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August 11, 2016     The Superior Express
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August 11, 2016

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.... ) THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS'3A Onetime Superior resident had long, storied musical career By Marty Pohlman Evelene Brodstone was not the only Superior resident to find a successful career in England• Bruce Boyce was born in London, Ontario, Canada as John Bruce McLaren, to Dr. Walter Boyce, a veterinarian, and his wife, the former Ida McPherson, in 1910. Boyce had graduated from Coruell Univer- sity, Ithaca, N.Y., and had later moved the family to Canada where he estab- lished a practice. In 1916 Dr. Boyce accepted the position of inspector at Superior's Blue Cross Serum Com- pany. He and his family moved to Superior and Bruce entered the Supe- rior school system• Though his father displayed no musical ability, his mother was an accomplished singer and en- couraged Bruce to explore the world of vocal music. A drama teacher at Supe- rior High School recognized the innate talent possessed by Bruce and encour- aged him to further his education and training. When Bruce was 17, after graduat- ing from Superior High School with the Class of 1928, he departed Supe- rior and traveled to California. He worked with harvest crews and per- formed odd jobs. He saved money in order to attend Comell University. He matriculated at Cornell Univer- sity, concentrating in medical studies. He worked at an all-night car wash to earn money. When he was working, he would sing to himself for the pleasure of hearing his fine baritone voice. He became disenchanted with medical studies and transferred to an arts course, majoring in languages and music. He joined the Coruell Glee Club and was featured as a soloist in their recitals. In 1932, while in his senioryear at Cornell University, he took part in a concert arranged by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt at the White House, and entertained President Franklin D. RoOsevelt and his after-dinner guests. He was the voacalist with a profes- sional quartet at a mountain resort while on summer vacations. He graduated with a degree in French and practical singing. Boyce was awarded a scholarship to study abroad in 1934. He studied lieder for a brief period with Reinhold yon Warlich in Salzburg. The prevail- ing fascist political climate in Ger- many was such that he moved to Lon- don to continue his studies. He sang with the Oriana Madrigal Society and Bach Cantata Club. He began to spe- cialize in lieder singing. Lieder is a type of German song, usually adapted from poems, from the Romantic pe- riod of the late 18th and 19th centuries, usually arranged for a single voice accompanied by the piano. They are also referred to as art songs. He made his solo debut in London at Grotrian Hall in 1936. He continued to present concerts during 1937 and 1938. Boyce did not confine his work solely to the classical field. In 1935, he ventured to Paris where he recorded 'Wade in the Water,' with jazz great pianist Stephane Grapelli and guitarist Django Rheinhardt. This work was a seminal recording in the jazz move- ment to blend the blues with gospel. Boyce returned to the United States in 1938. He gave a Concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City. On May 20, 1938, Boyce gave a concert at the Superior Municipal Auditorium. He was accompanied by Sadie Mendell. The program consisted of 17 pieces ranging classical to popular works. After the concert, he returned to New York and then sailed back to England. He returned to the United States in 1939 when WWil began in September, 1939. He enlisted in the United States Arm), in 1942. He was assigned to the United States Army Air Force where he attained the rank of master sergeant by the end of the conflict. While awaiting his demobilization in 1946, Boyce wrote a letter to Rena Clingman, principal of Superior High SchoOl, which was published in The Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 1:30-5:30 p.m. :tin- Saturday " lOa.m.-2 p.m. .... 426 N Central • Superior, Neb Illll .~. ........... The Express Policy The Express will publish engagement announcements, wedding photographs and accompanying intormation without charge. Wedding pictures should be published soon after the marriage ceremony. Dates will be omitted if more than six weeks after the wedding. Although The Express does not charge for publishing the pictures and stories, they reserve the right to give splice preference to couples who purchase their wedding ' other invitations, programs and supplies from The Express. Anniversary pictures are published with a report after the observance. Pictures may be included in an invitation display ad near the bottom of the page. There is a 15-cent per word charge for inclusion in the "You're Invited" column on page 3. Information received in writing by 4 p.m., Monday, is given preference for inclusion in that week's paper. The Express reserves the right to edit and condense all copy submitted. Veterans participate in pilot program for health care benefits Thursday, August 11, 2016 By Marry Pohlman star was By this time, Ray was looking to Ray had married Clara Grant in ......... Mostarearesidentsarefamiliarwith break out of his young country bump- 1915. Clara and Charles both spent Superior Express. He thanked 1 ............ nousanos or veterans uvmg m me the story of Evelene Brodstone who kin role and decided to reinvent him- money with little regard. They fived'a • Clingmanandherstudentsforthewrit- rurat areas or aaame, vtrgmm, MOrt- .................. self as a romantic leading man. In luxurious life-style at a Beverly Hills an .... ,,~lt,,,~,, ,,~,~ ~,,~l,~,==v= ,~o ,4 J'"'b "''-'='=f'~l ing bees which sent letters to service- tana, K sas and Arizona have parttct and eventuall rose to be the hi h November, 1922, he announced plans mansion outfitted with golddosrknobs, men overseasduringthe war. Hesaid pat. .in ,.a pilotprogram known as paid female Yxecutive in the twgoelsd for the production of an epic historical several grand pianos, black marble "And the people whom I remembered t j., t t;H..lnls p.rogram auows while working for the Vestey Broth- costume drama based on the narrative bathtubs with gold fixtures and a full- so well-it wasn't so awfully long ago, engm!eveterans.tor. lvene mc.are ers, aninteruationalmeatpackingbusi- 1858 poem of Henry Wordsworthsized tree made from semi-precious was it? Thank you one and all for your !n re.err c.on~, unl~.msman, oi. having ness with interests around the world• Longfellow, "The Courtship of Myles stones which was placed in their bath- friendly greetings from back home. I to mlve to v.A meatc u rectories. Her rags to riches story culminated Standish," with himself in the role of room. • shall try to get things in order as soon . vP, n estaonsneanewagreemen.ts when she married William Vestey, John Alden. The poem concerus a love The couple employed a staffofser- as possible and come rolling into Su- wun meatcm provluers WhO paracl- chan ed her n e t hi r " " ............ g am a s equest to triangle between early American set- vents and the garage housed a.fleet of perior before too much time goes by." rro.j..ect,,u . .tL Aug. t, eroject Evelyn, and became Lady Vestey. tiers John Alden, Miles Standish and luxury automobiles. Clara wore ex- ACter his discharge in 1946 Boyce will ag. sR on to mese new Less known is the rags to riches to Priscilla Mullens. Ray stated that, pensive dresses which she refused to • returned to London to resume his war agreements. I ms.cnange s.nomu not rags story of an early Superior resi- "There will be immense satisfaction to wear more than once. She travelled in interrupted career. He began with two impact veterans who currently receive dent Charles Ed"ar Re" Stanle" me in playing a real character; not the a Rolls Royce with an ermine floor • , ~ Y- y recitals at Wigmore Hall which ryes- care through ProJect ARCH. Such vet- Sh ........... .......... eets, m hiS monumema worK, puppet of some author's invention." rug. tablished his reputation as a recitalists erans wm continue to receive metr First 100" ears" A Reference Histor Perhaps changing the spelling of the The day before their planned bank- .... )" . • y and oratorio singer. He also studied care m their communmes under the .............. same processes ann ..... wire me same aUal _ nor, ........... states mat nanes rtay protagonists name from Longfellow's ruptcy filing, the couple hosted a din- with tenor Dine Borgioli who was also ....... was ooru m auperlor m t av I ann ms original spelling should have been a ner party featuring a personal butler theartisticdirectoroftheNewLondon nealmcareprovmers, rlowever, veter- ...... ..nar e ." AXeD ...... , v,,nm' ..... portent of things to come. for each guest. The affair reportedly • . • y Opera Company. This association led axis whorecelvenon-servlcecormected who lived south of the cit" in Kansas It was reported that numerous cost $30,000. When one of the guests care and have active health insurance ........ L,y.., , . to Boyce making his operatic debut in ........ umer sources cne r ay s nlrmpmce as Ghades Ray, a one-time Superior friends, fellow thespians and studio queried Ray about the expense, asking owners attempted to dissuade Ray from how he (Ray) could do this if he was 1947 as part of the Italian opera season coverage, omer man vA, WlU re- . Jacksonville, I11., in 1891, and that his resident, was a popular silent film star making the film because lengthy cos- going bankrupt tomorrow? Who will at the Cambridge Theatre. His debut qulr.exltoprov!aesuchmsurancelmor- father was a railroad worker. Evidence during Hollywood's golden era. role was singing Monterone in mauon to melr comm.umty care uoc- does point to the fact that Ray and his tume dramas did not draw well at the pay the bills. Ray replied, 'Wethought Giuseppe Verdi's"Rigoletto," the title tor. veterans wno recewe non-servtce family were residents of the Su rior box office at that time. it was the thing to do." role in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's connected care and have other health .....-.'.., ........ -_... u^ m...,r- _. Ray rebuffed the offered advice. Ray's career sputtered along. He • CUIIIIIIUlIIL~ at UII~;~; 1,11111~. _1[~1~ Ilhl~l¥ i'll- craze had taken the United States and "Don Giovanni" and the role of msurance, but fail to provide informa- ........ t.....,:_ o. _L. • . . te,,u u v ouucnor the world beyond by storm. The de- He was unable to secure financing for appeared in his final silent film, "The , ,, tmn ror such insurance, may beerrone- --- -. • • -- Marcello in Giacomo Puccini s La . . before the family reioacted to Cahfor- mend for films was limitless and sev- the project from any of the major Count of Ten," in which he had a - Boheme". ously billed for me cost of their care. nia The liklihood is his father was a Though critically acclaimed for his VA is m the process of contact!ng railroad worker which would explain eral studios flourished in the Los An- studios. Ray funded the project with supporting role, in 1928. He traveled geles area which offered pristine land- $500,000 of his own capital. Filming to New York and appeared on stage in operatic role, Boyce returned to orate-, s WhO wiu t e,impacted by mis the travel from one area of the country scapes, abundant labor and a temper- of''The Courtship of Myles Standish" Off-Broadw iy productions but was transmon to ensure mey are aware ot d f s of rio singing, performing works such as , . to another as the ebbs an ortune ate year-round climate. Ray continued began at his namesake studio in Janu- rewarded with a distinct lack of suc- any changes and to answer any ques s w ke J. S. Bach's"St. Matthew Passion" and " . the railroad busines ould ta "s to work for Ince, performing bit parts ary, 1923. Production costs soon spi- cess. ' tlons veterans may have contemporary British works such as • father to where the work several films. He then graduated to ruled out of control as the budget was He returned to the screen in 1932, in Ralph Vanghn Williams"A Sea Sym- Ray completed his education in supporting roles. He appeared in 39 ignored. His production wouldbe the his first sound film, a short comedy.- phony". Boyce would, on occasion re- California and pursued a career as a films from January, 1913 thorough first to suffer this problem but cer- Ray was in bankruptcy court for a turn to the operatic stage, as he did in Be sure to check this newspaper's stage actor. Ray decided to enter the December, 1914. tainly not the last. "Heaven's Gate," second time in ,1934. Ray and Clara 1951 when he sang with the English web pages at for pic- nascent field of film making. In 1912 His breakthrough film was in a his- "Ishtar" and "Waterworld" come to had separated in 1930 and finalized Opera Group. He also appeared at tures and stories not published in the he began working as an extra fordirec- torical drama, "The Coward, when he mind in the modern film era. Ray had their divorce in 1935. Covent Garden in 1952. Later in his printed edition, tor Thomas H. Ince. The silent movie starredoppositeFrankKeenan, in 1915. a 180tonfull-sizedreplicaofthe"klay- Toprovidehimselfwithan income, career he made a few forays back into th He lth dept. Hispopularitysoaredafterthisfilm. flower" built and set on machinery to Ray turuedtowriting. He released a He was cast in juvenile roles, usually simulate the motion of a ship at sea. collection of short stories. He next liederthew°rld°f°perabuthisf°cuswaS°nsinging. SOU artland Hea usa young hick or country bumpkin Ray planned to float the vessel on an tried his hand at publishing a magazine ' It wasduringtheearly1950swhen offe info who foiledtheptansofthievesorcon artificiallakenearhisstudioafterfilm-in 1936, "Charles Ray's Hollywood Boyce began to record extensively. Hevaccine rmation men. He played in 25 films bewteen ing completed and convert it to ares- Digest which featured a mix of film : was singled out for critical praise on Sir Thomas Beecham's celebrated re- Vaccination protects people of all you get it for y-ourself or your chil- January, 1915, and February, 1917. taurant. Three full size log cabins were reviews, humor stories editorials and. Ray signed a contract with Para- constructed at Lake Arrowhead, Ca- movie news. The publication folded in cording of Frederick Delius' A Mass ages from diseases that cause illness, dren? Johnson said that such a vac- mount Pictures in March, 1917. He lif., for the filming of exterior scenes. 1937. of Life. He also recorded a number of disability and death. South Heartland cine exists. "It's the HPV vaccine that resumed his working relationship with The costs escalated and when filming Ray returned to film work, He was albums featuring lieder. District Health Department (SHDHD) protects against the types of human Ince when he joined Paramount. The concluded, Ray has invested all his paid $11 per day as a featured extra, a His lieder recitals featured strong is encouraging parents, grandparents papillomavirus (HPV) most closely collaboration was a successful one as savings, an amount estimated at close far cry from the $11,000 weekly pay construction in the choice of material, and family members to review shot linked with cancer. Your sons and Ray was reportedly earning $11,000 to $2 million. He had also borrowed check he earned 18 years earlier. " Boycedrew upon a widerange of works records and make sure everyone gets daughters should get this vaccine start- weekly by 1920. additional funds, at an interest rate of Ray remarried in June, 1941, when by 19th century German composers updated on recommended immunize- ing at age 11-12 when immune re- Adolph Zukor, head of Paramount 30 per cent. The final cost of the pro- he wed French actressYvonne Guerin. - from Robert Schumann to Johannes tions, sponse is strongest and before poten- Pictures, parted ways with Rav when duction was estimated at $3 million The marriage ended with Guerin's Brahms to Gustav Mahler. Dorrann Hultman, R.N., immuni- tial exposure to the virus." the latter demanded a pay raise. Zukor The finished film debuted in theatres death in 1942. - He began a second career as a vocal zation clinic coordinator at SHDHD, HPV is a very common and danger- wrote in his autobiography, "The Pub- on Dec. 30, 1923. Ray worked in bit roles as his health instructor at the Royal Academy of recommends that if you are unable to ous virus."Don't let the fact thatitis so lic is Never Wrong," that Ray s ego "'nf " n ......... deteriorated His final parts were un- u ortu atelytorr ay, menlmat- , ....• ..... Musicin 1956. He then took a sabbati- locate your shot records, call your doc- common, or that most people s im- had gotten out of control and that Ray tracted few sitive reviews mainl cremtea mt ro es m two rams maoe during 1943 cal from teaching and returned to recit- toy for a printout or visit the Nebraska mune systems will clear the virus after "...was headed for trouble and I did not PO ' Y " for its cinematography, but most re- _ . ." als and recording. He returned to the State Immunization Information Sys- a while, distract you from the fact that care to be with him when he found it. • - Ray died at Cedar of Lebanon Hos- v ews were medmcre at best and the ..... RoyalAcademyin 1977. He continued tem (NESIIS) http:l/ for others, infection with high risk AfterhisdeparturefromParamount, filmwasafailureattheboxoffice.Ray p tal, Los am ge es, on Nov.23, 1943, " rrom a mourn ann mroat mtectmn HIS to teach until his retirement in 1985 publichealth/Pages/nesiis_index.aspx, strains of the virus can be deadly, said where he had made another29 films, lost his investment and his popularity • when he moved to Provence, France. "Keeping up with vaccinationHultman. "HPV is the cause of several Ray founded his own production com- - remains rest in an unmarked grave at oec.m~u. . . Boyce remained in Provence for schedules can be confusing, so reach cancers but primarily cancer of the puny, Charles Ray Productions. He His one time mentor Ince sty--^-' Forest Lawn Memorial Park m Glen- - , , pl.W-u . • dale, Cahf several years then returned to England out to your doctor or nurse, or a public cervix in women and cancer of the was in business with his father. He in to aid Ray and help him restart his . . " ....... where he resided at Bishop Auckland, health nurse at South Heartland Dis- oropharynx (mouth and throat) in men. used his private funds to purchase a -" _ ......... .._ .,._ms career nao spannea years, ne acting career. I,~;~ ~a~t ~xav m u=~ ..... , .... County Durham, England, until his trict Health Department, for assistance Vaccines can be expensive. Most studio on Sunset Boulevard, in Los rn-"D n ..........- - -- nao appearea in more than ]zu rams- " -- u a a y amity amlm, ulrecteu oy • . death on May 11,1996. andrecommendations,"saidHullman, health insurance covers vaccines and Angeles, where he began to produce Ince's brother, Ralph. The film &d" not and ........... earned and spent mdhons of dol- Dr. Walter Boyce and his wife, Ida, In Nebraska, immunizations are a preventive care. If your family does and film his own movies. The studio • • . mrs m ms utetune , ' - jump start his career. Ince d ed a month .... " , . .... - continued to reside in Superior. Ida, both not have insurance, your insurance survives today as the KCET studio.• une ett to wonaer ms early after the film was released and Ray lost .......... died April 14. 1927 and was buried at public .and. private. Written proof of never covers vaccines, or you have Ray's first production as an inde- , the one firfi !i rk ffd fie~d :in ~i'If~~ smm?.permrne peatormms coun Superior's Evergreen Cemetery. Dr. immun _,atao must be provided, to ' Medicaid, thenytmrchildren0-18years pendent film maker was "45 Minutes : "- try bumpkin persona, ne certaimy uiu " Boyce married Carrie Perry in July, schools prior to students, attenaing old qualify for vaccines through the from mdadway," ~tnl:l"a'chi~ved mud: comm.~n~R~ ....... ~,~ ..................... -~-.-~oHakea~vay onc*~ffthecore ~'~lues~:;~: 1942. Dr. Boyce retired in 1946 and classes. 5CtlOOlS must keep current Vaccine for Children Program offered est success. In February, 1921, he pro- Ray continued to act in films but he the plains, thrift. " ." , ; died Nov. 4, 1955 at the age of 65. He immunization records on students and through some medical and health clin- duced and starred in "The Oldnever regained his popular status as a In perhaps the final bluff tbRays' was buried next to Ida. Carrie Boyce submit them to the Nebraska Depart- ics, including South Heartland's Swimmin' Hole,"thesinglesilentfull- film star nor the financial rewards he memory is that, despite the amount of died Jan. 16, 1971. - ment of Health and Human Services Hastings-Adams County Immunize- length fi)m which did not incorporate had once reaped. He was relegated to money expended on his monumental . : Readers whowishto listentoBoyce (DHHS) Immunization Program each tion Clinic. sub-titi /s to further the plot. The film supporting roles and uncredited extra epic, not a single copy of the -film is ' sing may do so by visiting The Supe- year. Hultman said the South Heartland drew c4"itical acclaim for bucking tra- roles, extant. Seems fitting for a manburied '" rior Express web site and click on the "Having high rates of vaccination clinic is held the firstThursday of each ditionfilconvention and featuring aplot His downward slide continued, in an unmarked grave. Ray is.not en- :! link for a selection of Boyce record- is important for preventing spread of month from noon to 6 p.m. Interested whic could be followed without sub- when in December, 1925, Ray was tirely forgotten. In recognitiba: for his ings ranging from lieder to jazz to disease,"saidMicheleBever, SHDHD individuals may call 402-462-6211 or title . The film was exhibited for only forced to file for bankruptcy after more contribution to the motion picture in- oratorio, health director. In the South Heart- 1-877-238-7595 foranappointmentor a hort time aa l then only in larger than a dozen creditors sued for money dustry, Charles Ray received a star on landDistrictofAdams, Clay, Nuckolls to find the closest immunization clinic, cries (where g'xperimental films were owed them and the federal govern- the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Feb., ; A word to the wise and Webster counties, kindergarten Hultman says that adult Tdap (tetanus, likely to be accepted. Ray reprised his ment filed a claim for unpaid back 1960. One wonders if anyone reading , Timeless advice:"Olderpeople who vaccination rates are above 96 percent diphtheria, pertussis) vaccine is also country bun/'pkin peros in the work. taxes. His production company also his name today can recall his c6niribu- "" are reasonable, good-tempered and for all of the required immunizations, offered at the clinic fo those who Following the release/of "The Old entered bankruptcy proceedings, tion. gracious will bear aging well. Those The national target is a vaccination tmalifv.Formoreinform iononHPV, Swimmirt: Hole,"signed a long rate at or above 95 percent for this age 'rdap,'and other im dm[zations, visit .... who are mean-spirited and irritable . _ mh term cogtract wah ldnhed Amsts, a ° ' willbeunhappyateveryperiodoftheir group, so th s means that our young www.southheartlandtie