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December 8, 2016     The Superior Express
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December 8, 2016

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4B THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thursday. D~ci3ml:,Br 8, 2016 RoeJk ]B[Rls =U~etes league ]iu mm Receiving NPL volleyball honor- able mention were Bergen Ma~rhan F.xnile¢ Whdchel. Receiving footballeighbman I! Dis+ Izict Fore" awards were [hew Beam, f'u-'st team def¢ltsi v¢ l~ck, secon~ team tighl end, second team kick ~turaer; L~,e Bro¢ckelm~, second team quar- ~tback; Zar~ Colson, second team running back; Austin Eilcrt, s~ond team offeasi~ line, second team de- fensive line; Tycen Higer. first team defeasi~ line. RHHS wrestler wins with gel.pit Za~ Colson. a Rook Hills High Sehooistudent,wtestles with the Beloit High School Trojans as part of a coop ¢mtive Frustum. Cotson, who com- pct~ in dr= ]45 pound weight tmicket, earned first pl~'¢ points for the team wku he won his season opemng match agai~e a Plainvii[e Ca~inalopponenL Friday at Phillipsbttrg.Co]soa won his match with a fall at the 5:02 mark. He will wrestle with B¢loit until the endof the regular season. When CoL~on oom-- pete~ in post season matches he will rel0ree¢~tt Rock Hills. RIIHS Lady ~I/es open season at home The Rock Hills Lady Grizzlies opened their 2016-2017 season, at Mankato, Friday, when they hosted the Pike Valley pamhers. Though the Lady Grizzli*s were unable to win the game them were some encouraging signs evident din'ins tltc initial game of the season.This was the opening round game of the Thtatd¢~0ird Invitational tournament. The team was at Smith Center.Tuesday. forl~irsecond round game agaimt the P-..edmen. Resul.Ls were unavailable al lime. The l.~y Grizzlies faced an expe- rianccd Pike ValLey squad which fea- tut~ a deep bench. Rock Hills mus- tered nine players in anif~em for the game. Pike Valley opemti t~p a 12+6 first quarter lead. Caitlyn May sup- plied all h~ Lady Grizzly points tot Irec quarter• Rock Hills played solid de- fense and trailed 24-14 al the half. Things went downhill for the Lady Griz~_lies in Ihe third period when they advantagealthefrcethrowlinc. They meeting were Mary Foley, Cheryl will take you from Glory to Glory• Thursfay. DecemOer&20t8 J~/VELLCOUNTYRECORD4A scored one point while the Panthers found the three-point range again and Ha|man, Peggy and Walt Wilson, Bob Followyom-passionforGad and reach malty consuming approximately I:~ dio;extrakatte~.s;matches;eatrahats; dropped through t I In lead35-t5 after combined to oat score Rock Hills 20- Hines, Cliff and Glermy Barnes. tkm flash point, poun~ of hay per day shouM now socks and mittens; fwst aid kit witK IM'ee periods of play Rock Hills up# 13 over the coms¢ of the final eight ~ Steffen Bang's and Code Ms o0nsume re'pond 17 pounds of hay to pocket lmire; necessary medications; theiroffensiveoutput toeight pointq in minutes awl ~n6 the Grizzlies a six- were lunch guests ofCliffand Glenay maintain body cor~liOun, blankets; tow chain or rope; ro~ salt tl~ float quarter but left the court with point defeat• Barnes at a Red Cloud resh~uram Surf It is impoaant to make sur, horses and sand; boosltr cables; emergency a 49-23 loss. Dereek Gillett led the Rock Hills day. have access to warm drinking water, flares; fluorescent distress flag. Malt Raihb~k. head coach of the scoring with lg points~ He came up Eight members of the Bmr Oak Why warm water? As temperatures If you must travel, get the latest Lady GrLzzlies will look for an ira-. with tl ~un,.Ls and doted out an Community Club gathered attheGa- drop, sodoest~water¢onsumptionof maflinfmmationfromtheKansa~De- provmnent at the foul line w~re tlm assist+ Tycen Higer netted l0 points zebo Part Sunday aftemomt to put up the horse. Despite tl~ cold wealber panment of Trans-ponation by calling team went 7 for 18. I~ will also M andgraMxgleight rebotmds whiledish- decorations and lights for ~ Christ- horses still need to consume eighl to 5-I-l or visiting the Kagdnve website looking for a rma"¢ aggnmsive shoot- ins out an assist, lake Spiegel fur- mas season. Even though a few inches twel~gallonsaday. Itisreconunendod at• To find information ins mind,set from tim team as only nishedninepoints+sixrehoundsamlan of snow had fallen Saturday, the tem- that tlm water source maintain a tern- on mad conditions when not in the players hit for field goals, assist Brady Jeffrey finished with six peratu~ Sunday was warm enough to perata~ between 45 and 65 F. Water state, call 1-866-51 t-536& Emilee Whelchel ted the scoring paintsandnir~crehourglstohisctedic , becomfonabieheingoutckx~rs•Those colder than 45 F will reduce consamp- For acomplete list of items for a forgockHills with [ i points. She sank Luke Brceckelman lallied four points who helped were Rosie Campbell, tion even more. According to a news hon~ or car emexgency kit and for foal" field goalsamd three free throws, attd allocated six as+;is~s+ Austin Eilert Mary Foley, ~ob Hines, Walt and r¢leaseftomTexasA&M'sVeterinary ofh¢r helpful peeparedness informn- CaiUyn May dropped through three added four rebounds and en assist. Peggy Wilson. Cheryl Hillman. Cliff Medicine School. "insufficient water lion, go to www+ksmady•gov+ field goals and two free throws fm Drew Beam finished the game with andGlenny Bames.The park will be lit intake can r¢~adt in dehydration and eight points. Syday gyba hit a fmld two rebounds and an assist, each evening through Christmas. Later decreased blood volume, resulting in Ma~t~" ~l~]~l~rl~ goal for twopoints. Katie Reinmland Matt Heating, head coach of the in the day, beginning at 6 p~m+ die fewer nutrients to cells and decreased Samantha Fogo pureed through a free Grizzlies. said"We felt like we played lights in thepark and along Main Street efficiency of waste ~moval. Whorl conduct met throw each for one point. Jaclyn a pretty decent game. Pike Valley hit were turned on. Several of the young- water intake is decreased your horse p@~r ~ir~l~ty Yelkeat. Sara Tadefa and Allison Ha- somebigshots~dplayedagoodflom" ReCeeltlylheRotieedSemor Vo?,un- stars and theadultsjoiaed together for has an increas~ chance that its intes- By Jenae Ryan. yeas r~-orded playing minutes, game. Wc were in it all the way, and leer Program, Madison, Ind~ hosted some Chrislmas carols• Refreshments tinesmay becomeimpactedandcolic." Post Rock Extensltm District The Lady Gdzzlies will meet an as th.¢ pLayers were di-qar4'minted,,Ixn if tlsannuallurw.~eonandawamspro- ofhotchocolate+hotapplecider, cof- Bottom line. hurt, on are eating more yetto bedemrminedopponent, Satur+ we get that kind of perfonnanc¢ cvery gram. RayStantonteceivodtheNellie fceandcoukieswereavailablefnrilmse hay and drinking less waterincreasing Over the summer, the Post Rock day, at the Cloud County Commtmity game, we will win a lot of them." Jone~ Award for Lifetime Achi~- who braved 1he chilly evening tern- the risk of colic, so make sure your District Extension Master Gardeners College gymnasium at Concordia, for Rock Hills travels to Conco~ia, meat. The award winner is ct'to6en potatoes• thefinalrmmdofThan~rbirdlnvita- Satu~0ay, for the final round gameof each year by a vote of volonleets Peggy Wilson, Cliff and Glenny horse is provided q~lily warm water, cond~eda~w¢¢t i~ppe~ variety trial tionaltoumanmnlplay.TheLadyGriz, the Thunderbird Invitational mama- Staten has earned a reputation for Barnes attended the Rock Hills El- to ¢~st~r¢ the constant intake of water, at the Noah Campu~ Community Gar- den m Beloit+ This proje¢l was made reducing this risk. zhes will host the Lawrence-Nelson rnent against a yet to be demrmined entertaining residenIs of area nurs- ementary winter concert Monday Animals are able to adapt to a wide possible by a grant from the Solomo~ Lady Raiders, Tue.~ay, at Mankato. opponent at the Cloud County Com- log homes by singing arc "bringing evening at the Rock Hills High School variety of environments. It is our duty Valley Community Foundation. R.mEISGrl=zttesdrop inanity Coliege gymnasium. The cheeCwhereverhegoes.Heisa1947 gym• The sludents+ under the direction a.s earctaker~ for these animals, live- TheMaxterGarder~rschom 12dif- Lawrence-Nelson Raiders pay a visit gr-,Kluate of Eurr Oak Higla BchooL of Barb glhraeht, gave an excellent stuck and pets, to make this adoption ferent pepper varieties to test. The va- close season opener toMankato. Tuesday. for a match-up I perfomtance• It w&s also noted that the proce-~s easier, e~suring optimum rielies tested were: Big Bertha. Pretty It was the sea.son opener for the with Rock Hills. children were on their best behavior health and performance from the ani- and Sweet. Cali[omia Wonder. Petite Rock Hills High Emhool Grizzlies bus- BurrOaknyG~,, ~ whether performing or sitting on the mat Be st,re to make to the plxtper Bell. Giant Marconi.Camelot, Dora+ ketba]l team. Friday• They uavel~ to ~ Oak Com111nlu~ bleachers_ nutritional adjustments when the next r~tion, Garfield. Yellow Mini. Golden ' There will be an open house at tl~ cold g~ather snap arrives. Wonder. Flavorb~rst. and Swee, Ba- Scal~liatotip-.offagainstthePikeVal- C~ubmet Dec. 1 Last Wednesdayev¢--amg Cheryl GnarantyStateBankandTrustinBurr nana. Each variety wasreplicated three lay Panthers• When timeexpiredafter Hillman had help getting her Christ- Oak on Monday. tirnestkroaghouttheplot.Peppe~swer¢ fo~ quarl¢~ of play, the Grir.zlies Peggy Wilson, chairman, presided mas decorations put up- Those who were on the bottom side of the 53-47 atthe BurrOakCommunity Ctubrru~et- cametoh¢IpwereganaeJacobs.Shelli = ,, = _ t ~ps lot' llff'~~ phnted on May 2 I. The Master Gar- t, kmets were responsible tor maintain- score•Thegarnewaslheopeningmargl ins keld Dec. I. Glenny Barnes read andC0¢meyKuhlmann.Rcnita+Matt/e Post Rock Answers for wtnter weather ins the plot a_s well a-s har-,e.,.hng 1he toumament.¢°ntest of theTh~irdTh¢ second roundlnvitati°nalgam¢ Cherytthe minuteSHillmanOf thegav,¢ 6tleasmer, smeeting, andBrynleeBellaMmming.VOlker, Iessi~acheryiBaraeShad soqn~eand .,By Neff C+ieg Pos~ Ro,:k Exte~ion Its a message that most people peppers and collecting and r¢conling was played Tuesday against the Smith report. According to the weathennan, our ha ve heard before, but it's one that data. City Redmen at Smith Center with lnoldbasiness.Jl~ggyre~thaz ~fi'eshmentsreadyforherhelpersand theyall had agoodtimeoflaughterand first blast of attic temperatures will be bears repeating: The lime In prepare For e~h plant, the nu,n~'r o~ pep game resalts tmavailable at press time. a g~nt has been ~ived for putting fun. arrivingthi~week.Coidtemperatures+ for severe winter weather is now+ pars and total weir.hi of th+: imppers TheGdzzlies startoiI out well , hold- air conditioning in the community Cliff and Glenny Barnes were in wet conditions an~ wind ali cause a 'q'he current fo~ast is for bitter harvested that day were recorded. At- ins an I i-8 lead after the firs~ quarter building. With two estimates, the final Red Cloud for a d~tor's appointment tzemendous demand on the bodies of temperatures and wind chills with vail- let the fi hal harvest Se pt. 19. the aver- ended. Pike Vai~ey sqipers found the decision on wbe will put the aircorgli- Friday rrmming and then did some livestt~:kforheatprtxlu|:tion.Toc'om- pus amounts of snowfall a~to+s the agex act~.~s the Ihrt~ plant~ fi~r the rangeinthese~ondqna~er, hittirtgsix tioninginwiltbeuplothecitycomtcil, lunch and shoppi,tg. Diana Oral took bat this demand, mmte management stat¢:'~idAngeeMorgan, depnrydi- variety were caiculated. In tolal, over three-point shots to ~om 18 points. Peggy will l'a'ing lltis before the coon+ the afternoon off and went with them. adjustments must be made• ls your rectorofthe Kansas Division of Enter- 60 pot,nd~ of I~'pper~ were harveseed The Panther defense kcldtheGrir~lies oil at theLr December meeting. Je.~siea Barnes. Kelly and Becky operatitm prepared [or the cold? gency Management. "If you haven't and donaled t- ~nior ~.'nlers+ family, toeightpoinc'iwithPik¢ ValLey ~king New business was a discussion McNk:holsattendedtheGuanmtyState Whet nutritional adjusmte~zts alre~y done so. now is the time to and friend~ ,n several cnant~us of the a 26-19 lead into the intermission, about the 6o:omting ~f the Gazebo Bank Christmas pa.rly in Beloit Friday sho~dd ! make/or n,v livestock d, tring check your home aM car emergency ~,st Rt~.'k l;xteaMOll District. Rock Hills stormed back to lake a Park for Christnt+L~ on Dec. 4 a~ the evening. The social hour am1 supper the cwremc void? kits and replenish any outdated sup- The Ma~ter Gardener~ were ~t,r-|nt le'al, after t~ee quar- annual tighting in the evening. It was were at the B¢loit Country Club+ A Ixalily response to cold stress in plies.'" pri~.d at the rosalie o|' the ~ ariel,, trial. tars of play. The Iburth quarterdid not decided to me~t at I p.m. Dec. 4 Io get Peggy Wilson. Jcssica Barnes and cattle and other species of livestock is Emerger~y kits ~ould include a Possibly due Io the atypa'~l ~,et sum- go welt for the Grizzlies. Pike Valley the declarations in place. At 6 p.m. the Gleany Barnes went to the home or an increa~ in dr,/matter intake• Live- minimum Ihme-day supply o[ water ,~r we h',vJ, tim more common vat,el- capitalized on Grb,+qy errors and look Lighting of the park ~ld tl'~ oily d~,.'o- Cheryl Hillman Saturday evening and stuck perfom~ optimally in the thermo tone gallon per day per lg~Soa), non- ies California W~mder and Golden rations,~'ilIbegin.Therewillbe atime played SkipBu• neulral zone where temperatures are perishable high enemy ft,.ale, e~tra Wonderpeffntmed ~mrly. The plant~ ¢4 carnling and refreshments during Cheryl Hillman gave the second ne/d~rloocoldnortoohot.Theamoum blankets, flashlights and extra batter- were in gtmd health hut |'ailed lO pro- LLC the evening, candle reading for the Advent service of natural insulaUcn un the aninml in- ies, a s~fe alternate heat source, extra dace. One California Wonder plant Chief Disposal ~~.,,~~ Also during new ba.tsiness was a at theBurrOakChristianChurch Sun- fluen~s their lower critical tempera- medications and other es~ntials, r~v¢[ pr~v,J~ed a single pepper lhC di~ion about furnishing refr~,~h- day morning. Cliff Barnes lit the ture.temperaturealwhiehperfomtance Pet owners are reminded lo .,~¢ to enfiresummer. chiefdispo.sal@yahoo+com memsforthemerchanLs'annualChdst- candles. Penny Turner had a vi0¢o is affected by environment. Rehash ll~needs of their pets, particularly if The mini pepper varieties. Pretty max drawing and visit from Santa. h presentatkm of the song, "Mary Did lloneatKans,~,~StateUniversityshowed kept ould~rs. When malting your and Sweet. Petite Bell, and Yellow . + wasapprovcd for theCt~mmunityUlub You Know/" Richard Cox's message that heel L'attl¢ with a dry winter coat home emergency kil. make one for Mini. on the