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September 3, 2015     The Superior Express
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September 3, 2015

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Public Notices (Published Sept. 3, 2015 in The S.pcriur I~pressj Slate of Nebraska Nebraska Power Review Board Pelllion For f~'harter Amendment $ Notice In the matter of the lH.'titiun ff+llae Soulh Central l'uhl Ic Purr 0r District's peliliun to amend Section Six ot i~;s charier. N~tlce ~,, herrb) g: ~ en Iha| ~m Au- ~USl lO~ 2(/t ~. [he .'~.~+.LII]. r,_'entsal Pub- lic R+mer Dl-,lln~.c fdd a r~.qtlrJ.ogl ~,lllh the Nebraska P.we+ Rc~IC,~ Ht~ard seeking ol :~ pr~po~'d alnenJ- merit to tls chaner lah~ known ,~+ It'., a"i+~'l~liun Ior (-'~eatltm"l [hi+, ~+ouid be the fifth anmj~lnnem tu the dl.~tlZd'~ charter, On June 16. 2015. the Sou|h Central Public Power Dl~]rnct's Board of Director~, by a unanimous vote ol diteclors, approved a res01~tion Slat- ing tha| the following amendiBent sht=utd be made to the Distrk'l+s char- tel. Note: The prol~+sed amendmem+ to sections six of the Dislrict'+ charter am shown below. Lan+ua~.e to be rm- =~oved lwtnl ~euli~.:J| ~i~ i~ in~3icated with uverstrike~ anti ne~. language to be "added is underlined. AIl~llw, r char- ger language wdl emai~x unchanged. For a cop}, of the Dis~riel'S currenl complete charter, conlact the P~m'cr Review Board at the address provided at the end of this wotire. "SIX: The Board of Direclors sha]i consist of seven (71 memi~. l;c=r the purpose ~f the nomination and ctec+ lion of directors, the territory crl' the District shall be, and hereby it. Prided into so+era I7 )e h.~.-fion sut'd++.imtms as follows: So bdivision One COUNTY TOWNSHIPS Clay Sci~=t~l ('trek ClayE]dt+rad~+ Clay ! .++'~ +,, (='lay ,'~'tl+Ilt nn I Plus Ihe (.'t~ntntun[ty o['. Cia) (_'color Less the (.'*+t])il+tiBit~ ~+1: -~.llb.ffl SuNi'dsio, 1~,o COUNTY 'I~IXVNSlllI;~ Clay I tar ~ard (-'la:t Inl.uld (.'lay I .ylm I l%.+cp| thu Ix+rliolt In the Cnt_~ ~1 ('lct~ Centerl So bd ivisinn Th roe COUNTY TOWNSIIIPS Adams I.fftlc Bhlc Adaln-~ Yx-ro Adams Sihcr l.ake -+.-lily -.l~q q- I" l l ~.- ..... Wehslcf Pot',dam Wehsler Oak (.'reek Webster F, hn ('n.,ek W~..hster SI d l~ atcr err L = __ .= n m .=.+ .= +.=.l~.-drp:ra-+:Fiin lilt/ L I11 ='I I L_~."is the (.'t~mlrtunll+C~ ..%}n I-,~ J L~,,: It'I1 .'~ul~li+ ision Fonr Tyler J, Williams Financial Advisor C()L ~'l"t ()~ % SIt11~i Cta} bh=-+ Id,lla C]a.~ I'tl+al Clay 1 .~_;In Nuckolh HaJuUtol~d Nuukolls Shcr~nan Nu~'koll~ l_ib.ertx Nu~'k~dl.~ Elk 'l'ltaycrKitnw a t]'3N-R4WI :,,--,., ;',-- ~-" ........ ~,,,,,:~; |~dg,~ Subdivision Fi~ C~*~l.l,~rl'~l" TOWNSltll .~ Nl~'kolJ,~ ~q ~l~t phcn-, Nw.koJl, .NINon Nhtrk.tdl,, Ill,lithe NucM,II", .%,no N'u,,:k.t d I", JhghL,,lhl Ntl~.'kt'dl,, . 'i..l[,an N u,.'kcd I s B~.~.,t.e, ,., k Nuckr01h Bea~ cr Ntzck~nll~ (],trlicJd Nt,ck~flls H;lld.~ WL'h~terI'],~.~ _~.n- .t. i l.~: c k I.~:',~, II1 (-'~H'illllttltltI~.='~ ,,I ~,LJI%'[ J. '1 Std~livishm .'.i i ,, COUNTY I"OY~ NStilI~ (.'l,l) ('.lc~l x ,I ('1,1) [.o/k- i'n-~.-~.- I I'.,,,.~'p1 Ih~. I"~,lrtltkn) In llllC I~1[i[='~ 4.1[ I[.'~,;|% ~.'~.]I[,L, il (.'In) Mar.,il,d] ~ I.~,p1 |lw I~.+Flnoll Ln Iht." ('!11~ ++1 ("t,I) ~.-,..'nlil~.,'d , .~jll I~tg R,mls I-;~rhcld 'q u I~tt+i,~ im+ ,"k'~ el= (1{} L-~-[~ "roYcNhHIP.% ~,t,~' ~tt'l' Ft,irgl:Oln~ x~,b~vr Lih:lV~,M Wrb,,trr ~alnq ~+'+.'13 ,t +.'1 C;.n t ilk'Ctq ~nt Webster III;.t ~ alL" ~V,.:hMI v r *~=,1 f-'h md ~.~'~.+1~ ~ii ~.' tc (.;LJIdc Rtv.k ",%vl,~llc r ( ;arlt~:[d Wci+~Ic-r L_nnc 1'~c t+nlcr Wahlu! ( 'r ~.n.'k l ,c~,~, the Con|n|imit} on: RLn..[ ('k,ld ll+v I|anl,~',, addn.'.~+c,,, I)-irec|or',~ .~til~dIviMU~l a;id e.'.pqr;,llllU.U of tllv tern3s of tff]]ce of Ihe pr.',icltl dirL~.itt~r~ an: as fulh+v,'~: Name. Addre~,,. Dlrec-- t~z SubOivns~on~. "lk'rm 1-xp~re~ Aothur Scheier,lta,~ l 31671 S_ Sounders :~,,~c. Ja~ .~. 2OI7 Sullen. NE 69979 David Hamburger 2 31740 Road [ Jan Harvard. NI- 689447 ~g)~ I Jal]~~ Ht~l'f n=al| 10191) S. Muritm Ro~d Jan 5. 2017 A~ r. NE fi~,925 h 4,n (i,,,r 4 4253 [l,~dh~a) 4 Jan 3.2{H-3 hdgar. NI'. 69935 I.arr~ MIkk['~eil 5 4'.'21~ Road J" Jan ~. 2OI ? ttard.,,. NI. ,~943 :..... ', .~ ~.'~ N+,+ J~,uu -- ,Io I ~. t__ _ I I_L[ lilt] L+a L'Ja= ~'lll$1r~" IT:fT[. ;'Ir:l= v~Tr mr ~' ,.~,C R,~ad M tan 3, 2{11'4 I)e.tnn ]alnijn 7 4 ~-'; I h_~h~.a.'i 2.~ Jan Red ~ h~ud. NI ~'~ ? "~P. -...11 ",..., Ihe h.,rn?l ~t .~,ill,-[l 4.:~irect,.kI ix, pi~,. successor shall be e]ected by the eloctot~ of l~ Din:tier Subdivi- sion represented by such director al the general stale election immed~ally per ceding the expicat ion of such director's term of office No persmt shall I~eli- gible to be elected from a +ubdi'i~ion unless he or she is a qualified +'ottr in s~eh SUt~,~JiViSiOU, Thai the f~[lowi~g cille~,, ~owns ~,illal~s are e[-;n]inaled from the ehur- tert.d are.~ Of sand Dis|ncl. 1, Sutton 2, A)z 3 BIue H,II .4. 5.- N,q~in 5-6- Sul~rior 62_ .7-- Red (_'k:ud l he dt~l.tskn~ ~.Et3',. t~ns and +,Il- ia+e+ are 1 mnnn;,t+d Irorn the chartered .Inca 4.+I "~tJd l)L-d[na~.'l 14.>r lhc n:a$o!rt thai ~,qd / ll~,t~'l~. [ dt~'+ trot '~U pply the ~ower I+:,..iI++r+:l~t1 :Superior. Roger 1_. Peter~,en~ Sh~rtc_~ K. F'eler~en Io Naihan ~iaatho]t_ I,x~ Saathoff !/'3 hl|er'~.~ in PI l+t~l ! 3il Bi