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August 5, 1993     The Superior Express
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August 5, 1993

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"0 the largest, costliest and most powerful groups in America is about to become is on the point of destroying the Hatch the nation's three million federal em- : gO-ahead to plunge into partisan politics. passed separate pieces However, political empowerment is a two-edged sword. What seems t9 be forgotten or conveniently overlooked is that Hatch Act restrictions,.on federal employees' political involvomem are designed more to protect the employees from their bosses than to protect the public from the politicized bureaucrats. As Senate Minority Leader Bob Dole said, "The virtually all the barriers to federal very real danger is that the quality of our civil service political activities, will decline aspol/tics.replaeex'rr rit as the key factor Versions have to be reconciled by a con- in hiring and promotion practices." . , ttee. But it's safe to predict that the Common Cause President Fred Wertheimer ech- green light for politicizafion of federal oedDole's warrfin g, saying that "you, lre left with im- plicit pressures and coercioris that can t be dealt with." version is breathtaking in its liberality. Right. If you re a GS-5 and the Gs-12 who runs civil servants or the your office suggests you circulate petitions after dinner investigative employees of agencies or put a sign in your yard for Candidate X or Congress- nd CIA. man A, what are going to do if you no longer have the bureaucracy to plunge into partisan- protection of the Hatch Act? mg prospect. Federal employees haveIn partisan terms, the congressional move to politi- agendas to advance in their daily work. cize the federal work force makes sense. Democrats l't need them electioneering and push- control the White House,and Congress, and if the work r spare time, too. force can be" depended on to loyally support Demo- change are leaders of the federal em- cratic causes, the circle will be completed. Power is the name of the game, and the In nonpartisan terms, Congress can be viewed in '1" the services of federal employees as this matter as acting cynically and opportunistically, would be a rich aggrandizement for which is not exactly an unfamiliar view. Midlands Business Joumal " s ab deft it stt I not ser] out c Bargen the deficit lhrtlaer. . the government as a job benefit, Don t believe me? Just look at g, President Democrats have poo-pooea Total cost by 1997-98:: an esti-.our track-record for social pro- proposal has ,,tha___t charge consi.s,,tenfly, calling if mated $3 to 4 billion alone and grams. We cannot afford it! Why , reSsional con- 'gridlock politics . How, then, do ballooning, not take the money to be spent on " and is ready to Democrats defend President Waitaminute!Democratshave tliis program and save it to do Senate Clinton's new national service been insisting thatyour tares are what it was promised to do--re- program? If is an exampleof what going up to reduce the national duce the deficit, or take a portion Weed Trees What farm job fits the wet conditions? The answer is tree and brush control in native pus- tures. How about expanding the area to grassed waterways, the farmstead, and road ditches? The tree species that invade native pastures are cedars, hedge, and honey locust. Chinese elm and cedars cause the most prob- lems in waterways and road ditches. The Superior ! Thursday, August 5, 1993"Nt PRIZE WINNING NEWSPAPER ~ka r~ Amx~n~ P.O. Box 2M,W~ow, Kan~s ee~'/0.0258 NATIONAL NEWSPAPER S ul)~dp~n, ra~: $12 I~ yut o thrlm yeom f(x ILq3 payablo In advacco In N~tmka lind Kanlal, o)4m~.)em $1S i~r ywr or throe years for $50, ASSOCIATION If you cut the cedar tree at ground level the stump and room will die. Cutting the other tree species at ground level will re- sultin a multi sprouted tree. A Sixty-four Years Ago ! Wagon visited Gordon lla Koken, Helen McNichols, stump treatment immediately af- Participating in a golf tourna- Whartman, Bill Gering, Dan "William Brackin, Opal Bogart ter cutting the tree off at ground ment in Hebron were Frank Snell, Alfred Mueller, W. C. and Faye Dye. Sanderson, Eldon Aeschliman, St. Peter s Lutheran Church, level will generally kill thestump Amy, Bill Willhoite, Frank Felt, Ilene Wagner, Harvey Bradley, Davenport, broke ground for a and room. The chemicals Cross- Lew Hem, Claude Shaw, Philip Maggie Honeycutt, James new building. bow, Remedy, and RTU are la- Scoular and Carl Schaer. beled for stump treatment. The William Harbolt and family Wunderlich and James R. Feess. label provides directions form ix- The interstate highway from Five Years Ago left to make their home in Cali- ing and application, fornia. Grand Island to Elm Creek, 55 Chester remembered the If you choose to kill the trees Mrs. Charles Blivens, em- miles, will soon be opened. Little Boy in Blue with a menu- while standing, spray the chemi- ployee at the Golden Rule store, Twenty Years Ago ment in the park. Dr. Richard Kimball has be- Mike Moore and Kellawan cal mixture on the lower trunk, is on vacation in Kansas City this gunpracticingmedicinewithDr. Ramoutar, British Guiana, met The recommendation is to spray week. for the first time Saturday after an 8 inch band all around the Madaline Maxwell was hurt Schlotterback in Mankato. Peggy Ferebee graduatedbeing pen pals since both were trunk, and apply enough liquid when thrown from her bicycle, from Ben Your Hairdresser 10 years old. : thatitbeginstodripoffthebark. Glen Hicks, Russell Ander- The third annual spelling con- School. The recommended dates to spray son, LelandVanOrnamandCarl Francis Schleif, 53, died in test was held at the Superior the tree trunk are July 15-Febru, Dahlgren will leave Sunday for a~y 1. the Veterans Hospital, Lincoln. Good Samaritan Center with Why should you do the job the Ozarks. More than 765 acres of Lucy Wiley, Mankato, Velrna Fifty Years Ago Nuckolls County land will be Dalton, Superior, and Erma this summer? Doing the job next J.L. Giffinwasnamedcom- auetioned to settle the estate of Brooks, RedCloud, the top win-, year will cost you more, will re- quire more chemical and will re- mander of St. Mihiel Post 103. Ada Gertrude Hudson. ners. Other officers elected were Ten Years Ago One Year Ago quire more time. Elwood Jordan, F. A. Lyman, W. I want to commend the owner Employees of the Burlington Superior water and sewer of the west half of section I0 in W. Kistler, Lee Sage and H.M. Northern Railroad presented a rates will increase Aug. I. Crilly. Jackson township. Almost all of horseshoe shaped cake to Wayne Gove. Ben Nelson visited Su- the brush trees in that pasture Edna and Mildred Masters, Collins upon his retirement, perior and took a trolley ride. teachers in Mankato and Burr Pastor Dwayne Kirchhoff, JohnAberg, Dan Corman and have been killed. Oak, keep busy in the summer. 44, and daughter Sherra, 9, were Andy Meyer were pictured tub- This summer they shocked killed in a car-pickup accident in ing in the Republican River, Re- Stored Mile wheat for Irvin McKeown, Ward Canada. Other deaths listed were Cent rains bought many benefits. One farmer in Jewell County has a 20-foot tall grain bin full Henderson, Carl Langer and oth- ers and painted at the Carl of caked mile. How will he get Langerfarm. Mildredalsoworks the grain bin cleaned out7 part-time at the Heste~d's store. One 47-year-old Wabannsee Five fire departments fought all bu- a cohesive community and keeps plycreatemorebureaucracy, mo~e means, andifwecontinuetoavoid while it vibrant. President George Bush regulation and will inevitably re- biting the bullet, that bullet will Would take knewthiswithhisThousandPoinm quire more and more funding, bite us first, and hard! Republicans had been warning deficit and not for new spending, of it to fund existing college pro- Company farmer angered the the blaze at the Deshier Broom about. Yet here we have a brand new grams l~e the Pell Grant, which grain out of the center part of his Factorywasstartedbyastrokeof This national service idea is a program which, in reality, adds has never been fully funded since grain bin. He then entered the lightning. Nearly half of the may brand new government program thousands more people to the fed- it was created, bin, stood on the floor and pro- plant was destroyed. :,but which Clinton, on the campaign eral government's payroll Thisnatioual service program ceeded to dig the caked grain Threshing is the order of the Editor: peeted, I found them to be peace- goal. trail, vowed to create if elected. (100,000 peoplein the in'st year isabig-sl~nding w0lfinidealisfic loose, The caked grain broke day in ~e Nora area.. I bicycled through Superior ful and caring. :isat Andindced, he kspt this promise, alone), a program,which is not clothing that guts the true mean- loose, covered the farmer, and tdget and it has now found its way into urgently needed. It s be~ touted, tng '~f vol~nteerism while it be- forty xears A$o and stopped for a rest at your I was shocked at the weeds only the federal budget. It is designed as a "domestic Peace Corps" that comes an unnecessary drain on that was the end of that farmer. Nelson will have a beer tar- Dark. growing along the cement fence A 27-year-old Crawford ern. The city council has voted to - Superior was one of the nicer and the entrance of the cemetery. trwe to provide up to $5,000 a year for is needed in America. What ofour the treasury and your p~)cketbook. County farmer began angering grant a license for such a place of communities l visited during an But l was disgusted at the clumps ~250 college students to help them pay more important needs, like more r men morecourts an Inthesetimesoftightrevenues grain out of a grain bin. Itiquit business, eight-daytour, Iwillspeakhighly ofdead grass splattered and stuck for college while they are in school, lawenfo ce t, , .. debt After they graduate, they "pay off' improved prison system, better and a sluggish economy and all running out so he 10pked Mr. and Mrs. Fred Warneking of it in a piece I am working on to the headstones. There were ~and the debt by "volunteering" their border patrolling, increased drug the talk of deficit reduction, it through the roof opening[and are in a Beatrice hospitalfollow- ~for~ay newsletter, and perhaps clumpsofgrassmowerclippings mg a t uc aC t d '0 cyClmg related publ a, all over ttLe~ oad and m th! table time in their communides for two fighting, reforms in education and sgej~as ridiculous that we are ~ found~a~ast~topoflhe~i; " r k .............. ~' "~'~ : " " " enroute to Omahd~Vt~ a dad of fi~K~'.'lwashighiy~mpressedw~th grass. The weeds growing eonsider-yearsdoingservieeprojects. '>,~ ~reduction? c~eTtnganewprogram~ H~decid~~~ 1 " " " " " " " " g)vern- Isincerely believein thel~eai: "~d) these need our aUention notvit~!ynecessar~,!~i~rfl~~" ~ up the ~n~.~H~ weight cattle, south-central Nebraska in gen- aroundtheheadstoneswasrather o~m ev- efitsandrewardsofvolunteerser- and our tax dollars more urgently~ rably fi'iv010u~. We~r~ Still not broke through the crust and The annual Ham Radio Op- eras during the two days I bi- tall and in some cases several all social vices.Volunteerismiswhatmolds Another social program will sim- serious about living within our d:opped him into the hollow erators Festival will be held m cycled through this part of the inches wide. As I drove to the aceeee grin the bottom of the bin. Lincoln Park. country, area where the ornaments were I din followed him cover- Robert Bowlin is the new Randy W. Wyatt noticed themowerhadblownthe y off the of Light Foundation. The Clinton program, however, is not a volun- f~ -- leems it teer program. 'lleCTlOt"tS ation to Ftrst, college students would By ~)onna M.,'Christensen ~n more receive their grant from the gov- " - ; ; /lerthis eminent of up to.$5,000 a ye~ ; A couple Sundays ago, we sang an~ld familiar hymn. It was ~g bud-while in college. Asaeollegestu- written in suek, a way it only took up a s aee n the page. It dent, I know how nice it would be seemed to be a ~song. When ~ be[~. to sing we discovered there masstveto get sucn money zor college Ices where hn " B e the creases ........ were several p a a " e w~ repeated, y th dine,all to .... t~owever, i msorem)ze me count verses were t'mished, we had sung a lb~'g song. ha a pro- try__c_c_c_c_c_c_c_c_c mot anora _was ogran3. Sometimes it's like that with living, too. It appears to be so simple ~grme~l~. Here is wny: at.ter tlae smd~mt whenyoustartout,butitquicklybecomesmorecJm~plicatedol~c~you -,,t,- ~- graauates xrom college ano de- . " " " Th re are hi ~ula ~. ........ ,_---. : ..... get Involved m it. e dden avenues we had not foreseen, , o~ gmsme volunteer poruonoxme . wa f " " " nymore ~-,,~-~m th~onvornmentwillrmv which become our path yando ten as we think we are fimshed w~th 1""~'-'") ~"" ~v " .V--d re " creases, him a~aln for those two years of a phase, we fred we must peat ~meot n. . . ~.warn- servi~.~a salary of at least $4.25 . Th.e compact n yrma. w.e san. g. mat ~: possessed a .piea.sant higher an hour for more than 30 hours per vanauon m tone as wen as.mspmng ynes w upon msaoea uon: ss raised week added to its beauty, m mucn me same way, li/e takes on morepro~ouno 'w ways And" that's not al.l A health meaning when we evaluate the myraid .... of our experiences to the tune educing care package is also provided by -of the simple beauty God has provided fo[ our complete e.0jOyment. ': S I lotebOok ] tRi informedmeeet oli.cga.geononcof Brown's sh FitStore, I took advantage of their markdowns and ring. Though she had filled the tank a few purehased:~vt.~ of w. As nccd~d~,.I have been wasn't showing, putting those bo s rote serv out n seems the boots _are shrinking. he tank may have been so full the needle For an of years ! tave conszderedmy boot size to be t the truck had been driven sufficiently to., llD and most of the boots I hased dunng the close-out were Xatankof asoline.Theneedleshouldhave liD, '-. :-': .... " i Though several f t~.~h~ve wrn ut, I Still have a brand new I haven't worn I ve mg some new boots and I tuck to the ret air shop, I decided I would pair : |.SundayaftemoonId~cidcdIwouldtake have wanted to stan breakingtha(p~r tn but they are so ught I can t ~lobservethogasolinegaugo.Tbevehiele even get them on. . . ~ ~ :/~: ~!il~ .. . was running rough as I backed toward the The boots are pla.m y ano i surely tried them on adrefusedtostartagain.Itriedallmylricks the day they were purcna ea . , i ;. I even let it set for three hours it- I was considering,wtmt tO aowiththe tmots when my reading fl - rsu'ested i The author advised a I " ooded. Nothing worked, ofadailynewspape gg . cled. ..... p asuc day evening, I was still searchinR for a way be filled with water aria ptaceo msme me ugtit sfioe:Then the )ve it off the street. I was certain'it couldn;t shoe was to be placed inside a freezer until the water froze. The decided to add gasoline from a can kept for expanding water would s tre hthe shoe.. ... ,, klift. I tried the starter and the engir fm l Earlier this week a plasu.c bag Ptacea ms'de, left hoot, Y. Still uncertain as to the natm of the sixcupsofwateraddedtomcDa anomet t placed m the freezer, tot a spin around town. It ran flawlessly. Finding a bag that fit inside the tarot and men getting it filled with low on gasoline, water was quite a trick. . . . ,. o _> . Last evening when I toox me ooot out dime treeze ; I sensed Monday and it took 31,9 gallons of a problem, Much of the boot's exterior Was covered ice, I feared exp g water must have broken the bag and leaked t was driven much farther llum we thought into the b0otbefo e it,froze. ,.,.. ne was remo' ced from the tank. I sh k tl .lxmt in ide,t eand tried/the defrost ays of unexpectedly getting away. cycle. I thatid l wfien If0u.nd the b .t was s0hot I coold t_ga gasolin:deliverytruck.f, myfatber, I hardlyhandle,itandtheiceomystamng melt,: .: , ., ected stop to fdl a farmer s tank. He said Next I propped theboot upside down m uuli .sink .the - a(n,t last nearly as long as he expected it the melting water would drain from me odor wnnout soalang trtkfilled whenlsensedthatmyrightf7 the l ie cl edontheboutthismorning.Allbutonesmallpieceof for it Was a hot July afternoon and it hadn t . ice had tried tO pull so , l l ,onto my left foot without ~mccess. I c~l _rill ~ get'my toes past tlte instep. ".discovered a stream of gasoline lwehing SoIletttheboottodry.I mnowan.xiustog,h.mear ! ,:.c .beck my boot. I immediately stopped Idling the theboot.Ifearasthebootdriesitwdlshrinkandma~enev~llter repon the problem, than it was before I atteml ted the ice-stretch.... , ., ~t this morning but it was soaked with Ifyoufmdonewatergtained, slightly smanerlx~tpairedwim a diffea at reason, a slightly larger brand new boot at the Nifty-Thrifty you will know Joe and Mary Beaumont closedout tl . ir my attempt at boot stretching failed. ing him up and that was the end manager of the Armour & Com- Backroads Bicycling dead clippings all over the ce- of that farmer, party plant in Superior replacing merit covers of the graves in that There are safe ways of re- Ralph Cooper. Editor: area. moving spoiled grain, but it Thirty Years Ago Like many others I visited Maybe the cemetery board: takes safety planning and it is Joe Feeny, Irish tenor with Everygreen Cemetery to see the should worry less about orna-- hard work. If you Ideate the Lawrence Welk Band, and Jack lawn ornaments and to see what ments (after all,,one man's junk~. Jewell County farmer with the Pesek and his wrestling group all the controversy was about, is another man s treasure) and~ spoiled bin of mile, hand him were featured at the Nuckolls I was appalled, but not over worry more about the general." this news item. It might save his County Fair. . the elephant and bull. Actually, I upkeep of the entire cemetery. little girl's daddy. The Mrs. Jaycees Welcome enjoyed them more than I ex- Connie Williams~ F, ?~? Chur( h Director~ ~ea irst Commun ty Church'0f Church of Christ First Church The Nazarene ~ Ke.t ~ s~.t Presbyterian Oak, Neb. 740 ~ust 7th Phone 402-879-4067 Church i Jonathan Brol~ston, l~stor . Rev. Lela-4 Smith ,, Ken Falrbrother, minister OMee Phone 402-S79-~.--.~1 " Wednesday Night Sixth and N Central ~One 40~-22~-22S4 , 8~y Youth and Adult Bfl)lc Study ..... 7:30 Phone 402-879-3733 " ": Sunday ' 'Sunday School..~ ...... 9:30 a.m. Sunday Sunday~School ......... 10:40 a.m. Morn/rig Scrvlce'. .... 10:50 s~n~ Morning Worsh/p ....... 9:30 ~.m.chad~se~ We~k~.h~ont~ Worship Serv/ce ......... 9:30 s.n~ Rev. Jerry Dean, pastor:~ Even/rig Serv/ce ............ 6 p.n~Sunday School. ............. 11 a.m. ~ Midweek Bible Studies Wednesday Evening Serv/ce: ......... 6:30 p.m. Sunday ~ ' Bllfle C~mtm~l Pray= l~mag, lad~' Gunffi~g ~ to Ood shotad be Worshlp Service .... 9:30 a.m. '.. and Teen Blble Study ...... 7p.m. as regu/ar as our heartbeat. No children's Sunday school t , Nondenominational TranNortation and Num~i7 e ' r' 4 ,Salem Webber United LltUe Blue Mankato's First i Lutheran Church Methodist Church Christian Baptist Church !i ' i Ke . Fellowship Southern Baptist Convention " Phone 402-221~4207 ~1 _ Oi~ 915~61.2664 Old Pleasant View School ~ Highway East 36 i Highway 14 North Craig l~u~hlld, l~mt~ at the Jumetlonof Mankato, Kan. : Superior. Neb. -- Sunday Highways No. 14 and No. 4 .]f~ ~ Chinch 91S-378-3655 PIM4)r o~ Mn. ~vld Selle~l ~-~ Home 915-378-3622 " Michael (hd~rg, pastor Worship ................... 9:30 ~n~Worshtp Scrvtee, Sunday 10 ~m. Re~. Carroll G. E~erlst ' Stmday Sunday School ....... 10:30 ram.BlbF~-pt'a~er, Monday.6:30 a.m. UMW le Study, ' _ .. Sunday :' StmdayScltool ...... 9:30a.m. F1rstandTh/rdWeklnesday Wedn___e~, ay .... ; ......... 7:~p.n~ Sunday School ........ I0 a.m.S Worship ............. 10:45 &m; Of Each Month Children s Bible Study, Morning Worship ..... I I a.m. : 1 ' l' I' ~ ' Wednesday/ ........ 7:30 p.m. l: LlvingFaith OIIv~ ~ Evangelical Our Redeemer i. Fellowship Church Lutheran Church Lutheran Church i WordSlsOf NF~lthcentralChmh P~tor L~ster Snyder in ADlerica Evangelical Lutheran ~at,y ~m~r, ~ Phone 402-879-4480 Church in America i: ~hou 4os-~-s~z 8unda~ ' ll~one 40~-~q~OS 505 N Kansas sunder Adult worshtp ..... . ......... 10"~50 a.m, Sunday ~:~ho01 ... 9:30 a.m. Superior0 Neb. "! ~dr=n's Church .......... 10"~0 a.m. Worship ........ ;.. 10:30 8~m. ST. PAUL LUTHERAN Hardly, Neb. Welter Lsughlin, pestor Adult Womhip ....................... S p.mi Michael Osberg, pastor Children's Church ................. 5 p.m~ Located five mlle~ south and .Wedaemlay , tw? mll~ west of 8uperlor Sunday YoUth Rap..: ............. : ............ 7p.m ProeldlmlngChrlstSlneelST~ SundaYWrshlP ,'~ ....... 9a.m. _ Sunday School and Mornlng Worsh!p.. 8:45 a.m. Adult Bible StudYcl.dldren,s B~le Study .................. ........... 77p'm'p.m " ' Fellowshlp Hour ...... 10 dun. " ~ Centennial" " Uni" - First Catholic " I:eG " Lutheran Church " - "" h Se : ~.~-~ ' methodist Baptist Church Churc rvices : m,~,,,., ~.~..,~ - ,,h.._.~ ..~ ....... st. Josephs Church * ~~uw - . ~ u~u !~"~::~ ooo a t;omrnerclal 8,,,',,-rior Neb " w~ ht._ ~ ' "4415 N Kansas Street ~ ~ -'- ' " " Family Nl~lt ....... ~ ........ '7 p,m. Supe1"l~l)r, .el). Superior, Neb. Father Frank Maehovee : ! . : Rev. Louis Rectory Phone 402-87g-3735 Worshlp ........ ~..:.. IIQ~. ~ ltKlehl~l-llueh Chll~h 41d~-8'~3~. " D~y M)'; :" Worship Ser~ce ............. . ....... 9"a.m. Sunday Service 0 am : Sunday School-Bfble Class .. lqb. ChurPh .~oh~l CJ..qt~ ~ m Sunday ] ' " ....... 6 " ' w~h~pt, otm~ala~ .......................... ChurehatStudy.9:30am ! r L~turday ................. SPa"m"', -=hS~n~s~a~ Worshlp 10:45 a.m. Wo"-~''. o,-}, ..... x t ~ a" 'm ~unaay ..................... "" msa~ caltf~ ~ u~ and ............... Nelson-Sunday ...... 10 a.m. studu on~crba~.~. /