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November 3, 2016     The Superior Express
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November 3, 2016

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8B THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thursday, November 3, 2016 Ph?ne402-879-3291 or1 800 359 2120 | | e in to148 e. Third in Superior . ..... , . or 111 E. Main in Mankato to place .... your ad. 1-Personals 6-For Rent THE SUPERIOR Express is looking TRUCK DRIVER needed in Superior COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE repair, LICENSED ELECTRICIANS, T & L 14-Sale Calendar to hire someone to maintain various to Sutton area to haul ready mix con- air conditioning work, computer diag- Pivot dealer. Repair all makes of piv- IF YOU have AI-Anon questions ONE ANDtwo bedroom apartmentsdatabase files and do a variety of crete. Applicant must have a current nostics. Hanson Automotive. 340 N. ots. Wassom's basket truck available SATURDAY, NOV.5,10a.m.,Stastny pleas~cal1402-879-5975or402-879- available in Superior, Nab. On-site other work necessary for the produc- CDL license. Call 1-800-422-0465. Kansas St., Superior, Neb., 402-879- for aerial work and repair. Call Power Community Center, Hebron, Nab. 5535. 1-36-tfc laundry, off-street parking,trash haul- tion of a newspaper. The desired ap- 8-33-tfc4111. 10-26-tfc Management, Steve Houtwed or Bob Absolute antique and household auc- A ...... inn, appliances. Deposit and lease plicant should be dependable, well Wassom. 402-469-4321 or 402-324- tion, selling furniture, primitives, col- LuOHOLICS ANONYMOUS meets " No .......... required, pets. 6th Street Apart- acquainted with the people of this GENERAL MANAGER: Commercial WlNTERIZEYOURcarorboat.Check 4158. lO-8-ffclectibles and glassware, lawn, gar- Inursaays, ts p m, at rouneenm ann .. ments 402-639-8706. 6-33-tfcarea, be organized, have Computer web press-mailing operation, south- the antifreeze, belts and hoses. Will ~.---~ den and tools, hunting and fishing California, Superior, Nab. Contact --" andcommunicationskills, goodgrasp eastern South Dakota, salary nego- do wash, buff and wax, tune-ups and ~UM.VL~It. /~U.IU Ooo.y paint ano supplies for Susan Mussman for the 402-879-4988. 1-20-tfc NEW TOWNHOMES for rent in of English and spelling. Please send tiable with benefits. Send resume to oilchanges.Troy'sAutomotive.Phone repair. H.OCK cnlp repair; re- MaxineBorleyestate Brad EIting and Mankato, Ken. 1,200 sq ft., two bed- resume to Bill Blauvelt, The Superior Box J, Parkston, SD 57366. Closing 402-879-3612. 10-40-tfc placement ~uperior P'aim ano uooy, .. =....,. ...... - ......... GOOD TIMES await. A suoscripdon rooms rtwo baths narane handi- 402 879 4i90 10 1 ffcCo., Im..,,~..a,u~u,~u,~. ).,-...,-,p , , =,= , date Nov 23, 2016 8 - - to Country Connections helps coun- nn " v I:tn. Express, PC Box408, Supedor, Nab. - ................ -H-~~r ~ .... ca,.,.ed accessible. Bethan. .... 68978. 8-44-3p MEDICALSCRIBEneededforabusy home in a matter of days. Call All ~.P_.HV!UINL~ ALL NIA,RI=~5 an.o moo- Community Center, Edgar, Neb.Sell- try mwng people meet new people " 785-378-3408, jewellcounty@hot Reputable, confidential plan. Free mail com 6-4-tfc cardiology office. Benefits and 401K. Things Exterior in Beloit now to get em or furnaces ann air conamoners, inn 1995 Lexus coune furniture Col details. Write Country Connections, WE HAVE an opening for a Commu- Send resume to centralnebraska a quote. 1-800-619-5706. All- ......... Scott TV and Appliance. 402-879- lectlbles" and glassware," ' mmcella-" ' " PC Box408, Superior, Nab. 68978. a-Help Wanted nity Development Advocate. Position 8 10-12-tfc ~ou]. . lU-ll-rrcneons household items for Pam ', '. 1-11-tfc " requires case management and ad- ~City ~ ~ Maynard. Backer and Bouray Auc- The Express cannot verify the finan- vocacy within the communities of I-IUI-'I:: p'ld.~.~NPdNL;Y.L;enter, free cialpotentialofadvertisementsinthe Washington, Republic, Smith, Manager. More info at http:// .... wiring. Moeller Electric, Byron, Neb., tlon Service ihcharge of sale...... preg.n,anc..y tests, em.otlonalsupport, Help Wanted or Opportunities classi- Osborne, Mitchell, Jewell and Riley or at 308-284- /une-up, service ano repair. 402-236-8619. 10-14-ffc ]4-4~-~p confloentlal, information, parenung . f fications. R?adersare advisedtOap- Counties. Starting salary is $16.00. 3607. Position open until filled. Sal- Specializing in computer and SUNDAY, NOV. 13,11 a.m., Stastny class. Phone 402-879-3616. 1-84 c proach any such businessopportu- Requirements are RAin Social Work ary$86,568-$123,294 DOQ. 8 electrical systems, annuity payments for cash now. You Community Center, Hebron, Nab. ADOPTION: LOVING, secure couple nity with reasonable caution,or closely related field or four years' IMMEDIATE OPENING for an expe- 14 Detail Inc 402-879-5500 don t have to wait for your future pay, Selling rifles, shotguns, handguns, experience in social service manage- rienced roofing foreman. Will train .......... "' ............... ments any longer. Call 1-800-896- German daggers and related items, paidhpeSDeniset adOptanda NickbabY'1-800-818-Expenses /HUL;I~................. UHIVI=H;~-uompeuuve ment. Please go to right individual. Bi-lingual is an A+. ROOFING CAN save you money on 8136 - ' 10 traps, huntingcollsctiblesandmemo- R~Rn ' 1 wages, short or long haul, paid vaca- for job description and application. Excellent~02-866-4522. 8 your home insurance. Call All Things rabilia, military badges and ammuni- .... ~ , " tions, sick leave, health insurance, Please submit application and proof ' Mid centr .~nuthr~.- Exterior in Beloit now to get a quote APLACEForMom.Thenation's/arg-tion.BradEItingandCo.,Inc.incharge NEED CASH? Sell all that used mar- 401K, quarterly bonuses. Will train if of education to CDL A Dnvers: el-_ ....... - . . est semor wing rererral service, uon- of sale. 14-44-2p ional Run etween Nebr^~'- .... 1-800-619-5706 AIITh=ngsExtenorcom tact our trusted, local experts today. chandisewith an Express and Record qualified. George Bros. Inc., Sutton, NEK-CAP, Inc. is an equal opportu- g . b u,u " Classified ad, 402-879-3291 or 785- Neb., 68979, 1-800-228-4008. nity employer. 8-40-tfc Texas. Stay off both coasts, home ""-, ~-,,'- Our service is free, no obligation. Call, , 378-3191. 8-40-ff~C~, weekends, 2,800 miles-week, be GUTISER~-G~ 1-800-735-9914 10 County Fairgrounds, Nelson, Neb. is 'king fr spray app"catr and r "-me T'h- nk:gq and Ch-r-isteas" datin f yur hme" Ca" A" Things Three par auctin' se"ing huse" ~.,~ AFFORDABLE PRESS Release ser- hold, fumiture, kitchen appliances, t-remont uontract ~arners, t~fdfd-(541- Exterior in Beloit now to net a auote vice.~enoyourmessageto170news- home decor, garage-shop items and CDLdriver.PleasecallRandyat402- 6914 or visit www fcc-inc com 8 1 80 .............. ~_ r = .u,o s., s . 879-4749 or stop in the office at1221 ........................... u-o,v-o,uo. ,,.nlngst-xter, pape[ 3a lr ssNebraskafor one low Craftsman riding lawn mower; an- I Car of the We E. Third St., erior, Neb. 8-35- c 10-Services ..... ......... 10-12-tfc p - . -euu-ueu-zu. u.orwww_ tique furniture, farm equipment: JD EMPLOYERS: WHEN you place an - NEWWINDOWScanloweryourutil- neDpress.comrormore0etails. 10 4960 tractor, 8-row JD planter and I 20!3 Dodge Charger, R/T, 5.7 ...... employeerecruitmentadinthisnews- BENCHMARK.EXTERIORS and In- ity bills. Call All Things Exterior in DISH NETWORK N,-w ,,.,v r ,nUmore. Backer and Bouray Auction ! leather, sunroof, backupcam, Dr. Dresound" $16,900 11 paperyouqualifyforafreepostingon S~?e~snns/~d?n~Uu~t~lr?n" Vwr?e,esu- Beloit now to get a quote. 1-800-619- Select the channeis'you wan"t.~Fre'e Service in charge of sale. 14-44-3p system, 20" alloys, after midnight blue 11 NEHires.eom, anemploymentjobsite g' g g, naows, o706. installation, free streaming, $39.99/ ~~ roofing and roof coatings, foam and 10-12-tfc 2m4{ nmt~n~sli Addintemet !o_r$14.95 a Stastny Community Center, Hebron, I] 81,000miles 11 ofwhichthisnewspaperhasanown- blown insulation. We are licensed, ................ or. a 1-8uu-520-9176. 10 Neb. Ooin and memorabilia auction: I] Ask'us...We can find the vehicle you want~ rtg' ht down to the color! II etshlpinterest. . 8-15-ffp bonded and insured for residential, A NEW front door will make your ~ saUingcoins, silver ingots, collector's commercial, industrial and certified home pop. Call All Things Exteriorin "=" .......... coins, paper money, silver dollars, |l ' Superior, Nab. (402)879-4439 II inspections. 10-11-tfc Beloit now to get a quote. 1-800-619- ~~ belt buckles and more. Brad kiting II .... Todd 402-879-5688 Calvin =402-879-5687 II _~-~. . ....... 5706. Bargen IrJectric, 10-12-tfc moval of dead cattle and horses. 1- and Co., Inc. in charge of s~.44 3p - , , ,,, -i Electrical Installation & Repair BANKRUPTCY FREE iniii-al~oonsul- 800-919-8360. 12-35-tfc - - I" Slates Wasteo ",cense, an osore, tation. Fast relief from creditors. Low 15 -portunities Computer Hepair rates. Statewide filing No officeap- Mankato, Kan Phone 785-534-0262 ................... , ....... I " ' i Ires hot weather, ~ I . Fo ~.trnent necessary Call Steffens ce " 12-3-tf0 SAWMILLS FROM on,y $4,397.00. 402-879 1839 . ........... Make and save money with your own I ' . ":. Wasteco is making the rounds. I ............ L.;.~w Office, 308-872-8327. steffens USE THE Classified, they work! bandmill. Cut lumber any dimension. ' GENERAL CONSTRUCTION, cabi- We are a debt ~ Instockreadytoship. Freelnfo-DVD: " I Dependable Service Reasonable Rates BlUing I nets, roofing, remodeling, brick and relief agency, which helps people file N~-~-U HUUMV ~omeone can use ..... " ...... 7" 1-800- block. Jason Gillilan, cell: 402-879- bankruptcy under the bankruptcy 3291 or 785-378-3191, to place an ~,,o-,o_~T Ext.300N_- ... Home785-794-2256 Cell 785-534-7212 785-378-3006 I 5839. lO-9-tfc_ code. .10 wnatyouoontneoo.l~nonequz-= u- .~7n l~n~ p~.ann 1~ Available for Special Service as Needed, I ] ad. Help yourself and someone else. USE THE Classified, they work! I d ,1 s at sllt l Auctions, Remodels and More... Call for Details I I , Serving Jewell County since1999 ' .j- v I Every Comer., Every Town , I _O Lone I ._:,.: .............. : .............. "'applications:'""": ........ . .... | ,= ' M EMOi~IAL HC)SPt-fAL- ' ill[ ' Brodstone Memoria'l"14ospi tal is .cur e0tiy ..... . I seeking to fiil the following positions: I Maintenance Technician-- Full-tffne, experience preferred [ :" ,' TheGood Samaritan Society - Superior TOUR & TRAVEL = Dietary Ai& ..... Part. ~:,~, is seeking for: I i i y C ok 4228RoadF Da o Hardy, Neb. If you are a candidate inte,este; ;. !'..' 'ff these positions, go to our I website@www.b~ odsto, [ or contact: I " Sandy Bo,dc, n,. fro I : Apply onhne at 402-27g.2515 Brodstone Memori,fi ltospital I i n,', 800-279 1026 .o I Superior NE 68978 I ; i=Oood .. Pare Buresh, CDM superiortandt@gmaii.c0rn .. ....... ' ."-0"4 sa.marlran 402-879-4791 '[ OClC 1710 Idaho St. Sup eri or Sal e s, ..... Parkview Haven Skilled Nursing Home Deshler, Superior, NE 68978 Servi ce, Meadowlark Heights Assisted Living Neb. Satisfaction! ,,c An Equal Opportunity Employer, ~, M-F-Veteran-Handicapped: Drug Testing The Good Samaritan Society-Superior is seeking applications for: Full Iirne MDS Coordinator This person must be an RN cur- licensed in the state of Nebraska with experience com- ple :ing the Nursing portion of the MDS and overseeing the RAI process. Would prefer someone certified through AA- NAC as a Resident Assessment Coordinator (RAC-CT) or have the ability to achieve certification upon employment. Must have basic computer skills and effective communica- tion skills and be able to work with individuals of all ages. Gene Transfer Technician Apply online at 4~k, 1 . I Ann Hobson, RN, C, DNS I t, _mr-'(J;OOd . . I I , Sa.naarlcanI 402-8794791 Soc c :" -t'Y I 1710 N IDAHO, SUPERIOR, NE 68978 , SUPI':RIOR I All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employme at without regard to gende , sexual orientation, race, Color, religion national nicitizenship age disa- lity, v teran status, genetic information, marital status, sexual onentation, gender identl or other .... " "ty protected status. The City of Mankat0, Kansas. seeking qualified applicants for the position of City Clerk - City Administrator. This is an ac/mm/ 'trati e pos///bn with oversight respons/b///t/es /or the daily oz;erat/bn of the city City Clerk-City Administrator Successful applicant is responsible for payroll, must reside within the City accounts payables, accounts Limits of the City of Mankato, receivables, minutes of the City or move to this location within Council personnel records, six months after initial purchasing, records retention, appointment. A s/xmonths financial accounting, budget . roba/ionaq/penod follom'ng preparation and monitoring of /mffa/emp/oyment must be financial condition, as well as competedto achieve fu#-time zoning administration emp/oyment status. Submit cover letter, resume and three references to Mayor Donald Koester. 135 Crestvue Ave Mankato, Kansas 66956, or e-mail to A copy ofthejob description, salary ranges andprojected start date may be obta/hed by ca/#ng 785-378-3141. Position will be open until filled. 38 ~ 6 38-uc Zoltenko Farms Inc. a progressive and family-owned livestock operation located near Hardy, NE is seeking to hire full time and part-time members for our Boar Stud Operations team This is a fast-paced and team-oriented envmmrue,,l with constantly evolving work objectives Qualified Gene Transfer Tech cand;dates are: . Fast learning and teachable Motivated Process oriented .......... , ZULII:.NI(OI'A Able [o WOrK independently "' i " '; Duties may include but are not limited to: (. J .Axa ? Animal Care - feeding, medicating, working with pigs Sanitation & Maintenance - power washing, basic repairs Laboratory Processing , ' ' pro,, ' ing, packaging, cleaning Hours are 30-40/wk M-W-F. Lunch .provided. Reliable transportation required. Applications remain active for 6 months from application date. Pre-hire physical and drug screen required. Health Insurance, Paid Time- Off provided Zoltenko Farms Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. Well qualified applicants snoulc call (785) 278-541)5 or email for an application. 4Z16 Applications are being accepted for Full time Night Shift CNA at Parkview Haven Housekeeping Position at Parkview Haven Part time Med Aide at Meadowlark Heights Add on for experience. Competitive wages, benefit package for full time, shift differential for afternoon-night shift. For further information and an application, call Judy Kujath, (402) 365-7237 or Miranda Isernhagen, (402) 365-4545 If enough interest, Med Aide classes will be offered in Deshler. Call Miranda for more information. ,,_.~ I I I I I II I I I IIII I Phone 402-879-3291 785-378-3191 CLASSIFIED RATES ONE WEEK, per word 15 Minimum charge ............................................... :: ........ $3.00 TWO WEEKS, per word ................................................ 27 THREE WEEKS, per word ............. : .............................. 39 For Additional Weeks Add 12 Cents Per Word CARD OF THANKS, per word ...................................... 15 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY, per inch .................... ~ ........... $4.40 Subsequent issues (minimum four), per inch ............. $4.00 BLIND ADVERTISEMENTS - Advertisements running blind under the name of the newspaper must be answered by letter. Answers must be called for within 10 days after the last insertion. There is an additional charge of $1.00 more than the cost of the ad for this form. HOW TO KNOW WHAT YOUR AD WILL COST Minimum Charge for any ad is ............. .a ................ ;... $3,00 Count each initial or number asa word, including your name and address, i :i~ All classifieda ad= are payable In advance by either MasterCard, Discovery or Visa. , " There will be a 50Cent charge for billing all non-commercial ads. DEADLINE: Ad' Will be accepted until noon, 1:uesday for !_ publlcatlon in the next issue. Classifieds will be published in Tile Superior Express ~ , and The ]well Countl Record. Paid circulation in ('.x('css of 5,00(L HOW TO PLACE YOUR CLASSIFIED AD Phone 402-879-3291,785-378-3191 or 800-359-2120 Mail to PC Box 408, Superior, Nebraska 68978 or PC Box 305, Mankato, Kansas 66956 An advertisement may be charged to your MasterCard, Discovery or Visa card. Superior office hours are: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m. -,noon The Mankato office is closed Saturday,