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December 11, 2003     The Superior Express
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December 11, 2003

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:p Edition . ections Official Nuckolls County Newspaper Member of Nebraska Press Association and National Price 50 National Edlllon Newspaper Association is Psgm in Two Sections Our 103rd Year, No. 50 "I-S~N 0740-0969 O 2003 Supedor Publishing Company, Inc. All Rights Reserve.t Superior, Nebraska .68978 Thursday, December 11,2003 Tbeweatherwasmiserableandonly 2005, city officials had said for long- a handful of Superior residents made range planning proposes the authority their way through the drifting snow needed to be extended. Tuesday to cast their ballots in a spe- Voters were not aaked to change the cial election called to consider the fu- tax rate. ture of the city sales tax. The plan approved Tuesday will However, those going to the polls direct at least $75,000 a year toward overwhelmingly supported both the economic development activities. The tax and the plan for utilizing the money remainder of the tax collected each raised by the tax. year is to be used for capital improve- Election officials had prepared for taunts. as many as 1,100 voters but fewer than When the polls closed, plans were 200 made it to the polls, to take the ballots to the county court, Voters were asked to answer two house at Nelson for counting. How- questions. Both had to pass for either ever, the weather caused a change in to be adopted, plans. Travel between Superior and Nelson Those that did go to the polls voted was discouraged and earlier in the day 155 for the plan and 37 against. The the courthouse had been without elec- sales tax will be used to fund the plan. tricot power for approximately two The sales tax question received 150 hours. votes for and 37 against. Only 14 per- The decision was made to have the cent of the eligible voters cast ballots receiving board stay and count the bat- in the special election, lots. A county official returned the With the voters' approval in hand, ballots to the courthouse on Wednes*- the current authority to collect a l day mo~ing. percent sales tax is extended for an At the courthouse a canvassing additional 15 years, board checked the results and by mid- Though the current 10 year author- morning Wednesday the final count ity will not expire until March 31, was certified. Dave Christancy, a member of the The complete list of appointments SuperiorCityCouncilrepresentingthe will be included in this newspaper as thirdward, has been re-elected as presi- part of the official meeting proceed- dent of the Superior City Council. His ~ when published by the city. * election came during the city re-ergo- Inother action Monday, the council nizational meeting held MondayacceptedabidfromAlexanderMotors evening, for a 2004 pickup truck. The new ye- As council president, Christancy hide will be assigned to the city's the weekend the National Weather Service began predicting a severe winter storm whipped by gusts to 40 miles per hour otnttngrted the view of ddve . Hig.hw.ay the serves as acting mayor in the absence natural gas distribution department. D this area but at daybreak Tuesday skeptics still thought the warnings were wrong. Alexander automobile dealership buildings. Roads and streets were sliCK.aria, with stx m.ene tor of the mayor and will be advanced to The local company bid $17,193.54. wasabalmyDoeemberdaybutlightmistwasfallingbeforemidnight.Atdaybreakthearea snow and some iee travel was difficuit. Atleranumberofvehielasbeeame.stUeKontnetmcKro e, the office of mayor should the office Bids were received from a number of a light d astin ;] of snow and it appeared the storm had passed the area. By mid-morning the bypass was barricaded for a few hours. was clear and/ .e, retu.m,ng to non al become vacant, companies. It was estimated a new box no doubt. The storm was here in full force. This picture was taken Tuesday as snow Wednesday. The forecast contains a slight thence for more SnOW week s ena. Monday evening Mayor Billy for tbe truck wiUeost lessthan $5,000. Maxey was sick and unable to conduct The reeeitgof a $1,000 donation for the meeting so Christiancy acted on ttje eq kp ygroundeqeip- ment was admowledged. The gift came her behalf. Two council members, Hubert Simonsen and Mel Menke were also absent. As part of the annual reorganiza- tion meeting, the mayor makes a num- ber of appointments and each must be .confirmed by the council. through Mid-Nebraska Individual Ser- vices and is from the family of a Mid- Nebraska client. Two members of the Superior Vol' unteer Fire Department, John Rogers and Barney Frettag, met with the coun- .... Christiancy said the appointments cil to discuss the Homeland Security to intemet service, purchase new equipment. The c.u e.nt network without physmally, going to en ts will soon have wireless equipment being used in the me customer s name or nusmess. Monday, theNationalWeatherSer- as we can," Rob continued. "Having hesubmittedforcouncilal l rovalwere Grant recently received by the depart- h( se from. Superior area will work with the new The company may now be con- vice forecasted a major winter storm the roads mowed makes a big differ- proposed by the mayor. All were up- merit. proved unanimously. They requested and received per- businessman, Darensystem. All that will need to be done is tacted via a toll free number, would strike south central Nebraska ence. Often wind will blow the roads In most instances current position mission topurchase hands-free expects to begin provid- realign their antenna and reprogram Blackstone is currently looking for a on Tuesday. Even though Monday clean." holders were reappointed for another phones to be used with seven of tl e by the end of the year. the card in the customer s computer. Superior office location. Those inter- was balmy for early December, the One of the expense items difficult year. The only exception was the of- hand held radios being purchased with weeks, he has been ob- The company has a web site atester in the new service may contact Nuckolls County Road Department for the county to plan for is snow rice of police chief. As the current grant funds. Theradios will cost $296 .=rsitesandinstallingequip- which offers him directly crew responded, removal. Pushing snow requires a new business will operate pricing, areas of coverage, equipment !ier, ls year a survey pub- Ten motor graders were mounted greater amount of fuel than just grad- chief, Robert Allgood, plans toretire, a each andthe microphones $72.50. Ten the name of Superior iNet and needs and installation notes. Typical hshe0 m uus newspaper to pen cam- with chains and snow plows. Both ing a road. Some of the motor graders member of the force, Perry Freeman, radios are being ordered. e th e latest in high speed wire- equipment pricing will be $299 plus a munity interest. Those who returned a equipment and storage fuel tanks were can run 10 hours on one tank of fuel, was named police chief. He is to take The city .also. agreed to pay one- " 75 installation fee signed survey with an expression of topped equalizing the blend of number but a hard working loader may need office Jan. 1. Other full-time officers, third ofthecostot, matchingthe federal .ter et service. " ion " - ...... ice will re,,uire all interest in the new service are now one and number two diesel so the fuel refueled as many as three times on a Gary D. Keeling, Tom Johnson and .gram for the purchase of a the rmal- rin the current constructThv =.,, ,. n ..... the company will offer service customershavecurrentanti-vlruss0ft- bemgcontactea, will not gel in coid weather, lnaddi- bigday, so someone is assigned to fuel James Rust, were retained. So were lma ,mgcargera. Tl e...cameraanasup- to 0vns of Superior, Nelson, ware installed on their computer as a Blackstone said he appreciated tion, chainsweremountedontwoload- delivery, part-time officers Gary Blevins and A. porUng eqmpment wtli cost $11,300. Gary Keeling. Of this, the Ip' t will contribute $6,651. er:Nora, Ruskin and Hardy. Ser- virus transmitted via e-mail can bring those who,re.turnedothe.sur .e.ys and ers. One of which runs with a v-plow County employees may work extra Christiancy reported he was not The Supenor Rural Fire Protection the orht;..... t~m dew" Bl kstone encouragea mm to otter local returner out of Superior and the other operates long hours to assure roads are opened, appointing a building inspector as the District will contri eapproximately as'JllsurroundingalS be availableeach ofthet thetowns.OUtly .... sam" :"'Ll e r 'willa-dv=" ems[a customers service. He has found the internet to be out of Nelson with an angle blade, but they do not receive over time pay. mayor had not settled on someone for one-third of the match. llae remaining neeAed when the eaui - a great way to start a homebased busi- Snow plows were mounted on three Instead, as soon as practical they are to and intemet service ..................... n ment is installed ne sandsaidltcanhelt turn dreams of trucks, two of which also have salt take.time offequal to the extra time. that office. He asked for council sug- third will come from funds the depart- a=tters are planned for Superior, The equipment and software pro- businessownershipintoreality.With a spreaders. Employees refer to it as comp time . gestions on a suitable person, merit members have raised. a, theNuckollsCouuty911tower ramsusedbvSunerioriNetwillen- website, a business located in this area "We hadroadsaltandsandcarried y, e:se nertbewl t Lighted par.. ,'.d near the Salem Lutheran ,, " -- ma serve customers worldwide, over from last year, Don Robb, road t% Byron and Webber. Inmany able the company to oversee all ac- Y .... " a re, home tour .......... "en a sus- An advemsement m this issue of department superintendent, said. ,3Ve p p y 'unities the antenna and tran,s- counts anolssue mert w,, -- .......... next onhol day cted virus points to an s . p.i g ....... don'tliketocarryitover.Itisami of required to notify us abead oftime and Willbelocatedonacommunity s ..... tnet x ress wesaamuonalmrorma- pe ............ : ..... hat tiononmenewservmemelmcesorme sand and salt and we have to store it request time off similar to requesting 1 calendar tOWer or elevator. Should de- computer. At mat ume sezwt.~ tu arrant, Blackstonesaidthesys- customer will be shut down and re- v ano services packages currently outside." vacation time, so the department is main off until the virus is removed, orterco. Roadsaltispurchasedbythecounty always adequately staffed,' Robbsaid. " " winners stores are alsn open Sunday afternoons 'uld be expanded to serve other Plans are to contact the customer by r With rjz , t e es ia:UwS tlmoeu[ in 25 ton lots unless a neighboring Another concern related to snow of Superior Bucks were drown this until Christmas. week as part of the Superior Chamber Santa Claus will be in Superior to ~; only the transmitters at telephone when a virus is detected, ec .... g -~p~., . _ . town or county call be found who is fall is hazard markers and signage, of CRoemmerce holiday promotion, visit with area youngsters from4:30 to r the virus is eliminated, service time nmtts ann me service noes not willing to split the load. The salt is Monday, Nuekolis County Commis- Isite and at Superior are opera- nh,-t stone said all of affect the customer's telephone s er- mixed with sand in the Nelson yard. sioners agreed to charge an unidenti- eceiving 50 Superior Bucks in the 6:30 p.m. Monday. early drive tests have shown .................... . " " not uirea ~SefromthosesiteswestofHigh- this can be done through the wireless vice as a phone line is req . Nuckolls County has nine motor fiedperson$380fordamaging 18signs drawing held Monday were Doris A free movie matinee wiil be shown grader areaswhichconsistsofapproxi- during the fall harvest season with a Heealey, Hardy, Diane Krotzinger, Mr. at 1 and 3p.m. Saturday at the Crest s north of Guide Rock, north to " * S " mutely llOmiles each. One employee combine. The money requested will a, mrs. mlaarcl Bates and victor Theatre. The movie is sponsored by ,'nee, south of Superior to F1],1 lnvadln upel or; is assigned to each area for the general not cover the labor needed to replace Thayer, Superior, was the winner of clubs. 'ellLake, and east to Ruskin and stri maintenance of the roads and snow the signs, only materials. Any county eaersen, all Ot uperior. Denise the Superior and Guide Rock Lions ' When all towers are opera- "tal " " " ,service will extend from hosp re cts V1Sltors rem oval. The nine areas surround bridge which is at least 16-footwide .100.SupenorBucks:Anotherdrawing Lions club members are also con- NelSon, Lawrence, Bostwick, Hardy, and 20-foot long is required to have =s plannea mr Monoay. ductinlltheirannualToysforTotsdrive. >lls County into Clay Re ublic, -- Sun dayeveningth, e, Superior Cham. Donations may be left at Scott Appli- ...... P .... r Oak, Ruskin, and Superior. Personnel marking signs. Webster and Thayer counties. Flu season here. SuperiorSchools released a bulletin which states, Cu - our ort=ommerce win sponsor the an- once. Weather permits and equipment have been reporting increased student rent surve!llance data ndicatesthe either live in their area or are prepared Nearly all combines used for bar- nual Christmas Tour of Homes. Four The community's newest Christ- n Order arrives, additional trans- absence. Brodstone Memorial Hospi- United :States is experiencing at, to spend the night near equipment as vest in the area are wider than 16-feet. sto ' ............. dictated by the weatber foreeasts. Infact, a 30-feet header is now com. coPS e.on the tour this year. l s- mupmject, Candy Cane l.ame, willbe s Will be installed. . tal has admitted several patients in the influenza season which could be more "I tell them if you can't get out, no mon.Removingaheaderandremount- t Kets .are now on sale at the open in Linmln Park each evening Pending upon the terrain ann past week with influenza type syrup- severe thanin the past three years. The aesbetweenacustomer, sloca_ toms. situation underscores the need for one will be able to come get you oet," ing it onto a combine can cut into n...amoer,oz t:ommerce of- from6to 10p.m. Visitors enter the the transmitter, it is expected We are encouraging everyone not timely immunizations of those people Rrb, b said. harvesting time. So when possible, N More, Ideal lane near the Lady Vestey bridge and tem S coverage area may reach to visit the hospital ifthey have the flu. most at risk from serious complica- We try to get everybody ready the farmers prefer to move from one field Ti~ no~zon cranK.aria. Jack ~. Jdl. .circte through thepark. The park drive wm.oe avanatne at a nigher is lined with Christmas lights and dis- 30 miles. In many locations a Patients enjoy visitors However, there tions of influenza and the people tak- day before a storm hits,"Robbcontin- to another without dropping off the price the night at the tour. plays. her may have the option of re- is n hing contagious about a phone ing care of them." ned. "It is easier to be ready and not header,,if farmersand remountingwill let meit'know where sponsoringMnday -,- =,a_ I1_~ g I service from more than one call, said Pare Bower, BMH infection ,qo ,, ,w the fl " merithave snow than to prepare after it is signs are giving them trouble, wl Will ,o i .............. u, a docu here." control nurse. _ b" the CDC, explains that "After we are prepared, we'll just try to work with them," Robb said. Paraffe through downtown Supe- , nor. , ,~ acmpanY will not begin broad- According to Dr. T. D. Biecha, Su- ratures which last three to have to wait and see what we get. The "We have a few places where a sign is _ In advance ofthe parade, tbedown, l IGrov ,Olmerver . g until a high capacity telephone periorFamilyMedicalCenter, thetype mgnertem.l _ .:.... ,ho, =omeone has absolute worse snow for us is three to anchored with a bolt into a hallow to n street lights will be turned off. Ttlalpel ture 2nstalled. Blackstone hopes that " is T A tour nays ts = ..... of flu currently spreadmg, ype- . ................ s pipe, so the sign can easily be pulled bT v .peradewi _ofthePres, l ghfofweek.: .................. . ........ 49 apPen later this month,. Influenza. Grand lsland and Hastings ..mre l an::vS ra eaa n esYtmVusc'le four inches. e service will require each cus- When the area gets a s all. tand remounted." he:thi ss ,n eeP x ..ct W o?e aown t=entra, Avenue. Few reraric- IP-- tlon ,: install an antenna and radio re- we h h_ of snow Robb has to decide if it is it Commissioners wereempathic with y[nan cnurc, aria at 7 p.m. move for. week ............................... 12 :- Installation ofcustomer equip. "The flu virus has mutated, sothe uon, there .maYt o:wS iddennl se- the sunmeltthesnow, espiallyat Halloween. decorated in Christmas lights" Inprior Total this ........... 0.8 nOW underway in anticipation towam upeno. . et otbest to send the crews out or best to let the solution, butconcemedabouttheft, tions apply but all entries are to be Total thil week .......... 0.48 lceactivation. . flu vaccine we are giving, does not extremeexnan 'If we have gravei on the roads we For similar reasons, hazard mark- ears, the paradehasincludedhones, Total=nowfull.,.. .[ ................... 6.8. Signalisofsuchstrengththatm must leave one to two inches of snow. erswerealsomovedduringtheharvest ann machinery, trucks, camping ve- Todatein 2003 .............. 28.25 cover all of the strains. But, it deft- vere. Oeations anoutside antenna will nitely reduces the severity. IfI had my JudyBaker, SuperiorFamily Medi- If we get five to six inches of snow, season. However, hazard markers and hicles, floats arid buses. To darein 2002 ...... ,'. ............ 20.72 =required. Unlike some systems way, everyone would get a flu shot," cal Center, encourages anyone who there is no que ",stton, ,4 We go to work and signsarenowneededtomarktheedges A chili feed will be served in the Normal to Dec ............... 0.80 q.uke installation of a card in saidDr. Blecha. has not received an influenza vaccm, a" blade the roads,' Robbsaid. of bridges and other hazards covered Farmers &_Merchants Bank drive-in N toJan.'l. [[ ............... 27.20 ,mer s COmputer, the Superior The best time to get flu shots is tion to stop by the clinics in supenor Pedmps the most important pmpa- by the snow. . starting at 6 p.m. Saew tem will require only the con. October and November, but it is not andNelson, before the supply is gne" ratinffawin rl oistherespn" By early Wednesday morning, the Most Superior merchants will be Kmm llammhObaerver )f Category 5e cable from the toolateinDecember. Ittakesuptotwo The Superior clinic recent]), added sibility of county owners who by road personnel were checking in an.d extending their evening hours starting gwlkin .......................... ... 6" NA antenna to the computers weeks after the shot to develop protec- Thursdayeveninghonrst.h.m.nghSp.m; law are to mow road ditches aloug their clearing roads. Most likely before tlae Monday. Participating stores will be Mm'flaLuben, Ol erver port or hub. tion. This protection is effective for The Nelson clinic is oven__ Monaay. ano 'day is over, everyone will be able to Ol .n until 8 p.m. Monday through Oak ............................... 4" NA iditwillnotbeneces- the whole season. Wednesday mornings and Friday af- county has lots of absentee feed tbeir cattle in a remote field or Fnda.y and the following week on lowry Oblerv wireless customers to The Centers for Disease Control ternoons, land owners, so we try to help as much onee again get to town. monoay ann tuesday. Many of the BurrOak ........................ 5.3 0.60