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October 20, 2016     The Superior Express
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October 20, 2016

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1 0B THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thursday, October 20, 2016 I By GlennaFogo enforcement personnel from both They started coming in early and Jewell and Smith counties. they just kept coming. Everyone Don Fogo and Dwight Frost as- showed up for Guaranty State's tail- sisted the Mankato VFW members in gateparty last Wednesday. Becauseof holding the military rites at the burial the cool weather everything was moved of Nick Boden Friday morning at the into the cafe where thehot dogs, polish Wallace Cemetery. dogs, chips, cookies and your choice Wes Burgess, Milford, came to of drink were devoured. Those from Esbon Saturday to help his dad, Gale, the bank who were there to welcome with fall harvest. youandgiveanassistwereKimDavis, Friday night, Teresa Shipley flew KennyMizner, Ashley Underwood and to Mesa, Ariz., to the home of son Riley Sholtz from the Smith Center Nathan and his family. She returned branch, home Monday. Lila and John Frost were in Saline Paul Frost, Concordia, stayed the last Monday for John to see his cancer weekend in the Esbon area visiting dad doctor. Shawn, and granddad and grandma, Monday morning the ambulance John and Lila. was called to the Delbert Bird farm Everyone has a different idea on homCn0rthofEsbon. They transported how the Scott Marihngh land sale will The first came when a horse they were riding became frightened and ran away with them. The horse jumped one gate while the little folks held on but when the horse stopped for another gate the tikes fell off. Luckily neither was in- ured. Then they went along when Mrs. Balch drove their car up to the south door of the Adams store at Formoso. She left the youngsters in the vehicle while she did some trading. In some manner, the car started rolling down hill and came to a stop only after it struck a tree. The bumper of the car was broken. Septe~diber 24, 1926 Mr. and Mrs. g'~,~G~een started on i their closed car. their California trivi~ Their bed, mattress ~and/all.~id not exceed 15 pounds and when/roiled up was as long as the width of the car inside and about as thick as a common water pail. It rested on the top of the seats and clamped at the four comers. It was said to be comfortable. The of the death of our friend, Jay Gillett. the time he was placed in the bushes by Jay and his wife, Mildred, lived in Red his mother to many years later when at with the seed at planning time. Other Cloud. Jay liked auction sales and at- tended many of them as he watched for the age of 80 he observed the burning nutrients applied in combination with items to be used in his business. As a bush that burned and burned but was P included nitrogen and sulfur. Results never destroyed. Those carrying out from this study will provide informa- young man, Jay grew up on a farm duties at church this day were Sam and tion for the best combination of nutri- north for Esbon and attended school Alyce greeting everyone, their grand- ents during planting for wheat, given here, graduating from Esbon High in children taking care ofthe candles, and specific soils, varieties and conditions 1944. grandsons Dereck and Jerrod Gillett for north central Kansas. Other sad news received Friday was Another study at the Smith County ofthedeathofPatricia(Cochran) Bird. serving as ushers; Wanda Thummel Pat and her husband, Delbert, were and Janet Kriley the musicians; Lane wheat plot will be the nitrogen "sen- rural Esbon residents. Patty graduated Underwood assisting with commun- sor-based" research that Post Rock from Esbon High School in 1956. ion. Janet prepared the communion District has collaborated in for three TheVillageCafeisalwaystheplace elements. Fellowship followed, years. This study will help provide "How Great Thou Art." research for how optical sensors to be in the mornings but Friday was a bit different in the customers there. "The art of a people is a true mirror of Among the crowd were county law their minds." Jawaharlal Nehru Pat~icla Bird to the Jewell County go. After this coming Monday specu- Greens planned to visit relatives on the Hospital and later she was air lifted to lation will be over as so will the sale way, stay along the coast during the the hospital in Saline. and everyone will know the answer, winter and return to Jewell County in Dia~ma Henry took her friend, Opal not just be guessing. As soybeans are harvested, many farmers are drilling wheat nto the stubble fields Some plan to harvest the grain next year, others are planting the wheat as a cover crop with plans to plant mile or corn on the ground in the spring. Crop scientists now advocate having a crop growing the year around. soteriti to, Wichita, where Opal This past weekend, Saturdayatleast, While the growing crop removes some moisture, it also adds moisture by hay ng more organic matter present to hold moisture and speed the intake of the spring. boarded an airplane for the trip to her if you were wanting something differ- moisture during a rain event. But in this field something different was going on. Theron Haresnape, was drilling wheat for the Smith County wheat variety gettingWaynehis Clarkcellar fulllaCkedof water.jUst a foot of home itl Rhode Island last Wednesday. ent to do you could head east and trial demonstration plot located east of Smith Center on Highway 36. Several car loads of young musical Opal had been visi[ing in Esbon for a couple of weeks lind is considering attend the farmers market in Mankato, folk from Jewell County attended the moving here permanently as she but if that wasn t to your liking you l'esl al'ch mounted to both ground and aerial ][]11111" Oak Wl a.thel" picture show, Wheeler put in the time band convention at Smith Center. platforms can identify areas within . ,~. .......... talking over the events of early days The wiz of the wild duck was being thought this was a pretty good place to could go west to Lebanon where their L, arry b=ilegi, INUA-~ onserver Christian Church Women's Fellow- demo plots planted with the editor, Wheeler was nearly 80 heard along the Marsh the sportsmen be. Precipitation RiG and Don Pohlod, Michigan, ship was serving several kinds of soup, By Sandra L. Wick, fields where significant differences in years old. He came to Kansas in 1872 were going out in antcipation of hav- left Esbon last Wednesday on the first plUSalongyOurwithchoiCea bakefsaladSsale, anddesserts, Post Rock Extension District N availability may exist, which will This week ................................ Trace and settled near Bellaire. Mr. Wheeler ing roast duck to eat. lo0p of their journey home. The ',Leanmgontheeverlastmgarna.s.TheJewell, Mitchell, Osbomeand result in higher or lower N needs. InOctober ................................. 0.12 was said to be active in body and mind, Harry Ritter had 16 tons of baled " " and a good reader and with a keen prairie hay shipped up from Kansas Pohlods stayed the last few days visit- ing the Frost relatives in this area. It was an extremely foggy morning Smith county wheat research demon- Elevendifferenttreamaents willbeus_ed,, Temperatures MelindaWilliams flew intoWichita when Alyce and Sam Gillett arrived at stration plots of K-State Research and including "unmanned aerial systems Dailyhighs and lows interest in current events and politics. City. It cost him $16 a ton. Fr~ay where she planned to attend the Esbon United Methodist Church, Extension, Post Rock District, have (UAS) for determination as well. Oct. 12 .................................. 72 42 Lillian Gutscher, daughter of V.F. August 27, 1926 some meetings but she also was met in anditremainedthatwayasthecongre- been planted with several different Adjacent to the Mitchell County Oct. 13 .................................. 50 26 Gutscher, was severely bitten by a bull varieties, blends and population stud- wheat plot will be a fertility study Oct. 14 .................................. 58 26 dog. M!ss Gutscher was visiting at her C.K. Peck planted 1,500 celery plants with potatoes between the rows that city by her mother, Joangation came to the church to be greeted Broeckehnan, andcame back to Esbon by the Gilletts. This being birthday ies. Thanks to cooperators Calvin looking at some of the newer urea type Oct. 15 .................................. 73 46 brother s home and was in the yard and was well pleased with the results. with her for the weekend with parents, weekend at the Gillett home, their Bohnert, Marty Fletchall, Theron products such as ESN polymer coated Oct. 16 .................................. 76 53 JoanandWayne, along with other rela- guests and guests at church were Susan Haresnape and Rick Mans. The urea, and NBPT coated urea to see if Oct. 17 .................................. 82 54 bitherseverelyanumberoftimes, ThePlaying with one of the children when TheThePlantSdefunctWere abOUtRandalll4 StateinCheSBankhigh rives, like brothers and their families, and Sophie Olson; Carrie Bonebrake Mitchell County plot is a replicated they offer any improvements in safety Oct. 18 .................................. 82 51 the dog suddenly leaped upon her and by the end of August. ~: Probablymostofthewheatisinthe with Andrew and Jacob; Dave and plot which simply means varieties are when placed with the seed. K-State young lady was rushed to town to have paid a 20 percent dividend to its de- Autumn Gillett; their children Logan, planted 3-4 times within the plot loca- recommends applying some nitrogen, her wounds treated. The attending phy- positors. The bank closed the first of ground. If the beans aren t cut they Addyson, Easton and Larson; Victoria tion and will beincluded in the K-State 20 to 30 pounds at or prior to seedingof Jewell Co. Memories sicians said they treated 15 or 20 the year and this was the first payment probably will be by the time you read ~is. My beans are in the elevator and I L Ecuyer with Makayla and Cede; Research and Extension performance winter wheat. This is a challenge to woundsonherbackandlimbs, Several to the depositors. must brag on my tenants, Ivan and Terry and Marlene Walker. Other tests. This plot was designed by KSU actually accomplish due to the poten- Continued from page 7 required stitches. The Jewell Lumber Company was Wayne Frost, as they have done an guests at church were Kirk Holliday and planted by Lucas Hang, K-State tial for ammonia injury from urea fer- above the ground, macle of tile and Roy Getman of Mankato visitedexpecting a c arload of real excellent job. My beans wereoutstand- and one other couple whose names I Research and Extension, NW Area tilizers when placed with the seed. K- brickand we've got'erfull." ArtLichty Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Drake. They went "Niggerhead" coal. i/ag. There seems to be record breaking didnotget.AssociatePastorRodRose agronomist, in the Colby office. The State's recommendation is to never built one like it on the Schafer farm. totheIndianburialgroundsnearGuide F.E. Ruggles offered to sell a hi- drops for everyone this year, but no presented the message ofthe moming, other three plots (JW,OB and SM) applyureainfurrowwiththeseed. The Schafer to pay for the material when Rockandsawonetheskeleton'sbeing cyclein good condition on reasonable 13ragging on the price at the elevators. He read from Exodus 2 with "A Little include check varieties to account for study has urea, ESN, and agrotain urea Art leaves, terms. The machine had new tires, seat About Moses" as his sermon title, but field variability along with the 28 vari- at rates of 10, 20, 30 and 60 pounds per Mrs. Will White was crippled after dug up. Mr. Cool accidentally ran his Ford and brakes. Roger Lamb, Pampas, Texas, and earlier he had talked to the very large eties, three blends and population stud- acre placed with the seed. gettingherlefthandcaughtinthepower coupe into one of the immense cracks After being badly burned, William hissn'Greg'drveinThursday'Rgerusualiy makes trips to Jewell County group of children. He first asked the ies. K-State Research and Extension's wringer, just south ofthe lonia U.B. church and Hoard was taken to the county farm. to hunt thistles or cut out trees in his kids if they knew how to swim, and the Additional research is also included mission is to provide the citizens of Kansas had 17 millionaires, upset the car. He was uninjured and A Glen Elder woman corrected the pastures south of Esbon. Thistfiphe advantages of being able to do so. He in the Post Rock District plots in Kansas with technical information and Chicken thieves took a heavy toll at very little damage was done to the car. GlenEldereditorforreportingshewas thentoldthemthatwhentheygothome Osborne, MitchellandSmithcounties. education that can enhance the eco- the John Atkinson farm. Mr. and Mrs. JamesBalch stwochildren hadtwo living with her husband. She said she skid they are going to be doing a vari- " " d The additionalresearch adjacent to the nomic viability and quality of life in Atkinson estimated they lost 100 fowl. thrilling experiences within the week. was simply staying there taking careof ety Of chores. They are staying at the they should use Google Earth, an Osborne County plot includes a wheat our communities. One good way to do Joe Gaze never drove a Ford car his children. there they would find maps of the holy Jerry and Trudy Lewis house during land. This day's sermon included the phosphorus study to evaluate the right this is through well planned and care- until he gave himself the benefit of a the week they are here. story of Moses, about how manysource, place and time for P fertilizer fullyconducteddemonstrationsor"on- good big bunch of experience on his We in Esbon were saddened to leam women playedapartinhislifefrominwheat. Treatments include multiple farm research" that serves as one ofthe first trip. He drove to the extreme south- Fall Service Special phosphorus fertilizer sources applied most effective Extension education west comer of the state and back. He bid for 2017 was not accepted for the City of Jewell; therefore, as of January 1, 2017, we will no longer be picking up trash for the residents of Jewell. We will continue to pick up our business and church customers in the City of Jewell. Eric Griffeth and l will continue to provide quality dependable trash service to all our customers. If you would like to start new trash service or have a question about your current . service please call-text at 785-545-594 or email chiefdisposal @yahoo.corn Thank you, Shelly Davis Burr Oak, Ken. for District #3 Commissioner in the November 8, 2016 General Election Your vote wOuld be appreciated Paid for by Tom Harris Bids are being accepted for 534.4 acres of grassland and 105.6 acres cropland located in Jewell County and owned by Jewell County Hospital. Bids must be received in writing by Darrell Miller, PO Box 344 (208 N Commercial), Man- kate, Ken. by October 21, 4 p.m. to be consid- ered. , See "Invitation For Bids" running in the legal ' section of this newspaper for more information. tools ever developed. Post Rock Ex- said he only missed one bridge on the tension District is fortunate to have entire trip. The bridge he missed only producers who are willing to put in the had one banister and Joe went on the extra time and effort for on farm re- wrongsideofthat, Buthewasgoingso search or demonstration test plots, fast he was half way up the creek bank "Knowledge for Life" continues to be on the other side before he could get our goal for K-State Research and Ex- the car stopped, He was able to push tension, so our educational program- out without being obliged to call for ming provides research-based infer- help. mation from the university to the pro- G.G. Wheeler, aveteran oftheCivil ducers of our district, war and of several engagements with the Indians, was a caller at the Esbon "Bachelors have consciences, married Times office. He came to town with menhave wives." H.L. Mencken Mike Maloney and while Mike was hunting for a girl to take to the free AVENUE WE HA VE New Townhomes for rent in Mankato, Kan. 1,200 sq. ft., two bedroom, two bath, full size garage, handicapped accessible, extensive landscaping TOWNHOMES Bethany Roe jewellcounty@ hotmail LUXURY LIVING AT A VERY AFFORDABLE PRICE 42 t6 Lawn mower, Gator, Compact Tractor ready for spring Walk Behinds $75.20 Z-Trak Residential$188.00 Lawn Tractors $141.00 Z-Trak Commercial $235.00 Garden Tractors $164.50 Gator Utility Vehicles $211.50 Compact Utility Tractors $ 235.00 Program details: Complete operating inspection, new spark plug, engine oil and filter change, check air filter, fuel filter change, sharpen blades, power wash, fuel conditioner additive, lubricate unit. Parts not included in pricing. Early Bird Special: Sign up by Nov. 30 201'6 Receive 10% discount off parts Free pickup and delivery within 5 miles Call today for an appointment Beloit EIIsworth Hays I All=-- I i]llP'.ffti~.~ 877 542 4099 866 522 9600 800 658 4640 IL"u " :vv/b,~-~IP'~ x'~- Follow us on Facebook and our mobile app. O Board Certified Health Care Providers ADA Certified Andy Walker, M.D. Nolan Beavers, M.D. Marilyn Dunstan, A.P.R.N. Dianne Kramer, A.P.R.N. Bryan Houchens, P.A.C. Services Acute inpatient care, Swing beds,, Outpatient care, Pediatrics, Hospice, Crestvue Cottage Apartments, 24 Hour Emergency Room Diagnostic Laboratory, Digital Radiology, EKGs, CT Scans, MRIs, Halter Monitoring, Stress Testing, Venous and Carotid Doppler Studies, Echocardiograms, Annual Health Fair Participant, Women's Health Clinic and Kan Be Healthy Clinic 29.16 Rehabilitation Diabetic Eductation, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy Jewell County Hospital - Providing a friendly, caring environment Serving our patients and community JEWELL COUNTY RURAL HEALTH CLINIC 102 South Center, Mankato, Ken. 66956 785-378-3511 HOURS: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8 a.m. - Noon, I - 5 p.m. Friday.- 8 a.m. - Noon JEWELL COUNTY HOSPITAL 100 Crestvue, Mankato, Kan. 60956 785-378-3137 p !' /