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October 10, 2013     The Superior Express
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October 10, 2013

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Adams Saline Innovative Wide-Area Shopping and Feature News Webster Jefferson This Leader published the week of October 7, 2013 as part of the Jewell County Record, Hebron Journal-Register, Clay County News, Nebraska Signal and The Superior Express. The rext Leader will be published the week of October 21, 2013. More Than 30,000 Readers 'I will never do this to my children, I will never do this to my children...' By Dorothy Rosby If you're ever tasked with clean- ing out your parents' home, I can almost guar- antee that as you're work- rag, you'll be repeating the following mantra: "I will never do this to my children. I will never do this to my children." And while you're chanting, you'll be filling boxes with everything you want to keep. I can also guarantee that one day your kids will have to sort through it, along with your other belongings, all the while saying, "I will never do this to my children. I will never do this to my children." It's the great cycle of life -- or the cycle of stuff. And I've been caught up in it lately. I'm grateful my parents weren't exactly collec- tors. But neither were they dispos- ers. It's a fine distinction. They didn't buy what they didn't need, but they didn't get rid of what they no longer needed either. And they had an amazing talent for fitting a lot into a small home. The fact that they raised I0 children in a three- bedroom house should give you some indication of just how good they were at it. As is usually the case, I have some advice for you if you're fac- ing this daunting project. 1. Put together a team of people with a variety of talents to help you. Just make sure they're all on speaking terms No sense in com- ing to blows over the family trea- sures, some of which might be breakable. Fortunately, my siblings and I get along wonderfully. It's something you learn to do when there's ten of you packed into a three bedroom house. Or maybe it's sharing the one bathroom that does it. If you're lucky, you'll have one team member who is extremely organized. We did, and it wasn't me. Yo.u should also have some- one who is strong and willing to carry boxes. We did, and that wasn' t me either. There should be a nice balance of sentimentality and practicality in your group. You don't want any- one tossing your grandmother's nearly 100-year-old wedding dress. But you don't want to save all the old Christmas cards and baby teeth either. Actually we didn't find any of those. Mom couldn't be senti- mental about baby teeth when there were so many of them. Finally, it might be helpful to have a team member with practical knowledge about the value of heir- looms. They can reassure any regu- lar viewers of "American Pickers" you have in your group that you aren't discarding anything worth millions. This wasn't an issue for us. The bigger the family, the less the like- lihoodofthere being anything valu- able in the home. Large families tend to spend their money on more importantthings, like groceries, for example. You can have a lot of money or you can have a lot of children. You can't have both -- unless you have your own reality The sun has 2 big cycles of change By Dr. E. Kirsten Peters As an aging citizen of Scandi- navian descent, I dread this time of year. Each evening the sun sets significantly earlier. Deep in the bones of us northern people is the notion that summertime is the season of life and hope while winter is, )= well, cold and horribly dark. During this time, all of the globe enjoys roughly 12 hours of sun- light and 12 hours of night. The "reason for the season" relates to the Earth's orbit around the sun. During summertime, our planet's north pole points mildly toward the sun and we in the northern hemi- sphere get more than 12 hours of sunlight. During the winter the Earth has traveled halfway around its orbit, path. At that time, the northpole is pointed away from the sun and the southern hemisphere enjoys more sunlight while we northerners shiver in the dark. Now, at the start of fall, we stand at the in- between time. I've been thinking about sun- light in part because I dislike losing it so rapidly this time of year, but in part because the sun has been in the news, too. The reason our favorite star has garnered some media at- tention is that its poles are revers-- ing, north to south. Here's the scoop: The sun has two big cycles of change. First, the number of sun- spots - dark regions on the surface of the sun - wax and wane over time. That's something you may have once learned in science class. But another cycle that's less well known is that the magnetic poles of the sun swap places, north to south. Both of these changes occur on a cycle of about 11 years. I recently talked about the sun to Dr. Michael Allen, a colleague of mine in the Department of Phys- ics and Astronomy at Washington State University. Allen explained to me that the sun's magnetic field is in the process of decaying to zero. In the coming weeks or months it will next reorganize it- Continued to page 7 show. And now that I think about it, cleaning out the family home might make a good one. 2. Identify organizations and in- dividuals who may want your cast- offs. It's hard to part with things that have been in the family for decades, even if you don't need them. You'll feel better about it if you can give them away to some- one else who floesn't need them either. 3. Pass the buck. You're bound to come across some items you've done without forbears, even forgot existed, but one look and you won' t be able to discard them. So don't. My mother kept much of our child- hood artwork as well as every dumb thing we ever made for her. And when you have 10 children, that's a lot of dumb things. We couldn't bring ourselves to dispose of it all. So we sorted it into boxes, one for each sibling. They can throw it away themselves if they want to. Or their kids can. Monday, October 21, 2013 Starting Promptly at 1:30 p.m. LAND LOCATION: T-,-N From Hardy, Nebraska 3 miles East to 4700 Road and 1 mile North. I " I] I LEGAL DESCRIPTION: The SouthwestQuarter (SWl/4) ofSection Twenty-three rmL.d.r - (23), Township One (1) North, RangeFive(5)Westofthe I " !,[ 6', P.M., Nuckolls County, Nebraska. POSSESSION: Landlord(s) possession on the date of closing, fjbll posses- h=. 1 , I[ sion March 1,2014. Seller retains 100% of 2013 rent I[IP-e I" IT- PROPERTY TAXES: The Seller will pay all 2013 and all previous years real estate t- ! : ]./ I taxes. Buyer will pay all 2014 and subsequent years real [ ,.jd-J estate taxes. I -" . [ ASSESSOR INFORMATION: 2012 real estate taxes: $3,248.24   1' GENERAL INFORMATION: 160 acres more or less 153 acres of dry crop land. 3 acre ' building site.  I FSA INFORMATION: Base Acres; Wheat 24 acres, CC yield 39 bushels; Grain sorghum 801 acres, CC yield 94 bushels; Corn 42.8 acres, CC yield 81 bushels; Soybeans 5.8 acres, CO yield 31 bushels; 2013 payment $2,741.00. CONDITIONS: Subject to deed restrictions, zoning regu- latJons, easements, agreements of record and oil and gas leases or agreements pertaining to oil and gas produc- tion. The descriptions and measurements of the properly are deemed to have come from reliable sources but are not guaranteed by the broker or seller. FSA information, base acres, and yields are not guaranteed. Any maps provided are to be used for a general guideline and do not guarantee property lines or acreS. Sells subject to the miss and regulations of the Little Blue NRD. TERMS: The successful buyers will enter into a written purchase agreement with a 10% earnest money deposit in good funds or a cashier's check immediately after the auction. The balance of the purchase pdce will be due at closing on or before November 20, 2013. The closin to be conducted by Downing and Alexander, Superior, Nebraska. Seller will provide a marketable tffie to the HARDY,_PLAT  R-5-W buyer evidenced by a policy of title insurance. Cost of the owners title insurance and esorow agents fees to be divided e(:l. ually between the seller and buyer. Landlord(s) posses- s,on will be on the day of closing with full possession March 1, 2014. The seller will pay all the 2013 real estate taxes. The buyer will pay all the 2014 real estate taxes and subsequent years. The property will not be sold subject to financing or inspections. Please have all financial arrange- ments and inspections made prior to the auction. All an- nouncements made the day of the auction will take prece- dence over any statements, written, oral or implied. Double E Land Brokers, LLC and Thummel Real Estate & Auction LLC are working for the seller as seller's agent. The property is being sold in an as is condition. No warranty express or implied. All prospective buyers should fully inspect the property and rely on their own conclusions. For more information orto tourthe properly, please calIThummel Real Estate & Auction, LLC,. 105 W. @", Concordla, KS 66901,785-738-0067 or Double E Land Brokers, LLC, 308- 750-9434 or Downing and Alexander Attomeys, 355 N. Commercial, Superior, NE 68978, 402-879-3294. -,Theresa M. Peters Estate For Information or to tour the property -- Please Call Thummel Real Estate & Auction, LLC 700nM0s7 Double E Land Broker, LLC. M::8-A/:x:::e34r