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November 14, 2013     Superior Express
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November 14, 2013

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F :'=i Thurs~y. ll~veml~r 1.i. 2Oi 3 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 5A 71 Among lhe morn unusual items solo a! the EMn Priits Estate Au iiO~ was lhi$ ~ of a John Oeere combine= The combine was enlered in parades im l IhfOUghoul the Midwesl It was sold 10 John Konzak of HoMmge. John is pictured with lli$ dad, iD~en Konzak who helped with tile design and construe. Courthouse News Nuckolla Cmtnty (~cmnly ('mirl,/r=inrh" k',mil'cr.i. [.~<~ i-.( ".miphell .l'=l.~ I ittt~; S I ~'; Ail;llilt~.Ugl;t~ ~tlt'll~lk'? ~ .irrIL'i, *l~'L'clinp: $12.~ Coimt:i ('.url. ri~il ('rrd.! %dliJ~Tcl~ i,~, ~ Jr, lift ~ll f|?de, .%ui~'n, .M.~,l~-.n L'nilL+nL-LJ ('urdnN ~ ~ vllq,jql~ ("orlt~ q.llminpn ~ II, .rqn I ll,l~l rvrl .rod h ~ii t I.~lTh'll. ~lq~, nNI~I" IniLIrlkl~'lll ('llial'L'll'q| 4 rt'Ll=l ~.Ll-ld!.'i.'ili.i'nnT ~i4,'r~l~'C,= ~,-+ ~.-.n:.~ %.~?r il r.k irin]~rllik'rll L'Ill 1. I~ ,I , IIT1"11 iii ( nn~nnt~ { nntii-II, i Iriminill %1.1e *,l Nvi+ia,ku M,ch.l~'~ |) lii|~le ~ll[~rk)r. It*~i++'llli~ ~L L'I11.' ')|l .Ji<, ~'idcl,t ~ Jl bout funii.qiit|~ in| |t|p,~ |on|. S.IKKI; tii~ pn'l.ii:! of i,lt~ll~.nnl:e. '~ Iv[K> |)|slrid ('tmn+'L ,t'ii il .It.IJll ' Of Neh[m, tq| x. Jz~IIP/" ,~ ('.net ~upvri<;r; ik=crc ,d I.l% +lur~', I,I htltL+ .~l,~liL" 4~1 Nl.'hlv-ll",l.j .i.~ i(t'tlt' ( ;Lki'I .Ilk RU~kil|. dtvitr ~r I,~ low, Io~ii|c |)ltm,m, ~tlll~'ii,ne" de, i~'~" ~,1 I ~ II. h- V h~lill.'. Rval s,~! lira. t ru/n~h.l~ ,lilllll;li'lll, Hi+.%'-|';Iq~ll~'nlrIv % H, II ,'lii~+'l,+ t WilIvII I>il ,t I'++ulil k :." ()iql'lllllJI I'i',V~lln lit .~tiit~';.q I)t.'ilili*, J~. l.+llill!hldlllll. I-,ipen. it ~pli! Ihl large au~tilurium to mal it a l~in-ci~=~,m, installed new climate COnlmf systems uixl added a video ~nt-',l area in the lobby, lie employed ' ' who went from ~l crew oir ll~mQn tllrwn to t-wn to n:ady the tliealclm fol rl'lll~mnt- "rhoullt lhe ht~ Ol~ il]l l-i- n i IA. in7 lillZhl 'as nlll ll~ hil l~,l~le lir.*,l, The l.irnculn lollrlml-~lat fill a reffancr io dt~urrlemt dle openinll, lli was,lgllin ~n '~ ilmil d~y For Superior movie fans. A|lcr having worked al ~lc lh~awc for Slru~e, Dennis and Carl~ G='I~,"~ ~vcnlmdly purchm; ~ Ihe Cr~t is Su- ~tior llrid I hc Ma+i0sli in ttletti~n [~>m I S~ruvc Ellterpri.~. But tkc clllmses llascn'l ~lopped, Nationally ihe Netl]e~ delivery of movieslo lhe home via ihc inl~rtlei has cut imo lh~ video realm tmsinL~s. And now evoi Ihe nmllxx.I, ol%how hltl/nio~ - les isl chan~ji,nll. Fi 'er i.t~",ld~ i ml~vic~, came In Superior oli Icil.~ of ~,S mm i'ilm. MOVtl~.~ were' sl"~.ll with ~.'g.lliera ~ using 35 mm film a, nd ihcn edited and spficed tog 01er. Prinis ~cre made Lff Ihe linished movie and dl~rihu~i.'d lu ~lt ~ti'~'S across Lh oumry. Now digilal calncm ,i rc~ord ihc movie ~cene~ lind lbe I~;lililitl iS donw lin a complaint ~cr~n. The imnshed mov ie i,~ di,tri huk~J on Lximpu|erd n,~+ kntsws <'iS dvd's. Gel~rs ~aid. "Wilh ll~ change flvtm 35nlm film m cligii~l it is hardcr Io I~Ci mov~> Mosl are now r leu-~.d only in di[znlal lilmllll. "'hie movles 135mnit we ~ 1 ram. "~l|il~ nil 10.rg reels. DcpentJiiiI tin lhc lerlt~th ul- lb~ nitric, there c~n he ~i.~ nlan)' a 1 ~vcn feels+ After ~.~cltiJst LI~ mov/e. [ have lO lake them olTllle recl ~< and Iliad lttcrn on thc lilac proj~-hn. '~h ri~'l (plailerl hasa head and u tail. The~ are fral~S that ~l'a~w Ihe ~t~ri "liid end of the movie. ~(lllK'linil,:~. vie IlCi a movi~ Ihat is pul tin backwards. WImll 1hal happcA.% [ have [o rcwllllld it. Them+~ a ~l~cia! m~hir~ ferriC|all ju-,il that. When I send lh~ I!ntlvi 'l"l'~-k lo ~ dislrihulor, I hal.c ill ntake surt llw riithl helldimd iail ~lt~ ~n Ihc et~-n.~.'l R' l." Alt~r lan, I, 2014, il,=~,' mo,~ies will Ix= available only in ~ Lfitiial formal Tllcdi~iial formal witl~quii' new ilmj~>li~n eituLprnenl iindGebcr~ called on de community For tie)p, The $1raihern Nchrl~ka Am Culm- oil (SNAC) w~ ~rSaitit~l and h~ m~w I li? n over ownctshipoFlhe ~. re~l, SNAC plansio upgnilk till ~qulpincat ,lind Olltinile .pirating tlx C~,t, 'l'llroutll liie Reel to Kcct Canl- paign SNAC is I-tTin8 Io ~i~e Ihc $70,000 n~l~led IO up~rade Io ditlilaf pro.i lio0 cqaipmcnt, Compasc.d t)f volunLeer lnumlw~. SNAC i~ li=lw Green Mountain Grill New Davy Crockett Tailgater 12V or 110 219 sq. inci~ ctx~king area Besl I.illle woix;i Pellel Grill since black I~wder L Conlact Ron Pelzer ,102-469-3086 Superior, Neb. Quaker Replacement Windows Available in a vadely ol styles and virtually any size. National Nurse IliS N, C ,e~l, 8uptqor, NE ~ 101-871-3296 II ~cckjng llmnelary &lnlitions and is spa~ing fundrlisinl~ eve;its. Thm fro. $31,705 has l~n rai~'d. Thc c~in- mince incl~lcs Missy Hayc~, Rol~ anti Ged Le ilml, Susan i~icrson. Bran- do. Rl=;ha, T~l- ~ Sulliwn. Rick Disney ",rod Jimil.'~ Sm idi. Catl~ Gcbets il workintl wilh the gmuJ1 during lhL, i time o[ trm~ilion Board mmlxrt, =ilong wiib other ~]untcers a=m wm~ing 1lie differenl jt,~ al Ihe rmrvies inc!hiding the ttox oFl3ce. ~)ncession slind, mnvie pr j~'lioa, llvd i'ental awJ tlenerlil l~ait. inI aliid In~tiniena.~c lif Ihc Illcatrc Ill alklilitin to raisinl dOltlitions, SNA(" l~l~S volunlc~ rs from ll~ L-'-(lnlln Ul!lii)'. ,clionhy of yOU, our palmns. I1 will ~ef tvar aim Io make life ',~ lvt, ri~ her and fuLler for all ,l tit; ili~, ,lilt ;ll u,' a)-,t~- j'iJrl In. tJ~t olilmUnll)'.'"lii I ~Cilliinvl|l ~litl hld,l~ lille Iodll)' ~ I~, Jl,~r~nlPlcd h% lhe +'oluntt't rs m.<,+i<| %+ i+, I,zcpar~. lhc lhe- ,ilti~- lllir lh+ llexl dlJ% ~l.lii'PlliL'lll I;171 i.'lili'l l,aJ.nllli?nt tC~llil+iltii~ ~ "rll~Jll~ clllethlilinl~lll CMi I"4,+,n',lail - lli ll,~ltS, hy ,uhl -kiii~ a ~' n~ .t~12 !.1.t [tlln irlF tin a cnmp.lez or tahiti. The devel. Lgl'llneilt ot I '|lnoll, tgy ha~ k'~d to watch|nil nmvic ~ on ~.'abl /or ~aI 1II1 "TV, stiXamilig lhrilllllh li h~ml~t co111- puicr or watchin~ videos un d lllalKI lmu lahl t, snmlt phone, mr3 playcror ganllall sy.~t 'm. BUl movie IovcP~, my lh~ exper/encc dl~sn'l e