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November 24, 1983     The Superior Express
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November 24, 1983

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Thursday, November 24, 1983 THE SUPERIOR ILXPRESS ~B ............. ~ + Long Term Care Unit, Mankato. Hastings Thursday. Harrington and Jared. and family, Minneapolis, Minn., ...... Dusty May was a were visited at the home of Mr. and and Shirley Zei~ler, 42, dissolution of marriage. ~ Oak Local Nears guest in the Burdett CallawayWeekend Thursday evening dinner guestsMr" and Mrs. Bud Platt macher and family were FridayMr" and Mrs. Dale Uhr- Mrs. Gone Holsteen over the were married Nov. 4byRev. j.Rhae Lawrence GralnCo., Inc. vs. ~y-- - __ __~ home, Ebson. of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Boyles evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. weekend and attended the Keith Cook with H. Suzanno Pat Reiman; petition for money Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lown, at the Thanksgiving supper at Harold Uhrmacher and Shirley. funeral of Geue Smith. Payue and Claudia C. HeRman judgment. [ By Mrs. Forrest HowardHomer Grubbs were Wed- Wadena, Minn., arrived the Olive Hill Church. Mr.andMrs. GeraldWhitelev and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph MeyerMr. and Mrs. Frank Drudlk as witnesses. , Tuesday to visit in the home of [~ff Waiters and Richard nesday ur~lt~soon callers on Fredrick Harold Nielsen, 36, ,~[aglAO 1101'101~ lters, Paola, Kan., Jay Effie B g at the Good his niece, Mrs. Harvey Fogo, a Todd Jeffery, Cregg Jeffery were in Hastings Sunday. tJpon attended the 50th anniversary and Sue Ann Appleton, 25, were mhs,,] ta Cindy Reyelets, Teri Samaritan Center, Superior. few days. and Cagey Jeffery were Friday their return they had supper at open house of Mr. and Mrs. married Nov. 5 by the Rev.- ........ r 1 Bobble and Mr. and Mrs. They also called on Verda Mr. and Mrs. Ivan McMillan, evening visitors of Mr. and Mrs. the Whiteley home.Frank Lukasek at Denver Richard Kelderhouse with The first quarter hone re 1 'dl Aspegren and Heather, all Clover at the Brodstone Mr. and Mrs. Bill Yeller and Roy Brandon. . Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hoisteen Sunday afternoon. Alyce L. Fogo and Jay Nielsen has been announced at the J4ltues Hi were weekend guests Memorial Nuckolls County Mr. and Mrs. Dale Collins had Mr. and Mrs. Bill Yeller and as witnesses. Davenport Community School. Margaret Aspegren. Hazel Hospital. Saturday supper at Lebanon. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Coilim at- Pldllip Wayne Cheek, 19, and The following have been ImJ b and Olive Miller joined the Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Fogo After supper they entertained at tended the Olive Hill Church Lori Jo Bucker, 19, were named: kd t for supper Friday. Chris were Sunday afternoon callers the Over 60 Club. services Thursday evening,i CO/ rtho/ married Nov. 12 by The Rev. Twelfth grade: Shirley ka IWard, Mankato, joined the on Mr. and Mrs. Don Spooner, Opal Roesti, Beulah Benbow Benny Holtsclaw, Cedar Point, .......................................... -----J]J. Paul D. Theiu with J. D. Ellis Foikerts, Russell Johnson, Bey m~ for dinner Sunday. Cawker City, and Mr. and Mrs. and Lola Wilson were in Kan., was the speaker. - + ~. and Mrs. Curtis Jeffery Roland Newell, Esbon. Traffic Court mination of inheritance tax and and Shirley Eilert as witnesses. Paul, Donald Smith. " ~ Burl Glenn Holmes, 22, andEleventh grade: LaRee rll Saturday evening visitors Janet Havenridge, Omaha, is Speeding: Russell S. Hale, order determining and Carnie Jo Simpkins, 19, were Petersen. tMr. and Mrs. Roy Brandon. visiting Mr. and Mrs. Clifford $10; Margaret J. Hale, $10; assessing inheritance tax. married Nov. 12 by The Rev+ Tenth grade: Ricky Schmitt. ~r. and Mrs. Luster Bausch Barnes and Darin this week. Bruce Wayne Buncik, $10; Gary Conservatorship of Richard Richard Atherton with Cynthia Ninth grade: Glen Jagels. Sunday evening visitors of A pro-Thanksgiving dinner D. Strauss, $25. Wayne Morris; petiton forL. Fullerton and Brad Eighth grade: Jeanne Stofer. ~:and Mrs. Willard Cobb. was held Sunday at the Delmer William E. Berck, loaded appointment of conservator.Hobelmann as witneues. Seventh grade: Patricia u~r. and Mrs. Dale Collins Boyles home in Superior. By Mrs. Ward 8tanslmry of Wilma Langer and Dallas, shotgun in vehicle, $50 and Conservatorsldp of Timothy District Court Keim and Allison Stables. .JtsmpaniedMr. andMrs. Bill Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sekora Superior. costs. J. Morris; petition for up- RobertaJ. Dilleyvs. Gregory HonorableMentlon visited Mr. and Mrs. Dan Mr. and Mrs. Earl AdamsonPhilip J. Wicke, hunting with pointment of conservator. D. Dilley; dissolution of Twelfth grade: Regina r tter to Campbell Friday TerryHall, Mr. andMrs. Loyde Mazek, Lincoln, at tbehome0f visited Mr. and Mrs. Dennis artificial light, $50 and costs. Estate of Robert Hoelting; marriage granted. Holtzen, Ellen Krueger, Dawn .l rnoon where they visited Lowery and family and Mr. and and relatives at the rest Mrs. Paul Bucker, Hastings, Lula Sekora Monday evening. Follmer and family SundayTom Claycomb, count one, schedule of distribution.Jean Vallie vs. James Vallie Krupicka, Kim Meyer. r1 e. Mr. and Mrs. Doug Boyles and Wayne McClure called on Mr. afternoon, hunting with artificial light, $50 Estate of Ethel Curie, order petition fordissolution ofEleventh grade: Cindy L ~J0shua Frasier, year-old son Deidra, Mr. and Mrs. Bryanand Mrs. Wilbur Wilson Friday Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mazour and and count two, loaded shotgun for completesettlement, closing marriage. Johnson, Jacky Krogh, Ken JP~.and Mrs. Doug Frasier,Boyles and Whitney, Mr. and morning. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Uhr- in vehicle, $50 and costs, report and discharge of per-Farmers Union Co-op Swenson. |~mh~p~talised at Brodstone Mrs. Marvin Boyles and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Adcock, reacher and Shirley were Gone E. Troxel, no sonal representative. Elevator Company, Nellon, vs. Tenth grade: RobynHerman, 11tmorial Nuckolls County Mr. and Mrs. Claude Boyles, Superior, called on Mr. and Sunday evening guests of Mr. registration, $10 and costs. Estate of Emma Grummert;Dean Worley; petition for Milch Menke, Maria Schoof, h~pital, Superior, from Mr. and Mrs. Dennis GarmanMrs. Geue Hoslteen Wednesday and Mrs. Dale Uhrmacher andKenneth E. Corman, loaded order for complete settlement, judgment. Dale Vorce. l~sday' until Saturday for and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald afternoon, family to celebrate Aaron's shotgun in vehicle, $50 and Real EstateTranfsers~ Farmers Union Co-op Ninth grade: Lee Folkerts, ~mlervafion and treatment.Boyles, Glenna May and RobinCraig Oltmans, Imperial,10th birthday, costs. Ken and Al's, Inc. to Walter Elevator Company, Nelson, vs. Rick Henkel, Doug Holtzen, ~r. and Mrs. Gone Mercer, and Kathy Boyles and Jennifer. visited Mr. and Mrs. MarvinMr. and Mrs. Elsie HaywoodPaul A. Bencken, loaded F. and Margie M. Pohlmeiert, Wayne Dunn; petition for- Danny Mosier, Daryl Smith. ~ty, Ky., left Wednesday Beulah Benbow was a Sunday Oltmans Thursday and Friday. and family, Fort Sill, Okla., shotgun in vehicle, $50 and Lots I-6, Block 5, O. T. judgment. Eighth grade: Mary Bates. U ng for their home ter dinner guest of Opal Roesti. Thursday dinner guests were Henry Wilson, Kenesaw, and costs. Lawrence. Virginia Arlene Wilde vs.Seventh grade: Amy Keim, past week in the arlMr. and Mrs. Roy Brandon Scott Oltmaus and Mr. andMrs. Mr. and Mrs. Doug Spurgon of Superior Trafflc Court Goldie E. Jacoby, et al. to Clifford Paul Wilde; petittonfor Cassidy Molthan. t ] man home. were Saturday supper gt ests of Jim Oltmans to celebrate California visited Mr. and Mrs. Randall S. Renschler, Doris O. Hudson; Lot 6, and S ~lma Paul, Red Cloud, and Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Wood. Scott's birthday. Wilbur Wilson Sunday af- speeding, $10 and costs.LOt 5, Block 20, O. T. Superior. !~el Kenworthy, Des Moiues,Dean Bausch, Norton, was aMr. and Mrs. Earl Adamson ternoon. David Barnes, speeding, $10 Peter J. Dias, personal B II L n ~J|k.a, weroThursdayeveni+ng Thursday overnight guest of his visited Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sunday after bowling guests andcosts, representative, to Helen i FREE nnnxnau '. tors of ERa Gates. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Luster Thayer and family Saturday of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Oil- Virginia L. Fuller, speeding, Ganster; ENE, 30-3-6. ~r. and Mrs. Loyde GarmanBausch. He was enroute home evening, mans were Mr. and Mrs. Bill $16 and costs. CiviiDepartment N L-- m Sunday afternoon visitors from a police photography Helen Grummert and Ellen Karmazin, Mr. andMrs. Dale Nelson Trafflc Court Credit Bureau vs. Judy A" mi Consultatnon 9 ,Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Garman. class, held in Hutchinson. Jeusen, Superior, visited Neva Adamson, and Mr. and Mrs.Richard J. Drudik, speeding, Biltofl; suit for accounts. , and Mrs. Bob Pumarlo Mr. and Mrs. Low Entwistle, Malpert Sunday evening and Duane Elders. $10 and costs. Credit Bureau vs. Raymond family were Sunday dinner Mankato, and Mr. and Mrs. Bill were luncheon guests. Mr. and Mrs:Ward Stansbury Wayne K. Hurd, speeding, $10 L. Hauser; suit for account. of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Yetter were Friday supper Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Peterson and Reba Harrington were and costs. Credit Bureau vs. John and u , and Shelly. guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dale were Friday breakfast gueste of Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Probate Department Diana Kussman; suit for ac- For W IIs, Trusts | and M. Ralph Maag, Collins Mr and Mrs Fer.b. Mrs Fred. arms, Has ngs Estate of Myrtle May Roe; count were Tuesday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Glen Richards Mr. and Mrs. Ward Stansbury Joining them for supper were inventory, petition for deter- Credit Bureau vs. Kenneth -~itors of Mr. and Mrs. and Robert, Denver, were and Greg Reece visited Mr. and Mr. andMrs. Leslie Harms. mination of inheritance tax and and Smmn Molder; suit for arid Estates l[ rence Maag. Saturday afternoon callers on Mrs. Earl Ferguson Sunday order determining no tax due. accounts. rl p[rs. Roy Fullter on and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Garman.evening. Mrs. Wilbur Wilson and Estate of Geraldine A. Credit Bureau vs. Gerald and i H - i J~ and Joshua, Superior, Ella Gates and Mabel Ken- Mr.andMrs. CecilMoorhead, Lillian Wilson attended the Kauffman ; order admitting will Lisha Gravitt; suit for ac- utChlnS & Assoclates :~. and Mrs. Richard Oliver, worthy, DesMoines, Iowa, were Denver, Stella Klawi.tter and Thanksgiving services to probate, determination of counts. ~ Oliver and Dorothy Oliver Thursday supper guests ofScott Oltmams were dLnner and preachodbytheRev. Shermanheirs a0d appointment of Credit Buresu vs. Jamesand | Attorneys-At-Law .~Zended ~e funeral serices for Zelma Paul, Red Cloud, at a supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sack of Colorado Sunday at the personal representative. Marsha Duffy; suit for account. ,~[~istina Qliver at Washington, cafe in Burr Oak. Marvin Ol~rnans. Mrs. Mike Church of Christ, Angus.Estate of Blanche Emma MarriageDeDartment || Joseph A. Morris III| ~ll~, Thtn:sday. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Harris, Holsteen was an afternoon Mrs. ;Pom Murray and Mrs. Snyder; petition for deter-John Stanley~ Davis, jr., 45, ~Senny Holtsclaw, Cedar Boulder, Colo., came Monday to visitor. Joe Wehrman attended a baby I + was a Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday Mr. andMrs. DaleMuellershower honoring Kathy Nielsen I " Ill [ caller on Mr. andMrs, with reiatives and friends, and Shane Surface and Melissa at the home of Becky Strine l ,Wh,tneV--Thompson + Sieve. R. Hulchln+ o ~dith Reinert, Egbert, was a afternoon visitor of Mr. and of Elsie Mueller. Later Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Snyder Insurance Agency, [nl Pne For Appointment lnesday morning guest of Mrs. Clarence Maag. Dale Mueller, Melissa Surface were Sunday supper guests of and Mrs. Fred Sanderson. + Mr. and Mrs. Jim De Marco, and Elsie Mueller were guests Mr. and Mrs. Darrell I Auto-Homeowners-Farm-Commercial i Superior, Office: 402-879-4216m ts! tderwd|qUentin'of theirBrendaweregrandp&rents,andweekendBrian AmY,cariTpeka'carter,Minneapolis,CheryIDonnaAdamSstt tzMae andandand ' [l Top. Companies-Competitive[ N S U R A N C E I S Rates, i Calls Forwarded Toll Free ~1'. and Mrs. Delbert Un- Leota Seader, Denver, Edna ..... ~ TO Denver Office ~J[!PWocd, while their parents, Masters, Wanda Zellmar, + ~ ~++ I OUR FULL ,|ME JOB + H d~ded the K-State-Colorado NettieJohnson, HazelKorband urchins & Associates game in Boulder. Gene and Marjorie Johnson I Phone 402-879-331 5 Paul, Red Cloud, were callers at the Bud Platt , :(+ til tl ili +'+ + t I 11 7 West Third Street--Superior Nebraska 1750 Gilpin Denver, Colo. 80218 [[I lL bel Kenworthy, Des Moines, home the past week. - - - ~J~i~a, Richard Brooks, Hoxie, Pearl Sloan and Mary | !~ I and Susan Abel were Lagregren, Mankato, Mr. and " I+ | ~llers on Ethel Siebert the past Mrs. Mark Underwood and ~+~~o~l~ ! Pl k_. family and Quentin, Brenda and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lowry Brian Underwood were Sunday ~ Jane, Stockton, Mr. and dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Do you own a bull like the above 2 year old bull? . Ernest Blattner, Esbon, Delbert Underwood. Lr. and Mrs. Wayne Un- Vera McDonnei and Mrs. ood were Saturday dinner Homer Grubbs were Sunday s of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey afternoon callers on Jessie ood and family in honor Knight and Lettie Korb at the .l wey's birthday. ~Mabelle Wolfe, Seattle, ' MIKKELSEN-- died Tuesday evening. was a sister of Ruth Wilson, PHOTOORAPHY tieni in the Long Term Care t, Mankato. ra McDonnel and Mrs. W.D. Wrench Optometrist Professional Vision Care To Keep YOU Seeing Good Office Located At 356 East Third St. Superior, Nebraska Telephone 40 -870-3710 For Appointment ke Only+ Home Owned/ )Wrier Operated Funeral I me in.Nuckolls County. blur Information Source Fir... 'lsnallon Prateled Funeral Pra- NIimine ~lmeral Costs, Pranedv~s '|rematJon Service l'l~ornece and Death Benefit I wes |riot CnenseHng ilonements - Markers ~smeteW Lettering IIIformatJve Programs For Clubs mm arm,s |eme in Or phone us to | lscuss your plans for a |tlonument or for Funeral re-Arrangements. No eat or obligation. ---Dayre William--- Williams Funeral Home Superior afld Hardy 402-879-31 23 . I la +oWeddings oPortraits eAnniversaries OGraduation Open Tuesday Through Saturday Closed Mondays Phone 402-879-3090 122 East 4th Superior, Nebraska If you don't, we suggast you sell your old bull; put the money on Interest at 9%; take capital gains. Buy a. Tegtmeler PoUed Hereford during 1983. Take advantage of Invastment Credit and Depreciation. We will pay you 10% Interest for 6 months. This helps us both .- we don't have to teed these bulls all wintar, you get your choice of bulls and can acclimate him for next breeding season. Stop in and lot us help you in your cattle program. [ .oo+..m.,. t Davenport, Nebraska -- Phone [402] 364-257'4 I I I I Can You Identify This a :l'his farm is located within our trade area. The owner may have the original color photo by identifying the farm at our store. (Last week's Mystery Farm was that of Dave Mussmann.) 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