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August 18, 2011     The Superior Express
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August 18, 2011

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Express Published each Thursday by Superior Publishing Company, Inc. at 148 East Third Street, P.O. Box 408Superior, Nebraska 68978 , Stibscription rates are $25 per year in Nebraska. ,$26.50 per year in Kansas. Other States $36 per year. Bill Blau E-mail ts Selected on the wl Thursda celt, Publisher , portions of the newspaper available .,h at ,August 18,2011 Page2B / / Editor, s Notebook ... If you like sorting through the unwanted and dealing with wheeled hand cart to loll his purchases to his vehil frenzy shoppers, Superior was the place to be Saturday. There were Among my purchases was a first editio more than 30 garage sales and the library's surplus book sale held Tremain s book On E velyn Vestey and what I sus that day. Unlike prior years when the book sale was held in the library's meeting room or a downtown business building, this year the books were displayed in the main room of the Superior City Auditorium. It was the largest ever for the local library and the old auditorium was a perfect place. The sale was advertised as starting at 8 a.m. and I was there at that time. Helpers were still arranging outside signage when I arrived but I was far from the first shopper. Those shopping for books reminded me of the feeding frenzy when Conley Cleveland fed the fish he raised in the ponds of the Kansas-Nebraska Bait Company. Boxes were available for the shoppers' use. A number of shoppers (many of whom were women) were hastily moving down the tables selecting books and pitching them into a box at their feet. As they moved, they kicked the boxes along ahead of them. There was little conversation but one could hear the slap of feet hitting the boxes and boxes sliding on the maple floor. I didn't think to check but surely the box kickers were wearing real shoes and not the popular flip flops. One man drew my interest. I would liked to have questioned him but he was so intent, I thought it best not to sleak. He was flipping through books at the speed of a sprinter and using a portable electronic device to scan the barcodes printed on the backs of many books. I concluded he was probably a used book dealer looking for books he could resell at a profit. His handheld device probably was preloaded with the names and values of books he had a market for. I felt like I was in the way as I leisurely moved down the tables as hurried shoppers were going around me. I left only to return later in the day after a calm settled into the auditorium. Before going to the sale I had predetermined I was not going to buy more than I could carry home. However, Vicki Perrie, insisted I should also have a box and before the day was out I had used two boxes to carry my purchases home. When I first left the auditorium, a man ahead of me was checking out. I don't know how many books he purchased but they must have filled a half dozen or more boxes. He was using a two- edition of Lew Hunte r's screen writing textbook. :le. of Betty ect is a first Screenwriting is produced multiple bo screen writing and do: I'm enjoying learnin In the introducti, view five specific m( his advicdand read or viewing Citizen Kw Sundance Kid, Fall, watched any of thos, aspire to be a screen It was good to auditorium. When I years ago, a number They said I would 1 neighbor. And it ma Superior High Schol to be that way sire surrounded the build When the audil Strader at Crete. The five day -J' camp is sponsored by Lincoln Young Men's Christian Associa- tion and costs $5. Paul Schmeling, cashier of Se- curity State Bank, and Myrtle Koon, Lincoln, Neb., were mar- ried at the home of the bride. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Bjorling are the parents of a son named Edward. Two ofF.E. Mathers' children, a boy, 9, and girl, 14, were oper- a special form of writing an( Hunter has ks on the subject. I know n(,thing about l't aspire to write a screen pla '. However. about the speciality by reading his book. )n to the book, the author advised readers vies before beginning the book. I ignored but I found it interesting that he suggested e, Casablanca, Butch Cassidy and the 'n Angel and E.T. Since I have never movies, it is probably good that I don't writer. see life return (if briefly) to the closed hayed to 500 Commercial more than 40 ,f people thought I was making a mistake. nd the auditorium to be an objectionable have been prior to the opening of the new 1 in the fall of 1964. But I haven't found it e. In fact I miss the activity that once inc. orium was open, I enjoyed sitting on my From the s of The erior ress.. file Sup Exp Eighty Years ith the symphony, officer. Victor Laird, Max Hinkson, Forty Years Ago Superior officers willprosecute Evon Hinkson, Loren Noren and The transaction has been cam- those driving over hoses being Jack Beavers will attend Camp pleted and Pleasant Woemer has used by the Superior Fire Depart- ated on for appendicitis at Brodstone Hospital in the past two weeks. Fine ripe tomatoes for sale just across the road from Newt Bagley's Machine Shop; four pounds for 25 cents. G.D. Jones. Seventy Years Ago Three booster trips will visit 27 towns advertising the Caval- cade celebration Sept. 15, 16 and 17 in Superior. The last regular concert of the summer by the Superior Munici- pal band was played here Tuesday evening. Mrs. Edward Hudson enter- tained 10 friends in honor of her grandmother, Alice Sidles, Julesburg, Colo., who is spending the summer here. The 37th annual picnic will be Aug. 7, on the parish school porch and watching the activity. While walking to and from work, I liked to pop into the lobby and inspect the goings on. Hopefully, the fundi0g can be secured and the building can soon be returned to at leat part of its former glory. Not only did I buy two boxes of books. I also bought a portable chair that is easy to carry on my bicycle. I think it would be fun to ride down o the river, position the chair on a sandbar and read with the ri'er flowing at and over my feet. But I'll be a bit selective of wh ich book I take for that trip. take Time-Saver Standards, a Manual of ral Data. That book weighs 55 pounds and of material the author suggests "all who )del buildings or parts of buildings will find e should I read Lew Hunter's book, write a It to build a private theatre to show it in, I ice 431 to determine how to calculate the theater's floor. I'll certainly n Essential Architecu contains 888 pages design, build or rem useful." For exampi screen play and wa: need only turn to p proper slope for the St'll Ba k the R a ch 1 , c at n By Tonya R. Paddock Though I am not exactly sure why, I recently purchased an this was so when I sat on it. like an elephant on a blueberry, exercise ball. Maybe I bought it because for every pound everyone would not explode. else in the county seems to be losing, I gain two...or four. That said. I would prefer we discuss my actual weight in kilograms now, because the numbers look way (or weigh) better from where I sit. Of course, Where I 'sit is in front of either my home or work computer 99.9 percent of the time. which just might explain why my bathroom scale hates me. Apparently I have not been giving it enough of my love and now it is set on vengeance. In addition to more cuddle time with and whispering sweet nothings to my scale I have also resumed the arduous task of a daily 20-minute love-hate relationship with the dusty coat rack formerly known as our Nordic Track. The Nordic Track elliptical howe,ler does not seem to be tough enough to kick the booty I'm lugging. So I purchased a set of dumbbells and this rather confusing, large, blue bali which just kind of sits in my living room and does not do much. This big, blue rubber ball is so intimidating, not even my five dogs will play with it; and two of them routinely eat glass. The first problem with the exercise ball was that it came in a small box. deflated with a hand air pump and instructions. So, here's the deal. I do not like reading instructions and I do not like putting things together, particularly if it requires that I exert excess energy. So my personal opinion on this exercise ball is going to be a one-star, two-thumbs down review. It (the ball) should have come pre-inflated with a six foot tall personal male trainer to "teach" me the proper and most effective way to utilize this particular device. Enter here my husband to the rescue (please note; he is not six foot tall. nor is he a personal trainer of anything other than bad jokes and lame puns). But the ridiculous instructions contained within the bali's box said that I had to "'measure" the ball once it was inflated, to assure I had it to the xoper level of inflation. I assumed Church Of Formoso The Nazarene 740 E. Seventh Office Phone 402-879-4391 Pastor Dave Coleman Sunday Sunday School ................. 9:45 a.m. Morning Service .............. 10:4!5 a.m. Children's Program. Youth Group Meeting ................... 6-7 p.m. Wednesday Adull Bible Study ..... 6:30.7:30 p.m. Transportation and Nursery www.superiornazarene, org First Presbyterian Church Sixth and N. Central Superior, Neb. Phone 402-879-3733 SUNDAY Sunday School .......... 9:15 a,m, Fellowship ............... 9:30 a.m. Worship ............... ,. 10:30 a.m. Community Church Nondenominattbnal Bible Teaching Pastor Gene Little Sunday School ........... 9:30 a.m. Worship Service ...... 10:30 a.m. Weekly Home Bible Studies 203 Balch Street, Formosa, Kan. 785-794.2490 I | Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Rev. Daryl Nelson PMA Connie Raess ST. PAUL LUTHERAN Hardy, Neb. Phone 402-279-3205 or 402-236-8825 Sunday School .... I0 a.m. Sunday Worship,.. 9 a.m. Fellowship Hour ,. 10 a.m. Rev. Mark Diehl, Pastor Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 505 N. Kansas Superior, Neb. Sunday Morning Worship . 8:45 a.m. Sundav School ....... 9:45 a.m. certainly do not So, I sit on tl But, as my c( this is the whol back on the ball Thanks Chu your inbox! First United Methodist Church 448 N. Kansas Street Superior. Neb. Rev. Jocelyn Tupper Sunday Services Worship .... 8:15 & 10:30 a.m. Bible Study Thursday...9 a.m. 1 also do not ike "measuring" things, especially if they exceed the length of my 59 inch sewing tape geasure that is torn and tattered t ecause I have had it since I was 10 yeai*s old. Anything beyond 59 inches typically means that I haveto dig through my husblnd's sanctuary for a real measuring device; the ominous and (fff-limits, garage, where the husband growls if you do not "pu things away!" Anyway, this ;xercise ball is supposed to be a 65 era'ball, according to the I ox. But, the instructions direct one to inflate it to such that it r ieasures 204 cm. Now. I am no math genius. I managed to sqt eak through college algebra recently with a C. But, does th t make sense to anyone. A 65 cm ball inflated to 204 cm? I wa; so confused; still am. Even more col ifusing, once my husband inflated said ball to the proper measurement, as read and measured by me, was the fact that I had abs )lutely no idea what I was supposed to do with the ball in the fit ;t place. The instructions did not give even a hint on what use the ball was. Well, I sat on it. And I fell off of it. I did do a bit of internet research and fouod that there are certain maneuw',rs one might do with the[ball which are supposed to brir g exercise-like results. In' oder to do any of those moves wllh the ball, however, I have ttecided that one must be either all aspiring or former circus 9rformer because the "ball" requi 'es a level of balance and ;race that I most have. le ball. Andthen I fall off. -worker and fellow columni t wisely tells me, point to the exercise..."yo just have to get k...I'll have the hospital bJls forwarded to tic rvices ;hurch leb. 879-3735 Catho: Church Se St. Joseph's q Superior, l Rectory Phone 402. Mass Sehe xde Daily Masses  :30 am. Saturday ........ 6 p.m. Sunday .......... 8 a.m. Nelso a Sunday ......... I0 a.m. Father Brad Zitek .Firs I: Baptist :hurch I' 558 N. C mmerclal . Supe] tar, Neb. Rev. Floyd Ricl tardson (K Church 402-,79-3534 Sund ty Worship ............. 10:45 a.m. Wedne ;day Bible Study ............... 4 p.m. rinity ,thodist Jewell T: United Mq Jim Rice, Sund Sunday School .... Morning Worshi 1 Wedn 7astor ....... 9:15 a.m. ... 10:30 ram. ;day Kids for Christ ........... 3:45 p.m. Grace Community Evangelical  ree C .hurch of i Superior II..-it 423 E. Fifth Street Superl r, Neb. Pastor Da id Johnson Office, 4G P.-879-4126 Home, 413 -879-4145 Su: aday Sunday Schoc ......... 9 a,m. Morning Wars alp ... IO a,m. Prayer Time ............ 6 p,m. Alllillated wit t tile Evangelical Free Chur 'h of Amck:a Jewell Christian Ctturch "A family yt m can belong to" 111 Main, Jewelt Dan Da aids, pastor Church ,, 785-428-3657 Parsonag( * 785-428:3323 Sunday Shool 9:15 a.m. Worship S( rvice 10:30 a.m. Kids for Christ  ' ]r. High Youth Groups Wednesd;ys at 4:15 p.m. We, United Methot ist Church gebber, Kan. Of ice 785-361-2664 Res. 785-361-2070 unday Worship 9:30 a.m. Paslor Roger WMls grounds in Lawrer/ce with a chicken supper. Verla Wood and Vernon Snyder were married Aug. 6 and are living on the Scroggin farm northwest of Oak. Fifty Years Ago The Superior High School band went to Burwell to play at the rodeo. Lois Langer Proctor is the edi- tor of a magazine at Des Moines, Iowa. She is a former Superior High School journalism student. Her magazine is the Exponent. The Superior street department building, built to house trucks and a shop and repair room is now in use. Constructed mostly by de- partment employees, the cost is about $6,000. It is located on the west side of Central Avenue south of the Missouri Pacific tracks. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lionberger were in Omaha to hear their daugh- ter, Ruth, make her debut in con- certs as a mezzo-soprano soloist taken possession of the Shaffer ment. Ford Tractor business. Sarah Headrick and Erica The Rev. and Mrs, Tom Korb Barnard have earned National and family moved from Superior FFA scholarships. to KansasCitv wherehe will serve JeffEly, a senior at Peru State as pastor of the First Wesleyan Church. Dwayne Bostelman was ap- pointed to the Superior Airport Authority board to fill a vacancy created by a resignation. Other members are Dick Winebar, Ormond Norgaard, Lee Williams, and Keith Eichmann. Thirty Years Ago Gary Staadt, 23, who is bicy- cling across the country from Or- egon to Indiana stopped to visit his grandmother. Mrs. Lloyd Elliott. Home run hitters, Tommy Sorensen and Brian Miller, re- ceived the Class C Midget Base- ball trophy. Others pictured were Richard Fish. Steve Zeplin, Kris Bruning, Wes Johnson and Coach David Townsend. A wet July reduced irrigation demand. Twenty Years Agn A father and son from Siloam Springs, Ark., were killed when their single-engine Piper Comanche airplane crashed near Guide Rock. Replacing Eileen Joy, Head dispatcher at the Nuckolls County Sheriff's office, s Nada Rodenbeck. Other dispatchers are Donna Christensen, Kathy Flower, Shirley Webber and Deanna Wroughton. Ran Lovegrove will be joining John Long and Don Cacek in the Superior office of the Scully Es- tates on Oct. 1. Air conditioning has been in- stalled in the White Rock High School classrooms. Ten Years Ago Bob Tipton moves from grade principal in Superior Schools to superintendent of Superior Public Schools, Bob Cook, Harvard, will be the high school principal and Doug Hoins moves from that po- sition to giade school principal. Effective Monday Superior's Union Bank will be transferred from the'Lincoln bank to the Ho- rizon Bank located in Waverly. Marlene McGowan will continue to serve as the Superior branch College, will compete in the PBL National Leadership Conference. Five Years Ago Two doctors from Hastings will open a sleep lab at Brodstone Hospital on July 31. A grand opening is being cel- ebrated at I4 Details' new cellular "cation on East Highway 8. The city of Superior approved a contract With the Village of Hardy for the sale of drinking water. Brodstone' s sleep lab is up and running. Kelly Bouray is a certi- fied respirhtory therapist who will be conducting sleep studies in the new lab. The school board accepted the resignation of Lester Montgom- ery, board member who has moved to Ord. Sam Willett was pictu/ed with his horse that he rode to the cafe for coffee, Sam said he went to the cafe because the horse needed to be ridden more. Members of the Republican Valley Bird Club participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count last week. Superior ranked third in Nebraska for the number of tallies reported. The Nuckolls County Board set a date for a public hearing on closing streets and alleys in Mt. Clare. The Superior Comrnunity The- atre performed "Pippin ," their first musical. The county board approved a request for a catering license for Meyer Vineyards, Superior, which will increase the business's op- portunities to conduct special events. Leo and Betty Zadina were honored on their 50th wedding ann|versary and Leo at a retire- ment party. The South Heartland District Health Department is investigat- ing more than 15 cases of the mumps in the district. Lisa Ostdiek, Lawrence, and Tort Wehrman, Nelson, went to New York where Lisa has been A Different Slant By Chuck Mittan Most people know "time-shares" are .gener- ally, not a good deal whether what is to be shared is a cabin, condominiun, houseboat or any other kind of vacation property. That must be why hapless chgracters going on a free vacation that turns out to be a time-share sales pitch has been the story-line in dozens of episodes of sit-cams as well as a handful of feature films. Several months ago, m anticipation, of having a houseful of people at our plce for the girls' confirmation, we gave the living room a "deep cleaning.:' The living room was particularly messy because it contained not only the living room furniture, but also the dining room furniture, because the dining room was being prepared to be painted. During the cleaning of the living room, we found a pair of black flip-flops, except they weren't really a pair. They Were both black, roughly the same size and ther'-e was one each, left and right, but they weren't exactly the same. In fact, each was made by a different manufac- turer. One of them was the right fl ip-flop belonging to my youngest daughter, Moly. The other was the left flip-flop from a pair Jbelonging to me. Each of us immediately claimed to have been Christian Church of Mankato 1 18 S. Commercial Mankato, Kan. 785-378-3707 Sunday School ...... 9:15 a.m. Morning Worship 10:30 a.m., Thaddeus J. Hinkle, Minister 785-378-3938 I J I Calvary Bible Evangelical Free Church 99 w. Pearl, Jewell, Kan I * 785-428-3266 I Wayne Feigal, Pasta[ EI-(;A Wednesday Prayer Meeting ;ui;.. ......... 7:I0 Sunday School ................. 9:15 a4n. Sunday Worship Service. 10:30 a.n. Evening Service ,,. ................. 7 p.[m. Affiiliated will! lhe [ Evaa(lelical I:)'ee Chttrch of Americ 0 ) selected to compete tional Collegiaie Rock: sors Invitational Toum at Madison Square Ga Chuck Danskin Vegas researching te the World Tea Expo. rant, Evelyn's, will h festival' s Victorian T, One Year A: Superior utilitie NMPP award for gas provements project. was presented at a mee Norfolk. the Na- aver Scis-- imentheld rden. as in Las t blends at His restau- ast Vestey a. ;o won an ystem ira= the award ring held in Gary DeBoer wiilbe inducted into the football coaches hall of fame.  The six new Superior teachers hired for this fall are Nck Mumm, Marty VanWesten, J:lJ. Wagner, Sara Fuller, Jacki Porter and Kelsea Jones. Nuckolls County Relay For Life raised $17,700 fr cancer re- search, f The restaurant, Little Mexico, announced plans to open in down- town Su0erior. Nyla Webber and Wilma Rathbun, 61 year members of the Valley View Club,  ere pictured at the club's 95th anniversary Party. About a dozen  endors have been visiting the Fan aers' Market each Friday. Mr. and Mrs. l:ale Adcock were honored offth ir 70th Wed- din anniversary. This year's triF to the state basketball toumame tt for theLady Wildcats is the firs: in a decade. Randy Fuerhoff' s L dy Cats quali- fied for state in 196, 1997 and 2000. The Lawrence -Nelson Raid- ers will also play at tate this year. Brodstone Mere, rial Hospital welcomed fourst ff members. Matthew Gatlin, Lis Butler, Doug Wehrman and Ton" Henle. Nelda Nelson, uperior, and Jarvis Lautenschlag ,r, Davenport, were the only two 1 tresent for the 70 year class alumr i reunion held m Davenport. Reflect ons By Donna Ch'istensen I have a kitten ho is not yet three months old. H: loves toplay, chase his tail, or an, thing else that moves. I was sittin" between him and the sun shinni g in through a window. I noticed he was quite attracted to the ligl and seemed to try to catch it. I wiggled my fingers in the ligl ray, causing motion to appear n front of the cat. Of course, he t 'ted to grab the [ moving shadow, b t cou dn t gt reunited with our missing flip-flops, though we hold of it. , both knew it was only half true. ltreminded ml.,.oftimeswhen Since then. the nearly identical flip-flops have not had one definitive owner (and the other left and right black flip-flops have never been found). I've worn them occasionally on weekends: she presumably wears them during weekdays when I'm at work. One evening last week, I was looking for them because I was just going to run a quick errand. "I think Molly has them today," said my oldest daughter, Kateri. It was then I first realized I was involved in a time-share on a $3 pair of shoes. "Maybe you two need a schedule, or some king of usage chart," Kateri continued. She only said that because she likes to make charts and graphs and secretly wonted me to ask her to make something for us. "Not for $3 flip-flops,"'I said. And by the way, when I was a kid, they were called thongs, but apparently that's now the name of some kind of tiny little underpants girls like to wear. I'm not sure why they're naming girls underwear after footwear, but I find it confusing. And it makes me curious about the newfangled ladies underwear that will be called "wing-tips" or "Oxfords" by future generations. Evangelical Lutheran Church . g:= 201 South Center ...... Mankato, Kan. 785-378-3308 First Community Church Oak, Neb. Phone 402-225-2284 Sunday Sunday School .... 9 a.m, Morning Worship 10 a.m. Sunday Prayer Mecting ..... 7:00 p.m. Bible Centered Nondenominational 'Pastor Katharine Redpath Sunday Worship .......... 9:00 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Northbranch Friends Church . Phone 785-647-8841 4- Located eight miles "" north of Burr Oak }1))1111 and [ two miles west. Sunday Sunday School .......... ,10 a.m. Worship ...................... 11 a.m. Kenneth Smith, Pastor "Where The Son Always Shines" JeweU County Catholic Churches Summer (May-Oct.) St. Theresa 320 N. Commercial, Mankato 785-378-3939 Saturday ....................... 6:30 p.m. Sacred Heart, Esbon Sunday ................................ 8 a.m. gather George Chalbhagam, CMI Living Faith Fellowship Word of Faith Church 315 N. Central * Phone 402-879-3814 Sunday Worship Service .................... i0:q0 a,m. Evening Service ........................... 5 p.m. (except 4th and 5th Sundays) Wednesday Christian Development Night: Adults and Children .................... 7 p,m. Rock Solid Youth Groop .............. 7 p.m, Radio program. KRFS AM Sunday Morning ................. :... 8:30 a.m. Patsy Busey. Pastor United Methodist Churches Schedules for Sunday Schools and Worship Service Mankato Harmony ... Worship, 1 '1 a.m, Sun. Sch., 9:45 a.m. Ionia ......................... Worship, 9:30 a.m. San, Sch,, 10:30 a.m. Esbon ....................... Worship, 8:'15 a.m. Burr Oak ................. Worship, 9:30 a,m. Church of Christ 564 E. Fourth Street, Superior. Neb. 402-8794067 Jim Stark. minister Wednesday Evening FBI: Ages 3 through Grade 6 (Faithful Bible Investigatorsl..7 p.m. Thursday Evening Adult Bible Study ............... 7 p,m. Sunday Ill0 evenll .O services Sunday School ................ 9:30 a.m. Vorship Service ............ 10:30 a.m. Youth Meeting ..................... 4 p.m. Y(mth & Bible study & small groups Call church jot iaJorntiol I viewed an activit interesting and ca tion. AsI pursue( learned it did not faction I thought i appeared to be held no real value It seems we caught off guard I tan uses to draw u,, desire to follow th, the innocent kitte chasing what seer sure, but instead, e pain and regret. LOVEWE] WORSHIP ' which looked ight my atten- the illusion, I bring the saris- would. It 0nly orthwhile, but for me. may be easily ,y illusions Sa- away from our '. Lord. Just like , we waste time ts to bring plea- ventually, brings LAKE ERVICES Evt yy Sunday al thro Labo: Sah Lutheran {ELC Higlway 14 North . 402-225 Sun 9:30 a.m. igh Day ',m Church , Superior, Neb. -4207 ay Worship ............................... 9 a.m.' Sunday Forum ant Sunday School ............. 11:15 a.m. Communion ...... [st & 3rd Sunday Don & Msrg aret Olson Interim lastors Day 1 Radi Program KRFS AM 1600 unday 8 a.rru Olive Hill Chu: David W Sund Snday Schoo Worship v ..... Located fiv and two of St Proclaiming Ch rch atters sy l... 9:30 a.m. 0:30 a.m. ,,miles south niles west perior l Centennial Luther00 ChurCh (Missotl: i Synodl 855 N. Dakota Sir Superior, Neh, Phone 40 -879-3137 S tturday Worship ...... 6:30 p.m. ;unday Worship Se! vice 9 a.m. Sunday Scln 3ol-Blble Class ......... 10 a.m: Pastor Y cian Earl Worship with tt.s via live broadcast each Stmday on KRFS Radio Please call for ado ltiotal worship artd Bible study pportunities.