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November 12, 2015     The Superior Express
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November 12, 2015

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o|rqnml q/ae Superior Express Midlands Eailion 16 Pages Two Sections Rt~ Sql~lemenls Our 1161h Year, No. 46 Price 50 Official Nuckolls County Newspaper Available on the web at Member of Nebraska Press Association and National Newspaper Association I:SSN 0740-0969 O 2015 Superior Publishing Company, Inc. All Righls Resemed -- E,lrnafl address: Superior, Nebraska 6897~ Nat~nal Ed~on 16 Pages m Two Sect~,ns Thursday, November 12, 2015 T~e above picture from lhe a~ttives shows was the ~riginal medical center buflc~ n9 k>ok6~d like when it was opened by the Superior Medical Developmen~ Corporation in 1974_ From the Slat| the modular building with a tint roof was ~roublod by a leaking ~f. It housed a series of physians until pufe/lased by Drs. Bleeha and Hatch Original Superior Family Medical Center building razed Monday In 1~9 the buckling was remodelled and expanded to De m~re reBec|ire o! the community's Victorian Heritage Office and record storage space was Ioealed ir~ a second leve~ adored t,:> the structure. -- _ .... -- .~ =,~_. h ~ _. = : Wilh all tenants now relocated, Monday morning and excavator was brough'~ in and within three hours the former chnic budding was reduced to tubbY. Superior may ban possession or lighting of flying lanterns Though the Nebraska Legislature has fait~ Lo act thus far, Superior appears to joining a growing List of Nebraska communities ,,it~king to independent action to prohibit the possession, u-~, discharge or sale of ffyi~g tamems, The latems u~ an ope~ flarr~ to prt~t|c and trap hot air in a balloon-type covering, all.ow- ing the device to float. The unpredictable flying torches can travel a utile or more depending upon weather conditions. At Monday evenit~g's meeting nf the S~tpe~ot City Council, Sam:Ira Punic, a member of the council, ~id she would hate lo see ~omoae Io~ eir house or a bm~er his field be- cau-~e earn of the lanterns setting a l-u'e. Kent Jensby, a~ a membec of the council, reported seeing one of the lan- tem~ earlier this year catch in a tree. He ~id tbe fire spread from the lantern and travelled up the uee. Todd ~eger, Superior fire chief. ~aid the Ioca~ department had not yet had a call attributc~d to a lantern. Atier a mt',efing in Omaha, Bernie Kanger. that city's fire chief, has been quoted as saying "'Open-flan~', uncon- trolled flying device~ po,e a great threat in elilnate_~ Like ours with relatively dry and windy eondition.~. Flying lanterns create an unknown Ore hazard to c~ti- zen~ a~ they can land on rooftt~ps, fietd~ or wooded areas wilh[mt the resident's knowledge." Flying lamems are banned in seven countrie.,; and 25 states, The la,~t three sessions the Nebraska Legislature has been asked to ban the lanterns trot that ha~n+t hapM.'ned. The laatems are harmed in Lincoln. Monday evening the council ~abled the qucsli~+Is Io I~" pr~-knT|der ganen ~hrotngh ~ixlh grade r~,,d grad+' ~vcn through grude 12. Anolher pt|lic), chm~ge addrc~,.~'d the announ-,t'emcm ~)J xcll~l~H chl~,ing I-~,can~,eot"int[emem u, ealher Wlncnl il iS n,k, ces-iLtr), fk|r schtxll a+ ~1~ ih -'Liino[in,t.cntr.,[ll ~,'ll"1 Jr'D%t, /,n'i,ludc ~t~tul Graves no longer unmarked at Nelson City Cemetery There ,,w t~,t+re lh;m fil~ unmarked gr~c ~ul~ in the N.'lsuz= CelncleZ). Thank', t~l ;n p~'uJeCL undertake, hy Nul,,oJl naiive l-%'gg~ Bargain Dace. lhc~o individua b, ~x ill ~.)t~ll ll~ve nlark- cr~ ~-tttl LheJr nam~ p[aced un their hnal testing pla~,-e. I)uey. wlva n~ resides in Au.rora, wa~;t~)rn and rai~d in Nels,n. Stne ix a cutnrihutc~r tu the wch s i lc. Find-A-(Jra v .Conn. This s~tc relies on voLunk'ers I~ photugraph and I~Sl ~ra~ s~nu,~ of indi~.iduals from across the euu ntrv on their site. Volun. tee~ record the n~amc~ and dates on che stones and enler thai data when the)' i~sl Ihe photograph.,,. The site is a rel crcnce t;~ol for those ~eeking their genealogical rcmtx ])uey realized that there arc un- marked s~tcs m alines|every cemetery. "rhe reasons fur a lack of a marker are many. Stonc.~ are vandalized, dam- ged. remm'ed and n~e~en' replaced. were never p~accd at all for any num- ~'r o1 rea~rn~ ur cemelcries lell into disuse ;nld June weathered away the mlutn;]ation once elched on the ~tones Din.,)' dct'idt'd tu do some!hint a~ul uht~ unmark~'d plots in; Ne|.van. Armed it|l a plut i~>t>k and cemetery reL~rds, sh~: ~t on| hJ placc markers on the ~ri~vc sltc~. A donor contributed $3(X) and ~he was off and running. She hr- cared a comp~my in Oklahuma whnch ,~ll~ taarker.,,. The 9" x 8" black gran- fie sto!tcs have the name af the dc- ceased la.~r engraved, along with lhu birth and death ycar+ if ]~l:tuwn. on Ih, e nl. Dn~'~ and her hust~nd u_~cs I,iq. uid Nails to attaci~ the marker tu a 12" 12"" L~oncrel stepping ~t!|nc ~hich i~ plaued on il~ grave_ Tlzey U~ the plat book to locate the grave ~ile. I fthey are unsure where in thc ptol the grave is located, they witch tbr the grove. 3"he co~t of a marker is $25~98 plu~ $1.25 for the Slepping stone. Duey has plaoed It) markers and has fi,nds f~)r another eighl_ When she has finished marking the grav~ in Nelson. she w~mhl like to expand her prnjec~ t~= other NuckollsCounly cem- eteries, including Nora and Super/0t's Evergmem Cemetery_ 'rl.~ interested in donaling t- the project may ~end their contri hutio~s to Peggy Duey, 21139 N. Street1 Aurora. Neb. 6981S. For further information abot!t the pn~jecl, here mail adtlre.,,.~ i_~ peggyducy ~yahtm.cont media 4ntass notification system. Facebot+k, Remind I(lll as well as ~adi~ and television, During discussion, 1he I~mtd ctm- linued to review- the imli~y manual. Conch Bru.qdtm Siegel talked abe)u| [he f~tball program and Supl- Cleric ~ I~ont demt~n slralod, a bos ~.-uine m, Dur- ing the policy ~eview, Peggy Meyer. t~mrd member, suggested a i'~t[I,lime e[ement;nLy course%or lt| ieach ~'ial and emulional skills is ~cdL'd by the dislrt~'l_ h was noted ihe dislrict un~;e elnpIoyed, cenific~ staff Io teacl~ an tlmff-time), music tfull-time~ and physical c0ucation at 1he ctemcn[aD levtq. Classroom tew.'hers are now. rc- ~lmm~ihl t~r :,1 in,traction. The mu- sic in),Jrtncu=r is K- 12. Ctmc'h Siegel rc[rt)rted ,L)il the con- tm tti n~ d i st uxsit tit c~mcermng the pos- si hilny of p ta). |ng eigh!- man or eleven- I'flUt| fin+lhall lor Ihe next LWO years. The dt'L't~-ioT| in|st tI made by Nov, 3It. Sicge~ ~and, "rLack Of depth, caased u,, Itd~ of illz~hletn ~ IbiS, 9..'a ~m. We did ii.t llaxe hack.up~. ,a~ player~ h.'*d to pla) nn l'N,b~illt|llY, tt=r which the) were nt,t pt,:pa:cd and y~,nFl~cr plJ.'Vets ,fie I~ICtC $~. ~d'. t~l dnlcn_-n~.'c ~,i21w@cn rl tl.~,]u~la!.l p].|) '.-'~ .ld'|d ,i '~enior. '1 h.ld ,~ ~tcat bL|nCh tr~ pla}.et_',,'" he ,,;,d. "1 tl~,'~ hu'~t~.'d ~hcn hLilb,, hal ~e rtt.-t:d ,L jt~.[|tol ~.,.tr.~lt~ ~'no~,ralll h~r II1 )t~Ul~.ff~l p],l}Ct'~ " All Mude|ll~ ItHC,tC~.tcd |if pl.'+)ing l~,u~h,|ll tlC~d )t-at ~cr~.' inl ned Io ~,(~te t:,n,, ,,,, hcd~cr h~pI.t'~ c)ehl |na~n~rle~eu- ]ilL'L]l h=t=lh,dll|c~,[ }car 1 i,,tfl) -k~n .~|tl- dents voled f~nl~ ~,led t~ pla} eigL|l- ,n~n. Iive voled tt= ph|.~ leven-ntan and s~x ~,, crc tmc ~x iI]l cnhcre|ght,ntan t~'ll- I,,.'ICVI| ~|1.~,11. Stegel ~,a~d. "'It is |l|tr,..'rcM|n~. d.j th~ l hc ~th~ ~,ted t, pla> ch:~cn-nmt|. II Markets Superior (;rain .Markel "|'tle.~hl) CIuse 9, ~th U S I)A rcp.~r~ ~ |In x ~ ee k xh~, ~ - |llg ~11~)I~.' L~l'il|n !hicn e~f~ctcd, ii'~ becn u had ~ eck 3,~r thu htd]~,. (iral|'~ inarkt..l~. ate do~, tn xul~iaulali~ Ir~m last u~t~k. in lii[s area i11o~.t .Lit gi~ 2015 crop has b-,.a.'n Ilar~, C~te~.l ~[Id tarrn,.'~, arc pra)- Inn t~r a tt|a~Let tcl'nrunld I'N:l~Jc they h,qx t- ".ell C.rn ................. 3.37 3.59 Mih+ ........ 3319 3.3fi V, hea! ........................... 4.29 J,.-18 S~,~ Ix~ans ............... 7.%' ~.22 Weather As nln,, n,e, u ~l"ll~e Y-x pn:,;~ goes tt] pre'~ "i'LIc,,ciay nl~}ii hh}% i~'i~ MII|~,~ It,; rcdttclng ~ i,,ihiiit) 111 the !acr, Ler'rl part ~K lilt: ~,'~i*h." ~ here hh.,'zal'~ Colldlli~ln$ are cXl~_-cted Whik~ l~ttlc, |fany sn~t~ n~ expected to reach Superior, we are 1old Io cxp,dct high winds and rain. At ia~n Vl~+n w cal her ~,t~-u~lcrs thought the ,~d~ aacnig cold fronl would reach ~hl~ arcii |n|d-atlcm~m Wednesday. Bccat,~: of the postal I)oliday vn Wcdnc.,,day this issue will he late in re|chin1: some subscribers. Subxcrib- c~ in Jcw*,tll and NuckoIls Counlies and .~t~nne nearby conlm uniics in other counlics should receive their paper on Thursday as usual. The C> her Express wa.,, ~cllcduled to be ~v~i]ab~e ~n the mternel Wednesday altemt~n, Superior Observations Rick Uisney, NOAA Obsc~r Precipitation Precipitation ~is week .............. 0.22 OclM'~r Pre~;ipdation ................. 0.79 Prec|pitation this year .............. 3I.~7 Average to November I ........... 25.43 Avera~de tbr October ..................i .44 Temperature High I t~r the week ......................... 79 /_~w tbr Ihe week .......................... 22 four will ~.. Imshnnen~ IieXl ycin and t:n' a ~/dphonlore. Nexl ).ear's juntor~ and ~einor~ arc intercsled in playing l~hl-|n;lii fix_dball_'" Panlclp~tlOl~, continue'= tt* h,t." the =~reatt-,~l |ruble|l, [.;.1'~1 Year ai Ihi', IJille 3t ~tudcnls ind|cat:d" air irllerc~t in p[a.x |li~ Iotrlball. hulcml) 22 slgncd up lot ~h learn m August. Supt. l~um ~z~td, "'We h~q%" the elementary lt~)l- ball progrant wh|ch inchldetl l~mrlh. lilth and sixth gfadtNq.iil0 i:iL~ w dl Iron.x- late into more pa~iipallOU aL the high ~.-h~>$ level, btnt lilal it. a :t-~ ~ears down the larad-'" Man Sullivan a~kcd nl an anhlclic ctx>pe'rauv with ark,thor ~-I,rtd had ~ecnl ~:t ~J~;idtrt0t.'d. Darien Willen. ht~a|d inClnhet, ~a~d. "'Play mg I~th ot-f|i~e aud dek'|ir, c~ er~ ganlt.-=lll~l-CJ%,..'~, Ih~' I~.~.N-Ihl h|~ ~,f ,i pla}ur be|ll~ ~lit,u~,L) II~,.~UIK.'(-I. I~,lghl ||tan ~.'ou]d help- u~, L he ~ar,,tl) p]al It>n|i is tlt~l a ,,ale pt,llltlrlll I'or |reQi- men to leutn tu pla3 kxdhall," Siegal :idded. "'l)|opputg U:. eight- man wifl add more depth and ure;Ite ~11 hcallhh;r can| a tlncr~pl~'re." This ycat the Snp~.'zitu- Wildcals played stnnc |eddli'. ~.~. ilh 4(I or alert men|hers, S~nlthcm 'V:qlc> ~,t|i|ed J2 player~ and ]:a||b.ur.~ more than 40. l'tt~ I~'lalll ;mlage of 23t>ii'.g io eigiii-ntlann Ltt~qi~al] I~ Iha[ Snpt'ri~f would he inliJ:lbh: Ior d/,xir~.'| plJ..~ ,ffs. "~'ili'ttll ~aid. "'It n~ ridicul,,i,~ al lil|'~ [K~ITII tt+ wttrr), a~+LIt the pla)tfll~. We have to 5,trlve tC. th.",.'lt~p in w irlilill~ cnhure, My ~[,n would t~' deil~im_.d it the L~am ~imply h,'ul a ~ Jnnnug ~:,~tm. The le~tn would thr|~,, ,dl of tt," Sie~ll added, "'"~'e at'c_, ukt~,l ~ntu~e~ ~, Jeap and bOut'ld inlo _~ucct'~. We nlc~_'J to pnt building hlock~, m place We ouid SL'e L~rcat L'4,Hil~"l~ti'~il,~'l) 111 t.'lg~'ll- rllal'n comrn~tlln,n. 'l'hl~ "~ca~.| i had k~rc.q[ pl.'i) er,,. ~i~.l |I .d.i~, ,iii ~ut}Icalth~ ~,ilu,alil~}l.'" Mall Stflh~a|l, ~]ard pre,ideul, d|- rc'led the coache, 4lid etdmii)tslratltm In make the hnal dccl,,It~ll. l.~'~U~ J]offtx_ lcll:,~:l+:ar~, prn~x'npal. reporled 2tH palcnt ', Ir,,ll-,, (1111 (rfa [IO%, ~ihle 2 7 3 alleliff,~d parin Lcacltcr con- ferences~ "l'hcte were 120 lathers and 2(~0 mother~, at telid u l'ag_ Hc=ia~ h as I-~.~ r~ cnomaging f~ther~ to parlic i pa~:e. "" fhe nui11"t~r of [~tjicr~. alle~ding is up sig- nific'ant~y li'~m| I[~year~ a~u,'" he said, During fire pn_,vcntntm ~ oek. Oclo- bet 5-9, inembers of qhc Supernor F;iw l..~p~trlmcnlcondm:tc'd atn a~enthL_~ for the elem~.'nlary Mtldenl~ fhey ~.'~+~. ett'd ~.ari~U~lirc ~alely inlld pr~ P.t|ll,t|n tr'+p:IC and .~aYc a~a) i)c,~r]) 4() ,Hn0kv |icier-- lots during drawtngs. The f.. p~eve!t- litnlx Ix~,sLer t'oi11csl thenne ~~ts "He:tr the beep when: ytru sleep." Ocl. 2 I~ elemenlar~ sqndcnl.~ con- duck'd "Unily Day." The goal of the activdy was to stop bullying. Students v,e~ given an opl~rLunity to sign "'Make il i~rangc, make it end" ~nm:;s. Studenls ~ht~ sigt!ed wcrc given an -ra|lge t|l~hon Io I~' on Iheir hx:ket to ',i',tni~L~) tcnliitd students to help end I~ull} i~l~ ul the sch~,ds. They were ab, r~ t,,tl~.l~|lraecd Io ~1, c:tr orange. L'llldtl~.~'lh I~.~ ,.I,d~.'ut-, Jnd .duff. Ap- I~t>.~nn;l~el,~ 25[~ ~ltldcnl~ and ~Lal[ in,Lqil~~,r~ ~,~, crc ~ a~:~.Ulaled_ PI~[,( 'tx,k. ~c3.,,'rttar) pt U~:Ipi~,l, said '~.lllter "~k[,tl'~ [lt/L~:tlL' h.'~ln.,, NoY. I0. (_'nrtenll) I2 aP2 t'~,~2cled I*I rm.rlici- p;:te in I~y~ h;r, kelb~ll, 15 it| gir~s ba,,kclhall. L ~'|11 ~ re-,ILium. 17 in jnnit~r I,l~lt girl., hJ~kct~t~di a$~d nine ,l~jnni~r high ~ |~.lme Slnl I ~]ci'i)ht'l ~ ,,ttc ||d tn~ ~ t~rk shol~ dill'l|1k' lh gtl~i|th ~+I tkl,ber wc'fc as Mucllct. I t|cla KulL[m,r||~t, Bes.erl~ I-Jea ~ et ~. and I-M~ (',. ~k all*_',ded a Rot~ 1|'~ a||d d~ch=i~|ng k|ndergarn lilru, LIb'h i~ ]tii~ graJ~." ~ rttit|g curl-|~- h|m al|d ~ ~tcl|||c u|||li~m~ cdiling. Oct 15. Na||c~ Mevers, Carol %%arrtcknln~z. ('t~|H'itlC} i~akcr, J~Ji [. it'aha~t_ Kt t,,Int 1"1~ Lv h,-~ ,t.~J Sa ra l:u[ler attciided an adt,h.'~cen| iltcrac} prtucCt in Kearne} dtrect~d I~ An|ta Archer .t=u ..,hc, i1 W.Fltln.~ .itVtl't. |tic'., ,:[nd inb;.l[nc- [1HJ~. (kt 29, Harl~ |{cMc>. Kildra Baker and Sk'ph (.'ornna|~ allended a pars- ctlu~-aItu eol)J'ert2n~k, ~ltJl ~,;IrlK~Ll~/ i~rcakqmt ~,'~.Nl(lqul'% ,al]d a kc'n,'T|nl,}'[e ~peake|'. No~. 4, "l-ricia K||hhnann. |)|anne Kilo. Dana Miller and ,lc~,,ic~ l'h-n~p- son attended a NtlPnE~P, Nit|la nlatil workshop on revised |hath sl;indard~,. Bohr..'~kand i)~tlg Fk,ns aRvndwl an advancL',d edu~.a?lon w~lrk:,,]top Operation Christmas Child gifts to be packed next week Supennr I'aunlLc,,. ~huni~e,. and ~zroups arc roll v.djl|t|~ tnntnl l i~;inkr,- gi~imJ Dav It~ exprc~-, ~r;Hnitntlc. In. stead, they are g|~m~ ~.L h~ packing ~it'ts of )oy fi~r ~:hi]drcn arch|rid the Wt~Tid living in exlrcn~e I~veny or affectt~ hy war_ tl|~e,,~' and nmural dL,~ster For ntanL~ ,fthc,,e cl~l Ltlrell, il will be the first ~_ifl they ha~e ever received. Next week. Snq~'r~r n..~ndenl~ will pack xhoel~x/~i fl ~ l'[llcd ~ flit :, "'~, ,rw++ ilem -- like a doll ~r ~-ccet halL -- and other fun toys, ~h.~,[ ~uppl|e,,. hy- giene ile|~ts arJrL n~lc,, t~l ~qlc1tlrage- merit. Opemtim| ('l|~,atnas Child, a pr(,j~ct of the inienna~t, mal Chrtstian retief anti cvan~-ll,,m organizalion. Sam=u'iLan's Pul'~c. ~t nil deliver th/~ifis Io children in acted, ,~ er~ea~. "We have ~,~l much to be lha.nkful ior here in Arncri~=L. Mt~M of as bare U roof over our head~, beds with pillows Io steep on and ft~d ~n our table. Bul for many childr*.'p, iiving overseas. Iough iiving coadili~m~ and extreme poverty haveLe|t the m with tittle hope," said Joe Christian. Opera!iota Christ- mas Child mgi~mal din~ctor."[t i~ ara a~,. ins (o see the joy on cb.ildren's face~ when they receive the.~e ~ifls. It can be a tangihl reminder that they ~ loved and not forgotten, despite their diffi- cult cin:umstances.'" c~llcction sile, ihc.~ I'~,e~ ~ nlJ in,riLe Ihe ]one journey oversea,,, t|a~ c] I1|F i~ any ~tcans necessary -- I~al. pl.m, train and even elephanl Lllfl ni Iht'x r~ach the hands of children it~ nccd li= 2D] 5. Opemtit|n Chn st ma.,, ("h~], t hLl[~"~ ta t'olicl f,m gh shuehox u I I~, t+, | ca~ In ntc, te than I i tnil]Jt:n chtldrc|i, b]ucc 1993. the project has delivered, ht ~.q~,~ gifts 10 nlore Ihan 124 mill|tin ~.'t]~ [dren in n~c~m Ihan 1511 c-