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August 12, 2010     The Superior Express
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August 12, 2010

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Editor's Notebook By Bill Blauvelt Recent days have been busy ones vith many activities in the communities served by this newspaper. After leaving work Friday Rita and I stopped by the Farmers' s Market hdd each Friday in Superior's City Park• We left work early but 6:45 was a bit late to see the crowd and many of the vendors. We were told .when opened at 5 p.m. there were many people waiting. Bythe time we arrived, many of the vendors had sold out and left. But we still had fun visiting with the vendors and shoppers and we bought a package of delicious zucchini bread>I also sampled some excellent homemade cinna- mon apricot butter and salsa ketchup• One of the vendors told me he was adding items each week and expected the market to grow. At least one of the vendors there Friday night, takes the vouchers offered senior cittzens in both Kansas and Nebraska. I didn't realize that until the Superior inarket opened the closest place to redeem the Nebraska vouchers was Fairbury. One of the vendors I spoke with praised the. location m Superior's City Park. On these hot evenings.he appreciated the shade and grass. Saturday morning I returned to the park tbr the start of the Superior Swimming Pool Triathlon. I had a good time watching the competition and visiting with the spectators. If you haven't been to the pool this year, it is worth a trip. The old pool I knew as a youngster is no more (and it Was less than I 0 years old when I took swimming lessons there.) Improvements o have changed its complexion. I don't remember' the water eve, being as clear as it was Saturday morning, or as warm. When I"was a youngster the Superior pool's water always l'c;lt like it had passed through a chiller. I preferred playing in a pond or river. Once the lake opened, there was no doubt in my mind which was best. The lake trumped them all. In the 1980s funds were raised to purchase a heater but the heater worked so hard it soon wore out Now I wonder if the cold water was always the result of leaks. When new water was added regularly during rny childhood. I thought that was normal. Now I suspect the pool should not have required that rnuch fresh water every day. Either the pool had a leak or the filtration system couldn't keep up. Last week. some swimmers were complaining the water was too hot. 1 understand il was testing in the 90s. I have n't been in the new pool yet but one woman that has said now the wa'er is likc silk• And said to swim in the pool last  ear was likc swimming in mush. She said this yea," she slips through the water much easier. She credited the change to the improvements made to thc pool earlier this spring and the Father's Day tornado taking.down the trees that were growing on the east side of the pool. Country By Gloria Garman-Schlaefli Attending a funeral Saturday to honor a woman I had known since childhood, brought back memorics of attending Oak Creek country school, ;i one-room school located in Harrison Township, Jewell County: Her two daughters also attended this country school. Their Ihther was our school bus driver. When nay sister and I attended Oak Creek. fcw country schools operated a school bus. Our bus was Willys Jecp. Thc Ross family lived less than a quarter of a mile fronl, the country school, If I close my eyes• I can still pmture our bus driver, Carl Ross. walking slowly north up thc country road from the school housc to his home after delivering his load safely to school. A week before thc funeral, I drovc past the gtill standing country school. I was accompanied by onc of my granddaughtcrs and I pointed out the school house to her. She was amazcd to learn I attended school there. I told her that some years, I was the only one in m5 class• When she gigglcd at that statement I told her. "'Don't knock it. as the truly one in the class. 1 was sure to wm the spelling and math contests•" Oak Creek School Is among only a chosen few that are still standing. We stopped along thc road and I showed her the location O'" ' of the sch ol's playground, the area where the =tt'l s "'out house" was located, and thc place where the hand powered water pump was located. My granddaughter did not believe water had to be carried into the, schoolhouse in a bucket in order to provide drinking water and to provide water to wash hmds with. The "out house" was also of For the first 30 years of the pool's existence, the Superior Chamber of Commerce claimed Superior had the seventh largest municipal swimming pool in Nebraska. That claim may still be true but I'm not aware of the chamber making such a cla_jm in recent years• With the current heat wave. many pools in Nebraska's larger cities are quickly filling to capacity• Sunday one in Omaha admitted swimmers for less than 10 minutes before reaching capacity. Here Sunday evening I saw a dozen or so swimmers waiting for the pool to open but the pool never came close to reaching capacity• I suspect those swimmers ,lust wanted to maximize their rime at the pool. We are fortunate to have such a large pool in Superior. SatuMay afternoon 1 took in some of the Lovewell Lake Fun Day activities and Saturday evemng the Relay for Life. My planned time at the Relay for Life was cut short when it was discovered we had a planting of sweet corn ready for harvest• Rita and I were sitting by the garage husking sweet corn with street light• I might have been tempted to say something about how difficult or miserable our conditions were but after listening to the work going on at the Methodist church. I concluded we had it pretty easy Early Saturday morning a crew of young men began tearing three layers of shingles from the western slopes of the church roof. In what some people would have considered blistering temperatures, they worked all day and into the night. I don't have a clue how they could see what they were doing but the work continued long after dark. When we finished working the corn about 11:30 p.m.. they were still working. Tire person on the ground cutting sheeting had a light but I didn't see any lights on the roof. I don't know how long they worked but when I got up Sunday morning, all the old shingles had been removed, sheet- ing placed and the entire roof covered with what appears to be a plastic type replacement for tar paper. All the reefers' tools and l:ubbish had been picked up. Unless they looked up or soineone The Superior I00xpress Published each Thursday by Superior Publishing Company, Inc. at 148 East Third Street. P.O. Box 408. Superior. Nebraska 68978 Subscription rates are $24 per year m Nebraska. 25:50 per year in Kansas• Other States $35 per year From the files of The Su Eighty Years Ago Hill Super Service Station for- real opening will be Saturday• Marita Kidd sustained a sprained wrist while cranking a car. L.A. Pearee. proprietor of Su- perior Hamburger Inn. is redeco- rating his place of business. • Oran King, one of the manag- ers of the A.B.K. miniature golf course at Third and National. Su- perior, said the tournament is do- ing well with 40 players turning m qualifying scorns. Let's have a rain--then go to the fair in Nelson, Aug. 19-22. Seventy Years Ago Three Beloit young people are hospitalized in Brodstone follow- ink a one car accident southwesl of Superior. They were transport- ink a load of liquor purchased in Nebraska to Kansas to be boot- legged Dedication of Highway 14 im- provements was held at the new bridge over Elm Creek at the south edge of Nelson The ZulaufFumitum store will move to the building formerly oc- cupied by the Rosenbaum store at 330 Central Ave. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crispin entertained the Walter Hutt thresh- ink crew and other helpers to an ice cream feed Monday night. Leaving this week for the Da- kotas and Minnesota where they are employed in the harvest were Ralph Edwards• Max Skinner. Marvin Thaver, Raymond and Eddie Sclmltz. Dr. Arnold Webman has pur- chased the Charles Ruth house at 853 Central. The Ruths are living in Mrs. Ross McKeown's apart- ment. Fifty Years Ago John Konvalin and Don J acoby are in Ainsworth looking for a place to live. Both are employed by the Bureau o ['Reclamation and are being transferred. Clifford White underwent sur- gery in Kansas Cit) [:or a serious heart aihnent he has been afflicted with for a number of years. The Superior High School Band will go to Burwell as a guest Bil Blauvelt. Publisher E-mail Selected portions of the newspaper available on the web at Tl'mrsday, August 12. 2010 Page 2B perior Express,.. band at the rodeo. Harlan Ross. who has been an exchange student in Costa Rica. is now recttperating from a serious illness contacted while in that tropical country. Forty Years Ago The Superior City Council men created an airport authority which Will operate the Superior airport. An internal re-engineering project for the Superior plant of Mid-America Dairymen, Inc.. has been announced by Sy Schmanski. plant manager. Telephone cable containing 100 line pairs, is being installed between telephone exchanges m Nelson. Ruskin and Superior. Funerals were held for Chester Norwood. Ben Bish.op, Gladys Hamilton and Earl Tevebaugh, Thirty Years Ago Debbie Sander. a French horn player, was one of 135 musicmns chosen to be a part of the "'Alnerica's Youth in Concert." She has returned from a four week tour of the capitol cities of Eu- rope. A Different Slant By Chuck Do you believe it's the obligation of a city council, school board or county board to always carry out the wishes of the majority of its citi- told them. those walking to the church on Sunday morning never zenry? It's a tough question. I know. Part of me knew about all the work that had gone on therethe day before, does and part of me doesn't, Ctl Monday a smaller crew r.ul"ned to start putting on Reinke City council members in Frernont are strug- shin,des= ,. I suspect that work ",viii continue for several day, perhaps weeks. One thing is for certain. I'll regularly check on their progress. Roads but it held coat racks, a cupboard, and a counter where the sink was located. The pan was placed into the sink and the water fi'om the bucket was poured into the pan to wash our hands in before lunch. One long handled metal water cup was used by all to drink out of. Today' s state health departrnent would not approve of the commu- nal water cup. Dresses were worn by the girls in the summer, spring and falf, bul trousers were allowed in the winter time. The only heat came gling with that ssue right now. along with the proposed immigration legislation that started the whole thing, which was apparently inspired by the tough immigration stance assumed by Ari- zona some nqOllths ago. What got rne thinking about this was an inter- view I heard on the radio with the spokesperson of a ciBzens group, who said (I'm paraphrasing, but this was the gist): "The w)ters in Fremont have spoken. Now it's the city council's job to carry out our wishes. If they don't do thai. I guess they will have to go... For those who haven't been following along in the news. the ordinance, making it unlawful to hire or rent to illegal immigrants. was appl,oved by volers m June and set to take effect in late Jul),. The ordinance was imrnedi- from a stove situated in the na:i,ddle of t h,.scboolhouse. The entry - ately deemed to bediscrirninator2 and two law- room was shut off frorn the mare room of the schoolhouse so in the winter time we never had to worry about our drinking water getting warm. Often ice forlned in the water bucket Our lunch boxes were kept in the cold entry room during the winter months. School was out the first part of April and didn't start until after Labor Day, so we 'didn't have to worry about hot tetraperatures while attending ,school. There certainly was no air- conditioner in the school house, though the windows on either side of the building were often kept open to allow fresh air to come in. Teachers I remember include Mrs. Montgomery, Mrs. Lippy, Mrs. Fitz. and Mrs. O'Hara. All good teachers, some joined the pupils in the recess games. Mrs. Lippy could hit the baseball just as far as the older boys could. There were the monthly community meetings held at the schoolhouse. At these evening meetings there was a business turns being in charge of a program. Each program was followed by refreshments. Some of the best reinembered'refreshments were watermelon, homemade ice crealn, and during the winter months there was always hot cocoa made from fresh cream. suits were filed against the Ci:ty !fll:Fremorlt in Federal Court one by the Ala'&'ican (Tivil Liberties Union of Nebraska and one by the Mexican Arnericml Legal Defense and Educa- tional Fund. Two days before the new ordinancc Was sched- uled to take effect, the cily council wted 8-0 in favor of suspending implementation of the ordi- nance, citing the huge pile of money it would cosl the city as their primary reason. Including tin- proved software andemph)yee overtme for ac- tually enforcing the o,'dinance, and legal fees to fight the federal lawsuits, Ihc cHy council has estimated the annual price tag for the ordinance to be about $1 million. mt:cti.g ,tr,ducted. Each farnily with students in the school took . First Community interest to her. As I looked over the schoolhouse and yard I realized things It was a great social time for everyone. In the early 19608 the thatoncelookedsolal'gcioachildnowappearmuchsmaller. H°w Oak Creek School closed but the building wag used for several did 10 m 12 pupils plus a teacher, along with desks and book- years after that as a w)ting location. shelves, and a large upright piano, all fit into that schoolhouse? As it hasn't been used for several years, I marvel that it's still The entry room on the west side el'the main roonl was small standing today. AreaChurch Directory Grace Community Evangelical Free Church of i  t Superior llmmlt Ik 423 E. Fifth Street Superior, Neb. Pastor David Johnson Office, 402-879-4126 Home, 402-879-4145 •Sunday Sunday School ......... 9 a.m. Moming Worship ... 10 a.m. Prayer Time ............. 6 p.m. Aflltltated with tile Evangelical , Free Church of America Jewell Christian Church "A family you can belong to" 111 Main, Jewell Dan Daniels, pastor Church * 785-428-3657 Parsonag e • 785-428-3323 Sunday School 9:15 ram. Worship Service 10:30 a.m. Kids for Christ & ]r. High Youth Grows Wednesdays at 4:15 p.m. Webber United Methodist Church . Webber, Kan. Office 785-361-2664 Res. 785-361-2070 Sunday Worship ............. 9:30 a.m. Pastor Roger Walls " Church Of The Nazarene 740 E. Seventh Office Phone 402-879-4391 Pastor Dave Coleman sunday Sundav Svhoo' ................. 9:45 a.m. Momi1g Service. ............. t0:45 a.m. Chlklren's P}'ogram. Youth Group Meeting ................... 6-7 p.m. Wednesday Adtdt Blbre Sfidy ..... 6:30-7:30 p.m, Transportation and Nursery www, First presbyteriall Church Sixth and N. Central Superior, Neb. Phone °.402-879-3733 SUNDAY Worship ............... .......;.... 9:30 a.m. Fellowship coffee after worship service Rev. Mark Diehl, Pastor Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 505 N, Kansas Superior, Neb. Sunday Little Blue Christian Fellowship Old Pleasant View School .... {7 miles No. of Nelson) Sunday Worship Service ...... 10 a.m. Wednesday Adult Bible Study ........ 7 p.m. Children's Bible Study 7 p.m. Morning Worship .. 8:45 a.m. Sunday School ....... 9:45 a.m. Pastor and Mrs. David Sellers , Evangelical ' Lutheran Church in America Rev. Daryl Nelson PMA Connie Raess ST, PAUL LUTHERAN Hardy, Neb. Phone 402-279-3205 or 402-236-8825 Sunday School .... 10 a.m. Sunday Worship... 9 a.m. Fellowship Hour ..'10 a.m. First United Methodist Church 448 N. Kansas Street Superior, Neb. Rev. Joeelyn Tupper Sm-aday Services Worship...: 8:15 & 10:30 a.m. Bible Studies: Tuesday...5:30 p.m. Thursday... I0 a.m. Catholic Church Services St. Joseph's Church Superior, Neb. Rectory Phone 402-879-3735 Mass Schedule Daily Masses 7:30 am. Saturday .......... 6 p.m. Sunday ............ 8 a.m. Nelson Sunday ......... 10 a.m. Father Brad Zitek First Baptist Church .y 558 N. Commercial' \\;: Superior, Neb. Rev. Floyd Richardson .'k-* Church 402-879-3534 Sunday Worship ........ ....,. 10:45 a'.m. Wednesday Bible Study 4 p.m, Jewell Trinity United Methodist Jim Rice, pastor Sunday Sunday School ........... 9:15 a.m. Morning Worship ... 10:30 a.m. Wednesday Kids for Christ ............. 3:45 p.m-. Church Oak, Neb. • Phone 402-225-2284 Steve Matthews, Pastor Sunday Sunday School i... 9 Morning Worship l 0 a.m. Su, nday Prayer Meeting ..... 7:00 p.m. Bible Centered Nondenominational Christian Church of Mankato 1 18 S. Commercial Mankato, Kan. 785-378-37,07 Sunday School ...... 9:15 a.m, Morning Worship 10:30 a.m. Thaddeus J, Hinkle, Minister 785-378-3938 Calvary Bible Evangelical Free Church . 99 W. Pearl, JeweU, Kan. 785-428-3266 El:C,\\; Wayne Feigal, Pastor ! Wednesday 'ayer Meeting ........................ 7:30 , Sunday Sunday School ................. 9:15 a.m. Sunday Worship Service. I0:30 a,m. Evening Service .................... 7 p,m. Affiiliated with the Evangelica, Free Church of America First Baptist Church E. Hwy 36 Mankato 785-378-3655 Neolin Taylor, Pastor Sunday Services Sunday School ......... 10 a.m. Worship ........... ........ I I a.m. Bible Study .......... 6 p.m. Wednesday Discipleship Training 6 p.m. 1 J Mittan ' O" " O" ' " ' Money I m euessm th,ey don t have.,It they re like the rest of us. So. who's right'? On the one hand, the people who elected the Fourteen cars of a 121 car U'nion Pacific Train derailed near Davenport Thursday morning. The number of commercial ex- hibits at the Nuckolls County Fair was expanded with the addition of the KRFS sponsored farm show. Twenty Years Ago Kenneth Pedersen was pic- tured examining the Indian gar- den now at the Nuckolls County Museum planted by Richard Mazour. Pat Lyne returned from a six week tri F to Australia. A total of 19 youngsters en- rolled in the nine week Summer Safari Reading program at the Superior Library. Ten Years Ago Headstart announced the ac- quisition of Dr. Judith Butler's former office building at Fourth and Colorado streets. Superior. Nell Thomsen and Dick Schwieger were pictured snag- ging miniature plastic ducks from the irrigation canal in the event that was part of the activities to raise money for the American Cancer Soci.ety, The Relay for Life raised $12.000 for the soci- ety. Celebrating their golden wed- ding anniversaries were Vernon and Elizabeth Kaldahl and Lconard and Lorraine Rempe. Storm sewer work has begun council members apparently expect, to a large near the intersection of 12th and extent, for them to do what the 5 re told. On the Central. Superior The new sewer's concrete ppes are ex- other hand members of the city council are m a petted to arrive this week. posit,on to know whether or not they have the money to keep fighting this fight. I'm only guessing, but I'll bet the guy who said the council's job is to blindly carry out the wishes of the co.tiuency has never attempted to balance a city, county or school district bud- get. Neither have I. but my 20 years cr so in this line of work has given me the chance to learn a lot about that process, along with a lot of respect for those willing'to do n. Perhaps voters there would feel diffcrently about the $1 million a year if it appeared as a bond issuc in a special election. Call it "the discrimination lawsuit tax." Or perhaps they could just take the whole million out c fthc street repair fund this yea,'. Next year, parks. Yea," after thai. city police force. These groups at tire other end of the lawsuits have deep pockets. Deeper than the City of Fremont. It will be interesting to continue to follow this siory. I suspect we'll soon read about council members there being recalled, or at least sacked the ncxl time they're up for reelection, which is too bad hccause of the learningcurvc involved in a variety of tasks performed by a cit) council, including balancing the budgel. I think the advice our grandfathers gavc us also works for cities, counties, states and even counu'ms: Don'l spend money you don'l have. Likewise. I think kdeping the city fiscally sol- venl is a function of a small cny council in rural America. while setmqg immigration policy ---a national agenda item -- is not. Funerals were hcld for Evelyn Crook. Don Deterding, Edmund Kathman. Arnold Ehlers and Eldred Hinz. Five Years Ago Aftcr a }ca," of construction. the Superior Viclorian Lcgacy is ready for residcnts to move m. It has 18 living units and is liccnsed to house 124 residents. The first theatrical production of the newly forrncd Superior Community Theatre. "The Odd Couple", played tothrec consecu- tive sold-out crowds. Funerals were held 12)r Evea Myers, Floyd Risewick. IlaWilton and Evelyn Bargen. One Year Ago Brcanna Shuck's firs! ship- ment of beef jerky was sent to the I 195th Transportation Company July 30 in six fiat rate boxes from the USPS. He," sister. Norrisa. Jessie Hoclting and Kelsey Johnson are in that unit. Dale Uhrmacher. Nelson. has purchased the Hebron sale barn and plans to rcopcn it soon Letters to the Editor Editor: The annual Brodstone Memo- rM Hos pital Auxiliary Ice Cream Social was held July 4. With the support of members of the com- munity, ati'xiliary members' and Olive Hill Church David Watters Sunday Sunday School... 9:30 a.m. Worship ....... 10:30 a.m. Ix)cared five miles south and two miles west of Superior Proclaiming Christ Since 1876 Evangelical Lutheran Church a .... uth ij 6: zul o Center " Mankato, Kan. 785-378-3308 Pastor Katharine Redpath Sunday Worship. .............. 9:00 a.m. Sunday School .. 10:30 a.m. Northbranch FriendsChurch Phone 785-647-8841 north of Burr Oak and . two miles west. Sunday Sunday School ........... 10 a.m. Worship : ..................... 11 a.m. KennethSmith, Pastor "Where The Son Always Shines" Jewell County Catholic Churches . Summer (May-Oct.) St. Theresa 320 N. Commercial, Mankato 785-378-3939 Saturday .................. . .... 6:30 p.m. Sacred Heart, Esb0n Sunday ................................ 8 a.m. Father George Chalbhagam, CMI Lutheran Church (Mlssom'i Syn({d] 855 N, Dakota Street, Superior, Neb. Phone 402-879-3137 Saturday Worship ...... 6:30 p.m. Sunday Worship Service 9 a.m. Sunday School-Bible . . Class .......... l0 a.m, Pastor Brian Earl t()1"Stlip lViih IIS via live broadeasi each Smlday on KF,15S Radiv Ph,ose eall Jbr ad:litk,t lal tvorship arid tlible slll¢ly opportlulities. • ice cream lovers, we were able to havc another successful event. We Centennial appreciate everyone who donated food or cash, scrved on the'calling commiltee, or worked at the so- cial and bakc sale, Luke and Chelsca Renz helped with sct-up. The support of all who attended, ihcir gencrous donations and our devoted members make this event a success. Kathy Ely Sandy Bothwell Virginia Lewis Dixie Whitney , Karen Tinkham,co-chairs Formoso Community Church NondenominaHonal Bible Teachiny Pastor Gene Little Sunday School ........... 9:30 a.m. Worship Serviee ...... 10:30 a.m. Weekly Home Bible Studies , 203 Balch Street, Formoso, Nan. • 785;-794-2490 United Methodist Churches Schedules for Sunday Schools and Worship Service Mankato Harmony ... Worship, 11 a.m. Sun. Sch., 9:45 a.m. Ionia ......................... Worship, 9:30 a.m. Sun. Sch., 10:30 a.m. Esb0n ....................... Wohip, 8:15 aJ'n. Burr Oak ................. Wnrship, 9:30 a.m. Church of Christ 5B4 E. Fourth Street, Superior Neb. 402-879-4067 Jim Stark, minister Wednesday Evening FBI: Ages 3 through Grade 6 (Falthful Bible InvesUgators)..7 p.m. Thursday Evening Adult Bible Study ................ 7 p.m Sunday {no everling services} " Worshlp Service ........ 9 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Youth Meeting .................... 5 p.m. Youth'& Bible study & snMl groups Call church for inforalotion Salem Lutheran Church - . . • (ELCA) ' Higlaway 14 North, Superior, Neb. 402-225-4207 Sunday Worship .................. : ............ 9 a.m. Sunday Forum and Sunday School ............. 10:15 a.m. Communion ....... lsl & 3rd Sunday Day I Radio Program KRFS * Sunday • 8 a,m. Living Faith Fellowship Word of Faith Church 315 N. Central * Phone 402-879-3814 Sunday Worship Serviee ...; ................ 10:30 a.m. Evening Service ........................... 5 p.m. (except 4th and 5th Sundays) Wednesday Christian Development Night: ' Adults and Chikiren .................... 7"p.m. Rock Solid Youth Group .............. 7 p•m. Radio Program, KRFS AM Sunday Morning ............. _....:. 8:30 a.m. Patsy Busey. Pastor Lovewell Lake Worship Services Every• Sunday 9:30 a.m. through Labor Day