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November 29, 1973     Superior Express
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November 29, 1973

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on Wunibald, AAana er Be 5 7, Ima, NebrasKa D ] 0 B TtiE SUPERIOR FXPRESS Thursday, November 29, 1973 from ,pn nm, m _ ., . - I .... - .... F,I!I)OI :TS' ---- - --' ! lower republican natural resource district t o C O N C R E T E )i C m0 e, !ii | mi Am, ~ ~ III~;":~ ~ ~ i!!i y Lo g Super'o )!ii I m,,~=,,. ~ ~r ~~~ "~ :i:i: FloydBreinig Arapahoe ChrisOhmstede OuideRock ',':!i | ms AN =:: ~,31 I STeP ~ iiii:' Neil Collins Orleans Paul Schroeder Arapahoe ;:!i:: | . . ~' ~ ~ lm :i:i: Carl DeVries Beaver City Leo Tams Oxford ;!:i | with convenment Ready Mixed ~ ~ ~,~i~,: ~ ,::.:i:::: GeneHayesNaponee LairdWo fe RedC oud ::,::::i: ~ m I :~,~ *George R. Kleen Franklin Kenneth Bantam Stamford :::: / IHII Ill Im~ IPIqll iR41t~qll RIP~,IIIII~ f~lm~(ltqlllllllm~ IIIqmk~ll ; ~ ~)ll~~b .~ ~ Carl Lans Stamford *C. A. Bose Orleans~ |' N~&=&I =ul&m~w ~=,&=~, row, m i~l~ ~ ili) Elmer~eyer .. Superior WayneCoffey . Sta.mford ;i~ [ i:i: ~.arr ~ennecKer I~eaver ~.ity H.E. Day,.Jr. (-am~riagei:,~ [ Phone 879-3296 Superior, Nebraska Marlene VanMatre Irene Gates !i i Harry Shatter Alma Everett Gentry Beaver City ~i:~ , i m m m I I i ~i~ Oscar Warner Arapahoe Leonard Hays Oxford ~!ii ..... :~:! Aleck Arneson Inavale Kenneth Kudrna Red Cloudi!;,i dRD ct' ff an ff/ce Location ~ DeltonBlank Wilcox*OempseyMcNielHoldrege if!! ! mm Akmmmm~ A m A IMr~dl~ V I *J U U ~ iiil Dale Campbell Beaver City Paul Oft Orleans i!:i m m mMl lll' imam R " x 7 A .... +:" ChrsCopley Riverion RudySelt Stamford )'i":': g !:i: uane Brugh Repub ican CityJerry Warner Beaver City ::! ! :::: E H Hermes Arapahoe Leonard Yelkin Riverton:~ Ik Hazel Streck, Executive Secretary Alma, Nebraska :E:! " " ::.. m --~ IV Ellen Medinger, Secretary Box320, Alma, Nebraska i::i:::: *lndicatesDrectorisOfficer !)i!I=I Oor,ene .e,.er. Se re, r .e. C,ou...e ro oiii! . i!!) i FIIco- Diane Fries, Secrelary Franklin, Nebraska ii!iCheckmng the Calendar of Events iii! I Irene Gates, Secretary Arapahoe, Nebraska ::iii ........... ::ii:: | vvvm ,-, ,., - ::::: Lower ~epuolican ~Ku Meehng uecemoer 6, 1973 :::: m AAarlene VanAAatre, Secretary Beaver City, Nebraska )EEE! 1:30 p.m., Harlan County Courthouse ii!i I II' _I 1' | ............. :!:ii Middle Republican NRD Meeting December 10, 1973!i!i mr you neea reea or .onraa Imose,/ecnn|clan uma, I leorasKa !!!!i Tri-BasinNRDMeeting December 11, 1973iii ! Elvin Jennings, Technician Franklin, Nebraska | have gram to sell ,,,,,, ., .. ,., , ,,. ,, .. ..,, I see vvoa'ReS eR/ wSr eOele " " yOUni n I ii mm . ,.= Last month the Low p ," g -pa " State Commission meet'ng eg" n" g " 5. I farmers unmon uo-op explaining the general roles of NRD s throughout Nebraska. This edition What is the source of funding for NRD's? For some purposes I will be a continuation of the series. NRD's may obtaingrants from the state, federal and other governmental I Acen IMIIII Atthetopofthispageyouwillnoticealistofourcurrentdirectors. units. Self-sustaining revenue will be available from the following ~,~,~umm mwuumm The object behind listing these names for two consecutive months is two- possible sources: a tax levy of not to exceed one mill on taxable propertY. Phone 879-4535 Superior, Nebraska fold; (1) to acquaint you with all of the directors throughout our district for projects of general benefit in the district, revenue bonds, specia | m IIII and (2) to familiarize you with the directors represenTing the area wnere assessments from owners of property receiving benefit protects, in- L ,., ,,, ,,, ,, ,,, =_ ,=., _ you live. But, initially, how were the members of the board of directors vestment of surplus funds and borrowing. It is important to note that the | I || ,:=1 -- ,o selected? Natural Resources District legislation does provide for a maximum one / IR, In, i i', ) H The initial board of directors, now serving our NRD, were those tax mill authority. The same legislation eliminates the following tax / =: ) individuals who had been.elected and were serving, on. sub-divisions ofauthorities', soil and water conservation district - $500,000 annuallY. . ] 1 I I ...... government consolidated into Natural Resources D=strmcts. Some of the across the state throu h county boards, watershed conservancy d0strmctS I. k .... 0_ consolidated subdivisions were sod and water conservahon dnstr cfs, - two mills, watershed advisory boards - V: mill, watershed districts " Im ii i t; ,'m i i watershed conservancy districts, watershed planning boards, and mill and watershed planning boards - several thousand dollars | r , i, i .-| (.. L.ti i watershed districts. The first election for each Natural Resources throuah county boards. | ' J i I, , 1 District will be in November, 1974. Prior to this election, each NRD will I I l l ~ ~ i] ' eral :J | t * ,k'"imomii/iii sub.divide into sub-districts for election purposes. Each sub-district To assist all NRD s, agencies at both the local, state and fed I i mR I~ ~ I ' ~ V division must consider tax valuation, population, square miles and government levels are needed. This assistance may be supplied either m .., ., present or potential project areas-,-generaily based on drainage patterns financially or technically and in some instances both are utilized. One | lURe-up of water courses. The Lower Republican NRD ls currently being federal agency uponwhich NRD s depend heavily is the Soil ConservatiOn I managed by an executive board of 16 men, consisting of ll represen- Service. But what, s cifically, is the relationship between NRD's andI . 17 R tatives from six soil and water conservation districts and one watershed the Soil Conservation Service. | v- .vv ......... he ....... conservancy dmstr0cf (Stamford Watershed), wroth two representatives The Sod Conservahon Service prowdes the malorlty of t | we wmm= replace ine ..... and three urban community representatives from Arapahoe, Franklin, technical assistance needed by the NRD. Conducting soil surveyS, i spark plugS, po.unls ano and Red Cloud. The chairman and vice-chairman for the executive board providing engineering assistance and offering advice on plant specie= I .conlensor l a lr SJrJne is the same as for the full board. , best adapted fare specific area area few of the ways the SCS aids the i Timing a Now, moving one step further in discussing the NRD s board of NRD s. The SCS personnel will continue to work for each NRD as they I .... ao directors' relationship with their district, the question arises as to have been with the soil and water conservation district board of super- | alm tar only whether any NRD directors will be members of the Nebraska Natural visors in the past. The NRD's throughout most of Nebraska in turn offe | 6,cylinders for even less Resources Commission. The answer is yes. But before any elaboration assistance to the Soil Conservation Service by providing clerical an | of this question is attempted-- What is the Nebraska Natural Resources some technical employees thus enabling the conservation of our natural ! Keith Eiel Motors Commission?" . resources to be enhanced. Please note that from the staff listed at the top | i This commission is the new name given the former Nebraska Soil of the page, all but the manager and Executive secretary work on the i Phone879-435S Superior, Nebraska and Water Conservation Commission. This state agency has the major Lower Republican NRD payroll in SCS offices, m responsibility of completing and carrying out the state water plan. Also, In summarizing, the designated roles established by the Nebraska | .=i this agency has certain responsibilities in aiding and directing the works State Legislature for NRD s are progressive, positive and equally sen- | n and functions of the Nebraska's 24 Natural Resources Districts. From sible. The Lower Republican NRD feels that NRD's should provide a | I m January, 1973, until January, 1975, six of the 14 voting members will behelpful atmosphere in the development of resources conservatiOn| m p NRD directors. This is the same makeup as in the past, that is, six throughout the Republican River Basin. In addition, NRD s should playa i m members of the soil and water conservation districts and watershed large part in the implementation of the Nebraska Water Plan. .,, | I I boards served on the commission before 1973. However, beginning in In future editions, the "Lower Republican NRD Reports" m I I January, 1975, 12 of the 15 commission members will be representatives establish an insight into its programs and projects. Also guest com" m of NRD's with the remaining three appointed by the Governor of mentaries will appear in an effort to provide an update to resource m Nebraska. The 12 River Basins in Nebraska will be represented at the development throughout your NRD. m Am" "~J..~$_~ ~" ( t ~ ]~ /1 ',-- ~ '!1 ""~ C-~-~'" I // "~"-"~ T ~L.r-~'~-*':?-~-_ \ \ ~ _., ,i, --,. -,,. ,;-, ~-..~,~II ! ' =~ ~ ~i- ' m~ ],,~ ..~ I IH~A~ R LI.A IN X. I /- ~ rI /A~' IN I'~ ~...- I'~; : vv r.,ll~ .,)I Ib =rlI'.~i m.,,. "',-" I,,': -/ " ~""'~"I '~"- ~ "'~" " "-~ ~ * -'~F,~ L~, ....... -- ~ '-"." ~,~ ~ ' ', ~\ ' : !1tlt111:i , I , .... #L 31 f f i i i L .I __ .... t_ .l ..... .... .... ,.I ........ . 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