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November 1, 1973     The Superior Express
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November 1, 1973

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NOTICE OF ~--------" hospitalized only a few days. as his profession. Most of his 47 Thursday, November I, 1973THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 7A PUBLIC HEARING Ne~S He was born on a farm nearyears as a barber was spent in "" Notice is hereby given that Republic, Kansas. The family Superior. Along with his barber the City Council of the City of moved to Superior in 1928, and work he had a hobby of Superior, Nebraska, will hold a then he moved to Hastings in repairing and working on Among Ourselves Public Hearing on the followingby Mrs. Homer Seefeld 1950, to Aurora in 1957 and then watches and clocks, a bobby Mr. and Mrs. Harold An- to Republican City in 1967.which he dearly loved. He also 14 . II. M. ('rilh thblishedintheSuperlor (First Published in the Superior Preliminary Plats of Sub- derson and family were ~ " ~October25,1973) Express, Oct. 18,1973) division: Mr. Dyons was owner and enjoyed his violin and other ~TOCREDITORS, NOTICE OF HEARING 1. Highland Estates Quy Saturday evening coffee guests operator of the Central Cafe at stringed instruments which he ~I~8,DEVISEESAND Estate No. 4420 of Alice M.Subdivision. A 25.28 acre tract in the Homer Seefeld home.Republican City. played during his younger Chairman Sam Ervin s ready Shakespeare quotations for L LEGATEES Towne, deceased; In the County of land in the East 1/2 of the Mr. and Mrs. Harold Crouch, Survivors are his wife, Betty; years, all occasions, reminded me of this one as I observed the in- Northeast 1/4 of Section 25, Mr. and Mrs. Craig MeLaughlin one son and five daughters, He retiredin March of 1971 at vestigating senators and other Watergatefigures: "To strut and f claSP ~ Court of Nuckolis Court of Nuckolls County, Township 1 North, Range 7 and family and Mr. andMrs. R. Lindell of Norton, Kin., Mrs. the age of 85 years and soon fret his little hour upon the stage and then be seen no more." .0 _~.~ t~" Nebraska. Estate of Nebraska."~l~M. Leigh, deceased. The State of Nebraska, as: All West, in Nuckolls County, Reiber of Edgar, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Waldron of Omaha, Mrs. after that they moved to Alma. to te 1~ ~ of Nebraska, to all persons interested in said estate Nebraska. Said subdivision will John Scroggin and Mrs. Ruth O Nell Sweeney, jr., of Aurora, Last November Mr. and Mrs. It's probably an old one, but I hadn't heard it until the other , " ,L~: Notice is hereby take notice that a petition has contain approximately 62 lots Snyder met at Nelson for supper Mrs. Ed Sutherland of Denver Bennett observed their 61stday: A golfer called out to the foresome ahead of him. "Would ior. L~][[ttta tition was filed on " " taken seriously ill." .... ~a po been fried for appointment ~!f when completed. Friday evening in observance of and Sandra and Pam of the wedding anniversary at their you mind if I played through? I just heard that my wife's been ~lll~l~l~, 1973, alleging that Robert E. Noren as a -2. Alexander Addition Sub-the birthdays of Mrs. Seroggin home; his mother, Mrs. Eunice home in Alma. I[~t|~ died on February ministrator of said estate which division. A 2.42 acre tract of and Mrs. Snyder. Lyons, Nelson; four sisters, Mr. Bennett enjoyed good ~resident ofNuckolls has been set down for hearing in land in the southwest 1/4 °fthe Mrs. Clara Kimminau of Mrs. Gene Ginn of Trumbull, health most of his life and spent The kids may not take it lying down, but it seems there has ~"~iff~iebraska, and praying this court on Nov. 5, 1973, at ~10 Northwest 1/4 of Section 25, Lawrence was a Thursday Neb., Mrs. Theda Stolley of a few months at the Colonial been fingering of merchandise with dirty and sticky fingers, ~ald~l~bate of the will and o'clock a.m., when you may Township 1 North, Range 7 dinner guest of Mrs. HannaGlenvil, Mrs. Jack Smith of Villa in Alma, hut was able to be staining of carpets and other minor damage and the local retail ~n~lu j~e~ll~of the real property appear and contest the same. West, in Nuckolls County, Judy. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sehoof Republic and Mrs. Dennis at his own home one or two store owners have laid down the law. There will be no more Imn~'; J~'~ Nebraska. Said subdivision will and Mr. and Mrs. Victor Sch- Arnold of Conconully, Wash.; times each week. munching of hamburgers or crackerjack, no more drinkingof mitt and family were evening and four brothers, Darrell of The last of his generation of cokes or other beverages, popping of bubble gum or licking of ~u l~sed according to the Dated October 12, 1973. _.~-,~ithout administration, (Seal) Lee Wall contain 3 lots when completed. ?ea~r~_ determination of Associate County Judge Hearings will be held in the guests. Silverton, Wash., Vynn of the Bennett family who ice cream cones while in the store. At one place even bare feet Council Chambers of the Mr. and Mrs. Martin Runge of Dewey, Ill., Nell of Elmer City, originally settled in Missouri, are nyet. Signs have gone up in the front door windows an- ~:-cal[mee. tax, which petition George F. Johnson, jr. !aze~hearing in this court Attorney 42-3c Municipal Building at 8:30 p.m. Bennet, Harold Runge and Wash., and Roy of Superior. he was preceded in death by his nouncing the new rules. An unreasonable infringement on in- :, -~u~[tttaber 13, 1973, at 10:00 ~ on November 12, 1973. At such Melvin ,. Runge were Sunday Pastor Harold M. Onwilerwill parents, four sister and three dividual rights, I would say. ~e~l~a'rn. NOTICE OF time and place all persons in- dinner guests in the Darrell officiate and burial will be in the brothers. He is survived by his terested in the abovesub- Ward home. In the evening they Alma Cemtery. The Megrue- wife, Rose, of Alma and many Legislation to establish a federal no-fault automobile in- ~,-,Jl[ Lee Wall, PUBLIC HEARING divisions will be heard, were guests of Mrs. Edna Price Funeral Home of Superior nieces and nephews, surance system, has been introduced in congress. The issue is 'geD~,~ciateCountyJudge Notice is hereby given that City of Superior Hineline where their mother, is in charge of arrangements. Memorial services were helddiscussed in the current American Legion Magazine by ..,'~l~lr. Johnson, jr, the City Courted of the City of Fred Alexander, Mrs. Mary Runge, of the Good Oct. 2 from the Zulauf-Banta Congressman John E. Moss of California, one of the sponsors, ~Imv~:]Bi~. Y"-~ 43-3c Superior, Nebraska, will bold a Samaritan Home joined them. ~l:~m~¢ 13 Loan Chapel in Alma with the Rev. and Congressman John V. McCollister of Nebraska, who ex- °'Rtr~ Public Hearing on the following Mayor Mr. and Mrs. Allan Sole and _~= .... ". ~: . = Paul Johnson officiating. In- presses the opposition view. I believe that Congressman Moss ~4~lishedint_heSuperior, I, " proposed changes to the Zoning , CityGe°rgeclerkL" Whitney, jr.,lc family were Sunday guests of ales aT Nelson terment was in the Alma has a little the best of the argument, andthat the answer should .~'~ ~][[~a'ess Oct. 25, 1973) Ordinance and the Subdivision .............. ~ ..... Mr. and Mrs. Homer Seefeld. Ltm,~-, James Dewey Long, son of Cemetery. be "yes" on the coupon printed with the magazine feature, to Lt~(~NO~/~(,~|T]I:~,.p(~ Regulations Ordinance of the Mrs. Doris Schumacher and Fletcher Benjamin Long and send your congressman. Mrs. Artha Scroggin were in Tins Cochran Long was born on " \~CO_UNTY_COURTOF City of Superior. Formoso News Hastings Tuesday. That 20,000-man Egyptian Third Army entrapped by the uper,-" ~,,0LLS COUNTY, 1. Petition No. Z 73-9 by .... R,tes Fr,day for a lama near Nelson on Aug. 26, ..... ,lent ~, IN THE___.MAT- Nuckolls County Implement,bySrs. Edgarlsaacson Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hanson1898. James, known by all as Lena unmsmae Isralies, without food, water or medical supplies, has been ..... THE ADOPTION OF Inc to change the zoning from Emma Joerg entertained thewere Sunday dinner guests of "Duke,'.' .WNae sonraii ederavnd Metta Helena Gesina (Lena)relieved by a 100-truck convoy carrying the needed supplies and !1¢, ~ KAY HOPKIN, A "A" Agricultural to "I-1" Light U and I Club at her home on Mr. and Mrs. Hans Christensen. sponsored by the United Nations. I am wondering if the same Tuesday afternoon with all of of ~ Industrial District on a tract of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hut- eaucatea at . : .... Ohmstede, nee Imken, 84 died humane treatment would have been afforded a Israeli army in his coutnry in worla war 1 m ............. '.. t at te ~~ f Nebraska. To All land described as follows: members present. Cards were chinson and family and Jody ............ weonesaay, uct. z~, lw~, at me a similar predicament. If our government had anything to do ......... '~ .. Webste, ,~uu, ty =,~,,~,, ~with this sbowof partiality to the Arab forces, it is nothing for us t fsted ^, Beginning at the intersection of enjoyed during the afternoon. Cavanaugh were Sunday supper me .eDUmteozl, : tatesl ne 'rmYano Nona _ ,-, .... ...,,., tack ~i[II notice that Darcy the East right-of-way line of Mason Joerg of Manhattanguests in the Vern Hutchinson • ' Cloud, followings short illness, to be proud of. In the history of warfare, the rule has been, when Chapman were married. He _ . lung~_ has filed his petition State Highway 14 and the South visited from Wednesday until home. was associated with the R.E.A. Mrs. Ohmstede was ~o.rn in cornered, fight your way out or surrender. Israel would have ~llia-arnshas property line of the Evergreen Friday afternoon with his Mr. and Mrs. Walter Herman for many years and was a Gro°SSnenm~ren~an.Old;~v~:rgh been entirely justified in refusing to accept this UN par- rne~ the end.option Cemetery, thence East along mother, Emma Joerg. of Belvidere and his sister from member of the Presbyterian __ ._ , . ~,. ..... ticipation in the war. ~s.~ child with bestowal ofthe South line of Evergree~ Etta Young had a birthday California were Wednesday Church. ~, ~,~, anu came to me umte~ cake baked and presented to evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Scientists are giving a great advance build-up to the forth- ~ily~ rights and change of Cemetery approximately 725 He was preceded in death by States in 1.906; ..... re.~l~.~ mi[~t~hich has been set for feet, thence South ap- Margaret Gertson Thursday Vic Hoffman. his narent~ and three brothers ~ne marrxea t~org UumStene coming appearance of the comet Kohoutek that will be visible ~ed ~l~n .~e- 30_th. da, y of proximately 750 feet, thence morning. She had more than 20 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kubicek ~I'e ~s-s'u'z:viv'e-d-b-~,- h-is-wife" at Red Cloud on Feb. 28, 1908. To to the naked eye some time next month, and at its brightest in callers during the day wishing were Wednesday overnight Nona; one son, Jack, of Chester, . ' this union six children were [ Nelso~[m~., 1973, at 2:00 o'clock, West approximately 725 feet to early January. Before some crackpot pushes the panic button by ~~utmayhappear, the East right-of-way line of her greetings on her 81st birth- guests in the Gerald Kubicek Neb.; one daughter, Mrs. Guy oo rn. . ...... announcing that the end of the world is at hand, I wish to offer home in Schuyler. Bryan came Swanson, (Betty June) of _ ~ne was w eceae~ m ~.atn ny my own personal assurance that no such thing is going to hap- If :L~l~and filed~¢ ~t t~h~-~the~a~e'this 23rd day alongState Highwaythe East right-of-way14' thence Northline dab~rgaret Gertson is suffering home with them fern few days. c~t~ ~, ....i~+e~ her nusDana m 1~ anna son,pen. My advice is: "Remain calm, dent' commit suicide or give .... _worth, Cab,.; .................. ~0ber, 1973. _ .. of State Highway 14 ap- from a fall Wednesday thatMr. and Mrs. Kubicek took him M,'~ IJnmor W~,hrman Nlolgnn. rntz, m 1~,~. tier parents, a away your fortune and don't go off your rocker. We ve seen LeeWall. proximately 750 feet to the point caused much pain. She is borne Sunday. ..."a-" ,'~"='"~,_~".=~.L'h-.;:'..~'-~'~.' sister, Anna, and a brother, larger comets than Kohoutek and we went right through the tail .~,, ._ County Judgeof beginning, all in Nuckolls feeling better now, but is Mr. and Mrs. Levonn =,, ~wu ~,,~,,,= ............. Otto, of Germany also preceded of the great Halley comet without even noticing it. Long died in Nelson on Oct. 27 at . a d~,~d~w~ and County, Nebraska. Area is wearing a rib belt. Veterson and family and Mr. the age of 75 years, 2 months her. .... d proposed to be used for sales Etta Young left Friday and Mrs. Art Peterson were1 r er surwvors are mree ..JJe~r" ~L~eys 43-3cand service of farm equipment, morning on the bus from Sunday dinner guests in the ~" ~"~ .... i-.._, ...... held ondaughters, Mrs Gerald Gleason 2. Petition No. Z 73-10 by the Superior to Re to Scottsbluff, Kendall Peterson home to help 'hlesdav at ~ n m frnm the(Frmda), Mrs. Raymonu ~°,~" ',~b~l[b"arublished lathe Superior Superior City Planning Com- Neb., to visit her sister, Grace ............. " Fisher, who had a bad stroke Jana celebrate her birthday. Klawitter Fu, eral Home in Wonck (Elme)and Mrs. Lester e so . .I..... v... ~ .... , Frankford (Emma) and two z~eT,~essNov, l, 1973) mission to add item "c. and is a patient in the hospital Rhonda was home for the N 1 n ............... - .......... .t~~ OF SETTLEMENT Vocational Training Center" to weekend so was able to join the Grimm officiating. Interment sons,..H.erbert an~ ~[enn. 1~ tr F of ction of the Superior there. ~ ~easod; In the County Zoning Ordinance as a per- The Library Club members family was in the Nelson Cemetery. granoc,nuaren aria m great rhe~of Nuckolls County, mitred use in a B-2 Centralleft Formoso early Friday Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lonsdale granocnuuren. ;r ..z~.~. Business District. morning to go to Minden to visit visited Mary Lonsdale Friday Obituary--Bennett" firmedShe wasin thebaPtiZedLutheranandfaithc°n'at tel . .. .. o the age of 13 in Geln'~any. She rel,~tate of Nebraska, as.: 3. Petition No. S 73-1 by the Pioneer Village. A day well afternoon. tat.crested, ins aid Superior City Planning Corn- spent wasthe thoughts of those Mrs. Bruce Scorggin and J. uscar uennett, son was a charter member of the ~,t~ke notice of the filingmission to delete Article HI, B- who went. Lynae and Linda Bushnell of Thomas and Nancy Jane Rata,',, Welfare Club recelvina |~~-A--dministrator de 5a and B-Sb ~,a~,d the words Mr. and Mrs. MillardMusilof Superior attended Family Day Bennett, was born in Divines "~ • ' "." ed~'~-av~nexed, residential and in Article III- Potter, Neb., were Wednesday at York College Saturday. . . a 50-year pm for membership m County, Mmsourl, July 25, 1885, June, 1973. Most of her married of d acqult of5 of the Superior dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Seefeld and died at the Harlan County life s, nt in Neb '--kn ~~~and,a RegulationsOrdinanc, ery Edgar Isaacson. andMr, andMrs. Alian Sole and ........... l aying for final set- deleting the requirement that Cleo Blinding has a new well family attended the October HospRal on SePt. 29, 1973. living at her present farm home buctiOnaoand developers install sidewalks in onher farmandis puttingina meeting of Fort Butler Rock He celebrated his 89th birth- for almost 58 years. THE SECURITY NATIONAL BANK ~r~'~ge, and for deter- new residential subdivisions new bathroom in the house. Her and Gem Club Tuesday thedaY Bennett°n July 25familywhencamemOSt reef FridayOct.Funeral services28, at 2 p.m.Wereatheldthe Call No..487 Charter NO. 14083 National Bank Region No. 10 evening. Gene Mulinix of York REPORT OF CONDITION, CONSOLIDATING DOMESTIC ~wa~~.the heirsof sa=!d within the PiaPmb~ Area Limita son, Rex, and two sons live had a display of fossil fish at the greet him at a family reunion. United Methodist Church in SUBSIDIARIES, OF THE SECURITY NATIONAL BANK _Wa~l~'~., which have been set of the City of Superior. there. Mr. Bennett spent most of his Guide Rock with Rev. Earl F ,SZ~",,~/sll~l~ in this court on Nov. Hearings will be held in the Mr. and Mrs. Clarence meeting. He told how and where OF SUPERIOR IN THE STATE OF NEBRASKA, AT THE Meeker of Mankato were to find, clean and display them. boyhoodin Missouri. In 1903, his Hess officiating. Burial was in CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON OCTOBER, 17, 1973. widowed mother brought herGuide Rock Cemetery. The n _,atl0o'clocka.m., whenCity Council Chambers of the Mr. and Mrs. Vie Hoffman PUBLISHED INRESPONSE TO CALL MADE BY COMP- any appear and contest the Municipal Auditorium at 8:00 Saturday evening luneheon ~t~4(~,,,,k ....... p.m. on November 12, 1973. At guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar and Mrs. J. Hoffman visited family to a farm she had pur- Home for Funeral was in TROLLFr ";F THE CURRENCY, UNDER TITLE 12, Isaacson. Mrs. May Meyer in Superiorchased south of Republicancharge of arrangements. UNITED .... rES CODE, SECTION 161. Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Rath- Thursday evening, helped her operate. ~ [ Ca II Us for ASSETS child of near Lovewell have Mr. and Mrs. Terry Meyer Nov. 8, 1911, he was united in [ Cash and due from banks (including purchased the home from Ken and Lounie of Bertrand were marriage to Rose Stretch. They I .,.//~~ None unposted debits) $868,306.50 Kigen in the southeast part of Sunday guests in the Alvinfarmed until 1924 when he had I ~l~J~,'/J~l~ U.S. Treasury securities 600,000.00 town and have moved into it. We Lewery home. to quit farming because of his [ ~1111~ Obligations of other U.S. Government welcome them and hope theyRav. and Mrs. Ray Ensign of health and he took up barbering J ~'="'--'/~ agenclesandcorporations 100,000.00 ~'Sl ~li_shed in the Superior ~,.., rno,.~ lc will like it in our little city. Superior were Sunday supper "~x~-~.~-1~--I073"~ ..... ~ ..... Obligations of States and political r.~wr~-~ressOct. 18,1973) ~ Mr. andlVlrs. ArthurDunstanguests of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred I Installation of subdivisions 1,479,659.45 ]jV~ . NOTICE oF ....... have done quite a bit of work on Hanson. In the evening the two=lm=~,, ~r1"~CH~O~. ~r I All Kinds Other securities (including none ,~ DIU • gt.,i~ UIP ~gb~__AblENDMENT o,m,,...uffi.ARiNGtheir house getting ready tofamilies attended Reformation the~j=m~ is hereby ~iven that ......... P|lo ~ 4~ ~ corporate stock) 9,000.00 Loans 9,147,1 33.69 w nereoy gwen . . . Dyc g mVnaennma Notice m hereby gwen that repair and plan to move here services in Hebron. ? ~~n'~'t~'its the Board of Zoning Adjustment when they retire. We also Mrs. Bruce Scroggin and ~ IJ~J~lJ~tllll~~(~1~" Bank premlses, furniture and fixtures, and :/~ corporation ,, , Lq • II1_ I Al minum. Jme. otherassets representing bank :l~~~tl°no~,ou~d~= of the C'ty of Superior, welcome them back. Lynae were Monday supper • " ................ will I . Astrid Hails and Glen Gertson guests of Ernest Ferguson. ~~::'~l~'~'n~ Nebraska, hod a Pubhc ~ Jr 925 West 2nd St. ,,, premises 114,552.45 entertained at a family dinner Sunday visitors of Mr. and ~~'~,~" .... ~'~= Hearing on the following ap- at their home Sunday evenh~, Mrs. Farmer Comaan included Other assets (including none direct fin nc 203,895 85 ~~~asKa, _o na~ peals for variance of building honoring the 81st birthdays of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ahrens and ~ ~ lease a lag) its articles of m-.- - ~~:?get~hei~ill% ...... se~?a~;~alN. UnderwoodN°" forZA a73"14sideyardbY H. Emma Joerg and Margaret Leslie, Mr. and Mrs. Herman 12,522,547 94 ~.~c.~.u Gertson, as they were both near Hespen, Vivian Virchow and Weekly Report Prom The..... TOTAL ASSETS ' ~..~.(~l~r 16. 1973. variance to place a garage that date ....... Mrs. Verla Snyder. ~I' ___ _..j___ LIABILITIES ~~== ~o,~. three (3) feet from the South Demand deposits of individuals, partner- 3 886 896 10 _econstruction property line of Lot Blockl -, Funeral today for ~~ ships, and corporations ' ' " "'- J ~Y~Pav~Yett A. Lillich North Superior Subdivision, Time and savings deposits of individuals, A! =sY Everett A. Ligic ..... ebraska Mr. and Mrs. Rager Kastrup Marion Junior Lyons Lll/ 1 R ~lllmllN= ~,M.I 11L'eS'0~L/"='~/" II~ partnerships and corporations 6,727,132.86 ~....President 42-3c ~.per~Op~ No. ~ 73-15 by attended Dana College Funeral services for Marion Deposits of United States Government 83,815.98 ~Ptlt~_,.~ Floyd Butler for frontyardHomecoming Festivities in Junior Lyons of Republican City Deposits of States and political subdivisions 263,646.39 Certified and officers' checks, etc. 42,331 .,t4 | ~qblisbed in the Superior variance for a residence on Let Blair Saturday. They were wig be held this (Thursday) Our pig run was short, but had a good TOTAL DEPOSITS $11,003,822.77 ~[ ~ress Oct. 25. 1973") 17. less 26 feet off the East side overnight guests of Mrs. afternoon at 2 p.m. at the ~,SS-Aa~y~¢eo of saidlot andless 36 feet of the Eastrup's ~nts, Mr. and Republican City United run of cattle. (a)Totaldemanddeposlts 4,220,828.50 lY ¢~W~q~, Oe of an Order of Sale West side of said lot, in Mrs. Joseph Muff and farnily of Methodist Church. Mr. Lyons, (b) Total time and "~, ~erk,o/,,.~e Oakridge ; Subdivision, Dow City, Iowa, and returned 46, died at the Harlan County Here are some of our sales: savings deposits 6,782,994.27 ~~rt of., N ucko.lls Nuckolls County. Nebraska.home Sunday evening. Hospital at Alma, after being Liabilities for borrowed money . 300,000.00 '~~_Nebraska,on a Decree Hearing will be held in the 34 Mixed pigs, per head ..... , ............... $43,50 16 White pigs, per head ...................... 40.00 Other liabilities 10"5:900"56 ~t~~i~ure duly entered in Council Chambers of the 18 Mixed pigs, per head ..................... 36.00 TOTAL LIABILITIES 11,409,723.33 do ~.'~t. in an action therein Municipal Building at 7:30 p.m. 21 White face steers, wt. 400 Ibs ............. 64.90 RESERVES ON LOANS AND SECURITIES ~t~c~'~ ~ which First Federal on November 14, 1973. At suen 9 Black White face steers, wt. 485 Ibs ...... 61.25 Reserve for bad debt losses on loans ~d Loan Association of time and place all persons in- plaintiff and J. W. terested in the above case wig 27 Black bulls, wt. 344 Ibs ................... 58.20 (set up pursuant to lRS rulings) 117,804.37 Barbara R. Healey be heard. I wig sell at Board of Zoning :i~ttetion to the highest Adjustment cash at the east door Robert K. Marshall, l l urthouse in Nelson in Chairma lc ~ i~:~Y and state on the 19th ~" ~r~.vember, 1973, at the 2:00 p.m., a residence ~f Anyone ituated in superior, ~:J~ legally described as ; Guests from a Dis- feet of the East tance ~w"~ |~ of Lot 6, in Block 5, in Addition, to Go. on'Vac=tinn [ the said Decree, and the Gets Married Is Engaged J:~,~9.~id action,f Has a special l~arty , this 22nd day o OC- IW3. Mov,.s to Superior or any nald W Squire.s; area town Ji Sheriff of "I~ucko~lls a prize or award J,~ Cotmty 43-4c ~ews of a former rest dent ,I That's News ! ,] WE WANT IT ! Secretaria I Building 879.4341 Neb. Phone 879-3291 The Superior Express i the type recommended by the U.S. Public Health Service annual vaccination is recommended for some people-- ask your physician if you are one of them 7 Black steers, wt. 445 Ibs .................. 57.50 TOTAL RESERVES ON LOANS 5 Black white face heifers, wt. 400 Ibs ...... 55.50 ANDSECURITIES 117,804.37 15 Mixed steers, wt. 561 Ibs ................. 53.25 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 9 White face steers, wt. 641 Ibs ............. 53.00 Equity capital-total 995,020.24 26 Mixed steers, wt. 650 ibs ................. 52.60 10 Black steers, wt. 655 Ibs .................. 51.60 Common Stock total par value 300,000.00 38 White face steers, wt. 748 ibs ............. 51.50 No. shares authorized 3,000 4 White face bulls, wt. 565 Ibs .............. 51.20 No. shares outstanding 3,000 25 Mixed heifers, wt. 550 Ibs ................. 49.40 Surplus 300,000.00 5 Holstein steers, wt. 525 Ibs ................ 48.75 Undividedproflts 395,020.24 Some of our larger consignors are: TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Robert and John Harvey, Superior; Frank Langer, TOTAL LIABILITIES, RESERVES, AND 5~'020"z4 Superior; Roy Lewis, Superior; Duffy & Sons, Gulde Rock; CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 12,522,547.94 Floyd Buchleiter, Superior; C. C. Wilton, Superior; Jack MEMORANDA McCorkle, Hardy; Jens Thorup, Nora; Paul Faimon, Average of total deposits for the 15 calendar Lawernce; Clinton Reynolds, Formoso; Rudolph Harms, days ending with call date 11,231,906.59 Byron. Average of total loans for the 15 calendar We are expecting another good run days ending with calldate 9,117,779.21 of livestock next week. I, Ronald Bertuccl, Cashier, of the above-named bank do Livestock Commission Barn Phone 879-3711 Owners Andy Montgomery Lee Rumery Supermr--Phone 879-3004 Superior.*Phone 879-4 45 hereby declare' that this report of condition is true and correct fo the best of my knowledge and belief. Ronald Bertucci We, the undersigned directors attest the correctness of this report Of condition and declare that it has been examined by us and to the best of our knowledge and belief is true and correct. Arvon J. Marcotte Robert E. Noren David Myers, ~Directors