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August 11, 2010     The Superior Express
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August 11, 2010

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~E~ .]it,J'l~L]b.! ~n!Ltt~,ll' ~1 ]li~i ~ Ul~i.~I~I~L~l~bL~J~ii~:~[M~u~i~~L~L~h~u~W|b~|]~i~~~l~ LJ IIIlllIIIIIIIliNIIWII!!EJlII J.l, IIJIII Ill:U] IllJl]~[.lUt~llll~,l II~ll~lil IlllJDlgllllltll : _ . i " | ..... I 4B THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thursday, August 12, 2010 ' ' ' ' ' Burdette entered the hospital on Mort- Program features Esbon day and was released Friday. His 1935 Republican daughter, Paula Hancock, brought him ..... home. Tyson Callaway had taken his Flood documentary Dale Underwood was in Grand Is- grandmother, Janie, to Concordia that The Cloud Count); Historical Mu- land Monday to consult with one of his day. Janette Wedel picked her up after scum in Concordia is hosting an event doctors. Instructions received were to dialysisandthey came to Esbon. Janette in dedication to the 1935 flood of the stay where it's cool and take it easy. stayed the night with her parents and Republican River. Now that's a hard job for Dale. went home Saturday. The National Weather Service of- A funeral was held Thursday for a NatalieFrostandson, Whitley, went fice in Goodland, has created a docu- former Esbon resident Wilma Diebert. to Winona Friday and met Natalies' mentary on the 1935 Republican River Wilma's funeral was at the Christian mother. They all went to Colorado for Flood. The documentary will be dedi- Church in Mankato. In more recent the birth of Natalie's sister's baby. cation at the Cloud County Historical years she had lived in Mankato and Ione ShipleyjoinedMelvaandJohn Museum in Concordia on Saturday. then Greensburg. The Dieberts lived Harvey in Kansas City Monday for a Weather Servicepersonnel worked south of Esbon and all oftheirchildren flight to Nashville, Ind. While in Indi- two years on the project to commemo- are graduates of Esbon High School. aria, they will attend the celebration of rate the 75th anniversary of the 1935 How time does fly and now we Ione's sister. Nadine, and herhusband flood that drastically.changed the Re- realize it is time for the Esbonfest. The Dave Wesner's 50th wedding anniver- publican River valley and the commu- date set for this event is Saturday. sary.Threedayswillbeataresortwith nitiessurrounding it. Looking at the schedule of events it all the family together. Gary andTeresa The program will be presented at 2 appears there will be something for Shipley drove to Indiana to also take p.m. at the museum located on East 7th everyone. A few of the things planned part in this special occasion. Gary was Street in Concordia. Personal accounts are mud drags for trucks and four- the ring bearer for the couple 50 years of the flood given by guests will be wheelers, an automobile and motor- ago. Wanda (Alcorn) Thummel was recorded and included in the docu- cycle show, go-cart races, co-ed sand the vocalist. ~Me" mentary. Additional activities include volleyball, adult games at the Senior "Jesus is all the Word to was a small scale recreation of the 1935 Center. arm wrestling, the National the praise of Christ hymn. which the flood, and the construction of 1928 Guard climbing wall will be set up, Esbon United Methodist Church con- Lincoln Page biplanes similar to the food stands wi ll be down town and also gregation sang Sunday. This hymn one Charlie Blosser used in his rescue at the race track, crafts and vendors should be the truth for all people. The efforts. will be in the fire hall from 10 a.m. flowers at the front of the church were This event is free and appropriate 'until 3 p.m., the Catholic women will from Norene Dietz and the other from for families. .give away their hand quilted quilt. The the family of Elta Kennedy which gave parade is scheduled for4 p.m. The the church the beautiful arrangement P blic N ti .evening barbecue supper willalso be ofgladsandfillerflowers.Guestswere 1,1 O ces in the fire hall starting at 5 p.m. The Beth and Brett Walker, Scott, Victoria Participants of the Jewell Public Library summer reading program made a splash this year by making f shing poles, going fishing and catching fish. The group Broeckelman sisters will perform. A and Makala E'cuyer. It was so nice to read books, learned the importance of water, potted plants, made flip-flop picture frames and visited the fire station. free dance will be at the same place hearababy talk a bit during the church. The last day, Becky Cockroft hosted the group at her pool. Where there were several firsts: Fayeth Dahl learned to lump off the edge of the pool by herself; (First tmblished Julr 29. 2010. from 8:30 p.m. until 12 midnight with Deanna Underwood conducted Emily Feldmann learned to swim; Ayden Loomis learned to jump off the diving board and swim to the side without a life jacket. Caleb Burks did cannon balls in the ,/ewe//Countv Record) the music furnished by "Flat Spin." children's church. Aug. 22 at 6:30 and dives became known forhis cannon balls dives. Pictured (from left) are Fayeth Dahl. Elijah Beals. Taylor Cox. Cianna DeLeon, Jensen Eilert, Emily Feldmann, In the District Court of Jewell Hotweatherhasarrivedinnorthern 7p.m.istl~planneddateandtimesfor Hanna Wanklyn, Caleb Burks. Jacob Bur~, Ayden Loomis and Jada Eilert. County. Kansas In the Mattc r of the Estate of" Olive Kansas. My very unoMcial thermom- the annual planning and budget meet- here to attend the annual Smith re- The family received friends from 5 to Lillie Irene Mann. speeding, eterreadatonetimelastMondayafter- ing for 2011. unionin Cawker. Obituaries 7p.m. Rosary was recited at 6p.m. $156.50. Ferne Harris. deceased noon 104 degrees. Thank goodness Pastor Dan is starting his series in Frank and Thelma Shelton are in Memorial contributions may be made GabrielL.Pahls.speeding.$162.50. Case 10-PR-14 there was relief on Tuesday as the the Psalms. chosing scripture reading Flordia to attend a Tupperware con- toMidlandHospiceHomeHealthCare. Mark A. Pastrovich. speeding, NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT The State of Kansas to the credi- ,temperature wasdown severaldegrees from Psalm 120: 1-7 and titled his ser- vention. 200 SW Frazier Circle. Topeka. Kan. $180.50. and Wednesday morning an inch of mon "Songs of the Road." The pastor Jedry and Judy Salisbury, San Judith Ann (Basart) 66606-2800 or St. Joseph's Catholic Patricia A. Segura, speed,ng, torS,said dccedentheirs" deviseCSand all otheandrsle~:'eeSconcerned:" of " rain fell over the general area. That reminded all that repentance is the first Antonia. Texas. were in Jewell last Shadduek l~IeJel' Church. 227 SW VanBuren. Topeka. $174.50. might be called a million dollar rain. step of the journey. They cannot make weekvisitinghismother. PearlLouder. Gerald E. Taylor, speeding You arc notified that on July 23. John Beam,Gary Bartcher, Dwight it on their own. only God can deliver a resident of Mitchell County Long- Judy,69,Topeka, diedFriday,Aug. Kan. 66603. To leave a special mes- - ' 2010. the tmdersigned was appointed Frost, Melvin Silsby, Charlie Fischer us. LetGodshowustheway,LilaFrost Term Care. 6. 2010, at her home. Judy was born sage for the family online, visit $150.50. above namcdaSCXCCUtrsfthewillfdecedent:that letters andDaleUnderwcxxlmadeupthecolor and Dale Underwood were ushers. Abby Elkins broughtDuaneCoeto Nov. 9. 1940. in Jewcll County, the www.PenwellGabel.corn. Robert E. Thompson, transpomng andqualified testamentary have been ~ranted to I hem guardforEItaKennedy'sfuneraI. Elta SamandAlyceGillettmadeithome Jewelltovisitfriends.Duanenowlives daughter of O. Roy and Lillian B. --PaidOI, ituary-- anopen ~:ontainer.$693.82. the ,was a 60-year member of the Esbon from their'trip to Minnesota and have at long term care in Mankato. (Miller) Basart. She graduated from Marceline Buckley John M. Wood. speeding, $207.50. Register of Deeds as such executors: and that you must American Legion Post and she helped as their guests Victoria and Brett Karen Moyer was taken tothe hos- Mankato High School with the Class MarcelineMarieBuckley, 89,rural Thomas A. Miller to Kathleen A. exhibil your demands agmnst said ca- "with the Mernorial Day services when E'cuyer and little daughter, Makala. pital on Sunday. of 1957. She was married to Adron A. Aurora. Kan., died at her home last MillerorThomasA.Miller.trusteesof rate within four (4) months from the she would be4n Kansas at that time. from Wichita. Thisreporterandfriendsareamong Shadduck on Sept. 9. 1958. in Man- Wednesday. She was born July 28. the Miller Trust. W1/2 of SWI/4 of date of the first publication hereof, or The Esbon fire department was Friday night was apopular night for those who check on the geese at Lake kato. He preceded her in death on June 1921. near Aurora, to Octave and Etta Section 7. Township 3S. Range 10W: he forever barred. calledoutforafirethisweek.Atourist Esbonpeoplet0attendthePhillipsburg Emerson each evening. On Thursday 11,2000. Richard M. Harris had reported afireattheMarionBelden rodeo. Deanna and Roger Underwood, evening, after checking the geese, we She had lived in Nort.on before (Chaputlshe rnarriedlStas" Floyd Buckley April Nl/2NE1/4Range 10w.Sectin 34. Township 3S. and,Thomas H. Harris. executors .farm south of Esbon. but on arrival Gale Burgess, Colleen Baker, Ivanand totired Jewell and in the east part of moving to Topeka in 1972. Judy re- 23, 1943,inParis,Texas.Tothisunlon Debra A. Underwood to Rick L. Attest: John L. Bingham they found just a planned burn. Leta Frost. Br~tt and Beth Walker all townadeerwasmunchingontheapples tired from the Kansas Department of were born thrce children. Jerry, and Warnekingand Marilyn I.Warneking, (Seal~ District Magistrate Judge For a lot of years, 33 to be exact, chose that night to take in the rodeo, in an apple orchard. Transporation. She was a member of twins. Carolyn and Nolan. Marcetine Lot 9. Block 2 in Lewis First Addition Weltmcr-Phillips Law Office Dale Underwood has attended Kansas They report a good show and rather Diane Cook had'the misfortune to St. Joseph's Catholic Church. She was was a member of the Women of tile to the City c~l'Burr Oak. P.O. Box 303 ,largest rodeo that takes place each warm temperatures, but not as bad as fall off a ladder and break her arm. marriedtoJoseph George Meier, Jr.orl Moose and the St. Peter's Catholic Ila McEIroy transfer on death deed Mankato. Kan. 66956-0303 August in Phillipsburg. This year was some predicted. Laura Butts is moving to Smith May 30.2005. in Topeka. Church. Aurora. to Julie Bolte. Jennifer Joynes and (785/378-3172 no exception as he logged in Number Center where whe will teach this fall. Surviw)rs include her husband. Jo- Survivors mcludeherchildren.Mrs. Jackie Cooper. NW 1/4 Section 3. Attorneys for Executors 30-3c WeknowwearelivinginKansasas sepia George Meier, Jr.. of the home: Edwin Halferty, (Carolyn), Clyde. and Township 5S. Range 6W. (First Pub~is~ted Aug. 12. 2010. 34. Dale has been retired l'rom the lewell By Roberta Holdren the temepature is a 100 degrees or son and daughter-in-law. Alan D. and NolanBuckley. Concordia;grandchil- Wilbur Becker and Betty Becker to in the ./ewe//Comm' Record) army 35 years and he has only missed two rodeos. We remember when Dale , moreeveryday.Wehadaninchofrain Leanne D. Shadduck. Hastings, Neb." dren, Kristi Benyshek, Ryan Halferty, David William Graham. S 54 feet of In the District Courl of Jewell not only took in the rodeo, but invited Donna Moss is a patient in the but, the crops-really need more. daughter and son-in-law. Kirnberly K. Chad Buckley.JeffBuckley and Angle Lots 5 and 6 in Block theoriginal County, Kansas to go with hirn to the event several Mitchell county hospital. Bob Kemmerer ns a patient in the (Shadduck~ and Lloyd E. McDonald. LeDuc: 10 great-grandchildren; two townsitc of the City of Mankaio. IntheMatterofthe EstatcofNorma local men. who were not abletoget out Gerald and Marie McAtee and Mitchell County hospital. Topeka; two grandchildren. Jessica K brothers, Bill Is/as and Verla Is/as, Criminal S. Conn. deceased much. Three of them were Johnny Roger and Jody Pryor were Sunday Sunday afternoon a bridal shower Shadduck and Mclanie M. McDonald: four sisters, Gladys Peterson. Marie State of Kansas vs. Jonathan Will- Case 10-PR-15 McGrew.BilIReganandGeneConrad. dinner guest of Roberta Holdren, was held honoring Vinton Burgess and four step-children Randy Meier. To- Dochow, Ella Mac Kimmal and tams. charged with burglao, thefl and Notice of Hearing This was a special time for them. All The Palmer Museum will again put Autumn Anderson atflaeCalvaryBible peka, Christine Meier. Georgetown, Theresa Peltier: two brothers-in-law, criminal damage to property. Waived The State of Kansas to all persons these friends havedied, but Dale con- out the birthday and anniversary c~l- Church. They will-be marPied_:onAug. Texas, AngelaMeier, Topeka, andKim Earl Buckley, Mankato, and Wilbur preliminary hearing, ccmcemed: tiPt~,S .his lov~e,0|~he ev~l ~,Lk,fe~w :' end0r, s. A~ditions, subg'~ctionsgl:cor- 21. ::~, :~,;, Meier. Kansas City; two stcp-gt'and- Buckle). State of Kansas vs. Cod) S. Funk, You arc hereby notified that a pert- times his sister. Gayle Cole, and hus- rections or would like to sign up for Weekendguests'ofRon a'ndLinda children: Jon and Josh: and a step- She wasT~'eceded in' death by her charged with burglary, theft, criminal tion has been filed in this .c~mrt by band. Junior. or sister, Lorna, and hus- one please contact Roberta Holdren. Menhusen were her niece, Vickie great-granddaughter, husband, a son, Jerry; four brothers damageto property. Bail bond denied. Dennis A. Conic. as surviving spouse band. Nolin Hajny, also went. There They will be ready in time for Christ- Bush, and husband. Steve. from Mass of Christian burial will be at and three sisters. State of Kansas vs. Larry G. Hood. and one of the heirs ofNorma S. Conn. were times his dad, Charlie, would go rnas giving. Eskridge. They ate at a local cafe. 10 a.m.. today (Thursday, August 12. Mass of Christian burial was held charged with violation of stalking or- deccased, praying Ik~r the determma- 2010),atSt.Joseph'sCatholicCImrch. Saturday atOurLadyofPerpetualHelp der. Released on bond. /ion of the descent of the following with him. This year Lane Underwood " AI and Charlotte Snyder hosted a Interment will be in PenwelI-Gabel Catholic Church. Concordia. with Fa- State of Kansas vs. Larry G. Hood. described real estate: was his guest, group of friends on Saturday eveing at Cemetery. Judy will lay-in-state after therBarryBrinkmanofficiating.Burial charged with battery, arrested and re- Lots One I I ) and Two (2) and Burdette Callaway stayed four which time they celebrated Al's 75th 3 p.m.. Wednesday, August I 1. at was in Pleasant View Cemetery, rural leased on $1.000 bail. North Half(NI/2)ofLotThree(3) mghts in Good Samaritan Hospital in birthday. Penwell-Gabel Parker-Price Chapel, Ames. Nutter Mortuary was in charge in Block Three (31. Brigham. Crill Kearney, as he' underwent a procedure Larry SmithofWichita was aJewell 245 NW Independence Ave., Topeka. of arrangements. Correction and Randall's First Addition to the where fluid wasdrained fromhisbody, vnsitor over the week end. Larry was " B & B THEATRES Show times for Friday Aug. '13 1 IntheJuly 16accident rcportprevi- City o1 Randall. Jcwell County, Majestic Theatre through Tuesday, Aug. 17 ously printed, driver of unit 1 Trent W. Kansas. Da-Annointments ,,~ w. sixlh street .............................. CourthouseNews Same sideswiped Rex'l,. Henningsen and all other property, real and per- Same "-" ,.7 ~r/" - - - the Jewell County Sheriff's Depart- sonal, or interests therein, owned by DowntownConcordia, Kan. Cats and Dogs 2 Jewell County ment. corrected the report to read Trent the decedent at the timc of death: and Concordia'sAIINew State.Of.The- (~) 1:35' "420.6:55&9'20D.m ' W. Lehrling sideswiped Rex L. you are hereby required to file your Hours: Art. Four Screen Movie Theatre/reclL ~ Traffic written defcnscs thereto on or before Monday-Friday: 9:30 a.m.- 6 p.m. . Stadium Seating. Handicap Accessible Matthew R. Akin, Wildlife. Parks Henningscn. ....................... September 3. 2010. at 2:00 o'clock Digital Surround Sound (in s01eeted the- and Recreation. $143.50. p.m., of said day, in said court, in the Saturday: 9:30 a.m,- 1 p.m. Medicare .ttes).w~'ltoWall Sc,,,~.~ar,,y ~rcaa~ Dinner for Schmocks Audra L. Betts, speeding, $207.50. Quotes Worth Repeating City ol'Mankato, Jewell County. Kan- Sunday: by appointment and 24.Hour Movie lnformati0n at 785-243"4544l:50L'4'30.7:05&9:25Dm David L. Chartier, speeding, Acelebritynsapersonwhowo~ks sas. at which time and plact~ said cause Blue Shield www, ~ $138.50. hard all his life to become well known, will be heard. Should you fail therein. Adult (after 5:301 $6.50 (before 5:30) 55.50 [ ................................. St. Citizen (62 yrs or older) $5.50 John D. Duffy, driving on right side then wears dark glasses to aw)id being judgment and decree will be entered in Tyler ~,,,,,,,,,0 h of roadway, $170.50. failure to wear recognized. Fred Allen due course upon said petition. We accept Visa, MasterCard, DiscoverI .~ T e Other Guys seatbelt. $30.00. driving while license The large print g~veth, but the small Dennis A. Conn. petitioner and Debit cards. I ~ cancelled suspended or revoked, prmttaketh away. Tom Waits Frasier & Johnson. LLC " SOrlR~..,NO c~ECKS / ~:05), *4:35, 7:20 & 9:40 p.m ~, $300.00. liability insurance. $300.00. I havc six locks on my door all in a I 16 North Hersey Lnl tl"-'roprac"c ................ JosephE Hubbard, improper stop row. When I go out, Ilockeveryotl!er P.O. Box369 * DenoteSsaturdaymatinees& Sundayn Friday, H [! Salt lamp or turn si~nal.~ $138.50. one. I figureno matter how long some~ Jordan A. Hysten, speeding, body stands there picking the Ioc~s, Beloit.(785)_738_5723Kansas 67420 ( ) Denotes early Matinee |i they are ;always locking three. -Elayne Attorneys for Petitioner 32-3c We check IDs on:R-rated movies! j l 1:55 r ' 4:40. 7:15 & 9:30 ~ $138.80. - Brandon J. Mace. speeding, Boosler. John Tyler, D.C. Mankato, Kan. 24-Hour Movie Information at 785-243-4544 $168.50. TherapeuticMass a g eII--a- Fyler Chiropractic $95 per-l erson Ma akato, Kan. II1[ I I'~United Trophy-quality deer plus turkey, quail and I |1 [ ~k~~y~. fish on two tracts measuring 360 & 3201 all Lori Menhusen, 785;378-331_2, for appointment II I ~'-" " te acres. Indian artifacts and arrowheads. I II / Pr%5~s~anals Woods, pasture, tillable land., ] (Lunch hour ppointments available) K / =1 I1,'~,. ~l~_,,k]][l=l,,,g,,i,,'.q'l~I~li'-l'lii;i[~liI-~..t-lqi[~, ., ////II WEEKEND l~rKen Cannon [=~)Sam Brownback TICKETS ON SA L E NOW! 1) 36 yr Educator 1) CareerPolitician 2) No Pork Barrel 2) $84.5 Million Pork ir Spending 2009 OCTOBEB 2 OCTOBER 3 3) Secure Border 3) 2007 Voted for Sen- (No Amnesty) ate Bill 1033 Amnesty ~NSAS ~ ~ ~ 4) FairTax 4) Optional Flat Tax 5) Term Limits 5) Washington Insider 6) Kansas #1 Highways 6) Favors Privatizing Trip Includes visits to: (Keep KDOT) Highways Missouri River Basin Lewis & Clark Center, May ~ew Sponsoredb~ ~ 7) Would not Approve 7) Approved Sebelius Cabin, John Brown's Cave, Arbor Day Farm Tree . ~r'~l-L~l~7,,~'~F Sebelius HHS HHS Adventure, Lied Greenhouse, Arbor Lod9e State ~ ~PEW~I~IA]P 8) Pro Life: Ease Hist0 rical Park and Arboretum, Kimmet Orchard & ~ Adoption Laws Vineyard. Call for more details! EASY CHOICE/ Central Diane Price Diane Delka PLEASE VOTE NOVEMBER 2rid 2010 (785) 243-8226 (402) 87~-7709 N~iOila| Ba0k For more into or to Donate (go to) dway. ' AuareyHamilton Money for LiJ~ 866.460.RACE www.kansasspee corn (785) 378-3162 paid for by Candidate Ken Cannon J J ...... ..... : -I ,- - ------- ,I : : nlll/tl/llll/ml/iNmllll/mlillt/l