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September 15, 2016     The Superior Express
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September 15, 2016

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State of the art computer controlled machines, often reterr~ to CNC (Computer Numerca Control) mills, lathes no0 hybrids produce products made in the MetalQuest p4anl at Habroi~ to order f~ United States based companies, in this picture Jay Storsteen, a Superior, resLdent measures a final product as part of the company's quality control phase. Company started by 21-year old man plans 20th year open house MetalQuest making parts for national companies With ihc help of his family, Seolt I-]a.rnls started Morn]Quest Unlimited in 1996 when he was 21. "'] was IOU young to know it could not ~ d0ne and failing wa.~ fiat an opUvu," he said, "[t t(.,k tuz,~ ofha~l woi-k, hut lcnjoy what l do and it has paid off- " Harms grow up on a family farm running and make slim the peel'talon pr~i.Wl.s nii~( the finishprodt~L~ ~ i- I]c.~u.on icquired by indusi~. Metal(~lest works with common metal.~: carl~)n ~,~,~1, castings, alunli- hum, ~taiJdcss .~leel. Coating i~ out .,iolu~cd. The plant prilnarily ~rves the oil industry, agriculture and the eke Among iho many pi'- managed, l want probli'll sulvei~ ~'ho like to work willi tlteir hands, h is l~st if iht:y have mechanical backgrounds, bul that is not always a requirement. We are always looking for quality ptx~pl. Even during slow times, we art looking fox I~Ople. a~ it is daring slow times wc retool.>' T~aining ~onsist of an SME"Tool- ins You" ca-line uaining and on the job training. Workcr~ keep machines ,~en. IPiSse'S liliobile ollice hele today A l~prestntative of Sen, Ben ,_~t~sc will lie in Superior this afternoon (Thursday), to visit with constituents and help to rtsolvo prohicm-~ the con- stituents may I~ having with die fed- eral government. i~pl'Stnlativc will be al the Superior P~blic Library Meeting R~ m from I:30 to 3:30 p,m. Scott Harms, founder and pmsii:Fenl of MetalQuest shows a p~c~iir was filled tO 115gl.46 fcct allure .,~a level. The flood I~Xl| 10egins at the t,582.6 mark. Harian County Rcscr~o/r is aot do- ing so wlL On Tw'sday the level there was 1,835=4'). mort (hall. I 0 feet below ~he con~cr~ation lw~l lop of I.I145.7. rt.-iq Upl i Or |illllillJl,0,.+ 0++ Official Nuckolls County Newspaper Midia.n0s Edition 16 Pages Two Secltons Plus Supi:lemet~ Our 117th Year, No, 37 Price 50 Edition 16 Paglis in Two Sel:liO~S reds Member of Nebraska Dssoclation and National Newspaper Association iSSN 0740-0969 201(t Suparior Publishing Company+ I~c. 1'1,.= ~'oe'l~W P--,.=r-,l~ I*!.r 1 5, 20t 6 All Rights Reserved Superior, Nebraskn 68978 t t dlt~.~,, ,_.,+.,p.,...m__. For Superior schools bottom drops out of state aid bucket Meml'a.ff'i of the Superior Boalxt of district lx'veived $1.246,776 in slat= one million dollals in state aid, i~ ~.nriitar Io th~.lsx2 {th',ng both sides of Educalion met for two puhti hearing.,; rlaLed lo the hodgel and lax azking, then held dleir n:glllar S11"tClll- bar ntmYling Monday evening az II'~ tligh sciiool library_ Each u.~d li lup lop cmpuler io follow the ager~da. This is 11~ firs1 regular meeting lO he ctm- duct~d[~tronically, whcmeachmcm- bar may follow the agenda and ~iew rclaled ih information on a computer while the general public viewed 1~ i~formalion o~ an eleclroni v+hile board, MoIllhly claims of =.-~9!,1~ t $ t'rnn~ lh generM fund wen: approved, All inenl~l-S l'e~ ~f~.~,ciil fc-r lh meeii nt, Ttl~ board unanimously approv,>d the badge1 Mcm bcrs of the board approved 1he $1{),498.252 budgcq with $7,310.375 in the general fund and related tax rliiltsls as p~ll Itoyl~, a b,'tuk lCplC-,crdarl~ .~aill. "As ~,IItCF~',I (atl.-~ il,l~-C j~L~l.[~.'tl 1~I~,', ~'r, banks art Ioukul~ lOT TIC%% %~. '1% ~, (L) Zllakc niqtni~%.'" Ill otb ba~lrlC~,~ lh t-i,i)31d .il.~ approved .,,i.r,~tldill~ ~J73~'~I h)I epta~ [I the bleaqhers .1"= il',r~ ~tage lfl: Ihe ~.oni pt iti0n gy tunas)nl]l,lhc bh:a~f]Cl, ~ ill Superior residents will see slight drop in city tax levy Mr~til~g |or nmre thaa ~hree Imnrs Mondity nighl, members or the Supe- rior City Council addn:s~d a wide variety of slthjects ranging from sewer backups and .~-alx-xl dogs tl~ milily rule change_,, and swinllnhig pool repairs~ And along the way they adopled the budget for the coming iiscal >'car. P~bably the items of most inlm. dial inlet'tat Io ih ~sidtnls of fh colnmunily concerned chalice'; to the c'h~g.'s .fie going tip ~ t%'r111 bai Ih natural gas tale i.~ going down 2 per- cent. Though llot ~ct yet. ii apWa~ II~e elecLricat rate may go up an average of 4.1t percent. With the ily beginning lo acquire eleclrical Ix)wer front a difl'~r- cnt whule,'~lle supplier, cmati:il nien'P hers cxpn:ss,ed the ]tope this may he the las[ year, that elect[it tales will have to have an annual inerca~, '1~'~ conrail approved a plOlt to caalk and paitll lh nluniipal .swininling pool, Caulking will ~ done yet this all wiih the lla ialing done ill Ih sprint, Tentative approval was gi~'cn IO Living Faith Fellowship Church to agaitl bh~.'k ~nile-a.I Aventi fi'am Tllird in f-'aunh the evening of Oci. _3I. The question will be di..i~ us,~ed a~am ill lhc S,pl, 27 council r~eling. A Jand swap with the Nutkolis County )tistori~al SLs.'iety was ap- proved. The ~cvitLv has purcha.~e6 six lots along the west side of Park Slreet ~)uLh of lhe bird salltLuar~ which will be exchanged with the oily for :iddi- tional land in Cily Park. The park I:,tgl being swapped all tay.~ west of the c:eek which ltow flows through an underground draiilage tube, The additional h~storical sta:'~ty l~d will allow for lh ~:on~tructitm of another building and an exl'mnsion nf the museum collection. The land being acquli~d by the cuy adje in, Lincnln Parkand will allow [or park exl-~nsien. A nlohile ht)llle nt>w on that properly will be removed, Iree,~ trimmed or rcnmved and the land ~L~ed. St~n'R~ uflhc wurk will be do~e by 1he historical six:)ely and soln by the city crew. J ne co,ncil denied a rcqu~.~ from Amy Vandcqxlol to delay the abale- nlem of lier protx:rly at 25.5 S. Con- verse which violalc.,i ily codes. Mrs, Varidc rpi~,)l told ~:ouncil nlentl'~rs she had purcha~c~d ~hingles fur the roof and spt)ket, l~> an ellrician alxlut cop n:r:ling Ihe elcirieal syMem d~ficien- ci-,s l)I'ek Clark. the conlnlunil~ building in.q'~'~tor n:lx~rled he hadbecn ordered off the profa..rly by Mrs- Vandtqxrd's husband l,li'tll) |lp, IJ alml thmalencd tl+ sh~,t hint if hc mtuml:d. Chrk askctt the ~oundl Io tar rcqu/n: him m r~vist the ptreperty, White back laxes have been paid, lhe oily has i'~en mowing the prolyJrty this year and expeel.s to have a $250 inowing bill_ Mayor Sonia Sehmidt mid M~. Vandcrl~d hecau.~ of Ihe conditiull oflhe pmlx:rty she qncstioned il' il v,'a~. V,l~/e ID ill%','~l addil hmal n11|11,1.'.~' in tile prt}rl~rty, She .,iiigg~.~t~.~l M~. Vaiil~r- rlt~i toni)el the ily clerk and request assistance in finding anuiber piece lo live. At the r~.~4urst o[ the owners, lira ahatemem onlcr was previously stayed+ The COtlllcil indicaled no visible work had 1'n do.e sinc' Ihe I asi stay and no additional actkm will I-~ take,l. Mrs.. Vandcrlxml aP~Lnt lo leave thc cc mw tit nl~LiUg in lear~. "[3" tonnal vote wa~ 5-0 direling tile owners L~.~ ,.'tunply wilh previou~ n oisanc dccl antliou, "I'hecouncil did agree to dela) )+)1HI Nov. I enl~n~elliClll t)f a l'lUl~,'irl~.'e dc.'- lar~tion al I .~ %%-,I b;l~llth. JellRay i'ep(fftL'd [lli t[ic t/L~ Itti~l, ii re~-itali.~at mr) pl-n ~ hicll i.~ .,litl li~ .',it- ins ~l.~'ond phase'Mitlg, The area k'iitg,~lOl'd i~. from ,~cond Io ] :ilt fl slh-'i ~ illtd C'qllorad~ to Kansas. Mo~;I of the ~,-ork will lie cm~- cecile;)ted ahmg Cenlral Avenue. Suggest i'.u~.s i lil.: bided nt i li~ing Vic- tt+rian ct~l(~i~, pallems and ~ighls, bump Outs In ltairrl>W COl)teal Avenue and makc it +'nlorc pedestrian friendly." the ;IdlJitiOll of flees ar~J green spaces akmg with fa'adi: improvcmcril.% and new curlx~ "and sid~ wal ks. perhaps cvcn Ill)d= block ptdtsl riu n ).'ross)nun, l-hlwtvtr, fnnding m,,-iy 1~ a dit-l]- cull hurdle to overct>me and il is mq known ii'thc pmj@ct has properly owner supFa:ri, Sidtwalkson Central A 'iil.~lll llj an: estinlaled tu cast $673+(XI(J and Iht' second phase grant will not COlttribut more than $350,tXXL Lori Ferguson, a SouthCentral nomic Dcvclopmenl D istrict rtpm.~n- tative, i'l~>rltd all flu: five pmjc ts lhal ~lave cilher l'l,cen complcled u; at= ua- dc~'ay this ),car, The laicst projeCl, a tnust fund hoomng award of $250,(X10, wdl allow forthe rehahililatnmof ~even owner- oc'c" u pied ho uses and addit Iona I substandard hou,~ing demolition. M rs. Danny f:uller rclmrlc~J tile pso. F, aae canon being used by Superior i~_~,I;~I~ Wlltl:l'y I[: ki."lL'p bn'd~ |l'lltn caling the gral~.~ I~ tranmali/ing her Kelly M:y,,:t ~plaincd )lie ~l inery I1.~~ i.l nlinll%'r o f lle% ice ~ lq) lit~~;hol)t girl-~ and IWt> i u.nior It~gh ~))'st part icipalin~ ht erw~s i,'itl~ii'ff), ~_.11 ill high xch~nll votleyl~ll, I.% it) iilllit~l hitdl vl)lh_*)-hatl ;uld 18 in )tnllor h~:h I~,11~1t_ "ltns _~ c~,~ SiLl~rlor w~ll Ix" adinhib,- t~.'ili| g lh~ Jolirl B,I) Itir AC'i"l'L'~t prep;l. i'alhnl F~)t~!r;uii In) ull jlillhlr,~ aiid %C- moP, i,)r thl; 2qll +- L -/~.h,~1%L'dl. 'ihc ~.'t~t el" Ihc t)roTTalll II ~-li_~llfl ~N,tch )'ear. h t'~lli~i,,I,, ot I" - .12 nlnillle,~ .~c~.~i~In~ ,'~ildli~.l.,d k'14~i Ihe ,%(_"1 tcM. rllLl~ Ik e, tqi-Ii, v%'ciii~]7 h%.,Ip Ii}r .~llldenl~ II1%.' ~,ei~k ~1 the-ACT_ "lhe Sighs iC ItP. will t~" lliu~l it in ">urlOli~ ~.' b'l',~,'~ during tlle IX..~:ular m:hi~d day. A la~.k Ioree cunli'~>scd i~f adinnli~- trators. Sl;il'f-'lnd c'Ollinlnnil.~ le.',dcr~ ai~ wln'kiilg with ()real: {'liri~ten,~a_ ('hri,~le~en i_~ ihc N~llr;r, ka IX.i);irt- ulcnl tfl I-lhit'~llilln Ie~lL~_'lila.l:~,l_ i~1' Ihe Nc hra',k.'l('iucr I -.ihil' al iln'~dcrlari- nit, hi ill a plrt)gr;qll~, called r~VIS[ON. The i~roL~rain 7i~,,, hlci>raxka ~'hools lh=' tlpl~ltiLliit)' h~ .'ilia~)/C alld Ir;ul~,. l'i )rill Ih Ir~." urrenl %.')fleer tthlcal il )~1 ~,y ~- lenl it) order It) ill)pn)vu Ihir ahility lo u-dire'ale a quatil'icd ~v