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September 18, 2014     The Superior Express
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September 18, 2014

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was $2.99 at the Superior Ben area. Kevin Miller was appointed through eighth grade. The upstairs ~S Franklin store. The Zoitenko family purchased head football coach at Superior south room was for ninth and 10th . ~ ~.. - ~ The Crest theatre was playing and donated a multi-station fit- High School. grades. The north rooms were : " ~ i Eighty Years Ago wassoldtoEberhartandSimpson, The Crest Theatre was show- He was a telegraph operator in "Speed," starring Kenau Reeves ness area for Superior's Lincoln JiilAllgood, a Superior Police where we played games when the - Aaron S. Berry, 61, died. He a Salina grain"Carnival Story,"starringAnn Superior for many years, and Sandra Bullock, and "Andre." park. Department officer, assumed the weather was too cold to play out- Ten Years Ago Three area libraries, Superior, responsibilities and duties of the side. The north yard was our base- was thelmblisher oft he Superior Duane Dyas, a Superior HighBaxter and Steve Cochran. Fresh canliflowerwas49cents A tree board was formed in Bruning and Nelson, received area D.A.R.E. officer, ball field and the south yard is Journal. He began work at the Jour- School graduate, received his Fifty Years Ago per head at Superior's Ideal Mar- Superior and it secured a match- grant funds for the purchase and Hertha Bethke, 92, died. She where we played games liketag, na[ in 1898 and purchased the wings as a glider pilot and ap- Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Skinner, ket. The Crest Theatre was show- ing grant of $6,900 to purchase installation of computers, was a longtime Davenport resi- red rover, and anty over the coal newspaper twice in his career, pointment as a flight officer Superior, celebrated their 60th JbhnPfeiffer, 51, died. He was Armand Cold Cream powder wedding anniversary, ing "Zardoz." and plant trees along Superior The Nelson Good Samaritan dent. shed with a ball. Also, we had a thee .owner and editor of the was 49 cents at the Bamard Drug The Rev. Glenn Michael wasThirty Years Ago streets and in the city parks. Centercelebrated 46 years of car- One Year Ago huge slipper slide. N uckotls;County Herald, Nelson. Store in Superior. the new pastor at Olive HillSuperior held it's annual Hat- The Superior Volunteer Fire ing in the community. Nuckolls County and the Vii- I was lucky as I livedjustacross TheShperi0rHighSchoolfoot-The Lyric Theatre was show- Church. vestFestivai. The event featured Department received a hazmat Ground was broken for lageofRuskinagreedtoswapreal the road from the school. Someof b011 team would play their home ing "Lady in the Dark," starring ArthurDillon,75,died.Hewas plane rides by Jim Butler at the trailer. The funds came from a Brodstone Memorial Hospital's estate. The county will build a the farm kids would walk three games at-night under the recently Ray Milland and Ginger Rogers. a retired farmer in the Bostwick Superior Municipal Airport. Homeland Security grant. $8.2 million expansion project, road department outpost, miles to school and back home, in installed tights at the field in Lin- Sixty Years Ago community. Atha Stenson, 87, She was a Genevieve Ebsen, Superior, Ron and Betty Schott, Supe-Flooding in Colorado led to an the winter almost frozen and alt coin park. ? ? ? Mrs. Henry Troudt, Superior,Effie Cornish Farver, 79, died. longtime resident of the Hardy celebrated her 90th birthday, rior, celebrated their 50th wed- increase in the number of trains bundled up. We liked going down i The Lyman store in Superior celebrated her 84th birthday. She was a Iongtime Nelson area community. Daniel Menke, 45, died. He ding anniversary passing through Superior. the fire escape, which was a big mn~,ed its ready-to-wear depart- Ruby Powers Parker, 53, died. resident. Cathelma Reed Alford, 75, wasa 1977 Lawrence High School Eugene "Bud" Schultz, 90, Alfred and Janell Hansen, Oak, shiny tube coming from the sec- ment from the second floor to the She was a lifelong resident of the Sports suede flannel was 37 died. She was a iongtime Superior graduate, died. He was a lifelong Ruskin celebrated their 50th wedding an- ond story. first,because of heating and cool- Republic community, cents per yard at the Superior resident. The Crest Theatre as showing community resident, niversary. I graduated from Superior High ing issueS, ~ ~ The Deluxe Liquor Store, Su- Hested store. Magic Ltimp Coal was $8.25 perior, was purchased by Dale and The Crest Theatre was show- perton delivered from Superior's Carl Mooberry of Hebron. ing "The Chalk Garden," starring Valley Lumber Company. Tom Meyers, a farmer who Hayley Mills and Deborah Kerr. ,, The Lyric Theatre was show- lived north of Superior, waited for Forty Years Ago ing "Statnboul Quest,' starring the thieves who had been raiding Searchers were looking for Myma Loy and George Brent. his watermelon patch. While they MarciaGilbert, a 17yearoldGuide Seventy Years Ago pilfered, he let the air out of their Rock girl who had been missing Lt. Benton (Bud) Jordan, Su- tires arid when they arrived at the for four days. perior, was seriously injured while truck, he met them with a home- Vandals struck the Superior incombat in France. made club. After a discussion, the Municipal SwimmingPool, which The community of Oak re-harvest crew paid Meyers $25 and was closed for the season, and ceived more than six inches of rain left with no watermelons. He do- caused considerable damage. which flooded basements on the nated the money to the polio fund. Nelson property owners were north side of town. Frying chickens were 45 cents now eligible to purchase national The Sargent and Company el- per pound at Roder's IGA Super- flood insurance. evator and feed plant in Superior market in Superior. T.F. "Tim" Bellus, 76, died. i contacts to convert the building clubhouseattheSuperiorCountry of Educationmettoconsiderplans Bill Blauvelt, Publisher intoahousing complex and senior Club to make room for a new for remodeling North Ward El- Letters To The F, ditar citizen center, structure, ementary school or constructing a-- --~.. - E-mail Clinton ''Turkey" Wehrman, The City of Superior opted to new building. Selected portions of the newspaper available Jr., 67, died. He was a lifelong replace an inoperative clarifier at Ferne Combs, 92, died. She Editor: Z The column in Thursday, Aug. i on the web at Nelsonresidentandowned Nelson the sewage treatment plant rather was a long time Superior resident. 28, about the editor's old schools Electric. than repair the unit. IiliffBanks, 97, died. He was a made me think about my old Thursday, September 18, 2014 Page 2B Doris Scroggin Schumacher, The Nuckolls County Histori- retired Nuckolls County dairy schoolinBostwick.Isitstillstand- 99, died. She was a longtime Oak col Society dedicated the church farmer, ing? It was a square red brick resident, which had been relocated to the Cole Rush was hired as a building oftwo levels. The down- i A 12 pack of Pepsi productsmuseum grounds from theRuskin Nuckolls County Sheriffs deputy, stairs south room was for one By Bill Blauvelt There are times of the year when the weather makes a suitable reason for delaying a task. In the summer it is often too hot and in the winter it can be too cold. There are a few days in the fall a televised football game may make a suitable excuse to defer a weekend task but I was out of excuses Saturday afternoon and I agreed to help Rita rearrange our home office area. We have a nice finished room, about 10x 15 in the basement of our home. When my parents and I shared the house, it served many uses including living room, project room and office. There was room for my antique roll top desk, file cabinets, couch, television and round project table. With the advent of computers, it seems the room has grown smaller. It isn't uncommon for me to have three or four task specific computers set up, a printer or two and perhaps a scanner. Computers were supposed to replace paper but I've had to add book shelves and file cabinets to house the paper associated with the Dr. CarIPlowman, Jewell, re- "A Cinderella Story" and tired after practicing medicine "Superbabies: baby geniuses 2." there for 55 years. Five Years Ago Mufflers were$39.95 installed A controlled burn razed the at Superior Tire. The Crest Theatre was show- ing "Ghostbusters." Twenty Years Ago The Nuckolls county milo har- vest was reported to be the best in years with test weights averaging between 57 and 59 and yields of more than 100 bushels per acre. With its funding assured, the Superior Community Corporation proceeded to purchase the Hotel Leslie and let the first in a series of appeared to be in a hurry as opposed to someone out for a leisurely walk. But she had time to stop and help another human being who appeared to be in need. At the time I didn't know it, but I was about to need help. Rita and I worked for the next hour or more trying to maneuver the cabinet into the basement. We removed doors and woodwork to gain an extra inch. We turned it this way and that. We hauled it up and down the stairs but we finally gave up. We knew it had to be laid either on its back or side to go down the stairs and found only one of those ways allowed us to stand it so we could turn a comer. We maneuvered around and past several obstacles but were stopped less than inch from having the cabinet in the office by a low hanging furnace duct. We had taken the cabinet off the cart and removed the floor covering to gain a bit more space. It looked like we had it made when the cabinet started under the duct. With only an inch to go, we discovered either the computers, duct slopes down or the floor slopes up and we were stuck. At that Saturday aftemoonRita suggested werep!aee sg r .,nooint we hadto either giveup or get a .big hammer. With the shelving with a storage cabinet. Remembermg past hammer w eould havesrnaslieafthe ductorcabmet, or Chipped out Dennis and JoAnn Hurt, LeVon "Lee" Newhouse, 80, School in 1947. Nelson, celebratedtheirS0thwed- died. He worked for the United One Halloween the big boys ding anniversary. States Post Office in Nelson until (including my brother) put alive MembersoftheSuperiorBoard his retirement, cow in the school bell tower: Elaine (Karnatz) Towne, Rapid City, S.D. By Gloria With the annual Highway 36 Treasure Hunt scheduled for this week, I decided the storage area in our basement needed to be cleaned out with the hope some hidden treasures could be parted with and offered at the sale. High expectations were flowing as I opened one storage container after another trying to see what could go and what had to stay. The old saying kept haunting me, "If you haven't used it in over a year, you don't need it." At first the process was going well as things were being separated. I had a trash pile, a pile of neat things we could part with at a sale, and things that we could not part with. I found container filled with family photos and though I knew they were keepers, it took four hours of my work schedule to view the photos. Many memories were stirred in the process. That container was placed back in the same spot. Curtains and drapes that had been saved with the thought that maybe they could be used again had to go. Knick-knacks that once set upon shelves and later were stored away could be parted with. Jewelry, flower arrange- ments, canisters, framed pictures, decorative pillows, all too good to toss but maybe someone else could use them in their homes were placed in the sale pile. Nothing is sacred as container filled with Christmas decorations that had sorted through. Only 10 more containers left to go through and I'm out of time. Why did I save and store so much? How did the storage area get so packed? I remember when I .S Schlaefli had to make my first move and how my father brought his farm truck. We had one truck load. The next move, came after having two boys, and once again my father brought his truck. This time it took three truck loads to make the move. As the years pass, we acquire more and more appliances, furniture and "things." Clean out what is stored, in a few years the storagespace is filled again. The problem is worse when you are a sentimental keeper as I am. We keep the first booties our youngsters wear, the first toys they played with, and all the wedding keepsakes have to be saved .... Now I'm paying for all the saving. I've watched the television show, "Hoarders, Buried Alive," where room after room is filled with boxes. Only pathways can be found from room to room. I tell myself, that I am not a hoarder as I quickly empty out another container. Now there are five empty containers in one comer and plans are made to condense and combine other containers. Some headway has been made. If I get the sorting done in time, I can take most of my offerings to the sale, and some things to the trash dumpster; and some to local thrift shops. Then I can look proudly at my few containers all lined up neatly upon shelves. Hopefully they will remain that way for at least a year or two. By Tonya R. Pohlman An old tale tells ofan Eskimo, who became ckilly sitting in his the concrete but those al tves ca ewvith major drawbacks, kayak, But whenhe lit a fire inthecraft tokeep warm, thekayak sank We retraced our steps and returned the cabinet to storage proving, that you can't have your kayak and heat it too. exhausted and disappointed that a plan we conceived months ago Yes, that was funny. My husband, Many, will not think so, but to organize our basement office had to be changed, the rest of you are free to laugh, smile, smirk or guffaw. But we won't forget the passerby who stopped her automo- I must have caught a touch of autumn madness from our bile and offered to help. If she should read this entry in the backyard walnut tree squirrel, the one wildly dropping nuts and notebook, Rita and I would like an opportunity to properly express endangering any person or animal below as Whacko Wally flits our thanks, from limb to limb in frantic preparedness for the rapidly changing I don't know why she would but should she like a green season. watermelon, we have lots. Whacko Wally is always a bit frenzied. My frenzy usually Saturday morning's frost got our melon patch just as it was fluctuates. But recently I'm becoming more and more in tune with starting to produce. We were late planting and knew we needed a Wally. late fall but took the chance. Until this week, our melon crop was One minute, I am enjoying a leisurely Republican River run, promising. We got a good stand and had healthy vines throughout party of 10, with Malty and I in our canoe, and coworkers, and a the summer. Fruit set was excellent and we had just started to pick. We mulched the crimson sweet vines and they were nearly coworker's family members - all of them in their kayaks. The next weed free throughout the growing season. The frost got all the minute, I can feel the rapid retreat of summer, only reminded of our crimson sweet vines. We didn't mulch the sugar baby plant from recent day's journey along the river, by the skin on my face and legs, which we harvested some early melons. Though all the melons on injured by sun exposure, reddened and peeling, long after that day that vine have been harvested, the weeds held enough heat that the in the sun. vine appears green and healthy this week. With a mental note on file to remember sunscreen and a hat on The frost also got the butternut squash and sweet potato vines my next summer outing, I am all too aware of how distant that next but we are pleased with our harvest from those plants. It was just summer outing will be. Autumn is here, and with it, the madness that warm enough that our tomato and pepper plants appear to have only I and Whacko Wally can understand, as we both prepare for the escaped the frost, winter that lies beyond these cooling and shortening days giving Only planted a short row of turnips this year hoping a farmer lengthier presence to night. friend will be willing to share a few from one of his fields. While Wally gathers and stores food for the coming months, I echo his frenzy with my own sudden need to sort, clean, discard, organize and rearrange. There are projects and good intentions in our h0mel f0fgotten' arid encased in dust, that only now have I rescued from cobwebs and damp: .~ I have sorted and re-distributed multiple boxes of disorga- nized photos and personal items. There were items in boxes I did not realize I possessed. There were items which needed to be sorted and given to or shared with others. Though tedious and time-consuming, many of the tasks I've undertaken as of !ate, fill me with more of a sense of accomplishment in knowing that things are where they should be, or at least in a better arrangement than randomly tossed about our small, damp basement. In addition to my sorting and re-distribution, Marry as- sembled shelves on our back porch, for me to re-organize areas of our home for what I consider more efficient use and accessi- bility. I know Marry would much prefer I leave most things just as they were or at least provide a map detailing all of the new locations of the things he was accustomed to finding where they no longer are. But in the de-cluttering process of sorting and organizing everything from old photographs, to crafts and hobby supplies, to canned goods, groceries, kitchen tools and bathroom linens, I feel there is a weight lifted, not just in the burden of tasks left incomplete, but also in no longer carrying with me into the coming seasons, the things I will no longer need or utilize in a manner conducive to the life I presently choose to live. As we greet autumn,just as I have come to be and feel, may your hearts be light, your dwellings warm, and may your boats be safely stored until the rivers run smooth and the sun warms our days into summer again. ing furniture into the room I estimated the cabinet's size. It.~zasmot quite as tall as I am and about three foot wide. I go in and out of the office room several times a day, I was confident the cabinet would make it. With Rita's help I got it out of stOrage and wheeled it home on a large industrial size cart once used to move broom corn bales at the Deshler Broom Factory. I knew that cart would never make it down our basement stairway so I waited at the backdoor while Rita went to the garage for an appliance cart Paul Leslie once used in conjunction with his business. That cart has made several trips to our basement and I was confident. I was standing in the yard, lost in thought while waiting for Rita to return with the cart when I was surprised when a young woman ran up behind me and said, "Are you stuck? Do you need my help?" : Without hesitation I said, "Thanks but we are doing just fine." the time ! turned around to see who the Good Samaritan was, she about to her car. I appreciated her offer and would like to know her name, but I 2ton't, Slie was so quick and took me by such surprise I don't know :if she was a total stranger or a longtime friend. I can't give a good :description, She was a small, dark haired woman, perhaps a high school student and driving a light-colored vehicle. I appreciated her ,'offer. It demonstrated why I like living here. ; It' s not the first time strangers have come to my assistance and don't expect it will be the last. She may have been headed to the ;grocery store or movie theatre and just driving by my house. She Olive Hill David Watters Sunday Sunday School ... 9:30 a.m. Worship ....... 10:30 a.m. Located five miles south and two miles west of Superior Proclaiming Christ Since 1876 Church Of The Nazarene 740 E. Seventh Office Phone 402-879-4391 Pastor Jeff Klniberly Sunday Fellowship ...................... 10 a.m. Morning Worship ........ I0:30 a.m. Women's Biby Study ......... 6 p.m. Transportation and Nursery First Presbyterian Church Sixth and N. Central Superior, Neb. Phone 402-879-3733 SUNDAY Worship .................... 8:30 a.m. Fellowship and :Sunday School ......... 9:30 a.m. Rev. Mark Diehl, Pastor Formoso Community Church Nondenominationa/ Bible Teaching Pastor Gene Little Sunday School ........... 9:30 a.m. Worship Service ...... 10:30 a.m. Weekly I tome Bible Studies 203 Baleh Street, Formoso, Kan. * 785-794-2490 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Pastor Rev, Breen Sipes ST. PAUL LUTHERAN Hardy, Neb. ' Phone 402'279-3205 ' or 402-236-8825 Sunday Worship ......... 9 a.m. Fellowship Hour ........ 10 a.m. Sunday School ..... 10:15 a.m. First United Methodist Church 448 N. Kansas Street Superior, Neb. Rev. Jocelyn Tupper Sunday Services Worship .... 8:15 & 10:30 a.m. Bible Study Thursday...9 a.m. Catholic Church Services St. Josephs Church Superior, Neb. Rectory Phone 402-879-3735 Mass Schedule Daily Masses 7:30 am. Saturday ......... 6 p.m. Sunday ........... 8 a.m. Nelson Sunday ......... I0 a.m. Father Brad Zitek First Baptist Church 558 N. Commercial (~ Superior, Neb. ,nte. Pasto ,k Dav/d She Church 402-879-3534 Sunday Worship ................... 1 1 a.m. Wednesday Bible Study ................ 4 p.m. Jewell Trinity United Methodist Jim Rice, pastor Sunday Sunday School ........... 9:15 a.m. Morning Worship ... 10:30 a.m. Wednesday Kids for Christ ............. 3:45 p.m. Grace Community Evangelical Free Church of ~,~ Superior mmiI ~ 423 E. Fifth Street Superior, Neb. Pastor David Johnson Office, 402-879-4126 Smlday Sunday School ...... 9 a.m. MomingWorship 10 a.m. Prayer Time ........... 6 p.m. Amlllated with the Evangelic,'d Free Church of America Jewell Christian Church "A family you can belong to" 111 Main, Jewell Dan Daniels, pastor Church 785-428-3657 Parsonage 785-428-3323 Sunday School 9:15 a.m. Worship Service 10:30 a.m. Kids for Christ & Jr. High Youth Groups Wednesdays at 4:15 p.m. Webber United Methodist Church Webber, Kan. ~~ Office 785-361-2664 Res. 785-361-2070 Sunday Worship ............. 9:30 a.m. Pastor Roger Walls Christian Church of Mankato 118 S. Commercial Mankato, Kan. 785-378-3707 Sunday School ...... 9:15 a.m. Morning Worship 10:30 a.m. Thaddeus J. Hinkle, Minister 785-378-3938 Calvary Bible Evangelical Free Church ..~o 99 W. Pearl, JeweU, Kan. 785-428-3266 El-(',\ Wayne Feigal. Pastor Wednesday Prayer Meeting ........................ 7:30 Sunday Sunday School ................. 9:15 a.m. Sunday Worship Service. 10:30 a.m. Evening Service .................... 7 p.m. Affiiliated with the Eoat~elical Free Chnrch of A~a First Community Church Oak, Neb. Phone 402-225-2284 Sunday Sunday School .... 9 a.m. Morning Worship 10 a.m. Sunday Prayer Meeting ..... 7:00 p.m. Bible Centered Nondenominational Evangelical Lutheran Church 201 South Center Mankato, Kan. 785-378-3308 LCM Sunday Worship ................. 9:00 a.m. Sunday School ..... 10:15 a.m. Northbranch Friends Church Phone 785-647-8841 im . Located eight miles north of Burr Oak and two miles west. Sunday Sunday School ........... i0 a.m. Worship ...................... I I a.m. Kenneth Smith, Pastor "Where The Son Always Shines" Jeweli County Catholic Churches Summer (May-October) St. Theresa 320 N. Commercial, Mankato 785-378-3939 1st, 3rd, 5th Saturday. 6:30 p.m. 2nd, 4th Sunday .............. 10 a.m. Sacred Heart, Esbon Sunday ................................ 8 a.m. Pastor Father Joseph Kieffer Living Faith Fellowship Word of Falth Church 315 N. Ceutral * Phone 402-879-3814 Sunday Worship Service .................... 10:30 aim. Evening Service ........................... 5 I}. ~]. {except 4th ~md 5th Sundays) Wednesday Christian DevelopinenI Nighl: Adults and Children .................... 7 pin. RtnTk Solid Yot|th Group .............. 7 pm. ILatlio Program. KRFS AM Stlnday Morlling .................... : 8:30 a.m. .Ion/'dhrecht. Senior Pastor Palsy BIIsey, AssoctalP Pastor United Methodist Churches Schedules for Sunday Schools and Worship Service Mankak) Harmony ... Worship, 11 a.m. SUn. S('h., 9:45 a,m, Ionia ......................... Worship, 9:30 a.m. Sun. Sch., 10:30 aim. Esbon ....................... Worship, 8:15 a.m. Bnrr Oak ................. Worship, 9:30 a.m. Church of Christ 564 E. Fourth Street Superior, Neb. 402-879-4067 https://www.faceb00k,e0m/Superi0rChurchofChrist Or. Jeff CoUins, Minister Sunday (no evening services) Sunday School ................ 9:30 a.m. Worship Service .......... 10:30 a.m. Wednesday Bible Study for All Ages ...... 7 p.m. Salem Lutheran Church (ELf:A) Highway 14 North, Superior, Neb. 402-225-4207 Sunday Sunday Forum and i Sunday School .................... 9 a.m. Worship ............................. 10 a.m. Communion ....... lsi & 3rd Sunday Don & Margaret Olson Interim pastors Day 1 Radio Program KRFS AM 1600 Sunday * 8 a.m. Superior New Hope Connection 505 N. Kansas St. Superior, Neb. 402-879-5884 Sunday Service ........ I 1 a.m. Church dinner after every service Pastor Deanna Disney Centennial Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod) 8S5 N. Dakota Street, Superior, Neb. Phone 402-879-3137 Sunday Sunday School-9:30 a.m. Worship ... 10:45 a.m. Worship with us via live broadcast each Sunday on KRF~ Radio Please call for additional worsh/p and Bible study opporttulities. IL