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August 17, 2017     The Superior Express
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August 17, 2017

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6A THE SUPERtOR EXPRESS "rhur,~kly, ~Jkl~1 17, 2017 Public Notices fPl,bhs/wd Aug. 17. 2017 m 7he S,rper,~r Erpret~) .~otl~ of Budget Itearlng and Budget Summ#ry I-IM~y Rural Fire Dislrttq in Nuckolls County, Nebl~ka Public r~tice is hereby given, tn ~mptkante w i~ ~ piny isious ofStale Stalue Sections [3-501 to 13-513. that the govcllling body will mc~l on the 28/day of Augusl, 2OI7, at 7 &clock p.m. at the Hardy Fire Hall for the puql)0~ of hearing support, opptrsi- lion, rilicism,sglegesliOlts or o~a- tion~ or taxpayers ~laling to the fol- lowing proposed budget. The b,dgct delail is available a! the ot-rtce of the clerk dur, ag regular business hours. Valarie Bard. Clerk-Seen~tary 2015-2!li 6 Actual Disbursements and Tr nstbrs: $10,748.00 2016-2017 Aelual and Estimated Disbursen',-eats and Transfers $1 I .G60.00 2017-20t8 Proposed BwJget of Disbursements and Transfers $627,54 I.(.~ 2017-2Ot 8 Necessary, Cash Reserve 2017-20I 8 Total Resources Available .$627.541,0t,i Total 2017-201 g I:~r~)nal alia Real Pawn), Tax Requirement $g,707,74 Unu~,d Budget Authorit) Created for Next Yeau $,1.383.39 Breakdown of Property Tax Personal and Real [~rty Tax Required for Non-Bond Purposes $ 830734 Personal and Real Pr~lperty 'Fax Required for Bonds $O,{X) ZNF.Z 33- I tP, hlilhrd Aug. 3. 2(1t7 itt 7b SIq~'ritsr Erpre.~.~J N ntlt'e of ! ncorporalion Nttlit'c is hereby given that tile un. tlc~q:ncd ha~ organitcd a corporation ialder lhc la~, of the Slate t>l' Ne- br,i~ka The nal]t-d,~l the corl~rali~l is Stnuh(-'elrlral Vetc~lna~ HospilaI,P.C, Ttie tegtMeroJ office of the orl-~ra- tiOll i~ 711 f').lSl II)lh Street, Supvri,~r, NE 61497~ and q'iffat~y I Moses is tile inKlal registered agent at ~id address. The gem:rM na!ure of the brininess is u~ practice the prulc~ ~ion t~|' Velerinzury 119,:di4:i1~' thr~rgh ~han.'boldcrs. ol-ti,:- e~ and etliployct s who are duly li- ccn~,ed to pro'lice V lcnnarv nlcdi- Clnrg nl 1he Slate Of Nebraska. a'nd In do un~ and all Ihlngs alv.l acls wh~-h are i~ ,in.", 9, a J, a~,~ial~'tl ~ ilh 1he p-l'a .-t it~ tlf ~.~pl~Hll~.'I[) and ali~. olhcr ba,%!q:lebs V. hl~~'~ a [l,ltt'~c,~,-,l.lffl',ll L-#'it:p, tlFah,~in I', Litltll, ur1/ d lu nlltk, rlakc ulider appll ,:able la~. I hc aullurri/ed capllal ~lt~k ~ffsaid c~vl~l'atu,1 I~. ~II).I~INI.(31 t-on~lslirig ol IIt.IHX) ~l',atex 11 Ihc par value ill' I .tKi each. Said corl~ration liled .-%rli. lc~ td hk~orl~watioil wilh the ,~.'t'rela ~ t,i ~t.;it,l.' till Ji+lx 28. 24117. and ~h.ill [la~c l"~'q'~.'t tlal exis'fcnlt'i:. Inc~)r~raklr, fill'an) 1 Mo.~.~, I).V M. 711 Ea~,t llltll Street, Sur~'rior, NF 610,178 .MitiW~ 1. l-luher. No. 26252 I),innlire. I'=~[Icr. Haqiug~ and Panlc~ I la"-tul,-" NI. 41~qll2 11144 lll} Itr2 1 .lY I ZNEZ 31 3c fPill~/I.~hi'd Ar~l 3, 2017 in ltw S,p,'riov E.vpre.~ Nuliee of Or~antzathm el a I.imiled Liabilily Cempany fake notice that SCVH Properties, I.I.C ha~ been n of such c-opy I'n.=~tcd ill the fire hall The fi iI lowing ire mill lol =k pl~'e d ur- ine the regular agenda. Sjuhotm" s al',- ~nce w~ approv~.~ by majorily vote. The minulcslfflheJoly I 1.2017 me~t- iltF v.cre approved hy m~jtrrity vole. Ihc Jtmk -I ieaMlrcr's ~as ap- p,lL'd i~3 I~jorily Vull lhc tidI~>wing clainl.~ were ap- proved Ior ll%lylll lll tiy nlajorily voile " lllllll (' niral Pnblie Power 636.07. Ace Itard~are 1t4.26, ()he fall 5.67. Pllblic Health Lab 311.lKl. I)cparlnlel-;l ,d l.aklr IO5.29. Sul~,lhff t'-xtenllinat- nig J 51,I]II. [.t'at:ue of Muiiicit~ililie~, 21ii,IKi. MIIk'r atid ~'lalC~ t-~XI II(I. Ktnn) "r+ l.uull~,l II J.<%l. -lgaln Clar[ 12.txl, leaker alld ~CIll ir"~l.l~C'. (" t~ "~' l"~>rili Suppt) 1%5J: Figgnisg'on~truc- ltlrn l.J.l~ l,llt Sur, crlor Mol,r liarlx Reminder Second Half 2016 REAL ESTATE, PERSONAL PROPERTY TAXES and OCCUPATION TAXES are Due August 31, 2017 And are Delinquent September 1, 2017 AND WILL START ACCURING INTEREST FROM THAT DAY FORWARD!!!!! Courlhouse office hours are 8:30 a,rn. to 4:30 p,m, Monday thnJ Friday Please note: Courthouse will be closed on Labor Day, September 4, 2017 Vicki K Ensign Nuckolts County Treasurer PO Box 363 Nelson, NE 68961-0363 (402) 225-4351 i 18.67. Mary Rohert~ 73,91, BWJ 792.50, 91 I Servic' s 3lR)k)b, fi=~c Call 3.42, Delka Garage 420.26, Superior Publishing fg.92.Forl i.~ad~m. 44.72, Superit,r Ulilili~- I~ 16.32, Aurora Co- tip 357.26, Federal II~posit 628.M, TnislC, Salary 150.00, Employee Sal- ary 2 .-I. lg.LKL In other a~:tiviiy. Joha Hodge was p~e~nl lo updale the Board on the Se~. r ~rtru,ld acqtlisition." A counter td'ler ~,i~s In'at, It and denied due to the allemative ground bi ing in the tlot~l plain. Ih engine|.~ir, g additional cosl if the allemative wax acceraed, and that we would ka~'e to purc~ ~di- ttonal dirt 10 Build the project up. A OlLilion k) rejeei, the proposal carried by majority vtHe. Other iiems di ieus',ed were dens inning [nose, a possible danger~lis dog and what lo do with down t~ee limbs, Cta.rk presellled the delinquent water repOtl. Meeling adjourned. A complete lit! of minute+ m~lu- lion r~d ordinances ate on file in the Village office and are available for public inspection. ZN~ 33- I c Letter to the 38th I.e Islatlve District By Sen. John Kuehn, Nebraska [xglslatur A common mi~x)ncepti|,tn i~ Ihal 1he legistatme appn)pnates ~ulney to 11"~ level of a aperitif Imsitkm, agency pr ~.'e-,s or reimbursement fee, A high level of detail may Ix' provided during public heanng ; and in budget docu- 1Ti~rtls tO explain the intenthm t: )r how requested I'nn, I, plan tt>be used. but the actual apDropda:ions bill is not !hilt specific, Jntent language is statutory language a.sst~iated with an appro- peiaLion ana)unt 1ha! provide.s spe~.'ific I =.i.lative- ~ direclion for ht)w l'u,d.~ are It'; I~ Us~'d. 1]1e.%' earlnarks arc the exception, m~t the rule. A btuJget can best Ix, described as a plua for st~'nd- inn during a fi.~l year. A g~wemmenl budge! dt~'ulnent does t~lt tell y-u ho~ dl)llars wei~ acluaily spen1, but raffler is a prt)speclive dtlcumenl that details lulw !hey plan In he .~penl. F~'h St:lie agency i~ v.~signed a num- ber ~i ithin the state.budgei sysl m. For e~ainple, the Department of Agricul- tun: ix Agency I~: lbC C)epaan~nl t)l' ('orrecLhm~ is Agency 46. An agency can he a c~xle ~lr n~m-code agency. indicating a hether il b. under direct illall.'4ge111,2nl ill Ihe gc)vernor or is in- dependent. CwJe ageiv ies hu~x' a di- rech,r hired bv aM are :it~ct-;unhlblC !t) Ihe go~, ernt)r.:]'he th panmne nl.~ o[ e~ .~,- n, nnh: de%ehipnlent url.d re*,enl~ iII~' txaUilll~. Non~'t~.k' a~eneies are alll. ll, illtlllll~-U~ I ilh go%,'min7 I~lnts lltal nlay lit' eleci, 'd tit appohlltg Mani.~e- nlenl of lhosc agencies is accoalll;,blt* It1 Iheir l~urd, allhough lhe legiMalure has I1~ ~)le :tuthtlrily Ill apl,'lrtlpriale p0blic nutty. "ro illu~lr-ate, Ihc Tl~,lr- isl, Ci)nunission i~ go~'erned t~y aii -'lpt~linled I~llird ttl" di~Clll~ delincd by Sl.:ilUle. while Ihe B< m.rd lif Itcgenls t~,f 1he t h'=ivei-xil y tff Nebraska t tinnily.- ~+ nllder COl~,s|ilulilillal alilhtrrhy. Tile ,'qq'~t)pri;ititms c~luulli!!C :li- lt ~.'atex ~11~.'c i l~c dollar alum n l ~ ~ I f ~cll- end. cash and tedenll tilnd ~ Io each ag '~'y. Wilhi~i the .'Igcncy, the appnt- I~alions are ~pecified in!o uncurl hree ~--alc~ories: oper-alions.aid t~ i nd i vido- ab, and aid to local gos~nlent. Op. e~aih Inr~ budgelx are lhe dolklrS api-wt)- plrialed Ior the fUtl~-iions of the ageticy. This includt'~ einp/,>yee co,ir~, tifl]l -e ~i.'l;ice and all ,)f Ihe ~,- p 'o~c:', -'t~stx'iak'd ~ilh ru,ming the ;l.geth.y. ('onlrary t~,l l'mIpular heliel: operalions expct, l.~e ~ are tlniv app~lxi- malely $ ! ~i billion of Ihe 5,~1.l~ billion i!enePal fund bud~el. Operalklns of all Of Male gl)%'Clll IrlPnt iglllllpri ~e lease hun 25 I~0Cenl t)f ll~r lttl'il general fund budget, Aid !o individuuk is ~ilnli~mly re- i' n'ed to us enlit lenient >pending. The~e are public ~dlar~ 1hal are paid dine~,tly l~) individuals, such as with public as- smslance, ~ l~lid foc .~qecific ~rviees asstwiated wiili an iralividuar, such as developmental di.~bilily aid. Some r~ =grams, like r;lUdenl granls I't)r h igher ~dm 'alk-;n.are w~lly funded with .~tale tax dollar.~. Otheex. like Medlcaid, are a COSl shut~ wilh the fi.hJeral govern. meat. ThusJhe al~mprialion i~iudes bulb general fund and fed~eral fund.~. Aid IO It~cal govemnlenl i-~ dollars Ihat pa,~s Ikrough 1he slate tO h~:al poliltca| subdivisions. AIIrmst $1 bib ii~m tff*hal is TEEOSA aid t~l K-12 public ~h~xlfs. commtmly referred Io as Stale eq ualization :lid. Swt'ial edu- cation and ct)nlmunity ~'ollege aid li~akc up anol~r $.~H) million in aid Io ~'al govemnlents, One-third nf lhc ~(ute geqe~l ful)d i~ dislribuledl~ local g,lv- erilillents, An agency may hq~c specil]c sub- tlivi.~ions, k~lwn as prtlgralns. 9.hich divick, 1he agency's b~lget. ]'lie nUlll- be r ofp~tlgramsur their ~i~ wirhi, auy al! ncy has a hisU~rieal basi.~. Some aget~cic.~ are alan)printed an a -~ingle program, ~hile others have inanv p~. g~tm areas of varying ,~ize, Man:ige- nlenl ~,ilhin a~ agency has the slaln- tory aulhodty [o nu)ve dol'|ar~ anmnd ~ilhin a pa~ram area. "l"liey n~y n~t transtirr apl~priatitms between I'm~- grdms in an ~gency 9.ilhout legislative appnwal. An appropriation is a legal authl~rity for the agency lo spend a[lo- ca!ed dollar~ whhin the Ixmndaries of ffLa.1 glii(Ute The budgel k a plan, not actu~ll spending. E~pendiiure reptwl~ detail ht~.w and it" 111 dollar~ were spenl us originally planed [f budgeted fu,lds ure uoL :~penl. 1hey u~v be t~lled over into 1he ~C~l budget. "These carryover funds ai~ kn )wn as rCaf~ropriations. Becau~ Nebr, L~ka u~su baseline bud. get png'ess thai does nol require ju.~li- tieatiorl iff funds appn)prlai al in prior budgets, reapp~t~pfi.ated dollars ate con'n~on. Histt~rically |here ha.~ been lillle legislalive ove~iglil of lilt use of lheSC fund a.s blankeL real~Pn ~llriat i(In~, ate tk'quenily allowed. ()'bit i Nab Marcik, died ,Saturday Aug. 1 2. uar es o, ,"o ISelle~ dte H~alth m Gordon Whart Gordon W. Wharlnlan. gS. ol'-ill. died July 14 at lhc Kimball (-'tHai'," M-'intlr. Hi.~ funeral v, ill be held at- p n. Ionlorm~ ~ Friday t ai Ihe Kimb.'lll Pre ;by- terian Church ~-~-~I~. wilh Pastor Alan I:l)Ul/I)t'ficiad ng. + liml-a nleai will he Ill.' hi in lhe Kimbull ('e al- etery. Friend.~ may call al llle funeral honle h)dl.hy (Thu~l~)l t'n, lln I p.Ill. Ill5 p.llL in sign 1he n gixter b~xlk and leave et~ndolences firr file family. Visil wg.w.c;imrelllli. tml I~= ~ie~ Ihe online ohilu.'in" alaJ i'eaxt" a illeSglges #'il Syllll~llly [~)r the I'.'tlni ly. ('antri,-I! l:UlleFdl HOllle it, ill liarl ill' lhe alvangenleiU~. Seasonal AC Check-up Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 a,m,-noon and 1-5:30 p,m, Scott 111/& Appliance NOTICE TO BIDDERS The Littre Blue Natural Resource Distdct wilt accept sealed bidsat P.O. Box/00, Davenport, NE 68335. The sealed bids will be for furnishing all labor, tools, ma|erials, and equipment required to construct an Addition To Exlstin o Shop Buildine, on site of the Little Blue NRD in Davenport, Nebraska. - Bids will be accepted until Sept. t t, 2017 al 2 p.m. al which time bids will be opened ar~ publicly read.Bidders may obtain Bid Documenls from the Little Blue Natural Resource District, 100 E 6'h *St Davenport. NE, 68335. A fee, payable 1o the Little Blue NRD, in 1he amount of $1000 will Ire requested on each set of the Bidding Doeumenls if mailed to the bidder. If the Bi0~ing Documents are electronically sent through email or picked up there will be no fee. Envelopes containing bids shall be sealed and mus! be accompanied by a cerlified check or bid bond made payable, withoul condition, to the Little Blue Natural Resource Dislrict in an ~mount equal to five percent (5%) of the BID as secudly that the btdde r whom the award is made will enter into co ntrac! to complele the work bid upo~ and furnish the required bonds and insurance. Envelopes containing bids shall be cleady marked as foflows: Pro leer name. date and time of bid. Dated on Ibis 9~' day of Aug 2017 Little Blue Natural Resource District 213 I'/ Mark l.ay urn Murk Eugene L.a~ hmm, 6~. of Su. parlor, dlt~i July, II at Mary Launing Hea~thcare in Hasiings at'ler a l-tattle with cancer Mad~ was born in Wieshadem Gel. many. where hi~ fagher ~l'~,t~ was ~rving ilt the Air Force wab sta- I iolt~ a: the t ime. Because of his father's service, Inarkeng~yed liv- ing many place~, while growing up+ int'ludingOkinawa, Japan: Pennsylvania: Ohio; Hawaii: Wynmlng and (.'ok)ratio. Growing up. Mark was an avid slxwtsman andouLd~>r~man. He wasa champion w restler. ~ wimmer and foot. hall p|ayer- Heen/oyed all water sports, fishing, surf lUg ar, d sailing and was also a scuba in.~imctor a~: Kaneohe Manna Base in Hawaii. He alxo an. joyed nlotog'y le riding and camping. He was an avid reader and very tamil- tar to the staff at lhe Superior Pullli Libt~ry. He graduated from Kailua High Sch~xll in tTawaii, and then at- tended C~lorado State University. Mark worked a~ and was an extremely gilled marble, gnmite andlile ~t(er. an aa he ;earned and perfc~-ted in Hawaii. ~e worked for four years as a journey- man bcfure becoming a nlas~er. Ma~ moved !o Superior in 2(k)5 where he was n~adily accepted. He loved bis +'quiet iittte mwn" and 1he people who live i~. He made many special friends wi~) helped and cared for him. Mark wa,conside md by all to be a very. kind, loving, friendly arid gentle pension, Tho~e zemaining to cherish his nlemory include his siblings, sister 1,i-'~: brolher A|au i wife. Marie); sisler Julie(hushalld, Nas.~l'l; brolher La~e (wife, Lis~k aJld staler Majel as well as 1brae nieces; one nephew and live great nim:es. No .~ervk'e will he ~'heduted for Mark, pd. Marclle lmler Marc ile t:.rne,line [ m ler. lhe daugh- ter ~)1 Pcffy and Corn (Healcr~ Bikini. ~as born SepL 21, 1923+ al Snl~'rlor. ('arc ('ca let at lh age o1 93 year~, II) inonlhs and 22 days, Marcrile was united in mamag~ to Galen [mlcr on July 25, [938, at Belleville. Kan. Galert preceded her in death on Dec. I ~. 1977. She loved Io he around her Ianfiiy and frielxtsz eiljuyed haking. c~mking arid ,~wing. She enjoyed al- iending church thnclions, She Iovedto go riding arnmvJ kmking for wildlife attd reminisce alum! her life. TIm~ left to dtensh her nlemOry include her childreu. Sharlene (lnller) Taylor; Gary Imler'. Mary llnller) (.ii-tl.~ka: Teresa I hn ler I Dyke and Ki rk Imler: 29 grandchildren: 51 greal- gratldchildren: and 24 great-areal gran&'liildren, as well as a hrolher, Bob l,Carol) Brant. She was welcomed into heaven by her el'dldren. Erni [ruler: Da'.'id lm ler: Deanis Imler a)ld )anet titular) Schnopp. She left a lasting legacy and will he deeply nlis.-sed by all of the lov~ l one~. who~e life Iouch~. Funeral ~e~'i~>es will be held t,n Saturday, Aug. 19+ 2017, a! I p,m, from 1he Megrue-R'tce Funeral Home in Sul's.'rm(ir. Neb ~lth Pastt~i- Rick Snt~gra~s utl]cqa[ing. Music will he "'Hu~ G~ai Thou An." +'On the Wings of a Dove" and "Sissy's Song." with Carlita Price as organM and Aticia Reed as .-~loisl. Visilalion will bc held on Aug. I8, 2017. fn~m 4 in 8 p.m. Palthe~eir, will ~ Matt taler. Kirk lnller. Carl Imler, Max flcriderson. Donald Whilley anti fecil lmler. Interment will he irl lhe While Reek Cemetery at Rep,htic, ]~n lu lietl i~l' Ihlwe~ ntenil~rial.~ may he given m ~are ~d Ihc Iamil) Col)dt~len~.'es may be ,~e:ll t(.) Mcgrue-I~'ic Funeral Home. -/5I) N. Commerc)~|, Superior. Nab 68t.178. or ~ w',~.pril.'efllneralholne~ rdlull. Megna.e-Price |:uac)al Home o[ Superior. Neh i~ in charge o~ the an'a.~l~elll.l~|tl ~. r,~,J. Slmwn Caner Shawn ,Michad J~eph Cat~ er. 28. of Lincoln. died J ill) 26 He u a~ ~lrn ~pl. 12./988. iu SiJl~rior. the )l~LlUg- e~,t hlln ~ilCilld) alld Paul ('ar~er. He grey, ~p in ntlnhcentral Kallsas. He married hi.~ wife. Sarah. m 2ql2 They made the,r honte mn Nebraska. Shuv, n had a lhirst fi)r adventure and lived life lo the fullest. He wa~ happi. esl when ou!rdde. Fi ~hing. hun!i ng. hik- i ng, gardening and gol ring were am,rag his favorile acdvilies~ In the hon ,~', you could find him cxn~king a msly dinner from the ittspira!ion gathered from watching cooking shows He aSso had a passion for music-, whether he wa ~ listening to il or playing the guitar. Shawn wa~ a~ways eager ~o help out a fr/end and had ihe ahilily Io make any- one hugh and smile. Shawn is survived by his wife. Sa- rah Carver', brother. (.'a~t)n Carver: nlod~er, Cindy Carver; other Ianlil,' members and friends. He wa.~ precL'ded in death Ily his fa|her. Paul. Carver" and his grandparenLs. Donald and Molly Switzer, Eunice Dumln and Levi Carter. Oak By Pkyllis hmitt "(h.c Nel.~on Rtlbi,gr,)up ~,Clll h) tt:i~ling~ ia',l lnt'~da). ~hlppn'tg Iilsl lilr collt'~ and ctltlkie~, tlien ~ idling ('ller)'[ }enM?u's shi~p Tile) tii~d lullch and dido did ~*llle ~litlpp]iig bell)it" leellirnhlg hoine. Up, in theii letot-ri ll~ Neba m Ph:,lh ~ S~.'h in1 n j~ ~irlt-,d Ihecald plaseis aud tie0d blrthd,i) ~'dke. (ion) [~cU.e.~ :iko pfa ~cd can, k dlai ,lll~,'r- l.)(nlna ( ~'i[l;ill qniltt~] IJ,4 Mi,ittla, I.ust l"l~,Sda~, qle pliTled lt1 Nel~i*n Rlibie.% In ib.l,lrl~2 tl) H,Ixllllg~, I)l)llllll and Terr4. ( llliiianr, ~t-nl ll~ ( i1 ~ ~ a la,+l Wednesday t~r li~e funeral of I~nllia William,~, Brad Wilhaln~" niolhtt. They went In Superior thai t,l, eniug. "l'hur~a)'. Donna Gillan allt,~ii.k d ci)[f~ al the senitlr cenler and Tat ('hk. That evening+ -',he w~ml Io Ihe Ameri- ~.'an l.CgiVll IU~ Araler~ Jensell'~ lt,~ Slate rept)n, Friday night. Dtmna ~ ant Io June Smith's going away puny and Ihen azzemlded the firemen's upper a nd ~tn.' t dance. Sunday, the ~lmen went lo Hardy fi~r hlnch. Chining ttt the home of Dim and Loin Bi[Ioft Friday ~niiig were Am- her and Julian Brain aral Ecin l eVerlng and ('ade. especially to lla~e Cade's pLClUeex take,i. On Salurda~-, D~al and /ulian went golfing. '11~' i')nlaha alld Lirv:oln pe<-;ple left late Sazur~Lty Io relurn home. Rhonda Brubaclrer caitic Satu~da ~ and was a~ oVenlighl ants1 of Phil and Gerl3' I-X'kle~ fin Snnda). (;err:, and Rhonda weuno theblrthth)I~,1 p~rly tor Shane Peter~t~n and Betdall -I leqell al the human! ]van and l.inda Melton. l'ri,h Rasmt,s~cn rqaycd ~ ilb Pllli and Dick ]-:J:kles came Inlet In ll~ll will: i Providing 5uperior Lumber ]55 N, Central Avenue, Superior, Nab. 402*879-3298 Hours: Mon.-Friday 8 axn. ~ 5 p.m. Saturday 8 a.m. - 2 p,m~ Sunday Clo~,cl i PUBLIC NOTICE REQUEST FOR BIDS- 2017 DEMOI,ITION PROJECT #l T1%" ( 'Jty ,)t" Supcfit)r Jn~. it-s y~,u In hid ,in I[11 denlohli~m and-(,r tlel)rl~, (ash arid i"l.~iJlld'-ilitH'i) refllll,Viil of Lip till ighl tgj ~,';ICilil[ ",ilFI/CILIr'~~x. h~'altd II) SU~I.'T111ir, Nehl'aSLil, For hid ~l,:e~igcalions lind othur i~rlirl nl dil~,~ul|ll:~ils li4.~,2~14] ~, for .~'OlJ It) ri= '~fx>nd to 1ha hid im ila~ion, pl ~qC SCL' 12l~ll;it'l h'~tln'lnation "l~l,~.~ 'ill pOl iliial Riddcr~ ane ~.quii-~ Io ~hc~ule and i~ollduel .'1 ~'~ ll[d ilIrlIg~rl,-i I~id~ mu~i be ~iilblllilri.~ b)- 12:00 p.m. #n ,Mondiy, -Mly I!~, 101"/ ltiilI sUbnl in ;il ~ rc~:i~ cd a ll,-'r hilt di~adline 9.i It 1%- ~-j i -eltd 1.1"~ II't, Phyllis, Schmilt was a la ~i Monday morning coffee gues~ t)[ Jackie Cox. Sunday aherm~m, PhyLlis attended a bridal ~ower for tCate Mowery in Lin- coln. She is the fiancee of lordan Schmitt, grandso~ of Phyllis. Phy'qis accompanied Kelly Schmitt. I--[a.~nah Schmitl and Maria Finke. Dixie Drohma.n and Jakki Dr~hman and Ryker also atlended and were among olher ~tativt~ and t'neraJs. i i Olive Hill By Rosemary Hasemeyer Closing exercises during the Olive Hilt Church Sunday sch~iI I~mr was Lead by Melissa Schusler~ Ddoris AngelLon wa~ the gree~er. Hymnssung during !he worship service v ere "'It is Wall 9 ith My Soul,"'He l.eadeth Me+" "Spiril of the Living GILa.I." "'Peace Like River"and"Ye First"with Lynn Koesler acconlpanying the congrega- t~il)n ~))l the piano. Beverl) I:rust was ~)llg leader. The children's ~lOi') was I-Id hy Angie EMcrs. Pastor Mall l-hlers. Brought the ine,~lage. Usher~ were Paul Hulchln~tul aild l)~igh! I"~isl. Tht.-()~iil~ Hill I.adie~ Bible Study and Mik.b;itnls gf%~,l.lp nl~.~'lln7 9. as held al lh chilrch, l"hur da) alltrnol)n. I=yuu Kt~'~l*.'r r> ihe leader. Rel~-sh- in,2nl?, %ere ~er~ ed tidlo~ inF ihe meet- ilia. Lil)ma Wlllon had ~urgef.~ la~l "[u ~- day niorning al the ~.tar) [ mnlll~ ttos- pilal, ftaMing,~, Shc ~a, all-,rillS,led Wl.' and I~ t)11% d1 ~,~i~112 and J~nice McCuicht~m, Iturr ()ak. 9.ere I.lida) t~lll~-,~ in lhe hilllll #,ill l ~mizi Yiillt~ll. Jalilt#'," brlqll2hl ~lipl~.-r tit l #,fliAi and Ihc's all- h~elllci +l )I.' li~"artl Jc~.iilllpallltd ('hill il,q- laiid. I.a (.') ~m.'. !,ill h, Iurk.i IOli tni a hi;,ine,s llmp. SJtu[tta' V(clid) tt;igl' Jt'iirialcc mid I Icy I tlirfi', "~, ca: ~Ull~.14) ,I11e[11,111 ". I lior, ~ll Lurlia Vfllh,]] 9,'tx'keud ,ilk'~, JI the llt~ fi| )ci ll,~il~ ha~c btVl~ Chnl, 1 i< c) Jnd V, ) all l[ilqt.q~d, i.~i ()~lll+, ,%lc'li~,il. ()akic) ,itld l ine Vi,iftt. I r,~, MtKen#ie+ ft~ nlh $ ;,llll,~ I'.aMi)ll RtPgcl~. Ii-[d,llngS. M-~|nill~l W,inL I'iurltcld./anicc Ward. Jli,~ ,'%Iill dllill Johf; ~#',Ter~ 'l'hc tl,l~cnie) tr~ iii:~dc tiicn iir,a at'ttiiaill- ldll~c ~ilh W)all ~llil~ I, Ii~ i~Ict'k~ il)Id. Nora Hdeil alia Silel~y' (l ~w r% attem~ded Ihc Bnrll,~ior~e Ho~pu;il ice t'reanl ~m- ~lal al Ihe nl~VLe Illeatn: in ~tlr~.'rlil~r Thli~ill~) e~.eni.lg. SI~':Cv hcl~.~l ~.h hil'l ,Old l)hllR' (;el~21~ ~L'lC I;rl. da) il$~ernll:ht ~2LleM~ O| Brari,dl)H immld Jaliile R~dder ,n Wcxt l~.~int. Satorda) ll~y altended the w~ding ret~pl, ai Ik)r Krislie Bargen and Zaek Wilcox ;il the t'ily alldillll-liim ilt Fl'elnlllil I),i~.e and .~llei'l~ (iel~,~ iilltnt~d the ~t'd, ding at~i al lhe .~1. I)anr, Methoili~l ('btllx'h in Onlaba l.~nte dnd KJlle I74 illiani~ ,lUClMed tile sli~ t dantc In .'~ l~<~r~ t-li~l,I) e~,enlng ~iii? Wilh~lrU~ and bel ~l~tel. Altil Alknl%ot I iraiid l'daild. Vl~tlcd~,t I ricnd. Prig'ilia .%ltt'~lel. ill l,~:tiUgltui la,I Monilta) and had hllk'h tilq:elllcL ~lar) AllitandJnlie Mc cr alt~.'.qt~cd the farcg.ell r ~-*.'pl|on lot lltne .%lt-;tth ~|l Nel,~)n l-rlda~ t-~ .'nilig. "LH is not so shot1 bet lhat there is always time for courtesy " Ralp,h Waldo I.~'nerson "Courtesies of a small and trivial char- acLer am the ones which strike ~epest in the grateful and upprecialing heart" Henry Clay M&R Bookkeeping and Tax Service, LLC 454 N. Bl~orn SL~I P O. ~s 42~ Super~. Neb. r08978 402-879-4 ;6a mffa~eemg'~ h0tma~100rn Kdstin Sunday, E.A, Marilyn Peters0n J Are your savings earning what they should? Jim ~lllvan Fir'l,tTIIrt r la ~ .h,th'~r 3,;'1 h C-c'llrd4 ~t" a0~-8 ~'9-a6d6 ktt~n~-,r F, dwa Joneff IMIi.~IN~ St=IMS[ OF IINI~[SrlIIIQ