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August 27, 2015     The Superior Express
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August 27, 2015

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= SUPERIO__R EXPRE$___ S Thursday, August 27_......._2, 201__55 family. Outoftown family present for tendedateaparty givenby KarlaFlem- relations ip dth God warm?,The key :; L (First published Aug. 20, 2015 the occasion were Pauline and Ken ing and the Ute Theatre benefit, is communication Hear God s words ... eo.,.a ........ ;,,, "r~,. iived-souih of Northhranch, so the af-' _r" Noti in the JeweU County Record) Robinson, Glasco; Mike and Kathy The iris ate orn at the Ross " "" e're in those ......... 3 ........ b-:.,, g pope ..... from the Bible while w do g A/rants have had a busy summer with temoon was'spent reminiscing, telling ublic ces . Notiee of Hearing On Petition Bryan, California; Brandon Kerst, resmdeneSnndayeven, m_goeroreneao- other things. Keep God's words warm a bilz izarden, alon~ with time out to and listening to Some of the happen- For Final Settlement Kansas City; Richard, Riley and Cale ing to Donna Ramey s rancn, wn~e in our hearts to keep our relationship vacati~m -with their three daughters, ings ofthatera. TheWesterfamily still ~;~F{~f~published Aug. 13, 2015 in In the District Court of Jewell Thompson, Pratt; nieces Donna and the.gir!srod a horse with taene~p ota with God warm. sons-in-law and some of the grand- owns the home place and they work County, Kansas Bill McCartney, Inland, Neb.; Ruth paaent tsora.on m.ur(ay:. .... --dian Ben Ruthstrom, Osborne, was a children. They traveled together and many long, hard, working hours there,' The Jewell County Record) In the matter of the estate of Jerry and Larry Hale, luniata, Neb;andButch They tOOK a trip to rawnee m ' , ......... tmch Sunday visitor of hms morn, Shah enjoyed some of God s beautiful ere- clearing brush and trees and caring for , Notice of Sale L. Nelson, deceased, and Betty Thompson. village Juesaaymo .mmgan.o, naom , Ruthstrom, Mankato. ations at Yellowstone Park and Mt. the land. the District Court of JewellCase No. 2014-PR-29 When Brandon returned home he at the Lovewen Marina wmm t=asey s ......... 11 "ther .... Kermit and Loyce Jeffery were .,~ . I%,U~IILILIIUIIb. ~ ff~ QO V ~,,VVlIIO U1 and his parents, Tate and Amy, left for classmate, Aaron t;oiL t.iomg out on a - -- -- " interest alono the among those from Northbranch that County, Kansas The State of Kansas to all persons New Hampshire where he will be liv- pontoon ride was a" highlight of the Norttwrancn - . : ": , civil Department concerned: attended the Singspiration Sunday ..... '- .... restaurant I ne unoay morning worsmp ser- Federal National Mortgage Asso- You are hereby notified that a peti- ing this year and playing hockey with oay:.. Jommg ............. mem at ~t tu~m Karen By Erma Dillon ' vmce' at Northbranch Friends" " opened evening at the Methodist Church in c ation, Plaintiff, vs Michelle M. tion has been filed on the 17 day of a team there. Butch and Betty went to mat evening ror suppe wc c 1nh, OSS " with Pastor Jon Harkness giving an- Burr Oak. "l r ton, et al., DefendantsAugust, 2015, in this court by Ray Kansas City to stay with Taran and ........... e Marilyn Jeffery joined the Shulda: .................. ,_.. v~ Seven class members attended th ~aouncements and time for pramse and , C~e No.15CV3 . Mizner, executor of the estate of Jerry Stephanie while their parents were wnue m me area, . . n " families Sunday evening at the home c~urt Number: L. Nelson, deceased, praying for a fi- gone. Tate will be going to the New ~...a. ~a. ,.I ..... ,. "r,~,i~ le:n~ter 59th annmversary reumon of the Esbo prayer concerns. Muslcmns were of Brian and Jessica Shulda, Brecken Bljs.uar t;toK.S.A. Chapter60nal settlement of the estate, approval Hampshire area on his job in a couple HighSchlClass1956atasteakhusej RosettaJefferyandLizJefferywith andKeiraninMankato. The occasion . "7;';,--;" in Salina on Thursday. Members were Pastor Jon leading the congregation in to eoruana weanesuay mt~ a ou y ........... Stockt-n ........... was to celebrate Clay Shulda s birth~ Under and by virtue of an Order of of his acts, proceedings and accoun of weeks and will get to see two of ................. :cA -uren from t amornma, minnesota, o , staging nynms ot tlaemr cnomce, ires Sale issued to me by the Clerk of the - ............ '-:- time Newton, Salma, Vmola, and Esbo . was a worshipful change from our nor- day which was Stmday and Connie and I~setr~t'Court of Jewell County, Kan- as executor, allowance for executor s Brandon's games, tun nnea weeK. ~.ancy n wuv, =.a , " " n ' s~s~ t~e;undersigned Sheriff of Jewell and attorneys' fees and expenses, de- The Enyeart household was a busy was unanme to ma~e me u~p uan " " u Clay's wedding anniversary which was h,=rmwa= nf her work schedule Patty Btrd ts a member. The gro p real Sunday morning service. Serving termination of the heirs, devisees and place last week with their son Aaron ...................... eir County, Kansas, will offer for sale at legatees entitled to the estate and as- Ulysses, arriving home Monday. ............... .qwansnn and Cade, voted to ...... meet again m 2016 for th as ushers were Herb Jeffery, Marty togethernMnday'Otherssharingtheeveningwere Haley Gile, Bridger and p~l~li~ 'adction and sell to the highest i-i ........ t-~h~,~h~,,skfa~twithAaron S 60th annmversary. Jeffery and Walt Wflhtts. L=z s pmano signment to them in accordance with Aaron, Kent and Brenda met their son ......... : ............ n .....a,,. .... .o ....a,=r Thursday Blake and Aria Davis are haw g offertory was an arrangement of Ryder, andTiffiny Sasser, Brice, Kyla bji:[der, fo, r cash in hand, at the Frontof the will of Jerry L. Nelson, deceased, and brother, Casey, andhisgirls, Meron .......... ~ ................. me since,, ,, and Madison. t~C~utthouse at Mankato, Jewell ............. "r Keame" new experiences at their he Come, Thou Fount of Blessings. A C~n~ l~ansas on September 3, 2015, You are hereby required to file your and Riley, Portland, Ore., at the Kan- morning oeror ~avmg to :, ' " d ' ' Well folks, I hope I haven't left out written defenses thereto on or before sas City airport Tuesday. After lunch ,,,h,,~,= th~,v will 1.m atte.ndin~ college they have a new httle g~rl. Aria an tmme of open worship closed the ser- ' .... Selene Marie came home from the vice Visitors in the service were Steve any of your news which you shared for at 10:00a.m., thefollowmgrealestate: September 14, 2015, at 2:00 o'clock they checked in at the Worlds of Fun ~aary~omcmmoretum~unu,i~,,ua,- , .... this week. After writing it Sunday Ao , F, Ilauulno Irn P rPnlat' mant SUr- hospital on I nursaay, and Cindy Wester. Lots Eleven (11) and Twelve (12), p.m., on said day, in said Court, in the Cottages and the girls went swimming ........ ..... r ............ n . evening and attempting to email to the ,.o.. o, a,o h,,~,,h~l in ~,,n,=ri,w .qhe is Sam and Alyce Gmllett took Alhso Velma Lee Smuck wmll soon be Block Two (2), Original Townsite in City of Mankato, JeweU County, Kan- with the Dan and Denoya Novovesky ........ =, ........ r ......... .... newspapers, somehow, someway I lost of Randall, Jewell County, Kan- sas, at which time and place said cause family joining them. recuperating at home with the help of Gmllett backhome to Mmnesota. They moving to Wmchmta where she wdl be the document- spent an hour trying to sa.,s., cor~monly known as 304 West will be heard. Should you fail therein, Later that evening, Jeremy and Toni h,,-clm,aht,~r ]q~tasha and family, and were home m snare an evening wmm close to her daughter, Jeanette, and .'%"-Ye';7" ..... -'-- '- ...... L--t%-at Susan and Dennis Olson and family other family members It is nice for her retrieve it, gaveupandwenttobed! So 3~v~ Street, Randall, KS 66963 (the judgment and decree will be entered Lippold, Drew and Jordyn; Dan and tsnavmgmerapymreeuraes=tw~,, .......... this is an early Monday morning at- op ty") to satisfy the judgment in in due course upon said petition. Denoya, Daniel, May and Thayne; ..... n r.... t,, l--lotnital Derore reaving for wmsconsm.[ney to be able to move around for time with tempt to recall and rewrite. Thankfully ..... ~-,~:~^--~'r~-=.~ .... ~.~+,~a drove to Green Bay to bowl in the her children alongwithSalandMaggieBonsignore,Th~ ~e~v~c a .......... : .......... n t!liara~v.f-entitled case. The sale is to Ray Mizner Jr. met the Enyearts for dinner. Later Methodist Church Sunday --~, ....... n " - " "~ a boost! be made 'without appraisement and Executor vhe~,anwith NatmnalSemorsBowhngToumame t. Sundavdinnerandafternoon~uests I still had my notes to give my memory stl e t:'t the redemption period as Michael-ShannonMcDowell Kent's sister, Lucretia Smith, andfam- announcements presented by Nikki Sam took first place in hms age dw sm of JohnandErmaDdlonwasSteveand For those who never saw any ofthe provided by law, and further subject to Attorney at Law, Chartered ily stopped by for a visit:Casey, Jer- est. Among them were the United ana. a!yce got s.econo m her group. Cindy Wester of Beatrice. In his MethodmstWomen g e . \ the_approval of the Court. For more 120 E. Court, P.O. Box 68 emy, Toni and Denoya were class- " en ralmeetineon Whdemthebowlmgalley, theytalked younger years, Steve and his famdy Continued to page 7 ~nt 2 Worshin be*,an with a niano toaformerarearesmdent, MartyBoyles. in~rrfi~[ion, visit Smith Center, Kansas 66967 mates. : ,---e--_- . _ T , ~'a~n Davis ~hile Small world~ ::: Dim Jacobs, UnderSheriff Tel: 785-282-6688 The Enyearts stayed all day premae pmyea oy " : J el} County, Kansas Fax: 785-282-6870 Wednesday at Worlds and Oceans of Nolan Grout lit the altar candles, eleA?oer lane3V tg Gje onn aYo otrar- Pr~pa~:By; , = Attorney for Executor ZNEZ 34-3c Fun, arriving back in Mankato late ~ynp:~o~ Rot;::l~ingbeg?chmlS- Peninsula.Thery they toured ligh~- ~.i SouthLaw, P.C. Wednesday evening, chi s ..... ....... o-'ouhouses, took a boat cruise on the Green m Mh~k'Me.llor (KS #10~55) Those joining the family Friday men WhO mey move anu why u y ............. m 24.5 N. Waco, Suite 410 -- 9 ............ t~ay, roae me terry to washington is- Wl hi a,'KS 67202 Mankato eveningtohelpKentcelebrateanearly love mem. answer was octuse ................. ,h,,. love me" In the same wa" we lanoanoolOallmeusualtOurlstmmgs. 1 birthday were John and Karen Ross .... quesY " 'Lo vee " ,F:smee hr A Ya : W" 3J' -68477i733 and Mark and Karla Fleming, For- love p: ;fffnUn i d, it ll 3 684-7766 (Fax) By Elaine Thomas G3dtheb n a3s,edhel:yeeSal S" . A rrgys for Plaintiff (178103) A birthday party was held at Jewell moso. Fortune tellers Riley and Meron t r.,,,4~,, ~ Lincoln Museum and home. Great ~ : ZNEZ 33-3c CountyLongTermCarehonoringVera told everyone' s fortunes and read their . . , place for history buffs to go. Thompson on her 101stbirthday.Cake palms in their crafted fortune telling .., were two specmaJ messages. William and Kate (Kellum) Billetts rnymus mmm reaa a poem oy r eJen was shared with residents, staff and booth, of Minnesota were late Wednesday - : Saturday Brenda and the girls at- SteinerRice.CoralynKaufmansanga afternoon visitors of John and Erma Tflank you to all individuals, businesses and families who made the UTE Theatre Benefit a success again this year. A special thank you td, the following for making the event possible: Aiexys Meier Jessioa Shulda Mankato Volunteer Firemen Amv McDill Jew@ County Cinema Inc. Melby Mortuary Cgllaway Jewell County Historical Society Moonlight Workshop A~prta ~aniey Jewell County Record ~, Nancy Spiegel Bob'finn Jo McCammon 4z National Farmer's Union ,~ooke Callaway (Scentsy) Joan Ost ~ Pam Dunstan Buffalo Roam Steakhouse Jeanne Freeman ~ ,~///.~_u_g~/~-~.~ (Mary Kay Independent Consultant) !Bt sy Bees Daycare (l'ori Jacob) Judy Dunn Pam, Eldon,BaylieandKarriganDunstan Carol's Cakes (Carol Wakefield) Kathy Tucker \~/~I~[~\////~/~f/// Phyllis Christie 6"hss% Wagoner Kier's Thrift'way Possibilities C en al National Bank Kerfs Body Works Robert and Vonda Wakefield D~rlna Freeman Kenny and Marilyn Lynch Rock Hills Booster Club .D~'k a~d Nita Burns Don Koester Don Snyder D~. Ble'ecker Dr. McMeen Construction School Farm Bureau Insurance , Credit Union " , ~-" Floral Studio 119 Forf~st ~nd Lyn Dewey G~alcr I~eAtee t H~'ir'~nd More Kent and Brenda Enyeart Kevin and Nikki Ost Kim Duvall (P oamzzi Jewelry) Klos Kreations (Chris and Jill Klos) Knstin, Sam, Jake, Aaron, and Allison " Underwood Laune Neilson Li stooe Valley Gat len Center ' 'Lirld~lCranglel ': '~ ~ _., Little Qne's Da.ycare (Jenny Scarrow) ,,, Lloyd's Sinclair Loreita Dunstan Lori Bonjour Lorraine Simon Mac's Kwik Stop Mankato Auto Parts Mankato Chamber Mankato Express Mankato Lumber Mankato Plumbing and Appliance Mankato Professional Pharmacy Rock Hills FBLA Rock Hills Junior/Senior High Rolling Hills Electric Sara Grout Sara Reiter (Premier Jewelry) Sarah and Jalee Ortman State Exchange Bank Sue Walton Susan Diehl .... ~" .~ t:. Susan Sharp Todd and Lisa Goodheart' Thadd Hinkle Tony's Barber Shop Tori Jacobs Tyler Chiropractic Van and Phyllis Smith Veda Roe Vic Schoenberg Weltmer Phillips Law Office H~ldenTreasures H~En6t~wn Spirits Ife'ne Brainard :Dill Jeanne Bleecker P,3. :~ F);. BARN PHONE 785-3711-3283 9"ell,e r: the t~. "~; Sale ~o~lclucted by: ~, ~,.. We will offer for sale to the highest bidder at public auction following property located at 615 N Commercial, Superior, NE Beginning at 6:30 p.m. Description: Single story home Main level consists of 3 bed- rooms, 1 3/4 bath, living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry.' Crawl space, central heating and cooling and 1 car detached garage. "Move in ready" and good maintained home. Some furnishings and contents included that will remain with home. Legal Description: Lots 8, 9 and N 1/2 Lot 10 Block 13 O.T.. Superior, Nuckolls County, Nebraska. Taxes: Taxes have been exempt through 2015 due to owner is non-profit organization. Buyer will receive county tax state- ment in 2016. Po& ession: Immediate upon final settlement ,, Terms: Immediate possession upon final settlement. Purchase of real estate IS NOT contingent upon financing. 20% down on day of auction, balance due in certified funds at closing. Closing will be within approximately 60 days or upon delivery of marketable title. Title insurance will be used and the costs will be split 50-50 between buyer and seller. Ideal Title LLC of Superior, Nebraska will be the escrow agent, escrow fees will be split 50-50 between buyer and seller. UCENSEES OF MIKKELSEN REAL ESTATE & AUCTION LLC ARE ACTING AS SELLER'S AGENT ANNOUNCEMENTS DAY OF AUCTION TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER ADVERTISING Mikkelsen Real Estate & Auction LLC Gale Mikkelsen, Real Estate Broker & Auctioneer Corey Mikkelsen, Auctioneer, Appraiser & Real Estate Salesperson P.O. Box 184 356 E 3rd Street, Superior, NE 68978 Phone: 402-879-4464 E-Mail" . - Website: wv, n~.mik! solo, "I Will Sing," accompanied by Dillon. Kate is a 'dyed in the wool' Rosalie Menhusen. genealogist and she has traveled many The morning scripture was Mat- miles researching and recording fam- thew 5:1-10, the Beatitudes. In his ilylineages. Sheisathirdcousinofthe sermon, Rod stated Jesus is telling us late Wayne Kellum, and is related to the best way to live. How many of us several other families who have roots really hunger for righteousness? If we in this area. Several years ago she was know GOd, the kingdom is already the first overnight guest to stay a within us but we have yet to see God-. Lizzie s House when it was being made face to face. Pastor Rose then read ready for overnighters. from Deuteronomy 6:4-7, which tells us to,~'Love the Lord with all your Patty and DelbertBird attended the funeral held for Carroll Thronson !n heart. IsthathowweloveGod?Isthat MankatoSaturday. Patty and Carroll s who we love most? Is that first thing in wife, Edna, were high school class- themorningcupofcoffeemoreimpor- mates. There were two other class- tant than reading God's word and talk- mates who attended, one from Califor- ing with God? Do we read the Bible nia and one from Stockton. because we feel we ought to or because It was a disappointment to Patsy we hunger for God's word? Why do Wamer to not be able to have her knee friendships grow cold? Why does our replacement surgery last week because relationship with God sometimes grow of having an infection. Surgery will be cold? Sometimes other things get in rescheduled fora-later date. the way, something else seems more Lonnie and Linda Arrants and John important. What can we do to keep our and Erma Dillon visited and ate out at David Reiter and his son, Richie, Mankato, drove their John Deere A in the Threshing Bee parade earlier this, summer.~ :: .... : ......... :'~.!' for children birth to 5 years of age living in Jewell, Mitchell, Lincoln counties and parts of Osborne county that are in the Waconda School District. The screening will be conducted in Mankato during the morning of Friday, Sept. 4, 2015, If your child is experier cing difficulty in the developmental areas of hearing and vision, communication, gross and fine motor, self-help, social-emotional and cognitive skills, please call to schedule an appointment. Parents having any questions concerning their child ages birth through 5 may call the Beloit Special Education Cooperative Toll Free Number 1-888- 738-5275 before noon on Friday, August 28, 2015 to make an appointment for your child. Approximately 30 minutes will be required to complete the screening, It will be held at the Rock Hills Elementary School in Mankato, Kansas ;t5,15 II 6 28 10 6 26 7 This week's report from Friday, Aug. 21 Mix Heifer 477 263.00 8 BIk Steer 708 221.00 Mix Heifer 490 254.00 54 BIk Steer 774 215.00 BIk Heifer 531 245.00 59 Mix Steer 946 200.50 BIk Steer 396 320.00 156 BIk Steer985 181.00 BIk Steer 514 272.00 16 Mix Cow 1,3062,200.00 Mix Steer 541 255.00 8 Cow 1,3152,200.00 Consigned for Aug. 28 25 Mix Steers and heifers; 500-600. 10 open heifers 900 Jon Russell, 785-374-4577, Cell 785-819-6115 Nell Bouray, 402-879-5566 Scott Greene, 785-545-8612 Kelly Bouray, 402-879-3051, Cell 402-879-5567 Plot Tour 2015 We would like to thank all of our family, friends and customers who helped us celebrate 40 years of business. It's great to work with such a great community. What a wonderful evening! Darrell and Deb Bohnert Celebrating 56 years at the Kansas State Fair! I m m mm mmm m-- m m mm mm mm m m mm mm I mmmm A Set Of Marcon Premium Digital Hearing Aids Expires 9130/2015. Not valid with any other offers. ml mm mm ram= ~11 lill ram= mmm mm mm ~ ram= i lib m I I mm AIDS INC. Since 1948 Kansas.' Largest z rbero isa Oifference!`" 11 Smith Center 1,800-462.4924