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November 25, 2010     The Superior Express
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November 25, 2010

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Students thankful for a variety of reasons As the Thanksgiving holiday ap- proached, students in the Rock Hills Elementary School were asked to ex- press what they are thankful for. Their answers follow by grade. Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. Underwood Para Mrs. Roush I am thankful for my new baby and for a scarf. --Grace I am thankful for my mommy and my wolf named Sledder. --Abbey I am thankful for my bunk bed. --Kale I am thankful for my mommy, daddy, sister, brother and dog. --Isabella I am thankful for the park and all the toys there. --Haley I am thankful for mommy, Herman, Cheyanne, Angela, daddy, and Friday. Carlton I am thankful for flowers and cup- cakes. --Tyler I am thankful for a chug-a-chug-a- choo-choo. --Lucas I am thankful for bows and arrows, mommy and daddy and Zeke my brother. Kolt I am thankful for power ranger toys. Toys that God made, mommy, daddy, and my brothers. Eli I amthankful for Mrs. Roush, Mrs. Dunstan, and all my school friends, Coelton I am thankful for strawberries, cher- ries, Grant, Evie, apples, and pump- kins. Nathaniel Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. Dauner Para- Mrs. Davis I am thankful for my family. --Dayton Garst I am thankful for Jesus. --Maleah Torres I am thankful for friends to play with. Gage Showers I am thankful for my toys. -Evie Wilkins I am thankful for nice people. -Josiah Frampus I am thankful for my family: -Paige Zadina I am thankful for my toys. -Grant Meyers I am thankful for flowers. - Aubree Whelchel I am thankful for books. -Troy Duskie I am thankful for my room and dad. -Case Scarrow I am thankful for my mom and dad. -Lakia Shangreaux I am thankful for my house. -Lauren Whelchel I am thankful for my toys. -Hayden Callaway I am thankful for my house. -Haley Garst I am thankful for my toys. -Garrett Barry I am thankful for horses. -Kayle Wagner I am thankful for candy treats. - Samuel Saltzman First Grade Teacher Mrs. Beam I am thankful for my family. -Ry lan Basart I am thankful we finally had a baby girl. -Jake Underwood I am thankful for my room. - Caitlynn Scarrow I am thankful for my family. -Kole Vance I am thankful that God blessed me to play the guitar.. --Sonny Johnson I am thankful for morn. --Devon Studer I am thankful for my pets, and morn and dad. Daniel McDill I am thankful for my birthday. --Andrew Babson I am thankful for my family. --Roger Meier Select the Date and location that work best for youl Thursday, December 2, 2010 SMITH CENTER, KS* 785-282-6601 Chris Mansholt * Dwayne Lorence Friday; December 3, 2010 PHILLIPSBURG, KS • 785-543-2184 Chris Mansholt * Mike Baetz Tuesday, December t4, 2010 LEXINGTON, NE * 308-324-463g " Jan Lien • Larry Buhlmann Wednesday, Deoember 15, 2010 GOTHENBURG, NE • 308-537-2535 Tag Kenning • Jeff Debban Thursda January 3, 2011 MINDEN, NE • 308-832-2180 Robb Kuper • John Hitchcock Fdday, January 14, 2011 HOLDREGE, NE ° 308-995-6511 Duane Hunke ° Joe Hays I am thankful for my family. --Jacob Barryl I am thankful for God. Trevor Covalt I am thankful for my morn. I take care of her when she is sick. Alyssa Davis I am thankful for my dogs and cats. Rickie DeSpain I am thankful for my Aunt Chris. -- Eva Cleary I am thankful for family, Avery Brown I am thankful for my brother teach- ing me how to play x-box 360. Conner Cosand I am thankful for my family and Thanksgiving dinner. Angel Sanchez I am thankful for my games for my x-box and I am thankful for my x-box. Jensen Eilert I am thankful for my new bike. Gavin Bouska I am thankful for my mom and dad. Tate Callaway I am thankful ifI have a good day at school and my mom and dad. Anoki Strider I am thankful for morn. Whelchel family, and my teachers and the priest at church, and God. -- Rylee Whelchel I am thankful for having friends and family. I am thankful for my dad work- hag for money for our school. I am, thankful for waking up with a roof up above my head, I am thankful for learn- ing from my teachers. I am thankful for being born in the U.S.A. --Jenna Martinez I am thankful for my shelter. I am thankful for my toys. I am glad that I have a family to live with. Ifm happy that I have food, and friends to play with. I am thankful for being an Ameri- can. I am happy that I am free. Katie Reinert. I am thankful for my family and friends. I am thankful for the soldiers who fought for our freedom. I am thank- ful for my food, water, shelter, and my air. I am thankful for learning at my school. I am thankful for beingan American. --Jaclyn Yelken I'm thankful for food, my clothes, my house, and my family. Iim thankful for Godto let me be in this world. I m thanul for going on a plane to see my dad. I m'thankful that I get to go to school to be smart. I'm thankful for Jesus to take away my sins. --Gabriel Whelchel I am thankful for my clothes and food. I'm thankful for my parents and my toys that I have. I am thankful for my borthers and my sister, even my Aunt Chris. I am thankful for my shoes --Ty Boiler' and my video games, and my grandmais Second Grade Teacher Mrs. Jeffery I'm thankful for my family and my friends. Tanner Shipman I am thankful for the soldiers and my family. --Paul Tortes I'm thankful for army men and women fighting for freedom. --Jerrod Gillett I am thankful for the army and I am so thankful for my family. I am so thankful for the food and water. -- Caden Slate I am thankful for my morn. --Dakota Jensen I am thankful for the soldiers and my whole family. --Shianna Pashia I am thankful for morns and dads and brothers. --Eve Meyers I am most thankful the family and friends I have. -- Jauclyn Lemke I am thankful for the word and all people. Mason Higer I'm thankful to have soldier. August Brown I am thankful for my family and my friends. --Tristyn Brown I'm thankful for all the friends and family 1 have. Karrigan Dunstan I am thankful for my morn and my dad. Simon Saltzman I am thankful for nature. Joe Sanchez Third Grade Teacher Mrs. Walker I am thankful for being in a good .class. --Joshua Davis I am thankful for a lot Of ihings. I am thankful for my loving and caring family. Ifm thankful for my funny friends, my caring and responsible teacher. I'm thankful for my big and tall school. The last thing is Iim thank- ful for the brace and strong men and women who fought for our freedom. Sam Underwood I am thankful for my Barbie house and my Barbies, too. I am also thankful for my clothes and also my shoes. U am thankful for my dad because he works and makes lots of money. I am thankful for my brothers. I am really thankful for going to church on Wednesdays and also Sundays too. -- Kaylee DeSpain I am thankful for my food and thank- ful for my work. I am really thankful to God who made Thanksgiving. --Arica Brown I am thankful for food at our Thanks- giving Day feast, having heat and air conditioner when it gets hot. Clothes to keep us warm. I am thankful for my home and my parents, and the whole wallet. --Roland Cleary Fourth Grade Teacfier Mrs. Garman I am thankful for my family and I am thankful for school. --Zane Colson I am thankful for my family and pets, and I am thankful for my grand- mas and aunts and uncles: Mattie Volker I am thankful for the pilgrims to find America, and I am thankful for the delicious turkey we get every year. --Davin Haseleu I am thankful for life because it has so many good things, and I am also thankful for how lucky I am to have the great family I have. --Zeke McEntire I am thankful for my family that protects me, and the food that makes me grow and helps me to be_strong. -- Austin Beck I like Thanksgiving because you get to have turkey, but I' m really thank- ful for the pilgrims that made it up. --Jackson Chance I'm thankful for my freedom, and I'm thankful forgoing to sleep in peace, and I'm also happy for the red, white. and blue. --Jalen Basart I am thankful for food to eat, and I am also thankful for a roof over my head to keep warm. --Makayla Tortes I am thankful for freedom, religion, and I am also thankful for education ;i;!i ,o,00!00'0000llii:i;iiiiiiiii00i00iliN00!iiii00iii :dt7 rvce project. The club will also provide a gift • for the Giving conduct a litter participate in the ' " ' t fundraser on at the gzrls firs e ball game on Monday: Th earned will help fund the donations the club makes to the Kansas4-H Founda- tion and other projects,':il ' .. / :: Members participatr fn a recre- ation activity called Old Hen, New Hen. The game was coordinited b'Y Lacey Langer. After the meting, members had snacks made b} the Langer family. The, nex the first members will Good carolin Thursday, November 25. 2010 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS B and conclude, Webbe and a roof over my head. Dereck Gillett I am thankful for having a morn and dad, and I'm thankful for Thanksgiv- ing. --Coltyn Vajgrt I am thankful for the people who went to war for us, and I am thankful for the Pilgrims so we can have our rights. Sabrina Saltzman 4-H News Webber Wide-Awake 4-H Club The members of the Webber Wide. Awake 4-H Club considered lot of information about the horse project at the club's November meeting. Jenna Langer gave a project talk about the parts of a horse' s bridle. Lacey Langer conducted a demonstration about the parts of a horse. Other club officers and the club leaders also presented regular monthly reports. Members planned a visit to the Jewell County Food Pantry for Friday. They delivered food items were col- lected earlier this month as a commu- Middle win Republic Co. basketball tourney On Nov. 8. the Rock Hills middle school boys basketball team traveled to Belleville for the Republic County basketball tournament. Their first game of the tournament was against the Republic County Buf- faloes. The Grizzlies won the game 38- 23. Leading corers were Joel Broeckelman with 14 points, Spencer Calloway with eight and Logan Schwerman with seven. Samuel Flinn had seven rebounds, and Logan Shwerman had six. Joel Broeckelman also grabbed six steals in the game, helping lead the Grizzlies to the win. The following evening, the Griz- zlies returned to Belleville for another match-up, this time'against the Pike Valley t3anthers. The Grizzlies won 22-17. Leading the'way were Joel Broeckelman with nine. Samuel Flinn with five and Logan Shwerman with four. Shwerman also had seven re- bounds and Broeckelman had seven steals. The consecutive wins put the Griz- zlies at the topof the bracket andthey were named the champions of the tour- nament This was their first basketball contest of the year, and a great way to start of the season for the Grizzlies. I " I II Post Rock Answers By Scott Chapman, Post Rock' Extension I have a swarm ofbees ina tree in my yard. what do Fneed to do ?' I had three calls on bee swarms last week. This is the time of year this occurs most often. First realize they are probably not a threat. The :"mean" Africanized bees referred to as killer bees because of there aggressive pro- tectlve instincts are only as far north as Webber Wide Awake 4-H members took food donations to the Jewell county Food Pantry on Friday, as one of their service projects. Members participating in the delivery included Jillian Worm, (left); Michelle Unruh, (right) and Elizabeth and Adaline Quakenbush (front). The food pantry representative Pastor Tessa Zehring at the Methodist Church, MankatO, in the center. keepers willing to remove swarms, unfortunately Saline County is the clos- est on the list. Call one of our offices for names of these beekeepers. Re- member bees are an indispensable re- source in the production of many fruits. vegetables, and nuts not to mention honey. I recommend calling a bee- keeper or have patience, they will move on. Soil testing is becoming increas- ingly important for district producers. Sixteen nutrients have been deter- mined essential for plant growth. (Some are never limiting in nature, plants receive carbon, hydrogen and oxygen from the air). When I was in school, one analogy used to,show the tmpor- tance of balanced fertility was: "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link." If each of the 16 essential nutrients is a link in that chain, with 15 made of hardened steel and one link a rubber band. the entire chain is no stronger -than the rubber band. Conditions and 15 nutrients may appear right for 60 bushel wheat, but ifthereis only enough sulfur for 20 bushel, you are going to harvest 20 bushel wheat. Soil testing and maintaining nutri- Oklahoma. and have neverbeen found ents is becoming increasingly impor- in Kansas.. Honey'bee swarms are a tantasconditionsandpracticeschange. part of the annual4ffe cycle of a honey Summer fallow allowed time for nutri- bee colony. I 15rrvidesthemechanism ents to accumulate and become avail- for the colony to reproduce itself. It is -/b'l' ! i no lOn'ge'/comm-on p:ac- relatively safe to be around honey bees tic ifi'tle districL " when they swarmbecausethey exhibit Higher yields are removing more defensive behavior only in-the vicinity of their nest where the defensive be- havic r i s needed to protect their young and food supp!y. A hoiley bee Warm; .hag "neither young nor food stores artd will nbt exhibit defensive behavioFunless, un- duly provoked. They may settle in your yard, often hanging from a tree branch, while scouts look for a good place t ° build a new nest. A swarm may 'contain from 1.500 to 30.000 bees including, work- ers. drones and a queen. What to do? ' Since they are,lnot hggessiTe, real- ize as soon as the scouts find a new home usuallyin two o,hree days they will move on. £ second option iSto ;' find a beekeeper toddle get the, swarm. Knowledgeable beekeepers :can cap- ture and remove the swarm relatively easily. K-State maintains a list of bee- The Jewell County Rural Health Clinic : & Jewell County Hospital•: Business Office will be closed Thursday, Nov. 25 & Friday, Nov. 26i for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Thank you for your patronage.: • Fully Insured • :Steel Roofand Sides (40 yr. warranty) • 16 colors available go/c Trus; Spacigg 90 MPH Wind L0ad 301biruss Load ; • site Iephrati0n available Richmond, KS ' jl (800} 374-6988 (800) 208-9167 ..... 7/ o,.UA LITY STRUCTURES I I I I Jew,.ql County Memories i i , i i 100 Years Ago 30 Years Ago " Ionia and Jewell played a fine game of football in Jewell. The score was 6 to 0 in favor of Ionia. The Kansas- Missouri game, however, resulted in a tie, 5 to 5. Curt Gabe is home from Kansas City with a four-passenger motorcar. Miss Gussie Hutchinson has been employed by the Randall schools to finish the term of the prunary teacher who was unable to continue her work on account of illness. Martin Oplinger puts on more style than anybody. He has had both house and barn wired for electric lights. Herman Lloyd caught a badger and took him over to Will Ohlinger's to have the dogs kill it. When the dogs saw the badger, they were fierce for the job. Two bulldogs and three trailers were turned loose, and alter half an hour's fighting, the badger said by his actions as plainly as though he could talk- "Bring on more dogs." The hide The Desire Tobey Sears Chapter NSDAR, recognized the following se-  ii mors as "Good Citizens" at the No: • vember meeting: Laurie Diehl, daugh. ter of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Diehl, from Bur Oak High School; Deanne" : Alexander, daughter of Mr. and Mrs':) Merlin Alexander, from Esbon HigIa ' i School; Janelle Lange, daughter of M. and Mrs. Raymond Lange, from Man'.- kato High School; Darrell Swank, son ? of the Rev. and Mrs. Jim Swank, from ? Jewell High School Lyle M. Wood of Burr Oak was • recognized by the Jewell County Bank- ers Association with a cake congratu- lating him on • his 60-year affiliation with banking as well as for celebrating his 90th birthday. Mr."and Mrs. Robert Ost were two of the lucky ones out of 12 people to hve their names drawn for $50 worth of groceries each, gwen away last week by the Beloit Motor Co. nutrients. Double cropping is remov- ing more nutrients. No-till nutrients are primarily added to the top three to four inches of the soil. Phosphorus and sulfur are two nutrients being used much faster than many producers are replacing in current fertility programs and can easily limit production. How much phosphorus are you ap- plying? How much sulfur? We've had some good years, a 60 bushel wheat crop fllowed by 40 bushel double crop beans removed 65 pounds of phos- phorus and 13 pounds of stilfur. Once the soil reserve is gone. unless re- placed yields suffer. Chloride and zinc arealso limiting yields of some crops in the district. On the flip side. the last soil test through my office had phosphorus levels over 30 ppm, no phosphorus fertilizer is recommended unless below 20 ppm. so spend fertilizer dollars on other nu- trients or other fields. After wheat is harvested, consider soil testing. It's a waste to put 100 pounds of nitrogen down for next year' s wheat if the yield is limited to 30 "bushel by a shortage of phosphorus. sulfur, or chloride. Each Post Rock Extension offices has a soil probe to checkout and in- structions on taking a good soil test. Samples are submitted to K-State's Soil Testing Laboratory• Considering the investment in fertilizer a soil test to guide that fertilizer purchase is rela-, tively inexpensive The basic test for pH, phosphorus, potassmm andzinc is $8. A profile package testing nitrogen, sulfur and chloride is another $7. add organic matter for $3. For an invest- ment of $18 a guide for the fertilizer investment. we sell office .... supplies! Superior Publishing Company 402.879.3291 hadn't been broken on him and not a • drop of his blood had been shed; but every dog in the crowd hadhad fight enough. Cloud. Mitcheli and Jewell c6hn- ties each elected two women to office. Women can't vote but they can hold office. Doesn't that seem a little incon- sistent? The stork made his regular annual visit to the Simpkins last week and left that a little baby girl. This makes the 14th child for the family and the younger ones are lots prettier than the first ones. When you mention this to Mrs. Simpkins, she just laughs and says practice makes perfect. 90 Years Ago John Bevington has bought the Hiram Smith property, adjoiiiing the Jewell cemetery on the east. Our old pioneer friend, ex-County Commissioner J. W. Scott, died at this home in Jewell last Tuesday. Misses Irene Millers, Mildred Gee, and Content Peck are home from Salina Business College for the Thanksgiv- ing holiday. 70 Years Ago Miss Zona Butts and Mr. Peter L. Smith, both of Jeweii, were united in marriage at the Catholic church in Esbon. The Jewell community was sad- dened Saturday when word came to anxious friends that Mrs. N. D. Pence had died at her home. Her maiden name was Phebe Gray. She was born in Iowa, but came to Jeweil County in 1872 at the age of 12 with her parents. 50 Years Ago Jim Harbert is observing the 80th anniversary-of his arrival in Kansas. He was 21/2 years old when he became a Jayhawker. He accompanied his par- ents, Mr. and Mrs. John L. Harbert, to Kansas from Illinois. Mr. Harber,has been in and out of Jewell in the inter- vening years. His sister Mrs. Ellen Williamson, 10 years his senior, lives at Randall. Harold TopliffofJewell was named the winner of the 1960 Kansas Wheat Show sponsored by the Kansas Wheat Commission. Harold and his dad, Elwyn Topliff, were part of a group that toured the great wheat elevators and export facilities at Houston and Galveston, Texas. Beloit Special Education Cooperaiive Jewell, Mitchell & Lincoln Counties The staff of the KIDS FIRST Program will be conducting a free screening for children birth to 5 years of age living in Jeweg, Mitchell, Lincoln counties and parts of Osborne county that are in the Wac0nda School District. The screening will be conducted in Mankato during the morning of Friday, Dec. 3. If your child is experiencing difficulty in the developmental areas of hearing and vision, communication, gross and fine motor, self-help, social-emotional, and cognitive skills, please call to schedule an appointment. Parents having any questions concerning their child ages birth through 5 may call the Beloit Special Education Cooperative TO, L FREE NUM- BER 1-888-738-5275 before noon on Monday, Nov. 29 to make an appointment for your child. Approximately 30 minutes will be required to complete the screening. It will be held at the Rock Hills Board Office in Mankato, Kan. Lee Garman presented two World War I veterans, Jesse Platt and Claude Boyles, with certificates honoring their 63 years of Amrican Legion member- 'sffi5aYa diniir held"at the BuffMo Roam SteakhoUse. Members of the Burr Oak American Legion Emory Clemons Unit 263 were present at the ceremony. 10 Years Ago Members of the Mankato City Council approved the assignment of the cable television provider franchise to Cunningham Communications Inc., GlenElder: Jewell City Council approved the purchase of a electric piano to be placed in the community room of the Jewell Community Center. Mnkato Housing authority re- ceived $37,000 in federal funds for modernization and improvementto local housing units. Showing at Ute was "Remember the Titans." Citizen State Agency, Jewell, is- sued "a Bounty of Good Wishes at Thanksgiving to all friends, patrons and neighbors." One Year Ago Local vendors planned a Christmas open house for Wednesday Dec. 2 at Mankato Community Center. By Monday Rolling Hills Electric had reduced the number of power out- ages to 225, down from 400 on Thurs- day. The cooperative had 600 meters without power after the storm the prior Monday. Rolling Hills Electric Coop- erative served t0,000 meters in 16 North Cenfral Kansas counties. Bill Dillon celebrated his 95th birth- day. Mitchie and Cheryl Woerner ob- served their 50th wedding aun|ver- sary. Additional pictures from Jewell County events are available on the web at Farmway Credit Union Mankato Sports Monday, Nov. 2g- Friday, Dec. 3 Nov. 30 Middle School basketball @ Mankato vs. Pike Valley 4 p.m. and let us help you with Visa Cash Advances, Safe Deposit Boxes, oney Orders, Official Checks, Credit Life Insurance, Credit Disability Insur- ance, Photocopies, Fax Service, Check Cashing, ATM Cards, 2 FCU ATM's in Beloit, Savings Bonds, Night Deposi- tory, Direct Deposits and Deductions, Payroll Deposits and Deductions, No- tary Service, Share Certificates, Loans, Credit Counseling, Life Savings Insur- ance, Treasury Tax and Loan Deposi- tory, Drive Thru in Beloit, Voice-Re- sponse Unit, Internet, Member Access th i