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September 23, 2010     The Superior Express
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September 23, 2010

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INVITATION FOR bids! The Jewell County Commissioners is.currently LOOKING FOR the classic car, truck or motorcycle of your dreams? Go to BANK ORDERED sale: Table Rock Lake lots from $9,800 minutes from Branson, Me. One day liquidation Thursday, September 23, 2010 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 7B water supply chances are the pH js higher than is desirable. Certain pesti- cides are not stable in high or low pH It's acceptingsealed bids for a 1999 Jeep your midwest connection to classic event - Saturday, Oct. 2nd 1-800- Cherokeewithapproximately137,000 vehicles for sale. Need to sell a 525-3140, Ext. 105. 24 water. Phone 402-879-3291 or miles and some hail damage. The car cassicvehicle? Foronly$25,yourad Following aresome,examples. A has a rebuilt salvage title because of with photos will run until sold! Callthis ~.. ' commonly used fungicide, Captan, has 785-378-3191 or corne to hail damage but can be tagged The newspaper (402-879-3291) today for il'~l~ 1 '11"I II~I i q a half-life of three hours at'a pH of 7, 148 E. Third in Superior or vehicle can be seen at the Jewell more information or call 1-800-369- vllJ J.I-II, L&,L ~ ! but only 10 minutes at a pH of 8. 111 E. Main in Mankato to County Courthouse by contacting the 2850 22 ........ =, Carbaryl (Sevin) has a half-life of 24 Health Department at 785-378-4060. -- ' . -- ,- .... .... I daysatpH7, but only oqedayat pH 9. " place your ad. Submit bids to Jewell County Clerk, 23-Recreational ~ .armm l,l.u~es l Finding out this pH reaC'ti0nor Sevin ' .... kate, Ken., 66956 by 4:30 p.m. on LOVEWELL LAKE-Twin Cov : Hughes, 85,Torrington, Wyo.,willbe l . phrase "I might as well be (praying TH~~i a...~m. --~. 307 N. Commercial, Suite 5, Man- _ ervices ann interment for Marvin I helps explain why I have!also used the i signmentAuction Eighth Street, west Frida , Oct 1, 2010 Bids wilt be Trailer w th contents 40~,-ut~'4~" held at 2 .... -' ........ Y ' ' " 8 3 v-,-. ttmuy tinursoay) at l with water." I would mix a z-gallon of Superior. Consignments welcome! opened on Monday, Oct. 4, 2010 m 23-3 - pForrest Lawn Cemetery, Mornll, Neb. i garden sprayer of Sevin;~ tihd after a Acceptng consignments for items the Jewell County commissioners of- ~ Marvin Hughes is the father of Leon i dayortwolwasindeedspraying'water such as tools, machinery, vehicles, fice. Bids must clearly specify the -- - 11 Hughes, Mankato. I because the Sevin had been neutral- recreational vehicles, ATVs, guns, property for which the bid is submt- ~ ...... ized. " . /WU sloe Dy S GO OIS n t yron, office equipment and furniture, lawn ted: 1999 Jeep Cherokee. All bids ~o nnn An9 lClTa 1~1n 9d. ~R ."4n ~II~L8 ~[~p~]Ll[~[~ and yard equipment. Among items must be signed and shall include " ...... ~uc-o,a-,o~u. ~.~-ou-ou Avis Spiilman, 84, died Sept. 14. i He can compress the most words already consigned include a 1958 bidder's name, address and phone BANKORDERsale:TableRockLake She was born in Mankato on May 31, i into the smallest ideas of any man I American LaFrance fire truck. Call number of the bidder. Bidders need lots from $9,800; minutes from1926, the daughter of Everett Edward | evermet. Mikkelsea Real Estate and Auction at not be present to be given consider-. Branson, Me. One day liquidation Siemon and Myrtle Paden Ridge. She 402-879-4464to consign items, ation. The Board of Jew611 County event - Saturday, Oct. 2nd 1-800- was a homemaker. Commissioners reserves the right to 525-3140, Ext. 104. 24 She was preceded in death by her reject any or all bids. 22-38-2c ~ namntsandgrandson,TaylorBradbury ................ EASY AND quicK. Your oeea is what ~ .. . . ~EG-E~online~rom .......... .....uto"lex d for land home Three four, ;~urv,vors include herhusband Irvm L/AiIT_MUU~Lrepalrau~e~..~ p. , you nee. - - : '. ....D Snillman, Holyrood; children Mrs. home. Medical, business, paralegal, Inc of Sioux Falls, S D S~gn up mr five oeoroom smgmwmes, ..:.,~, ......... ~ accounting, criminal justice. Job " ' ' 75 mu LEWIS tLmaa), 3cott t_.lty, Lrmg . . " instant emails. New arnvals daily, doublew~des, modulars. 1-800-3 - .. ......... placement assistance. Computer, toll free 12 3115.Fimttimehomebuyersprogram, ~lallllmr]~ay~r~ac~itl?grai~n~Sci~l~nea~ A~E~-Tr~available.Callpaying 1-888-220-3977. aviation Financial maintenance aid if qualified, career. 15 I t:~'[Itll]'l[~ I i T 877- 398-221 ~ 1 "l " "1 I[ ""~ "1[']1111 rl ~'ll]" :~e ..... - 785-862-0321 1= IllJi ,r I[~mlrlrl e ~ . . ~,4 Kenecca "" David Spillman, seven " great-grandchildren; Lewis, harnaze, ..... Erin Shorten, Clayton ~attnew Sierra Lewis, a brother Norris; Lew~s, Eric n unt music from venous arhs FAA approved program. Financial aid J ...... --=... 'V W,4..,L .. ~. ), ........ Donald "Bud" Siemon, Mankato;and Hearing the great Amenca co y " 'ts, including "~~=~f if qualified - housing available. Call ..... sisters, AnneOst, Mankato, andAnita Aviation Institute of Maintenance. 1- 100 Years Ago ....... w (Mickey) Watson, Minneapolis, Ken. yodeler and singer Roger Tibbs, was like stepping back in time for those in the ~qhL~I 888-248-7449. 15 Two car loads of fruit jars have Mrs.Don,uunno,[.,we~oer, ea.rneot .o Visitation will be at Parson's Fu- audience at the annual Jewell - Ionia Country Music Festival; Saturday. It'll o~ ~n~ol~-e;e? been sold in Jewell this month Lbok in purp,e rmnons wn,m competing at t,e .... ,14,,~,. ~,,=~,,,,h q,,,,M,, ~,~,,, L ' ~_ r~or an Jewell Count wo~man s cellar and state 4 H horse show She earned one ............................... ~ ....... y y "" ~ , -, .. " ,,. . 9:30to 10:30a.m. withaserviceim- hb~h~lC~ Over18? Drop that entry level posi-you will see where they went ,oro rre,, oO,.ose o.o,o, o,o,o .... ....... : .......... .......... o I'OS! Rock Answers . ti0n. Earn what you're worth, Travel aiii!!m t !i@aO nmg;!t!ud!i i ia i with Successful Young Business uIfwYl)l~lko~t~nbesaUotvYeWhtnY~us Group. Paid training. Transportation, yo I~ Cliffozd 1U[uekey By Scott el- apman, Post Rock Extensk n " hair and behind wrinkled faces, s " , ~, P P ............. 402-879-3291 lodging provided. 1-877-646-5050. E.L. Gray sold five p,anos_ last alS'hr and Mrs George Wilson col Hav~ell~;slv~l;e' dli;gssndl~l;ct;YPVl~a "1 sp,'ared my (plant no,he)for ling young grasshoppers and squash TF/AVE~, R-K~-~w week AmomzthenewownersareM,ss . - " ...... (pestname) wi,I; (pesticide name ) bugs but is much less effective on ~ ,-~L__.__ I', .... ~.. Florence ZiDse the Rev Breithaupt ebrated their 40th wedding anniver- nur~ng nome., rl.e was born oM. ayJ2 and it did,,'t work, l,night as well adults. Henbit in lawns is easily killed ~. [my :g hiring18-24 guys-gals travel with fun Miss Maucle ;~Velch Gee. Beer oi" sarywithanopenhousehostedbytheir ~vtt,~.n t0ma, me son o~ ~trauu~ havebeen s'pra~in ;voter " when it comes up in the fall butbythe " -- - " '- _ " I young bizgroup. MY, LA, Miami, two ., . g . . , . PranKIIn ano LyOla I~IICU ~..OIIlelU) weeks paid training. Hotel-transpor- Randall, and the Methodist Episcopal childrenandgrandchildrenattheTn.n- Mucker Asimilarstatementwillherepeated t~me =t blooms t.he purple flowers m the -'";-- -= ~-' ": 1 Church of Randall ity United MetlaomstGhurcn m Jewen. ...,.;.~" . ..... lotion provided, Return guaranteed. ,-,, -, ' - Stan e ' Johnson was the reel"lent t~mthad livedm r~avensvme since several times tlaroughout the growing spring, they m~ght as well be mowed Call today-start today! 1-877-259- " vo xears Ago y ~' A fly plague said to be as bad as the of a certificate of appreoat!on.upon h.,s ly9adr7s atHtheW~rak:ednsf~llem~ruedhea? a3n0 secticidesSeasn' in andreferenCeherbicides.t fungicides,There canin-be offt"ect,ve.because herbicides will n'ot be ef- r~1~1o11.~11~'"1"6""'4~1,1 kll~llal, .... o1= 6983. ]-6 -MTMis =fo-r-Sa[e-- - onein 1912. ismakingitdifficulttodo ret'r.ementt,rn's~y.ears'nttleinPStl~eI Hardware He also worked in road and anumberofpotentialcausesforlackof Whensprayingfordisease,thelevel I::111 r, rr,~rtt .nn_~'" ' farm work with the horses. Numerous service, ne began ms career , , . .......... , ........... -..m.. v_..itlons avail- ing season gets underway, here are Most fungicides are better at prevent- able on rlosplIal nursing TIOOr 110 F~0R-~LE--RIv~ x-~-~x accidents are reported, as horses kickpostal service in 1941 asaclerkinBurr ~;~l~eCr~,~u~v~'2e ~la[ad~tse~u; oesticideefficacv.Asthisvear's~row- o[ msease pressure can ne an ~ssue. _. ' ....... wildly'at the flies, which, torment them. Oak making, $75 per month.. Her WaSute ann ....... served with the r~ansas ~ivifian some suggestions as to reasons pesti- ing a disease than curing it. Once a provide quality patient services 16-ff. (tO be removed), 100 Summit , The ,.ncome (?t the $80,000 truis~ thentransfe~red~adur~carne re . Conservation Corps from 1934to1936. cides don't work. diseaseis firmly established, itmaybe in bt)th acute and outpatient set- Ave., Webber, Ken.L, 785-527-0159. fund lett by t~enjamm Musser to a o ~ ' ........... u ..................... m..," 16-36-3p worthyyoungpeopleofschooldistrict JimReed; rural Esbon:e, nedthe Amtgteh;;L~?s he helped con Start with alack of good foliage difficult to bring it back under control, fi,,,-,~f,-,r= ~-rifir.mlme.e-'.,=he~r~i penetration. This is often theproblem Onepotent4allytmstratmgexampletl]at ........... No. I in obtaining a high education is White ROCK bcnoo~ Board. Nee(] nns " when spraying bagworms on junipers, is ngt too far away is fungicide's for tel. e-xcellentsalary, one oenem For Sale: Wrench set- $10695 now on the job. lh?sVhacwannnCFYrca .sed by the res,gnauon 193C9l, ffhm lT dH e 4C l l ?mePa rilO i The spray must penetrate the foliage early blight or Septoria Leaf Spot on package. Applicant must have The new officers of the American " (#TY19918) Legion are Harve Frank, commander. .Lane Wilso.n, Jewell, didn't have to WilpemkaaM~ee DuCh~lS~e~Ummn 1994 in and reach the bagworms toward the tomatoes. Chlorothalonil is effective graduated from an accredited inside of the plant. With pump-up in controlling both if used when dis, schoo of professional nursing and Chas. Shubert. vice commander, wmt lon~ for b~s dad to make a round _ .._ -_2" ........ sprayers you may have to push the ease nrst appears, out wm not centre= ....... 14-piece standard combination A football game is being planned for while cutting mile. Because of the 2[Kb..Ut~.ers preceding.ram re,death weres~xs=sters twoorotnersanustep- wandtlwoughtheouterlayeroffoliage thesediseasesonbadlyinfestedplants, a_no..nave a current NeorasKa CRIme-ON Armistice day. drought, many fields of mdo failed to .... '." '._. , , ... Cnlloren ' arry uucnesneau and t~ar 7i) Years A~o head and in those that did yields are ." . ;" - .. - to reach insects on the inside. Another reason for failures is using I-IN I~cense. ,- . oara r,,eenn Not spraying where the insect is. the wron~ product. "I used product X The first steo locallv in puttin~ into sk,mpy.Mark.JackandMonteW, lson ... " ...... Many garden insects and mites feed on because I h.a.d it it on hand,'" doesn.ot See our ~.,o..o~.,= -- ----- - .-. .. . -- ..- ,- ,,--,_ ,-, __.-,, wL-r- burvlvors are aaugmer Mrs. L,eS effectmilitaryconscnptmn~sthenam- own,tm.s neJu norm o~ aewe, ne elindrn epa/~ 'lnrkson Neb stenson the undersideof leaves. If the plants inspire conhdence since products dff www.thayerco )In . 1890 Idaho, Superior, Nob., 68978 ing ofa draft board for the county. The. comommg, was m progress.. ,..~........--l''"~'~r'd "~"'--"~-tjm..~,~=u,' ~,,,,,,^"&"-"'~'""~,~, are sprayed (or dusted) over the top, fer markedly in how well they control ........ 402-879-3276 1-888-251-0212 county board named by the commas- At-nskstudentsmUSD279,Jewefl-ste--dau-hters Mrs Stac,, Younolittle to no pesticide reaches the pests, specific pests. Make sure the pest is on ....,.~en~.resume a~enuon Ma,ssa stoners this week is composed of Ed Randall, wdl havetpe oppo.rtumty mr tG~'a,-O ~d Tawnie i~Ionki~ both ~ This problem is often seen with spider the label, but even labeled products ~tuerl u~r. ~uma.n ~esources:,]zu www.oregontrai/,ffJewell I W KvleofMan-extenue~eaming.~ne~oaroapproveo ~ "7"., . T.,~ ' ~. .... ~'" ' . < ~o eke; mree granacmmren; mgntmites on many broadieaf plants and vary in effectiveness. K-State Research ~ar~venue, ~eoron. N~- ~,wu. 16-26-ffckate, and Lester Oglewe of Burr Oak. the p.rogram at the September board ,,r)ei .,,rand,.hildren and three drear- cabbage worms on cabbage, broccoli and EXtension has recommendations For more information call SE~L -GOOD~--clean~-used~re- Fire destroyed a barn on the Nell me~!ng. , ..... ~,,~; ~rnnd~-hildren '= and cauliflower, for most pests. A "hidden factor" that ' 402-768-4641. frigerators and several used big- Durham farm five miles south and a the U.S. Hi gnway ~o ,~ssocmt~on ~,-"~Siyk'~,~","'was'cr"emated A memo sider the maturit of est AI can destroy effectiveness is high pH Tt2.H.~ ~ an *nual nnn~rhmitv screen HD TVs with warranty. Dick s mile east of Jewell Victor Tullar was predicts..q~at w=thm- the next 10 years r~~ u~.~d, ff . - . (~QI~ ....... . Y . P " ." - - " ' .. ...... ' .......... ' '- ............. "I ........ -- .... .~'*"~ -- '-- ,- " Hi,-hwa'~i'36 couqd have a heav- in rim gravesioe service will be held at most atJfinsects and weeds are more spray, w~ter...-.Tl~s~s-'the, l~,?stRock ploye/anddoe~hotdiseriminate~inst TV, Mankato, Kan., 785-378-3123. renting me farm. ~ "~ :~ - . ] 10 30 a m today (Thursday) at the Mrs Sarah Eberhart died at her crease n traffic. As the four lane high- ." ".,,' .~ .. _ , difficult to control when they become District and cost ~s nmestone any~ei'sononihe~asisofmee, eolor, 16-30-tfchome in Jeweli this week at the age of ways become over crowded more trot- ~ave2s~t)'l~nemetnecrYh'2;r;~ra~U;;ral adults, some become nearly impos- and a major contributor to l~lg!l .p~ national origin disability or age .... sible. Sevindoesagoodjobofcontrol- whether from a well or a mumc~pal a~-_zc 92. She had been a resident of the tic is expected to return to 36. . ' ~ ~ - , , ,, perior Publishing Co. Help keep track Jewell community since the spring of Holly Kadel will sing at the Kansas ments. of travel expenses for the I.R.S. 1872. State Fair.. 16-38-tfp Gordon Hitz was in with a copy of W!th 23 years of law enforcement Reportcrlmes ~,,~o~, We are looking for a nice one-story HO~~~ the first issue of the "Jewell Demo- expenence, KimW. Ost is running for fear of retributlon!!! " ready for delivery at Dick's T.V. and crat" which came out on Oct. 8, 1885. sheriff. CRIME STOPPERS i I..I|IpI- Furniture, Mankato, Kan., 785-378- Gaston and VanVelzer were the pub- One Year Ago i ,i i=" lishers. One of the items in the paper Jewell County Historical Society1-8OO-422-t494 . 3123. 16-28-tfc tells of the discovery of a 37-inch vein 33rd Annual Farmers Market is set for .... , , , -- ~B~L~Sh~-p- of coal at a depth of 156 feet on the Oct. 17 in the former armory. WO" Lottor ] ping containers: 20x8x8; 40x8x8; Bayse farm east of Jewell. This was Katharine Redpath is the new pas- 48x8.5X9.5; 53X8.5xg.5. Camlock minelater .... developed into the Jewell Coal torattheEvangelicalLutheranChurchin Mankato. Trucks TO PURCHASE in the Superior community doom. hardwood floom ~upport fork- 61) Years Ago Thirty-three people on horseback Superior Publishing Co. I lift. Delivery available. 1-785-655- According to the will of the late and in wa~ons participated in a trail I,, ~0a,,879-3~1 I Should be in excess of 1,200 sq. ft. on main level in a good neighborhood 9430 Solomon. Visit online at Dan McCarthy, sufficient money Was ridenearth eJeweilCountyStateLake. ...... for complete left to complete the superstructure of ....... III | RES-TAuR web listing, photos, specs, pricing. Mankato.the Church of the Little Flower in day.Jen'y Vader celebrated/ tn b]rtla- / B|ue Valley ]'utheran Newandused restaurant equipment. MaxClingman whohasbeencalled Arleta Carlton celebrated her 80th I Homes Society, Inc. PLUSES WOULD/NCLUDE.." v bmhda See for more tOgivenSeraiCefarewelaS anl partyarmVbyreServist'the AmericanWaS I ' Y' I I The Nursing Home: Double Garage, Finished Basement, Move'In Ready (no fixe#-upper) information; Sioux City, owa, 1-800- Legion and Auxiliary at the Legiou I HELP I I 526"7105. " 16 Hall, with 52 pre ent to wish ht'fn well. I "" t I LPN Priced in the $65,000 - $100,000 range 22-Vehicles - so Years Ago I WAMTED I The tax levy for the town of Jewell I "''-'"" IIi and night shift WILL PAY CASH INVITATION FOR bids! The Jewe/i for 1960 is $75.83 per $1 000 value- I . I County Commissioners is currently tion, which according to County Clerk i Competitive wages, must | II C,N.A.-M.A. So if you were planning to retire or sell in the near future, we acceptingsealedbidsfora1996Chev- Alvin Fall Jr, is up from 1959. i have a drivers license and ,, rolet Tahoe with approximately The Jewell Wildcats defeated the I good driving record. Previous | would liketo hear from 150,000 miles. The vehicle can be ConcordiaCatholicPanthersbyascore I grain elevator experience I I The =re Home: seenattheJewellCountyCourthouse of 32 to 13. Eddie Oplinger and Jerry i preferred but not required | I seekingan yOU. We have looked at a few homes in Superior in the past, those are not in our County785"378"31bY contactingclerk,94.the307SubmitSheriff'SN, bidScommercial,toffiCejewellat CollietheTheWildcats.Werehouse. amongon the'Walterthe tbp scorerSGrimmfOr I| sc re.e n[ngPre- emNovment "and phys. real- druo II i ASSIST. DON plans. Please contact me direct ...... e-mail with photo would be great. . i RN to take responsibility for nursing Suite 5, Mankato, Ken., 66956 by farm south of Formoso, bought by Jim I requlrecl. !nslo.e or OUt.SlOe I i serviceswhileprovidingqualitycareto Allan Gaskill E-mall: 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 1, 2010. Lewis of Belleville. was moved to | WOrK available. I-'OSllions | I residents with special needs, including Bids will be opened on Monday, Oct. LovewellLake. I available in Courtland, I I a dementia c~ire unit. Normal work Cambridge, Neb., 308-697,3346' | hours will be day shift. Will be charge 4, 2010 in the Jewell County commiS-is submitted: 1996 Chevrolet 30 Years Ago | Bellev,lle arid Scarldia. Call i | nurse with assigned work days to do i )ME JOIN our~ lr'rl EA ~[ 't sioners office. Bids must clearly Dennis Shoemaker, Wiley I I I extra duties as an ADEN. If you are specify the property for which the bid Alexander, Brian Badger, Jeft" C~ark. I 785-527-0936 I ] seeking a challenging career, new Tahoe. Eldon Dunstan. and Chuck Murpyh I ......... I / growth and a team-oriented 1~. 1. All bids must be signed and shall led the Mankato Cou~ars in stats in the I ...... ,,,_ I / environment, considerus. Candidate include bidder's name, address and football game. The Cougars beat the i I-lansen NlUeller i.;o.| / will assist with planning, organizing, | developing and directing the overall phone number of the bidder. Bidders need not be present to be given con- Lm~IBelUllndgS'2dl3ughterofMr;,.. I Courtland, Kan 32tfcI / operation of the nursing services / department. Completejobdescnption I " [ sideration.TheBoardofJewellCounty 0~ .... "~';~ '; ..... .............. ...... I IEWELL COUNTY HOSPITAL Commissioners reserves the right to ~ ;v ~ ~ ,v,~,' ;; ~ : :~ ~ ~;~:~ '~ ;~; i wil/be provided upon request. reject any or all bids. 22-38-2c ': ~' " ~ ~/~' ~' "" IlahJll'parttime'nightshift' LPN I is lking fr il I The Superior GOOdapplicationssamaritan Center is seeking I/ ('rhleon bonus,Psitionpro-~tedhaS a $1,500on hourssign" I ' Full or Part-Time i-|It / for: I work~l) Part-time Dietary Position I CNAs i o*, I ~or o~ ~1 and . the Acute/ISB wings the hospital. NE CERTIFIED WHEAT SEEDI Evening Aide II lifeinsurance, flexspendingandpen-Benefitsare health, dental and ! Ov-erland FullerAGSECOVARIETIESHawken I I sion plan for full tirne. Wages based / Please call Rose Alvord, RN, Nurse Manager Karl 92Wesley Camelot I For application and job description contact: I on experience. Double pay for holi- I I days. Differential pay for evening, Jewell County Hospital, 785-378-3137 ! | -- Pam Buresh, Dietary Manager night and weekend shifts I Santa Fe Hitch Winterhawk, 402-879-4791 [ or Stop byand pick up an application. ![ i illllE |l 1710 Idaho, Superior, Neb., 689.78 | Attn: A lith schmann Art Hawken (.ood . ,| 220 Park AvenueFax / E[,L UI I /I ]tC i t Custom Seed Conditioning & Treating ~..O2N~ .,Sa.marltan / Hebron,.~ - / it Available NebraskaGive US Certifieda 811 at: Seed Sales ( S ;ci ...... ,' () TY , S F l [, : 9, "= s =o. , ,,,. , =i An Equal Opportunity Employer, M-F-Vet-Handicap, Drug Testing | An Equal Opportmity Employer / 100 Crestvue Ave. ,.,ankato, Ken. 66956 tl