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August 20, 2015     The Superior Express
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August 20, 2015

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8A THE SUPEF~IOR EXPRESS Thursday. AuguSt 20~ 2015 Highland By lvalee Jaobilz i ..... Car0 gUeSls of Mr. awl Mrs_ Ron P~r~-r after Fating oul rhnrsday we~' Mr_ and M~, Y_,d Kah.~da, Mr. ~d M[s, Don B~cher aR,J Mr. and Mrs. Ken 5h~enneyer. R.un allld LaVela attended the GaD Ful~mer ro~aty I'bur~day eVLnmg and Ihe t'anen~ Fri- day ItlOIrlhlfLg at St Jo~pll Catholic Church. Mr and Mrs. Oo~ C'a~,,e~l attended thL v, cddtzig, te~ pl ~m]. ual~ dallce Sat- urea) I'ught huliuzt,~g C hrlStll~ Ck-hsner aa~ |'~aiL R~d~n~ at Yurk_ Oaniell Ca.,~cll ~, a~ a Stlflda~ #ucs|olI)on and Kl~vc~ and fi-Lend~, Ia)m Kanxa ~, (}m~lla aJM Louisiana wcrc he~ 1o ~ttt~'llrLI I'uueraj ~viC tor G a_r? Follm~r_ Mau~ ~l~ll~d Muriel after r.l~ c~sary lh~r~da~ Lind again a|'ter Ih~ Iun~rai I-nda~. Shelley K,e~:~Uw, "J'oin and (]ra~:e, ~c11 Sunday afternoon t~ return hu, mc. Mr. and ,Mr.% J o,~h Jacobillz an8 Vw ,l~cuhlt ~' v, ere at Benkelman "l~ursday and I:t~dz.x ~,-I~iling Mr_ and Mrs_ Nick Jacobn,, and [;.hj~l at~d wzth Mr. aud Mrs. Roger Hc~ of Colov~. "rhe~ alll,:ntl~.d the CFlas,~ (..'t~ltnt)' Derby_ N ick parhc~patcd and ~am in second Nataln.. a~,'o;n~LLied :Sharon Sole arid Doug W~lcLin~aa to For~ Leonard, Mu., I~ vtstt Wyalll. I~=u~'~ sort, who juLncd the Nallion~[ Guard. [~alee Jacohlltz visited Mr. an~ Mr~ Bru~e Jacobit/. and Ja~.ob Thut~ay ~V{llillg and Mopi~.~J t~ v~sit Term Jaobitz. Am) Augustizt asd Phil Miller. [~,a[L+~ attended the: I'tll~.~ral Ibr Gar~ l,~Ilni~ held briday ntuming. I v~]ce called o~ Mutid l'-ollmer and Bre~rJa A~tuk~I~t~;,, la>t Tuesda) ['14.It{if'l,? allt-'flt:[itllg th~ ]'~a[IrIUIZL' R~.]%I.I'~ al Sar,'rt~J Heart. ]vale received a 'orLe| ~,~sn IloIli Jaycee and R~,an Schr~er {ll]. [hL'll ~. I~rn flip tu Hur;~ph;r.~ attc't %~illIli~ re/alli'~e.~ aI1LI l'[ll~.'lid~, q~.~.'t 1]'l~: ~~.'1~ ~nd, Republic By BeLly Buura} gObllL Iledy, K.,~ l'],[q~Xll. I:l]4.111~, i~uray. Marll}ll \niadl~l K][CL' dud ( ;~L~'~ l:l.[~v, rl., I r~ .rn qilc RcTmldl~. a r.L-a ,ill a]Elld....d Iit .~....i,.h~l IL~ nllcd M~lh ~!.~sl L'hLach L'hIN~ Nh~+~ A[",out ItH~ held llhglr II|L=UlhI) 7lle~21m~ last INlolr- day. The trucks 'IrVCrLstarlled and checked t+~ er. the Ivld a llauk ~ as lilh.'d and tt wa~; C~lerrlllUCd the: u.lrR ~ill nc-M a new rqdaccnrellt hller. UrNI~| 1"ll~- Int~ IrIillltln~ diltii~. ~l~ ~pii~ ~i~,~iitt otiS.. ~;DL- .l..%llr} ~ral'ill LII'I;.UI~+2". 1~'r,.~l',l,.I dl,'~cu~;NLd. apr~_qnl~d after ~.(HT~ tt) fit=.' ball hckl tu tee % hsi they had been told vvlmld a ~rl,,%;taLiular flietL%'lr >LhowtIr. OnL.~ a I% w r,-'~'l,~ ",~Et,." i']'r,-=. 1 ]OWe~'e r ,~mll ~1 II ]i=..= ~[,tl gaze ~ ~,aid II [~, a~ ~. t_.J [ ~,q. ~)rlll I i1... IIl RI hlv, 5IC~4)I) RL'[~IJr has a ne~ ~l~:+l Ihal went Up [a_t week,'nd. 1 h*.. ",L~n L~ok,+ +harp. [lyuu have nul in to +, i.~lt thc~nl well in theiracw bU_~InL'sx, pl~a.~: doso It appears tu n~t that he i% slLLyI,~, t airly hu-'~y, PoLrrid the Irev., preacher;' l I+ttiik +nc'm[~rsoflheRepnblic U~iilcd Mrlit- u-di.,,t ChtirLh are pLca.',ed wllh III~r n~v, preacher but the ~OlIIICIi OI tllc ~,~ll,HVh. aLIrL" pl;A[ItllliB~ ~ a I~lUIliJ p~rl~ lot Suttda}. Au#, 23, AI Ih~ ulne Ih~) will ~.t~.'~i~llli~,, Darrell aniJ hL~ ~il'e. M~h~v,'l tu Rep~thl ic. [:~er) one i.', asked tO bl'tl]g a~'X+ulid of ~t}lneth,t~ to ~,n~::t=fl to ttic iw~ Rupuh~iic {csldLnl,~. And here'~ a hml. about v.hal ~ bring, "l knuw ]~a.~llor Hc~ ~id/v~ wa,; burnl out on canllaklU~ st, maybe a Ixmnd of ean~.atoul~ Inn) [10[ ~I a ~[~ gift, U~' yeur ntiugitta|ion and think ~p .s~utt g_~at ~+u|td ~illl,~. This will be held rullowin~z the chL=rch +ci'x +co with a IX++ flick meal. Richald CeiLs:. the OI) Man, liar, been h..ared hy hi-, mcdic:.l i~~r~ tu g,~ b;Lck Io ~ork ['~rI-Liinc ,~o l,, ~Z+tOL[ lle~, +. [11r peopleotRepuhllc alL" thankful the easl city inan, L)cr|llls W,,~Ln~. ~xas able I~ till in wh,le ElL'h- and wa., oft for medical leave. Sexeral from Ihe al~a attended [_he CPS cu~itolner appn:x:iatinn meal and ttlel.'llIl1~ held at the Norway gym, hm Gehle ~as the bur~x nimbi Illl~er [.a,,ll ~ilk'*.Idll~'sda)' zlighl th~Tu ~as a _k_.bratlu/i I0 honorlett} ELor( on her I~irllida~. thl', ee[t.'bration tu~k pl~c ~t Rip (-'It} ItHI with a~L',t+tlt 2~ in attenI dance. Ihe Ray Hob~m Menwriat I.ibrar.~ Ita~ b'Otl 1o Ille do~,, (.'orn =111 a,lld ~,L'~.' '~, hal qt'll4 |~ all al~ na and while you ,i~' there, take" In I+IL' LI,LI,[] r..'O[].lbEt KH~. thall t~, ,,lll otl d=,pla.',. New ~ alx~til. Ih recycle leader, I v. lIL ~har a ~u doWt Lid hit wilh yt)ll.i lll~mgh. Sllckx are nol mag~ines+s]i k.~ mean fltc in~e~_s Ln ileW_,~l'~rs. So yes ~ccan still rake tho~e magazlnesl.othc rc'cyc|e Irailer. Hut remo','e the lids t~tl ~he milk rattans_ Recyclable maleriats accepted m- elude aluminum cans. till ~.a~S I~LII ~llick to nlagnet~ #I phalli{. {clear) ~2 plastic {milk ju~ 1c ~ aud #2 IlJastlc {while t+r *.'oloredP ~lCli all lid> re- nto~,.ed. Nrwspup,.:f~ and n~. ~,prrrH. T,ler , Williams Financial Advisor D.O.T. Numbers We make them! Co. P~ a32-~ "9 32~I Fat ;32 P+9 7_~63 magazines I a~ythlng wiL~. staplc.*,,~ and t;aydboard boxes, broken down. TbeDo Noihings had a sFx't'ial event in Republic County. ]'his month lone Rodgers dccidedclub members needed a rela~ i.~g day at a Scand~a cat|; enjoy- ing a goo0 meal, go,.,,d Irlends and I'mt games. Betty B~uray% birthday wa~ ce le bmled a.s s he ol:~.'lted her g if[s_ After a filling meal and lots ~t ,.'hatter and laughter, members broke out the ar~s for a livelF game o~ 3-i3. After that same, dessLrl ~,~ ~r~ed and Nadine bad to leave. 1~, ~a~ ,.k~-tded tO have a quick game of Sequence and one game Iced to two as Jen~ h~d never played so the firs~ game Like a practie~ rml_ The jo:r of Ih~ da) ~a~,,.'ante as they played their .~u eM l~ ante and l{3ne and ~g'tt) won. Jon v,a~ ~ exit~J tO wi~ a ~J,tlllf; tmali), |buse prc~zlt were, Jon~ Rod~e[s bull., Bo,y Boeray. Nadine Adam~, Shirley Jolmson a]~d Pat Dir~fllng. In September club mcm- 'a~rs will be ~;lcbralling w~th host Nadine Adams a.,, she turn', 80, P/~'c and ~i~.' tu be anmmllced late~'. Olive Hill By Rosemary Hasemeyer ii 1 Pastor D~vid Wat~ers brought the children's stur~ and ntessage at th+~ Olive Hill Church+ Sunday momm8, Gloria ,~chl~elli v,'~ pianist Lincla Hutrhinson was song ~e~der Ushers were Dwight Frost and Paal Hu~:hinson. Robert. Alaina. Lyndsay, Katelyn and Jordan B]x~,-n ~usled a 141h birth- day supper and party h~norin~ Ashlyn, Sunday at fl'~cir hume, GuCSH. attend- ing were RoL~rl Br~v,'n, Webbcr. Bentl=) and Kareu Park,:r, R~public, Jeff. S~." and ~,|t'li~a Guilkey, Craig Gullke.~ and I'r~end. ['milee ~d An~y [ xne~mve, all = L~[ Superior. Employees who assisted Sher~i O'Brien, Ann Willetl. Michelle Plock (co-owner], Tami S~I Tim Sorensen, Debbie Golay, Jim and Judy Cooke tee-owners}, Mary Kenley, Deanna Edgar, Macy D~iesen, Nancy Gonza]es Thursday morning, l.oma Willon JerryCoolandfricnd,Natha~,Yt~rk, went tu Hurt Oak Lo get her gtea|- w Saturday visilors of l"wila Cool granddaughter, Shetb} Wherry. whu They aIf attended the., Doe, Cac:k and spent the da) and o~crm~zhll in her Hoyd ~d Karc~ Rothfu.~s saJc~ in wilh the Kingswood Court open house Satur~y were (from lell) and Jac4 Burdick. EmpLoyees not p[clumd are Jaca Estopna, Heather Doly, Marisa Tristan and Sul~riut_ Gary Ha~elneyer attended th+ traC- tor show heJd t~Car Aye+ Sa'eurday 1 Nora HeJen G~bcrs alL=haled I.~ open hu~ al KLngs wcx~ Court in Superior ~ ~1+.trday at-tcrao~m, Sunday dinner guests of Dave and Sherry Gebers were SLat.ia Gel~rs of Omaha, Haley Gebers ul Hasling~ 'ITuy Hotts, t~ed Hut-I.~, Ron ~t| Nam'~ [[otis and Helen Gcl's_-rs_ Sherry ix re- hale. Friday. Wcndy Flarn ~. Hvrr {)ak. came for her granddaughlet. She[b} Shelby is n~v, li~ing m O~rn~ ~th her family. Joc Ooylr, Sul~rlor, wa~ a ['burs- day aflernoon ~~=1tr~[ of Gao Hasemeyer. Lema Willon a11eitdcd Ih-'91 +ih aud 86thbinhday panle.~ hunuria~ Norman and Lorraine Stlaier :Lt ii~e Sup.,ril~r Gr~d Samaxllan Cenzer, Saturday aL Lc n'l~.)t )i~. JoAnn and Jl~hn Ro~e~. Superior. v,'c'F~ "Jhl.~r,,d;l~ hi,Ill ~-I~IIOF~. In Ihv H;~.%'meycr Itum Annie Kathrnan. cupcraL~/Lg from surgeD ia Omaha "|'hur~da) Friday allemoon v]sttUrs of Helen Geb~.'rs ~ere Lance a,d Charlene H~]man of Lmcoln. Neh. lhe) h~J attended the Gar~ Follmer i~i'lel~ at Superio. Friday. Clay, Jack~on and ~te]la W ilt.iam~, acc=~mpanled lb,'it g rand p;iz- ~nls. Roger and Sue W il|L~n~,, h~ (;raJM Island to "~ISI[ S~.e',, Ino~heL Pat Suund~. ]'he) a}_~u a~tended a mo~ le lr~in a~ Mur].~r~' Schle~lbr ~e~e Satmd~) dinner au~ aftem~m gu~t~ tli ~'aUl and Nank~- [u,[[~ ill Om~lha. S1~ ~lld D!" {-)1~1"I~[31 ~ i~re ~l~ ~1k- endE:UCsL,~Of Brandon alto J an]le RtddL~r In %VcM Pomt. ()ak ay Phy}+is Sd~milt Domra G i llan y+med t~ther,~ for qui 11.- /n~g last Monday_ I_asl Tnesday. she ~rnt tt~ ~aSlln~S_ Lasl Wednesday, she ~omcd others for lunci~ at a Nelson ,.'ate, l'htir+,da~, Donna lotnt'd tither x~ on,ca fi.~ colle at Ih Nc[~tin Senior C~.'Lttr=. Ra) and I%'g[:_~' (.;las~ ~ecently went h~ .1~,I Stl ~. ill=: It,attend an Aia~hn Lamp '~m~cnt.m. While llher~ lh~y vlslted Oebbie Gola, y (left}was one ol Ihe many Kingswc.o~ Court employees who ass~sle5 wilh Ihe facilllleS open house Salurday, Abova,Galay has opened Ihe mide of lhe spa tub and lets Brenda HoSkins pose [o a picture The side nf ~ub raise and seals ietl4ng residents have easy access. anlique slates and attended an auction, "['he>' sa~ Carrie Unde~ood perform at the Gwnd O1 Opry. D~ ek Lo~a cry and Pat Brusseau took PaL'~ grani.~daug[net+ Ashley, t~a C'do- rado last 'ruesda). She wa.~ sta) #In a ~,cck ~lh t'nend~ and bebysttt=1ng. I.r~mt Puehl,~. th~ lo~k her into i~n. ~ and dl~ ~me shoppin[ ~meng olher thiag~ Dick and Pal went to ('olu:ad~ Springs tu visil Pa~l's sister, Aieenc Scha:lt~r_ Iraqi Wednesday, a ncphev, to~+ them ou[ t~ar lunch "]'hey u,r~-~ ~l~ m~,ol~,zd Ul an au~omohile a- ~ldcl~t, and Pat g~l hrm_,~d up a hide. That e ~ep4n=e. they v, enl tml [or a lan:r dinner. They p.'~u led h,m~ on Friday. Salurda) night_ Dtck, Pal. C'roma Corman and Dean Blain ~,ent to I-~-~hlct tot supper. Lola Brl(ol:[ and Deall Ha~, k') ~, ere Superior vP, itor', last Monday. [;c~: Eckle~. Lola Biltoh. Dort,~ Ahren~ a~d Pbylhl,~ $chmilt p[a).ed cards al the Nel~ol~ Senior Center ia.~I "l'us:~da.~ ~'u, ha Mernll. Emma and Hale),, xtaxed a v.eek ~ilh Dick and Carol Eckl,~ Phil a~d (h.'rry ",isited fir- qll~.' rill 1) I-,nd~ay hosted a ntmx:han. d,~e sho~ all the hume of Peggy (;Jas~ Friday night Phyllis Schmlllt wa,~ among those attending. I~mnaGil|an and Gerry b~: kle~ wc~ among those anendmg the ftmvral ~d Gary Foilmcr ul Supcnt>r tm Fnda> Jackie Cox attended a baby ~ho~ er honoring Sa rah Whi~e held in Ha,~tln f_s mt Saturday. Basil and Irene John~n and 1heir Friend, Getty Swit~etofOlathc, Kan_ i.~it~d Phyllis Schmitt Salurda~ alter. ntx|[l, l.aler, Ph)lhs altend~tl |h,l,' King.~wulxi Court Oi'5~il Hol.l~,C :In _~iLi [xz~or and q,'i~l~.'d Pauli~'L H~n,,on ()n Sunday, att~r .,~lln~ dn'Lner Htn ~,ll!l Georgia Billoti, Ph> Ili~ Scllmdl ~[,lit it+ H~bpon I'(~r a music c'oncen in the park. Two church praise ~ands ix, r lurmed, a~, well as Howard Rccd a,d "~,*.' % er Ji olher~. (]en-) I~;{.'ktc_~ allcflded a hinhda.v r~Fi) hOlloring Linda Melttm a! the holn~ of I~an and Linda on Sunday. The [c,~ as an cvel~+ng barbecue_ Stmdra ~.'anli~ I'ff~m l}eWlll and bronchi I'll)d. Chell~ ~ family v.,~.,~ also ~lt~_ Ray and P{.,[ gy Gla~ wenl re, Shelby on 5unda_~ ~d ~,l~,llcd her molher, ~arha:l'a Bend>, Donna (hlla~ joined other women lot dlt+~t~.'r ni SU[l~rLiff Sunda~, DrIOn Ewe {Re|man) Olson, Nelson. taughl fifth gr~e at the Superior North Ward Schoof Irom 1957 ta lg62. Saturday afternoon she I~ured the renm/ated building which has become an assisle~ Iiving facilily named Kingswood Court Above Olson poses in Charlotte Chr4stensen'$ kJlcheneLte which would once have been part ef her fifth grade classroom. Call Tyler Today to Review Your Portfolio Financial P~anning Retirement Planning 1 Investments Education Funding Insurance Planning Ideal Estate Planning This aerial photograph taker~ by Roy Rempe hangs at the enlrance ~+r Kin .qs',vu-..wJ CoLJrl ,~S d ,e+nlr'~der 0t whal the Pal21JJly lookeO JJke as aPi eLementary school, Somehme in the lulure. ~*~ lieI idl V (--%'V "O'~ K,n.c]_ 5~.',,[)(~J C~,LIr ~ With ItS O~tched roof w~l jo~n llhls phol0gtaph. Plam+i g a trip out of tiz,' country? Low Cost Financing Available Passport Photo $5 Superior Publishing Company 148 E- Third, SLLt~rior. Neb, 402-879-3291 Senior Citizens Sales... WHAT A UPERIOR IDEA! 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