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December 10, 2009     Superior Express
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December 10, 2009

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. Thursday, December 10, 2009 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 3A !J 'J' d  i Biltofts celebrate i Re .... ' %!@ ...... public #J .... By Mrs. Alvin Petersen  5Oth anniversary' i:ii:i:;: ....  Relatives braved the cold weather 'i:(!!iiii i to attend the celebration honoring Larry ...... Darrell and Marilynn Birrell spent : i{i:ii:;:i:)i I ':::':::: Thanksgiving in Salina with Erin, Laura and Iona Biltoft on Sunday. the date of and Romie Robertson. Joining them  their wedding. It was held at the Ruskin were Darrel and Michal Herde, Katy Community Center. A pot luck dinner I and Andrew Mikesell, Greg and Joan was served at noon. A slide program of | Birrell, Aaron Bin'ell and friend and the honored couples 50 years together her son and Adrian and Lisa Phelps was shown. On display were Iona's and son and Kim Birrell. wedding dress. Larry's suit. a Thanksgiving guest of the Dana bridesmaid's dress, and Iona's going Johnsons were Howard and Leslie Ann away dress. Fogle, Chris and Jill Fogle, Bel Air Punch and cake were served. Tara and Amy and Jordan Adee. Lees Sum- Biltoft, a daughter-in-law, baked the mit. cake. Hosting the day were their chil, Jim and Evelyn Hurley were dren, Kelly Smith, Sharon Bell and Thanksgiving guests o fAllen and Bar- Shawn Biltoft and their families. bard Hurley and family. Thanksgiving guests of Vida Bakers DoZen annual Boman were Larry and Nancy Larson. Holling, Gerber Junction City; Kirk and Brooke and December meeting The Republican Valley Birdwatcher's Club met at the Elks Lodge on Dec. 2, for their annual Christmas party and election of officers. The officers for the coming year are Chris Gepner, president; Dave Frey, vice-president; Margaret KinseyLarson, Kingsville, Mo.;Rod ,3ouple plans December Bakers Dozen met at the 4th Street Breensecretary;KrenFreytrest5rer.MeetingsaeheldthefirstThursdyfthemnthttheSuperirPubicLibrary and Tish Larson, Josie and Taylor. Junction for their annual December at 7 p.m. Everyone is invited to attend. Pictured are (back row, from left) Darrell Jensen, Tim Gepner, Chris Gepner, Kansas City: David and Carol Boman. wed a'n ''uu, $ ceremony meet,ng. Eleven members answered DickFish, ClintRichardson, LeRoyBarnes, GayleBreen DonCacek Sarah Harvey, DaveFrey, JohnPrice. (middle) Columbus and Jordan. Tonya and Jor- roll call by telling what was their fa- DOnna Jensen, Freida Gepner, Nancy Fish, Lucy Richardson, Margaret Breen, Barbara Johnson, Art Taylor, (front) dan Paitz; Sonny and Joyce Boman and Ryan, Topeka; Kayla Blanding, At 4:30 Saturday afternoon. Dec. Cal Tietjen. and Gary Hollin, all of vorite thing at Christmas. Joy Barnes, Harriet Cacek and Karen Frey. LaMira Mueller suggested visiting Wichita.Afternoonandeveningguests 19. Mindi Lea Holling will wed Superior. Grandparents are Betty and SHS grad ate t were Tim and Jan and Monica Davis Mathew Lee Gerber at the Lincoln Gerald Carpenter, Pat and Dick the food pantry and Viola Rogge U new ven ure and Paul. Vickie, Bret and Chad Berean Church. Holling, all of Superior. and Mary and showed a clipping about a play to be 9 presentedinConcordiaapri128.Mem-4-H News competitio finalist F iday Osborne, The bride-to-be is a 2005 graduate Egbert Tietjen, Chester. bers will include it on their spring tour. n , r aking Dr. Bill and Jean Craig, San Anto- of Superior High School. She is cur- Parents of Matt are Sue and Lynn Club members played Christmas Republic Pioneers miles nio hosted the Levendofsky Thanks- rently attending the University of Me- Gerber of Beatrice. Grandparents are An idea bein promoted Luke will be kept behind closed doors after skies givingThursdayinBelleville, assisted braska. Lincoln and expects to gradu- Ellen and Lou Esau of Beatrice and bingo and revealed secret sisters and The Republic Pioneers 4- H club by Joan Mckinley, Dallas. Attending ate in May with a degree in social Emery and Joan Gerber of Hesston. drew new names for the coming year. met Sunda5 at the 4-H building on the Alexander. a Superior native, is one of the competition, the competition itself were Bi ll and Betty Craig, Topeka:Joe science education. After a honeymoon the couple will Next meeting will be at Honey Republic County Fairgrounds. Flag seven finalists in hwest Nebraska is open to the media and the public. A Schaaf's home on Jan. 5. Roll call will salute was led by Jacob Field. Roll call Corporation's East-2-West New Ven- public reception is planned in the same r and Deb McCullough, Colorado: The bridegroom-to-be is a 2003 be residing in Lincoln. be abook the members plans to read. was to show and donate a favorite non- ture Compention. location following the competition to FrancisandSheilaLevendofsky;James graduate of Tri County High School. perishablefoodtothefoodbank.There The competition will take place celebrate the winning business. The and Carol Levendofsky; Mary Michals. He graduated from the University of  was 18 members and two leaders Friday at the Del Ray Ballroom in rcccpuon is sponsored by the Lincoln Clifton; Daryl, Kay, Gracie. Daniel. Nebraska L",co'n.'n2008w'thado- jenny, S REESources present. Lincoln'sHaymarket Clm,nberofCommerccandlheGreatcr Sarah, Sophia and Olivia Rieke: Vir- grec in science education.. He is cur- Lexia Aurand read [lle minutes of Other finalists are Josh Shear, Jen Omaha Chamber of Commerce. I jour- giniaPetcrsen:RodandJoycePetersen, rently employed by Educational Ser- , the last meeting. Nicki Kirchhoffread Carlson. & Brandan Wamstad-Evans Spearheaded by Invest Nebraska :ounty Shawnee and Dane Petersen. Arling- vice Unit 5 in Beatrice as a science By Jenny Rees temperature between any two spots in the communcations, a thank you from with Milestone Local Surfaces of Lin- Corporation. this competition is spon- ghway ton, Va. Afternoon callers were Duane teacher. Extension Educator the bin. Dillon Bouray for the gift certificate to coin: John Lupien. Mark Pluta. & John sored by the Nebraska Depamncnt of Rock, and Marilyn Rieke. Parents of Mindi arc Sand)'a and Last week I spoke throughout the .At the very least, start the aeration Dairy Queen for last year's job well Carpenter with HempRev of Omaha: Economic Developmcm: Nebraska ooms. Thanksgwing weekend guests of state on corn and soybean diseases, fan and immediately climb up and lean done. Elly Dahl read the treasurer's Jimmy Winter with Rockdex of Economic Dcveh>pmcn) Association: ',d arts Merlyn and Jean Farlec were Shaun Hastings Respite Care The most common question I received into the access hatch at the top of the report. Dillon Bouray gave an update Omaha: Brad Coughlin with hwoice+ Universny of Nebraska Technology acing, andJcremiahMillison. MarkMilleson conducts free training "What about all the corn going into ladder. If you detect amoldy smell or on 4-H council. Betty Bouray reported of Lincoln. Rory Berry with Giftance Park: Scott Technology Center:Black of Los Angeles. Calif.: and Kenis& Hills Energy; Nebraska State Cham- ;' cur- andfricndMarccll'BlakcandMarilyn those bags?" theairhittingyourfaceiswarmerthan the foods project group and the arts and Carrie Byron with Dally Up of Rural ber of Commerce: Jim Krieger and the d into Nicols: Amy and Sarah Farlec. Silver Each fall Hastings Respite Care They were referring tO grain storage expected, or you see condensation on crafts project group had met and made Deuel County. Krieger Family Foundation: Informa- Lake, and Vcrlyn and Julie Farlce. conducts a free respite care provider bagsandeachdiscussionensuedaround the underside of the bin roof on a cold cookies and crafts to be given away These entrepreneurs will compete lion Analytics: Wo'lfe Snowden Hurd legrec Jack and Ethlyn Smith joined faro- training for individuals interested in whether or not fungi whicla cause mold day, this could signal a hot spot is while caroling, for the chance to receive a $50.000 Luers&Ahl. LLP'andClineWilliinns mica- ily in Chester for a dinner hosted by providing a break to family caregivers would be able to survive in the bags. forming in the corn. If you find any of The Exploring 4-H project group investment in exchange for a minority Wright Johnson & Oldfather. LLP. 'A as a Marlin and Judy Smith. Others present in Adams. Clay. Nuckolls andWebster I don't believe they were designed these symptoms, continue aerating un- also had a meeting and learned about stake in their business. This competi- Alex ander has met several times in years were Mr. and Mrs. Phil Weber. counties. These respite care providers to hold wet corn. but to temporarily til conditions improve, the many options in'4-H, tionfollowsfiveregionalcompetitions Superior with members of the Supc- d as a Dorchester: Lyle and Cathy Weberand are hired by family careglvers to come store dry corn ffrom 15 to 16 percent "If you have a stirring system in the In old business, the peanuts sold in that took place in Scottsbluff. Nortblk. rior Economic Development Corpora- loved lamily; Brad and Lori Hogan and fam- into their homes and care for their moisture corn. already in good condi- bin,run acouple of rounds while aerat- Novemberaretobe arriving this week. McCook. Peru and York. in which tion to present his idea lk>r thcdevelop- ily, Cortland. Neb.: Kent and Jean loved ones with special needs in their tlon and cooled). Though eventually ingto break up wet spots and even out Members will be notified when the hwest Nebraska awarded a total of ment ofa compuler site known as Leyc f. dayis Smith. Sunday guests of Jack and absence, theoxygenwillberemovedinsidethose the moisture in the bin. If you don't peanuts are ready to distribute, $125.000 in investments to winners. The development is associated with et or Ethlyn were Arnold and Belly Smith This year Hastings Respite Care bags, there's still the lag time where have a stirring system and continue to The program was led by Elly Dahl "We'veseensomanycreativeideas AndrewCurran. Alexanderiscurrenfly I like and Kent and Jean Smith. trained 12 new respite care providers, wet corn in a high humidity situation see indications of a hot spot, unload withagiftexchangebetweenthemem- around the state so far." said Dan apractlcing attorney living m Lincoln. gull's Carrie Anderson was aThanksgiv- These respite care providers can be can allow for fungal growth with the enough grain to locate or break up the bers. A special guest. Santa Claus. Hottman. hwest Nebraska executive Neb. oh: he ing Day guest with theBentley Parkers used to fill in for a family caregiver result being a moldy mess when you wet spot. arrived during the middle of the meet- director. "Tiffs competition will deft- The idea can perhaps be described rlains joining Bobbic. Susan: Jordan and while they run errands, attend appoint- open the bags later. Also, when you Dorn said if you can't get the corn rag. Santa asked all members what nitely live up to that expectation with as asocial networking site for commu- Danicllc: Robcrl and Alaina Brown ments, go to a school function or just see these bags split, it's a sign you to 15 percent moisture before discon- they wanted for Christmas. Younger its diversifiedlist of exciting business nities. :)four and family and Scott Parker and Beth. get away and relax, should take care of the grain quickly tinuing fan operation (which is the sibilings of 4-H members a/so got to possibilities." 1logo Thanksgiving guests of Vic and When a family caregiver calls becauseofthepotentialforrapidspoil- caseformuchofthegrainthisseason), visit with Santa and Santa gave them a Asinallpastcompetitions.thewin- mstly Glcnna Brown wcrc Mclanic and Erin Hastings Respite Care. they will be lng. it s critical that you get the tempera- gift. net of this competition must locate, y this Hansen and Mike Forshce and Mark given the names of respite providers Its also really important to monitor ture down to 25 to 30 degrees F to At the end of the meeting, Happy their business in Nebraska. ' ....... oand andLoisannBrown. A Saturday morn- on the registry that have completed the the grain in a bin on a regular basis and arrest mold growth. Always push a Birthday was sung to EIly Dahl. After A panel comprised of seven indi- Superior Markets ugba ing guest o1' Vic and Glenna was Jeff training, provided references andcom- to properly maintain grain tempera- cooling front completely through the the meeting was adjourned, all mem- viduals with ties to the Nebraska bust- Wednesday. Dec. 9. 2009 rough Eitzmann. Miami. Fla. pleted background checks, ture. ppmg Cory and Wendy Pettit. Clay Cen- Another question I received was if bin before discontinuing aeration for bers and adults present went caroling ness community will identify thecom- T,,a,,y' ),, NwC,'.p longer than a few days. at the Belleville Home Health Center, pemion winner. The judges are Matt Corn ................................. 3.36 3.71 s ex- ter. Kan.. wcrcweekendguestsofKenl grain should be frozen. Again. the He suggests that an estimate of the Country Living Place. Belleville. and McNair. chairman of hwcst Nebraska Milo ................................. 3.27 3.36 ) took andThelmngingofCathy Chase. the greens was held Nora By Helen Gebers answer is no. hours of fan operation required to push Country Place. Scandia, where the and vice president of the University of Wheat ............................... 4.53 5.07 DQn't .get thegrain below 25 de- . Bmez later last Sunday at 4 p.m. at the Republic greggfreezihillows for moisture a temperature front through a bin of cookies and crafts were distributed.-- Nebraska Founda0on Richard " Soybeais ................... - ....... 9.8 .9.47 to get United Methodist Church. with a brief Barbara Stutzman had eye surgery condeb.tion agtadditional problems, corn is 15 divided by the airflow rate in Biake;Kirchh0ff. reporter director of the Nebraska Department cubic feet per minute per bushel (cfm/ of Economic Development; Bradley y. service.dccoratingandalunchofsoup, at Hastings last week. Cori Bennett. The optimal temperature is 30 degrees bu). Ifyourdrying fan can produce 1.0 Walker. CEO of Nanonation. Inc.: sandwiches, dessert and drinks. McPlaerson.Kan..stayedtheweekwith F plus or minus 5 degrees F. cfm/bu, it will take about 15hours, but Hardy Bryce Miller enters Thanksgiving guests of Bob and her. Vicki Wagner and Karah were Tom Dorn. extension educator in if you have a storage bin with a small Inc.;CherylBeamer.educatorandpro- )n Shirley Gunn were Jim Gunn: Chick Thursday overnight guests. Tim Lancaster County has recently added fan producirig only 0.2 cfm/bu, it will -- St Paul Lutheran Church of Hardy; fessional coach: Paul Eurek, [resident lational Rodeo for Gunn, Pat and JcssicaBarnett: Bill and Stutzman and Becky Hansen and Tay- more grain drying tips to the Crop take 75 hours. early Connie Smith. Tim Smith. Skyler and Ior were Sunday evening visitors. Watch Web site at http://cropwatch. Pastors Daryl Nelson and Connie of Xpanxion.Inc.:andGordonWhitten. fifth tiIIle this week Chandler. Melba Lynch attended the Nora Raess. Sunday, Dec. 13. 9:00 a.m.. founder and CEO of Sojern. . tContinued from Pac I an un- Dale and Margc gaxa's Thanks- MethodistWomenmeetingatthelmme If the moisture content s above 16 Last week's Harvest worship; 10 a.m.. Fellowship Hour: TheNewVentureCompetitionsare based on the success of McCook's point ride and placed in lk)ur of It) nufilc- gtving guests were their families, the of Judy Corman last Wednesday. Six percent: 10:15 a.m.. Sunday school program Agri- Steve Baxa family, Salina. and the Jeff members were present. .Use a grain thermometer to moni- Bee article addition practice; 2:00 a.m..Tri-Saintsmeeting annual Hormel Family Foundation's rounds. This year he went to tile NFR soccer Woodward family, Bellcville. Melba Lynch attended the Danish tor temperature. (This is a sturdy ther- A few names were omitted from with Bishop, at St. Peters. 3:30 p.m.. Business Plan Competition in south- ranked 7th in the world. goals Ron and Vickic Halligan and Brotlaerhood Christmas supper at the mometer attached to a metal rod that last week' s harvest bee article. Volun- Tri-SaintsChurchService-Lessonsand west Nebraska. It has been the goal of This year's NFR runs Dec. 3 to 12 n with Lorraine Everl spend some time the Velvet Rose. Superior, Saturday can be pushed several feet into the teers who also donated their time and Christmascarols.Wednesday.Dec. 16. hwest Nebraska Corporation to take and can been viewed on ESPN or via past week with Elden and Betty Evert. cvenin,,z, gram mass.) Probe several places near equipmenttoRalphandMaureenClark 7:00 p.m. Conl:irmation at St. Paul. tiffs model to other Nebraska commu- the mternet. them a  nities, allowing others an opportunity SomeofMillcr'shighiightslbr2009 .Free- MNO Bridge Club met with RogerandSueWilliamstookTyler the bin walls and a.,couple o1: places include:TimandScottEitzmann.Lynn Byron. elping Ka) leen Hcnrikscn last Monday and Megan Williams out for dinner near the center of the bin. Allow sev- andChadSchnakenberg, ClayAurand. Union Church of Hardy: Lance to carry the Nebraskan spirit of entre- were wmning :tide Rodeo Houston cesfor evening. Saturday at a cafe in Strang. They eral minutes for the thermometer to Glen and Brett Behrends. Greg Shafer, pastor. Sunday, 10 a.m., Sun- pl'eneurship forward. $50.000 Shootout Round. 'A Tribute Thanksiwne  and weekend '-mests celebrated Tyler and Mean's mutual equalize with the temperature of the Edwards. Steve and Jared Gunn. day school: 10:30 a.m mornin wor- Doors will open m 12:30 p.m. Fri- to Chris, LcDoux' Rodeo ino Casper, helpof of Glenn and Phyllis Hofts were Tom 30th and 29th birthdays which were grain before taking each reading. Barney Freitag, DennisMoeller. Gene ship. Ushers are Nicki and Laci day and the competition will kick off' Wyo..andofcourse.marryi% his wife. :xperi- and Laurie Hofts. Planl City, Fla: Dec.5. .Run the aeration fan if the ther- Wittke. Kerry Corman. Adalene and Kirchlaoff. Harmonettes will sing. at 1 p.m. While thejudges' discussions Kelli. on Ocl. 23. vlariah Katrina.Tristan andJackie Hofls: Ryan Suc Williams visited her parents, mometer detects heating an3 where in Arlcn Schlueter. The omitted Nov. 30 WCU meets Thursday, Dec. 17 at 2 Man- and Scan McClurc. Topeka: Tcrran Art and Pat Soundy, last Wednesday. the grain mass or if there is more than evem had alunch provided by Heather p.m. Children's Christmas Program - -. edsoe- and Tina Woollcy, McPherson. and in Hastings Friday she visited them a 5 to 8 degree difference in grain and Collin Dahl. during church on Dec. 20.  ][[[[I .... atlola Mike. Jamie and Allison Woolley, again as her mother had fallen and H00PpY .... played Osborne. broken her.foot. Sue tookher:to the Full S ic Fl ri Notice to All A te also Guests of Mike and Jcan Charles "doctor. erv e o st rea :, ,, . ..... orking Tlaanksg,ving weekend were John and .EdnaEplcyattendedthcbaptisnaof Residents & Businesses First nental Mandy Charles: Evan and Hayley, Eva Faith O[tlnans. baby daughter of 402-879-8444 :xperi- Hays;DancPetcrscn. Arlington. Va.: Aaron and Jessica Oltmans. at St. Birthday Susie Havcr. Concordia. and Hayes Peter's Lutheran Church. Davenport, (877-879-8444) I expe- Charles. Cedar Rapids. Iowa Sunday mommg. She also attetaded the Camie Kroeger ) stages wereKent'Betty'Klay andDillonBouraYThanksgiving gucsts in Superior dinnerment following in the church base- 00airt Street Pamela and Lew Hunter are NOT and will not l ranch of Robcrt and Arlene Ahren:. Othe,'s Marvin and Virginia Lewis ate be responsible for any debt or charges incurred From Morn & Dad Hannah & Daniel Buss initial attenditw . were Tom. Yvolnte. Drew breakfast with Harold affd-LornaWilton, a-r"raf by Jordon Villicano. Also they do not offer any and Grandpa& Grandma east of and Kvla Bailey, North Platte: Rich at a Superior care. Thursday. Harold is .- noved and Barbara Kimminau. Guide Rock. a residem (,1 the Superior Samaritan __ references, character or otherwise, on his behalf. ---- -- ----- --  -- - )mmu- and Alyson Ahrens. On Saturday Center. 305 N Central, Superior. Neb. evening, the Bourays were guests of Marvin and Virginia Lewis. Don ' Li i g ith ll hip Ch h :h and J.R. and Theresa Bouray and their and Helen Gebers. Dana Epley, V n Fa Fe ows urc th soc- guests: Tim. Cecelia. Mariah. Gabe ands, iris. Edd and Ruth Epley and lives Leland Dilley, Syracuse, Kan.; Brad Shmry and Haley Gebers attended the i '  * .... " ' " f   315 N. Central, Superior, Neb. s area. and Cheryl Williams, Topeka; Jack Christnms evcnt at the Nelson Fair- ,I/',__]L I!  -' 1 11 a long Bouray, Omaha; Darwin, Suzann, ,, ' " ' " invites one and all to pause from the hustx erounds Sunday afternoon. " ' 1 ;0ccer, Xavier and Xandra Bouray, Beloit.  Steve and Diane Gebers attended II M/00GIC obustleoflifeandremembertherealReasonfortheSeason.and thechildrensand' , o Celebrating Thanksgiving with the 50th weddin alnaiversary dinner and Dennis and Judy Erkenbrack were and celebration '/'onorin Larry and :: y, Dec ,6p.m Mark and Kinda Williams, Taylor, Io:mBiltoft, attlaeRuskiConnmmity Sunda la ,, ,1[ Skyler and Garrett; Brett, Sonia Center, Sunday. Ionais Dianc's aunt. ; Erkenbrack, Concordia; Blake Irvin and Murlene Schleufer at: .]iITp,l,l. h 9,t ';:1 te;eFlS  r-'" ; Erkenbrack, Manhattan; Bob Linden, tended Jonathon Schleufer' s guitarre- " " eniou nroducfions d.. Edmonds, Wash. On Wednesday cital at hnmanuel Lutheran Clmrch, evening all shared a'carry-in meal with rural Beatrice Sunday afternoon. Velda Linden at Sunset Home in -OIODYWORK. I / \\;-""'--" "-- "-- ot! Concordia, --" "  ' Kent and Ila Swartz were Thanks- givi'ng guests in Oklahoma City with i)/00k-ii00 * C glm.a00 Fear? N Ben, Nicole and Olivia Cowley. , THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE & hri By Craig Crawshaw 8-12 Bridge Club was hosted last sweais Relaxation massago I i -, Tuesday by Marge Baxa and Darlene Sandra L. Tietjen L.M.T. " f "IV i i Jensen with noon lunch at All Tea 402-879-4697 Superior 1 '-- IIH  -- --,.,OlI11. 'I)e.,C.,Orc)FI AND -- Ques in Courtland. Kayleen Henriksen ......... . of H'' ,  was an extra guest. Next meeting will HOURS: , I 2floor00 lore! , --, ,, There's AHeaven 4 beJan. 5 with Jean Charles at lp.m. I Wednesday and Friday .}.1:30_5:30p.m. .. T S ARSH To Gain I Thursday, 3-7 p.m. ,{1 HE UG ACK Office Saturday I", Ii/III t 10 a.m.-2 p.m. '[ k".AV" Co,,t00,r00 &,dte00 And A Hell to Shun ;80 Exit] Suppl,es ] Nifty-Thrifty By Rev. Patsy Busey ,contact]0_0682 Superior,, 148 .E: Third st.Publishing Co. / Sh.op Cvww.00ugar00hackcandle00.comE,00,00000000 LIVING315 N. centraI,FAITHsuperi0r, Neb.FELLOWSHIP402-879-3814 www.lffcsuperi0r.0rgCHURCH Superior 402-879-3291 L 410 1/2 N Centrat Superior. Neb,