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November 3, 2016     The Superior Express
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November 3, 2016

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Harmony UMC holds regular service Harmony United MethodistChurch service began Sunday morning with a welcome and announcements by Nikki Ost. Acolytes were Keiren Shulda and AutunmDean, withtheprelude,"Chris- tians While on Earth Abiding," by or- ganist.Pat Grout. Children's message was presented by Pastor Gerry Sharp and addressed sharing the light of Jesus with others wherever we go! Each child was given a finger flashlight to help them remem- ber about sharing the light and also to help them in their trick-or-treating en- deavors. Chancel Choir sang an upbeat tune, "Look for the Lord in the M0rnin'!" directed by Pastor Sharp and accomplanied by Pat Grout. CCCC plans 2 classes l've Metby Hans Holier. Young adult for cont[llu ed. fiction also now includes City of Bones Next Thursday (Nov. 10), a work- by Cassandra Clare, and 14 more mys- shop will be offered by Cloud County tery and romance audio ,books have been added to the library s collection Community College about hospice care andhow to access it. Instructor for this in adult fiction. eight hour continuing education class will be Amy Burr, director of Mead- Lutheran Church holds 'Praise God with Talent' service The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Mankato held a special service called "Praise God with Talent" Sunday. Many gathered at the church at 4 p.m. owlark Hospice. hip Cloud County Community College Friends Meals to listen to Christians share the talent with which God has blessed them. will present the principles of using lab values in clinical nursing judgment Nov. 7-11 Those participating were Jennifer and practice. Instructor for this eight Monday - hamburger vegetable Sterling and Vicky Wagoner, vocal hour continuing education class on soup, black eye pea salad, fresh fruit duet; Karrigan Dunstan and Eve Nov. 17 will be Emilie Hagen, Wichita, cup, cornbread. Meyers, vocal duet; Pat Zadina, vocal Tuesday - Smothered pork loin.solo; Aaron Underwood, piano solo; Mankato Library sweet potato casserole, cabbage with Eli Vance and Gayle Molzahn, piano adds new DVDs Soups include Chili, Mankato Library has added a large number of DVDs purchased with do- nations. Some of the titles are: "Clifford The Big Red Dog," "Elmo's World: Reach for the Sky !," "Miss Nelson Has parsley, tropical fruit. Wednesday - barbecue ribette on a bun, macaroni and cheese, tossed salad, mixed fruit. Thursday - shaker bean soup, cole- slaw, cottage cheese, peaches, combread. duet; Sam Underwood, piano solo; Kole Vance, piano solo; Elaine Lippold, Verla Roe and John Huntsinger, vocal trio; Lutheran Sun- day School children, vocal group; Tristan Schindler, vocal solo; Gayle Molzahn, piano solo; and Pope's ThUrsday, November 3, 2016 THE SUPERIOR EXP~IE~S 3B. = = . .. Scripture came from Luke 19:1-10, 'in reference to when Zaccheus wanted Warne. Th~essen toseeandhearJesusandJesustoldhim wed at family farln a Field Day," "The Teacher from the Friday - chicken fried steak, mashed People, vocal group. . he was going to his house for lunch. In MadelinePaigeWame andBransen Black La~oon," "One Hour Photo, votatoes, gravy, greenbeans, oineaoole After the blessings with talent, ev- doing that, Zaccheus was converted. William Lee Thiessen were united in ",Thinner,"; "Behind Enemy Lines," c'rumble. - -- eryone was invited to me church base. The sermon, "Being the Guest," ad- marriage Sept. 10 at a family farm near 'Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sister, Meals delivered by Catholic mentforfellowshlpwlthapotlucKanu dressed that we are to accept all people Mankato. The ceremony was offici- hood," '`The 40 Year Old Virgin, Church. fish fry. Every year t-or several years, as guests into G0d's house, the church, and welcome them with open arms, as ated by the bride s grandfather, The "Hancock," "Life After Beth," "My Evangelical Lutheran Church has had Rev. Vernon Smder. Fellow Americans," "The Rocker, ._. ,, __ - a tlSll try with t4ppoto .an(] Jesus did. We hide Jesus by excluding Parents of the couple are David and "Red Riding Hood," "The Passion of l"|ps Ior ~/lnl:er care several helpers providing and cooking people. Deb Warne, Mankato, and Tom and the Christ," '`The Butterfly Effect," ~4g 1h~ll-a= ~|a~4-== thefish.Ithasbecomeawondeffuland This week's calendar includes Sat- Pam Thiessen, Beloit. Grandparents "Dead Man on ,C, ,,am, pus,""A,c,e, Ventura va joyful tradition and the fish was boun- urday, Nov 5, turn clocks back! ; Sun- areBurtandEvelvnWame, Mankato, p ,t l' otor,ti`'o f la, rkq n "The In- ByJenaeRyan, tiful again this year as well as the day Nov. 6, 1 1 a.m. to 1 p.m. Mankato Vernon and Shirley Snider, Mankato, :" ,,,~._--~ "'~.':" "" , ..... Post Rock Extension District wonderful other food provided by all. Fire Department dinner; 4 p.m. to 6 Donna and Barry Munsev, Beloit, the turn,, ,,-?, ne n g,% st.ers, ,,. Jory During the short days of winter, p.m.women'sBiblestudyatCoralyn's; late Phyllis Mui~sev and'the late Ann ~oao, _,~n(~__, ,,,,~y tale, .,t~,,ssle: houseplant growth slows, resulting in ~v_ _ ~,. ~. ~ ,,, Monday. Nov. 7, 7 p.m. PPRC meeting ..,a v,/.-.,~. Thio~.n AMomer stove, Ultraviolet.. ~at- aneecltochan~ehowwecareforthem ]31ew illlng {leaQunes at Ionia UMC; Tuesday. Nov. 8 All Matron of honor was Meghan ~dtYn,N,!gh~LiV~veT~iB;s~fdeh~r~s Although freq~ient watering may have for sms~l-businesses ChapterCN, Mankato, wolcomodMrs.WhitneyNowellbyinitiali0nTuesday DaySoupDayatStTheresa'sCatholic McMillan, Jewell, sister otthe bride .......... tw.en necessary aunng me long uays or . -' Church. .l,=ioh W .... h n, Am..a. Roxanne, PCU, 'The Tuskegeeg,,rnmer wat Tqno the .... amount outlined by the IRS Oct. 25. The ceremony was held at the home of Bethany Roe w,th Shemll ...... b .... ~ .................. Airmen,""Ra","'`TheMumm-," Tomb ~.-':"";" ";.':7"',~ =.". ...... ,, J "" Daniels serving as the co-hostess. Whitney is the wife of Kale Newell,.son of Have ablessed weekand remember Pickman, Kansas City, Me., Tegan of the Dra-o Em- rer" '"T e BI-" d during me ran ann wmter.comu cause The Internal Revenue Service re- Shawn and Susan Newell Mankato. . " " an File g ix, , e m roblems Excesswaterfillsairspaces mlndsem lo ersa . to show Jesus' light wherever you goand welcome and invite everyone to We~id~,nhyft~B~llLLchg~ud, and ~x~,,dmR, V~;U~desr~V~di,omB,~y,s ~ithin the soil, deprivin_g, rootsofthe ofanew}Pa~(.~l filndsgdnea~bUSel~f/~s, pleted as soon as you know an exten- F~;5sBeca;Sep~fwt~h'~l PATHAc~t church! Cierra Thiessen, Beloit, served as AlsoSurchas_w ....'"',Y;. . oxygen they need. Water your 2 forms. The lRS must also hold some sion is necessary, but by Jan 31 Re- funds a little later The new law re Proclamation signed bridesmaids. . p !ca l maonamatunas houseplants by touch, not by the calen- refunds until Feb. 15 view the instructions for Form 8809, -uires the IRS to i old the refund for wasalargenumaeroryoungaamtano da ' fin er into the " - . for Pawnee.Mental Best man was Conner Hewxtt ................................... r. If you insert your g A new federal law, aimed at mak- for more information an,, tax ret-,~ ,;.'. ,.;th.. th'. cuuutc. ~ uuu~s, some oz mese uues s i " " dee it is time to " ' ,, J ............... ~ ........... Beloit. Connor Hulett, Luke Shamburg, - - -, .... ,7....~.. D..a O I and IS dry an inch p, . lug it easier for the IRS to detect and As tax season approaches, the IRS Earned Income Tax Credit (EITO or lnJuvenllencuonareuearL,uuuy=xuu en u h so mat - , I-Iealth I~-i!lllversal~ all of Beloit, and Blake McMillan, Evan~son 'Duck and Go~se" Let~Ys somewatertlowsouttlaeDottomotttte the W-2 filing deadline for employers smaller businesses, are aware of these until Feb 15 By law, the IllS tnusi CalebPalen, Jordan FIle, Jake Stanton, Cam-bell New Work b" Ashle" water Be sure to add. ,o g .. prevent refund fraud, will accelerate wants to be sure employers, especially Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) Jewell County Board members re- Jewell, served as roomsmen ' pot. This will help wash out excess to Jan 31 Forsimilarreasons thene~ new rh=~,-ll;.,-~ ', o~:a Toe r,..-.-.: ...... " .." . '. . g r , v., .* , ~O*l~.~ 11%.O~4UlIIIIII;~ cently signed the following proclama- " Dance b Tad Hills Win s of Fire " ........... ,, - nora me entire refund, not just.tide tion: ChaseWarne, ToddDunstan, Tyler. series' oy;" ~Ul ~ .... ~, 3umertana" " "gooors~ ~-a," " salts that tend to accumulatettin il withmthe law also .... requires the IRS to hold re- sinner John Koskinen: We are. work- --oortion related to the EITC. or~ ACTC, . Whereas, the seeds for the forma- Dunstan and Blake McMdlan were o.... I... e... n ........ ,.^..rv.= u,__~, po .~ g so . , ...... funds involving two key refundable lug with the payroll community and Even with this cham, e ta ....... ~u.~ uy urea r~tutyp~=~r,~=, ,to ~u,a. " " " OUlooereuucea " . ~", " "'r"~'~'.~" ushers Valets were Brian Thlessen,. rermlzat ona=sosn . tax credits until at least Feb. 15. Here otherpartnersto sharethis informatmn should file ir r " tion of Pawnee Mental Health Ser- . Class Trip Ever by Dave Barry, Dork N " " a 1 half the ' . ,, the eturns as they nor-, vices Inc. were planted 60 years ago on Greg Thiessen and Ryan Waugla. n:...- .... .~. ~.^..~.. , ~ 1., o.~.~ ormally, It IS nest to pp y are details on each of these key dates widely mall,, ,4,-, Whether nr nat Pr~imin.'th;~ Flower girls were Harper Gouldle ....... uy . . amount of fertilizer for flowering New Jan. 31 deadline for employ- The new accelerated deadline will EITC or ACTC the IRS c'auti6ns tax- Nov. 19, 1956, with thecreationofthe and Autum Dean, cousins ofthe bride. )ene i ku se lao?g ho eplan andone-fo%rUatheamount ers: The Protecting Americans from helpthelRS improve its efforts to spot payers not to count on ettin' arefund Riley County Mental Health Center, Grady Wame, nephew of the bride, .~_.r .... :.~:'__,~'_' .......... ~(,". ....... tor ronage nousep~an~. ~oo much rer- Tax Hikes (PATH) Act, enacted last errors on returns filed by taxpayers by acertain date es ecgall ~laenmak Whereas, Geary, Clay, Marshalland . ~r~c y~unntcutne~uttu~,on oJ trtc urou " " " ts .... " ' P Y - ' Pottawatomie counties joined with and Tyrian Dunstan, cousin of the .,.. ..... m.. ,-. ................ -.... tmzer results m plan mat oecome December, mcludesanewrequlrement Having these W-2s and 1099s earher in~ maior ourchases or rmvin~ ther . 1 ottel zut/v uy uav rllKeyl, I ne i n,=~; le ..... -- . _ _ ,_ _./ o. o Riley County between 1963 and 1968 groom, served as rlngbearers. Music About Yetis b'" Vin Vo"el The Prin g_gy and weak. . ~ . for employers They are now required will make it easier for the IRS to verify financial obligations Though the IRS rovlded b ~ , Locatmn is another tactor that to file their ancetofrmtheNrthCentralKansasGuid-center, ~ilthecC~en~?~ywa~P~iessenw~aY ~hSy~t~/dtheP7~ybYeK;ta~lewBeeatei: shuldbecnsideredthistLmoefyear" mittedtthc~pleSalsfFrr~tyWd~lSub-~;egslt~I~;~Y%ft~oot~tpU~ysrsandp~bpe iSSs;tSh%r~lth~a;sneqmt;0ertufUrn~d-~lrn' scrioture reader ...... Sincedaylengthissoshort, ouseplants tration, by Jan. 31. The new Jan. 31 to receive them In man instances ' ' ' Whereas, Cloud, Jewell, Republic, ." ....... " ..... oweetpeaanarnenas: TheSheepover ma"behel-e ....... movedto areas .............. " Y . , held for further review. Mitchell and Washington counties atte%~Kaatlan~t~h~la~ ~eagUeStast~e by ~s~bChTdhesmDa~e~)Petethe C6t~ of ~lae roo~ ~aYt~ce~ve more light, ~lomg/~0a~9In~II~rapp~eSgoCe_er~amm_ ~[Sun~lmenabl;uithc~RSta~ .~l~haeS;~. ....... , ,~ joinedtogetherbetween 1967and 1974 program attendant. Giftattendantswere ~.e a~oser. Dart Guns a719~wtn b-" such as a south or east facing window, ployee compensation such as payments The Jan. 31 deadline has long up: ]:liOOl~ emb to meet to form the Sunflower Mental Health Blair McMillan and Katie Hesting. Jill ~_aa~ .... - n ..... ____~ _ Avoid placing plants where a ratts to independent contractors, plied to employers furnishing copies Jewell County Readers will meet at uasnc~ ~cmtey, utary Old lyllnectuj~ tl" t trom neat Center, ~ and Chris Klos and Lisa and Eric zx~mme" "" ul-" ..................... ~-~" 7....~.;o D. ~..o~.;..,. . omdoorsordirectout.pu ~. , . -Inthepast, employers typically had of these forms to their employees and 2 p.m. Monday at theJewell Library. Naomi Aaa / OPEN HOUSE illll Coffee, Tea and Water Whereas, TheRileyCountyMental Dunstan served as reception hosts. - Y .. e ....... "o mg ctucts may contact em. t e)atwe until the end of February, if filing on that date remains unchanged The Great Gatsby by F Scott Health Center and the Sunflower Men- tal Health Center affiliated as the Paw- A reception, dinner and dance fol- ~, m j%venne noiu~vu~,)c ~,~e~,~,~ ,~ n.umidity also tends to oe low (luring paper, or the end of March, if filing Some refunds delayed until at least Fitzgerald will be discussed ~vever t~quat oy uuncan onauua, m wint r I taaveanumiai .... " nee Comprehensive Mental Health lowed the ceremony In Beloit., ............. e e. fyoudonot _ . , - electronically, to submit their copies ==l m= , _JLa~]LmL~aa Maddie graduated from Rock Hills n/~nnze: tn.e ~rue. atory,o/~ne ~e, ar tier, frequent misting ot me plants or of these forms. In addition, there are ,~- - " - _ -- _ __ ~ " ' [ " ' n'no Ins trea wmnte me teen oy a Center in 1977, High School in 2011. She attended S .... .......-P" rl e placing them on water filled tr of changes in requesting an extension to | .... ' Whereas, a merger was completed allyM walker, wnatgme eta c the numI(ll !.- w ~m ~ wm mw =m Washburn Universit and graduated . . pebb=es can help raise" 'ty file the Form W 2 Only n,,, "~fi ,t.,, =.. ..... "-= in 1981 under one centralized board of Y .... ......... - ........ Caps Melted ~ by Kathenne Friedman, Post Rock ~ .... sion District of K .......... "~ ..... : =~- --- ..... ~= directors with two board members up-P~ib-~ coun~ ........... afrm Bellus Academy in Manhattan aScosmetolog~st.. .... currently em. : Harakar.e~uPkemn Pocket~, Comicsby~:uu.~; ~,.~i ,~;,,.'- Santa,,~r,~: "fi~ate~ .,, ~, es~ar, c'~^~d.~...~. Extension, serves. and this eXterislon ~s not automatic if extens'~0n t rne term 'Wsz ~savau'ap=e, .... ........... . - ~grOa;, ~. y~""N(~VF' -~,m. ..... .......... ~ ~ ~ ; ~" Whereas, ' the board of directors ployed at Meyers Chiropractic Clinic, Young'adudtnow~Magnua L;~?n~'~ff~~ l bee; ndf /. Cuba;' ~ cliangedtlienameofttieorgamzatmn Be!nit, andattends Brown Mac kie .Chase and the Gods of asgard series tactedatjenaes@ksuedu Fi 'einformationRetumsmustbeco a .............,., ........ ..'= .... t.ouege in aa ina as a stuoent in me book ann z oy Kick Kioraan, " " .: - fiOUl[ amlSslon - 1L, nl,oren under age or l u- t-ree intOPawnee1982, MentalHealth Services Inc., occupational therapy assistant pro- Magisterium: The Iron Trial by Holly Lunch available at the show Whereas, Pawnee Mental Health gram. Black and Cassandra Clare, The - ' .P (~ ~ . .. .I~ Services is a private, not-for-profitor- schBor?Snen2~d?Het~datf~tenmBe~ll~Hi/ahs Sor~re;i~rR~ghbY ~ls~USaS~Cl~r~ght r~I Thank You I 1] If ,nterested n,reserving_aspacecontact ganization licensed by the State of KansasDepartmentforAgingandDis- StateUniversityandisafarmer-rancher Road by Kristin Hannah, See Me by | ........... I[~ ~ ms - I150-1Z9-331~7 . "' "~ ability Services (KDADS) as a com- with Thiessen Farms, Beloit.Nicholas Sparks', As Time GoesBy by | "1 tie ' amzll/otMzldred Reece would I] Hosted bv the Marilyn Junek- .7as-729-aas4 , .= munity mental health center and a sub- After a hone moon in Jamaica the M Hi ins Clark in adult fiction " '1 J "" " " L v . , , Y . ~. , , ~ gg ,.. , . , . , Cuba Booster Club a end Huncovsky - 785-729 3455 newlyweds are at home In t elolt In adult nonnctlon added is Ghosts s a stance use treatment facility, " hke to thank everyone for the ... ...,, Whereas, the mission of Pawnee . . . . [[ , :' , Mental Health Services isto provide va~"IOUS act~ of kl~d~'le~ sho~{)~'l VETERANS ~~-~ comprehensive quality mental health at the time and substance use treatment and re- cover services to strengthen the BurrO ka United Methodist Church | to our families of [] ,7, Wellness ofourcommunities. / o II ) UAY UPPE Whereas, prevention works, treat- ~ FALL DINNER Mildred S passing. ,,, R ment is effective, and recovery is pos- ~ .Sund~yt NovLI~ Lll a_l~itol~:30, l~, - ~ ' [[ ~ 1' "19ii, .. ,~ sible, m... Friday, Nov. 11, 5:30 .m.'I Therefore, Jewell County does ~ o~:m~T:?k??:~iha;;LZ:~ ~tiWo.~: 4~ ~ ~ OI ~i" i?"":~ }lJ~ hereby proclaim Nov. 19,2016. asthe ~qeUlc . . - . - - . VFW Post Mankat 60th anniversary of Pawnee Mental _ ' " ' : Health Services and congratulates it ; Mankato, Kan for its service and calls upon the citi- / ManKato Hous,ng Author,ty | zeus, government agencies, public and private institutions, businesses and ....... ~ " ' schools to increasing awareness and , 1 / Servmg Ham, Scalloped Potatoes;/ qll ' , ~ - ', 5 ~r'~r~VZ andUnderstandingfpreventin'treatmentrecovery from substance use and ( I Tl /Iri" | Monday,. Tuesdav , Wednesday. [ Green Beans,Rolls/Dessert, :( merltal disorders for the strengtheninga~d the wellness ofour communities. I ---- [ ] November 14, 15 and 16 [ : ...... Steve Greene, commissioner I 1.]Plfll.J,l[lJ., lk,i. itL:UUII4 I I --. [ Free:Willdonation , '" /11 Dwight Frost, commissioner ] ~- ~ _ ~ 11 ___ I~T _, ,ni~' ~ ] 1 : 1 to p.m. / .... ,"....../i/ MarkFieming, commissioner P{ de ]tresi n VFW Auxiliar "" """ 'i RSVP to Shem Jeffery, ..... , I & aturuay, l z I/ 525 N. Cl,nton Un,t #3 / I g' Servinlz Suo'oer 5 to 7 o.m. I / Mankato, Kan. 66956 | .... S5carry out I ;ation ~i / / ~ ~8~,~00 ~~d9 bag Free WillDo Stop, visit and look at what we ;; M'nday'Nv' 7 Y '" Auction to follow ' ! / have to offer in housing / I. Refreshmentsserve [ SANTA'S WORKSHOP ~~l~Cr~m~ Hamla~, Gravy, ~~ I [ - ' Applications available on site [ Accentlnn Dnnat;nne ~~ Green Beans, Rolls, Salads, I 1 "r II ................. i u ca me orr,ce at tun Z Ul L H esserts, Tea and Coffee ...... )- ].,, " " [ We are in need of gently 0seal tems, new itemst ll .' ..... 44116 / " , ' ~, _ ~.,, " or cash donations to make this event possible. ~IIF-- UTE THE RgrE "' ~~ llr '____,,--,-r~,..v,,. lr-~ .,,,L,I~,IL. il IIUI~I JL.~J-~_]~ ~ c~ '', Donations may be dropped offat the following ioeati0ns. Mankato Volunteer Fire Department . R. Wi,son, C A, LLC Man ato , ;z _ Y / State Exchange BankUte Ttleater ' 1 t, I"tl] T] T171; : UUI" MEAL Central National Bank Mankato Branch Friday, Saturday, Sunday j l.. lJ. .L I,LL[ Cz - , Nov. 4, 5 a.d 6,7:30 p.m. -- Guaranty State Bank, Jewell, Esbon, Burr Oak Branches Deepw yor,zon :lav , Nov. 6 [ aesday,,, Nov. 8. ?i l !! ..... T Santas Workshop will be on , ,-, uesday, Dec 20, 5'30-7'30 p m, 11 a m to I "- a.m. to / D m _ ...... . ' . lit I- Inspired by a true story, Deepwater " " P" " " " : ROCK HillS I:lementary School, Mankato, Kan Honzon is an action-adventure about Mankato F re Stahon Sou- Sandwiches Pie C,h//drenagedup/hrough ..... T , honoring the brave men and women whose boldness would save many lives Mankato, Kan. /" F)'#h Grade may shop with t,n.aren may purcHase on board and forever change their lives. . elves a/Santa's Workshop gifts for immediate family Serving Hamburgers, Chicken Breast Sandwiches, Baked Beans, Baked Potatoes, Desserts and Drinks Chicken Noodle and Vegetable Beef St. Theresa's Catholic Church Mankato, Kan. delivery call 785-545-6426 The church has a chairlift to get downstairs a#er v/s#ing w//h Santa. members for 25 a gift Pre-registration forms may be found on "Santa's Workshop Mankato, Ks" Facebook page or picked up at any drop off Iocatioq~ . Forms need to be RETURNED In the office of Paul Wilson, 109 N. Commercial or Rock Hills Elementary School, NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, NOV. 11 Questions contact Sara Reiter at (785) 378-3006 ..... This film shows one of the world's larg- est disasters on Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico. As these brave men and women are on the Deepwater Hori- zon, they must let courage lead the way after they encounter a disaster while on board Rated PG-13 for prolonged intense disaster sequences and related disturb- ing images and brief strong language. Mankato, Kan. 785-378-3172 Free Will Donation = All proceeds to Mankato Volunteer F re- Department for purchasing gear and equipment IJ