuppliedfrom saidorwatercon, sumsappr°priatedof moneythe followingdeemed publicationPaSsage' ofappr°valthis Ordinanceandto he revealed the existence of the White House tapes. The com- ~l~ ~Mof County Attorney 30-3c TRFU~S,T~2~ESOF~T~I~ oV~,LLAGE sumed, the same to be collected nec .e~,ary ~ defray by means of forward a certifled copy thereof ,.,~ n~.r,~.~,..~,~ .n~ .e~: as other taxes by the County taxat|on all ~e neces:sary ex- to the County Clerk of Nuckolls ~;L ~ner~y ~ ~,ecuon i. The to,owing are Treasurer of said county pen, ann liabilities of the City County, Nebraska a Wehrman, Ordinance No. I~3 the rates to be charged con- ~,~.,i,,, 4 That Ordinance No of Superior, Nebraska for the Section 4. WHEN McGo'vern of South Dakota, and a news picture shows aim ~..~tyClerk ......29-3c Annual Appropriation Bill sumers of water from the water 79a"nd'~ ordnances in confli~ fiscal year ..b~inning August 1, OPERATIVE. This Ordinance shaking hands with the president , both smiling at each other just ! ~ku~~ 1973 systemotmeviuageotnaray, herewith of the Villa~e of 1973 and enamg July 31, 1974, shall be in full force and effect likeoldbuddies.Andthatisofcoursethewayitshouldbe. (~i.ntheSuperior An ordinancetoappropriate Nebraska, beginning with the Hardy, Nebraska, be and thenot exceeding in the aggregate from a.d after its pelage, SEA IDS ~i~s. JUlY 26. 1973") the sums of money deemeo charges for the month of Sep- same hereby are, repealed, the amount of tax authorized to approval and Imblication ac-t t J ~,.NOT-[CE ....... necessary to defray, by means tember, 1973: .c,,,n 5 This Ordinance be levied. The object or pro'- cording to law. of Thor of taxation, all the necessary A. Residents of the Village ofin full force and effect poses for which such ex- Passed and approved this ~~- ~d'~ "l'n"~l~= expenses and liabilities of the Hardy shall be charged $3,25 ur~n its passage, approval and pendltures are to be made, the 25rd day of July 1973. ~o~f"' N~u'ckolls Village of Hardy, Nebraska, for per month for each.residential pu~iication as provided by law. amount appropriated for each Pleasant Woerner ~ebraska~ .......... the fiscal year ending August 1, an.a co mmerc~.m unto . . . Passedand approved this 24th oo~eet or purpose and the Acting Mayor ~¢~of Nebraska To All 1974, specifying the objects or t~.. ~on-resmems .receding day of July 1973. corresponam.g percentage of ATTEST: For the furnishing and erecting of all ~:.Notice is- hereby purposes for which SUCh ap- regmar water serwee, m- - ") Donald Edwards number of mills levied for each Samuel F. Seever, ~i~11"~_I~. rry C.-So-rensen propriations are made and the cludiqg water for livestock shall (Seal object or purpose based on the Acting City Clerk material for an eight place T-hanger on aPetitionalie in hat amount appropriated for each the Superior Municipal Airport at g gt . .. ~ol]~sCotmty. the percentage or number of NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING Superior, Nebraska, will be received in '~'~- seized of tt~e mills levied for each object or the "Lady Vesty Room" of the Leslie bed vr vert'v" purpose; providing for the cer- Lower Republican NATURAL RESOURCES DISTRICT ~stO~ua~er'~; tification of this ordinance(o Hotel at Superior, Nebraska until 1:00 t ~uarter ot ~tw~Rh~M~ ~rtXnU the County Clerk of Nuckolls ~~o'iis~,ouniv' County, Nebraska; and Alma, Nebraska p.m. CDT on August 20, 1973 and at that ~n""un~'vi'ded prescribing the time when this time publicly opened and read aloud. S int ......... ordmanceshall be m full force PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given, that the governing body will meet on the ~~n°S!'iS~ei!~i anBdtaIke(~ff~'INED BY THE 9*h day of August , 1973 a, 7:30 otclock P.M. at Courthouse, Alma ~. ]~". "~'C,:~7~;~ CHAIRMAN AND BOARD OF aska for the purpose-'~ Pu~ Hearing "~e~atincj t:o %he following pro.. Specifications for the material may be ta -s ~ounty, ~~vhig°unt? TRUSTEES OF THE VILLAGE b- et. Budqet detail avazlable at office of £he Dtstrtct Secretary. seenand information secured at the ~I: . mcn the '~'m~erestas OF HARDY, NEBRASKA: ~d'(~ec~eas~, Section 1. ANNUAL A_P- ~__.~ /~ / office of theCity Clerk of Superior, # " e inaUoootthe P OPmATmN BmL (1973). Nebraska, or at the office Of the ~~as~'died MADE: MILL LEVY FOR Secretary ~acieeree-of EACH OBJEC~ OR PURPOSE. Department of Aeronautics on the ~of-descent" of There are hereby appropriated Actual Expense: GENERALFU, ND ~yeteY~the.deceased, the following sums of money Lincoln Muniopal Airport at Lincoln, tion .,,;of deemed necessary to defray by 1. Prior Year 7-1-71 to 6-3(3-72 $ NONE Nebraska. t~~X. which petition means of taxation all the "-'U ~~e~rin~s-cotn.t necessary expenses and R ~ ~m~ t.S- i [ iii i ~~,a~10.'30o'clock liabilities of the Village of 3. Ensuing Year 7-1-73 1:o 6-30-74 $ 165,872.23 ~N) "my.~/!Ikl ~iv ~0, ~' 1973. .... - yearHardY'endingNebraska'Augustf°rl, the1974,fiscalnot 4. Nec e.~ gary Ca sh R e se:rve $ 22,000.00 Week~ l~~ l~l~ ~ ~oWal, l,,, T,,a., exceeding in the aggregate the 5. Cash on Han $' 34,777.23 e aoee ~~te County Judge amount of tax authorized to be 6, Estimated Miscellaneous Reven~Je $ 42,~5.00 levied. The objects or purposes 7. Collection Fee and Delinquent Allowance $. 4,404.00 ~l~Ul~Y~26Al~,~3L~~eain the Superior~l~i~;'~ ' ~~~~ 30-3c purposef°r which such expenditures arepropriatedtO be made,andforthetheeachcorrespondingamOUntobject aP-or 8. Current Property Tax Requirement $ • f m. C _,Itt CREDITORS percentage or number of mills u EIRS ......... levied for each object or pur- ~t~t o/ Nuckolls pose based on total value of We sold 684pigs and 312 cattle. All =!~',"~.aska. $283,360.00 returned for said NEW HIGHER INTEREST ~~te,No. 43.98 of fiscal year, including all classes of livestock higher. ~t~'~et~¢ff, deceased.., amounts due upon legal and askaLto.a!! valid outstanding bends against tieeis hereby said Village and all special TES FOR SAVERS NOW A Here are some of oUr sales: ~lw~lva 1VI.. Barton, assessments and other taxes ~a M. Saatho-ff, has authorized by law, are specified 60 Mixed pigs per head.................... $49.50 a ,o ow FIRST FEDERAL LINCOLN ................... ~ateJ_une 1, Mills 24 Mixed pigs per head .................... 45.50 ~uc@l !s Fund Levy Levied ,ff Mixed pigs per head .................... 43.50 ~ofLot Three (3), Water $2,535.00 8.95 18 Hampshire pigs per head ............... 43.50 8] Hampshire pigs per head ............... 39.50 i 30 Mixed pigs per head .................... 39.50 I , .o,,,.,o ,,.,,.,... -, ............... ,o.oo , Tran$matic 80--5.25% ANNUAL RATE ,o Holstein heifers, by head ............... 400.00 I[ D[UVE Y POLICY ,,o,.,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,.,=,, ........... 7o.,o ANNUAL YIELD 5.3900/o** ,, White face steers. We. 504 Ibs ........... ".25 26 White face heifers, el. 510 Ibs .......... 60.25 I: Tran$matic 90--5.75o/# ANNUAL RATE , Holstein steer=, wt ,15 ,bs ............. 59.00 8 Mixed heifers, wt. 575 Ibs ............... 56 O0 2 Black white face heifers, wt. 675 Ibs .... 56"00 CTIVE ,.,, ANNUAL YIELD 5.918°/o** , e,a he.ers, w,. m,. ............... 55"0o 10 White face heifers, wf. 650 Ibs .......... 52"90 (SMALL ORDERS) 12 Month Certificate--6.50%* ANNUAL RATE , White face co., w, ,= 1 Black bull, wt. 1,390 Ibs ................ 44"00 RS PLACED IN MORNING WILL .............. 37. o !LIVERED THAT AFTERNOON. ' , ANNUAL YIELD 6.715'/o 111 HolstelnH°lstelnBlack cOW,cOW,cow,Wf,wt.Wf.1,100],3 S13 slbSlbSlbs ................. ............... .............. 3737"3031'50]0 PLACED IN AFTERNOON 30 Month Certificate--6.75%.' ANNUAL RATE , Ho, ste,ncow, wt. 1,120,bs .............. 36"90 2 Holstein cows, we. 1,240 Ibs ............ " 36.70 BE DELIVERED THE NEXT ($5,000 Minimum) ANNUAL YIELD 6.9830/o** .o,stein cow. w,. .............. .20 PLACED ON SATURDAY I NG WILL ERED BE DELIV FOLLOWING MONDAY MOR- PLACED ON HOLI DAY EVE NOON WILL BE DELIVERED "ORNING AFTE R HOLIDAY. ARGE FOR ORDERS DELIVERED UTSIDE PRIMARY ZONE RADIUS FROM8TH CENTRAL STREET INTERSECTION) Superior, Nebraska 0 48 Month Certificate--7.00 %* ANNUAL RATE ($1,ooo Minimum) ANNUAL YIELD 7.250%** *Guaranteed Annual.Interest Rate "'Compounded Continuously Yield Per Year Member F.S.LLC, F! FEDERAL LINCOLN In L|ncoln Home Office 1235 N Street/135 North Comer/70th and A/Belmont P'taza 2541 North 11th In Omlhe 8706 Pacific/2101 Soulh 42nd/3205 North 90th In Keerney 2120 F~rst Avenue In Fa|rbuty 513 E Slreet In Oral t433 M Street In Cr@le 130~ Main Avenue Outside cities where we have offices, call us FREE. Dial '0' and ask for ENTERPRISE 1234. Or call collect to 402/435-2111 or 402/475-0521. 9 White face cows, wt. 880 Ibs ............ 34.60 Listen to KRFS or KMMJ at 7:30 Saturday morning for Saturday's con- signments. Some of our larger consignors are: Paul Blackstone, Superior; Robert McCutchan, Nelson; Clinton Reynolds, Formoso; Arlington & Alllngton, Superior; Gene Brumbaugh, Red Cloud; Ellis Dunsfan, Jewell; Moyn Keim, Davenport; Jerry Anderson, Mankafo; Sam Hayes, ~r., Gude Rock. Livestock Commission Co. Barn Phone 879-371] Owners Andy Montgomery Les Rumery Superior--Phone 879.3004 Superior--Phone 879-4445 / i I i