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August 27, 2015     The Superior Express
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August 27, 2015

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f~ Ih Bill Blauvelt, Publisher ~N~ I -I~I li.~he hThlr d u rI!'Pu h hl E-mail 1 Letters to the F~.dito. I! I ] b "s ed eac u s ay by S pe " b's 'ng Company, Inc. Selected portions of the newspaper available | I at 148 East Third Street, P.O. Box 408, Superior, Nebraska 68978 on the web at 1 Editor: '" I Subscription rates are $27 per year in Nebraska, ] The article in the newspaper By Chuck Mittan M$28:50 per year in Kansas. Other States $38 per year. Thursday, August 27, 2015 Page 2B jr K waC OmUt st eh eare d f r I .l .,ow I've written a lot about it recently, but about 4 p.m. Kateri stayed home to take care of ,h. ~, ........ a,~mh,,- I,,,',, nowit s officially here; empty nest syndrome has Kathy. Hutchcraft "' ,told ' nea' u"t 'at-da-'y. settled in at our house.. . So far, I dislike it as much It was thought I would have to drive Katerl to Fro th fil fT eD She and my mother, Florence as I anticipated_ I would. Peru State as well on Sunday, because her boy- m e es o , rlor Ex ress Hutchcra, ft,_were in Dr.Thedorm move-in",dayswentwellenough, friend, also a student there, had national guard Plowman. suffice m seweuwnen though the whole week s worth of activity was duty the entire weekend and wouldn't be oina worlowaruwasoveraars r'low- tem redb Kath findin h '" " Eighty Years Ago ing 'Junior Miss," starring Peggy celebrated his 90th birthday, the t3uilt nf r4,~n,~r ~',~,~a~t,,~n ...... 7". .';" - pe y y g erselrvirtually bed- back to Peru until later in the day, too late for John M ' . ,, ..................... man canea and tom ram, men ne ...... , eamscelebratedhls 81st Ann Garner. LaVeme Warren, 78, died. He Th .............. naaen wzm some sortofmuscularproblem in her Kateri s dorm sign in ................. e neatre was praying came out ann tola me people m . - oLrmaay: tie was a pioneer mem- alxty sears Ago was a retired Ideal t.ement Plant "Lucy" waitinp room abdomen or lower back After several trips to the Additionally, a new laptop computer Molly ber of theBeulah community.Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hall, worker and a longtime Nuckolls th-wh'en-%ey--ieft the office, emergency room, she was finally written a pry- ordered was delivered at home the day she left Blanche Mendell Erwin, 76, Superior, celebrated their 59th County resident. The local , st of the Veterans people were driving up and down scription for muscle relaxers, which have begun for UNO, so I planned to take Kateri to Peru, then died. ShehadbeenaSuperiorcom- wedding anniversary. The Crest Theatre was playing " " ' ade -lans to the streets honking their horns and to help, but slowly, take Molly her computer in Omaha, then come munity resident for 53 years. Nuckolls County had 38 rural 'q'heDukesofHazard" and"Wed- ot foreign ,w.ars m __ ..... f Richard Kohl, a Superior area schoolteachers representing 34 ding Crashers." erect anew ouuamtgon aekS't l eciosea.reallycarryingn'ThestreSmomer was concerneaWe On.......... Thursday, I drove Molly to Omaha and home. The boyfriend, however, was able to be farmer, ran off four cars of people rural districts , Five Years A~o me Katemor skit g . e becauseshehadn'tdonethe"trad- m?N :rln ner norm on tlaemal.n Umversay excused from Sunday guard duty, so I didn't raidin his corn fi 1 r ' " - ~ rink building was dismantled g e d fo roasting There were 846 students en- The Superior Pubhc Library ...... 7" for in ," and they were out of breadxa-omana campus. onsmermg there have to go. They took Molly her computer, ears of corn: rolled in the Superior school sy~ debuted a new website, t~eo potatoes were a~ cents T,, ~i butter a(home are 22 new dorm buildings where not long ago looked around her dorm room a bit then headed TheBurlington railroad towed tem. High school enrollment was The Superior North WardEl- :mUerPd?aeagn u naersn s Grandma told her not to worry there were none, I thought the whirlwind of south for Peru. an 1 wood burning Iocomo-226 ementary School added a LEGO r,,- .. rive through Superior. Ray Watkins, who had been Robotics unit to its cumculum. ,,.The Cres!Theam e,Wta lnaff g about that as long as the Waru oa} move-in day was pretty well-handled. Volun- By Sunday afte,rnoon, Kathy was a little less Bananas were five pounds for manageroftheCrestTheatresince The blue-zreen algae restric- neye.nneAum ,..gj _over. They could get cream o teers were on hand to help carry stuff, sounload- sore and able to be up and around abit Thelack ...... - cnarowlumarKanO ..arrou aKer, thelabaS; l ntbtOtt LU l/tr r ing went quickly. Afterward, I took her shopping of noise of any kind 25 cents at the Supenor Safeway as opening, was transferred to Run was hfted at Lovewell Lake. coming from either of the store. Yankton, S.D. The Nuckolls County Board Fort,, Years Aoo : .....,!,,.,, a;n for bedding and a few groceries to get her settled girls' bedrooms continues to make me quite sad The Lyric Theatre was show- Veal steaks were 65 cents oer annroved the $2,098,401 98 bud- . . a. . ,, -~ ~i,~,4~ W,~rner '"" I hope it passes I'm supposed to be ha and "n " " ..... ' -- . " seromeAaame wasnameame ............... , .......... PPY g Princess O Hara, stamng pound atSupenor sldealMarket, for the uncommgyear, th, Jewell, Kin. we lettReaUloud at6 a.m. andI returned at excited about my empty nest, but I'm just not. Chester Morris and Jean Parker. The Crest Theatre was playing '~ The Crest'Theatre was playing ~'~""?'%'P"'~.. Y .............. Sevent Ye " . ,, , ..... ..ounty osp taL y ars Ago The Long Gray Line, starring Ramona and Beezus and The x~;n i,~1~..... IIRarrv g4 died The number of farms in Tyrone Power and Maureen ___rOthe _u,sG v .... " .~, " ....... ;'"~7 .... ~"~ ....i- " Nuckolls County was l ,235 down. O'Hara.. One Year A"os dent newasalngume upenrres Ed* or's N b k from l,6101n1935. Theaverage Fifty YearsAgo Descendants of Nathan ;z, ..... n It ore OO farm size was 284 acres Superior school svstem enroll- ~4,-a,~ri~V,-,~l,-hr-tedthe 140than work was comp~eeeu o Captain Eugene Shaw, Supe- ment was 902, with "297 students niversa ofhlsfilingahomestead Su.penor's Bloom S _eetbew!..een rior, was awarded the Bronze Star at the high school, claim in the Olive Hill commu- allilraedanwai~'~e ;e~t o~?lo~m By Bill Blauvelt , for meritorious service in combat. The Fairbury Daily News and nity The homestead is still in the ,,. g ............ After starting to country school, I learned the Tooth Fairy all their lost teeth. At today s rate, the survey indicates they can TheresaMoss Collins, 87, died the Fairbury Journal merged and famil,, treet ann nns a t unlngton sometimes left 10 cents if a lost baby tooth was placed in a glass and only expect $64. " ......... ~" . .. , crossing signal siring four feet She was a longtime Nucgolls toogmenameormerairnurysour-LaHoma Brazil, uperior, ce - into the east lane of the street The left on the kitchen counter. At an early age, my parents and grand- The price paid for lost teeth may be going down but I don't County resident, nil-News, ebrated her 97th birthday ........... " parents had impressed upon me the importance of saving my money expect a similar decline in college costs. Herbert Crane, publisher of the The Bethel Lutheran Church, The Sunerior Citv Council up- r maa requestea, me c ty pay for college education. I had a red and white china piggy bank which Bloomington Advocate, retired Abdal, was sold at auction, proved p ns to install under-Ior tsrelocat.lon. lso acuon after 64 years of newspaper busi- rolled in the Superior School sys- ground electrical wiring and a wa _ a w%n yu ec ;Yon was at- for safe keeping was stored in the cupboard above the kitchen range, Just as I dreamed decades ago about a Tooth Fairy, the ness. tem sprinkler system on a vacant lot ............ far out of my reach. It was so high up, my mother had to stand on a community now needs to dream about how the sale barn can be A bushel of Colorado Bartlett Yh" ...... ...... located west of the cit,, office tacKea By a Boar at me '-"-v..... chair to reach it. If money came into my possession, my mother used. ......... c muc ous t.ounty tsoara . ,, Hog Market. His right leg was would get the piggy bank down and have me place my money in it. Since before the turn of the 20th century the land at the south pear,s was at tepnenson s authorized the appointment of a oui aing. . ....... badly tom above the knee. market m aupenor. "ublic defender uperiorresioentvair elmwas ............ !t was easy to drop a nickle or dime through the slot, but it end of Superior's Commercial Street has housed livestock. The Th ....... v . ,, ....... ,,. reacnes were z~ ucm~ pc~ e Lyn neatre was snow resenteo a k/uut or raonor By , - William (Bill) .Anderson, Sr. P .... pound at Superior s Ideal Market. wasn t easy to get them out. All money put in had to be shaken out livestock barn predates any current resident. The property hasn't Booze, b] BgDL w .d 1 through slot on top of the bank. always been used as a livestock sale barn but with the exception of When $18.75 was accumulated, the money was taken to the abriefperiodinthe 1930s when my Grandfather Wrench and other /, am in secret 1;unne s Farmers StateBankwhereitwasusedtopurchaseasavingsbond. members of an investment group used it to store oats, the property Upon maturity the bond was worth $25.00. Only my family didn t has been associated with the livestock industry. It wasn't well i: y cal! them Savings Bond, mstead they called them Postal Sawngs suited for grain storage. Moving grain in and out of the barn wmcn apparently was the name of a sawngs plan that came before required lots of shovel work but with the high unemployment of -By Darts" Howard nighttime activity, and we barely _ ,, . Savings Bonds. the time, men were willing to do the work at a low cost. Lumber .... ,... - ........ ,-,_ ,, basement of that building, Sid men told me that there were Md- While Savings Stamps were not sold at the country school I salvaged from the barn was used to build the Skatemor Roller I ~irrived early to prepare for "*~'hat~"~ue~d"m-Ucur]os:*- said, "and l was outside doing my den tunnels that ran under the attended, I understood the city schools my Superior friends attended Rink When the roller rink was torn down to make way for a VFW the night s play Our family was ,, v H Y ~ty.. - ' . What kind of ni"httime activit" Job, when a couple ofpoliceoffic- streets between the buildings. I m Supenor sold Sawngs Stamps..The pupils were encouraged to use Club, the lumber was recycled again. Th, is time for the construc- thetr money to buy the stamps instead of surgary snacks Once tion of the county highway department s Bostwick shop. ~ /11, /IIlU UIII lllO lne n v exchanged for a Sawngs Bond running summer theatre m the s " Y' pohcemen left, I found a wa into e andwhatkindoftro,,hl,~9 ~,~t,,~ ers approached. I gave the preas- went into those rooms and small town where we lived, and it ......." ...... ~, ..... si'-ned si-n-' --~ ..... "~ "~'- -- " . ...... Well, 1 was just a boy, Sid searched for the tunnels, but e er ora ttun:tiP? lnwgn gmr [drton e t said. "It was during the Prohibi- .pohce officers came to the build- found them. I guess the tunnels' enough Savings Stamps had been purchased, the stamps could be Monday eveningmembersoftheSuperiorCityCouncil were 1- " = ~, " mg anu mrced their wa in when --._ .... i. ..... tmn, and there was a group of men . Y secrets dmd w th those men years surprised to learn the people they thought owned the bulk of the ev rYatundngncemPem e;s vedt who would gather to drink and they reappeared,,they hadn't ar- ago." My father insisted I always return the Indian head pennies, sale barn "ro"ert- now den" ownershi- ..... V P Y Y P- , reslea anyone 1 ~new tlaere was when Sid, our oldest thespian, gamble. Of course, both activities no other wa " " .... Wehad to finish getting ready buffalo mckels and one old dime minted m the 1800s to the piggy At this 'uncture the ro rt's future is n ' WalKer in. . y out, so ,- -. were illegal, so I was hired to be for the show since the rest of the I had grown accustomed to Sid the lookout. I was around nine or . . Y cast members and the first cus- baan~n faAC crld~n, grail DUds ' ~o~ c~ i n s i~tld ?Inmeday b:dd:ot~nmre Rather Jthan let i's set t~ IrTr5 detriate ;fu~Trit is time fr the budding and made my way coming early He seemed to like 10 years old, and they paid me a ..... turners were arriving. The sum- lhaven't eanthaeotn forvear lhavennidat na' . p y gh saa the community to start brainstorming about the facility's future. ..... .... ,, ........ dollar a night. That was a lot of oownsta,rs, room was empty, merworeon, andthen, oneni ht, th' -ni- ,.'h kl-_r h:h/v d'hav ' i tvth' eawh'dh' rpene7t Should the property be leveled? Or is there away to reutilize t.c ~^ua t,.~ tu t~. mc ~tu.~ mone,, back then" and I wondered where the men ~h,,,~l,, ~,,~ t ~,~i,,,~a ~, o~'~h, -'------- "-'--'- -"--"-" --""--'-'--"--'---P ggy . p y me coins TOr tace value, it9 while I worked, and I enjoyed it as , : " could have one ...... ,: ..................... well Thecity-hadstartedtearin,, 'There was reaily drmkmg and .... ,g_ : , ..... nights preparations, Sid excit- When l was a youngster, the dime would have bought me two of my -" Currentl cit officials are ad m ...... , . y y a ant mat animals can no ~" ambhn here ~ watched me DUllOmg ror ,, ...... ,4 ..... n g " g during the Prohibi- ..... edlycamein. Come see what I grandfathersfavoritePeanutPlankcandybarsortwobottlesofsoda Ion erbeke tonthe ro e That could be chan ed Residents g p p prty g .... ~,,. v? ...... :, .... vu,, ,,,~ tion9'' I asked most ot the night, thin ing they sawv, . ...................... .... -. , . . , e community mane me rums ann resloents ot the community' mat se med to stir his memory. ,,; -" ..... had hidden -- - -' " pop. Doubt the badly worn coins would do that today of ..... ' ; ...... " - "1 remernher cme nioht " Kid lou:-e'anOet-your nlre~on:-lt; ' ,, , ,.. ~,~v .~,~,.uc~u,uWe went outside and over to Alter l~lrl'llng about me existence oi me loom fairy, i was .... said,"t-laa"iI'wasout'infrontofthat Sid said., . _- eventua~a~oc~meout, butno the building they were tearing .... can change me rules dtstraught to th nk I had merely thrown away my first baby teeth n . . " ........ . ........ ., ............... :.....,... _ , '%0 what kind or trouble was . . ppenea moredown They had demolished it rimer man semng mem for ~u cents eacn ........... 9 ..... OUllOlng tney ,uc tca..~ Row.. ~ _. 9, - - than once and i ............ " ............ rernaps tlae pens coma Be usea to stable nurses or provloe was the lookout for a little bit of mere; ' l aspca. . ..... u !!~c umu o!tc and had used a backhoe to load ......... , ,. orr-season DOUSing 1or BUllS now about goats A goat hera coum OUllalng r_.ventually, one ot the Wh;So d f era;nexmhanl;OdmmytoLD'othfoa %toae;bret s :eg- tle The men had athered in the the debris into dumb trucks all Sometl eIs, anrUP arlOt ;fete undeSlorab e bgetatlon hasgrown up on day.Thoughtheperin eteraround times he didn't. When he didn't, my parents reported the market was p p y. p y ua use me pens as a the building was fenced, Sid found By Gloria Garman-Schlaefli S Everyone has pet peeves. I am no exception. Those are the things that get on your nerves, like fingernails on a chalkboard, those who "over do" on their gum chewing or those who never seem to finish their sentences To some, others' pet peeves seem to be minor annoyances and should be overl0oked Maybe some people don't have any pet peeves at all, but in my opinion they just won't admit to them. True pet peeves are acquired. The older a person is, the more a person has. Some may wonder where the term "pet peeves" originated. The two words put together first appeared as a noun in print in 1911. The word "pet" means "favorite" and the word "peeve" came from the English word "peevish," meaning ill-tempered or fretful. So I decided to sit down and come up with a small opening, and we climbed down into the exposed basement. In one cinder block wall, there was a small hole. We pulled on some of my choice pet peeves: what looked like a block, and 1. Not writing names and dates on the backs found it was a door made to blend of family photos, in with the rest of the wail. 2. Not putting toilet paper rolls on the holders Behind the door we found an provided, opening that was only waist high, 3. Leaving the lid .up on the toilet,and we had to get on our hands and knees to crawl into it. It was 4. Those who choose not to help with a obviously a tunnel going under- project, then complain When they think some- neath the street, and in the tunnel thing wasn't done right, we found some old liquor bottles 5. Those who intentionally don't call back and a few scattered poker cards. someone whohas left a phone message. If you As we climbed back out and don't return a call, then why do you have an dusted ourselves off, Sidgrinned. answering machine? "I'm glad to eventually learn the secret, and I'm glad you could be 6. Not sending out written thank-you cards here with me." afterxeceiving a wedding or graduation gift. And although Sid has since Now this pet peeve list may seem short to died, and the tunnel was hidden some, or it may seem long to others, but here's when the foundation of the new hoping you don't have a pet peeve list at all. building was poured, the story will live on with me. down and the Tooth Fairy had a surplus of teeth. I understood farm markets and the surplus concept. I knew for products like grain, eggs and milk the markets went up and down and that my father was selling grain bins so farmers could store their surplus grain. Because of the surplus some farmers were putting their land in the Soil Bank. I assumed the market for teeth was like the grain market. If the market was good I got a dime. But when it was bad I got zilch and I wasn't allowed to hold my baby teeth while awaiting a market upturn. By saving a dime here and there, I had accumulated bonds with a face value of $200 before entering high school. I felt rich but didn't understand I would need five times that amount to pay for my first year of college. School costs have inflated since I enrolled at Kansas State and so has the Tooth Fairy's payout schedule. However, the market for lost teeth apparently is going down right along with grain prices. Visa has conducted the Tooth Fairy Poll for six years. This is the second year in a row that lost teeth have lost value, much to the chagrin of boys and girls across the country. When compared to last year, this year the value of a lost tooth has declined 24 cents. The average tooth now brings its owner only $3.19 compared to last year' s $3.43. Before the drop in prices, children could expect $74 for holding station or a horse trainer could train horses there. Or lets consider uses that do not involve livestock. The pen structure could mark off spaces for a community garden. Superior needs a recycling center. The barns and pens might be economically adapted for that use. Could the property be adapted for use as a regional flea market? It could perhaps offer both inside and outside display spaces with the pens marking vendor spaces. Could it be used for consignment auctions? I remember when companies like the Omaha Merchandise Mart held merchan- dise auctions and tool sales at the sale barn. What about converting it into a lot for semi-truck parking? Self storage is a growing business Could a self-storage owner adapt the property? The property probably has a scale, livestock pens, paved and otherwise surfaced areas and covered areas. For decades the sale barn was a business engine that helped drive the economy of Superior. When the sale barn prospered, merchants saw an increase in their business. When it didn't, the merchants saw their sales decline. The day for a sale barn in Superior may be past but what else can we do with the property? 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