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August 5, 1993     The Superior Express
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August 5, 1993

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8A THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thursday, August 5, 1993 A public hearing for the bud- Kevin and Carol Wulf, Jon gets is scheduled prior to the and Katrina attended the August 31, 1993 Board Meeting. Bethany Lutheran Church Cen- At the July 27 monthly board tennial Celebration Saturday meeting, Little Blue NRD Direc- evening and Sunday• tots voted to request dissolution Lisa Schleufer left Saturday of the ground water control area. morning with other F.F.A. mem- The Little Blue Ground Water bers for New York to attend the Committee made a motion re- National Envirothon at Niagara questing the full board to dis- Falls this week. solve the ground water control Irvin and Murlene Schleufer area. This motion was passed by visited their son, Dana, in the full board on a 13 to 2 vote. Beatrice Saturday• Sunday after- Currently the Little Blue NRD staff is working towa ,d the noon they were in Ruskin to at- tend the centennial service at board's request. Bethany Lutheran Church. Oth- ers attending the celebration Sat- urday evening and Sunday were Marvin and Virginia Lewis. Alvin and Edna Epley went to Hebron Saturday evening to help By Mrs. Calvin Moors Lawrence and Gladys Monday, Aug. 9, baked fish, Levondusky celebrate their 50th broccoli and rice casserole, pick- wedding anniversary. led beets, bread and butter, milk, Cleo Thayer attended the Una fruit gelatin. Tuesday, Aug. 10, Lewis funeral in Nelson Monday sweet and sour wieners, creamed forenoon. He was one of the pall- potatoes, bread and butter, milk, bearers. cantaloupe, lemon cake. Helen Gebers, Diane Gebers Wednesday, Aug. 11, fried and Jamie and Sherry Gebers and chicken, mashed potatoes and Stacia were among supper guests gravy, California blend, bread Wednesday of Jeff and Syn Dee and butter, milk, tapioca pud- Wulf, Dusty and Jessie. All ding. Thursday, Aug. 12, meat helped Dusty celebrate his sev- loaf, baked potato, corn, bread enth birthday. The men were and butter, milk, applesauce. Fri- busy harvesting. Steve and Dave day, Aug. 13, beef and noodles, Gebers joined them later. , ...... / roll, carrots, milk, pineapple Roy and Barbara Stutzman ! juice, ice cream. Meals and ac- and Vicky left last Wednesday to attend the Shaw family reunion Thursday evening the Ideal Market parking lot was turned into a carnival ground as members of the store staff, Frank and Agnes Drudik, Nelson, won $400 in the Jack and tivitiessubject to change without Friday, Saturday and Sunday at chapters joined with members of the medical community joined in presenting the evening of fun. Activities Jill Gold Rush Promotion. Frank Sullivan(left) and Dick Rempe, notice. store owners, presented the check to Mrs. Drudik. A total of Elkhorn, Wis., and also went dunking tank and a number of games. Most of the games involved fruit, either in the game or as prize. The $1 t,400 has been given away in the store promotion. Martin and Shari Ficken, sight seeing, earned $101 for the fund drive, the FFA project $52 and the Ideal Market activities $213• Casi, Martin II and Joey, Cary, N.C., were July 10 to 24 visitors of his parents, Raymond and those of a similar but less com- Tillage practices that remove or member Annie Ficken, other family a, wren( e owners mon disease called southern rust. bury residue can reduce disease like Mrs. members and friends in Grant The southern rust fungus pro- potential. No economically fea- special and Nebraska. duces its pustules first on the sible chemical controls exist• heritage. The annual Buresh family re- The Ostdiek family observed ' Streff, CollettePohlmeier, LaVem upper leaf surfaces and later on Highland Club Jared last Thursday afternoon at union was last Sunday at the Le- 50 years of ownership of the Kohmetscher, George Rempe, lower surfaces• Common rust Bethgdllyts oldest Mr. and Mrs. Mark Follmer, Fairfield. Markele, Jaycee, and gion Hall, Fairmont. Attending Lawrence Locomotive newspaper Brian Brockman, Wayne pustules are initially cinnamon Lincoln, and Shelley Follmer, Terre Jacobitz were Friday din- from this area were Alicewith an open house at the Karmazin, Beth Streff, Bill brown in color and become dark tlnlnigrant for a Omaha, were last Sunday dinner nor guests. The girls remained Dursch, Davenport, Leona publication'sofficelastThursday. Schroer, Darrel Menke, Vicki brown to black as they age. (Continued trom Page 1A) guests of Mr. and Mrs. Don overnight. Allen Ostdiek, current pub- Hoelting, Lenora Pohlmeier and Spores are released from mature Well Follmer. A cooperative picnic Anna Miller, Iva Lanham and Paulsen, Superior, and Herb and Mildred Brettman, Deshler. The lisher of the newspaper, said he Lillian Brockman. sori and reinfect the same plant The morning of the wedding the t wh( supper last Tuesday at the home Vera Parker accompanied Ted next reunion will be Sunday, has frequently heard his parents From 1943 until 1962, when or are carried by wind currents to bedrooms were cleared so tables well. IfyOuC of Mr, and Mrs. Ivan Troudt was Henderson, Guide Rock, to a July 24, 1994 at Fairmont. purchased thenewspapertogivea the last of the Ostdeiks graduated other plants, could be set up for the guests, tion, you arc group of what was to become 13 from high school, mostofthetype- Cool temperatures (65" to 75° Mrs. Christensen was happy riskingconta her father wa.s able to come from and-or groa to observe their 50th wedding District Rally of the Seventh Day Descendants of Samuel and children something to do. How- setting and printing Nasdoneaf- F) and high relative humldity fa- De,rim, ark for their wedding. He In eneral andanniversary•AttendingwereMr'Mrs. Don Follmer, Marie urday.Adventist Church at D°wns Sat- Mary Bumgarner had a family ever, he said he suspected it was ter school, evenings week- vor rust development and didntstaylong, however, asthe wellonthe Troudt, Uyvonne Knehans, Mr. Mr. and Mrs. DonCassell and reunion at the home of Wendell something more basic, like eco- ends by the children, spread. Thus, the past several extremely cold weather really able, above and Carol Lowery last Saturday. nomie incentive, which encour- By 1962 the family's newspa- weeks have been ideal for this bothered him. He had promised certainly on Cowsky,and MrS.AgnesCleo Drudik,D°ggett'Mr.Nellieand picnicfamilYatattendedthe Americana WaltonLegionfamilYat Hutchison,Attending werescottsbluff,Mary andNeb.,Cal aged his parents to publish the per holdings had increased with disease. If the current rainy pat- to send the newlywed couple a Mrs. Run Porter, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Sunday. Michael, Cheri, Jon, and Bret first issue of the newspaper on the purchase of the Blue Hill terns continue, rust will continue silver service when he returned Louis Keim, Genevieve Keim Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ostdiek and Larry, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan attended the wedding of Darcie Jacobitzand the honored guests. Heitman to Anne Rusher at Hutchison, Gering, Mark and July 29, 1943. Leader• Thorough cooperative to intensify, asa Teri Hutchison, John Dudly, When the Ostdiek's purchased family effort the holdings were to While most state recommen- home• However, the gift never pool. Th arrived because he died shortly Kami Churchill, Kendall and the newspaper the plant did not continue to expand. The Nelson dationsdonotsuggestfungicidal after his return to Denmark. sources Mr• and Mrs. Don Follmer Salina Saturday evening• Their include even one elocaic motor• newspaper was purchased follow- applications to feed grain fields, - ........ • • specla| weoolng gttt was ....... attended the Jewell County Fair children stayed with their grand- The entire newspaper was pro- ingthedeathofitspublisher.Busi- exceptions would include fields sent from Council Bluffs It was =w,,y at Mankato ....... last Thursdayparents. Mr• and Mrs• Ostdiek .... Sus RJc kert' adSa'm` duced with hand labor, nessmeninClayCenterandGretna grown for seed purposes and sev-. , . . a lovelv china" cabinet" which: was evening, were Sunday afternoon vts tors Geneva Vir,,inia Schreiber HubertandLouiseOstdiekand asked the family to start newspa- . a gift from the doctor for whom .... ll era| 'specialty corns, Including u. ,- The children of Mr. and Mrs• at the Schroers. Hebron ~md avid and Deni their five older children produced pers in their communities. For a • Mrs. Christensen had worked At Doug Porter were weekend visi ......... the newspaper with little guid- time family members published sweet, pop and white -" ' ......... • ,vn ........ Lowery, JUStin an(; JOShUa an(] • no • • prior to her marriage The cabi- tors in woo(] t wer wlm melr Jtq Tim Lower-, Davenr rt All anceandwitho;ltanymechaniza- the North Bend Eagle. With all the _undlno rams • . tances net had been owned by me 1 tlu- • V '' ~" ' grandparents and other relatl es. 1 Q(:tAt 1N,,,,11 r,-tl- e t or a v r n ride tion The type as all handset and • across the state this season it is . , pol u " doctors mother After the lluU --z w n f co e ed • ' . Allen Ostdiek returned to the wonder that the incidence of ... • • •_ .. of po " Evelyn Hon eutt attea kxl, ,a ,Nb ,, ............ " '" " " f " r ' wnnr ernnt, eer, m ena arm thCpressw ol xat ..: r . Locomot/vein1977foUowingtbe tiacw.rlal hli~,ht in is t:nnstensensweremamea, mey mumscP ensmgtonatmenomeo Me .............................. Lynch last Wednesday eveningThe Little Blue Natural Re- Cheri and sons were overnighttheBlueHillLeadersmdhlsflrsttee now taeeano• . . oz ................... sale of ---- Clav un• Bacterial'° bhght• occurs sold. the. china cabinet, as Oscar some sou Diane Collins was also hostess• sources District total budget re- guests of the David Lowerys and " •nparenLs oleo m v/v wlmm 43 r believed the didn't nave room ec Mr and Mrs Richard Porter quest is $1,428,308 requiring Mrs. Schreiber, Ca| and Mary newspaper job was that of taKt g ...... worldwide and is the most com- . . . . Y are list tor m their home S the type outs|de" washing with" uays ozeacn omer. , men bacterial disease of soy- .... .• . County attended a wedcling in Kansas $543,615 in local tax funds, were overnight guests of the .. ' While reviewing the family s beans, especially• during• cool ....... [ne Cnristensens are me par- of the co City last Saturday and were which is a decrease of $98,327 Wendell Lowerys. gaso ne. ,: ........ -'-'^dto 50 years ofnewspaper ownership ............ h,., ,,oU ..... ents mree sons• uonam, a re- vnurCou • • , .............. lr~n~=lnt'pnt w~l~r.~:nnkPd vat- tlreo iarmer, lives at KlCeVllle, glatcr nf Mr and-Mrs Floyd from the 1993 budget figure, w"unat'mutyl wanauu¢ Allensaidit sl'v't*n-hl-el i"m ...................... 45 ............... ./...-- ........ , • mechanize a portton of the type- ' be hare nnnther ~13 ....................... "~ ...... Mooney, Overland Park Sunday. Approximate $314,100, or 23 .... not sure we 11 ............ • Iowa BenJamin (Benny) was • setting duties, t.lnus was respon ...........-" low to hght brown spots appear .... :. .. eating Richard Porter and Sarah were percent ot me total budget, is f/ • • • years, nut mr whatever time we nn le,ve : The center~ ~c~n drv Killed inatractoracclaentanum- ,;,¢ cra sible for learning the operation oz .................... .-- ............. ber of ears a o. Willard lives in r .... uests of Kitt Kohn Saturda committed to conservation prac- .. Wilt, we tt oo ouroest toserve you out, turn reddish brown to black .... Y _ g .... merits. g Y Y " " youngerfamilymemberbeforehe ,t.. ---' ........... "-" '- ......... r usran ana conunues to zarm ---con' for a cookout. Sarah Poner was a t,ces and project costs. The re- KepuOttC )! machine and for teach,rig a .. ,, • l~leven granochnoren an~ • has weekend guest of Mr. and Mrs. mainder of the budget is for.up- completed high school, soaked margin bordered by a yel- . . . but it • - reat- ranachfldren com lete ¢1 Dou Porter erationa] costs, aomm|stratlon, ' History of the Locomotive be- low sh reen halo. The angular g. . g.. P wells w "... ,-,." ..... • ....... .,infromational and educational By Mete Stiles =.u . • gins in 1887 when a Mr. lesion enlarge in cool, rainy me.mmlty. . . contami Mr and Mrs Cnrlstensen that granddaughters, Brandi, Lori programs, professional services, Irvin and Murlene Schleufer Newmeyer came to Lawrence 1[ ...... -romjne ....II weather and merge to produce .'. . • . ation ....... care(] Ior mrs Cnristensen's ,.~..,,.inol and Katie, were Saturday visi- andagency.reserve .... accompanied his parents, Lester fromGuideRc,cktomakearrange- Ik t o,sc, ountyExtens not eJ large, rregumroeaaareas. ,men _ _ . • .... . . • granamomer In me r home unul • tors of Nina Mac Bruce, Marie Httte mue orouna wa- and Virginia Schleufer, Thurs- merits to prim: the newspaper. A centers of older lesions fro- . . . will mak ,~,,,,.,h, ~h-,-,n ~,,,, r,r .,.r .~.v It oecame necessary,or nor to go tni 11111 t Troudt and Uyvonne Knehans. tcr Control Area bud getwlll day, July22, to Elkhorn, Wis., to series of edi'or followed until By Steve Melvin ..... .--.-e ............. ................. n .. ..... m an om ZOIKS home m mmaen ~ -ldin~ Floy Porter and Mrs. RonPorter have a decrease of $20,0/4 tO attend the Shaw family reunion. 1943 when the.paper ceased pub- Commonrustdevelopingearlyan(] me eaves appear raggeu .............. snou $79, 700 e iall after strum-winds and where, in l vz,;, she oleo. bne is -"e and ' visited Mrs. Bruce Sunday after- ,.., .. ......... They stayed overnight in Omaha hCatlon." " Common rust. is widespread spec y g . . • buried at S rim Creek Cemeter noon• .me ruouc water rro.lect, to- with Murlene s sister, Nancy During file first months of and prevalent inmost corn pro- beating rains. Young leaves areat Ruskin' p g Y twicef aot y cated in Jefferson and Thayer T rio Mr T l Marie Troudt, Leona Porter ....... u y, . urley and fam'ly,Ostdiekfamilyownershipmostof duction eas o.I l eor a. A1- most susceptible. Infected • .. ".7 ..... I Y Elsie Smith, Uyvonne Knehans ounues, has ou.ageteo arrived in Elkhorn the next day v • mougn not a serious problem on • ..... ' ......... Mrs. tcnrlstensen has always hnutsit the type was set b the children, . enjoyed needlework Each of her c r the$431,867, a $338,605 increase for th w ke -- " ' and Sharon Turne attended ........ e ee nd reunion. Alfred Glen Linus Marion and corn, is a concern to growers a.tuJ,tr.A/,, lll.l ,ILtUIULIb. 1111~ Ua%." " IIK; ..... ,,,,; ........ ;,,, ,h,. granddaughters has one of her zor FY vy4 ]ne Increase re n h m fair at Mankato last Thursday .. - . • . " E route o e the SchleufusBob after school and consultants because ap ................ a "Y ........embroidered quilts and size has -"'- C Pseudomonas s rrn ae pv. . . Group, meets tunes to re-lay several amain .~lnvad nverni~,h! in the AS the other children grew " " glycinea, over.wiSY rs surface made crocheted.doll, quilts for 6 Street, ...... =" miles of mainline ipe for hi h -° ..... ........ ° ......... pearlng earler than usual th|s Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Jacobitz . P . g ", Turley home and returned to older, they also helped with the year. I nor great granoaaugnters Ac lOC, v B Wol way and rmlroad construcuon isited Mrs. ruce fe and • their homes last Monday. newspar)er, hi addition to Mary . t.ornmon. st is cau.sed by the crop resideue and in seeds, t is .. " .... •. " your " ' ~nre..~d durin windy rainstorms coramg to her oaugnter-m-law, rtment. Alice, L e.e, Doris, LouAnn, Pat y, ungus ruccmm sorgnl.jne ms. -'- • ° • / • Charlotte Christensen, Su rior, r--- VAVAV, ..... r -" " m ease easuy recogmzeo as smm, and during cultwatlon while the , . PC tarry, Julene ant] a ion, me ta - " ..... i" n n f li i wet 'Mum always enJoyed getting ily was assisted by a number of pustules tern lea sor ). m a .y o age s . lib-. Bacterial blillht is seldom where there was a qudt frame as A .din,--. EEl'S--,) other Lav/rence residents includ- anove-grouno p]ant parts out it devastating to the'crop. A certain she loved to quilt as well as era- both tlac( S ing Wonnie Collins, Albert Tebbe seen most commonly on leaves: Jr., Met 1 enKe, J e, .... v'n M-- "im Menk rustules mrm on ~ore upper an~ level of control can be obtained broider" Thora enjoyed garden- ball rar .- LindaMenke JackGilsdorf Mick lower leaf sufaces more or less using cultural methods. Rotate ing and taking care of flowers differ.en_a ' " simultaneously, in contrast to soybeans with crops not suscep- when she was able and still has coaching l " tible to the pathogen such as corn African violets and ferns in their ,Tlae1 -"' or mile. Do not cultivate when home in Ruskin. said ,,we the foliage is wet, which could be This year, in 1993, as time-out -..,, ,, a little difficult to do this year. Bethany Lutheran Church ob- t..,,,,u I wl "...I,.-:. serves their Centennial, they re- laud Now n, • . luperior's Community -- IF" Two Dozen Or More __. mmm ---- CLEAN YOUR CLOSErS--CLEAN YOUR BAS=,"- ' / / r • With Custom CLEAN YOUR GARAGE . D i d Artwork -"- superiors" Cornmunity Garage Sol, e: gn? ----- Saturday, Aug. 14 S p "o Pui: I ng Co ..... -- - JUSTIN TIME FOR FALL CLEANING - u rl r I I . How to get your Government .... |,crl len P ri= lling check arly, every month. ---- , ,o =, ,,, Wch=vca=~viccwethinkyou'll Y r oncycarlier. And, bylmving --'-"- Salatot~l'l~llntl~comlorlof~chpartlciparlrsh°me'~lltlo~ay,", lawn or garage - No need Io haul your Items to a dislant _._;, D' =part me =,t ,,,o ~,=. == ~.,, me money pu.ced d.'n~tly into your ~'-~S YOU SELL AT THE LOCATION BEST FO" YfJ'' On v~.,r si~,-atum w~" ~-, -- *- account, you know It S lafC. IIC .'"-- ~- . , ""--r--" DJrectDeposiL|t's uicker, sa~r, ayant for y~ S~vmgs or checking . q whichever you d like. ' easter and .much morn convenient 2"--- HERE'S HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN THE than any omer way 148 East Third, Superior, Neb. • 402-879-3291 r~. each month, the Govern- ,, • • ..-,.t-.~:.....-,a....a..~:_..,..:_,.. ~¢c we told you you'd like iL Register with TheSuperlor Express by n( ......... upen you tnrcct t)eposit account by "" --" "-- The k)cglk)n o| your ~ 811d deQc~ion Of the Ilem8 7 ...... visiting us today • By bypassing the mail, you get • ~ ,.- ~ ilt the ~ Sale C.,~lral Recelve a slgn deslgnatlng your sala as pint din..-- .. q See us for screen printed caps, decals, Home Federal Savings ----- - ALL FOR A LOW,S00 PAHTICIPATING FE| magnetic signs, binders and posters 454Central _._._. Youreo~iveadvan¢oadverltslngpromotingAug. 148sthe Supedor, NE 68978 adverlisement ol up to 40 w ds the terns and location ,,m,,,~. (402) 879-4757 ~ par~4~sm poster mounted on a stare lot placement in