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September 1, 2016     The Superior Express
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September 1, 2016

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6B THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS "l~ur~ay, Saptem~r 1,2016 Oan~ea Frost (5}, a 4'10" Rock Hills sixth grade student, returns a vo~My dudng prat=qice session prior to tim scrimmages held Friday night. m __ m MAHKATO Rock Hills School Weekly Sports Preview T0etlday, Sel~L 6 - Salmd~, Sept 10 Sept. 6 High Sch~t V~l~Jy had to pitch in cn the farm, "As a kid+ I drove lots of combines," Alan said. They Iried different types of equi~ r$~n|. [1 also meant llmt. when some- Eva Oeary, a Rock Hills seventh grade student, serve; lO start out 11~ night at the pre-season volleyball scrimmages Friday evening, thing broke, they ltxed tt tamer man paying a repaimtan. Some people would call that adver- sity. "Adversity created opportunity.'" Alan said. It gavehim first-hand knowl- edge of how combines work. Alan went to high school in Spearville. For foreign language, he happen~ to lake a French cta~. He went on to Dodge City Commtmity College and then to K.Smte, where he first majored in agricultural engineer- ink arm ttten graduated in ~l-mnieal engineering technology in 1977. He had planned to go back to the farm bat John Deem was recruiting engi]~0s, Alan and his dad thought it would be good_ for him to get ~m Rock Hills voUeyball opens season atPV The Reek Hills High School Lady Grizzlies ~oIleyball team opened their 20t6 season Monday at Pike Valley. The Lady Grizzlies played in the Pike Valley triangular match. They downed Tescotl in two sets, 25-12 and 25.15, They fell to the host Pike Valley Lady Panthers in t~,o sol.s, 20-25 and 11-25. The team was back in action at Tipton, Tt~esday, for the St. John's- Tiptoa triangular. The Lady ,Grizzlies faced Natoma and St. John s-Tipton with r~sall8 ttnavailable at press time. Rtx:k Hills plays the home season opener, T~..sday. when they host their triangular at the Rock Hills gynma- sium. Osborne andThunde~ Ridge visit Mankato For t~ match, m Meai Processing for Less NO EXTRA CHARGE for: Grinding Hamburger, Sausage or Pork Burg Tenderizing Round Steak Making Minute Steak Hayley GIoda-O~iz, a 4'11" Rock Hills eighth grade student, returns a volloy~ud ng practLc~ session prior Io lhe scrimmages herd' Friday night. iii II I We also Double Wrap Meat for longer Ireezer freshness (once in poiy freezer film and once in paper) - We will make Lunch Meat from your beef or pork - Atl Hams, Bacons and Lunchmeats are made with Our prize winning recipes and cooke~ in our country-style Hickory Smokehouse . Locker Rentals available for overflow - Lard Rendering Slaughtering by Appointment We Double Grind all Hamburger - Beef and Perk by sides and quarters available from locally fed animals Full line of meat available by the package liE1r,nd us o~ j Facebook.J Home Fed Beef Sides ..................... s2.56 " S Pork Sides ....................................... 1.59 (includes cutting & wrapping) Duis Meat Processing 785-243-7850 1991 E. Sixth Concordia 9= ,+ m m m m NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING "]'he governing I'md) of BURR OAK TOWNSHIP JEWI':I,L COUNTY will m~l on SelXCmher 12. 2016 ~ g.(~ pro. at Dan G~u-man's Residenct' Ibr the pu rl~.~ of heating and ;inswctSl~g t~bjeclions o1' luxpu)er~ relating to the pmpt+~O L,~C tff all I'unds and the am)it)tin| t~[" ~l v;lilm:m t&x L~lail,.ld budget iufix-nlamlt~n ig a~, ailahl froth a Township Officer -and will he ~wailahlc '-il Ihis he.',r[ng. BUDGET SU, MMARY Pnq'~*~d Budgel 201712x~'ndiuJr.~ il3]d Arrmunt of 2tll 5 Ad vah~m Tax establish the nta_,dqmmm limits o~ qh 21 kl 7 budget. Est Tax Rain is .,athject u, ch;~l~ge dcwnding on the liu~l ~_.~-~stx.l valualion. Funds Lonnie Wilson's UPCOMING AUCTIONS CONSIGNMENT SALE 30+a,rtiqtte saddles, industria equipment & tools. 80+ guns contractor sell out & morer[ 601 S 8roadway. SalJna. KS Saturday. Sept 24, 10am 125 GUNS AUCTION 501 S Broadway, Sarina, KS Sur'~day. OCtOber 9, 1 prrl More int'ormation online at www,s old b~wil$on, corn Lonnie Wilson 785-826-7800 Dave Hunt 785-201-5257 (k'Jler,tl:[ I St'rvicc library '/~i,od Noxi~ Ills W.f..'lL'd Mern-~-rial Fund 'lbta~s Less', Trimsfer,~ 2015 l'ri~t '~t,~ r Ach~] !'_xi,x'nd d ttre~ "[4,979 L "" 150 i57p. 0 15,129 l&0~d 1,977,554 N~..t l-:x ,p.'n4itur, e' Total, Tax Levied [Tt~tg[ A.~.,s.,v.,ct Valuation :xTg__V3~.~ip Ass. Val. Only ~hR~tandi~g Indebtcdr~.,ss Inn G.O, B~,'t-d s Other Dea.~ Fur Pr~mt Total 'q~x I~hs ,~l'v e~l~-~,a.q m mill~ 2014 0 0 0 0 Act tkH "['a% Rate .%057 5.057 2Olo (.'urrtml Yc'~r E_','t nl~le OI I[xtxuid |ttd rc~, t2,000 15,000 27.000 0 27.000 102-.%' 2,266.757 ..... j 2015 lax RMt-" 4.522 4.522 ['M+~o,~ed Budgel 24217 ~lle~Ad Iqxt,t, nditi~.~ ~, a h ~rtinl lax 11,768 10,202 28,914 '--.-L 40,682 10,262 0 40,682 xxXXx~ 2,420,009 1,827;;04-1 2016 0 0 0 0 [{~l_ lax Kalv" 4 240 m 4 240 Dmt Cmrman, Tewnshi~ Officer business expenefle ~htte retttmtng to the farm. so he took a position with D~ere and, Company. He worked i~ field service ac'~s the U,S. Rernembm that French class he had in high school? In 1982, Iohn Deere launched a business initiative in Eu- rope. B~atme of Alan" s knowiedge of the French language, he was sent to France. Tilts In,ached a tm-~arkable inlern~ional experience. After Presi- dent Nbton opened up commercial re- lalioOs with the People's Republic of China. Alan led the effort to intrt~uce combmes into the Orient. Evenlually Alan came hack to the states where he managed a merritory in the U.S, He worked in a John D,eere rt, search center w here pioneenng work was being done on the first tolxnic welders, autumalic guidaw,:e systems, and more. Then he tooka position with Cla&s, the German-owned comhine company, and ~ttled withhis wi feand family in Columbus, lnd. During his corporate career, he ob- served farmers who stru g g k'-d to p~sent Iheir innovative fan'n eqaipment ideas to companies for potemial manufac- tunng_ He thought to himself, "'l-kn~ farmers need a friend to guide them through this Ixt~s." In I991, Alan founded a company he called Farm Buddy to assisl farmers with prodtmt design and developluenl. He ]tow .-e~o,'~g nq ~ t'onsullanl to farm- ors and agribosinesses. His specialty is crop harvesting systems. He has had clients as far away as Germany, France, Australia. China and New Zealand. Today he has offices in Indiana and Kansas and travels perhaps two-thirds of the year, Alan was working on a process tc bale forage for lhe ellttlosk~ ethanol piant in ~uthwes~ Kansas when his broater. Fred, told him about another farm fatally that neet.k~ kelp with bar- Vesl. He met Kyle Kopper of Kopper Family Farms and Kyle's father-in- taw, Randy Burns. They had ~m and sorghum Imitu) to harvest in the large fields (>f .~ulhwegl Kansas. "'They I~ttght a new $711,000 mile head, and on the firsl day (of har~est), the slip clutch went out." Alan said. In frustration, they recognized they needed a new and m0t reliable sor- ghum harvesting system. "Yon can do a lot of ~inking while driving combines in long rows." Alan said. He thought abo~t ways to rede- sign the standard corn harvesling at- tachment to make it adaptable for har- vesting sorghum. He and the others designed a prmotype am.t put it to the test in20[5. It worked so well that they got a pro~ ismonal palem algl conzintg-6 to d~.elop the concelx. Who knows more alxtttl comhines than anyixaly in the t.xmntry? At:cord- tug to grote agrihusiness companies, that person is Alan VanNahmen. We salute Alan and others involved in dfis f~jecl ftn making adifference hy seek- mg improvement in har~esting sys- Ictus. Ala~ is ~ly an out, landing ex- pert in his field. Re. Wilm~rm i,~ d/rector ,f tlw t/.'k It, rid Na,,kmal l.stitute /,,r Ru.d l)r. '/t.i,[h'l/t'H Ir (It KOJI.%'I_~; _~tOtt" I )m~1',2toiled budget inlormalion i~ available teem a Township> Of liter and will be available at this hearing. BUDGET SUMMARY Proposed Budget 2(117 I;.xpendilures and Amount o[ 2016 Ad Valorem Tax establish the m,,x,mum limits nf the 2017 budget. I'.'st Pax Rate is subjecl to change depending on the final assessed valuation. I:und~ ~15 ?ri;~r 'C~,a r A'ltia~ I.>,t~.|'~.t~t u~,~ (.~nera] 2,9L3 I.~bt .q.,r x' ic~, R~ md '1 t+lab, i v~..: i T;.11~Jcr.', Net I'Nw|~ditur~- Iolal la~ I~vk'd A~,d Valu,qion '1 t~a~.ip Out,q.~nd ing h ~debtt~tnt .~b, Jan 1 G.O. Bonds Ollu.'r Lea.~ J'ur I'~r~ Tutal "[a>, rah.~ an-. ~.~t~rt.~t m m{Ih. 2,92_.3 0 2,923 2,40[] i 1,08.3,124 ] 2014 0 0 0 0 ACLL|al "I'm, 2,216 Z216 2O]6 _ ._ -. Cu~tenm Year l!slimale o[ I~,q.x,nd 3,000 3,0130 0 3,000 2,448 i I237,353 2015 0 O Actual Rah'* 1.97X I .978 Prot~x,,'~'d Jhtdg~* 2017 /klE.t ~11 nt ; ,I ~l [. Ad I-xlX'l~ddll|rts V,,]~ue n, |ox 4..2?4. ~,~4s 4324 2.448 0 4,32:1 X~Nk~ i(~t. [ ax Rate" 1 S_--~ 1 .q,VJ 2016 0 0 0 0 jerod Kinsey Township Officer JEWELL COUNTY RECORD 6A Trea.~ure h~tlle. Before goh,[~ tnt yo||r trip, Iill a ret'yck, d NOlle or jar with unct~t~ktxl rice ot bird~.,:xt tmlil it is tv,o-third~ full. Add 2{~ or more Sll|all ubjecls lc.~. ~f'ty Oil:. paper clip. h~h, pe,uty~ Ix'utl. k'go. hullonL Ta~ the lid shut Ior ~,ldcd .e~'~nm~. Make a list of the itemw, amttl vha[[cnge pa~,,eltger~ to Ii.d all ot ilu." ohJ~.%'lx wilho111 o|~ning the clmlammtet. The ABC game Search tot letters on signs 1hat ate oulside the vehicle ~e.g. road markers, r~stauril;llS, bill- N~ard~.).'lhe loner can be anywhere or, the .~igiL hut you have Io find letters in alphabetical order. Fi~'e finger facts. Take tt,ms shar- ing tire facts ahoul things you like ~Lxmt yotm~lL (e.g. something youdo well physically, something you like ahotit the way ytm ltmk, .~tmtemhhtg you like abuul yo0r on,reality, mh ink.,, yuu like mo eat. thi,xgs you li~." lO do) U~ your fingers to keep track of how many have lx~n shared. The nante game. Clttx~.~ a catego~ (e.g. amtimalsL Start w~th sayit,~ an anmmllal I ~nnk I. The IleXl rl,er~t |t| ila~ to h~'i,|f e a.ll animal thai M;ml-m% v.ilit iite 1.1'.1 ]emle~ of llz pn.'~ itnr, one IclcphataJ Try nol to I'~peat an~ atfintab, and ,,c,: how hmg yo~ can play WllhOnl getting :;tumped[ O~her I'uu ~.'att, gorl~ are nanle~, slates, countries, attd fruit. Counting categoric s. C hca~e a cat- eg~lry (e_g_ type of v~:hicle, windmills. centeteriar~) thal yonr t~nlil y will ~, arch for u utsidelhe yell:In. Splil into k'a)n, or play a~ individuals ~.l~tle y~m keep ~oTe ~i~t' who cart find rite mno~,t aJL~Tlbr the way, A variatUm oi thl. ad~ |t~, |~ IO set a goal of f, idmg I~1%,u ~.m Caltgory (e.g. dit#em'ent cnlor t ;mr-, |:rod ~rc wh~, can tind ] (R; |he taslent. 'l'g-enty quest itm,,. "l'ak 1 ur~ th m ttk- ink ~f art ohjecl (e.g cal. tree. ,,wlnt- mink Ix~dt. Olher player~ wdl ~ake lures asking qae~thmsthat wdl only I~e answered ~ith ~ "yes" or 'ra. Th#|~al is to ~,sk qu~tion~ that will help nar- row down ideas tlt)lij u gue~,,, can IX. m ado. I f solnc,one tan gtles,~ c~,rrcct I i~l 2Oquestions or 1ere,, Ihepiayer writ'..~ Sur~.-|%-zll island. Creat~ a ~t~llart~ that leaves y4mr group stramtdcd ,+n ,i tle~rh.~ island. Y-n only hast m,~c ilemn~ to help evcry()ne ~Lmr%l~~ tm)|lt[ the ~c~C~ affiv, D~'tm~ and decide what five itl)lr, y~)u would hke It: hake. Rententber. 1he whr~le gn+ttp Ita~, Io agr, ! Paper pla|e weuvimtg. Make ~'LJI, m a paper plate t'rnnl Ihe qtul'4de e(l~ to~ard :he center. Cut ~.trip,~ of V~rll ~,r rih~,l. 1'ape .no end to the back t d'll}me plate. Weave the strip ovcr and |tilt]of Ihc C~.II .~t%'liOIlS tff Ihe prale. ('an ~,~lz make a shape or dcr.q.,n ,' "lf the self~is~ipline of the free c~a~- not match the iron discipli. of the mailed fist. in ecomtonlic, ~,c~nlifi~ and all other kinds of 2i~rnggles as well the military, lhen the peril of free- dom will ~nlin~ to ri_,.kl~.'* Jotm Filzgerald Kennedy