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December 9, 2010     The Superior Express
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December 9, 2010

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2B THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thursday, December 9, 2010 Opinions... From the files of Wrong Way -Change Direction A reporter once asked Thomas Edison how it felt to fail thousands of times while attempting to create a working incandes- cent light bulb. Edison replied that he hadn't failed  he'd simply found thousands of ways that didn't work. That's worth keeping in mind as we assess the worth of President Obama's debt reduction commission. Eleven of its 18 Obama's proposed budget for 2011 will add $10 trillion in debt over the next decade. By 2020, the federal government will owe $20 trillion, or $170,000 per American household. And that's not even counting underfunded obligations from Medicare and Social Secu- rity. We can't continue on this path. Our budget is much like the members voted in favor of the commission's final report. That. cartoon we saw the other day. An automobile had skidded off a means it didn't attract enough support to prompt action in Con- gress. Combine that vote tally with the fact that the report itself has won mixed reviews from both sides of the political aisle, and it may be tempting to dismiss the commission's work altogether. But we shouldn't. Like Edison, we don't have a failure on our hands  at least, not if we're willing to learnfrom this experience. And learn from it we must. Thedebt problem the commission was charged With fixing is real. And it's getting worse. The national debt is set to double over the next decade, due to out-of-control spending in Washington. For the good of the country that can't be allowed to happen. According to the Congressional Budget Office, President mountain road, crashed through the barrier and was tumbling down the mountain side while the GPS navigational system was shouting, "Wrong Direction, Change Course." For the driver of that auto the information was late. He had passed the point of no return, his vehicle was crashing down the moutain. Hopefully our nation's leaders will change course before our country reaches the same position. Congress must learn from what it did wroIg. Its primary mistake: a tax-heavy approach. When you examine the federal budget closely, it's obvious revenue isn'tfthe problem. It is not that we're taking in too little in revenue. The problem is we are spending too much  way, way too much. We must cut spending. Editor's Notebook of a century and purchased a 2005 model Rita's sister and brother- in, law had for sale. It wasn't quite sight-unseen for We had seen the vehicle numerous time over the last five years but I didn't look at it closely until after I had exchanged a check for the keys. Prior to the sale, I visited with several owners of Similar vehicles and all made positive comments. Knowing it was about time to retire the old Ford, I let it be known earlier this year that I would be interested when it came time for the Calls to trade vehicles. With their son and family coming by airplane from Massa- chusetts for a brief visit later this month, I understand why the Calls wanted a larger vehicle. While their old Pontiac Vibe is a spacious little car, it would be difficult for four adults and a one-year old along with suitcases and associated supplies to make the planned Christmas week trip from Wichita to her parents farm near Osborne. When I was two or three years old I remember riding with my parents in a 1940 something Chevrolet coupe from Superior to the Oklahoma line and back. I enjoyed the trip and don't remember being crowded. For most of the trip, I stood on the cardboard like ledge behind the front seat. It was a restful location leaning forward onto the back of the front seat. I could see well and listen to my parents' conversation. lfl got tired, I could lay down. During one of those naps i gave niy parents a real scare. They stopped in a southern Kansas town to attend a drive-in movie. Dad asked the ticket seller how much it would cost for the youngster in the back. The ticket agent looked through the window and said, "l don't see any youngster in there." My parents feared I had somehow fallen out. They were relieved to learn I had only fallen offthe ledge and was sleeping on the floor wedged behind the vehicle's only seat. Though I rode there until I was so tall I could no longer stand up inside the family auto, traffic laws no longer allow children to ride standing up behind their parents. I've helped acustomer load a'10t of freight in the rear of a Vibe and I've been impressed with the Vehicle's freight hauling ability and the plain but easy to clean interior. I expected the rest of the vehicle to have similar qualities. I did not expect the Vibe I agreed to buy one Saturday afternoon during a telephone call would have so many bells and whistles, first time I drove it to the Locomotive-Gazette office in Nelson, it wouldn't start when I was ready to leave. I feared I was stranded in Nelson on a Sunday afternoon, When Jim Woerner parked nearby, I was quick to enlist his aid. He settled into the Vibe's driver's seat and the vehicle started right up. I suspect either when I got out or he got in one of us pulled on the vehicle's steering wheel, Later, while reading the vehicle's manual, I discovered a By Bill Blauvelt Just before Thanksgiving we sold a 1982 Ford car which had section that addressed the problem I had. The manual said when faithfully lauled us across the circulation area for a about a quarter the ignition switch fails to turn, try to turn the steering wheel. Of Living Faith Fellowship Word of Faith Church 315 N, Central Phone 402-873814 Sunday Worship Service', ........ ........... 10:30 a.OL Evening Service . .......................... 5 p, ul, {except 4111 and5lh Sundaysl WolnetKl Christian Deveh)pnlent Night: Adults and Children .................... 7 p.m. Rock Solid Yonth GroUp .............. 7 p,m. Radio Program. KRFS AM Sunday Morning ..................... S:30 a.m. Patsy Busey. Pastor Little Blue Christian Fellowship Old Pleasant View School (7 miles No. of Nelson) Sunday Worship Service ...... I0 a.m. Area Churches Church Of The Nazarene course, with the ignition interlock that comes on today's ve- hicles, you can't actually turn the steering wheel but apparentl2 trying to do so releases the sensor that won't allow the vehicle to start. The problem is common enough that it is, addressed in the operator's manual. I've had trouble starting the vehicle several times since and after a few hard pulls on the steering wheel the problem clears, the key turns and the engine leaps to life. The first week we had the vehicle, we parked it in the garage. Apparently we left something on and the battery ran down. Monday afternoon Rita used it to deliver the Leader section we printed Saturday for insertion into newspapers at Sutton, Geneva and Hebron. When she returned and parked the vehicle, she reported a problem. Though she had gotten fuel before completing the trip what she thought was the fuel warning light was still burning and she feared it run the battery down again. Adding fuel wasn't easy. When the fuel door wouldn't open at the station, she had to refer to the manual. She learned the fuel door won't open until a latch under the driver's seat is tripped. Now with the warning light burning, she had opened and closed the door several times, even removed and put back the gasoline cap (manual said the sensor would detect a loose cap) but the light wouldn't go off. l tried several things with no success. Twice took the manual inside where there was better light to read it and each time concluded the picture and light indicated a problem with the gasoline tank. On the third trip, I realized the light we were seeing wasn't the fuel system warning. What looked to me like a dual dispenser gasoline pump was really the symbol for a door ajar. I circled the vehicle and tried the doors, they all appeared to be closed and were locked. (Since we had the problem with the battery running down, the doors are locking automatically. The manual advises a fix, for that but afterlhree tries I apparently have not yet completed the proper stepS). 1 unlocked, opened and closed each door. I'm not sure which one it was, but one of them must have not been closed correctly, for that action Cleared the signal. Hopefully before the vehicle wears out, I'll learn how everything operates. But after that episode in the cold earlier this week, I can identify with the man who bought the old Ford. He told me"I like the older, simple vehicles. If I could buy a new Model A Ford I would. They were the best."Since I have only limited experience driving Model A Fords and both were well used by the time I drove them, I don't know if I agree with him about the Model A, but I would like to buy a new 1960 Rambler. I drove one of those when in college and it was a trouble free and economical vehicle. 740 E. Seventh Office Phone 402-879-4391 Pastor Dave Coleman Sunday Sunday School ...... : ...... 9:45 a.m. Morning Service ............ 10:45 a,m. Chlldren's Program. Yotlth Group Meeting .............. 6-7 p.m. Wednesday Wednesday Adult Bible Study ........ 7 p,m. Children's Bible Study 7 p.m, Adult Bible Study ..... 6:30-7:30 p.m, Transportation and Nursery o First Presbyterian Church Sixth and N. Central Superior, Neb. Phone 402-879-3733 SUNDAY Sunday School .......... 9:15 a.m. Fellowship ............... 9:30 a.m. Worship ................. 10:30 a.m. Rev. Mark Dlehl. Pastor Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 505 N. Kansas Superior, Neb. Pastor and Mrs. David Sellers Evangelical Salem Lutheran Church [ELCAI Highway 14 North, Superior, Neb. 402-225-4207 Sunday Worship. .............................. 9 a.m. Sunday Forum and Sunday School ............. i0:15 a.m. Communion ...... I st & 3rd Sunday Don & Margaret Olson Interim pastors Day I Radio Program KRFS Sunday 8 a.rrc Catholic Church Services St. Joseph's Church Superior, Neb. Rectory Phone 402-879-373  Mass Schedule Daily Masses 7:30 am. Saturday ......... 6 p.m. Sunday ........... 8 a.m. Nelson Sunday ......... 10 a.m. Father Brad Zitek First Lutheran Church in America Rev. Daryl Nelson PMA Connie Raess ST. PAUL LIJIERAN Hardy, Neb Phone 402-279-3205 or 402-236-8825 Sunday School .... 10 a.m. Sunday Worship... 9 a.m. Fellowship Hour,. 10 a.m. First United Methodist Church .448 N. Kansas Street Superior. Neb. Rev'. Jocelyn Tupper Sunday Services Worship .... 8:15 & 10:30 a.m. Bible Study Thursday...9 a.m. Baptist Church @)558 N. Commercial Superior, Neb. Rev. Floyd Richardson (K v Church 402-879-3534 Sunday Worship .............. 10:45 a.m Wednesday Bible Study ................ 4 p.m. Jewell Trinity United Methodist Jim Rice, pastor Sunday Sunday School ........... 9:15 a.m. Morning Worship ... 10:30 a.m. Wednesday Kids for Christ ............. 3:45 p.m. Formoso Community Church Nondenominational Bib& Teachin# Pastor Gene Little Sunday School ........... 9:30 a.m. Worship Service ...... It/:30 a.m. Weekly Home Bible Studies 203 Baleh Street, Formoso, Kan. * 785-794-2490 Grace community Evangelical Free Church of j Superior ill m IL 423 E. Fifth Street SUperior, Neb. Pastor David Johnson Office, 402-879-4126 Home, 402-879-4145 Sunday Sunday School ......... 9 a.m. Morning Worship ... l0 a.m. Prayer Time .............. 6 p.m. Affiillatcd wllh the Evan$!clic2,1 Free Church of America Jewell Christian Church "A family you can belong to" 111 Main, Jewell Dan Daniels, pastor Church 785-428-3657 Parsonage 785-428-3323 Sunday School 9:15 a.m. Worship Service 10:30 a.m. Kids for Christ & It. High Youth Groups Wednesdays at 4:15 p.m. Webber United Methodist Church Webber, Kan. Office 785=361-2664 Res. 785-361-2070 Sunday Worship ............. 9:30 a.m. Pastor Roger Walls Eighty Years Ago William Cate, 13. and Paul Cote. 10. lost their lives by drown- ing in a sand pit eight miles north of Nelson. Jack Galbreth is installing a new winter front at the Lyric the- atre. Mr. andMrs. G.R. Dodds went . .t" to Palo Alto, Calif., for the winter with their daughter. Ellmae, who is attending Leland Stanford Uni- versity. Veda Coulter was united in marriage to Ben Clary of McCook. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Amberson and Mr. and Mrs: H.C. Nicholson was called to Omaha by the death of Boyd Amerson. son of the Amerson's and brother of Mrs. Nicholson. Seventy Years Ago Dec. 7 will be the Children's Sunday Day in Superior with the Toyland Parade with more than 200 chil- dren expected to be in the parade Theft of about $6 in small change occurred at the Bowman Seed Company's store on Superior's West First Street Sat- urday noon. Members of the city officials bowling team, Howard Laird. Jack Parks. George Lawson, Jack Gra- ham. Ira Parsons, Earle Lion- berger, Lou Gregory and Fred Troudt were defeated by the Heflin Alley's team. They are Lester Roder, Bill Aldrich. Elwood Jor- dan, Jack Galbreth, H.M Crilly, Frank Jones, Frank Felt and Lawrence Eickmann. The farm of Lewis Reece sold The at auction for $6 per acre for the 160 acres. The farm is northeast of Mankato. Garnet Davidson, Webber cor- respondent, reports more snow that will cause more bad roads. Fifty Years Ago An auto crash near Lincoln, Neb.. took two lives. Holger Jorgensen, 31, former Hardy resi- dent, now of OgaUala, was killed as well as a passenger in the other vehicle. Brownie Troop 181 called at The Express Office Pictured were Sandra Bridwell, Marilyn Badsteen. Peggy Pettigrew, Sandra Wehrman. Kyla Wilcox, Margaret Quy, Janet James, Janet Braun. Peggy Ayres, Jolene Bostelman, Becky Larson and Beverly Clabaugh. Their leaders, Mrs. Dwayne Bostelman and Mrs. Norman Hansen and Gregg Bostelman accompanied them. Gwen Leece and Gary Marr were crowned 4-H queen and king at the Jewell County 4-H banquet in Mankato. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Brazil Milford, Neb., are the parents of a son ,Gregory, born Dec. 1. Forty Years Ago Larry Springer returned home from Children's Orthopedic Hos- pital in Lincoln. Neb., for Thanks- giving. He has been confined there three months, having had surgery in September. Band director, William Dietz, has formed four special bands, concert, tWO pep bands and a stage band. Morning Worship .. 8:45 a.m. Sunday School ....... 9:45 a.m. Superior Express Thirty Years Ago Deaths listed were Sharon Larry WoernerandKirkGrove Petersen, John King and Sophia contracted with the Superior Hinds. Schools to demolish the 59 year old junior high building. The Beeson Construction Company. Belleville, removed old concrete side-walks in front of the Superior Post Office Dec. 1 and replaced with new concrete. Terry McCutcheon received a broken back when the van he was driving rolled. Carlita Price is now a regis- tered abstractor at the Rhoads Sec- retarial building. Twenty Years Ago Five Years Ago Harold Kramp has restored a buggy Harold and his siblings used as children. The buggy was sold by Sears and Roebuck in 1918. Jerry Lynch was the success- ful bidder when two pieces of farm land were offered for sale by auc- tion by Janet and Leonard Larson and Carol and Jerry Anderson. Mabel Davis will celebrate her 100th birthday. A total of 38 Superior and Lawrence-Nelson seniors andjun- A one vehicle accident near iors attended County Government Seward claimed the life of Day inNelson. Cameron Bothwell, 22. SuperiornativeAngelaGunn's More than $3.000 was raised at the annual Brodstone Boutique. Bridal showers were held for Sherry Hofts and Kim Ebsen. Cheri Nedzajoined the Marlan Watson' s staff. A chimney fire caused major damage to the Don Rogers home. Ten Years Ago The Superior Post Office re- ceived the Order of the Yellow Nelson High School building. Jersey award for outstanding over- all customer service. One Year Ago BudandVevaFerebee, Nelson, A total of 278 deer were were honored on their golden checkedin by hunters in Nuckolls wedding anniversary. County as of the end of regular Renae Judy will receive a di- firearm season on Nov. 22. There plomafrom Bryan School of Nurs- were 300 checked in last year, ing Lincoln. Neb. She will b employed as a registered nurse a Bryan LGH East. Tricia Williams Red Cloud, will alsd receive diploma. Country Roads third book Ping! The Yahoo! In- stant Messaging Guide to all Things IM, was published. S andra Foote visited an orphan- age from her childhood in Colum- bus. Ohio. More than 400 attended the dedication and opening ceremony of the Vietnam War National Museum. located in the former By Gloria Oarman-Schlaefli As Christmas approaches, I have been re- ceiving emails advocating Christ should always be included when celebrating this special day. The messages say"It's Christmas not x-mas"! Why shouldn't Christ be included? After all was the holiday created to celebrate Jesus' birth? How did it even come into people's ,minds to take Christ out of Christmas? Most of our school's Christmas programs have been turned into winter concerts, or holiday pro- grams. Some schools held the programs so early they were called fall concerts. Santa Claus, the Grinch, Winter BarNes, holiday decorating con- tests, purchasing the perfect gifts, have all taken over and replaced Jesus in this special holiday. I, say, "Put Christ back into his birthday!" As a youngster the school programs I partici- - pated in were in keeping with the true meaning of Christmas. They celebrated the birth of Jesus. Stu- Reflections By Donna Christensen I went to a farm sale with my cousin, Lowell. I wasn't much interested in any of the farm ma- chinery on display, but I followed him through the many rows of equipment,just to enjoy being with telling aboutthefirst Christmas. There were prayers him. I don't remember what it was spoken at school before the Christmas program, that caught my eye, but I turned before ballgames and there were two Christian aside to investigate it more care- organizations thatmetregularly during school hours fully and lost sight of Lowell. when I was in high school,.Y-Teens, and Fellow- When I realized he had gotten dents dressed in costumes of the shepherds, angels are the "silent" majority and maybe this is true, but Mary and Joseph, and sang true,Christmas s0ngs, maybe we need to become the "loud" majority. o t J ship of Christian Athletes. Bibles could be given as gifts to the school students. Pastors and special speakers could come into the schools to share Christian theme messages for assemblies. The words One Nation Under God were included in the Pledge of Allegiance that was repeated during class time. These practices were allowed to continue through my sons' school days and for this I am grateful. I keep hearing that the majority of people in this country would like to see Christ kept in Christmas and would like to see the schools go back to teaching our Christian standards. Where were these people when our country's leaders and our school leaders made the decision to take Christ out of our school programs and activities? They say we away, and I knew no one else there, I began to eagerly look for him. I went back to where I had tumed aside and there Lowell was, talking to a friend and waiting for me to catch up. It was a relief to know he had been watching me, tOO. There are times when this hap- pens in my spiritual life, too. I may be following Jesus, faithfully, when some event draws my atten- tion away from where we are go- ing. Usually, it is an emotion, or interesting idea, or some other trivial thing of little importance, but I lose sight o f Jesus because of it. When I turn my attention back to Jesus, I find He is waiting for me to catch up. Still Back at the, Ranch By Tonya Paddock I believe this week will go down in history as "not my Iavorite I get little socialization in my educational pursuits at this week" of 2010. As many of you may know, 1 am working on a time, so I enjoy the occasional trip to the high school to take my bachelor's degree in sociology through Fort Hays State University ests where I see other adult students who often appear equally as t  My co-workers and employers have not seen my face around the office much since August. "lhis week will be no exception. It is finals week. Four final exams in the course of a few days is not my idea of pleasant or tun. If we could take the algebra exam "out of the equation," I might not be so irritable. But, it's over. It's done. And now I am waiting to learn whether or not I have to take college algebra again. While I thought I was fairly well prepared for the exam, I daresay I was a bit shocked when I went to take it this week. Taking the fifth algebra exam was nothing compared to the nine page written algebra final that was handed to me afterwards. There are no words to describe my horror However. Iwould like to offer my appreciation to Cindy Thornton at Superior High School, who assisted in proctoring my exams through her adult learning program; another noteworthy addition to our community. Last semester I was assisted in interme- diate algebra by Jessica Thompson and in speech communication by Laura Corman. My apWeciation goes out to them as well and the many freshmen English students who respectfully listened to my fumbling attempts at public speaking. Christian Church of Mankato 118 S. Commercial Mankato. Kan. 785-378-3707 Sunday School ...... 9:15 a.m. Morning Worshi p 10:30 a.m. Thaddeus J. Hinkle, Minister 785-378-3938 Calvary Bible Evangelical Free Ch*ch . 99 W. Pearl, Jewenl Kan. .* 785-428-3266 [ Wayne Feigal, astor [_I:CA Wednesday Prayer Meeting ....................... 7:30 SundaY Sunday School ................ 9 f 15 a.m. Sunday Worship Service. 10130 a.m. Evening Service .................... 7 p.m. ca A ffiiliated With the First Communi Church Oak, Neb. I Phone 402-225-224 Steve Matthews, Pat( Sunday SUinayhrli; 19 ::Im Sunday Prayer / Meeting ..... 7:00 p.m NoBel::==::ntl Evangelical Lutheran Church ..& ZOI South Center Mankato, Kan. 785-378-3308 Pastor Katharine Redpath Sunday Worship .......... 9:00 a.m, Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Northbranch Friends Church j.+.Phone 785-647-8841 Located eight miles - north of Burr Oak and two miles west. Sunday Sunday School ............ I0 a.m. Worship ...................... 1 1 a.m. Kenneth Smith, Pastor "Where The Son Always Shines" Jewell County Catholic Churches Winter (Nov.-April) frustrated as me. My daughter, who is my nighttime transportation, since my night vision is poor, remarked on the many facial expressions she observed from the adult students at the high school. Apparently we all looked quite intense, staring down at our papers. My daughter however will understand our expressions far better when she g6es to take her ACT test this weekend. I do wish her an easier and less stressful day than I had taking my SATs as a high school senior in Washington state. Living more than 100 miles from the nearest testing center, we stayed in a nearby motel. As I recall, it was an unseasonably warm evenmg and the motel air conditioner was broke. It also was not the most pleasant motel in general and was located in an unpleas- ant area of Spokane. Having survived the night with little sleep and in a hurry to make it to the SAT testing center the next morning, I remembered I had not remembered to bring any number two pencils. After a dash to the nearest store, which thankfully was not out of pencils; I made it to the correct location where countless other nameless strangers awaited to take what could only be described as a test of complete insanity Who comes up with those things? At least the NCLEX exam for my registered nursing license made sense. It pertained to the medical knowledge I had gained through my nursing education and clinical experience. But, the SAT, or ACT? I think it is a test of endurance to see how long you can last before you give up and start making interesting patterns with the dots on the answer card. For any students who may be reading this, please do not give up and make patterns on your answer card! But, had there been a dotted answer card for my algebra final, I am pretty certain there would have been some carefully constructed images for my professor to grade. I think I would have made dots in a word pattern that said, "Help me!" United Methodist Churches Schedules for Sunday Schools and Worship Service Mankato Harmony .., Worship, 11 a.m. Sun. Sch.. 9:45 a.m. Ionia ........................ Worship, 9:30 a.m. Sun. Sch.. 10:30 a,m. Esbon ....................... Worship, 8:15 a,m. Burr Oak ................. Worship, 9:30 a.m Church of Christ 564 E. Fourth Street, Superior. Neb. 402-879-4067 Jim Stark. minister Wednesday Evening Olive Hill Church David Watters Sunday Sunday School.,. 9:30 a.m. Worship ....... 10:30 a.m. Located five miles south and two miles west of Superior Proclaiming Christ Since 1876 Centennial Luther'00 Church {Missouri Synod} 855 N. Dakota Street, Superior, Neb. St. Theresa 320 N. Commercial, Mankato 785-378-3939 Sunday ................................ 8a.m. Sacred Heart, Esbon Sunday .............................. 10 a.m. Father George Chalbhagam, CMI FBI: Ages 3 through Grade 6 (Faithful Bible Investigators}..7 p.m. Thursday Evening Adult Bible Study ................ 7 p,m. Sunday {no evening services] Worship Service ....... 9 a.m. Sunday School ............ 10:30 a.m. Youth Meeting .................... 5 p.m. Youth & Bible study & stnall groups Call church for information Phone 402-879-3137 Saturday Worship ...... 6:30 p.m. Sunday Worship Service 9 a.m. Sunday School-Bible Class ....... L, 10 a.m. Pastor Brian Earl Worship with us via live broadcast each Sunday on KRFS Radio Please ca}l for additional worship and Bible study opportunities.