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October 26, 2017     The Superior Express
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October 26, 2017

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6A THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS" Thursaay, October 26, 2017 Public Notices I I (First Published Oct. 19, 2017 in The Superior Express) Notice in the County Court of Nuckolls County, Nebraska, Estate of Wilma Faye Owen, deceased Estate No. PR 17-23 Notice is hereby given that a Peti- tion for Formal Adjudication of Intes- lacy. Determination of Hens, and Ap- pointment of Personal Representatave Melvin Powell as Personal Represen- lafive has been filed and is set for hearing in theCounty Courtof NuckolLs County, Nebraska located at 150 S. Main Street, Nelson, NE 68961 on November 6, 2017 at or after 9:15 a.m. Mel in Powetl 3990 W Road Edgar, NE 68935 John V. Hodge Bar [D No. 25197 PO Box 385 Nelson, N1E 68961 402-225-2341 ZNEZ 42-3c (Published Oct. 26, 2017 in The Superior Express) Notice of Public Hearing Notice is hereby given that a Public Hearing will be held on Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 6:30 p.m in the Conference Room at the City Utility Building 135 W. 4th Street, Superior. Neb by the City of Superior Board of Zoning Adjustment on the following case(s): I. On an application for a variance being sought to allow for an illegally constructed single stall carport to re- main located at 715 N Commercial St. or legally described as the Lots 9. 10. and the-North 8' of Lot i t. Block 4. Original Town Superior Subdm~ lsion. which is currently zoned MDR. Me dium Density Residential District I ) A Variance to allow for a reduction of the minimum side yard setback for a single family dwelling from 7.5 feet to 2 foot along the north properb line (Applicant/Owner: Chad and Crystal Sporing k I. On an application for a variance being sought 1o allow for the con- structed ofa 6 foot tall fence located in the front yard at 612 East 6th SI, or legally described as the LotsS. 6, 7. 8. and the West 10 feet of Lots 9, 10. Block 8. Ea~st Superior Subdivision, which is currently zoned MDR, Me- dium Density Residential District. I) A Variance to allow for an increase of the maximum height of a fence located in a front yard in front of theprincipal structure from 4 foot to 6 foot along the north property line along 7th Street. (Applicant/Owner: Nuckolls County Historical Society). I. On an application for several variances being sought to ~low for the ' construction of a new.detached garage located at 554 N Central Street, Or legally described as Lot 22, 23, and 24, I Block 20, Original Town Subdivision which is cur~nfly zoned MDR, Me- dium Density Residential District. l ) A Variance to allow for a reduction of the minimum front yard setback for a detached accessory structure from 25 feet to 4 foot along the north property line. 2) A Variance to allow for a reduction of the mmimum side yard setbac k for a detached accessory struc- ture from 7 5 feet to 3 foot along the east property ttne 3) A Variance to allow for an |crease of the maximum allow able sidewall height of| detached accessory structure from 8 feet to J0 foot 4) A Variance to allow for an increase of the maximum allowable size of a detached accessory structure from 7L~ square feet to 1140 square feet 5) A Variance to allow for an increase of the maximum allowable peak height of a detached accessory structure from 17 feet to 17 5 foot. (Apphcant/Owner' Troy and Becky Scott) AIt persons mterested m the atore- mentioned case(s) will be heard at the Public Heanng If you have any ques- tions or comments regardmg the pro- posed variances, please contact the Department of Planning and Zoning at (402) 879-4713. ZNEZ 43- I c (Published O('t. 26. 2017 in The Superior ExpressI Public Nolice To all interested c itlzens of Adams. Clay. Nuckolls. and Webster Coun+ ties. The Board of Health for the South Heartland Dzstnct Health Department will be holding a general meetmg on N ovember 1.2017 at 8 30 a.m at South Heartland District Health Department Conference Room. Hastings NE A copy of the agenda may be obtamed at the South Heartland D~stnct Health Department. 606 North Minnesota. Suite 2. Hastmgs. NE ZNEZ 43-1c ~ First Pubhxhed Oct 26. 2017 ~n The Superior Expressi Notice In the County Court of Nuckolls Count>. Nebraska. Estate of Cart R Andersen. deceased Estate No. PR 17-25 Notice ~s hereby given that a Peti- tion for Probate of Will of said de- ceased. Determination of Heirs, and Appointment of Irene S. Kohn as Pgr- sonal Representative has been filed and is set for hearing in the County Courl of Nuckolls County, Nebraska located at Nuckolls county Courl, Nelson. Nebraska 68961 on Novem- ber 20, 2017 at or after 9:30 a.m. Irene S. Kohn, Petitioner 3064 Highway 136 Superior, NE 68978 (402) 879-3156 Randall Alexander (Bar ID No, 15337) Downing, Alexander and Wood 355 N. Commercial, P.O. Box 185 Superior, Nebraska 68978 t 4021879-4751 ZNEZ 43-3c If you are not receiving 7~Ox~rY 1he Superior L/ OMOTWE-GAZETI'E Exp -- s each week, you are missing the news, features and pictures reporting on the lives of your friends and neighbors. The Superior Express One Year m Nebraska $28 One 'Year in Kansas $30 Kansas subs( riptions m~ tude sales t6t~) One Year in Other States, $39 Nuekolls County Locomotive Gazette One Year in Local area $28 One Year in 'Nebraska $34 One Year in Other States, $37 Stop by or mail your order to either o four offices. PO Box 408 Superior, Neb. 68978 402-879-3291 or PO Box 285 Nelson, Neb. 68961 r mmmmmmmmm~m~m~mmm~~l I I Please .send a subscription of D The Superior Express I Locomotive Gazette I IName: | I I Address I I I I Clt) State Zip I I I I Amount New Renewal | i IA gift li'om: l ~mmmmmnmlmm~mmmmmm~mm~ (Published Oct. 26. 2017 m The Superior Express) Notice of Public Hearing The Village of Hardy will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, November . 14. 2017 at 5:!5 p.m m the Fire Hall The purpose of this hearmg is to hear public comments on the i & 6 Year Street Improvement Program tot the V diage of Hardy m strict accordance with Nebraska Law Village of Hardy Sam Clark Vtltage Clerk ZNEZ 43. I c ,PuOhshed O~mt~ 26. 2017 m The Superior Expressj Ordinance 92.028 An ordinance to amend and add sections to Ordinance 92.028 of the City. of Superior. Nebraska Code of Ordinances: to provide for the repeal of conflicting ordinances or sections: te provide for the effective date thereof As a is recognized that smoke from keaves, grassclippings, stumps, unspht logs. gargage, trash lumber and other combustible material ts hazardous to ones health and may affect the health ofciuzens when involuntarily exposed to the presence of such smoke Therefore. be it ordamed by the Mayor and Council of the City of Su- perior. Nebraska as ~bllows. 92.028 bonfms and outdoor rubbish fires outside the fire limits, recreational fires No person shall kindle or malnlam any bonfire or rubbish fire or authorize that type ot fire to be kindled or mare- tamed any ~here v, lthln the city. unless the Iocanon ]s out|de the fire hm=ts as establ ished in ++92 020 of this code and m oomph|nee with the following regu- lations *-~ "-:- zKc~.f,t,=,-i L-m, ,- J-'~lJU um|~ ~lJ~ll U'~ ------ Li L| i L ~ L ~I~FI|ruauI~ ~r~lll~f [~tW1~, ut~ ml~Jum3 ut o /'~lt J "~ ~ ,r~ J . L L - it I~ ' ~1 -- = itrta] mJllp~ ~s|~/p I.~. ~'JIZL4~IIt~U i~ ~ wa~t~ ft. :.!. l~ ~ +it" lruJ ml~J w Jura a ~mu~k~ tU~UI ~k.l~Fl, ~.lq~[ 15 f ~6~ L it ;.~ |~ ,a.mmy ~,u'utJ~ mty nmmmi, uz =,u= ~a~l- . umm|y mJiaL~4,-m mo~a L2--L L L I . ~ ~ , ~" :~t: m.'----'. J = u[~l ~tpm Y~=l~lPt~ut. lzul.a~,~m. ~ltU vv~/~U .:-,1"~ " L L " "~Z*y'~ d ~' ,-~ ~iLU Im t. IU:~Tt~U t+./p Ul ~l~il ~lm~i] [~ l . J J L L JL ~- L--:---- I l: 1 ~ui~lill.:u t~mum~ ilx.imm~ I~[Z lll.x~mm~. ~ ~aU~ ~ t L t . ~- .L L-lit :. " l:k l l,~ {~f Ill.ill ~1l llil l I.~ll. ill lr~lltll[/llw Ill.l[ lll~ 1[lll~Tdl The Fire Chief may order a burning ban when dry conditions exist by making public announeemenl on radio and notices in paper. A. Prohibition of Outdoor Burning. it shall be unlawful for any person to take part in any of the following activi- ties: I. The burning of materials wherein products of the combustion are emitted directly into the open air. including boming in burn barrels. 2. Burning of waste or garbage. 3. Burning of leaves or grass clippings 4 Burnmg of land clearing de- e. Fire pit must be at least 15 feet away from any other combustibles or structures (house, shed, deck, wood pile, wooden fence, etc.). L Use of flammable or combustible hqmd accelerams is not pe .rmitted in- cluding but not limited to gasoline, diesel, butane, od or oil based liquids, eIc+ g. Fire must be.constantly attended to and supervised by an adultl8 years of age or older unu1 the fire has been co|pie|el) extmgutshed~ h A fire extmgmsher or garden hose which is connected to a water supply must be nearby to put out the fire A spark screen must be in place while t-u'e is burning. Spark screen is any screen large enough to cover the fire p~t and made of| non-combustible mateqal w~th openmgs not larger than one-quarter (1/4) of an inch square. 4 Recreational fires may be used tor pleasure, cooking and warmth but not for the disposal of household gar- bage lOrd. 92029). Fires that cause a nuisance to neighboring properties from smoke or odor shall be prohib- ited. If the Fire Department is called to a recreational fire. it shallbe at the discretion of the Fire Department whether to extinguish the fire or allow ~t to contmue. Recreational fires, while burning, are subject to inspection by the Police Department and/or Fire Chief. C Bonfires. Ceremonial bonfires conducted by groups or organizations will be allowed provided: 1 Notification is made to the City Clerk at least three (3) days in advance. 2. Notification Is made to the Fire Chief and ~ssued a burn permit. D. Nothing in this Chapter shall prohibit the Fire Department from con- trolled burning. E. Any burning ban issued by the Slate Fire Marshal shall supersede ap plicabl Provisions of this Chapter F. Penalty, see 10.99. Passed and approved this 23rd day of October, 2017. Sonia K. Schmidt, Mayor ATTF~T: Jan Diehl, CityClerk ZNEZ43-tc IIII I Obituaries Fern Hope Grah Fern Hope "Roe" Graham died April 30. 2017, in Surprise. Ariz at the age of 87. Fern was horn in Jewell County, Kin on March 18, 1930, to Francis LeRoy "Roy" Roe and Gladys June Cbamberlin Roe. Fern had one sister. DonnaRoe Hare. Fern married Donald E. Gra- ham Dec. 9, ! 95 I. and they adopted their daughter, Barbara. in 1959. Fern was a teacher for 19 years and got her teaching cer- tificate from Empona State Teachers hrls. College in Emporia. Kin in 1965. ;~ graduating with horrors. Fern taught in ~ - moved to Salina in 1968. Fern taught l- L iwl ZI II./1 I lull,lilt. ~ +, Vl ~ I ~tllllf. I I. Illll I/m,ml.+t l i L ~ 1 ll|#|llllllll~O Vl i~mmy Illll t L L i~ --~ .L~= ; . J ~III.UI%.I Ull~i| Ul ~.|U~i~ I. . UZlil l~ U~ ~d :6 ihel~,W- .~,+ u, d~d Gi hi i ~ -'.i -> z, u ~ ~ m'. = L * I .~ --L l L 6. Burning of plastics, robber, fi- berglass, insulation or other materials that may contain carcinogenic com- pounds. B. Exceptions. The following out- door burning activities shall be excep- tions to the outdoor burning prohibi- tions of this Chapter: I. Barbeque grills, gas or char- coal. used lot cooking kiod. 2. Campfires or fire rings cannot be any larger than 36 inches in diam- eter. 3. Patio lire pits or fireplace, rec- reational fires. a. Fire must be contained in a fire pit or outside fireplace. b. Fire pit cannot be any larger than 36 inches in diameter and 24 inches high above the ground. c. Items permissible to burn in- dude: - Seasoned firewood- Untreated wood (limbs, twigs or other wood that has not been painted, stained or other- wise treated with chemicals - Com- mereial fire logs d. Items not permissible tobeburned include but not limited to the follow- ing: - Treated lumber- Painted/stained wood - Leaves - Vegetation (garden scraps, grass clippings, etc.) - Garbage home economics m Salina High and then moved to Salina High South when it opened in 197 I. She liked teaching Foods I and II and had many fond memories of all the students she had encountered over her teaching career. Afterretiring from teaching in 1978, Fern went to work for Dr. Dale Cole as an optometric assistant and lab man- ager. She worked with his practice for 21 years. In 2000 Fern and her hus- band, Don, sold their home of 35 years and moved to Phoenix, Ariz to be closer to their daughler. Barbara, and her family. In Arizona, Fern volun- teered at Boswell Del Webb Hospital. She was active in her HOA and church in Sun City where she lived for 17 years, but her greatest passion re- mained, reading cook books and trying new recipes for family and friends. Fern loved spending time with her daughter and grandchildren and did so often. Fern was preceded in death by her husband of 58 years, Donald (2009). Fern's surviving family include: Daughter, Barbara Spayde of Phoenix, Ariz.: granddaughter. Emily Spa)de. Mesa Ariz.: grandson. Alexander Spayde. San Francisco. Calif.: and great-grandaughter, Lillian Brielle Spayde-Passey, Mesa, Ariz. Graveside services will be held Thursday, Oct. 26, at lp.m. at the WebberCemetery, Webber. Kan. Con- dolences can be sent to P.O. Box 87120. Phoenix, Ariz 85080. pd. Take Your Skin COMPLETE FAMI LY SEF OUSLY. DID YOU KNOW? 80% of the sun damage that leads to skin cancer occurs before the age of 18. With early detection and proper treatment, the average cure rate is 99%. IT'S iMPORTANT YOU CALL 402.423.1111 - Schedule a complete skin cancer screening with Dr. Basler today For information about all available office services and locations, visit CompleteFaml!yDormatology, com II I AContral GRAIN OPERATIONS CVA is looking for out.g oing, positive, individuals to loin the team in Utica in Gram Operations. Join our fuil-time team and earn a competitive wage, plus comprehensive benefits. COmACT US TO SEE IF YOU COULD EARN A SEASONAIL NIRIN6 BONUS.I To apply, conrad, 402.362.8456 or go to Gary Wyatt Gary Wayne Wyatt, son of the late Hewlie and Bessie (Reed) Wyatt, Was born Aug. 2. 1935, in Jewell County, Kan and died Oct. 20, 2017. in Springfield. Mo. He was 82 years, two months and 18 days of age. Gary attended school in Supe- nor, Neb and graduated from Superior High School m 1953. He enlisted in the United States Navy in 1956, and served his country for two years. While he was in the Navy, Gary met Viola Maxme Howe and they were united in marriage June 27. 1959, in Superior, Neb. Three children were horn to this union: Clinton. Kurt and Sheryl. Early in his career. Gary worked in road construction in Kansas. in 1960. they moved to Denver. Colo where he worked as a custodian in the Denver School System for 30 years, retiring in 1990. Gary and Viola moved to Moun- tain Grove,/do in 1997, where they enjoyed the comfort and security of the small-town life. Family was very important in Gary' s life, and they always enjoyed traveling as much as they could to visit their children and grandchildren. They also enjoyed visiting other places along their journeys, and fully enjoyed their re- tirement. He enjoyed working in his yard and tinkering. He was always one to watch out for his neighbors, and he would check on them if he hadn't seen them outside. From the time that he was a young boy and throughout his entire life. he would always help his neighbors and friends in any way that he could, and never asked for anything in return. Gary was a wonderful and canng husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, uncle, neighbor and friend. BesLdes his parents. Gary was pre- ceded in death b) an infant son. Clinton Wayne Wyatt in 1960, and by his brother. Billie Wyatt. He b, survived by his loving wife. V iola Wyatt, of Mountain Grove, Mo his son. Kurt Wyatt and his wife. Dana. of Elkhart. Ind his daughter. Sheryl Schwartz of Vancouver. Wash four grandchildren. Amber Lynn (Wyatt) Corona. Brian| Marie (Wyatt) Calhoun. Samantha Kay (Schwartz) Ravenberg. and Nicholas JamesWyatt Schwartz, three step-grandchildren, Amanda Reyes, Jordan Reyes, and Branson Gonzales, two great-grand- children, Lain| Marie Corona and Aurora Michele Ravenberg. many nieces, nephews, great-nieces, and great-nephews, who will miss him dearly. Graveside services will be held on Friday. Oct. 27, 2017. at 10:30 am. at the Webber Cemetery. Webber. Kin with Jon Albrecht officiating. Visitation will beThursday. Oct 26. from 4to 8 p. m. w~th the family pre~nt at that lime at the funeral home Megrue-Pnee Funeral Home is in care of his local arrangements, pd. Lois Meyer L~tS irene Meyer. vu. ot ueshler. died Saturday at Blue Valley Lutheran Home in Hebron. The daughter of Ri- chard and Hi Ida (Deterding) Eickmann, she was born Feb. 10. 1927, inDeshler. Lois grew up in the Deshler area attending school and graduating from Deshler High School. She was one of three children. After graduation she attended Peru State College receivmg a teaching certificate. She taught at District 92 counlry school tn rural Deshler. On April 18. 1948. she mamed Raymond Meyer at St. Peter Lutheran Church in Deshter. This union was blessed with the birth of two daugh- ters. The couple lived on a farm near DesMer. They mm, ed to a farm near Hardy and later to a farm near Daven- port. They purchased the Ranch House Motel in Jamestown. ND They hked the motel business and meeung new people. They sold the Ranch House Motel and purchased The Palmer Inn in York The~ later sold the motel m York and built a home m Deshler Lois was best known for her baking ofcmnamon rolls, cakes, pies and cook- ies. She also enjoyed gardening, read~ ing, puzzles, games, pla~ mg card.~ and crafts. She ~as preceded in death by her parents; husband: brothers. LeRoy and Dale Eickmarm. Rudolph and Wdma Fangmeier. Bruno and Bett~ Fangmeler. Victor and Clara Meyer Richard and Florme Meyer, Edw m and Ruby Hoops. Walter and Vetma Meyer. Erwin and Mildred Hoops, Laverne Meyer and Orville Meyer. Survivors include her two daugh- ters, Mrs. Danny Staehr (Susan) of Lincoln. Neb and Sandra Meyer of Hebron; two grandchildren; four great- grandchildren; brother and sister in laws, Bernard and Anita Betten of Hebron, Donna Meyer of Ruskin, JoAnne MeyerofDeshlerand Jeannette Eickmann of Chico, Calif nieces, nephews and friends. Funeral was yesterday ~Wednes- day) at St. Peter Lutheran Church in Deshler. Officiant ++as Pastor Brian Franctk. Burial yeas In Deshler City Cemetery. Kroll Funeral Home of Deshler yeas in charge of the arrange- ments. Creighton Rale CreLghton J Hale, 93, of Loyalsock Township, Pa died Sunday, Oct. 8, at the Gatehouse in Divine Providence Hospital. He was born Feb. 18, 1924, in Hardy, the son of Russell and Anita Farthing Hale. He was a World War tl veteran of the United States Navy. He had been a professor at Springfield College in Massachusetts and retired as president and CEO of Little League Baseball, Inc. He was predeceased by his parents; a son, Tim; brothers, Keith and Thane; and a sister, Bernila Wright. He is survived by his wife of 13 years, the former Beverly J. Gray; daughter, Kathy S. Dumanis of Avon, Conn.; son, Tad Hale of Pittsburgh, pa.; brother+ Russell Hale of Nap| Valley, Calif.; 10 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. A memorial service was held Thurs- day, Oct. t2, at the Klump Academic Center Auditorium at the Pennsylva- nia College of Technology in Williamsport. Private entombment was held in the mausoleum at Wildwood Cemetery. ,John muign John Charles Ensign, the son of Raymond and Irene (Vi]hauer) Ensign. was born on July 3, 1959, in Akron, Colo. He died on Oct. 17, 2017. at Brodstone Me- morial Hospital in Superior. Nebr at the age of 58 years, three months and 14 days. /~--" John was a 1977 Nelson High School graduate. His fa- ther was an or- dained minister. so the family lived in many communi- ties, including Akron. Colo. Lenexa. Kan Clinton. Okla Adams. Neb and settling in Nelson. Neb He was united in marriage to Vlckl Thornberry on No~. 27. 1976, at Salem Lutheran Church, rural Superior. Neb This union was blessed with two daughter~. Jesm and Kelly John was employed as an office manager for South Central P P D m Nelson. until his health forced him to retire While Iiving in the Nelson com- mumty. John was active member of the . Nelson Community Club and was a school board member. He helped coach i,;l~;i n~.h~i/~tbaii umii zOUv, n ran the clock for home basketball games, umpired baseball and softball games. He loved fishing and had the most fun in Alabama. John was preceded in death by his parents. Survivors include his wife, Vicki. of Nelson; daughters, Jessi Hoeft and husband. Nathan. of Hastings, Neb and Kelly Karr and husband. William. of Blue Hill. Neb.; t~o grandsons, Caleb and Jacob Karr; siblings. Phyllis Bus, and husband. Norman. of Eagle. Neb : Jeanette Flaming and husband, Clayton. of Cantonment. Fla and LeAnn Enstgn of Hastings ~eb,; and brother mdaw. Randi Thornberry, of Cla~, Center. Neb, nieces, nephews, other relatives and a host of friends. Ce]ebrauon of life ser~, tee ~x as held on Monda2 Oct 23.21~17. at 2 p.m. from the Salem Lutheran Church in Supertor. Neb. ~ith pastors Kathryn Bates and Ethan Feistner officmllng Music wa~ "'Saved" and "l Will Al~,a>s Lo,~e You." pro'~ded by StephanLe Thayer and Tom Jensen Book signing was held on Sunda) from 4 to 8 p m. w Ith the family present to greet friends from 5 to 7 Pallbearers were Wayne Garnson. Mzke Hicks. John Fetstner. Boyd McCarme~. Ran& Thornben3. Royce Schott. Bob Byrklt and Randy Gar~ in. Honorary pallbearers were Emdy Gar- rison, Gabe Bargen. Nick Garrison. Shona Rush. Shelby Felstner, Mackenzie McCartney. Addison McCartney. Molly McCartney and Ill 1 ATTENTION EMPLOYERS'. When you place a recruitment ad ir~ th,s newspaper, you qualify for a FREE job posting on an employment job site owned and operated by Nebraska's newspapers. 11011, mcruiling 0n a mli0nal er igxtevll liasis is as easy as placlag an ad in tlis newspaper, r@3;com 0+00+-++ Nebrad~'s news/mpem I 1 Annie McCarmey. Private Family murnment was in the Nelsc~ Cemetery at Nelson, Neb. Memorials may be directed to the family Condolences may be sent to Klawitter-price Funeral Home, 446 South Main St Nelson, Neb 6896 l, " or Klawitter-Price Funeral Home of Nelson, Neb, was in charge of the arrangements, pal. David war|era OnDec. I3,1939,DavidW. Wauers was given life by his Creator m Teeumseh, Neb to Charles F. Waiters and Othlia (Hines) Waiters. He was happed hi Old st as an infant in Crab Orchard, Neb. The Waiters family, lived in various commu- nities in Ne- braska, including Guide Rock where David graduated from Guide Rock High School in .1956. After high school, Davidhad varionsjobs, including State of Nebraska Depar!ment of Roads, Hardy Elevator, Thompson Brothers of Guide Rock. wheat harvest crew. J.P. Nielsen Service Station and Ideal Market. On Sept. 8. t960. David married Carol Giger of Supenor. Neb. at First BaptistChurch in Belleville. Kin Tbe newlyweds then attended Fatrbury Jun- ior College and upon recewmg their associate's degrees, r.hey both trans- ferred to Kearney State College where David received h~s bachelor of arts m education. After graduation, rhe~ moved to Superior. Neb. where David began hzs educational career as .lunior high socml studies teacher and coach before becommg the pnnclpal of Su penor Hzgh School h was durmg ~h~s time he received the Jaycees Young Educators Award He continued ~ls vocanon as l~rmcipal throughout school districts m Nebraska. including Wood River H~gh School. York Middle School and St. Paul High School He began his flrsi supenntendeni'~ ['~Sl" tion at Davenpor~ Public Schools m ]988~He ~a~er served as superinten- dent of Beemer Public Schools w~th his ~7+year educational career culmv natmg at Sterling Public Schools m 2002 David belonged ~e the Nebraska F .x:lucation Assocmtlon and '~ehraska ( ,:unc li of School ~dmlnrq~-ahw++ In addition tf~ education. Da~,ld was a La.~" mnnlgrer ~.n muh?le churcheg m Nebraska and Kansas Ur~n retwe- mere ~mm educatlnn, he then became the minister ,~f Olive H,I] ChtLrCh. Su- per|or Neb. where he served God for years heft-we retlr~ng In May 2C~!-' ~'ina][v ~n Oc; ~9. 2f~ -~ God htessed David with a holy death and rook him home to -es~ ,n the arms of Jesus rr await the ~esurrecrlon ,~f the dead. David enjoyed being a servant of GOd husband, father of three ch~ldren~ grandfather to nme chiidren and friend to many He is survived by hus wife. Carol: son, Tim (Genie) of Panama. Neb.; son. Scott (Teresa) of Winside. Neb,~ daUghteK' JeNae (Randy) Kort of Fairbury, Neb.; nine grandchildren, Garrett (EIlyn) Watters, AnnaWatters, Christian Waiters, Brandon Watters, Andi Kort, Ram Watters, Ally Kort and Anslee Watters; sister-in-taw, Janice Miller; nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents, Charles F. and Othlia Waiters; parents- in-law, Elmer and Ruth Giger; sister and brother-in-law, Alice Mac and Bill Bishop; brother, Charles Jr.; sister-in-law, Orla Rousseau: and brother-in-law, Richard Miller. Funeral services were held on Thursday. Oct. 26, 2017, at 2 p.m. from the Megrue-Price Funeral Home in Superior, Neb with Pastor David Johnson officiating. Music was +Nearer My God To Thee," "'His Eye Is On The Sparrow" and "'What A Lovely Name," duets by Gloria Garman-Schlaefli and Bey Frost. with Carlita Price as accompa- nist. A congregation hymn of"A. maz- nng Grace" was sung. An instrumental of"When The Saints Go Marching In'" was played. Visitation was held on Oct. 25, 20 t 7, from 5 to 8 p.m. with the family present to greet friends from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Pallbearers wereTim Wafters, Scott Watters. Randy Kort, Garrett Waiters, Brandon Watters, Christian Waiters. Ram Watter~. Floyd Rothfuss and Sieve Henderson. Honorary pallbearers were Bruce Maschmann, Gordon Eggers. Kevin Madsen. Chris Sluka, Ken Babcock and Greg Peterson. Interment was in the Evergreen Cemetery at Superior, Neb. Memorials are suggested to go to the Olive Hill Church, the Crest The- atre or the Auditorium Fund Condolences may be sent to Megrue-Price Funeral Home, 750 N. Commercial. Superior, Neb, 68978, or Megrue-Price Funeral Home of Su- perior, Neb was in charge of the ar- rangements, pd. Take things alwaysby their smooth handle. FOLLOW YOUR FRONTIER A place to explore and surpass boundaries, A place where you can be yourself and discover your potential. A place where you can ris~ see the possibilities ' in what lies ahead. Start oday at csc,edu GINGERICH STRUCTURES