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August 20, 2015     The Superior Express
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August 20, 2015

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Public Notices 1 (First pubh'shedAug. [3, 2015 ia The Superior F_~ress~ Nolic of Skertllr's Sale in the Diatrict Court of Nuekolls County, Nebraska occur or s~e CI 1444 R 8: K Services, Plaintiff vs. Rodney i__ Wa, rd, Del'~adaflL Nebraska, by virtue of an Order of Sale issued {',lit ot'tb~ District Cotax of Nuu-k~lls C'uunty, public a~tion for cash to the high~,l hidder at 1:30 p.m., NuckoJl,, County Courthouse in Nel- *;on. Nu,.'koIIs County Nebraska on Tuesday,, Sefae]nber 8, 2015 property, lo wit: 21~.K3 Freightliner Semi-Truck, VIN I[aUPCSZBTYLF02452 and a 1982 Tempte Grain Trailer. VIN H4282 2 (.'8053736. To he advertised and sold as upon e~ecUtlOn to satisfy the emounls d~ oll the decree, interests, attorney foes and trusts of this action. Given my hand this 10day ol'Au- gl, sl, 2015. Bradley L. Baker, Sheriff 72~EZ 33-3c ( Firsl published Aug. 6. 20t5 in The Superior Express) Notlc In the County Court of Nuckolls County, Nebraska [~stale of Byd (3. "Eriek~n, deceased Estate No. PRI5-JI Nmice ig helcby given thai a Peti- thin for ProSaic tff Will of said de. ceased, Determination of Heirs, and Appoimmenl o1' Leslie D. Ericksun as Ve~ real Repre~t~talive has linen filed and is set for hearing ilt lh County Court of Nuckolls County, Nebraska. Incased at Nt|ckolls CouJ~ly Ctn,It. Nelson, Nebrask;, 68961. on August 25.2(115, at or alier 9:I.HI a,Ill, lxslie D, [:,rlckstnL I%titioner 11~15 Idaht~ Sire, el. Apt. 102 Superior. NE 68978 ~402 b 879-4653 Randall Alexander t 15337~ l~wl|ing, A)ex,nder and Wtax:l 355 N-Collllaercial, tLO, Box 185 Snpt.'rior. Ncl~a~ka 69978 14112 ) 1";79-4751 Z.N l'Tg. 32-3c | PuhtLsJtt'd ,4,~. 21L 201,$. ill -/i't SzqJ,rio, lf,~pr,~s l gm'ko]Ls C~#Iy Beard of Commisioners Preet'~ tars The Nuckt>lls Ctmnly Board tH'- Comnfissioners met Monday, Aug. 3. 2(I 15 in the tx~an.t me, ling ct.xmt al the courthouse, Nelson, Nch., wr recess olJul~ 27, 2015, (_3wisten_sen,Zikntmtd and Carman pve~nt For the IllUX'ting. The agenda of said nP,.'tm~ was ~'einiRed R: hrard members ,,1 advam'e of the nleeling and is posted m the g'~ |tltll y cl rk" s office ;l~ Id ult I he count) wcbxile Cltairman ('orman almtna~:t! tlu." "Open Mcelings Acl l.a~" a~ IXrsted Ifi t[)U g-(l.ltintl~sl./Yqcr,~ ~K)flr~ meettn$ ri~L)llt distal hairdo|It,, art" a~ulhlqe The I~mrd ru~onx n,:d al ~.~:l K~ a_ln. A InOlion ~a~ made by Chrtsten~en to approve the agenda and tl~ July 27. 2ol5 minutes, ~k.,conded by Ziknnitgl, Cotanan, Zikm 0nd and Clthste)~scn all voted aye. 0 ruled I|Uy. Molion c~ed. Gary Warre n. high ~.ay superi ntelt- dcnl and Cindy Btie~qler, c.x~.~.'~,li~ ~'cret~ry, .1d Jeff W~[ztlcr of Mal nclli Wagner & As~gqates i|ict ~lth the ~ard to gi~ e the gt~kt)- u~'~d;,le on the ~d de~rtlnent. "]'heir t~[~'u~xion in- cluded: v,orkln~z on the wdshOltts a~mad Hard), Aligns ;rod Rnskin ar- eil.%~ ',,-t]Lliit3 Innle bridge Pn~.Nct 6~D is c~ u n ph:k' mtd ~ ,~n, bridge Pr~)ject #3.54 I'~ tOtllpleiu :lIId open. slaP.In[ t' Ol'~ PnUrvt ~576. bridge # ('| H~5(L1,220 on goad I'. I~ prcpp=ng hi-[ ills[l~,'lJOn. Lind {.;ar.~ ts workL, l~ Oil Ih I"I:-MA c:tlcala. tlon~ lot the h~.~:ond t'h~ whldt in- l~16ed gravel Ioow al ai Icm, t 226 ~{'l~tfl'~. Jclt i~,a~ner explained Ihal II~e~ ate still g aitzilg un lhc Itr~q~l~ ~.'~a~'I'~ p,..'r- i'fliL for the "~LaL ].111,2 i~iJdg I~.~ Hard). The ploCCSS .H rt, C~,l~ tllg die tcnlpo- tar) r~'rlnll hay. II()~,'~ Ile~tHllc al~+Ul il~ difficult as rt%ci~ iizg the full I~"rnlll. The ~'l,tHnd reviev.ed twu apphca- zions ~or Ihe NIttkolls Coun|y Weed Surg'r/=lllg'tzde[it poslliul] arid I1 WLIs decided thai the C}lairinan weald taJI the appllintlS h~ st'l |Ip nllers'iew.~. A illk~lti,t)ll was illllLmdt." h) Chri)ilcn~,elt it, deH~ Ilte r~eltrnll',Jr) reqLleM Iron'= Ru~knI Rnral Fi:c l)l"dl'I,'t fin I~.'t~ allocation. Seconded In) Ct~rlllaH, Cornlall./_~kl|lUlld and Ch gistelP, etl itl] ~oted :lye. t] ~oled nav. Mol ~on .lrrl-~d, nn~lzon was iI~;idc h Zikmutld Io ac~_'epl ItlolHhl~ hourd rep4ll?s a~ stlmlniled h)' ['~mltlll.i (',,tin. Clerk o~ Ih l)$y.lril Court, ,Izld CLlblllt)" Clerk. Seu'oinled h~. ('~'irl~teiiselL C~.|t111alL Ziki-nurM, aiid Chrinlensen all voted aye. [~ '~ol*,'d nay, Motion carried. A II~,illI~.HI ~ aS made h~ ~_kklllund l~,r appru~.e tile requeMed-anlt)Ulll O[ $2.254.50 fur I1"=: Pn~h:ltitnl Dislricl ~/l_ Stk't@d by Chrislen_~.n_ ('~rman, Z~kmund :uvJ C'=lrlS~el~Setz all voted a~e. 0 voted nay, Molitm carried. A m~tiOl$ was made h~.. Co/'~-Imn tt~ ,~ign an updated contracl herr, ten Nuukolls County and Aramark, Set- onded by Chrislenselr_ Carman, Zikmund and Chri~tensen all vo~ed aye, O soled nay, Motiut$ carried. A motion was made h) Common to reconsider and approve a claim fi)r SASA for $5.0(X).00 fi~r their 2013- 2014 budgel year, Seconded b.v Christensrn. Cormm~+ Z~kJnund and Christ~sen all ruled aye. U voted nay, Million carried, Royoe Golt~ales and Amy Mazoltr Of the budget authnrity )gin a dist'us- siva to rm, iew and answer qnestion~ for the 2015.2016 budget ils process, h was 0ecided that Ihe budget was reacL.~ In "~-'t ihe Budget tlearing forAug. 24, 2tit 5 Ior Iltml appn~t al, lhere being nt~ further busme~,s the I~eel|llg WaS recessed at 12:2(1 a m !utU..~ Monda). Aura.s1 1~ 1. 2015 Danny K. ('haman. chairman By Came Millet. ,;obnt~- ctet, k General Ftmd Aus D~ Moirg-s MC'.Aramark rugs and mats ..................... 797.~1 AS Central Services. data pr~-ssing and Illype services ................. 5t~.,UU Boeka, Donna, mileage al]owattce ~nd t,~ntraclual ~ices ........... 208.17 Brodstone Memorial Hospital inmate medical ..................... 2200 Ca~y's General Store.,,. Inc. equipment fuel ................. 587,57 Centre Cast Metal Pr~ducts grave markers ................... 294,28 City of Nelsoa-utihties utilities and first aid equipmcm .......... 3,067,0~i Cooperative tha~Juo:r~ lac, equipment fuel ................ 1,(.]01,68 Fakes Office Soltzttons of fire ~ppllcs. data processing .................. 335,20 b--t leeS, In,:, bu, lding a.~ grotmds maintenance and repairs, 1,397,5U Fangnteier, Cryslal mileage allow~ce ............ 228.4-1 Germet Murray & Johnson public det:nder contract 1.800.t]0 GleltWt~J 'l'elecom mUnlCatkm~ lilt. phone sytteln rental ... 227.27 GNBC-B~ateer NE Business Center. rcgSMration 1~ ....... 70.t~ Himmelberg. Kenneth meals and mileage reitn bursel~ca I ....................44,98 Hulzteto~u Leasillg offite equipmenl lease ...... 767.6{I Huw;l~d.'s Glass. buildings and gr,aund~i zccrtJe] .............. 5,758.00 Is/and View Denial inmate ra,dical ................... 69,(Yd'~ L~ln~r ,rod Farm Supply+ tar_+ buildings and grounds repair ................... 144.52 Kill) R~. u~lifi~rm expense ,,, 45.bY0 KuvalMa, Iil~t I1}als :l~lnlbursemellt ........... g,47 Madt'm~n~.xL l~:~lal sc~", ices .. 792,(X) Menal'ds, janittwia~ supplies, bnildings and grounds supplh,'s ............................ 24~t.68 Microfilm Imping Systems lnc, data pr~'essing ................. 135,(,v0 Millar,. Jale, oftire eqalpmen~ 47.*/6 Miller, Carrie mdeage allo,x an~:e ............ 139,6.5 NE: l..)el~.ol-Hea[th& Human Services in.stitution~l costs .............. 183.00 NF. Public H~alth Environmental [~b. inmate ined~tal ......... |05.(.X) Nnukolls CO. Cl~k of Dist. Court. courl clots ................ 65,00 Nnckoll s County Cl~ltrl court c~l s ..........................133,00 N~u,'koll s County .Lt.~l'ql'kOt i re-Gazette printing and publishing ..... 186.93 Olin Enteq'aises LLC vehicle r~pairs ..................... 65.47 Quill C~tion office supplies .................... 380.93 Rogers, Susan, mileage allowan,: and n~als ......... 186.44 SChll'ddl, Timothy mileage allo~ ante ........... 125.82 Seward Counp, Ttea,,tlrer ,I111 So, ~,~.lppI/e~, 248.97 Sh,,pk,, s,,,r,., i iZ c:, Mlilct-A)c--6-{)-tb--Modun car- ried. Molilm by Willell It> approw: lhe Policy Sb(K}.iX.).SPED P~'t~'c~ltln:S as read, wat~e the second teadnn~ {rrvi- ~nonl. ~Second by Sullivan. Roll call: WIIIt?-A) q; Barren.Aye: Jen,wn-Ave: Meyer-.",~e; Miller. Ate; S~lhvaa- A) e--6-0-t ~- ---M( y~ Ion carried. Mutitm b.~ Me) cr to apln-Uve I~oll} 3322.{~lb.~.1'ltllIIlg Prk's I H~d~ and QLKialionh ~ ulld 'J'he AP, aLtd li'lg OI" Coll- t!Gl[,~ ol |he Superi~r Public Srhotfl Di~tr,c't as road-waive .,iond ~'adin~: I revision I. ~c,L'ald bv Mil/m'. Roll caJ.l: H argen A~.'g'; Jenscn. Aye; Meyer- Aye:. Ml[ler-A~,v: Sullivan-Aye: Wfllen- Ayi6.0,t| --Motion carried. Motion b) Miller I-appm~c Po~ity 9' ,.21 ( r,{ X )-Pff~Urell)en I of-Art hirer'iota I av.d l~,i~giuecring Self, ices Relalive to New f...'onslrut ivz| al the Superior l-~b- lic School Distri~q as presenled-~aiv the second readia~ Irevision), Second by Jensrn, Roi] Call; Jrm;en-Ayc; Meyer-Aye; MilEr-Aye; Snl|ivan-Aye; Witlett-Ay: Bargen-Aye--6-O-O-- Motion carried, MOt_i-on by Meyer|o approve [~tic) 7320.ffJ-Bids on New Construction .',~ t~ SuW,:rior Pubhc Schu,,0~ Dislrlcl- waive s~.',,'OlVJ mac~ing ~ ~vision ~. S~'- and by Wilh:||. Roll ~;all: Meyer-Aye: Malice-Aye: Su I]~ an. Aye; Willett- Aye; Bargrn-A~e: Jensl~- Aye--6- (.I-O-- Motion carried. Discu.SSltm gas hem on Polio:) 33 IO,(X)~Purchasing Guides for the Superior Public Stltool District. The btmrd advised the Sul~rmlendent lo invesltLJillg' olher d~slrltS amOUnl and ho~ they handh: thl~ policy The pollc~ will a~ be dlscu~wd ~llh Ic- gal. The hoard rc~.lev, ud PII.~k.le~. 5125. It~ th.mugh 52tx ~ The supcrunen- den1 was ~td~msed m,t) chct,'k ~tth ~gdl Oil home ~,] Wleb Discusston was held t:n NASB Area Membersh, p nmetlng In York. Meeling is September 9. Reglstrallon ItlUSl be complete b) Seplember 2. Board members w/ll .xmmc( the SUl~='r- iale~lde~ll mf they are going. Elrmrntar'y Principal floras shared w~[h the board amiclpated carol]meal numbers for the elementary For 2UI5- 2016. ]4 also "a~h.ln~cd I-I1 board on the Pm)ec~ Fit America Grant. J unior-Senior High Princil:~1 Cook shared with the ~ard imticipated en- ~llment nunzbers for the Junior-Senior High for 2015-2016. Saprrimendent Istrm reported oa his vacation and sick leave. He thanked the b~ard for allowing the administra- tion [o attend Administration Days, Superintendem Isom went to sextons OIl Finar~e, AQuEST|', and Leghsla- lion action. I-In int'om~J the boar~ that he will be taking a couple vw.'alion days. A meeting of the Amcrlcanisln commillee wa~ .Sel fi~r A~tgust 25, A time will be sel later. The budget-finance |ntiltg will meet alter tbe board meeting. 'l'h long range planning-goul~ committee met prior to the bow'd iltCt- inc. The meeting was adjourned at 9:22 p,nl, by Sullivan. Charles |sum Board Clerk The next board meeting is scl',ed- uled for Monday, September 14, 2015 at 7:30 p.m, at Superior High Sdtool. Payable TOI Amounl A-]. 244,00; Ask Supply Com- pany, 2,262.34; B.Gr~en Lawn Car,, 1 g82.SX); Blick Art Materials, 1,05[;,57; BMH-Car Seat Fund. 536.50; Brown and Sa,engrs-, 2,779.02; CDW Govrrnnaent. 206,91; Corn- h~sker tntemalmnal Trucks, 82,63'0.00: Creative Teacher, J56.05; D.A.R.E., 400.00; I:)el~'eciation Fund, 20,000,00; Egan Supply, 283.28; Employee Btn- ct'fl Fund, '40,~0.~?, Engaging Tech- nologies, 5,680,50: ESU 9i 31.43; Harris School SoiuLions, 662.g2: Hometown Leasing, 1.888,11:. Indus- trial Arts Supply, 147.,53; John Druba, 133.00; Krnny's Lumber. 175.70; KSB School Law, 192.50; Lawson Products, 122.86; Lunch [;nnd, 8.42J.63: Mcnards. 321.641: Nas~u. 285.54; National Art and Sch~xd Sup- p~ies, 1.204,56; National Everything Wholesale, 139.40: Nebraska I~part- mentofbMutation. 50.00: News Bowl .~9,()0; Nex :l-ch Comraunica- lions, 3.926.87: NRCSA, 7(JOJ,~): One Source, 25.r~L Pema Plus, t.095.84; Pro-Ed, 1,69Y.12; Pyramid School l~xluct~,. 1,522,57, Scott TV araJ Ap~ pliance. '969.39: Seeice Reproduction C,inpany, 50,65- Sludem Assurance Serviees,646,tkL SUl~'rmr Ace Hnrd- ware. 272.06: Sttpermr Alivit~ Ae- t~mnt, 12,235.45; Superior Extermi-. tlatlng. 13(L(]0: Superior Fire Exlin- gutshee, 620_L~)'. Superior Outdoor l%wer Center+ 3732: Superior PUb- hsh:ng, 965,36: .Superior Utilities. ~/,ItJ5_23; SurJ~rklt Wa~t Conditi|~n, InC. 65.{~L,=', "l'nt(le I.t~:kslnith. 492_5o', Unimed Melhodist Church, 80(I.0U; U.S. i~arik, 3,3~.4.88; USPS, 147.0(!', Ven/xm Wirel,:ss, I I 1.20; WageWorks. Iio,0,: Carol Wi~rltcking, 13,95: Wind~,trealn Nebraska, 476.35: Willke'z, Heating alv, l Ct~fling, 25(kl~.l; Wilt Plumbing. 5112.33; Woodward's D$~pu,sal. 3t~.(x). t'-a~ roll ;rod Bcl~.e ftl~. ]27.636_56: T,m*ll 540.266,3~1 ZNf:Z ,~l. Ic ePtthli.,#,ed Au~,. 2o 2o15 ia "/'/It. Sage'riot E ~ p,'c.~s ~ xot~ or N n~m-tl The Cit~, of Snperior city Cl~mcll hart dtlar~d the heine, listed proI~t. tics in Supt'ri,~r, Nebraska, a nuisance by resol~llu,|_ Prupecty owner has nn- til Scpteml-,er 7, )015, k, abate the identil~.x.I nuisance. A hearing I~l:t~r~: the city council mat be requested m wtititmg within fi'.e (5) days after pnh- lication uf thi~. holier_ Wrillrn ~queslS for a hearing shai) be JorP,"d.rdcd Itl ttl,: Suix'dor City Clerk, 135 W. l~urth St., PO Box leO+ Superior. NE 6897~. .-~14-SU P-3,083, 2014-SUP-31~0, 2014-SUP.3094 "The City of Snperior city c~Ullil has ck~ I',u'~ your p~l~'nle~ b~gall.~ d- scrib,.-,,.I as South Superior I.ots 11 a|ld 20, Suulh Su/~rior [.ol _.? I a,d W 85 I'1. Lol 22, 7 Soutl| Superior I.ols 24 and .t.5. Snperior. Nehraska. ~ i'iLiixanc-,l~ hy ResObllion No. NAP-JqlI.,1-I-I~, NAP-2015-148 and NAP.JI ~14- f-16. in rlk-'~I~['e|'~C t~.) tb.e pre.~lg'e ol live illrd ti,';Id vallle and parli:llly destroyed altd dilapidated real mad personal property, 2O 14-S~.'P-3092 -I-he Cit) of Superior city ~,-otmll liar; del~,d )'vur properly located at. South Superior FI" N It2 NE- 114 lex- cept a strip grad 5.62 ft. s, 135 fl. ".a.I), to I,~t 36~ 35-I-7 |no streel address), Sul'x'riur, NIL a ninsante b.~ Re~llu- lion No. NAP-2(IIb-239. il~ Fel'el~'llC,g 10 the pre.,~nce of parliall) destroyed TOURS1 Panama Canal C~ise the' 3/.t. 2~U~ Bra m,~a L .S.A. rht tY./.s :,t. Branson C'Itrlstmas 3 fM~,', i',, ('hi-,,c Fr-m' ('all fur additional Chr[,ama,~ Toun a~,atl~lfle. Caneau, Mexico dlr.rt. 2M,Ft'tt 21 ?t~(6 Ha~,aiian ]~,iaads {'raise I.' L Published Aitgu., 20, 201,$ bl Tlte Sup~rir~r E.v~ress J Noli~ of Budgel Hearing amid hdgel Summa.O, St~peHor Airlmrt Authority N~kolls County, Nebraska Public ~ti~ is ~mb~ given, in ~:ompllan with the provisions of Stale Slalute Se,,:tiol=s 13-501 lo 13. 513. that Ih ~overning h~Rly will meet on the 31 day of Augu,~,l. 2{))5 al 5:15 ~r'cl~.'k p.m. at lhe Superlur Aiqx~rt tbr the purpose ol' hearing support, uppts- stlIoI|, erzt~lsm, SltggeSllOns "dr oh~er. valb, ml, of taxpayers relatmg to the to1- ttwing prolmsed budgel_ The budget delail is available an the etlice of tl~ clerk dm'ing regular business hn-ar~ Mary Fuller, Clerk-Secretary 2Of 3-2014 Actual Digbvrsc rnrnls "and Transfers ............ $30,699.00 2014- 2015 ActnaI-Estimated Dis~mettls and Tranfers ...................... $21,720.O0 2015-2016 Proposal Bud~et of Disbmsement and Transfers .................. $679,386.00 2OI 5-2016 Noce~ao, Cash R~sen~ ................................ None 2015.2Ot6 Total' Re~uro~ Available .................. $679.3 g6,(30 ),.|al 2~Jl5-2o16 P~rsonal and ReM l'rowrty Tax Rcqu irlnent ............... $12,840,00 L'nu~d Bux.l~_~t AutEority Created l~,r Ncxt Year .............. $10,956.15 Brtn~down of Proi~t~'/Tax I~.,r~lnal alld ReM Properly Tax. Required for Nun-Bor, d Puqx~s.,s ...................... $12,840.(]0 Pe~,~mul and RL'a| I;~)r~n.~, Tax Required fur Blinds .............. None /N]:-Z ."~- It IP, hli.~h='d A,k,. 20. 2Ui5 i, the" Sui~,r,;r Eff~e,~ l Nuckldls Ctmnly Board u[ Commi.~ianers Pr~'tntxlin~,~ "('he Nuckotl~ 'l,'Okql[~ I~l.)/.l|d ()~ ['om n'dsslonl:r,, n:le| [%,.hn'a, ia), ;'IHI~, I t.I 2nil5 In the i~ard mcelmg r~n~lt~ al Ih oorlhotlse, Nelson, Nob., I~'X meal'S of Aug_ 3.2015. Chr|s~n,~,mt. Zikmulzd and Connan pre.~'nl li)r 11"~ meeling. The agenda ol said nk-'ting was rern~ttc,d tu ho~l~'d menlbe~ in adenine "dl' the nle-Jling a~'ld is ]'Kislrd in Ihe county ~'lcrk's ofl'ic~t~don lhecoun~). ~x cb~ite. Ch~irnlai|Ct~-l'manamlonnt%.d Ih "Ol~'n Moet nlg~Act 1.a~" aspOy.led m the tom1111,~Mong-r~ ['~.~rd ll1~.~'hfl~ r~,u aI~tl handou~,~ art- :wa~hb~e_ l-he l'~trd t~.'~m s euud at 9:(X ~ a.ln. :'~ ]ilotion ',&'a~, i}ludt' h% (.'OOtKJfl tt~ approve the agend.a anrJ the A~tg 3. 2Of5 nln|U.les. Sc~'onded I~) Zlkmllnd. Ct~rn~an. Ziklnnnd and Chrl.~tenscr~ all ~oted ay-,{)~ tard na.~ Mol~:71 carried. V icki ]':Ilslgll pr,,elnud the CtI'U|II} Trcaxurer Mt+nlhl} Bttord Rel~ttl. A tr:miolt ~ as made b) Ziklnl,nd to chIef Illttl, C~,t..'%'llllSe 'sessitlIL al 9:1|]. a,ln, for perst)ilnqt -nL'a,~liIl|s. ~l'il IT~'I ~.~'ilr. ~'~:L ~n',cher. (-'Otlnall. /.iknlund, (.'hrl,~tnn~.~ and MiIlel SeCOl|,.k,d by Ch~-iMll~'n. Conn~n, /.IklnLIl'~d aFId Christ,=~,s,..n ;Ill ~ ttlet1.3..'., e, 4J ~.Ited n.:l). Mot I~ |ll tamed. A nl.~IIon was in/Id h) Col'ln;.ill hl. return to n:gular sessmn lit '-/:23 a_in_ Seconded b) ~,ikmund. {.',~rnhlZi. IOUIH S[CUHIII SP[tlAI.I I I/li YRI| K[AHNff AM GEH[VA I Are ~ou lo~klng for a iob, where yOU can make ~ difference7 Yoath Security Spe~.ia[;ists work a~ te0m with other profession. aLs ro provide 5upervisio1'h [fie ~.krll tea=nine, recreatior~= activi. ties, anb safety and tre~:ment serVl(eS, |O youth ~| the YQuth RehabLIitatiOn and Tre~tt~len~ Ce~:er[, I~ Ke~mrnel~ and Cenev-d. Work i~cludes phy~at stac~ina/ steerlgth, st0nd;ng, walking, and Iitlting. Full and Part-Time posi- tion~ ~v~[[~b[, Tho State of Me. braska offees excetrent benefits zo full and part :ime employee~; For mo~B d~talls on the 17.~sitbn and ta appSy OCt If he gO tO Tn~sCh3y Au~uS~ ?0 2~'5 T~E SUPERLOR EXPRESS 7A Octa~Jus Ouffy capllires Iwo beach b~lls during the Pa Hur Day Parode in Gust:In Rock, Salurday. The beach balls were dlSlrlbu'ced by the Ely. Inc. 11oaL Ziklnund and Ckrlslen.~en all voled aye, t~ voted nay. Motion eam,..d. The Bo',u-d otCommi.~ loners had a di~'tL;Sitm alx)ul the Weed Supexin- tendent applicator's interviews~ A too- lion was made by Carman to hire Nicholas Elledg fur Ihe sea~onal po- sition. Seconded by Christensl~. Corman, Zikmund ~d Chrisle|~scn all voted aye,t) vuued uay. Mol ion carried. Sheriff Hakcr l'S'esenled the Sherill Dcp~nl Monlhly Board Report. A uKit ion Wa.S Itlad~.' b)' f.'uIwlan 1~ ~.~pt the "l'rnastlr~r alxl Sheriff's Monthly Bu~dReptm~,~r, ~,~ll)lnl|ed,$1,~ ZIkmund. Corntan, Zikmund and Uh[iMeltsen all ~,, a)IC, () ruled flay, Motiun casual. Royce GollZales and Vieki Ensign of the budget authority asked for Ap- proval of tnlme percent increase of Re- stnclrd Fund~ II) 21i15-2~16 Budget, A motion was made by Corm;u~ tu aFptu',e a Uile pt-i~lZt ilvaCa~ of Re- stricled Fund, Hi ~he 2015-2{H6 Bild- ~el. SL%%qIdud b~ (11~,JUl~.'ll. (~Orll/i.',n. ~JkllnuEd i/.lld IL'hrl~lelthell LIJ~l ~,~.JtkhLI it)e, I) voted it,l} ,~htllOII ~';,IFl'[~L~d. ]here ii,~ tllrlh~ bny.iT|s~ tll~" tmtil Mtmda~, August 17. 2015 l)anl-5~ K ('.Lfflllman. t'h~:~r[llall B) : (_:arrl Miller. CoLInt~ clerk /_[ql-Z ~4- 1~ f PIthf/.dte,l Au~. 20. 2013 hp T, tle .~Irpe rrur /--'t/It~,.~_~ i Notice of I~blk" IleaHng Nu~ice is he~b_v gl~.n thai a puh lit: I',e,~rmg v,.i~t be held on lhut,d,L~, Seplemher 3, 2{]'I 5 at fi:3(I pm m the Con~"~relll.'.L' R,st~m at Ik City Utlbly BulkJm~. 135 W Ftmrth Street Supe- rior, NE h) the Cny of Stll~rit'rlr P)an- sing Conmaission on the t~dh~u.'ing ca.~(s): 1. A public hearing ft.fflhereview and recomntendalion of the newly pro- posed 20J 5 City of Supermor Housmng Matkel Stud)'. The Snperiot Honsing Market Study reviewed the current ondiLitm ol Sttpermor's housing slock. idemlfird arca,~ of need and laid oat a plan for lhe future groV,-lh und p.~Je- ~,ek~plnenl ol Supert~)r. The ,~tud) '~ a~ made possible wllh l~rtlal 1nndlng I~ the Nt:hraska hl-veslllv,.'nl Fiaam:~" Au- thurity (NLFA) and the Superior De- v~lopmcm Corporation. The stuciy i.~ available for review m the City of Su- perior city office and o~|llne at ww~illyOfsuprrior.f~rg, (Ca-~ No- f~.*-REGI 5/01 L All peesua.~ interested in the atbre- IlIcntioJmd ca.s~:'i~ wi|] be heard at the ralbtic hearing. Ifytm have any qu~- lions or comrr, e~ls regarding the ix:..~'d variances, plca~ ctmlact Uhe partmrnl ,f Planning and Zoning al i 41|2187911713, ZNh-Z 34- Ic "'A gracetni and #casing figure is a perpetnal letter of n.~'ommendation," Fran, cis Bacon We Sell Rubber Stamps Su~B, tor Publishfng Co, 148 E. Third St, Superior 402-879-3291 A 15 per square foot incentive is avadaDle to qualified res, Oent~l customers who haw $~ mehesor les~ of in$,dlat~on in theJr home. City of Superior Utilities 402-879-4711