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August 18, 1983     The Superior Express
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August 18, 1983

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/ Though no one was present at street fund. With plans to place trorn $12, 9 to 110, 87 the budget hearing to protest a all streets not now curbhed and aging activities localpercent. The com dl indicated if the proposed Superior city budget paved within paving districts, requirement from $B,lU to bids are less, the actual cost to ++ which would have resulted in an much of the planned street 17,096, + the homeowner will be adjusted estimated 42 percent tax in- improvement work scheduled In other action at the special downward. crease, the budget was slashed, for this summer has been meeting Mmxlay evening, the The two bids received last Following the budget hearing cancelled. As a result of the council adopted an assessment week for the improvement of 11 last Wednesday evening, expenditures the last two plan for the current and blocks of city streets were members of the Superior City months of the fiscal year were proposed paving distrlets,rejected by the council. Council once again sharpened less than expected. In addition, Though the exact emit to the their red pencils and worked the p~nned paving will reduce city will not be known until bids Members of the council were over the proposed budget, The expen~tures next year. Among are accepted for each district, quite upset last week to learn final resuit, which was adopted the savings realized, thus far the council set a maximum the bids received were above during a special meeting has been a reduction in theprice to he charged property the engineer's estimate and Monday, calls for an ap- number of department em- owners for all work on which considerably higher than the proximate tax increase of 19.1 ployees. The council cut the bidsare let through March $1, bids for the five-block project percent, street fund requirement from / 85. The assessments will he new being completed. i+/i/ :~>+:; .... ;" Four locomotives left the track and blocked the Santa Fe line near Courtland early Friday morning. Though it was )utting the 265,000 pound locomotives back on the track and reopening the line, railroad officials said the accl- have been much worse if the train was moving at a normal speed. The train crew was preparing to switch 24. three locomotives onto the Kyle line and consequently the train was moving slowly. --Express Photo As adopted, the budget will $83,951 to $54,831. require local property taxes of The general fund Iocltl tax $195,765.00. requirement was cut from The savings was gained by $13,997 to $8,797. Most of this making further cuts in the savings is to be taken from general, street, auditorium and funds first earmarked for the aging activities funds, police department. The largest cut was in the The auditorium budget was levied en a cost not toexceed $83 Plans are to rebid the 11 per front foot for projects in, blocks at a later time. The cluding curb and gutter and not project will probably be in- to exceed $25 per front foot for cluded in the letting for streets alreOJects where curb and gutter to be improved with federal ady exist, block grant funds or combined Side lot assessments will be with other street improvement based on rates of 50, 30 and 20 districts planned for next year. r near on the Santa Fe a rail broke and jammed mto a county lugnway ann other roads was again moving on the line. A Abilane to Superior traction motor on One of the blocked by the stalled train, t00-car train was detained in Price 25 24 Pages in Three Sections . Plus supplements erlor was disrupted early locomotives. Some 22 Santa Fe section Concordia until the line was when four of Though there was con- hands were dispatched to the r .+c pened. 1983 Superior Publishing Company. Inc. All Rights Reserved included in a siderable damage, officials said scene along with several Five of the train's eight Superior, Nebraska 68978 derailed at the it was minor compared to what supervisors, locomotives were being used for m of Courtiand. might have happened had the A Hulcher Emergency Crew power. The other three, with Our 84th Year, No. 33 Th ursday, August 1 8, 1983 me the derailment, train been moving at a faster from St. Joseph, Mo., arrived SD&AE markings, were to he few was preparing to speed. As the crew was on the scene at mid-afto oun to do]leered to the Kyle Railroad School bells . cars and three Weparing to begin switching, place the 265,000-pound at Court]and. res to the Kyle the train was hardly moving locomotives on t he track. FlClt bridget pprc ve tL by KyIe is one Of tbe when tbe deraiiment happened The Hu]cher crew used large Santa Fe officials said Friday ]rilhg l~a?eaX,~,s Wferestk bells )( Companies operating at 5:= Friday morning. Caterpillar tractors with side- they would complete the B I ) ( f the bankrupt Rock The railroad had a work train mount booms and counter delivery of two of the throe units interchange was at Concordia planning to repair balances to lift and carry the that night but the third unit was signalling the start the 1983 lUrtland last winter' a section of line south of there locomqtives, to be placed on a Santa Fefall term are set to ring in Guide 1]] ~)eriorsc'n m"DO--are-" {he two companies to that day. Instead it was A large crowd of Courtland siding to await a damage in. Rock Monday. Most others, [e cars. dispatched to Courtland to area residents gathered to spection. Thefront of the engine including those in Superior, are () U) e supervisors at the begin cleanup operations. The watch the work. was obviously damaged in the set to ring Wednesday morning. J day said the exact work train locomotives were Pre-assembled sections of derailment. The exact extent ofissue The .ExW_ The Superior School board reserve, which serves to help A break-down of the various derailment wasn't nsed to pull the dieabled train's track were brought to the acene the damage would not be known contains specuu reporm on au ad ted a defld evenou o,.,=o =,a in...ol . .... t t.of .... tt . cashflow, aflerthis budget components indicato the w, ey said it appeared cars to a siding and re-oponed a and by 8:30 Friday night traffic untilaflertheinspeetion. o m 'ti' n"-on-t'he'-S verior t.or 1953-64 foilowmg leou ' lonme pectedtooeJust instructional area will be ...... ......... the anmmlbudgetheartngin the $81,000. A review of the receiving by far the greatest approve R o d uper u,: junior high school Hbrary cash reserve Indicates a percentage of budgeted funds at 'on pot, rs ec r at wave ~, .ooa ro. has p~ceo_a am._ Monday night att~mded by about general .el.,pdi~.g. the last several $t,105,777 10 Pupil support page aaverusemem m m a dozen citizens, half or them years of the funs service is "l hzeted 142,346 35. Idin v d menuL ann scnoo, pone,ca. ' ted ""--- " [strict continues '+nabate ..... on ,acuJW, .ass n- faculty memhersThe budget as edop calls intactThe thebard'Sdecisions_ a'ctionrngardtnleaVeSg viceinStruction, .,747s "f}64," sunnm.tgeneral r'ad Many parents ano scnool for e~n'mditurns in excess of n'~'ms ad--ted ..... " .............. ..= -r--- v--s-- op prevmusw, ministration, board and staff, Though most youngsters will all they found in his veins as .up purt==. =,=pc ~,,o .u- estimated revenues by ap-most notably L;e reduciton of $66,810 36; school ad- margin, tbevoters district will undoubtedl add beexpacted to returnlo school d Bt. . vertisemen.ts lor rexerence proximately $105,544. Thetheelement ry art program to ministration support services tnrougncut me year 'Ire District No. 6 to the tax load of Byron area within a week, the record Because the dry condition .... ' _ __ defldt is expected to be made half-time status and the $I07,497.41; support service a proposal to landowners but at a hearing breaking summer heat wavefire marsballs in both states schSu Pe ule maercB e Tr ;: upfromfun( stlcashtrom av&rietycaso of eiindnation( dr.i. .ereducatio/I business 14,?9$. 2;operationof l eommunity building earlier beforecomrni~stonersof continues a firm hold on the have bauned all outside bur- -'-~-~"-~-"- +t""~'~-~" ~oturda" sources; on. no~ pro~am outing t~e next year. plants $197,883.$1; maintenance a means to provide both Thayer and Nuckolls two-state area. The nation's ning. ad" reserve and the hamnce (lue the It aiso puts on held any plans for of plant 135,600; pupil tran- . port for Byron's Counties, Dan Werner ex- high Monday and Tuesday was, vertisements for man di.stri.ct but s t ll intl _ hands of .ino r .sing, grade spertation$al,959.20; pre-achool II. The di,,trict is plained at the maximum, the ablisteringlUatnearbyBeloit. EdGroves, observer ........... mar uc ousc mty'rreasurer, toael ng stall or me rurl oc an (ESU) $12,320; adult education vatues m ne munn mm wee ena The amount still in the cash aide of land in both tax .assessment would be .017 Of the two days, most people Temperature in Superior. $700.28; and transfers $12.750. Nuckolls Counties. per $ 00 valuation, working outside agreed Monday High during week 106 which had Creation of the district is a was the worst. The hunddtty Low during week 61 BU~ Oak b= fire v --"rac*:ce gymnasium formove similiar to what was done was in the 50 percent range. Precipitation - "= - a m Hubbell several years ago school district, " ....... Tuesday it bad fallen back to a Total for week .60 entered :Sunciay ibillty of the unner almost con: more comfortable I0 to 15 Total thismonth .71 ,-,, . m. Club when theditionsaftertheHunl eu :noot percent. To date in1983 13.61 The Tumblewced Bar in Burr | ,n,m l'11 d with Chester = kJt4t ms merged withDistrict merge Thus far this week the official To date in 195 20.54Oak was the scene of an early V i last year. The high for Superior was the 106 Normal for Aug. 3.24morning, break-in Sunday,. Monday is practice night for MGM Construction Comoanv.__. --r--d~rmrtrn~ntw~'cJ~]]~d to Hardy ..................... m on the club recorded at Ed Grov+es' home. Normal to Sept. ! . 20.21 ccor.d ,n& tothe Jewell Coun the Superior volunteer firemen lot on West Eighth Street. where an ammonia gas leak the move was the + -jTt ermometers, m. the hotter mllZimmermu, onserver _ . n.ert ! s ._ epar ment. anu but for many members of the The firemen hastily reloaded was reported. However, they in bringing the [ ]] AIP,I= b ine , dismc nave topped Guide Rock ... uetween ana 14oo m cnangedepartment, the practice the hose and sped to the were not needed. Apparently a vote. The fire district [ [| jtvm sm, m~,m,~ ] the ll0d.e~'e, e. marg. _ CedlMarquarar.owerver were m.xen. . _ . session didn't go as expected, reported fire. valve was briefly opened and Let were used as %,.I . Spotted. showers, gave some w/yon . uu gi s . enterea me The firemen bad reported as Department officers had set a then dosed on an ammonia determining who temperature reties unoay Clyde Crsmer.ouerver esta ent, apparenuy scheduled and were devloved_.__, smoke borabin___ bthe uildin .and It ballots because it wa UP ERIORAMARKETS morning. . .... Hardy . .24 through a back dour, and.pried about town drilling with the were evaluating the flremen's Last Wednesday the firemen corresponds to the "" 59 One Je .u .uounw t K.ennethHMsen, omerver _ open., several .roach.rues pumper trucks when the response as part of the werecalledtobattlaagressftre .---- wnen neattem to tnsmn someume aster me uar dis tcherr a f e de rtment's ai of the old school r,...., reporcec mlxed ' . . _ . . pa eceived ir call pa routine tr ning on the Meyer farm northwest of dona blood =at .... _RaiphSe ,ol erver ,0 at a.m. '=t neA. =mcident Smoke was pouring from eft'orS. . ..... Sup eft.or; The fire was quickly tion of the building utoonmoune, .c Lawrence under uuc u attt t, DUlIGtr~ IOC M on tM s atermat evening, me eontamen. ' , NI anniversary ee [ebrmion on tap at Lovewell Lake marks the 251h Ri.verBasin,.amultiple.p .m.lx . use this water could contract Because the federal been, the directors of Initially lt was thonght that an The' is. a zoned, .rolled n c__ t e lake area of the dedication of a.n c .o mtmg conu'oi, with the federat government for authorities condudod a court theirrigau.on, district proceeded inverted siphon system ndght ears nu su'u+emreex enmng 93 m.easu , ng more .man nee+ Dam A project which trrtgauon, navigation ann the water, test case needed to be made of to negouate a repayment be the best way for the Com'- feet aneve White Rock n ues tong. ane scout .a sue the dasperatkm power generation. It was during Now that these laws were in the new Karmas water laws, a contract with the Bm'eau of tiand Canal water to cress the Creek stream bed. The crest or wme and me roads lea,cling into a}s drought. Now a .this stage of. plannin..g Offect, petitions were circulated suit was filed directly with the Reclamation. Although the White Rock Creek valley but )engthofthe__damacrouthetop .me.p as 'eu .as pa.rK on is planned for oecame evloent nat me that gave birth to the Kansas- Kansas Supreme Court. In a contract was mgned by theafter further consideration it m aheut B,500 feet. Release of ttseu, were aetna to mark the Republican River water, a part Boetwick Irrigation District in decision rendered in June, 1949, directors in April, 1%1, it did was determined the con- water n'om behind the dam is m o r sm m . .um m s. .mg of the basin, would need to he 1948, The new district was the corut upheld the validity of not take effect until three years struciton of a dam had ample done.either through the two ms,,new look ,age, ofthe mid-1930's were divided be een the three states initially allocated 130,000 acre the new laws, later because of legal justification and in 1955 money .radiat gates that measure25ft. _ nets. aune Pectssimiliartothe through which it. passes, feet of Republican River Once the matter of the challenges that went all the way was appropriated and con-by 20 ft. or through the assve. pl m. naa.oe, en except that in Colorado, NebrasKa _ann Compact Water. legality of the water laws had to the United Supreme Court. struction started. - was.teway. At maximum rata tor cete rat wt.m a '| there were no J meas. It was .years netore -- - surface level, me spillway .carm va, me ..ual S.l eCnes, , Ystems so when it that plan was worxeo out but \ If discharge capacity is S ,000 neat races alto n rew.oru. Tl+e u Stayed that way, the finally a plan emerged .t t. was " , ........... ........ ........ ;i 1! \ I[ cubic_feet per second. Experts it its.May e Issue, , sometimes so thick satisfactory to the Ingmmtures - ' ...... i ......... -- - ,,- .............. At last report slightly over the .fl.reworxs .were to .,e . gcould move, partly of the three states and was !I +:Y,S | \\\ !I 42,000 acres were being ser- p.rovtae.a ny the largest Sibility was impaired ratified by the Congress in 1943. "I ! | t | )) , ..... \\\ I viced by the Courtland Canal t reworK, s company. . m Iln es because the dust Aqthorlzation for con- [ \ | \\}! system with approximately Amerlca and woulo mcluoe eating, struction both of the Harlan .... \ .... \ L | {{ /3 ,000o theeeaeresbeingland mno . thestatie.dls! .ysaset that exverience that County Dam and the Lovewell / "+"/ below the dam. The lake s.lmwlng aarn: to [he Kansas- Dam was g ran .te.d in. 19 . (' i "'" I \ A/ elevation was at 1,578 feet as of eaten clay ctawnea wet aria L Irrigation District actual construc uon m Jeweu ........... i\ v \ the end of July. ng y. "l e pro 'a.m USually meant the County was y,e some y rs \+,/ /,\ // ..... = ++ \ f/ ///111 Although constructed wasrameoupouanumostmt s found the water ,u -. .... ; /// 1/t 1 I0,000 and 20,000 persons dam on the White away. It wa ' - + -+ J .o,, ,twimar/ly as a supplem mta , laws of the state d Kansas were .... | \\ storage pool for the I/'/'Igation of planned ...... for stayed Jhome..... to form the multi- to rmit con l f flood turn =turaay, me punuc m ake now enjoyed by inadequate pe - " \\ .... k agricultura land and or " original dream was struction or provide protection ...... ""' ] , I "~'~ .~ . ~ ~ ~~~-~) \~.-.'c~atrol, it qulddy was apparent ceiebrate the ~ y.ears uam across the creek to any irrigation district that + / I - 2 that it vould also serve service ann pleasure me mxe a few thousand acres might be formed in the state "-"+1 \\ ) ,,,| , - recreational needs of both has Wovlded with variety of in the vicinity of and therefore in 1945, the- ' I[ /_( North-Central Kansas and evenm|>emgpmnnedtoindude It was soon found Kansas leg was per- ! .... , South entral Ac- rse cepitching.mudpuddie I/ / \ E -..".+=", .+-..- --., the necenary whole new theory m water .... = I' / -- boat ramps_ have oeen Lsm.oemoustrauons ann a por work, let alone the rights. the .......... + ......... , \ do oped, dan. s is AS a result, the Chief Engtneer ot wa,er i recreatioa area hasbeen P! nnea as the concluding l;Pr'trequest'Reclar=ation to ayeofSi e as :a;6 ' , +, , I t "'' ' o ........ tl rl mmedle 6on:l e ce ary surveys .gro .. onsum tive use " ' I ' " , . II //'1 / o f i tythe " i variotm of cost. t)eneftctat c p . ' In omcia . in the process Included as part of the Although the actual land covered by.. water has changed sOme.over the last 25 years, this Is what Lovewoll Lake, of the lake in 191e, one All area residents are flopme==t of the legislative package were originally named the Lake of the Wh,te HOCKS, was to look like accordmg to the map that appeared in the Lovewell Dam walleyes were planted to participate in the festivities. plan for the changes that allowed a,dmmt dedication program, June 5. 1958. Note the uourtland Canal inlet at the top right corner of the lake and the outlet at the in the lake. Newspapm. reports Contestants may register at the Of the Missouri to he incorporated whicn mxght lower r ght corner, about the tlme of the dedication, event location. )