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November 20, 2003     The Superior Express
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November 20, 2003

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Ovinions. mented that even the most thai- cannot build relationships. Pro- ties will have no future. " lengedperson, given support, can grams need to enhance and en- "Remarkable work by Craig " succeed with entrepreneurship, gage private businesses' services. Schroeder estimates that the Val- Even the most disadvantaged "My fourth proposition is that leyCountythedifferencebetween rI,l." people couid create a future by there is no single program an-populationgainanddeclineisthe I 2B ....... r ! creatingtheirown business. Most swers - energizing entrepreneurs attraction or retention of an addi- of us are driven tochange because takes a system's approach and tional 18 young persons a year," V ', Rill BtaLvolt ?ub,is, , what we have been doing does not real investment of time, money Macke said. "A modest goal that I L, AI [ ,hough some argue ofNo,h , ion ofhe said and expense:' Mackecan be achieved " ' S ~i nuclear weapons the Ureter States can t withdraw Its 37,000troop "Those strategies that got us Home town competitiveness The youth have to be accepted Member from South Korea, that's a faulty argument, to where we are, are not getting us - a model for the plains" was into roles of leadership, Macke This country couldleave a few thousand troops in place there, to where we need to be in the Macke's conclusion for the night, said. If North Korea attacked them, the U.S. response would be the same future," Macke said. There are It is a joint venture of the Ne- In conclusion, Macke said, al- as if they attacked 37,000, In either event, the only way we could successful business incubators braska Community Foundation, ways remember the words of stopthe million-man army of North Korea would be with nuclear and incubators thathave failed, the Heartland Center for Leader- MargaretMead,"Neverdoubtthat [ smaZTwEs ",n 3 b.vmaz msstua w w ,utedormcom.' NATIONALN;WSPAPfB;~fflALI~.AI~'an.eWSPI weapons. "My second proposition of the ship Development and the Center a small group of thoughtful corn-] Badly needed in Iraq are many who could be sent there. And night is that regions that energi~ for Rural Entrepreneurship. "It is mitted citizens can change the L_ ! local entrepreneurial talent are similar to strategies emerging all world. Indeed, it is the only thing it's time South Korea, where many are eager for us to leave, used more likely to stimulate and sus- across the Plains Region, Macke that ever has." year or three yeats for $57.40 Onclude: ~aies tax) Other states $28 per year or three yeats for$75. _ its resources to build a defense force that can defend the country, lain economic growth than those said. It is geared to smaller re- Our pledge to use all our weapons in the event of an attack by rural iegions that do not," Macke glens and consists of four build- North Korea is a sufficient deterrent. And we have no permanent said. lagblocks: capital, leadership, Ed'tor' obligation to always fight South Korea's battles. Most rural communities are entrepreneurial development and ------1------ S doing what they have always done youth. with economic development, he "Capitalisterriblyimportant," mail bag Seventy Years Ago said. The vast majority regretta- Macke said. "You cannot build a Ai'mour Creameries shipped bly are doing nothing. Most that successful business without real Regarding your Nov. 13th ar- three car loads of dressed turkeys are in the economic development capital. We sometimes lack that ticleontheplaygroundequipment to eastern markets. By Barbara Axtell within our society and communi- game are still focused on 20th equity capital." in the parks. OrinHamelbrokeaboneinhis Belolt Call Editor ties that make innovation hap- Century strategies such as bust- He used Valley County Ne- Ican'tbelieveoneofthethings handattheFairbury-Superiorfoot- Don Macke, co,chb.irman for pen, he said. They are not neces- ness attraction and preserving braska as an example for home that created such vivid memories ball game. the Center of Entrepreneurship, sexily the inventors - but the commodity industries, town competitiveness. There are for so many youngsters growing More than 400 attended the Lincoln, Neb., spoke tothe North people who see value in invert- Macke said most rural leaders 4,600 residents in the county up in Superior is about to be re- two-day telephonecompanyopen Central Kansas Regional Plan- tions and commercialize new are considering the "E" option which has a farm and ranch de- moved. What a shame! house. Frank Kubat is exchange From the files of The Superior ning Commission annual meet- ide,asl ly because of what is not working, pendent economy. There are 750 When I was young we lived on manager. ing. firstproposition of the They understand industries like businesses, half of them are farm West Sixth Street across from the Eighth cases of chicken pox Mackc said the statement from nightisthatentrepreneursarelay- agriculture do not support rural and ranches and half are main "Big Park". We weren't allowed have been reported in the schools. "The E Generation" book cap- ingacentralandfundamentalrole communities as they once did. street businesses. Most are not to walk way down to the play- Sonny Boy Whole Wheat lured the essence of what he in determining the future of our Business attraction is getting communities," Macke said. harderandmuchmoreexpensive. "With them, we can create re- The main streets are not competi- markable places - without them, live and communities need a new we are d tined to second tier generationofentrepreneursifthey economics." are to have main streets. One entrepreneur he referred He said national universal ser- to was Jerry Atkin of St. George, vice policies that once insured we Utah. He grew up in St. George had access to schools, telecom- a,d was convinced by the corn- munications and even freight ser- entrepreneurial but 15 to 20 areground often, so when we were breadisavailableatSuperiorBak- growing and could transform the permitted to do so, it was wonder- cry for 47 cents. regional economy. He said. ful. The big slides, swings, merry- Claude Snyder was kicked at The average age in the county go-round, the creeks that ran the horse and mule sale held in is 52 years. They have been losing through the park along with the Superior. youngpeopleforthelast50years, old Indian Trail--which seemed A real estate deal arrang,,d by More wealth has been created miles long-were all experiences Oran King transferred ownership in the last 50 years than any other that made childhood memories of two residence properties in time, Macke said. The county hasthat last a lifetime, but the most south Superior f or Hattie Lowden $129 million in wealth that willspecial was the Ocean Wave. to Addle Dixon. g(x)ds and services." ; ,mmty leaders to go back hdme vice are giving way to free mar- transfer over the next decade. If We were afraid to go near the The brick work on the exterior "Tonight I want to focus on and start an airline. Skywest Air- kets and resulting in the erosion jiast 5 percent of the wealth could Boy Scout Cabin and the old Post of the new United Presbyterian four related topics central to de- lines, the airline he created, is of our infrastructure, be captured into community en- Office. I think my two older broth- Church is complete. The congre- terminiug the future of rural Kan- head-quartered in St. George and As much as 50 percent of our dowments, nearly $6.5 million ers had me and my sisters con- gation expects to begin using the he said. They are: entrepre- is America's largest commuter income comes from outside sub- could be raised, Macke said. After vinced men from the "Hobo" new building after the first of the neurs and our future, the case for air carrier, sidles, Macke said, such as aid to three years of effort the commu- Jungle might be inside. entreprenev'ship, the practice - JamesMarshail livesinArthur, seniors, schools, health care, 1o- nity has $1.45 million in the bank The "little" park was a long year. Fifty Years Ago ener zingt trepreneurs in rural Neb., population 100, locatedin ealgovermnents, farmers, etc.and and another $5.25 millionway to walk to go swimming, but A blaze started in the base- America and a model approach the heart of the sandhills. He ere- urban policy makers are looking pledged! it was our daily entertainment. I ment of the Union Hotel doing fi r the plains,- home town com- ates remarkable custora cowboy hard at cutting the very founda- In Valley County, work is un- still have a scar on one knee from considerable damage. Dwaine r fitivencs .' hats and is growing a remarkable tion of our economies, hire a second economic hitting it on a bolt on the monkey Sherwin, who operated the laun- Mackeco-directstheNational venture where few exist, Macke Most understand the bottom- developer using tbose funds, who bars. Our parents had never heard dry, keptit under control with an line, Macke said, we are losing would focus exclusively on entre- of"city liability". I'm really proud exilnguisher until the fire depart- Center for Rural Entrepreneur- said. He sells them hats to clients our population on the Plains."We prenenrs, of the scar and the memories asso- ment arrived. ship. The Center is affiliated with in 48 states. the Rural Policy Research Insti- AnotherexampleistheCabela canhavenofutureifallouryoung Preliminary figures in Kansas elated with it. LaVerne Bridwell will hold a tute and receivc,~ funding support brothers of Nebraska. They love peoplemove away,'he said. show that $350 billion will trans- I certainly hope the Ocean public auction at Cadams to sell ""