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August 23, 1973     The Superior Express
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August 23, 1973

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I News.... School Lunch Menu "~?!~r=~d~y, Au__gust 23 1973 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 3 A " :~'-~~ grandparents, and Mr. and Mrs. ~.oo, Lu.~h~nu ICRADLE ROLL CAll[ Jesse Platt are great grand- "er and Da" Orel Davidson was a caller August 27 through Aug. 31 St -. ~las Friday afternoon at the home of (Subject to Change) ""'- ............. "2" - parents w, onof Omaha Jame~Menke, Nelson. Monday, Aug. 27: Chili soup, A daughter, Kristen Coleen, Mrs. wanaa ' )wnvilleSunday A former Nelson resident, Admitted: Mrs. Mac Yerton,crackers, carrot sticks, was bor9 July 17 to Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. the play "The Mrs. Lester ~awyer and Mrs. Ralph W. Shaw, has recently Superior; Mrs. Nellie Gourley, peaches, cinnamon roll, milk. Mrs. Crmg Dillon of North Johnson. of Lincoln are the Nelson; Michael Reiff, Tuesday, Aug. 28: Wranglers Platte. She weighed seven varents of a son Jeoffrev '. Pennypacker" Eugene Bevington of Grantsbeen named general manager . - ......... .~',---=,. _" tre. Annette and Pass, Ore., are visiting Mr. and of the Omaha Public Power ,. Superior; Mrs. Mary Ann andcatsup, baked beans, potato poundsand 15% ounces. Shehas Michael ~rn M,,wl~v A,o children of Mr. Mrs. A. W. Wilson. The ladies District. A 1936 graduate of .~| Fischer,Superior; Kelvin chips, fruit cup, milk. a smter 19 months old. Grand- at Lincoln General Hospital. He parents are Mr. and Mrs. wet ..... -~- --- vBlanke, wereinare Mrs. Wilsons sisters. Mr. Nelson High School, Mr. Shawis . .~ Kriger, Ruskin; Mrs. Ceph Wednesday, Aug. 29: ghed se,~. m,m,u=, u,,= " C Ml~. oulu|~aJl/gD MI~ Blanke is director and Mrs. Wayne Wilson of the son of Mr. and Mrs. M.W. ~, i[~i~ Wilde, Superior; Phillip Lyne, Creamed dried beef gravy, Burdette Hanson and Mr andoun e .o ~..=._o . ~.,... " y ul er.Grand- make designs the MankatoandLindaMatousekof Shaw. ~ ~..] Superior; Richard Bradrickwhipped potatoes, cole slaw, Mrs Loren Dillon of ArnoldformerNanc F 1 ~ey also visited Westfield, Ind., were additional Ralph Shaw began his OPPD ~ .... ~ Superior; Mrs. Frank Thomp- plain jello, rolls, butter, milk. Great grandparents are Mr aren s -"-" ~'----'~ .... " - "" ns n. .. p t =,,. ,,u=. .. . ;= . _ _ George Johnson and Mr. and li#~s. Blankeand guests Sunday. Monday visitors career in1946 after completing ~ l son, Guide Rock; William Thursday, Aug. 30: Pizza, anoMrs A ~.tla o anawlr ~anley Chard and were Mrs. Dale Taylor of two and one-half years in the ~L ~ s~ Mallam, Superior; Donald buttered green beans, ice ano ~vws. unns lorurup. Mrs. B. K. Fuller of Superior. Aksmith, Superior; Lynettecream bars, peanut butter bhawnee, Okla., Concordia and Mr. and Mrs.Signal Corps. In 1950, he was ~ _~1~ Mr and Mrs.~n Ehlers of Great grandparents are Mrs. play. Jess Wilson of Webber. named system protection ~ Springer, Edgar; Debra Hiatt, sandwich, milk. Brighton," " Colo., are the' parents ......... Ethel Thomas of the Blue "---" engineer and two years later .d ~ ~ Superior; Judith Kirchhoff,Friday, Aug. 31: Wieners and ,,t ....~t,,~t,,,~o~ J .... valley flume m Heoron ano Mr. ly evening guestsRussell and Jill Wilson,was promoted to assistant chief , Byron; Franklin Waiters, bun, potato salad, buttered Y'oorn "~ Aug. y .... m.'Y'''~"v'~"--""~'~":'L~~r, anu ~v~r~. ~v,m~ and Mrs. Verne Fuller of is. A. G. Hanson children of Rev. and Mrs. Don engineer. He later became chief ~ ~ Waterloo, Iowa. peas, pears, rolls, butter, milk. Prentice of Omaha are the Hardy. ten Colborn and Wilson of Norton, Kan., visited engineer, a post he held until ~ ~l~l me Latham of with their grandparents, Mr. being named to his present ~~ ~IS, Colo. and Mrs. A. W. Wilson and Mr. position, assistant general ~/ Nu k lls C i $198 000 -'---- and Mrs. Earl Corman, manager, in1965. I C 0 auntmns n ce ve is. Craig Dillon,Thursday and Friday. Rev. and l Kristen of North Mrs. Wilson came for them A graduate of the University l Weekend guests f Friday andwere evening dinner f Nebraska' Mr" Shaw has a I 1 ~ i l ityb efits thly BurdetteHanson. guests in the Wilson home.bachelor of science degree in ....... $0C a se~ iv en mort Dillon and Hanson . electrical engineering. He also service in me e~gnt-state area. ~- gluts of Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Fay Vestal were holds a master's clegree in Mr. Shaw. ~s presently a Social security benefits were workers who have died and 74 payments because a workinggroup of youthful social securit} chol ..,..._,.member ot me seven-man Hanson. Adele at Manhattan, Kan., Sunday pay ogy from the U.,,,o,~z ........... being paid to residents ofare getting benefits as disabled father or mother has died or is beneficiaries are those who are Ward was also awhere they attended open house of Ne execuuve committee ot ~A~r getting socialsecurity disability receiving benefits as disabled braska at Omaha and us a ....... NuckoUs County at a rate of workers or their dependents, or retirement benefits. Most of workers and the dedication of the new rei[istered nrofessional whmh us respons|n|e mr me "-'--- Kansas Farm Bureau building en'ineer Mr Shaw belongs to operations of the organization. $198,000 a month at the close of Maisch pointed out that " " ............. ......... r "- 1972, according to Gerden M. although most social security the 27 beneficiaries in Nuckolls E a u ........ Mr naw is a memDe oz me the Dr R J in the afternoon. They also t Kappa N hu,w=,~ .. " ..... ch H-i Maisch, social security beneficiaries are older County between la and 22 years Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bargen, from Sunciay Lmtii visited Mr. and Mrs. Walter en~ina,=rin=, fratornitvtsenson uaptus~ ~nur . e s a o - ..... ~, .......... ~, manager in Hastings. people, about one out of every of age, are getting student's jr., Lonnie, Curtis and Kent !Mr. and Mrs Run Smith and family who have National Society of Professional past premdent of the Nebraska Of the social security four is under age 60. In Nuckolls benefits under a provision in the returned home Monday from a Lincoln " recently returned from Niagia, En ineers pr-fe~i-n~ State convention ann currenuy g ........... beneficiaries living in Nuckolis County, 185 people under 60 are social security law permitting 10-day vacation at Forks, ----__ " Africa, where they have been Engineers of Nebraska Omaha serves as chairman of the I~ng- En~n~r~ f~,h ~nd 'th~ ~n- Range Camp Study CommitteeCounty, 1,084 are retired collecting social securitythe continuation of a child's Wash., with Mr. and Mrs. Lynn benefits beyond his 18th birth- Bargen They visited many Y~ guestf Guidein theRCkDr, isfrformerlySeVeral months.from theMr'Webber-Smith ~t-it~~t~-~f"'~'l~m~i',.~i"-~ of the Nebraska Baptist State workers and their dependents, payments each month. Ninty- day, and up to age 22, if' the places'~ of" interest- in that area- home, visiting l_~vewell area. ~l'l'c~c-t'roniCsMr Sha En'~m"ee'rs" ~- ...... ^..~,~nmemberCnventin'ofIn addition,the boardhe iSofa anotherbenefits as332thearesurvivorsreceivingof four are under age 18, receiving child is attending school full and enroute home traveled . w has been .............. time. through California and Nevada. of Albuquerque,Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Williams with the Mid-Continent Area dwectors ot me umana Rebekah meeting O.E.S. district Also in this 18-22 age group, Curtis had been at Forks since --..-._ and family will move later this Power Pool (MAPP) since its Metropolitan Association of v days in the Don month from Newman Grove, creation in 1963. MAPP is a Churches. . ..... Thursday evening meeting Sept. S Maisch said, are some other July 28 types of beneficiairies, le are Mrs RickNeb., to Norfolk. Mr. Williams ~-un ,,f ou~,,-~ ........ The Shaw tamuy mcmaes The Superior Rebekah Lodge, The August meeting of Olive illustrating the broad family _ _ .......... No. 70. met last Thursday Chapter No. 63, Order of Easter protection that the socialNew Residents ,ey and Jon of is employed by the Nebraska ~ie~ ~in~ toget~"er to "~-Ralph, his wife, Vera, and four evening in the I.O.O.F. hall. Star was held Friday. b. Mrs Kubler is Public Power District and is crease the reliability of electric cnuaren, security program provides Ganne "Kronber~being rransferred there. The Mrs. M. J. Rhoads was actingMrs. Steve McGowan, worthy workers of all ages. Some are Mr. and Mrs. David Eiel are ~" family formerly lived in We~ The Odd Fellows of the business meeting. She an-deceased workers who became residing at 324 National. They trots of Mr andSuperior. His mother is Mrs. Mrs. t to celebrate noble grand, matron, presided at the children of retired, disabled or new resiaents o, ~upermr, Atkins we~ Mr Ray Williams. -: Superior Lodge will host a nounced the fall districtdisabled before they reached 22 have been living at Aberdem, ~a,l JonsonColo. Mr.and Mr.'" ram^ "~ ~'~ 'e at~,u~. ~ ~,,~ - IOOth birthday Aug. 28 forPiCnicSundaY' Sept.9,at6 p.m.,their members and mem-. nearbymeeting of Olive Chapter andchapters would be able-to-wor-kand who will probably never beand become self- S.D. David is working with hiSfather. Atkins' brother tended the Nebraska-Iowa =:DyTWesTw:ll'-:=r=Y bers of the Rebekahs and their Wednesday, Sept. 5. The supporting. The monthl~, -----__ " district of Kiwanis In- . " " Mrs. West has her son-in-law families in Lincoln Park. meeting will begin with dinner benefits of these young people, Thursday, August 23, 1973 ~. Larry Brazilternational three-day con- her 100th birthday Aug. 28, 1973, and daughter, Mr and Mrs Members are asked to bringat 7 p.m. in the Lady Vestey sev~rlv, .__._dma._._edhan ' an b.v The superior_ __Express' sub. ,ere in Lincoln vention held in West Des ~t an O l~_,n .house at her gl'. and- Homer Keene, in Roseburg, one coveredlced tea disheSand coffeeand serviCe.will be ROOmRefreshments were served byf the Hotel Leslie. will'~h"~"]~"'~ ...... conunue"". ....... tO,maenmte~y: "~'fllenhillti~''~''`::~'~''' scriptiOnin aa~ancerateSin Nehraska$'~'u a yearand PayableKansas g Mr. and Mrs Moines, Iowa, Friday through aaugnter s nome m ttosenurg, granddaughter, one great served by the Rebekah kitchen . ., ~.00 a yea9 elsewhere ~n the United mn and family Sunday, Aug. 10-12. G. Vincent ure. , ....... grandson, and two great Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jones, Mr. Benefits are also payable to me s~a~es, Ten cents per single copy. J Mrs Duane Nelson of Lincoln became theine sevenm cnua ot t.+eorge granddaughters to help her committee, and Mrs. Clifford Young and mother if the disabled son or seco,o c~ass postage paio a~ their six sons new governor-elect for 1974. He t~rLydi.'.a Dye, she was born celebrate her day. Mrs. Glenn Hutt was ap- Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Baldwin. da,.r~,~-' .h,,~.. .~;= ............ in tha mnther'sSuperior, Nebraska. Publisl~ecl .... weekly by the Superior Publishing ~oln. ....... they took will be responsible for the ad- Sh-- --we~l~*-r'~'an'"lnad'ugut; Mrs. West is in good health, NebraskaPinted delegateAssemblytO theof tables.Garden flowers decorated the ~'~Y'. ...... nothercompany, Inc, at ~ East Th~r~ Mauscn sala tnat a Moore to the mlnlstratmn of Kzwams F ~' u~. s~.~. at the ma but because of cataracts her . . Street, Superior, Nebraska 6877b. Cents, ~ and throughout the 161 clubs serving au'vlew :~.nool winch was half evesi,,h* ~= fom,~, ~; .... i,,= ton Rebekahs at York in October. relatively small but significant [oOre, at ~'air- the major portion of Nebraska m" ............... ~" ........ ~ ............... Dur~g the coffee hour Mrs. ucuuru=uzuexnome. ~newas and broke her hi-" ;" ,a~o oh.. VFW Auxiliary ,ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo l been visiting and Iowa. Nelson is a member baby rotter and helper to the had had to walk with a walker Hutt and Mrs. Bert Colgrove oy of ./con Dow,ow or a__c air e ice-- d-- .-._" Kiwanis Club. In February, 1898, Julie " meeting Tuesday iday afternoon _ _--~, ..... married Frank West of Rubens, Orel DavidsonMarine t-'vt. ~to~er w. An- .=;an. After farming for two The VeteransofForeign Wars Mrs Stanley derson, husband of the former years on the West farm, they Auxiliary, at a special meeting .................... uuuoooooooooooooooooooo~ CRADLE ROLL CALL and their Lynch Super of Hardy, corn- went by covered wagon to , Tuesday evening, voted to raise ~ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Veatch, Mrs. Veatch and was a at the Round Narka, when there, 30 was the first Davidson had since the term. Mr. and Richard past week at Narka, at Mahaska. Orval Bargen Mrs. Denny in Milford 'guests were Mr. Bargen and V and Mr. and and Brent of Denny Bargen pleted the Aviation Machinists Mate School at Millington, Tenn., recently. Aviation machinist mates maintain aircraft engines and related systems. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Etherton and family and a friend of Lincoln came Friday afternoon for the weekend at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mogens Madson. Leeds, Iowa, near an older on sister, Mrs. Matt Brown (Eva). They farmed east of Leeds, and it was here that their only Mr. and Mrs. Hamer J. Ad- child, Viola, was born. Later cock of Davenport will they moved to Leeds and celebrate their 60th wedding operated a grocery store and anniversary on Monday, Sept. 3. lived above the store. In honor of this event, members After the death of Mr. West in of their family gathered at their 1928, she moved to southern home Sunday evening, Aug. 12. California where her daughter Children and grandchildren lived. Later she moved with her present were Mr. and Mrs. Dale They also visited his mother, Mrs. Gladys Knigge, at Red is now living in the Douglas Cloud Saturday and attended a Nursing Home. family picnic in Harvard She remembers many happy Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. days in Kansas and relatives Albert Wehrman of Nelson still living in Webber, Formoso, joined the Etherton. family for Lovewell, Superior, Hardy and dinner Sunday at the Madson Chester. home to celebrate the birthdays of Mrs. Wehrman and Jamee Honored at S-year Etherton. recognition dinner daughter to Roseburg, Ore., and Adcock of Superior, Miss Donna Adcock of Wethersfield, Conn., Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clements of Pittsford, N.Y., Miss Pamela Clements of Garfield Heights, Ohio, and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Adcock and Rebecca Leigh of Hays, Kan. Mrs. Adcock's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Barkell, Hebron, were also in at- tendance. to Columbus Mr. Bargen Mr. and Mrs. Ame WarnekingWorking as a secretary at the A white tiered wedding cake, coach in the of Deshler visited Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Regional Center intopped with wedding rings and The Bob Mogens Madson last Sunday Lincoln the past five years, white satin bells, was at the will move to evening. Jennie Hornbussel, daughter of center of the table. China and wiUbe at Milford Michael Nelson of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Horn- crystal, which were wedding latter Mr. Albuquerque, N.M. has beenbussel, has transferred to the gifts d0 years ago, wereused, as his bachelor of visiting the last two weeks with Lancaster Mental Health Mrs Center in Lincoln and began her hlS andparents, Dr and . Happ Hour l gr -- ":;" ~ his auties there Monday. Y C ub degreeat R.J. Nelson. They v~aUM~.e~Bill Last Wednesday she was nleets Thursday i summer 'ersity of parents, s~, gt: ana., ~ ~,=-=1 honored at a five-year .. _ , Nelson, ana Line u~T__.=.= ,-,.~,---3;, recognition dinner where she azrs. Kenneth Huber, sr., of Kan., Saturday. M)cnaei wmwas presented a pin for her Formoso was hostess to the return home with them o Ha Hour J. Friend of . ._____ years oz service. Friday a group ' _ PPY Club Thursday - of friends entertained at lunch afternoon. All members but rn Stevens ofMrs Violet Granam ac- Astrid Hails were rt ])ermy and " - -- "co and then hosted an afternoon " present. Mr. companies Mrs ,. Huber rece|ved a birthda ft II toparty for all the Lincoln y g~ visited Mrs. Blackstone, Darrenand Ke y of a s ic Henry Mc ............. and Regional Center employees.. p e set from her Happy ~rooKston, ma, tO VISIt ~........ flOur ~ister " " icon, Kan., .... "- --' "---if-" aeame spent me wee~ena in .a soczal afternoon Mrs. tiary txranam anu ,m. ~ ~m~rior with her rmrents was enjoyea. vens visitedfor a week. --,... r- With relatives -m Walter Peterson Monday af- vacation trip. Announ g father, Peter ln . . . . . tton, Colo., to _ ys with his twick, A New Operator z. Mr. and Mrs. ~ht him home lt.:'" s.ands. Kald~Mrs'Yvonnda M cCutcheon eveland, Colo., A recent graduate of St. Joseph s Beauty Academy them to Estes --. in Hastings Y met Mr. and I l~arshall and ere camping ~'e they visited at Red Feather in Hastings visited a day :i:!:!:i: Lincoln for the Make your appointment now w one of our four operators Schaaf and last week vacation in and the They of Mr. Mr. and overnight home. "* Debbie * Pat * Yvonnda * Dia ne Open Monday through Saturday 113 West Third Superior, Neb. the dues and obtain the cancer insurance, making the total dues $10 per year. were silver tableware and District President Colleen golden candelabra, gets from Rippen was present to explain their 25th and 50th an-the benefits of having cancer niversaries, insurance. There was also a Mr. and Mrs. Adcock were married Sept. 3, 1913, in the Methodist Episcopal Church in Davenport. They have made their homes in Nora and Davenport. discussion before voting, on raising the dues, already raised by national and state depart- ments. Eighteen members were present. 0 0 Kenny Rhea 9 p.m. to I a.m. WITH MEMBERS WELCOME i m l sm im mm m M Irda", Augllsf 25 t 11 m.m. Duneo To The Muole of Salt Creek Play Boys V.F.W. CI,UB MF.~BERS AND GUESTS WELCOME 8:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Closed on Sundays through July and August Ruskin, Nebraska ,O000000000000000000000000t ,0000000000000000000000000 3OOOOOOOOOOOO( ~0000000000000000000000000 MGM Presents "PAT GARRETT AND BILLY THB KiD" Stamnq JAMES COBURN . KRI$ KRISI DFFI[RSON. BOB DYLAN And AlSo Starring JASON ROBARDS Mus,c by BOB DYLAN W.tlen by RUDOLPH WURLITZER.Produced by GORDON CARROLL D~recled by SAM PECKINPAH METROCOLOR " PANAVISION~ ,oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oo9?~g~9?O0OOOO~ IID~ ,, --C Wages Variety & G,fts o1 Back TO School Show fo o0I Thurs. and Sat. Mat. 2:00 7ol "MUNSTERS GO HOME" [['g O ,o Will Let You In For Half Price o iil With a coupon frm Wagas ,Ooll -- 2sc -- [d ,%- _ g OO O ~00 . 0 i Sat. Nught11:00 and Sun.-Mon.-Tue. 1 ooc OO ,o~1 Mat. Sun. 2.00 Evening 8:00 ~0~ oo o Show Starts Mon.-Tues. 7:30 "CANDY STRIPED NURSES" O0 0 ~:iColor Rated X I~,'' 22oooooooooooo;o,ooo;oo oooooo;ooooooo;o O )OO0000000QO000000000000000000000 ......... ?1 oooo, ooc SUMMER SHOW TIMES ,o Matinee Sat.-Sun 2:00 BoxofficeOpens Evenings ........ 8:15 Show Starts ,o )O D 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 )00000, 000000000000000~ ~OOC 0 )O, )OC OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,