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November 3, 2016     The Superior Express
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November 3, 2016

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investigation shall also include: (a) Any written statements submitted to the county attorney by a victim; and (b) Any written statements sub- mitted to the probation officer by a victim. (4) If there are no written statements submitted to the proba- tion officer, he or she shall certify to the court that: (a) He or she has attempted to contact the victim; and 0a) If he or she has contacted the vic- tim, such officer offered to accept the written statements of the victim or to reduce such victim's oral statements to writing. For purposes of subsec- tions (3) and (4) of this section, the term victim shall be as defined in section 29-119. (5) Before imposing sentence, the court may order the offender to submit to psychiatric observation and examination for a period of not exceeding sixty days or such longer period as the court determines to be necessary for that purpose. The offender may be remanded for this purpose to any available clinic or mental hospital, or the court may appoint a qualified psychiatrist to make the examina- tion. The report of the examination shall be submitted to the court. (6) Any presentence report or psychiat- ric examination shall be privileged and shall not be disclosed directly or indirectly to anyone other than a judge, probation officers to whom an offender's file is duly transferred, the probation administrator or his or her designee, or others entitled by law to receive such information, in- duding personnel and mental health professionals for the Nebraska State Patrol specifically assigned to sex of- fender registration and community notification for the sole purpose of using such report or examination for assessing risk and for community notification of registered sex offend- ers. For purposes of this stthsection, mental health professional means (a) a practicing physician licensed to practice medicine in this state under the Medicine and Surgery Practice Act, (b) a practicing psychologist licensed to engage in the practice of psychology in this state as provided in section 38-311 I, or (c) a prac- ticing mental health professional licensed or certified in this state as provided in the Mental Health Practice Act. The court may permit inspection of the report or examina- tion of parts thereof by the offender or his or her attorney, or other per- son having a proper interest therein, whenever the court finds it is in the best interest of a particular offender. The court may allow fair opportunity for an offender to provide additional information for the court's consider- ation. {7) If an offender is sentenced to imprisonment, a copy of the report of any presentence investigation or psychiatric examination shall be transmitted immediately to the De- partment of Correctional Services. Upon request, the Board of Parole or the Office of Parole Administration may receive a copy of the report from the department. (8) Notwithstanding subsection (6) of this section, the Supreme Court or an agent of the Supreme Court act- ing under the direction and supervi- sion of the Chief Justice shall have access to psychiatric examinations and presentence investigations and reports for research purposes. The Supreme Court and its agent shall treat such information as confiden- tial, and nothing identifying any individual shall be released. Sec. 21. Section 29-2407, Reissue Revised Statutes of Nebraska, is amended to read: 29-2407 Judg- ments for fines and costs in criminal cases shall be a lien upon all the property of the defendant within the county from the time of docketing the case by the clerk of the proper court, and judgments upon forfeited recognizance shall be a like lien from the time of forfeiture. No property of any convict shall be exempt from execution issued upon any such judgment as set out in this section against such convict except in cases when the convict is sentenced to a Department of Correctional Services adult correctional facility for a period of more than two years or to suffer death, in which cases there shall be the same exemptions as at the time may be provided by law for civil cases. The lien on real estate of any such judgment for costs shall termi- r. :-~ tc as provided in section 25-1716. Sec. 22. The changes made by this leaislative bill shall not (1) limit the ~liscretionarv authority of the sen- tencing court to order restitution as hart of any sentence or {2) alter the discretion and authority of the Department of Correctional Services to determine the appropriate secu- rity measures and conditions during the confinement of any committed 9ffender. Sec. 23. It is the intent of the Legis- lature that in any criminal proceed- ing in which the death penalty_ has been imposed but not carried out Sec. 28. Section 29-3928, Reissue prior to the effective date of this act, Revised Statutes of Nebraska, is such penalty_ shall be changed to life amended to read: 29-3928 The corn- imprisonment, mission shall appoint a chief coun- sel. The responsibilities and duties Sec. 24. Section 29-2801, Reissue of the chief counsel shall be defined Revised Statutes of Nebraska, is by the commission and shall include amended to read: 29-2801 If any the overall supervision of the work- person, except persons convicted ings of the various divisions of the of some crime or offense for which commission. The chief counsel shall they stand committed, ~ be qualified for his or her position, ............ c ......shall have been licensed to practice -.~ ~ ............ w.--co.~-,~. ~ io ........ ~,,~,~,,law in the State of Nebraska for at t I -- -: ..... -I ....:_ -. v .... J ....v,.,~.-Jll.r c~.~rcaacd L, least five years prior to the effective h~,c wa,-ra~Z cA co~,ih-r, cr, t, now or date of the appointment, and shall is ~ confined be experienced in the practice of in any jail of this state, or is shut1 criminal defense, including the de- be unlawfully deprived of his or her fense of ~ e~ liberty, and makes ~va11--make ap- cases. The chief counsel shall serve .......... fly H I I III I I I plication, either by ~ him or herself or by any person on his or her behalf, to any one of the judges of the district court, or to any county judge, and does at the same time produce to such judge a copy of the commitment or cause of detention of such person, or ff the person so imprisoned or detained is impris- oned or detained without any legal authority, upon making the same appear to such judge, by oath or af- firmation, it is the duty of the iudge forthwith to allow a writ of habeas corpus, which writ shall be issued forthwith by the clerk of the district court, or by the county judge, as the case may require, un- der the seal of the court whereof the person allowing such writ is a judge, directed to the proper officer, person, or persons who detain ~ such prisoner. Sec. 25. Section 29-3205, Reis- sue Revised Statutes of Nebraska, is amended to read: 29-3205 The Uniform Rendition of Prisoners as Witnesses in Criminal Proceedings Act ~all~,,.,,u,,.o 29-3~8"= . to, 29 not apply to any person in this state confmed as mentally ill m- tu~dc~ --o,~t-,~,cc ,/-~ d,.=th--- ,. Sec. 26. Section 29-3920, Reissue Revised Statutes of Nebraska, is amended to read: 29-3920 The Leg- islature finds that: (I) County prop- erty owners should be given some relief from the obligation of pro- viding mandated indigent defense services which in most instances are required because of state laws establishing crimes and penalties; (2) Property tax relief can be accom- plished if the state begins to assist the counties with the obligation of providing indigent defense services required by state laws establishing crimes and penalties; (3) Property tax relief in the form of state assis- tance to the counties of Nebraska in providing for indigent defense services will also increase account- ability because the state, which is the governmental entity responsible for passing criminal statutes, will likewise be responsible for paying some of the costs; (4) Property tax relief in the form of state assistance to the counties of Nebraska ha pro- riding for indigent defense services will also improve inconsistent and inadequate funding of indigent defense services by the counties; (5) Property tax relief in the form of state assistance to the counties of Nebraska in providing for indigent defense services will also lessen the impact on county property taxpay- ers of the cost of a high profile first- de~ee murder ~ case which can significantly affect the finances of the counties; and (6) To accomplish property tax relief in the form of the state assisting the counties of Nebraska in provid- ing for indigent defense services, the Commission on Public Advocacy Operations Cash Fund should be established to fund the operation of the Commission on Public Advocacy and to fund reimbursement requests as determined by section 29-3933. Sec. 27. Section 29-3922, Revised Statutes Cumulative Supplement, 2014, is amended to read: 29-3922 For purposes of the County Revenue Assistance Act: (I) Chief counsel means an attorney appointed to be the primary administrative officer of the commission pursuant to section 29-3928; (2) Commission means the Commission on Public Advocacy; (3) Commission staff means attorneys, investigators, and support staff who are performing work for the first- eapieal litigation divi- sion, appellate division, DNA testing division, and major case resource center; (4) Contracting attorney means an attorney contracting to act as a public defender pursuant to sections 23-3404 to 23-3408; (5) Court-appointed attorney means an attorney other than a contracting attorney or a public defender ap- pointed by the court to represent an indigent person; (6) Indigent defense services means legal services pro- vided to indigent persons by an in- digent defense system in first-degree ~ cases, felony cases, misdemeanor cases, juvenile ca~es, mental health commitment cases, child support enforcement cases, and paternity establishment cases; (7) Indigent defense system means a system of providing services, in- eluding any services necessary for litigating a case, by a contracting at- torney, court-appointed attorney, or public defender; (8) Indigent person means a person who is indigent and unable to obtain legal counsel as determined pursu- ant to subdivision (3) of section 29- 3901; and (9) Public defender means an attorney appointed or elected pursuant to sections 23-3401 to 23 -3403. Custom Application of Liquid and Dry Fertilizer and Chemical Propane -Anhydrous 1221 E. 3rd Street * Superior, Neb. 68978 * (402),879-4749 ........ . ................. ( . . at the pleasure of the commission. The salary of the chief counsel shall be set by the commission. Sec. 29. Section 29-3929, Reis- sue Revised Statutes of Nebraska, is amended to read: 29-3929 The primary duties of the chief counsel shall be to provide direct legal ser- vices to indigent defendants, and the chief counsel shall: (1) Super- vise the operations of the appellate division, the first-de~ree murder eap/~ litigation division, the DNA testing division, and the major case resource center; (2) Prepare a budget and disburse funds for the opera- tions of the commission; (3) Present to the commission an annual report on the operations of the commission, including an accounting of all funds received and disbursed, an evalua- tion of the cost-effectiveness of the commission, and recommendations for improvement; (4) Convene or contract for conferences and train- ing seminars related to criminal defense; (5) Perform other duties as directed by the commission; (6) Establish and administer projects and programs for the operation of the commission; (7) Appoint and remove employees of the commission and delegate appropriate powers and duties to them; (8) Adopt and promulgate rules and regulations for the management and adminis- tration of policies of the commission and the conduct of employees of the commission; (9) Transmit monthly to the commission a report of the operations of the commission for the preceding calendar month; (10) Execute and carry out all contracts, leases, and agreements authorized by the commission with agencies of federal, state, or local government, corporations, or persons; and (11) Exercise aLl powers and perform all duties necessary and proper in car- rying out his or her responsibilities. Sec. 30. Section 29-3930, Reis- sue Revised Statutes of Nebraska, is amended to read: 29-3930 The following divisions are established within the commission: (11 The first-de~ree murder ea~ litigation division shall be available to assist in the defense of first-degree murder capital cases in Nebraska, subject to caseload standards of the commis- sion; (2) The appellate division shall be available to prosecute appeals to the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court, subject to caseload standards of the commission; (3) The violent crime and drug defense division shall be available to assist in the defense of certain violent and drug crimes as defined by the com- mission, subject to the caseload standards of the commission; (4) The DNA testing division shall be available to assist in representing persons who are indigent who have filed a motion pursuant to the DNA Testing Act, subject to caseload standards; and (5) The major case resource center shall be available to assist public defenders, contracting attorneys, or court-appointed attor- neys with the defense of a felony of- fense, subject to caseload standards of the commission. :. : : ' ; Sec. 31. Section 55-480, Reissue Revised Statutes of Nebraska, is amended to read: 55-480 Though not specifically mentioned in th___ge Nebraska Code of Military Justice thin-eerie, all disorders and neglects to the prejudice of good order and discipline in the armed forces, all conduct of a nature to bring dis- credit upon the armed forces, and all crimes and offenses not-eapit-ak of which persons subject to th___ee code may be guilty, shall be taken cognizance of by a court-martial, according to the nature and degree of the offense, and shall be punished at the discretion of that court. Sec. 32. Section 83-1,110.02, Reis- sue Revised Statutes of Nebraska, is amended to read: 83-1,110.02 (1) A committed offender who is otherwise eligible for parole, who is not under sentence of-de,h-or of life imprison- ment, and who because of an exist- ing medical or physical condition is determined by the department to be terminally ill or permanently incapacitated may be considered for medical parole by the board. A committed offender may be eligible for medical parole in addition to any other parole. The department shall identify committed offenders who may be eligible for medical parole based upon their medical records. (2) The board shall decide to grant medical parole only after a review of the medical, institutional, and criminal records of the committed offender and such additional medi- cal evidence from board-ordered ex- aminations or investigations as the board in its discretion determines to be necessary. The decision to grant medical parole and to establish con- ditions of release on medical parole in addition to the conditions stated in subsection (3) of this section is within the sole discretion of the board. (3) As conditions of release on medical parole, the board shall require that the committed offender agree to placement for medical treat- ment and that he or she be placed for a definite or indefinite period of time in a hospital, a hospice, or another housing accommodation suitable to his or her medical condition, including; but not limited to, his or her family's home, as specified by the board. (4) The parole term of a medical parolee shall be for the remainder of his or her sentence as reduced by any adjustment for good conduct pursuant to the Nebraska Treatment and Corrections Act. Sec. 33. Section 83-4,143, Reissue Revised Statutes of Nebraska, is amended to read: 83-4,143 (1) It is the intent of the Legislature that the court target the felony offender (a) who is eligible and by virtue of his or her criminogenic needs is suitable to be sentenced to intensive super- vision probation with placement at the incarceration work'camp, (b) for whom the court finds that other conditions of a sentence of intensive supervision probation, in and of themselves, are not suitable, and (c) who, without the existence of an incarceration work camp, would, in all likelihood, be sentenced to prison. (2) When the court is of the opinion that imprisonment is appro- priate, but that a brief and intensive period of regimented, structured, and disciplined programming within a secure facility may better serve the interests of society, the court may place an offender in an incarcera- tion work camp for a period not to exceed one hundred eighty days as a condition of a sentence of intensive supervision probation. The court may consider such placement ff the offender (a) is a male or female of- fender convicted of a felony offense in a district court, (b) is medically and mentally fit to participate, with allowances given for reasonable accommodation as determined by medical and mental health profes- sionals, and (c) has not previously been incarcerated for a violent felony crime. Offenders convicted of a crime under gt~sections 28- 319 to 28-322.04 or-~f-~'~y-e~pi~l eeime are not eligible to be placed in an incarceration work camp. (3) It is also the intent of the Legislature that the Board of Parole may recom- mend placement of felony offenders at the incarceration work camp. The offenders recommended by the board shall be offenders currently housed at other Department of Cor- reetional Services adult correctional facilities and shall complete the incarceration work camp program- ming prior to release on parole. (4) When the Board of Parole is of the opinion that a felony offender cur- rently incarcerated in a Department of Correctional Services adult cor- rectional facility may benefit from a brief and intensive period of regi- mented, structured, and disciplined programming immediately prior to release on parole, the board may direct placement of such an offender in an incarceration work camp for a period not to exceed one hundred eighty days as a condition of release on parole. The board may consider such placement if the felony offender (a) is medically and mentally fit to participate, with allowances given for reasonable accommodation as determined by medical and mental health professionals, and (b) has not previously been incarcerated for a violent felony crime. Offenders convicted of a crime under section _28-303 or sections 28-319 to 28- -- f a-'i) ......... 322.04 ,.. c. c=v ......are not eligible to be placed in an incur- ceration work camp. (5) The Director of Correctional Services may assign a felony offender to an incarceration work camp if he or she believes it is in the best interests of the felony offender and of society, except that offenders convicted of a crime under ~TAL~ sections 28-319 to -2~321 c,r of a..y capital erirae are not eligible to be assigned to an incarceration work camp pur- suant to this subsection. Sec. 34. Original sections 23-3406, 23-3408, 24-1106, 25-1140.09, 28-104, 28-202, 28-303, 29-1602, 29-1822, 29-2004, 29-2005, 29- 2006, 29-2020, 29-2027, 29-2407, 29-2801, 29-3205, 29-3920, 29- 3928, 29-3929, 29-3930, 55-480, 83-1,110.02, and 83-4,143, Reissue Revised Statutes of Nebraska, and sections 28-105, 28-201, 28-1356, 29-1603, 29-2204, 29-226 I, and 29- 3922, Revised Statutes Cumulative Supplement, 2014, are repealed. Sec. 35. The following sections are outright repealed: Sections 24-1105, 29 -2519, 29-252 I, 29-2521.01, 29- 2521.03, 29-2521.04, 29-2521.05, 29-2523, 29-2524.01, 29-2524.02, 29-2525, 29-2527, 29-2528, 29- 2811, 83-I,I05.01, 83-1,132, 83- 964, 83-965, 83-966, 83-967, 83- 968, 83-969, 83-970, 83-971, and 83-972, Reissue Revised Statutes of Nebraska, and sections 28-105.01, 29-2520, 29-2521.02, 29-2522, 29- 2524, 29-2537, 29-2538, 29-2539, 29-2540, 29-2541, 29-2542, 29- 2543, and 29-2546, Revised Stat- utes Cumulative Supplement, 2014. Respectfully submitted, John Gale Secretary of State (Publish three times, weeks of Oct. 17 Oct. 24 and Oct. 31) We make them! Co. 148 E. Third St., Superior, Neb. 68978 Phone: 402-879-3291 Fax: 402-879-3463 E-mail: III I Hastings Federal Credit Union 707 N. Marian Rd., Has'rings, NE 68901 (402) 463-6668 Toll Free: 1-877-508-8399 www.hastinflsfcu.0rg Member Owned Serving the Financial Needs of People Live or Work in the following counties: Adams, Clay, Fillmore, Nuckol/s, Thayer, We ler Savings federal insured to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration Courthouse News Nuckolls County County Court, traffic Speeding - James A. Burkholder, Superior, $25; Lois M. Spurrier, West- era, $25; Griffen J. Parsley, Hampton, $25; Wylie D. Jensen, Superior, $200; Ramiro Manzano, Grand Island, $25; Kevan L. Hueftle, Eustis, $25; Tonya R. Ngotel, Lincoln, $25; Gretchen A. Lillich, Brighton, Colo., $25; Marshall A. Holtzclau, Belvidere, $75; Linda R. Sutton, $25; Jaron D. Nelson, Pickrell, $25; Angela M. Miller, Superior, $25; Roberto Suarez Rojas, Grand Island, $25; Samantha Gaylene Gray, Supe- rior, $75; Tara M. Mundt, Central City, $25; Lisa J. Stovall, Hastings, $25, County Court, civil Credit Management Services vs. Darrell Fuller, Superior, judgment en- tered. Credit Management Services vs. Kristy Holcomb, Nelson, judgment entered. Credit Management Services vs. Bodie Cassens, Superior, judgment entered. LVNV Funding LLC vs. Bobbie Vaughan, Nelson, judgment entered. County Court, criminal State of Nebraska vs. Roy J. Palmer Jr., Superior, issuing bad check less than $500, $50. State of Nebraska vs. Irene Spice, Superior, dog running at large, $50. District Court, civil State of Nebraska on behalf of a Minor Child vs. Jackie D. Hunt, Marcia Ann Hunt, order for support, sus- pended. Marriages Cody Wayne Luben and Bonnie Lee Dice were married on Oct. 15 in Thursday November 3, 2016 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 7A SuperiorDevelopmentCorporation honoring Pastor Berry on his retire- to Community Development Corpora- ment Sunday afternoon. L tion of Superior Lots C, F and G, Sincetherewasnosch0ollastMon- Pfleiderers Sub to Original Town Su- day, Evan and Emily Jacobitz stayed perior, the day wi~ their grandmother, Ivalee Jacobitz. Emily stayed Tuesday with I I Ivalee since she was not feelirlg well. Nora By Helen (~bcn Evan and Emily stayed Friday night and Saturday with Ivalee. Saturday, Roger and Sue Williams were in Evan went with his father to the corn Fort Worth, Texas, last week to attend field. The farmers have been busy all an advertising awards luncheon for week saving their crops while the Steve Hanthorn. Steve is Roger's townspeople have been dealing with cousin, an over-supply of leaves. : Sue Williams accompanied her sis- Ivalee attended the visitation Sun- ter, Anne Atkins, Grand Island, to day afternoon for Ken Thompson, and Omaha last week. visited Joe Mertens at the Good Sa- Sunday, Roger and Sue Williams maritan home. Jaycee Schroer and attended the potluck dinner honoring Blain stopped by for a visit after church their pastor, Rev. Stephen Berry, who Sunday. is retiring from the ministry. They also Mr. and Mrs. Don Cassell attended the open house for Mr. and Mrs. Gary Stark's 50th anniversary Saturday' at Hastings. She was the former Linda Haidsiak. Don and Peggy then drove to David City and watched the football game with Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Hlavac. attended his retirement open house in the afternoon at the Nelson Commu- nity Center. Lance and Katie Williams, Clay, Jackson and Stella attended the Lawrence-Nelson vs. Mead football play-off game Thursday evening. Friday night visitors of Irvin and Murlene Schleufer were Milan and Cathy Ray of Superior and Scott Ray of Frisco, Texas. Saturday afternoon, Andy and Lisa Baalman of Salina vis- ited Irvin and Murlene. Helen Gebers and Mary Ann Meyer attended the lasagna supper, sponsored by the auditorium renovation commit- tee, at the Superior United Methodist Church last Tuesday evening, Last Wednesday evening, Helen Gebers and Mary Ann Meyer attended a card party at the home of Darrell and Donna Jensen. Hayden, Halle and Emma Epley were confirmed at Salem Lutheran Pauline by The Rev. Taylor Alan Dell, Church by Pastor Kathryn Bates Sun- with Cale Luben and Crystal Perkins day morning. as witnesses. III I Oak By Phyllis Schmitt Donna Gillanjoined others for quilt- ing last Monday. Last Tuesday and Thursday, she attended Tai Chi. Last Wednesday, she was one of the" host- esses at the Nelson Rubies luncheon and costume party at the Nelson Com- munity Center, and on Friday, she Was in Davenport. Last Monday, while in SuperiOr, Phyllis Schmitt had coffee with Lola Biltoft. On Wednesday, Phyllis was among those attending the Nelson Rubies luncheon and costume party in Nelson. She later visited Lola Biltoft. In the evening, she stopped by Gaylen and Jackie Cox's and then went on to Hebron and visited Jerry and Kelly Schmitt. Gaylen Cox, Gaylene Franzen and Jim Davis attended Gaylen's grand- daughter Olivia's volleyball game in Superior, then all went to Blue Hill for a birthday party for Alayna and Ava Cox on Saturday. On Saturday, while in Edgar, Lola Biltoft stopped to see Deloris Springer who was home from the hospital after having knee surgery. On Sunday, Lola attended the graveside service for Hank Hinrichs in Edgar and the coffee and cake afterwards at the church. Kirk and Chelsey Peterson and Gracyn of Axtell stopped at the Phil and Gerry Eckles home on Sunday to visit. The Fairfield Church came to the Nelson United Church of Christ on Sunday and all participated in a pot- luck dinner together. In the afternoon, they went to the community center for an open house honoring The Rev. Dr. Stephen Berry on his retirement. Real estate transfers -"b*" -- ;' hlana Neff A. Bouray, Ashley Bouray to Sharon Schiermeyer Pt Lot 2 in Block By Ivalee Jacobitz 11, Hunters First Addition of Superior. ' .... Richard A. Wilford -Deceased to Run Moore visited John Jensen Sat- Julianna Wilford Lots 9 and 10 in urday morning. Block 5, North Superior, with Excep- Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ostdiek attended tion;Lots 11 and 12 in Block S, North Mallory Klein's volleyball game at Superior. Deshler last weekend. Jnlianna Wilford to Nell L. Mr. and Mrs. Ron Porter returned Thomsen, Barbara J. Thomsen Lots 9 home from a week's vacation last week. and l0inBlock5,NorthSuperiorwith They, Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Jensen, Exception Mr. and Mrs. George lensen, Phyllis Julianna Wilford to Susan J. Trapp O'Dey and Muriel Follmer were din- -Trustee, RobertD. Trapp-Revocable ner guests of Darlene Shaw on Satur- Trust, Susan J. Trapp-RevocableTrust day. They went especially to visit with Lots 11 and 12 in BlockS, North Supe- Darlene's brother, Wayne Porter, of rior. Webb City, Mo. Bruce D. Thayer, Amy J. Thayer to Marlys McClure visited her sister, Nathan Baker, Courtney Baker Pt lot Donna Lammers, at Red Cloud last 18OakridgeSubPtSW I/4NE 1/425- Monday. Saturday, Marlys visited 1-7 of Superior. Loraine Nielsen. Ronald D. Thayer, Denise Thayer MurielFollmer'ssisters, Donnaand to Courtney Baker, Nathan Baker Pt Marlys Jensen, were coffee guests last Lot 18 Oakridge Sub Pt SW 1/4 NE 1/4 Monday morning. GayleFollmercame 25-1-7 of Superior. Tuesday to help Muriel with some [ We Sell , ] Pat McCord to Community Devel- work and have some time together. opmentAgencyofSuperiorLots8and DennisFollmerandMurielFolhner [ Rubber Stamps I 9 Peddicords Sub of Lots 7 8 Block metKathy.l,%Umerand! 4ty Adamson r Publishing ,Co .... " 20Ni YSaperit t .....' '='*" in asti 'f< '*S l t 'Brida [ ...... 1i48 E. Third St. Sup fi tDevel015 tentCorporation M riel Follmer,, and Trish to Community Development Corpora- Rasmussen attended the open house [$upedor, eb 402-879-3291 tion of Superior Lots B, F and G, Pfleiderers Sub to Original Town Su- perior. Are your savings earning what they should? Jim Sullivan Rnancial Advisor 321N CentralAve Supedor, NE 68978 402-879-4646 www.edwanl~e~com Member SIP(;: EdwardJone MAKING SENSE OF INVESTING I II " Computer and Electrical Systems " Complete Classic Car Restoration For over 22 years, 14 Detail has provided Superior with quality auto repair and service. 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