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August 18, 1983     The Superior Express
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August 18, 1983

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"" Thursday, August 18, 1983 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 3A T ',f T Locals__ Features h e_nt Ll'.j .e. Lines',, Mrs. John Swaim, Tonya and Mr. and Mrs. Pat Werden and ~ i ~~ N0 I!- Debra Sander earns Lou Varley is the new head Jonlee, Green_w.ood, visiting, family, run, as, T p., t ,-, . 1.-. .. " ] I LUNCH M[NU] '" _I] three scholarships foothall coach at Ravenna High Mr. anuMrs, e'loyaz, etglerand hisparenm, Mr. anaMrs, t,onm ! lh " nn r]nr I ;Ynrp=e nnlio i -- := School this year. A former . . e --~--*lv ................ Marguerite Swaim this week. Worden, Supertor, and her 1" It" J =4 r Ken and Ann Debra Sander, a junior at the. teacher and coach of Superior .......... ~ ..... J ~ Aug. Though Aug. N ~o.,a .... a Universityof Nebraska- High School, he and his family ------- parents, Mr ann Mrs ttemmm I W " If " Wednesday: etner on a bun, Ayres, Wymore, from Au . 7 ! you are planning a wedding or anniversary, you will es d n 'i ::=""=" .... Lincoln, has received three have moved to Ravenna fromand Larry Brow. until Sunday. i want to l ow wit The Superior Express polic?IsYo Us c 'peach , pu dig aray' scholarships for the 1963-84 Friend. ann family, Chicago, m., ann -.----_ ! events. - i v,,_r-,----=-.. ...... mokies _ .., school year The scholarships -------- Mr..and.Mrs. Garrett Bro~m: Monioa Braun, O'Neill, and ! The Express will publish engagement announcement | i~ursaaY~n~l.ttti~ salad' des, t~urr uaJ; total .... " [rS~ak R~sk~nr The scholarships include the Mrs. Dan Heine accompanied ~,w.E~_ .~y, ~an.._werelas~ Mr. and Mrs. Robert Braun, i ar~.dwedd,ng photo, graphs and information | fruit bread and butter, milk Mrs. Ray Burris,Ben and .Lnur~myumuexSu,~mmr~r~ Scott, Jamie andKari, Merced, i w|mont cnarge. Toe picmres may mcmae just the bride or | ~d,v. t~JmAndot~M~slice .:' - ; g William E. Sharp AcademicBrandy and Mrs. Raymond Lowoernmg. Calif., were weekend guests of | members of the wedding couple. Wedding pictures ""--" .............. } 11 uaz.. .. Scholarship, Roger Brendle and Lang, Edgar, to Waverly Ruth Braun. Mr. Braun was ~ uld oe pubhahed as soon after the marrmgengc~CmtU~or~t ~ fruit cookie milk ------- sno ' . on a bun, buttered corn, m Jced i'Mel~Vlnn' ~rranU~ M. McKelvie Music Scholar- Saturday to attend the wedding Mr. and Mrs. Cecil era'outs to Milwaukee, Wisc., on 6 as possible. They will not be published more than fot~ J ' ' " ~m.. v==,'o T o~.o ship and the Music Tutorial of Tamara Lung and Ricky Blackstone were in Hastings a business trip W weeks after the service. If requested, the photographer | P==,4-,,,,,, ^'i,,.,~..,...,,ffi ::,%" .'-'7"'~ "~- .... Scholarship in the com- ~erJe~e~t~?' G~7~r prehensive musicianshipChurch.Reynoldsn at the Methodist Tuesday to be with Mrs. Steve --r. | will normally provide a black and white photograph | --~,,~,~.luiul ~t.,ll~..~ ~ill, e,~: .... program. In the latter program. HeRman, Reynolds, Neb.: at Connie Myers, Superior, and i sm_table for newspaper reproduction shortly after the vet .................. she wa ..... ~ ,= oo~.,,,,~ ,,, Mary'Lanning Hospital Where Jennie Myers. Wichita. took | weumng. ~ after the [ 40th anm argaret Klawitter, _. ~.":T ". ~. ..... ~.".," Diann Evers and Kristi and Mrs. HeRman's son, Bryce, had Angela Kirk to her home at| Though The Express does not charge for publishing [' Mr and Mrs. Donald 'ieda ...... Kuh~,~on,,,,.,,. -, neJPlowerW]mclassmentno tutoring ox ~ne Pam McCormick and Michelle, ear surgery. David City Friday ~fter she had i thep-ic -tin'as and storie& there is a considerable expense ~.Pedersen, Davenport, .~:zSet~i' V~TnP~e~l~rr' She has also ~=en selected as Hereford, Texas, were guests of -------- visited in the Leren Myers home i mVe~nVed'.As a result of this expense, space preference is | celebrated their 40th wedding in= SSoo,,,.= n, ~ a rank leader for the1983 season Mr. andMrs. Gary Carlson and Heath, Nathan, Michelle and and with other relatives here ~ ~ . to mose couples who have purchased .their wedding |~armiversaryAug. 4, by hosting a ................. in the UNL Marching Red band. family, Shickley, Monday Michaela Lemke, Hastings, two weeks. | mv~uons, programs ann diner suppues trom "t~ne ~x- [ dinner for their children and ........ Majoring in music education, evening for a cookout and to were Wednesday through ----"--. ~ ~'*'~~ni rs " ~ families. These pr .esent were .amlema Altora,she will be-"n band cam,,honor Chadd on his seventh Sunday guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Wohher, w]' ve :ary. p~ctures of the couple only are .published. ~ Mr. and .Mrs" Dennm Harms, Della Oltmans, practice Sat~r~lay. =" birthday. ~"~"=,-""='~"-='='*v--- ts, Mr and Curtis and Carolyn, Adams,~ th .... a repor~ of the omervance. There m a cnarge for the devottous, read by Marlene :'.'"- . -'" " "--'r Neb, were Sunday dinner anmversary m,nr tions or any other type of invitation | Mr and Mrs Berdon Pedersen, ......... A 1981 graduate of Superior Mrs Stun ~uage, wnile tne | which is bl' " ' .... ' ' ~ren~c]e~~im~o~n;m" HighSchonl, she is the daughter Hoin. family ' " in guestsofMarthaSchiermeyer- PU mhed m the Youre Invited column on i Jed and Sarah parents were vacationing " i ,~ ~ " Missouri and Kansas. They also "------ !! r"~'~Al"l" . , . ...................... ~utn ....... ttacnoun,' of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Sander. reumonat Red wi 0 her relatives Mr and Mrs Dean Ellner, ~i. . wedding, engage m.ent and. anniversary m- J Thursday August t S t 983 via th t " " . mr .... ' . ' ' n Ewer, Guide._ " Nelson Sunday hn ~r Hayes, Kan., came for her _ m. auonmu.s, t ne. r eceweamwri~mgby4p.m.,Monday . The Super,or Express, post of- w._e h__e. mother, Mrs. John Klingen- ii~or inclusion m tim[ week's newspaper. .! rice publication (USPS 529 3~ ~rguson, Hardy; Hepresentahve t~ . benler Au~ 6 for a week's visit ~,--'---'--'~---'---'-----=,--,-~;~-=-'~"-~"=~ subscri tion rates~ $1000 '.hois, Lebanon; The annual Heine family ~ r "" ' ~" P " " Superior; Johnhere Wednesday reunion was held in the Nebmn O se snow at in their home Ellner and his year, three years for $2700 pa~, Neva Sisson, The Hastings Socitil Security park Sunday. perents, Mr. and Mrs. LouisMrs. Marvin Andrews and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sinclair, able in advance in Nebraska an0 Mankato Aug. 28 Fitzgerald, representative will be in Thoee attending were Mr. and Ellner, Lebanon, brought her Marcy, Cheney, IOin., were Elm Springs, Ari~.., are visiting Kansas. $12.00 per year or three Superior at the Security Mrs. Albert Heine, Waverly, The Blue Maverick Saddle home Sunday morning. Wednesday dinner and supper in the home of her parents, Mr. years for $33.00 elsewhere in 16--Henry Barton, National Bank Community Iowa; Mrs. Albert Lambrecht Club will have an open horse __ guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Mrs. Albert James. They t~e United States. Twenty five Andrews and Billy. Other recently returnodfroma Youth cents per single copy. Second ay Burris, Edgar; Room Wednesday, Aug. 24. and June, Kenesaw; Mr. and show Sunday, Aug. 28, at the 4-H S-Sgt. and Mra. Rodney callers have been Mrs. Lyle With A Mission Tour into class postage paid at Superior. ~er, Nelson; Keith Hours are 10 a.m. to 12 noon. Mrs. Kary Heine, Kristen and grounds in Mankato, starting at Stanley, Heather, Heide and Trautman, Levi and NathanMexico. Wednesday they all Klebraska. Published weekly by Uperior; Maxine Michael and Mr. and Mrs. Don II a.m. There will be 17 events Jason, who recently visited in and Mrs. Jim Welbeurne and visited Marlene Jeusen, the Superior Publishing Com- 'r Oak; Brenda Olive Chapter Jelinek, Jerad, Brian and with four place trophiesthe home of her parents, Mr. daughters, Friday Mrs. An- Hastings. Mrs. Sinclair is the pany, Inc.. at 148 East Third Rock. Jessica, Grand Island; Mr. and awarded, plus two classes, of and Mrs. Rasmus Hansen, are draws called on Muriel Mar- former Jane Jens4m. Street, Superior, Nebraska Risewick,meeting 1 onday Mrs. Joe Rush, Laci and payhack in the pole and barrell now making their home in Ashley, Shickley; Bobble classes. The public is welcome. Colorado Springs, Colo., where shall. 68978. Elva Mumma, The regular stated meeting of Johnson, Geneva;Mr. andMrs. For more information, call Dale he is stationod. Appearing At The Gerda Nielsen, Olive Chapter No. 63 Order of Darrel Holm, Jodi and Todd, Brooks, Jewell. Betty Grummert, Omaha, Neva Sisson, the Eastern Star was held Deahler. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Soukopcame Friday for a weekend Kelly Adams, Monday evening. Margene Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Peterson, ~--lk8 h&ve second and Troy, Terry and Shelly visit with her mother, Helen Rodney Shaw, Shuck, worthy matron, con-TaraandMatt, scott Hoirm and family picnic; Laluk returned home Tuesday Grummert. Friday supper 00H ducted the business meeting. Rena Hegland, Clay Center; night from Denver where they guests were Ellen Jansen and Phone 402-879-3013 1--Vicki Sweet. Invitations were read to at- Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bueacher, other activities had visited in the home of Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Jansen, :aryFile, Republic. tendAug. 21open house and the Jared, Tasha and Erica, More than eT0 were served at and Mrs. Jerry Soukop and Edgar. Other visitors in the Highway 14 North Superior, Neb. 12--Erna Hayes. 4-H Achievement Day and Glenvil; Richard Hoins. the Elks second annnal family famlly since Thursday. Mr. and evening were Mr. and Mrs. iy reek Picl Lena Mortensen, barbeque at the Eastern Star Hillary, Heather and Heidi, picnic, held in Lincoln Park Mrs. Robertschiermeyer, Allen Albert Jermen. Sunday dinner Imaritan Center, Masonic Home for Children at Hebron; Craig Barfknecht, Sunday evening, and Brian also visited in the guests of Mrs. Grummert and r Peter Nielsen,Fremont, and a special meeting Harvard; Jason and Cory DeRoy Palmer, manager, Soukop home there, returning her guest were Mr. and Mrs. !--Sandra Rowley, Sept. 17 of Electa Chapter, No. PicratLx, Lincoln; Mr. and Mrs. along with the kitchen help, home Sunday. Friday they all Floyd Franzen, Odell, Lila Good Time Country 8, Lincoln. ~ Orin Dillon, Mr. and Mrs. Ray prepared and served barbecue went to IAtches park for the Grummert, Kenneth Cash and ,mn Kujath and baby The charter was draped in Burris, Ben and Brandy and and fried chicken, pork, day. __ children and Mr. and ,Mrs. ~dna Masters, Burr memory of Ila Koken, a Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lung, hamburgers, salads, baked K~enneth Franzen, Kimberly member of Olive Chapter, and Edgar; beans, relishes and water- Pare McCormick and and Jody, Hastings, and Ellen mice Fitzgerald,Jess Weyand, past grand patron Mr. and Mrs. Jerre Heine and melon. Michelle, Hereford, Texas, and Jemen. of the Grand Chapter of Justin, Davenport; Mr. and Tbere were also gumes for all Joe Roy, Fremont, were Mrs. Loren Bailey, Mr. and ages and a band played during weekend guests of Diann EversEnds Thursday "Donald Petersen, Nebraska in 1965, who died July hrgaret Klawitter, Mrs. James Ferebee, Karen the dinner hour. and Kristi. Mrs. McCormick is Shewl 0:30 p.m. VaFerebee, Nelson; " The grand officers will make and Alan, Mr. and Mrs. The state convention of the Mrs. Evers' sister and Mr. Roy Pork~'s!| - ThsNextOav~ ogers, Superior. their official visit to this district Lawrence Williams and Donald Danish Brotherhood will be held her father. Saturday they all "-Erma Headrick, Sept. 14. There.will be a noon Mr. and,Mrs, Everett at the club Friday through attended the 50th wedding " " tarts FridBY' Frieda Kuhlmann, luncheon in Edgar. Barfknecht, Nelson; Kim Sunday, along with a wedding anniversary open house, supper Linda Selvage, During the social hour Nollette, C0dy; " Margaret reception. AT A NEW TIME Melvin Grau, following the meeting the Heine, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Friday, Aug. 26, therewlll be and dance for Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Courvilie, Clyde, Ken. Open 7:16 p.m. members enjoyed a "Vacation Sholtz and Renee, Mr. and Mrs. a dinner-dance with music by They were joined there by Mr. Sbowtime 7:$0 p.m, by Pictures" when Ralph Koken Ralph Heine and Christi and the Resurrected Swing. Sixteen and Mrs. Gary Carlson and w~:r [~NE~ ' lesia Bauer showed colored slides he had Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hartman, musiciana will play the music family, Shickley, and Mr. and birthday taken in the Black Hills, other Guide Rock; from the ."Big Band Sound." Mrs. Steven Evers and family, places of interest and scenic Dora Hoius, Richard and T.J. See the Elks' ad elsewhere in Lincoln. beauty. The serving committee Morris, Rhonda Heine, Mr. and this issue. Mrs. Terry Bauer Davenport, en- in honor of their sister, Alesia, on Aug. 4. Mr. and Mrs. Carleton, Mr. Bauer and and Mrs. Kelly amie and Joss, Mr. Tom Dahi, Walter ne Holtzen and Marvin Holt zen was the worthy matron and worthy patron. The next regular meeting will be Sept. 19. It will be Friendship Night and the neighboring chapters will be guests. Mrs. Stephen Williams, Irene Barfknecht, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Nell Thomsen, Brooke, Kara and Andrea and Mr. and Mrs. Myron Wilcox, Superior. .0011 North Highway 14 - Superior, Neb. To Patronize our customers we'll be running a half price special on all drinks From 8 to 9 p.m. I't M" The Management III II il I I I | II IIIIIII I i Iman 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Superior, Nebraska Guests With Members Welcome TEC}INIfOLOR'I COMIN6 SOON Staving Alive & War 6ames 'el!! SEE OUR COMPL.[ t~ SELECTION OF BRIDE & GROOM ~[ DD~NG STATION{ ~ TATIONS ESSORIES 3UNCEMENTS NDANT'S GIFTS PTIC.N ITEMS BOOKS SS Sut)e~,c>, Neb ................. ~~ii~!%. 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Nellie and Floyd Risewick's 6olden Wedding Anniversary 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Mary and Larry Ful r's Silver Wedding Anniversary Superior, Nebraska Guests With Members Welcome / For: A "Precious Moments" Special Event Date: August 21, 1983 Time: 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Place: MARCY'S HALLMARK SHOPPE 516 E Street Fairbury, Nebraska 68352 Register to WIN retired figurine "Praise The Lord Anyhow", meet SPECIAL GUESTS, visit with other collectors and MUCH, MUCH, MORE ! ! ! MARCY'S HALLMARK SHOPPE-- *HAS--over 100 designs now in stock *ACCEPTS--Master Card and Visa *WELCOMES--Phone order BRING A FRIEND Ill ~~{ I I I an 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Come Party The Officers Of The ly Invite 4: oo to 6: oo p.m. And Trust Company Boersma has retired from his position at the bank after 63 years of serving the community. Sam Baird, President