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October 20, 2016     The Superior Express
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October 20, 2016

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Thursday October 20, 2016 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 7B wanted the marauders slashed and de- - .... - n att "" seat out of John Schaeffer's trousers. It automobile agency at Jewell. A new 5 out oi service after someo nmng . stroyed more than a wagon load of ,h~ n,a ~L,I,,o r,;.,,h,o,; ..... ,,,,,.=.I for school. It was reported It was hard was quite a surprise party for John, passenger Ford touring car was selling melons. '"~e~ob ..... " .... """" find shoes for boys and girls that "" i Andrewmadethematterrightbyhead- for$360,FOBDetroit.Hewasalsothe The Cheynes got in from the moun- ui DelSt0ne'srestaurantfailedto wor but one boy had worn a pair of ingThereOUt a neWwas paira slighter pantS.frost Monday $ for the Maxwell which sold for rains. When it began to snow, they lit and an investioation showed tho~pen Stuffers for 9 months. night, out for Kansas ...... b 1 ..... While attending the auto races at 1886 house. Hi Brewing was president of the Apparentlyanumberofdistrictresi- . . naauepartexlJewe l~ounty.nars.atone' hlin erhel ed c Jewell was thought to be m hue for said she knew Del was leavino an,~,ho, Concordta, Cal O g p arry Autumn came in with a cold rant. It was reported in the newspaper newly organized Webber McKinley dents were not happy to learn the high getting a first-class, fire-proof, steam' he romised to send back on:v'to a man off the track. The man was The rye fields are all green. Ben Musser moved a town house at 8:20 each morning. A member of IJv Charley Eberhart, 15-year-old son that Will Hively Was protesting his club with 80 members, school at Jewell was beginning classes heated garage. It was expected such a su-Port the children Shealsosaid~iiss thoughttobedyingbutherevived.Ten feature would be appreciated by the Steila Pound who had been cookin" motorcycles going at breakneck speed of Ed Eberhart, climbed on the cars Iodgeassessment and threatened to get out to a Brown s Creek farm. the school board reportedly had told ,,ublic ............... 5 went into the fence A racing automo- being switched in the Jewell railyard, out of it by dieing. A note penciled by October 6, 1906 theeditoroftheJewell Republican that vThe" pathfinder car for the" r ansas" insteadrr mm amreturnednOt leaVeto herwlmhmm out. o,e ..... went through "the fence in'urinj g The car he was on had been uncoupled someone on the old newspaper page Ionia and Beloit had each raised the early start would apply only during City Motor Car Dealers Association Concordia ome m the driver and two spectators. The hos- and the space between it and the next said it was a bluff he never carried $500 to secure a survey of the route for the warm and pleasant fall weather, passed through Jewell while making a Newt B'e re-erred "I t w 11 pital was said to be filled with sports But the editor said, "It should not routefortheFourthAnnualTourwhich on m' "-' nder when the show was over. car was widening, but young Eberhart through on. the proposed extension of the Union apply at all. We think a little country started in Kansas City and was to reach esterYdavYv ith 14 feet of wa r i 't" Post Toasties were advertised as jumped for the other car. He fell be- The Jewell schools were preparing Pacific Railroad to Ionia. tween the cars. Ashefell, hekeeled to open for the fall term on Sept. 15. Preparations were being made to town should consider the convenience Jewell two days later. Twenty eight y As lYr j G Ma"orofl o n as being fresh from the ovens. It was said over, his body landing just outside the Morethan200studentswereexpected. open !he roller skating season at of the farmers, rather than follow city . ' ' " J they didn't mush down when milk or track with his head on the rail. The car A jealous husband had twice as- style." different makes of motor cars were returning home after attending the Old ...... Jewell s Palmer's Opera House. from which he had jumped moved so saulted and nearly killed the Mitchell The men working in the coal mine The pony ridden by Billy Ivers' expected to be in the line,up plus me, Settlers Celebration in Jewell, the aoaea ,Ke common corn slowly it pushed his head off the rail County Sheriff. east of Jewell struck for higher wages, children was observed sporting a new toy trucks. At least 150 people were tongue ofhisbuggy came down. As we "~,,~,~ ",'" ,, ....... instead of crushing it. The boy was TheBurrOakHeraldreportedthou- The miners were said to be the only saddle and bridle, expected to participate. The tour was repairing the damage, oneofhishorses Bl~ta~l:YrKs.~eet~i:eTe~n:n~Vl; taken to Dr. Butterfield, who found sands of bushels of peaches had been ones to have made anything out of the September 22, 1916 accompanied by a band which gave kicked him, breaking his shin bone. e ..... s small concerts in the towns along the A bunch of young folks had a party .... ..... one arm broke, the other arm badly hauledoutofJewellCountytheprevi- mine. Mrs.SarahWrothwasoutonSpring route. . Bern|ceW|drtg'shousemthecoun- o'c sprained and cuts and bruises to patch ous week. J.F. Kelsey had leased the Hotel Creek caring for Mrs. Ptrie, the aged o::no:lgn Crnt la;,P: le l e Whenever a lynching occurs m y ....... up, E.E. KeUerofBrowns'sCreekhad Mankato to Elmer Berry, mother of Will Ptrie. Mrs. Ptrie was Kansas, the sheriffautomatically loses Steward Reeker, 10-year-old son wet : or e alol asan i s'g e: Smaoane Time to take in the bare feet, lost nearly all of fine herd of Polland- The home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. said to be very poorly. his office If investigation shows he of Ed Reeker, living near the county ........... " .... Gen. Phil Sheridan was visiting in China hogs to cholera. Collie had been deeply stricken. On Advertisement: "Grapes are the " ' " " line west in Athens was was to o given to me puptts to get Kansas. Seed potatoes were selling for 15 the same day two of their daughters cheapest fruit you can put up this year. did. everything_ .... m hxs power to stop kill d after drivin a horse[wnsmp", setueo" .......... tamely venous ooaramg pmces. We will have 150 baskets available me ovemor may remstate mm e g ann ouggy ......... Horse thieves were busy in Smith cents a bushel, died. Mrs. Ethel Vilott's death was the g . . .... 1n young IOIK were enjoymg me county. The Athens correspondent wrote, result of typhoid fever. Miss Hattie today.Phoneusyourorder.' F.I.Drake Bellewllewasthehorsebuymgcen- to the home of a ne ghbor mtendmg to .,.,..a ..... W. H. Jordan and wife, Ivan Jordan ter for north central Kansas and $2 borrow some butter. While returning W ......... Collie's death was the result of blood and wife and Miss Gladys Blacker million worth of horses were inspected home an automobile passed him scar- September 17, 1926 We will soon have to tie a bell to Ionia poisoning, feed the horses bein the boy was later found under the over- five installments The railroad track 90Beloit had a school population of "Ajax has moved his quarters again. surviving daughter of Noah post office to find it." - motored to Lyons to visit and take in there durin the summer It required ing his horse. The horse ran away and More than 4 inches of rain came in Webster said her father worked 21 The garden from which Adam and Octoher 2, 1896 the state fair at Hutchinson.400 tons ofhay to g . years writing his dictionary. Eve were driven, me thinks, yielded no There is a new girl baby at the home Will Wolfe, Gene Clark and Gene shinnedjac,__k Gavint the saidEUreant[ae carsWarwere turnedsmothered.buggy. . He apparently was Jewellwas washedand theUtwestbetweenBuffaloMankatwas saidand more abundantly than does our own of Mr.andMrs.LenSchmitt.Lencan't Plowman are beginning to talk about b,, so fasten the Jewell-Mankatoroad G.H.Topliffhasfinishedhisrunof to be at its highest mark in years. The Forty head of wild ponies were sold Paradise this year, cut any more monkey shines. He must new barns. : " melt like burnt rubber threshing and pulled his machine into rain also washed out at least three road at Ionia. The average price was $35. Guy Harrison had to cut all his cane sober down and set an example for the How would you like to be a horse that It s In a murder case tried at Beloit the one way. previous year, Dew Beal was accused Someone shot a very valuable dog next generation, and belong to a man who was too lazy A marriage license was issued to the shed. _ . bridges, Miss Nellie Worick drove a colt to to clean and bed the stalls? Clarence Meek of Courtland and Zola= Septemoer 1, 1916 . Lightning took a crack at John Hunt-e-r-of Lovewell Another was is- A bit of advice from the editor: Thompson'shouse. The children were of murdering Dan Coop, he was ac- belonging to the Doubherty boys, her school and it ran away with her in As a result of a misunderstanding ........ ,, . " " v " " quitted. Then the Huff boys were tried Otto Haggart moved to Mankato to the morning and again in the evening, with a big, husky calf tied to end of a .... .i ,., Hart and Connie Taylor With automobde thee es so numer- unstairs and one of them said, It and also acquitted. Well, Dan Coop take care of his father's livery barn. It takes a pretty smart girl to hold a rope, Mr. Berg had a badly bruised fRa'ndall " ' ous, it is best to take one wheel off and sounded likeDad fired a shotgunin the "" -- " " " " " OU " " ' showed up in Downs a year later. HeOctober 9, 1896 country school level and break run- face and perhaps a broken nose.Mr. Blair andbudge gang are carr it,with y .. . . kitchen. didn t expect anyone would miss him. FrankWallace expected to feed 200 away colts between times. Bert Folsom and wife are up on the these days uon t expect tee SChOOl teacher to Vernon Bunch said, "Our silo is 16 ......... ""- . .... take care ofyour babies. The youngest feet across, 16 feet deep and four feet Miss Ora Anderson was awaken by steers during the winter ifhe could buy Uncle Frank Snider returned home farmnearMayviewplowingforwheat. OCtn be r]aal ll auled four pupils should be at least six years old. a snake crawling across her bed. She them right, from Ohio Saturday evening. The trip For Sale: Harley-Davidson twin James Y, With school about to start clothing Continued to page 10 lay awake the rest of the night, waiting Corn shuckers were advised was a wearisome one and he has not cylinder, good as new, equipped with ~hagotelO;dt~Ofnb~Ckt~om Jteweislhti; stores were advertising the latest styles to see if anything else might happen. Crandalrs drug store was the place to been out much since, new Presto-life outfit. August, 1886 buy pine tar, carbolic salve, glycerine The G.A.R. Hall at Jewell was filled Septeml)er 15, 1916 high school. ~ Hunters reported prairie chickens and other remedies for sore fingers, with ladies and gentlemen who had One and two dollar bills were said Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Kelsey returned II IIRJll ~ -=.,l=, I~l .==,.--,~ LI~_.._. ,,.=. were not so plentiful in 1886. In 1896 it was thought Jewell come outto attend the McKinley Club to be crowding out silver change, to Jeweli from Lawrence to take charge I1 lll~lllll~r lib i~lll'lllm~ Aheavyrain fell as the newspaper County raised more com (one million meeting and hear Hayes White speak All of the electrical work in F.I. oftheir Jewellhotel, ~~! / rI~IIlIIlU was going to press, bushels) than any other county in Kan- and the glee club sing. Drake's new home was done by his There were 92 boys and 62 girls I llllllllbllJ Ill I1 ll 1~wmm mmmm~ Horse racing was a popular Jewell sas. Freight rates on hard coal were re- son, Charles, a university sophomore, enrolled in the Jeweil grade school. In m_ _. ~ .... =__ ~ A - - county sport. W.E. Bush's little girl met with a ported to have "come down a peg." ThetoughestthingaboutMrs.Frank hi h school there were 58 boys and 69 I lOrCOIIRWCIImmt~tm-mr g ....... I1~11 I=IlI, I~IilIIII:ILJ WlW=m=,,=,,==~t~lpxU'=a~l~a Town residents were being sur- painful accident. She and some other The J. D. Robertson Company had Ruggles sickness is that she can't set girls. Both schools were ~ocateo m me II .... " - - prised by the number of farmers riding children went to Chapman's pasture received a car load of salt.everything outdoors and clean house same building, -- , into town in carriages, after the cows. With the cows were B.F. Wallace had 80 acres of wheat every three weeks. August 18, 1916 I I want to be yeur County Bob McBride bought the Marlatt several horses and in trying to separate sown and was off attending the en- CollWhimeytradedinhisoldBuick ~ I real estate business and located in the cows and horses one of the horses campment at Topeka and the and purchased a new Pulman. Healso inYgton;oV.e~unknda;nW:l~ttKea~rS;Sul Con r issioner for District #3. Randall. kicked her on the chin, breaking her 'Kamival" at KansasCity. In the mean- took on the Pulman agency, go union service had to be moved from E A bad case of something or the lower jaw in two places, time, he was said to be looking up Windfall apples while on the ground theJewellparktotheChristianChurch I I am the candidate who is: other was taking Dr. Hughes to Wash- It was thoughtprobablethere would feeders for his immmense corn crop. were selling for 35 cents a bushel at on account of the cold weather. - /, - ington county every two weeks, be at least 40,000 head of cattle fat- Wm. Holler had treated his snug Hulse Orchard one mile east of Two poht~cal'" days were planned to I /IJedlll~lf~llJ41hJl~~ II~lat= = ~" A. L. Marks started on the road as a tened in Jewell County in the coming little house to a fresh coat of paint, Mankato. be part of the Randall Baseball Tour- .o " , . commercial traveler, winter, which was said to add very materially Will, Lloyd and Ralph Arasmith nament. Friday was to be the Demo- I " ~Ot11~ ~ J@SN~I~ ~114111~ B. F. Wallace said he was looking The county commissioners wereto the hobby appearance of the house, went to Lincoln, Neb.,tolookforwork. crats~ day and Saturday the Republi- I1 [ ...... for the meanest man in the county to meeting in quarterly session at " The Teachers Association meeting TheyfounditwiththeBurlingtonRail- give his lister to. Mankato. at Mankato was not largely attended road at $50 a month, cans day. CongressionaI and coun!y V llllNlpe4111dlll@ 1111 I iHIJr,41 ii6 dI l k)ns. candidates were to be among the speaK- II /' Minnie Schaeffer was clerking in TheBettsboyswerebuyingcribbinand those on the program were con- Watermelon wagons were a com- ers / her father s bank. She was said to be as if they intendedtocrib all the corn spicuous by their absence, men sight. " awd ot her hand t[ Dl~i~;at4MJ IN) e~lSUl~It~ tJt@ fMtUl~ Of very competent, on the East Buffalo. Mrs. Thomas Coomber was thrown Just before theraincame, Pete Kaad caughtMrS'inWillthe cogsD of Ya tractor g and one II V_ JillRRRII41"~-'-'~'~'--r~Dlllltg~lt= "--= --' August 7, 1896 Musser Byes, bought 15,000 feet of from a hay rake and badly bruised, had the lining to his cistern torn out, finger had to be amputated. The whole [ - ' The courthouse was crowded forlumber for a big crib. J.S. Fisher was W.C. Gann went to Beloit and dug it larger and walled it with brick, -- ~ Jewell County s first ever school of- building big cribs in Jewell and was brought home a nice easy chair. It was According to wire reports, C.H. hand was badly bruised. II t/Ililht lhe The Jewell drinki0g fountain was ~~ i. _.~ .~" ' ~. ricers day. School board members and expected to begin buying corn as soon a birthday present for his sick wife. Rose was thrown from a horse and was . .i .~- . . , .... /~~ ~,4a~t=t~ntn~ Ka~ Fle#tlllff, tt~'=i~urer ................... teachers attended the event in prepara- as they were finished. Thepotatocropwasratherlightand thought to be in a serious condition ~ . The editor said it was a good sign to nothing was said to be more tiresome with several broken ribs, tin fr the fall schl term beginning see pcpie planning t crib their crnthan hunting fr small ptateS'in September. Dr. Jones of Formoso did dental~F~ John Grimm took his tough Sunday because it meant the market was not Charley Elliott was putting, up his work this week in Ionia. His office was school class on a fishing expedition to going to be flooded with com. Conse- second crop of hay. It wash t very in the Davis House. Tanquarry Mill. quently those who must sell would get heavy but it was of good quality. Mr. and Mrs. Spatz have been out Frank Forrest, John M. Hutchison, a better price. Kansas people have west looking at land they were think- Wilber George, Gee. R. Kreamer and enough experience to know corn willAugust 31, 1906 ing of buying. I~ 1 Gee. Seamans are attending the Popu- not long sell for 10 to 15 cents per The Jewell County Coal Company Mrs. Jennie Woolsey went over to list State Convention. They left Jewell bushel, was booking orders for coal at the mine Beloit to enter the Nelson hospital. The County for the convention riding in a September 25, 1896 three miles east of Jewell. reporter hoped she would return home covered wagon. Miss Angel, daughter of the grain At the Manhattan races a Jewell benefited. Sale Location: Auction Palace, 3127 US 24 Highway, Beloit, KS, A thief got away with 15 bushels of buyer, returned to St. Joseph where she county horse, "Bill Barleycorn," owned September 29, 1916 by Bud Friend of Randall, took first. There was a sneaky bunch in Jewell. FURNITURE R0undMetal Base Table Paintings apples from Billy Edwards. has work as a stenographer. Mr. Angel A jolly automobile group came up They entered the cellar of Mrs. Sara 2 Full Size Beds w/B0x Springs, Mattresses China Hutch, Sliding Glass Doors Chenille Bedspreads John Bowman's boy has his arm in is talking of building a large poultry from Concordia with three machines Schott while she was away and stole Walnut Dresser w/Marble Shelves, 3 & 4 Shelf Bookshelves Dresser Sets a cast after falling out of a hay mow. Ornate Mirrors Tan/Blue Stripe Hide-A-Bed, Love Seat Celluloid Pieces -- Hat Boxes The Robertson Company decidedhouse in Jewell. His plan is to buy and to visit in the Jewell home of Mr. And much of her canned fruit. Mrs. Schott to shell all their corn. ship poultry. Mrs. W. A. Matson. was past 90 years of age but she had Maple Dresser,Chest Of Drawers 2)Queen0ctagonAnnestandMarbleTablesTP Coffee Table VintageDeCratiVepurses,Hair CombScompacts.-- OIdHats,Eyeglasses Osborne Park got his hand crushed Elmer Swiggum, age 1 O, son of Mr. The Jewell Evangelical church had carried her winter wood into the shed 2) Home Office Desks Shoes & Clothing whilehandlingsomehorseswhichgave and Mrs. S. D. Swiggum of Calvin a new bell. andpileditneatly.Howeverthethieves Magazine Rack Large Collection 0133 & 45 Records, him an excuse to stay a week or two in township, died of typhoid fever. He made off with much of it. Tobacco Stand At Least 12 Elvis, 11 Beatles. Jeweil with his wife and baby.had been sick for one month. - September 8, 1916 Tom Karstatter and S. C. Edwards Iron Plant Stand , ' Michael Jackson More August 28, 1896 Benj. Musser was laying more stone F.L. Drake advertised he had plenty has shipped in two cars of melons. Roll Around Music Stand A man came into the First National sidewalk in Jewell, of grain bags available for alfalfa seed. However a car door was pried open Maple End Table Bank a week or so earlier and pry- Andrew Miller s big dog took the DavidKnarrwasestablishingaFord and after taking all the melons they 2) Marble Top Coffee Tables Marble Top Stand Table sented a $75 certificate of deposit drawn in favor of I.R. Jordan of Brown's ily i i II Creek, and also some notes, claiming he found them in the road. A few days later Jordan came into the bank and reported his certificates had been sto- len. When he heard the papers were in Vd l V " ii saidthe bank and how they came there, hethey had never been found in the Great for keeping track of work, garden, road but in bis trunk. The fellow who housegaVe themthe nightt the bank hadbefore heStayed at hiSclaimed to medicine and other personal notes ][ etbookhave foundfromthem.the Hetrunkhadandtakenwhena pock-he -~'E' i:- i': .~:- "~" "" " ....... found it contained nothing but papers -- qhe ,._%u raor Express valueless to him, he got rid of them by leaving them at the bank. ............................ ............................ 148 East Third Superior, Neb. 402-879-3291 The croquet players down on Newt i ................ .............. . ,.,. .., Kreamer'sgroundsareparticularabout ~, 29 I : ~0~1~I~' ~11~1~0~ //~lr/ observing the Sabbath. They never play after 13 o'clock on Saturday nights. ~ G. D. Moore of Brown s Creek had 23 3~ 111 E. Main Mankato, Kan. 785-378-3191 $90 in gold buried in his cellar. The Glass Top Stand Table Walnut Liquor Cabinet w/2 Doors, 2) Clover Leaf Top Coffee Tables Mirrored Drop Front Compartment 3) Round Top Trunks -- Wicker Trunk Mahogany China Hutch Telephone Stand Dresser w/Matching Chest Of Drawers 2) Green Stripe Over Stuffed Chairs Large Collection Of 01d Books, Inc: 5 Shelf Bookshelf 20) Assorted Chairs Wizard Of 0z, 1908 Lincoln County Atlas, Queen Anne Dresser w/Mirror ORIENTAL RUGS 2) Mitchell County Atlas 4 S Six 8x12 0il Lamps -- Sewing Boxes 7x12, 6x9, 8x5 ANTIQUES & MISCELLANEOUS Road Maps -- License Plates 50) Table & Floor Lamps Advertising Items Lamp Shades Lg Asst Of China & Glass Figurines Lamp Finials Dolls 16) Old West Books -- Ceramic Cane Stand Large Assortment Of Linen, Bedding, Quilts, Canes -- Umbrellas -- Yard Sticks Comforters Fancy Work-- Crochet Work Silverware -- Gold Ware -- Globe Table Radios Limited Edition Plates Small Electric Appliances Electric Fireplace Logs Marble Top Dresser w/Tear Drop Pulls Dishes Lazy Susan -- Pitching Horse Shoes Lane Cedar Chest On Legs Cooking Utensils ' Games -. Toys -- Many Items Not Listed Ceda~ Chest Pots & Pans This wasthe 2) Matching End Tables Stainless Steel Barware 2) Floral 3 Cushion Couches Stainless Steel Coffee Pots l~DIl=' HOWARD Ice Buckets Collection previous week he discovered it had been stolen. Lightning struck an oat stack at Will Young's stock yard. The oats burned but the neighbors rallied and put out the fire before it spread to the other stacks. There was to be a phonograph con- cert at the Jewell rink. The machine was one of Edison's latest improved phonographs which could be distinctly heard in any part of the house. The Missouri Pacific railroad was selling roundtrip tickets to the St. Joe fair and races for $6.25. The Missouri Pacific railroad was. selling roundtrip tickets to the St. Joe fair and races for $6.25. The safe blowers opened their fall campaign at Oronoque in Norton County and secured $80. The Hockman & Grim store at Jewell had 200 men's and boys' suits and 75 overcoats in stock and ready for sale. September 11, 1896 Mr. Humphrey's house was being plastered, Mr. Rossmans new house was under roof and the cellar was be- ing dug for Ruben Henninger's new 1:00 p.m. Auction will be held at the Skating Rink, 201 Howe in Formoso, Kansas COLLECTIBLES AND HOUSEHOLD Maytag washer and dryer; Sharp microwave; GE upright freezer; Whirlpool portable dish washer; Mastercraft Comfo hide- a-bed; maple oval table w/6 chairs; maple hutch; maple server; maple rocking love seat; oak 36 in. roll top desk; oak drop front desk; oak coffee and end tables; kitchen table and swivel chairs; 60s 3-pc. bedroom set; full bed and chest; 4-drawer chest; rockers; recliners; bookcase; pine flattop desk; Sanyo 25 in. IV; 3-drawer chest; floor lamp; metal serving cart; metal shelves; luggage; kitchen appliances; bread machine; Tupperware; Hoover upright carpet washer; Hoover upright vacuum; electric typewriters; Christmas decorations; blankets; fans; step ladder; assortment of other items; Yard Machine riding lawn mower COLLECTIBLES Oak flat front 2-door china; oak dresser w/mirror; oak 5-drawer chest; oak commode w/towel bar; 20s 3-pc. bedroom set; 20s wardrobe; cedar chest; hall tree; pink depression; assortment glass; kerosene lamp; Toby mugs; flatware; costume jewelry; assortment pictures; fabric; comforter; fabric; flower pots; assortment of other collectibles. Note: The furniture is very clean and good quality. Dean and Velma Cline Estates Auction Conducted By Thummel Real Estate & Auction LLC 785-738-0067 Vases -- Jewelr, VEHICLE Oak Claw Foot Queen Anne Style Desk Ornate Oak Recliner Back Chair Small Mahogany Love Seat 2003 GMC Red Sierra SLE Extended Cab Yellow Velor Love Seat 4 Door Pickup, 2 Wheel Drive, w/Smoke Cane Side, Back Love Seat 2) Leaded Glass Lamp Shades ~ , Glass Tol~er, V8 AT, Full Power & Air, Gray Parlor Table, 4 Chairs Bo0kends, 0ogl Shi~; 01tier~l]t~:" ~ ~10tlrlrf, ert~t, 114 000 Actual Miles. This Round Glass Top Table Pictures ~: ~: These and many other items numerOus to mention. Terms: Cash - Nothing removed until settled for - Not responsible for accidents Sale conducted by: Gerald Zimmer Auction& Real Auctioneer: G Beloit, KS 67420 . (785] (785) 738-8677 (Cell) , (785) EMAIL US AT GZARE@NCKCN.COM.Web: