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November 25, 1993     The Superior Express
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November 25, 1993

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I Sections Price 35 National Editk~. 20 Pages in Three Soc~K)ns No. 4Z ISSN 074~0969 1993 Superior Publishing Company, Superior, Nebraska 68978 Inc. All Rights Reserved Thursday, Nov. 25, 1993 ii II High School's Key Honor Society, Art Club, FFA arts classes have the completion spirit and provide a service. gnedand ornaments which Victorian family at Lime. The figures in- mother, three sib- tu size from 23 to 64 Cheryl Bouray, Kattie Dilley, Rose Hood, Chuck Sigmon, Hillary Johanson, Jennifer Simmons, Kim Whiteley, Amanda Wagner, Jodi Kaldahl and Andy Gruszka. Adults helping with the project include Jim Mitchell, Tom Blackburn, Julene Sullivan, Dave Barnard, Cindy Thornton, Donna Miller, Mel Crowe, Joan and Rob Unruh and Dennis Mehlhaff. Superiorities return 33% of National Honor idea originated with has only 20 mem- SOon determined the of the other groups for a project of such has been Capital of project was chosen make the town for the hell- tan Unruh, the Key Honor traced the pic- cut out the plywood picture they transparency the transparency a piece of plywood. were traced, cut out attitude surveys More than 1,100 community needs assessment surveys were mailed in late October to resi- dents of the Superior area. The residents returned 365 surveys for 33 percent rate of return which the committee considered excellent. The survey data is now being compiled by the Business Development Center at the University of Nebraska in Kearney. A delegation of Superior Chamber of Commerce Ambas- sadors has completed interviews with 31 area businesses to assess their needs. This information is being compiled through the "Business Expansion and Reten- tion Program" at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Representatives from both ~', UNK and UNL will be in Supe- rior to present the survey results to the community at a town hall Superior merchants have been working this week preparing their stores for the official opening of the Christmas shopping season. The first of the season's five draw- ings for Superior Bucks was held Monday. A special section of this news- paper advertises the special Christ- mas values to be found in Superior this weekend. The Chamber of Commerce has asked Superior stores to remain open until 9 p.m. Friday evening and the store clerks to dress in Victorian costumes. Though much work remains to be done, the chamber is promoting development of the "Victorian Christmas City" theme. Many of the stores will be serv- ing refreshments Friday evening. A committee is being organized to direct the implementation of a Victorian Christmas lighting project for future years in down- town Superior. Santa Claus will visit Superior but the press of holiday activities has caused him to make a last minute change in his travel plans. It was originally announced and both of Lawrence, Lance Ayers, advertised that Santa would visit Courtland;andHarveyWailis, Ted his Santaland Headquarters in the Kirnminau, Helen Edenburn, Leslie Hotel building from 1 to 5 ArleneJacoby, CaroleThompsen, p.m. Friday. That has been and Helen Denny, ail of Superior. changed from 4 to 7 p.m. The winners may collect their Santa will return for afternoon Superior Bucks at the Home Fed- visits Dec. 11 and 18. As in past oral Savings and Loan office. years, the youngsters may register for a large number of prizes to be City Council given away by the Superior mer- chants, delays action on The final two weeks before Christmas Superior stores will be trs~lh ordinance open weeknights until 8 p.m. Trash again topped the agenda This holiday season 4,000 Su- when the Superior City Council perior Bucks will be given away met this week. m a series of drawings. The bucks The contract With Dennis Way may be spent like official cur- for the operation of a solid waste rency for any item in a sponsoring transfer station was discussed at Superior business firm. Drawing lengthandfinally approved after a registrations may be obtained by split vote of the council. How- visiting a sponsoring store. VivianCarlgren, Scandia, won ever, some questions concerning the contract have yet to be re- 100 Superior Bucks in the first solved. drawing held Monday morning. Winners of 50 Superior Bucks included Sharon Turner, Nelson; Jack Young, Guide Rock, Wil- liam Kathman, Lester Bangert, telecommunication plan Action on an ordinance affix- ing the trash disposal fees to the utility bills was delayed and a spe- cial meeting called for Nov. 30. In other action, the council ap- proved an ordinance officially combining the park and cemetery boards. In recent years member- ship of the two boards has been similar and the boards have acted as one. The ordinance adopted Superior's bid to house a state- Albion and Gordon will remain a Monday makes the practice of ft. of-the-arts telecommunications partoftheNebraskaproposal.The cial. An ordinance describing ac- center has been rejected on the futureofValentineandCambridge cepted grave decoration practices federal level but an invitation has are less certain, at Evergreen Cemetery was also ~, been extended to resubmit the ap- Since the application was first adopted and is published in this "~: oplication, prepared, Cambridge has sepa- issue of The Superior Express. Superior was one of five Ne- rately gone ahead to develop a braskacommunitiestoearlierwin telecommunications center. The Thelast meeting on Tuesday, Jan. I 1. f~ " inclusion in a grant application fifth community, Valentine, may of sup- The information gathered The area has boon blessed this past year with an abundance of moisture. For many the excess developed by the Nebraska Rural notmeettheprogram's guidelines. through the community and has cause some problems, but as we reflect on the previous throe years of drought we are thankful Development Commission. Had Thenewgrantapplicationmust members business surveys will be used to f~rth~r~p~inishingofs~i~moistureandth~pr~mis~ofirrigati~nwa~~r~ne~again.beingavai~b.~~.Abov~ that application been funded, bepreparedandsubmittedpriorto $100,000 would have been avail- Jan. 31, 1994. Selection of the board announc-develop goals for a comprehen- is but one of the many beautiful harvest arrangements assembled by area residents as a token or our able for establishment of a tele- grant recipients is not expected and later added sive community action plan. gratefulness to God for his protection and care throughout the past year. The START II program is communications center. Tentative before May or June of next year. done being sponsored by the Superior ...... plans were to locate the center at In.the.coming weeks, the local Commttnity Corporation, the ~ ~t the high school, committee will review the grant net Monday and City of SUUpeflor, the Housing Though the first application application to insure the Superior to work on the Authority and the Economic De- was rejected, the program's see- portion complies with the require- velopment Council. The com- end round has been funded at $10 ments. It is expected additional million, the same level as the first public meetings will be held to munity and business needs as- Most area business firms are their plans. An arctic cold front be closed. The Nuckolls County round. Nebraska has been invited discuss the application. th sev- sessment process is being open- closed today in observance of the with freezing rain and snow is courthouse is among the offices to resubmit the application pro- The Nebraska Rural Develop- ,amish sored by Security National Bank annual Thanksgiving holiday, expectedtovisittheareathisboli- planning to be closed Friday. Fi- videsomechangesaremadeinthe mentCommissionhasnotyetmet on the Brodstone and Farmers State Bank, both of Churches have held special ser- day. nancial institutions and the post application. Uekolls County Hos- Superior. to consider resubmission of the vicestomarktheholidayandmany Though retail stores will be offices will be open as usual. The Jerry Hoffman, coordinator of applicationbutitassnmedthecom- to hold figures Don'tforgettorenewyourfarnilies made special travel plans open Friday for what traditionally production departments of this the Nehraska grant application, missionwillcontinuetoseekfund- and built by the subsciption to this newspaper for today, isconsideredthestartoftheChrist- newspaper will be closed Friday has told local representatives that hag for development of the cen- d arts students, beforeDec. 1 and pay the cur- However, weatherforecastsfor mas shopping season, manygov- but the business office will be the communities of Superior, ters. worked on the rent annual rate of $12. New this week caused some to change ernment and private offices will open. last Tuesday the back of the ichaud, Kerry Nolan Molly TJ Folkers, subscribers also welcome. Ed Groves, observer Temperature High for week ...................... 63 Low for week ....................... 23 Precipitation Total this week ............... . ...... .0 Total this month ................ 0.70 To date in 1993 ............... 39.87 To date in 1992 ............... 32.92 Total snowfall ..................... 0.6 Normal for Nov ................. 0.97 Normal to Dec. 1 ............. 26.40 SUPERIOR MARKETS Tuesday, Nov. 23, 1993 Corn ........................ 2.76 2.76 Mile .......................... 4.42 4.43 Wheat ....................... 3.31 3.44 Soybeans .................. 6.40 6.42 y, Brian house the tap root must not be Teresa With the Cln'istmas season ar- much heat and getting too dry are causes the poinsettia to drop its broken or the plant will bleed to Amber A former Superior couple have pect is arrested, stockingpulledoverhisface, agaln riving, rows of poinsettia plants probably the hardest on the plant, leaves. Smidt, been traumatized by an attempted Theyoangmotherandhersons, got up, the driver floored the ac- ready to burst into bloom fill rows "For example, setting a poin- "When spring comes poinset- d e~,. rnpson,abduction following attendance at ages eight and five had attended a celerator. Apparently unnerved of tables in the Superior Floral settia by a heat register is one of tias can be planted outside. It is if 'Poinsettias are beautiful and anetementaryschoolfunctionlast school function. Following the bytheincident,hebeganhollering, Company greenhouses. Soon the the .p~. rest environments. The best to plant them in a pot. The " a person has the time and inter- ;chultz, Thursday evening. _ . . activity, when they went to enter "Let me out! Let me out!" The plants will be shipped to local hurmdity around the register is the poinsettia has a tap root which est, they are rewarding to eare for. Sara Menke, Jor- CurrentlylivinginHastmgsana the family's mini-van parked in driver stopped the van and man markets throughout the area in- lowest in, the house and will dry will go deep into the soil without Many of the older people in our Fenimore, the parents of the three young- the school _l~,_k~_,8_ lot, they no- fled through the side door and ran eluding stores in Sutton, Red theplantoutrapidly.Plusitisalso the pot blocking its way. When community do a good job with sters, authorities have asked the riced the vehicle s dome lights down the street. Cloud, Blue Hill and Hill City. . the hottest place in the house. This the plant is brought back into the them." ,iz Wendover, news media to not identify the were not working. They had heen A resident of the area heard the TbeDiehifamilyhaslon~been family s names until after the sus- earlier in theeveningbut theprolP commotion, and got a description associated with the operataon of lena wasdismissedand they loaded of the man as he ran past.the greenhouses and this year fam- the vehicle and started for their The baby-sitter staying in the ilymemherssaythepoinsettiacrop nearby home. family home with the youngest is one of the best they have ever As home was not far away, child heard the commotion and raised. Two thousand five hun- they neglected to fasten their seat calledpolice. Policerecovered the dred plants were started early in belts. The eight-year-old son was knife which the driver had tossed August from cuttings. Besides the seatedinthepassenger'sseat.The fromthevelaide.Itappearstobea common red poinsettia there are five-year-old set on the floor near cross between a butcher and hunt. white ones, jingle bells, red pep- his mother who was driving the ingknifewithaneight-inchbiade, permint, and marble poinsettias. van. The driver said had she not -Each variety's top leaves are a As they started to leave the been able to persuade the man to different color. school, they noticed an unpleas- flee the van she was considering MelDiehlsaid,"Poinsettiasre- ant stench. Thinking the odor was ramming it into a light pole or ally are not the hardest plant to coming from an animal in the lpark.- parked car rather than complying grow, but lots of things can hap- ing lot, they opened the vehicle's with his request for a trip to the pen to them. window, country. "As with any plant, sanitation Traffic was light as they tray- Hastings police officers praised is real important to eliminate dis. eled a familiar street toward their the family s reaction. They ad- ease problems. Using a good ster. home. They had gone a .bout. ee vised the best defense is to use ile potting mix is a must. blocks when a man stood up m me whatever is available to create a "I really enjoy working with rear of the van and began to ap- commotion and get the intruder poinsettias. They grow rapidly and preach the driver with a knife, off stride. The otTteers discour- respond well to the hot August He advised that he had aknife aged carrying a weapon or using weather. They also need high hu- and instructed the driver to head mace in such a circumstance, midity which is easy for us to for the country. . _ -- It appears the intruder had re- pro ,ide here. Thedriverimmediatelyt|oorea. movedthedomelightsasbewaited Sept. 5 we pinched back the the aceelerator and then siammea for the family to return. Indic, a- plants.That'swhateausesthemto onthebrakesthrowingthestranger tions are he had not stalked the bush and he full bodied like these. forward into the windshield, victim but had picked the van at "To have poinsettias ready for The driver was able to take the random, the Christmas season, dark cool knife away from the man and toss The driver received a minor nights are important. Even house it out an open window. . cut in the scuffle for the knife but lights can slow the plants down. The man regained his foot-~g, she said she had sustained worse "Some people like to try to advised he had another weapou paper cuts. She said taking the grow their own poinsettias at and again order the driver to pro- recommended tetanus shot was home. Often they do not realize ceed to the country. _ ~ more painful titan the cut. ~ importance of long dark nights Once again the driver ttoorcu At this Thanksgiving season," producing the bright colorful the ac elerator and then the family says they have much to leaves. Every two hours of light on the brakes. The man was .a~ he thankful for. At ,_fl~ir church sets the plant back a day. Since thrownfromhisfeetordythisUme Sunday the children s choir sang even house lights affect poinset- he crashed into dash. The okler about angels. The song was par- tias, they need to be set in a dark son was pounding on his back ticularly meaningful for the faro- closet if they are to he colorful by while the younger son was shriek-, ily whohasconcludedone of those Christmas. ing in fright, angels was riding in their van. "The poinsettiais aremarkable In an attempt to attract atten- They said the ineident demon- plant. With proper care, it will Which was part of an all ~,hooy tion the driver was sounding the strated the importance of locking stay colorful until spring. Several vehicles and homes regardless of things affect the longevity of the _ i- Mo/.Dieh.I ehec...~ a poinsettia In the Superior ~ 0o. will be placed in the hospital lawn vehicle's horn. with a where they may be. poinsettia. Too much water too po nsemas oT six clirrerent varletlas are ready for distribution throughout the are&