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September 23, 2010     The Superior Express
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September 23, 2010

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Thayer Co. Museum will host fall festival The 37th Annual Heritage Fall Fes- tival will be held Sunday,OcL 3, at the Thayer County Museum, Belvidere, The day will start with Sunday din- ner served at l I a.m. at the Belvidere Superior ag ed students attend Husker Harvest Day Twenty-three Superior High School students enrolled in agriculture educa- tion classes attended Husker Harvest Thursday, September 23, 2010 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 3A Community Center (across from the Days last Wednesday. The group was museum; featuring barbeque or ham , sponsoredbyDaveBarnard, ageduca- and cheese.sandwiches with a choice ~ tion instructor, and several parents. ofbakedbeans, coleslaw, JeU-O, maca- ~ The students also toured the Pioneer roniorpotatosalad, alongwithachoice Seed Corn processing plant at of coffee or~ea, homemade pies plus Doniphan on the way to tile Grand other dessertug~ ~! Island show. Students represented the There will Ipe crafts, pumpkins, ~ Ag Education I class. needlework, chi.~ painters, a farmers ...... " The group observed cattle handling market add food booths, plus other Scarrow, Rogers demonstrations, fieldtillageoperations, vendors and exhibitors. Couple sets date for haying equipment operations, cattle. There are several new booths .... sorting competitions, touredagri-busi- planned plus a car show this year. wedding ceremony nesses displays and explored new ca- Pioneer demonstrations will include Troy and Rose Scarrow, Glenvii, reer options. blacksmithing,rope making, horse and John and Jo Ann Rogers, Superior, Superior students attending were shoeing and more. . announces the upcoming marriage of Alex Meyer, Amy Hefts, Adrian Sun- Take in the old country school and their children, McKenzie Scarrow an~ day, Shine Pederson, Makayla Utecht, attend classes with Ruth (Bunting) TravisRogersonSept.25attheGlenvil BrianSimonsen,TaylorWittke, Micah Hobbs, the Schoolmarm of the Day. Lutheran Church. Runyoun, Lyndsay Brown, .Nevada Special entertainment forthe afternoon_ The future bride is a 2007 graduate Diehl, Brody Elledge, Jacob Hawley, will be the McClellan Singing Sisters, of Sandy Creek High School. She is Emily Hayes, Clay Henderson, An- Su FFA had several outstanding entries at the Nebraska State FFA Fair over Labor Day nd Exhibitors included (back row, from left) Tyler an all sister, award winning Southern currently employed by the Good Sa- gelicaHermosill,Ch~eJensy,r*a,r- Strobl, Vicki Simonsen, Clint Shroyer, Augustus May, Brody Wulf Bethany Brittenham, (front) Mac.; ~he n, Lauren Rempe, Montana Hayes, Ty Rempe, Gospel quartet from Adams, Neb.. maritan Society as a CNA in Hastings gun r~roeger, wlac Mctcutlaeon, Austm Melissa Guilkey, Nick Rempe and Katrina Wulf. _ Nondorf, Chelsea Renz, Mattison . " Mix it together with audience par- The future bridegroom is a 2002 Sullivan, Holly Wilt and Shawnee Nelson Charter n _Q 11 11 A 1,-.1 ,-, .-....-.... ticipatiov,, a harmonica solo or two, a graduate of Superior High School and Schoenrock .... 'It" .~4a,~ ~,,,l~A,'b,,,~l ]~/1[~,~,,.~ k..1L.U.IJ~.,.L It~.JWlL JL" .L" ~ IjIIll~l, Ij~;l~ / be a whole lot of fun! The group con-tuch of humor and the result should a2004graduateofSoutheastCommU-nityCollege.Heiscurrentlyemployed ho]lds -^tluek me-1 ,.,,.x,uu. _ _ _ _ _. L ~ eta ' Nebra~k~ S~tate Suoerior United Nelson Chapter Order of Eastern Suverior school lunches Fair sists of Tiffany (19), Kimberly (14), asawelderatHastingslrrigationCom- , ....... Star held a slated meetmg this month. Sept. 27 through Sept. 30 SuperiorFFAwaswellpresentedat Rempe, purple~ Nick Rempe, purple; Jewel (13) and TaMera (9) pany. ~- ......... " Those attending the event will have - e_t.nomst wozn.en Eight members attended the potluck . High School the 141st Nebraska State FFA Fair Range boards, Melissa Guilkey and anopportunitytoinspectthebarnwhich bel~ill fall meek|liltS supper at 6:30. Three more came for Mon&:y: Mini corn dogs or meat- held Sept. 4 through 6 at Former Park MontanaHayes, reserveCham iontro- isunderconstructionandwillbeready Marci * ~o- ...... . ...... "'-~"~,"~, ,.. tide ~ pm. meeting, ball sub cheesy veggies strawberry in Grand Island Placings included nhv and rosette KatrinaWulf~PaT,,t-~ i .... Rhoads among w ....... , i, ,~- 4, .... i, ~, ............ e charter was draped m memory shortcake. Homculture: Corsages-Bethany Stroble '-ourNe, Auzustus May and n the spt ng with a dedtcatmn and an FHS .... .,e ouperlo[ umteu wlemomst Th .... " " ~ ....... :'"" open house. At the old (school) mu- -l'l~U nomecommg ;::;z'_' :.,:,,.,.t~e c,~_,,.J,~,~,.,,,.,;, ?, o[b~sters Hetty Wehrman and Mildred Tuesday: Chicken or breaded beef Brittenham, blue; Katrina Wulf blue; Josh i2It~ilnaan nur'nle Beth--,, scum the third floor has been remod- ueen o u. , J ,U, a pouuch ~upper to oegm tnenr Kill " ' . ' . , r v ..... : fled' q n mmees ,..,, .... . ....... man. mashed potatoes, rolls. Watermelon,TyRempe, blue;Fohage Bnttenham and Vicki Simonsen, 'an~a~u~*t~gr;seerteFo~l~liZn ~mm~:r~ Past matrons were invited to the Wednesday: Niche with meat or Plant, Ty Rempe, blue; Ornamental purple. Mile, Darrell Headrick, blue, !.,. " -- . o Candidates for homecoming king .. g -: P g Pioneer Division of the Past Matrons hamburger, green beans gorilla bar Corn Ty Rempe purple Luke Renz blue Ross P r 1t~.11.1~]~1 ~d[nerlclt.n and queen will be introduced at 4 p.m. eat Stacc from SASA presented an .... , , o ter, blue. "informa:t~ve re ram The business Club at McCookon Oct. 23. Reg, stra- Thursday:Grilledcheeseorhotdog, Beef: Middle wt. market steer, Eared corn, Glint Shroyer, blue, Nick 1La~.~|~n A~,~,4|~,n, Friday, in the Sunset Lounge of Me- P g ; tion to begin at ll'30a.m Alsoonthe bakedbeans aonlecrisn Brody Wulf blue; Heav wt market --"~'~'~ "~'~. "~' morial Union on the Fort Hays State meetino then followed. . . . . ., ~, ,- , y . Rempe, blue, Bethany Brittenham, met In Hastings University campus. ~,~ ....... . ...... 23rd ]s an all committee meetmg to be Friday: P~zza, ham and cheese sand- steer, Brody Wulf, class wmner and purple Zach Dressman. red Ty Rempe ....~F.u ~.,cmtr g,a, ve uevouons en- held at Hastin s Masonic Tern le at wich e',~ n tt r c " ur 1 " ' ' ' ' '-- .. Each studentor anizationwasen- titlocl'~..,~Aur, rl~,-,,, I" ....... a ....... g - P ,p -."a dbu e s'otch browne p pc; cross bred breedmg heifer red Ros~Porter. red Shell d - . Ruskm American Legnon Auxdmry " g ................ ~ ....... t,~ ....... " . , . , , . . . e corn Ty ......................... . ..... ~~u a.m. Lunch willbe prowded. . Elementary Brody'~ulf, cham mnandpur leand Rem e ur le Nt k e e I couraged to nominate a candidate for wa~renu,om~pwonnvmage.t~mme The ~ ......... ;.,~., ,~n..,. ................ P P p , p p , C R mp , b ue, met last Monday at the Homestead m ....... ~.,,ille~,~ b...... 1-,t r,....t.o ..... ,~. .... ~ -,,,- ~-avt~..,.,.,.,-~u t,,auh yuu monday: iVllnl corn dogs, cheese trophy. Glint Shrovar rid Ra, th.n,, nomecommg t.andtdates must be tull Hastings with resident Mona Hansen " . - .- ..... : .... s,,* o.,.,~.~ .v,,, ,,,~ .~au- notes . . ~ ................ : ............. ~., ,. . from the worthy grand matron veggtes. ~trawberry shortcake. Ag Mechamcs: Sawhorse Lauren Bnttenham red, Lauren Rempe, blue : .... ,- ...... time students and have a minimum ,ng program nnu exptameu me pr,,- and worth rand atron for the dis .... ' ' actm$ a.~ ,~u~tu~. grade pont average of 2 5 ....... " ..... "" .Y g P . - Tuesday: Chtcken leg, mashed po- Rempe, blue; ElectncalDzsplay Board, President Schmitt opened meeting The 2010 nominees include "g~"~ms'Lnset'ntereste~nreadmgwere t_nct meetmg and one from Preston tatoes, gravy, applesauce, rolls. Nick Rempe, reserve champion re-Now hatred is by far the longest with flag salute followed by prayerMarcella Rhoads a semor' from" Supe" ~'~ ~ comact her., ~usan t~emora Hfld for his scholarship. Wednesday: Niches with meat, sette, pleasure: men love in haste, but they from Chaplain Gebers. Preamble was . - ~o~,.,~F_,_.ayone wou)~o.elnterestee m The ceremony of initiation was ex- green beans peaches, banana bread Azronomv" Oats Mac McCutch detest at leisure, - recited followed by singing the ha- rior. . i~.ttt;llUiIl~ women orratm sesstons t[ emnlifie,~ w;rh ~;o*-r o--,~'w- .......' ........ '. - -," . ' - " .....qc~ thPv.; .......................... mo tr. ,-,~nt.ot h,~r ~V,~ ~,-=',~,v so e .'~ ,, o,,~t~, .~_,u,....ump- lnursaay: LJr lied cheese,, diKed con, reserve champ.ion rosette, Wheat, I~- . ......... memberstinal anthem.present.ROlIsecretaryCall showedread nine ~a ...... h-~,,;~t,~r~,,~ ,~r,n,, o,4,,,,~ nservmgas.candmate-Duestor2010 beans, cottage cheese applecrlsp. Ty Rempe chammon ourole rosette ~ ~~'-~ min- ............. . ...... . eceweclthe xaooay basketfromPam peaches, butterscotch brownie. Rempe, purple Soybean plants, Lauren T~~"~ ............'; -se, ~ t-i.~ .................. a ar " " - '--'- - -'- '---r ,. ~/~ a.~~.jdw The_ n,~u.,_ ~t~t,~ ,, ,-,r~,.,. .......... "'- r e due.. by ,uct 1. ,,V]rgmta Rhoads Friday-. Pepperom ptzza, peas, and trophy., Ntck Rempe, blue. , Lauren . utes from previous meeting The Nuckolls County Locomotive- nounced. SueRose, president;Caro~e Wehrman and willbring onein Octo- n " Treasurer'sreportwasgivenandfiled.. Gazettereportsthatwhileplayingin'a Thompson, vicepresident;Margaret, ber" | DED Thank you was read for donation to golf tournament heldon the Lawrence Breen retary Beverly.Beavers, tre VAMC, Grandlsland. course Sept. 12 Tim Kohmetscher hit Curdle Thomps]n asked each to i lT/"~lr 11" T] T'T'IG'IG'T ]~I1C"IU I ,, Motion made and adopted to order a hole-in-one on Green 2. But the shot :" surer'SusanWiliiams, spiritualgrowth; bring a tea cup to October meeting | V Ik~l-,LJl'~ 112,r_,1%O IN !.51.5 200poppies. Motion made and passed didn't count. He had already hit lhe Jana Marr, somal ac!mn; ClaudiaShe will furnish the tea and the cups | to receive T-dues at the supper meet- counting ball. Unhappy with the re- an~, mterpretatton; will be table decorations. Each meN- | ........... - | t ing. Motion made and passed to in- sults, he put another ball, said "This is s n l~ea o , memoersnip nurture ber to'bring fingerfood She also rec | vestey Lenter ~enlor IV!dais rrograrn I crease annual donations to $26815 (o what I planned to do' and swunz The and outr-ach' Elaine Guilkey secre- o nized the Fe-ebee's '--- -~: .... ;~~ " u /1 v,.,+~ o~,,~, ~ I ' ' . ' g , iUl tll~ll OUtll | r ' department projects. District 10 Fall ball disappeared and fell out of'sight ~rYirProgra~t;:s~C:oS;mLinnatdianN:Isn, wedd,ng anniversary. | " is looking for ] ~ ;~"a~ M2;e; I Rally will be held Oct. 23 in Hastings. into the cup. ': . . - . r~aren Sole reportedAIlen Sole was _.__NextmeetmgwillbeOct.20atl:30 notfeelingwell.VevaFerebeereported ! VOLUNTEERS " I / OctoberOctober2 '-Wedding2 Weddin ! Your news--xs important to us ] ri t tn nSfly. uet se, prgram: seeing Velda Watts every week. | -- - . _ | I[ , f I wo'a like to include your family news in tbe Superior Express rhe/ o a Korrermgoy bueKoseand VevaFerebeedecorated the tables I to help w th our noon meal I tI KellyWillioms & ij I addresses are P.O. Box 408 for mailing, deliveryto 148 East Third Street, | hostess Sylvm Imhoff. w,th school memorab, ha. I . . I /i John Howe I I telephone: 402-879-3291, fax: 402-879-3463 or e-mail:l I I " I .Respnsibilities. would include: I ,, October 9- Weddina. ,II OpenHouse I preparlng the dmmg room for the meal and help with clean up I t - Jl Bert Chrlstensen reques u honoring /I I pprox,matelv three hours a day and scheduling is flexible I 1 M ke &E!lenBuresh | . " ..... ' I ":; ; I " a card shower to honor her on her ' . ' - | , " ' r' '" ' thday Anniversary For more information, contac' ]alonda ................. t e : / 80th B lr Saturday Oct2 , 1, , Jr . " . * ] on Hwv. tzl&enemilewesten Nelson Clty Auditorium I I Nuckolls County Senior Services I Jh: d:y:S2Tt;o2r3[t: beginning at 7:S0 p.m. [ /in,'Lo a n,cml | Bo=.= I Dance to the Pavelka band No Gifts PleaseI . l " u , . " ] 11 c r / "~uL. i~/~'-'~u~.i_ | t OPENTUESDAYFRIDAYelI_AM-6P~ i ' ~ C' ~ ~ | { , , ~ ~'I!JKDAy ~0 A.M.'S P.M, 60 Sunrise St., Apt. 117, Superior, Neb., 68978 '__ Clip and Save , : , 'i -i Superior Public Transportabon s :i i Transp0rtat,onforAIIAges " :1 Available Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to Noon L memories forever. - j and era tn ce ofthis regi, I Love to all of you, 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. 4021879~4679 Dale and Charleen Adcock ....... bran tra- !~ 2nd Annual Joumey to the CORE U.C Women's Event I 50 O,~c/7/~Oafd/'/7~ Ofbuy, l'/c/~o/o'2"/'/c/os 'o[$/'O I !!Y2n~tare' LII'~ " ', ~i~et_sr~_i2!:!i~!~ir?iag2~idnjfi:l~;Te~::d::~ m'l i[~=lllllpit~ Saturday, September 25 | !1 -~-- [ii~:i i ('-" ~ ~'1 Superior 8:00 am to 3:00 pm 601 Superi;r, NE wHigh 8th School St. l|ll ClJpandSave' . PiPit the Pa l a! ' , ---'. ] ] I ri t rrnin= hu I , Open to the P BLIC i .,=- .h.,o, ~!F~J:~ 37TH ANNUAL l ~ HERITAGE FALL FESTIVAL please bring a food item for the I " Sunday, October3,2010 I ;;;;r;;kets:U;;-2'0, ;1130u;/1.40, 41.50, 51.60, 61& over !nowthalalthou,g ]o!ce r ieci!!..n'iw!!!- i.i i"I NUCKOLLS COUNTY FOOD PANTRY I 10 a.rn.- 5 p.m. I Do Your Christmas Shopping: / Thayer County Museum . l Selvidere, Nebraska Scarves, purses, jewelrf, hand painted items, bath, body, beauty, fitness, nutrition, 1 homemade foods, motivational & counseling products, photography, home cleaning i~ I CRAFTS/FOOD/MUSIC ~..~ c~..oo_c~.o=. ,.~..____, ranson" Bus Tour ,~c.,-Gas Engines i ii I Youth UXS r3L , ' Iuseranyph gT?2s,; de, tap2,mi inpic- l "Christmas in B VisitourboothsforCrafts, Pumpkins, ~~{[ Needlework, China Painters, Farmers | ~ !~ Thursday, Nov.. 4 through Sunday, Nov. 7 6 ' Markets & FOOdmanymore.~Oth,ll ,p 'US tT)~lny, I MusicM~;~; by . "1 I,,,...................... gm va a te:d.. Inhhve ead2het[ Igo2ng an,dce o/ ] !1 Featuring. Oak Ridge Boys 1 ~! , TA K" ' N T H" P' O N " R D "N -- A~ O N" ' '[ " ...... ~ .... ' aI-ACK .~MI'rHING, ROpE MAKING, HORSE ~ 0 J"~ J ~/~ OJ,~ t~b"il U Gatlin Brothers & Debby Boone _, ShowboatBransonBelle " I Siagtne tUr ' """ I Six t .'~ Plus 3 additional shows-activities ~~ Car ShOW-some TakegreatthisclassicOpportunitYcars] to view t,t Contact ~ ~Rhonda at li SPECIAL SUNDAY DINNER- BEGINNING AT | | A.M. ~(:rou(~-Travet !t ~Mdere eon'lmunity Center (acres the street from th~ Mtnl~um) Ba~eque or Ham/Cheo,ea SandWich - Choice of two sides: BaRad Besns, Colesla,~, 'ti ll UPERIOH 402-879-4822 a featuring Homemade Pies, plus other desserts. 7~'~_ .o /~2;:o~ .i .,o~.........,,o.u.,..,,.oo .,~ & TR AVE L 6 ""'*"'ea" Admission: Adults 50 - Children 25# (5 & under) /4__ /~1~ t~ J~.V.." Superior, Neb. " P !i ~ Vendors am stil: invited to set up, display & sell =ea prl:~luet~ at the Festival Contact Dixie Wharlon at 365-7700 to ~ your spac~ ~. l Sign-UpNowl For more into contact amj of the foltowlng HIsterlcal Members: Steve eelay 402/?~F6587, Annette Laber 402,'768-2327, Jaclde W~l#1~mson 402/768-6845, Loll Pederson 4~-7575 ;Y.